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i really confused; the dragon anime looked terrible and porny from the get go. is there some group of people trying to go 'oh there's some redeeming value here you should watch it's SOOO deep!'? If so, seems like 17 years ago to me when people were doing that same with love hina and other garbage harem animes.

I can’t blame people for wanting to like it if they’re lgbt people so desperate for representation they’re willing to settle for shit that’s very obviously made to appeal to straight dude boners. It’s not their fault. If anything it’s depressing that we’re so starved for positive content that we have to fight over table scraps.

That said I give absolutely no shits about the fans who are str8 dudes who just wanna jack it to big titty anime lesbians & preteen monster girls

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A friend at work came out to me as ace a few weeks ago and I immediately hugged her and told her I was ace too and so relieved to hear someone else say it. Flash forward to today, she and I were leaving work and another guy from a different shift asked for her number. She politely said no but he kept dogging her. She ended up just walking away. I had to stay behind and finish up a few things so he started talking to me and asking about her and if I can give him her number (1/?)

(2/?) I said no and told him that she isn’t into him. He got offended and asked why (like really dude wtf) so I said it’s not you in particular, she’s not into guys. He said “oh she likes girl? We have something in common then” and when I didn’t say anything back he said “what she don’t like girls either?” I said “it doesn’t matter, she isn’t into guys, you are a guy so let it go” I was avoiding telling him she’s ace because as a fellow ace I knew exactly where that was headed…

(3/?) So then this shithead says “what does she not like anything? Nothing at all? That’s not fucking normal” and looked at him and said “back up, what was that?” He said “if she doesn’t like anything that’s not fucking normal” After I left I called her and we talked about what just happened (the misogyny and ace phobia) and she ended up telling me that she had been raped and was not only asexual but sex repulsed and uncomfortable about men in general. I have to see this guy tomorrow…

(4/4) and knowing now that she had been raped and he had been coming on so strongly to her, I really want to deck him. I was sexually assaulted as a preteen and have this need to protect the girls on my shift, to the point where some guys at work call me “the big sister.”


Give that shitty guy a real Standpauke!!! DECK HIM HE DESERVES IT

- Paula

An Honest Woman Chapter Two - A Meihem fluff fanfic

Mei-Ling Zhou x Junkrat (Jamison Fawkes) - Meihem fanfiction

Summary: Mei finds herself in a predicament with Junkrat, and how he might take it scares her. How will her teammates react? How is she supposed to move on from this?

This is mainly a fluff story. It may contain some mild language, and some possible adult content.

by Miki - PerfectDayForSomeMeihem/MikiSneaki


You can also find this work in the link below. Chapters are posted there first.


Chapter Two

Manic laughter followed a large explosion on the practice range, but this certainly didn’t take Mako out of his thoughts or the book he was reading.

He was so used to Jamison’s obnoxious antics that whenever his lanky employer started babbling on about whatever he was enthralled with he would absent mindedly answer with a grunt or a nod.

Mako could have cared less most of the time, but today he knew something was up.

When Dr. Ziegler first told Mei she had to go into quarantine Jamison had only become a little bit more irritating than normal. He constantly complained to the older Junker that he missed holding his soft and squishy snowflake. He would go on and on about her trance inducing eyes, her intoxicating vanilla aroma, or the adorable way she pronounced certain words differently because of her accent. It was only when Jamison would start talking about personal things like how he wanted nothing more than to shove his face into her pillow-like breasts that Mako would tell him frankly to shut up.

But as the past few weeks went by Jamison’s lonesome whining started to lessen until it was replaced by an uncharacteristic silence. The younger Junker seemed lost in his thoughts, and the only time Mako would hear him is when he mumbled to himself incoherently. Things like, “Won’t happen, ain’t gonna happen,” or “She’s fine, she’s fine, she’s fine.”

These little “mantras” seemed to calm Jamison, but as of yesterday they stopped working.

