just as she now does for eren

Tornado with legs

Levi scrubs the last of the dirt off the coffee table. “Finally.” That’s the last time he trusts Isabel to bring a ‘mystery box’ into the apartment.

He hears a crash in the kitchen, followed by a squeak of “Oops!” Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs. He sighs as he goes to investigate what she’s mussed up now.

“I was never-”

“I know,” Isabel interrupts. “You were never this crazy when you were 5!” she mimics with R’s that sound suspiciously like W’s.

Levi suppresses a grin at her sass. He shoos her off while he rights the stool she managed to topple over.

The doorbell rings and Isabel rounds the corner at top speed. “I’ll get it!”

“No, no, no!” Levi scoops her up. “Remember what we talked about? You’re going to watch a movie while Eren and I study.”

Isabel nods wisely. “‘Cause it took you a whole year just to invite him over.”

Sure, tell the kid a million times not to jump on the furniture with muddy shoes and it’s in one ear and out the other. Mention your undying crush on a certain football player while you think she’s napping, however, and she remembers every single word you say about him. Unless, of course, Hange told her. Quite frankly he wouldn’t put it past them.

Levi takes a deep breath. “Don’t repeat that again,” he says. “Ever.”

Isabel giggles.

Eren knocks on their door. Levi sets Isabel down. “You remember how to set up Netflix?”

Duh,” Isabel says proudly before marching towards the living room.

Levi laughs. He never imagined himself as the guardian of such a spunky kid at the age of 19, but she makes him a little more grateful for it every day. Even if she does like to pour an entire bottle of bubble bath in the tub and turn the water on full blast. He shudders.

He makes one last stop at the mirror in the hallway to fix his hair before he opens the door. He has to pause a second, the same as always, and just admire Eren’s radiant smile before he can say hello.

“Levi!” Eren says. “How’s it- oh, who’s this little angel?” he asks, peeking around Levi.

Angel. Levi almost snorts.

“I’m Izzy!” Isabel says confidently. “And I’m-”

“Supposed to be watching a movie,” Levi finishes for her, turning around to fix her with a stern look.

Isabel sticks her tongue out at him.

“Izzy, huh?” Eren smiles another brilliant, blinding, beautiful smile. “That’s a cool name.”

Isabel nods. “And you’re Eren.”

Eren tilts his head at her and Levi’s stomach drops a little. “How did you know that?” Eren asks.

“Green eyes. Nice hair. Pretty face.” Isabel ticks each point off on her fingers. “You gotta be Eren.”

“Izzy!” Levi whispers.

Eren raises his brows at Levi’s back.

Levi’s face burns. He refuses to turn around; half because he can’t look at Eren right now, half because he’s having a stare down with a pint-sized hurricane that possesses just as much bravado as he does.

Eren pipes up against the silence that has fallen over the apartment. “Pretty face, huh?”

And like a switch, Isabel goes from scowling to grinning. “Uh huh. Levi talks about you lots. Like, all the time.”


“S’kinda annoying. But he really, really likes-” Levi clamps a hand over her mouth.

“She’s had a little too much sugar,” he explains apologetically. He shoots Isabel a look. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get anymore for a while.”

Isabel glares at Levi. A hint of mischief lights up her eyes, and before Levi can work out what she’s up to- “Ew!” - she licks his hand.

Levi grumbles his way to the bathroom, turning the water on as hot as he can handle it.

Eren shifts under Isabel’s intense stare. She’s sizing him up, lips set in a firm line and eyes narrowed. She nods, satisfied with whatever conclusion she’s come to and takes Eren by the hand. “C’mon. I’ll paint your nails.”

Eren laughs, and allows her to lead him into the living room. She chatters away a mile a minute. He tries his best to keep up, and nods encouragingly when she finds the perfect nail polish to match his black shirt: the brightest blue in her collection.

He looks around at the pictures on the walls, tempted to ask who they all are, but Isabel says something that catches his attention.

