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esdeathpool  asked:

god i agree with so much. After the 50th I started eights big finish and I just keep getting sadder that he isnt in the 50th like wtf

I know right. But ohh, of course Eight couldn’t be in the 50th. He had to get a shoddy shove into regeneration in under 8 minutes (totally deserved a better regeneration) to make way for this completely random incarnation just so Moffat could take the glory of tackling the regeneration limit on his own and make himself look ~~clever~~.

Never mind that Eight could have very well replaced the War Doctor. Never mind that TenToo was never stated to be an actual regeneration. Never mind that this War Doctor regenerated in an even more lazily done way than Eight (plot convenience ftw). All aboard the retcon train, Moffat’s on a canon destroying roll; chugga chugga fuck me.