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Anon is hecking upset

Soooo after reading the receipts tag for a while, I’ve got a good gist of what’s going on and I’m going to send in my grain of salt if that’s alright- only making this a text post bc I need to paragraph
1) it’s pretty obvious this guy is a CREEP. That’s well established by his old online reputation and those receipts. But the fact that he’s continuing to promote lolicon/dubcon/underage/pedophile stuff… it’s why we can’t have nice things. Even in the game with panty shots (but there’s blood herr derr) and changing underwear… ya nasty. When you have someone with such a high status amongst 13 y/o “yaoi fangurlz xd”, of course they’re going to be desentized to it- it’s normal for them. Not to mention this guy is PROFITING off of these stupid kids that support him blindly.
2) I’m willing to bet the game won’t get finished and he’s going to take the money and run. If he does finish it by the year 3000, it’ll probably be some odd mishmash of dangan ronpa and hitman (rated G edition) made with MMD models and plagiarized art. Even then it won’t be worth paying a penny for.
3) RAMPANT HOMOPHOBIA AND TRANSPHOBIA AND ABLEISM! Not in the game (yet) but just from what he says… it’s so gross?? And going back to that disgusting lolicon/yaoi mindset, most ppl r just going to see it as a normal thing? Also why does he keep insulting autistic ppl that’s rlly low
4) the BLANTANT lack of respect for Japanese culture and people makes me CRINGE. I’m more surprised that Japanese people aren’t like “uhh hey I live this life and it’s nothing like that so u may want to stop”. It’s the equivalent of speaking broken Japanese and using chopsticks with two hands.
5) misogyny. promoting lolicon. promoting “big boob waifu” shit. WOMEN ARE NOT OBJECTS. MINORS ARE NOT OBJECTS. LITTLE GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS.
6) as a (albeit very bad) artist, watching him profit off of stolen assets pisses me off. Make your own textures, pay for them, or don’t use them at all.
Tldr this person sucks and the game sucks just as much and it rlly makes me lose faith in humanity when I see preteens running after this stuff
Thank you for reading all this if you’ve made it this far lmao
And thank you v much for running this blog, more ppl need to see it

Doubt; Part 1 (Jungkook Highschool!AU)

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
You and Jungkook had been best friends ever since high school started, and were inseparable - until she came into the picture. Jungkook is smitten by her; her laugh, her smile, her personality is all he can think about - until he sees you with him.
Characters: Jungkook, you/reader, Taehyung, female O/C, and minor appearances from other members.
Genre: Angst (For now)
Words: 1075 (this is the first chapter, future chapters will be longer, I promise!)
A/N: this is my first ever scenario! please tell me what you think, like if you liked it, and tell me if i should continue! chapter 2 will be out by sometime today or tomorrow, hopefully. i’m not sure how long this is gonna be, but, i plan on at least 4 parts! also, happy valentines day everyone!! (‘∀’●)♡
• you can always send your requests (scenarios, written reactions and shipshere (i’m doing all of them currently!)


You and Jungkook had been best friends all throughout high school. From the day you met in freshmen geography until now, your senior year – you guys could never be separated. Or at least, that’s what you thought.

You vividly remember all the memories you made together – how you first met, the first time he slept over at your place (since you guys spent the whole night watching horror movies and he was too scared to go home – though he’ll never care to admit it; he was there to “protect you”), or the first time he got you a birthday present that he made himself; how he shyly handed it over to you and rubbed his neck awkwardly, waiting for your reaction. These were memories you were sure neither of you would ever forget.

Somehow, though, the way that he looked into her eyes, it made it seem like you didn’t even exist. That the times you spent together were nothing compared to how she laughed at his (lame) jokes, how she would call his name, or how she would playfully tease him. When she was around him, it was like you weren’t.

It was another Thursday, and you were sitting at the lunch table with Jungkook and Soo Yeon. You were picking at your food, moving your veggies to the side and trying to find as much meat as possible; a bad habit Jungkook used to tease you for – but he didn’t have the time for that now, he was too busy stealing glances at Soo Yeon to even bother looking at you.

“Kookie, you really shouldn’t steal food from my plate, you know!” Soo Yeon said, trying to hide her giggles.
“Ah, well I can’t really help it, you see – seeing how flustered you get is actually kind of cute,” Jungkook replied back, taking another one of her fries and popping it in his mouth, one corner of his mouth lifting up to reveal a grin.
Soo Yeon just replied by playfully hitting him on the arm, which caused you to get up abruptly.
“Yeah, I’m going to go to my locker for a bit, actually – I think I forgot something…” you trailed off. You needed to give yourself a break, even if it was just for a couple minutes.
Jungkook didn’t really even look up at you, not like you were expecting him to – he just gave a slight “mhm,” and continued to eat his food.
You smiled at Soo Yeon, packed up your lunch and were on your way.