“What was that, Izzy?”

“You’re nice,” she repeats. “That’s why Uncle Levi likes you so much.” She brushes another coat on his index nail. Half of it ends up on his skin. “You like him too, don’t you?” She looks up at Eren and smiles. “I can tell.”

Levi watches them from the archway, waiting eagerly for an answer. Eren simply smiles at Isabel, and when she resumes her work on his fingernails, he gives a small nod.

Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs, and Levi loves her more than anything in the world. Though, watching Eren ruffle her hair with his clean hand, he’s becoming a close second.

Okay i really need to talk about ep 28 of snk. Because not only did the pacing of this ep felt very off. They cut out some very important scenes that was detriment to the developments of some characters. And i don’t know if its because of the 12 ep constraint and thats why they felt the need to cut out important scenes like these, but then again this ep just felt so rushed and the pacing felst so off that its hard not to believe that they couldn’t have added these scenes in.

First off.

They changed Eren’s monlouge after he was told that he needed to learn how to harden like Annie so that he could plug up the hole in Wall Maria.

In the manga, after he thinks to himself that the ability Annie used should be possible for him to learn as well, the thought of remembering Annie as the female titan shows to discomfort him. This was a sign that even after battling her and finally accepting the realization that she was the female titan and killed numerous scouts, he still had a hard time viewing her as an enemy.

He then states that he is tired of not knowing answers and not finding a direct person to channel his anger at. Which is why he proclaims that he wants to go to his fathers batsmen and finally learn just what the hell is going on

He says that once he does, he’ll finally be able to direct his anger to at least something. Now this moment in the manga was extremely important to Erens character because it was the beginning of his growth from seeing the world as black and white, to realizing that things obviously aren’t as simple as he originally thought. It also cemented the strong relationship he had with Annie, as he still couldn’t direct his anger towards her and still refused to see her as just an enemy. I’m not just saying this as a shipper of the two,  this scene was important to his development and sort of paved the way for future events once he reaches the basments and finally see’s the world for what it is.

But no…. instead we get this one scene

They completely removed his inner monologue, a scene that was important for his character and development, if not only to rush the episode for the castle utgrad scenes at the end of the episode. Which i have a hard time believing because i can’t see how hard it is to add 1 or 2 more scenes with Eren thinking to himself. With the removal of this scene it removes the progression Eren hurdles through up to this point and finally seeing the world as a sort of grey area then black and white.

I would forgive this if they somehow include a scene between him and Annie during their training days that cemented the close relationship between the two. And no i don’t mean the scene that played out during Eren’s fight with Reiner, i mean a new scene that shows how close Eren and Annie’s bond were and that cements how close their relationship were.

The only hope i have of this is that Annie’s Seiyuu has been heavily advertised like the rest of the cast. So that probably means that she has recorded new lines for the season and im really hoping those new lines were for a scene between her and Eren.

Aannnd thats not the only thing they cut out.

One of the things i was really looking forward to was the talk between Levi and Mikasa. And in part i was super scared that they were going to skip this scene entirely. Which to be fair they didn’t( and i was happy at hearing Levi call Mikasa name ^_^)

However  i did not like how they changed the scene where Levi tells Mikasa to control her emotions and to not make a blunder like last time…

To instead telling Eren the exact same thing and that he needs to control his emotions and to not screw up next time.

Again, they removed a very important scene that helped develop Mikasa’s character. In the manga this was a way for Mikasa to admit that yes, she made a mistake, and its was because of her constant need to protect Eren all the time that caused Levi to be injured. This moved Mikasa away from the fandoms perception of her as someone who is, ‘ just obsess with Eren and is a mary sue.” Because this was her finally coming to the realization that her Emotions gong out of control and her recklessness had consequences. It gave her something to reflect on because it came from levi himself

I’m happy that they still included the scene with them talking, but when thy remove an important scene like this it removes that formation of a relationship that was starting to build between levi and Mikasa. It’s important because it was Levi who told her of her mistakes, and telling her to learn from it.

