just ask and ill make 4 u friend

a voltron discord server in spanish? more likely than u think!

hello there! with the release of season 3 and season 4 being just there, i thought it would be really nice to have a server to scream about the show and also make some new friends,,,, ¡pero en español! i know like two ppl who talk in spanish that also know voltron, and thats kinda sad? im sure theres a lot more of ppl out there. so, i made a server for all of us (i know, i know, im a mess), so, if ur interested, hmu and ill give u the link!

before joining or asking for the link, u need to know that:

this is a safe server, that means abusive ships, pedophilia (this includes ships as well) (keep in mind that we wont be accepting ppl who ship shaladin/piladin/shallura), nsfw content of minors, racism, homophobia, terfs/twerfs/swerfs, misogyny, etc, etc, are not allowed!