“It’s not like I’m jealous of their relationship, right? He’s my best friend, he should at least acknowledge me when I’m around him… They aren’t even dating yet…” you thought, while walking down the hallways. You were looking at your feet, deep in thought, when you accidentally bumped into someone. You stumbled back a bit and looked up, to see a handsome boy looking down at you, concern written on his face.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t see where I was going!” you managed to say, a little bit flustered.
“Ah, no worries.”
You just smiled and continued to walk, when you heard the boy calling for you. You turned on your heels and walked back towards him, wondering what he wanted to say.
“Hey, I’m sorry, but, since when do you go to this school? It’s just that I’ve never seen you before… granted that I only came here last year but… I swear I could’ve remembered someone like you.” He said. He seemed a little nervous while he was talking to you, but it was rather cute.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry… I just realized how cheesy that sounds, I’ll just-“
“No, seriously, it was okay,” you assured him. You smiled warmly at him and continued,
“I usually spend most of my time with my best friend – we don’t usually do that many activities around the school. I’m Y/N! Uh, mice - wait, no - I mean, nice to meet you.” You let out a soft chuckle. The thought of you and Jungkook skipping pep rallies to stay at home and watch horror movies entered into your mind, but, you pushed it back and just smiled at the boy.
“It’s nice to meet you too. I’m Taehyung. Hey, I have to head to class right now, but, um, would you like to sit with us at lunch tomorrow? You can bring your best friend too, if you want,” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Yeah, actually, I’d love to!”
“Alright, great, see you tomorrow then!” He said, and he headed off to class.
You smiled to yourself and headed off to your own respective biology class.


You were sitting in your assigned seat, waiting for the teacher to arrive. Jungkook entered the room and looked around for you, and once he found you, he maneuvered his way towards your seat. You smiled lightly and looked at him.
“Where were you at lunch? You left without saying anything…” he started off.
So he didn’t even listen to you.
“Actually, I said I was going to go to my locker and that I’d be back in a bit,” you said, looking at him, a little annoyed.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You still didn’t come back! We missed you, ya know,” he said, pinching your nose a little bit and smiling.
“I bumped into this boy named Taehyung on my way there. We talked for a bit, I think I just got a bit caught up. He wanted us to sit with his friends at lunch tomorrow,” you said, your face growing a little redder, but you didn’t seem to notice – although, Jungkook did.
The smile on Jungkooks face dropped and he was just looking straight at his desk now.
“Taehyung, huh? Well, that’s cool,” he mumbled.
“I’ve actually never seen him before, you know? I don’t know how I could’ve missed someone like him! He’s so close to my ideal type – maybe even is my ideal type… And he wants to have lunch with me! I actually can’t believe it.” you gushed.
“You sound like a preteen girl,” he whispered, not looking directly at you, fiddling with his eraser instead. You just laughed quietly.
“So, are you going to?” Jungkook said, after a couple minutes of silence.
“Going to what?”
“You know, sit with him at lunch,” he asked quietly.
“Oh, yeah, of course! It gets a little lonely only having you and Soo Yeon to sit with,” you said, with a sense of bitterness in your voice that you hoped, somehow, that Jungkook would notice.
He only nodded in response.

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More fluff: Cas meets a little kid who tells him about friendship bracelets and how to make them. Fast forward to Cas making Dean one and Dean acting like it's too childish to wear but one day Cas sees it peeking out under Dean's sleeve and lights up

OMG this is SO CUTE!

But imagine though, this is an early Cas who still wasn’t too sure about human customs and maybe its during the apocalypse or something when Cas is sitting in a park and this kid comes over to him and Cas is a bit surprised but the kid starts talking about their friendship bracelet and Cas is like “it’s very nice” and the kid is like “yeah, see you give the bracelet to your very favourite person, ONLY to your VERY BEST friend.” and Cas just smiles and watches the kid run off. 

And he doesn’t think about it again for a little while, but Sam and Dean are getting more and more angry and anxious about the apocalypse and Cas is already so tired and slowly loosing his power and then he happens upon a small shop which sells kits to make friendship bracelets and so on impulse he buys it.

Cas takes a long time to make it. Sometimes during the apocalypse when things got really stressful Cas would just go sit somewhere peaceful and make the bracelet. He is fascinated by the simple twists and weaves of string and how they come together in a pattern. It is such a human thing to sit and pour your effort into something creative. Castiel enjoys it very much and by the time he is finished he is proud of his work. 