I know people are saying that thy are going to include a scene where she reflects on her mistakes during the Reiner fight, but they can’t add back a scene where it was Levi telling her all that when they completely just skimmed through it. It won’t have the same meaning because it doesn’t come from Levi himself. Which would have begun that Mentor- Student relationship between the two.

And lets not forget the scenes with Ymir. I Was happy to see that the scenes between her and Historia were pretty on the mark. But the pacing of this ep was just really rushed that its kind of aggravating that they would exclude some important scenes from her.

Like when she was trying to comfort Connie by making fun of his claim that his mom was turned into a titan.

This showed Ymir in a sort of caring light and showed her character as not just a sarcastic asshole, but someone who genuinely cares about her friends and wants to cheer them up. Albeit in her own way.

But then in one episode, they arrive in castle utgrad, and then the castle gets attacked. All of this happens in the span of like five minutes. They skip the scenes with her altogether to make room for action.

I realize they could always add these scenes in a flashback during her reveal as the dancing titan, bit its just going to seem off to have an entire flashback dedicated to these missing scenes, in between what is currently going on. The pacing is just going to be ll thrown off because of it.

ravioli-bonaparte  asked:

How would the characters react to someone having an anxiety attack?

Well often you can’t see an actual anxiety attack so I think that’s kinda hard to determine like that, but let’s just assume someone comes to them saying ‘I’m having an anxiety attack’

Mikasa: Tries to get them out of the situation somewhere calm
Reiner: “Dude, just calm”
Bertholdt: “same”
Annie: So? (sounds ignorant but actually wants to know what she can do to help you)
Eren: Just don’t be scared!
Jean: A what?
Marco: Asks what the person needs and tries to provide
Sasha: Kinda panics “oh shit, we gotta do something, what can we do? oh no!”
Connie: “Well, fuck… what now?”
Historia: Tries to distract the person, does breathing exercises with them, gets them away from the situation that makes them anxious or tries to dissolve it
Armin: tries to distract them with cool information on stuff, gives them something to fidget with tries to get them somewhere calm
Ymir: “aw man, come one! We’ll go home!”
Levi: “It’s gonna be fine…” Brings them home if he can, tries to comfort them
Hanji: “Why’s that? Do you need anything?”
Erwin: “There’s no need to be anxious, soldier!” (wow, thanks, dad)
Nanaba: Pets their head and says reassuring stuff while getting them somewhere safe
Mike: Picks them up and carries them somewhere quiet so they can calm down, does everything he can to make them feel safe
Moblit: Forgets about his own anxiety and suddenly becomes a superhuman being to help them out

Some Eremika Headcannons

•Before they started dating, they were 100% the kind of friends that people assumed were already together because of how close they acted.
•During their first few months together they would both be a bit slow and shy, as they are young and don’t really have much previous experience.
•Eren is the type of boyfriend who gets super in-your-face protective.
•Mikasa just glares at people who get too close until they go away. If Eren isn’t looking she might subtly flip them off as well.
•Eren is extremely watchful and caring, almost doting on Mikasa, always making sure she is warm/comfortable/etc.
•He kept trying to get her a new scarf, until she finally explained how much it meant to her. Now, on cold days especially, he takes special care to make sure it’s arranged as warmly as possible around her neck.
•Mikasa often shows her love in little silent ways, such as cleaning Eren’s equipment for him. He always notices, and always does his best to do something in return.
•Nightmares are common in the Survey Corps, but Mikasa has had them ever since her parents were killed. Eren holds her especially close these nights, and cries alongside her, as they remember the horror of humans who can be crueler even than titans.
•It gets to a point where Eren holds Mikasa’s hand almost everywhere they go (besides excursions and the like). At first he was just trying to be a good boyfriend, but as more and more people die it has become much more purposeful. People often remark on how Mikasa only truly looks peaceful when holding on to Eren.