He doesn’t gather up the courage to give it to Dean for a while. Its not until the eve of the face off in Detroit, where Sam will say yes to Lucifer that he pulls Dean aside.

He realises that what he feels is embarrassment as he stumbles over his words. He instead just says “Dean”. And then shoves the bracelet into his hand. Dean looks down at it with utter confusion.

“Err Cas? What is this?” Dean asks as he raises an eyebrow.

“Just take it. Its a thank you. For everything.”

“Did you… make this?”

“Yes. But it doesn’t matter. I want you to have it.”

“Cas, this is a friendship bracelet.”


“You made me a friendship bracelet?”


“You realise these things are for preteens and girls right?”

“No. I thought it was nice.”

“Oh. Right. Well thanks buddy.”

Cas feels his heart sink as Dean pockets the bracelet and taps him on the shoulder awkwardly. He pushes it out of his mind and it doesn’t get mentioned again.

Years pass by and with everything that happens, Castiel doesn’t think about the friendship bracelet again, assuming that Dean just threw it out years ago. 

Imagine his surprise then, when whilst stuck on the side of a hot and dusty road  with a broken down Baby, Dean finally snaps in the heat and whips off his t-shirt. Castiel was sitting next to Mary attempting to heal her of a rather nasty injury whilst Dean worked on the Impala but the flash of flesh catches his eye. On impulse he stands to move closer to Dean to ask if he needs his assistance not at all because he wants to admire his physique from a closer position. 

When Dean realises Cas is coming towards him he freezes and looks uncomfortable, but it is too late, as Cas has already spotted what Dean appeared to have been hiding for a long time.

Around his neck, tied to a longer piece of string from either end, is the friendship bracelet that Cas made for him all those years ago. It has been adapted into a necklace that sits just below Dean’s shirt collar, The weave that Castiel crafted with his own hands still vibrantly coloured in greens and blues. 

Dean looks down to where Cas is staring and shuffles awkwardly. 

“You kept it.” Cas states, still in shock as he tries to get his heart to stop pounding in his chest.

“Heh, yeah, I guess I liked it after all.”

Cas beams at him and Dean flashes a shy smile.

“Dean, why did you hide it? I thought you’d thrown it out.”

Dean looks at the ground but Cas can easily pick up on the blush spreading across his cheeks.

“I dunno man, on my wrist it couldda gotten snapped off, or lost and I didn’t wanna loose it. I wasn’t trying to hide it I just, preferred it round my neck… I guess its just better to keep it closer to me.” Dean mumbles the last words but they don’t stop the gummy smile from stretching across Castiel’s face as he moves closer. 

He hesitantly takes one of Dean’s hands and sighs in relief when Dean lets him, giving his hand a squeeze back. Cas nods and holds Dean’s gaze. With his other hand he reaches out and gently runs his fingers over the weave. Dean draws in a stuttered breath at his touch.

“It was a good choice. It suits you Dean. It’s closer to your heart from there.”

Castiel stands so close to Dean he can feel his breath on his face. He is extremely aware of the few inches of distance between them, and as his eyes follow the path of Dean’s tongue as it wets his bottom lip, Castiel is convinced that this will be the moment the both of them have been waiting for for years now.

As the two of them continue to loose themselves in whatever this moment is, they don’t notice Mary limping over and splashing cold water from her bottle all over them. They both jump back in shock and embarrassment as she glares at them.

“Are you two kidding me? I am tired, injured and boiling up out here and if you don’t fix this car and get us back to your bunker right this instant I am going to start throwing punches…”

She then turns directly to Dean.

“Honey, as happy as I am for you to have found someone who is clearly head over heels for you, can you please save your romantic interludes until we are home?”

Mary then limps back around to the backseat of the Impala and sits down. Dean wipes the water away from his face and chuckles at Cas who is still standing wide eyed and unsure how to react. Mary’s words rattling around in his brain.

“I guess we should um… talk about this later huh?” Dean asks nervously.

Castiel blinks and nods before he finally remembers how to talk. “Wait! Dean… um.. Thank you. For keeping this.” He reaches out and taps on the friendship bracelet turned necklace again and with a sudden burst of bravery Cas leans forward and kisses Dean on the cheek. Then he turns around swiftly and joins Mary in the backseat to continue healing her wound before he can look at Dean’s reaction.

From that moment on, it is practically impossible for Castiel to remove the smile on his face.

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🙋 + Amelia babysitting her baby niece.

So I’m combining this one with an anon prompt I got ages ago about Amelia watching Ellis when she was home sick from school –– meaning she’s a bit older than baby, but only because I’ve written a few of Amelia with baby Ellie already. ( Dedicated, as always, to my Little Bear @pxsthumus )

“So, what’s up, Fakey McFakerson?” Amelia asked, warming herself into the cushions of her sister-in-law’s sofa.

Ellis coughed. “What?”

“I saw you hold that thermometer up to the lightbulb when your mom had her back turned. Vaseline on your forehead to mimic sweat. Coughs that sound so forced it’s almost laughable. Your faking game is weak, kid.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the young girl replied, frowning as she turned away from her aunt.

Amelia raised a brow, staring her down.

“I’m not faking!”

“Look, I waited ‘til your mom left because I’m not going to rat on you, but I faked enough illnesses in my day, so don’t play that with me, kid. What’s going on? Math test? Embarrassing moment you’re hoping everyone forgets about?”

The small brunette fell silent, staring down at her nails and pouting that she had been so easily caught. She didn’t want to talk about it. She didn’t want to think about it. She just wanted to stay home and forget this entire stupid day even existed. And when her mom said she had an early surgery she couldn’t miss, it was all the better. Home alone? Fantastic. Except she was only eleven, which meant her mother still thought she needed a babysitter. ( Ridiculous. She could take care of herself! ) Of course she would pick the person who could see through anything; the one person to whom she could never lie.


The youngest Shepherd swallowed, refusing eye contact. “I just didn’t want to go, okay?”

Amelia exhaled, chewing on her lip as she decided whether to push or just drop it. Something was going on –– that much was obvious –– but her niece was a tough girl. She could handle herself. She just didn’t need to do it alone. “Little Bear, talk to me.”


“Look, you can tell me what’s going on or we can sit here all day in awkward silence. Your pick.”

“Aunt Amy––” she tried to protest before letting out a resigned sigh. “Promise you won’t tell Mom?”

“Do I ever?“

“It’s career day at school.”


“So everyone’s bringing in their parents,” Ellis answered, her voice dropping barely above a whisper. “And I didn’t want to see all the other kids with their dads.”

Her heart dropped, muscles tensing. Oh.

It was a feeling she knew all-too-well. That disconnection as all the other boys and girls paraded through the school with their dads by their sides. It was that knowing, that reminder that she had lost something so precious; something she would never get back. It was that emptiness in her chest that would never be filled, and that same hollow spot that now resided in the heart of her youngest niece.

“I know, I know, I can’t avoid it forever,” Ellie frowned, “I just––”

“I get it,” Amelia interrupted, moving to wrap her arms around the younger girl. Fingers twisted softly through dark tangles as she brushed the hair from Ellie’s eyes. A hand moved to cup her cheek a moment before dropping back to her lap.

“You do?” the preteen asked. “But you’re not afraid of anything. You’d probably just have marched right in there like it was nothing instead of hiding at home.”

Brows raised. “You know, when I was eight, there was this big father-daughter dance at school. A really formal thing with poofy dresses and all the girls were so excited for it. I swear, it’s all I heard about for weeks. And my mom didn’t want me to miss out, so despite every protest, every fit I tried to throw, she forced me to go, and she sent your dad with me.”

“You actually went? See? That’s exactly what I mean.”

“Please.” A small smile tugged at her lips. “No way in hell were they getting me in that building,” Amelia replied. “Derek took one look at me and pulled me up into a piggyback and the moment our mom was out of sight, he carried me off to an arcade down the street. We played ski ball and whack-a-mole and ate ice cream all night instead.”

“Was Grandma mad?”

“Are you kidding? We never told her,” she smirked.

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Because I understand. You don’t have to hide this stuff from me,” Amelia stated, eyes fixed on the younger girl. “And because I want you to know it’s okay not to be strong all the time. You’re right. You can’t avoid this stuff forever, but it’s okay to hurt. There’s some things in life that you can’t change, and you have to learn to live with them any way you can. But you don’t have to live with them alone.”

“I don’t like making people worry.”

“I know. But we’re your family. It’s our job to be here for you when you need us.”

“But like you said, it’s not going to change anything,” Ellie argued.