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can you guys recommend any fake relationship aus?? theyre my absolute fave after reading A Forged Wedding :)

Hello! I’m afraid there aren’t many long ones out there, but I’ll do my best to find a few that I think you’ll enjoy. 

I’m a Fool to Want You
Summary: It is a doomed marriage from the start. She knows she can only be his wife on paper, but never in his heart. She knows it all, and yet, she repeatedly lets him go back to the one he really wants. Years after their wedding, she smiles through it all—a love that will never be requited.

Summary: Eren invented himself a boyfriend for a dinner with his friends and his ex-boyfriend. Now he just has to find one, and fast.

Of Mistletoe and Shitty Fake Boyfriends
Summary: Eren wouldn’t say they were friends. Hell, he wouldn’t even say they were acquaintances. But he supposes that ‘Fake Boyfriend’ does have a ring to it.

Hey Lover
Summary: Fed up with being teased for not having a girlfriend, Eren joins a site that gives the perception of being taken. Little does he know that the sassy and crass girlfriend he asked for isn’t exactly what he had in mind.

An Unlikely Alliance
Summary: When Scouting Legions main trading partner, Wall Maria, is experiencing economic strain from constant attacks by the neighboring kingdom Titan, the leaders of the two nations come to an agreement: Scouting Legion will provide military protection in exchange for land and financial aid for the still growing nation.
     Their new alliance will be sealed with the union of King Jaegar’s son Eren to the Scouting legions strongest soldier, Lance Corporal Levi. But how will the cold, impassive soldier warm to his new husband, who is far from the weak, spoiled princess he was expecting?


 Levi screaming/saying Eren’s name in relief when he rescues him from the female titan really gets to me.

This is the expression he’s wearing when he asks if Eren’s dead.

Like, just a few minutes before that, he had flown through the forest, had found out that every member of his squad was killed, and he obviously thought Eren was dead too since he saw Eren’s titan’s neck torn to shreds. Mikasa confirmed that she saw the FT biting Eren out of his titan. Levi’s already so used to lose people by now, but he decides to trust Mikasa on this one anyway and hopes Eren’s still alive, even though he doesn’t look too sure of it. Like I said, losing people is almost second nature to him. He’s used to it, but he certainly does not like it.

He then proceeds to literally destroy Annie, like it’s his personal vengeance. I don’t think he really expected Eren to be in her mouth, I don’t think he expected him to be alive either. But. He is there. So Levi shouts Eren’s name (in the light novel. He murmurs it in the manga. And he’s completely cut off from the anime, iirc, jeez…).

The look on his face, my god. So much relief floods him as he looks upon Eren’s emerging form, and he seems to almost whisper in shock, “Eren…”. And all he wanna do now is go back to safety. And so he does. They could have, I don’t know, put Eren on a tree and killed Annie but no, he just wanted to go away from there and put distance from danger and Eren/himself/Mikasa. Mainly Eren, I think. He has orders he has to follow, and those orders are “protect Eren with all you’ve got.“ 

He thought he had failed at protecting him but Eren’s alive. It’s a miracle. It’s hope. Eren is the exception to everyone else, because he lives.

Levi looked so stunned that Eren was actually alive, like…I bet he was already thinking that he could have done something different, could’ve done something more to save his squad and Eren, who was put in his care just a month before. He was already punishing himself with thoughts of failure and loss and defeat. He is relieved, yes, but I feel like he also can’t quite believe it. 

Either way, I think that, for someone who tries so hard to live with no regrets, Levi lives with a lot of them on his shoulders, constantly plaguing his thoughts. Proof: after so many years, he was still trying to figure out the reason why Kenny abandoned him back in the underground. 