“It won’t bring him back, but maybe it’ll help you feel better. And it’ll definitely get you all the ice cream you want,” she answered, offering up a playful grin.

A tentative smile tugged at Ellis’ lips for just a moment. “Thanks, Aunt Amy,” she breathed. “I just… I miss him.”

“I know, Little Bear. I do, too. Every day. But wherever he is, you know he’s watching over you. Like your own personal guardian angel.”

“I know, I just–– I wish I got to meet him. It’s not fair!”

“No, it’s not. It sucks. And it’s always going to suck. And if I could change it, I would. He should have been here. You should have known him. You should have had him to take you in for career day today.” Amelia bit her lip. “I know I can’t replace your dad, Elle, but for what it’s worth, you’ll always have me. Don’t ever forget that, okay?”

Ellie’s gaze dropped and she just gave a simple nod, sniffing back her tears. She fell silent, jaw clenching as she took a deep breath. Amelia’s hand reached out for hers and for a moment they just stayed there like that. Quiet but together. Connected.

A few beats passed and the preteen finally looked up at her aunt, swallowing despite the dryness in her throat. “Aunt Amy?”

“Yeah, kid?”

“Can you take me to career day?”

“Are you sure?”

Ellis nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay. Get yourself cleaned up and I’ll take you in.”

“Okay,” the girl agreed, getting to her feet but pausing in the doorway. “But can we get that ice cream on the way, too?” she asked, allowing a grin to form.

“Grab your stuff. And don’t tell your mom I spoiled your lunch.”

Don’t be their friend, be their parent!“, they say…. Well, to each their own, but I pretty much think that’s the worst advice you could offer. I know far too many teens who come talk to me about their REAL life because they can’t talk to their parents. We are headed into preteen years and I want my girls to be able to talk to me about what’s really going on with them. I don’t want them to be scared to talk to me for fear that I will be angry or disappointed. People tell me that I’ll regret this and that it will bite me in the ass someday. I’ll take my chances. The way I see it is: You can’t scare someone into changing, you’ll just scare them enough that they learn how to pretend. They will put on a mask and they may never find the courage to take it off. I’ve been telling them they could trust me since they were born; not with my words, but with my actions. One reaction at a time, letting them know that I’m not scared of who they are. I share my opinions and I give advice when the time is right, but mostly I’m here to hold space for them while they find their way in this world. I’m not worried about my kids appearing perfect, I’m worried about them being one person in front of me and an entirely different person when I’m not around. I choose to be their friend and get to know them as they are, not as I want them to be.
—  Brooke Hampton

and tbqh it’s………kind of creepy to me how star wars has such a high proportion of very very young hyper-competent early teenaged girls who basically act like women but then….they don’t really focus on skilled adult women? leia, padme, sabine, ahsoka, they all get introduced so young and they’re so competent and I love them but you can’t deny there’s some sort of weird infantilization aspect about that pattern and overwhelming focus tbh, especially since the series has been written and directed by white men. hera is a step forward and hopefully gwendoline christie will also be, but I just wanted to rant about how this is something I’ve noticed

EXO's reaction to you wanting a kid

Xiumin: “I’m ready when you are.” *licks lips*

Luhan: “How many kids do you want?”

Kris: *trips on his way to the bedroom cause he’s overly excited*

Suho: *runs out to buy diapers, cribs, strollers.*

You: “What are you doing? We haven’t even done it yet….”

“Ohhh…..but look what I got!” *stupidly waves toy around*

Lay: “So where do we order one? On second thought, you order it. I’m sleepy.” that’s not how it works lay….

Baekhyun: “Why have a baby when you can have me?”

Chen: “Oh yeah, I’m so gonna get some." 

Chanyeol: "Oh she wants me.” *starts singing overdose*

D.O: “This is the start of world domination.”

Tao: *Prepares himself.*  “This is going to be a workout.” *smirks*

Kai: “So….you want to do the thing?” *giggles like a girl*

Sehun: “You just said the "s-word”…..“*tries to not laugh like a little preteen*

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the forecast calls for extra amounts of snow, seeing as the episode “Smash the Mirror” was supersized to run two hours (starting at 8/7c).

What chilling face-off will the Snow Queen conjure? What burning questions will be answered? (And where does Ingrid stand on the Regina/Robin situation?) TVLine spoke with Lost/Revolution alum Elizabeth Mitchell about all that, her magically gravity-defying wardrobe and more.

TVLINE | What have you gone and done that they needed to add an extra hour to this week’s episode?
Oh, you know…. [Laughs] We had this amazing director, Eagle [Egillson, for Part 1], and when we were shooting it, I just liked what he was doing. I thought it was so fun and dramatic and kind of just wonderful, like a sweeping, epic fantasy. I guess [the producers] felt like it was so much fun, they wanted to add more. And there’s a lot more, too, with Lana [Parrilla]’s character, which is joyful for me because I love watching her.

TVLINE | If you are following Lana’s storyline, whose team are you on? Do you want Robin to go for it with Regina, or should he be true to Marian?
That’s a hard one, isn’t it? It’s lovely to be true, but I don’t even know if [Robin and Marian] really like each other all that much. So, yeah, unfortunately that is kind of my feeling on that. But Marian’s a lovely girl, so hopefully she’ll find happiness somewhere else.

TVLINE | So, I’m looking at the logline for this two-hour episode. Why is The Snow Queen going to pit Emma versus Elsa?
She’s just trying to find love, so it seems to me that throwing a bit of discord in there always helps people figure out who they really are. I’ve been playing her like a very angry preteen girl because I feel like she was self-aware in that urn for so many years, so I don’t really see where she learned to grow up or any of that stuff. She’s just doing it the best way she knows how. But it’s so hard because you keep wanting to be like, “It’s right in front of you! You have it already,” but that’s why we have all these great antagonists.

TVLINE | If Emma were to lose her powers – and it appears she might try to make that happen this Sunday — would Ingrid lose her interest in her?
Oh my gosh, that’s such a great question because there is something kind of horrifying about the fact that she only deems people who have magic to be interesting, right?

TVLINE | Yeah, she’s elitist that way. She’s “magic-ist.”
She is. Maybe she would [lose interest in Emma], or maybe she’d try to help her get them back. But that’s definitely one of the biggest draws for Ingrid. For her, magic is blood. To her magic is what links everyone together. To her magic is what makes them family. So, I think probably she would [lose interest]. How sad is that?

TVLINE | Last week’s flashbacks painted this very sympathetic picture of Ingrid, the misguided misfit.
Poor Ingrid….

TVLINE | Is she about to do something that’s going to make us say, “Uh, no. She’s a villain”?
Well, she’s definitely a villain. I mean, you can dress up as pretty as you want, but she’s definitely a villain. Yeah, she’s going to do some pretty bad things, most definitely. She’s a well-drawn protagonist; they did a lovely job with that. You will continue to kind of hate her and then wonder about it, which is good. That’s how it should be. Black-and-white is never as much fun as shades of gray.

TVLINE | Here’s my burning question: What is the key to gliding through a forest without snagging your ornate gown on a twig?
Oh, I’ve snagged my gown so many times, but the key, I think, was to ask them if my character could be barefoot. That way I can feel the twigs coming and kind of navigate them. Had I been in those six-inch, unbelievably gorgeous sparkly heels that they gave me to wear — which I did wear sometimes — that would’ve been impossible. I voted for barefoot and it made it a lot easier, it really did.

TVLINE | In that final pawn shop scene, did you whisper the actual secret to Rumplestiltskin freeing himself of the dagger into Bobby Carlyle’s ear? Did you know what it was?
No. I had kind of figured out what it was, but I didn’t want anyone to catch it, so no, I did not. I kind of just hovered my lips near his earlobe. We laughed.

TVLINE | What does your 9-year-old son think of all this?
He thinks it’s really cool! I go to school and his friends are talking to me about it, like, “You’re evil, you’re really bad,” and then they come sit in my lap and give me hugs. It’s the first time I’ve played a character where he’s hearing about it at school, because a lot those things [I act in] you can’t watch when you’re a kid.

TVLINE | That said, he might wish that you were a bit more clothed.
I do have to say there have been a number of people in my family who have been like, “Are you cold?” It’s very interesting, because when the designer came up with the second dress, I said, “That looks lower[-cut] than the first dress,” and he goes, “Yeah, apparently we’ve got to show ‘the girls.’” My best friend sent in a list of names that she felt we should name them. I don’t know that it matters to [my son], although every once in a while he’ll be like, “Mom, could you please look more like a mom?” So, the other day I was wearing sweats and he’s like, “That’s much better.”

TVLINE | There are some lingering questions about Snow Queen. For example, how did she get to our realm? Is that something that will be answered?
In this next episode, actually. It’s really interesting, yeah. I thought that it was smart and brought a new element into the whole thing. I think you’ll like it.

TVLINE | And we’ll learn why she erased everyone’s previous memories of her being in Storybrooke?
Yep. We’re going to figure that one out, too. They wrap up all these little, like, crumbs that they’ve left, which I was grateful for.

TVLINE | It hit me the other week as I’m watching the scene with you and Giancarlo Esposito (who plays Sidney Glass), “Rachel is being awfully nice to Neville.”
I know! It was really funny, that transfer of power. I was wondering how he would be with it, but his character is so completely different [than on Revolution]. He’s so fun to watch.

TVLINE | So, what about those Revolution fans? They’re still yearning for some sort of closure, but everyone on the cast has been keeping pretty busy.
Yeah. I think everyone is pretty busy. It would always be fun to all get back together — we had a great time together, and as a lover of books I always want there to be a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s never fun when you’re kind of just left hanging because you’ve invested, and I think a lot of people invested in that show.

TVLINE | In the meantime, now you get to shower and dress in sparkly clothes. I mean, what an upgrade.
Well, that was basically the thing. When they asked me to do [Once Upon a Time], my grandmother was thrilled. She’s like, “Oh, no more grime! We’ll get to see your face.” She hasn’t said anything about the cleavage yet, but I’m sure she’s appalled!


4866) I want to look like a preteen girl. Skinny, small boobs, no curves, just childlike and shapeless. That is literally my goal, why I do this to myself. I hate myself so much and I am so unable to cope with my daily life and responsibilities, my messed up mind believes that everything will be better if I looked like I did when I was young, as if that'll actually make me feel happy and carefree again, like I once was.

I didn’t want to write something extensive on this song but I wanted to acknowledge the importance of this line:“I was in the darkness/So darkness I became.”

I dated a boy on and off for a long, long time and he called me “the giggle at a funeral” because I supposedly evoke the darkest and emptiest the world has to offer: made completely out of teeth, sharp and biting fury, constantly on edge about to break down taking everybody else down with me. And yet, there’s a small, solid part of me that’s so light and pure that it can’t be killed, no matter how much I tried.

I have moments of deep darkness, bitterness, despair, whatever you want to call it, and some of my posts this week will attest to that. But at my core, I’m firmly in the light: I wear lots of bright colors, I volunteer with preteen and teenage girls encouraging them to pursue mathematics at higher secondary levels, and I have the potentially dangerous habit of twirling

I just profoundly appreciate artists who acknowledge both extremes coexisting in a single person, which is why I’ve always loved Florence + the Machine, even back when I didn’t love anything.

hey could u do one that i got from one of those au posts things where y/n works in a tattoo/piercing shop and jack is working in a flower shop next door (maybe his mum owns it or smth???) and maybe she goes in to get some flowers or something and then idk u take it from there? sorry if this is terrible omg its the first request ive done

AN Guys, I seriously cannot find my glasses, so I apologize in advance for the typos I may or may not make. I really appreciate all the requests you guys send me, and I’m really grateful that you’re willing to wait for your request. I’m trying to update as fast as I can. I was having a really rough night last night, so I’m sorry for the the lack of update, but one here’s now, and I hope it’s good :) The edit is done by me as well :] Jack in flower crowns, how can I resist? I know I already basically used this picture but it’s mostly different and I love it cuz it’s cute as hell. I hope you guys enjoy xx

Jack’s POV

I work in a flower shop. It’s not what you think, I’m not gay or anything. I mean, I do have a really close friendship with my friend Alex, but it’s nothing like that. My mom owns it, but it doesn’t help that literally everyone knows I work here. I may be 23 years old, but Jesus Christ have you ever worn a flower crown? It looks wonderful on anyone. Including guys.

Everyone, literally everyone, thinks I’m gay. My sister, my brother, my parents (even though they don’t say anything), all the assholes that come in this shop. I mean I don’t care or anything, but it really puts a damper on things when I try to have a relationship, or start one. They immediately put me in the “gay best friend” category and ship me with Alex. Everyone I’ve met.

I try my hardest to meet someone, that’s always what I’ve wanted. I don’t even have a type, I just want to meet someone that doesn’t judge me for wearing flower crowns or for working in this place. I like it here, it’s nice.

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