Levi remembers all his dead comrades. And while he really doesn’t know what the best course of action is, he’s still so sensitive about deaths and emotional losses, and friends and comrades, because he’s just like that. He cares too much for his own good. He can’t not care. It’s not in his nature. And I love him for it.

from-armin-to-z  asked:

Okay I'm super caffeinated right now, so: opinions on the 104th's caffeine habits? Coffee, tea, energy drinks, whatever 😁

Oh boy, here we go! I sincerely hope you enjoy!!! 

Eren is immune to caffeine at this point, which surprises most people because he isn’t a big coffee drinker. He very slowly built up a tolerance to it through soda, and then energy drinks, and those remain his two biggest sources of caffeine. He’ll drink tea on occasion. And he’ll usually only push himself over the edge and start feeling wired during finals week. 

Mikasa loves coffee in all its forms. She’s the go-to person for coffee shop recommendations, and can usually be found studying in one. She likes to say that she isn’t dependent on caffeine or coffee, and she isn’t terrible about it, but let’s just say she’s a very different person if she doesn’t have at least one cup of coffee in the morning. 

Armin really doesn’t drink all that much caffeine because he gets jittery way too quickly. The first time he tried a latte with Eren and Mikasa, he could still feel himself shaking three hours later. So he tries to stay away from it, getting his energy from music or something else. But he is a big fan of tea, and has built up a tolerance to the amount of caffeine in that and uses that as energy to power through papers and finals. 

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(Eren x Reader) I'd Cut My Strings For You

Eren arose with the sun on a day most spectacularly bright and warm. It correlated well with the middle of spring, for flowers opened greatly for their incoming energy source. For a few moments he made believe that the star only rose for him, as if to assure him something wonderful for today. But he knew it was harmful to pretend for too long.

After dressing and freshening up he made his way to the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast before leaving. Unfortunately the refrigerator door was abruptly shut as he opened it. He turned to his side and found his aunt with her hand on the door.

“Not happening, punk. On a budget this week.”

“We’ve been on budget weeks got three straight months now-”

He fell to the grimey floor, and even before he landed be tasted the blood in his mouth. He knew better than to get up or to even think about striking back. Instead he briskly left the house, ignoring her jabs at his character.  The door slammed behind him due to his displacement one last time, for it fell from the rusty hinges. It looked appropriate with the exterior (and interior) squalor.

He decided to try to see if longtime friends Mikasa or Armin were busy, and more, see if he could crash at any of their places for the night later on. Worse comes to worse he was no stranger to sleeping in playgrounds, or even forsaking slumber. He had to cross the city to get to where they lived, and he dreaded the walk. Only more people to give him nasty looks. It’s not as if they ever bothered to wonder why he was sporadically busted and bruised; they were complacent in silently judging him. His hunger pangs grew painful, so he stopped at a fruit stand. The farmer had an apple bushel. Only wanting to purchase one, he was terribly disappointed when he found he didn’t even have enough money for a single piece of fruit. Angrily he walked away.

“Can I help you?” He warmly asked the next customer.

“Yes please, may I get six?”

He gladly bagged her produce while she kept an eye on the boy who was just in front of her. After paying she darted over, ending up right behind him. She was unsure of how to approach him, but she tapped on his shoulder when they were isolated from others, being on the beginning of a dirt road. As he turned she held an apple to him. He stared at her, rather confused.

“Take it,” she said, “I have plenty.”

“Um… No.” He said awkwardly. She frowned.

“And why not? I know you wanted one before when you were in line, I was behind you.”

“Look, I’m no charity case, so don’t treat me like one. And you shouldn’t be following me.”

“I’m not treating you like a charity case, I’m treating you like a human being. Is that, and the concept of thank you foreign?”

“What makes you think I can trust your food?! You could have laced them with something!”

“I wished I laced them with Prozac because God are you depressing!”

“Just go away!”

“An apple a day keeps me away, you know.”

Eren was quite taken aback. He was certain his rude behavior would have warded her off instantly, but instead she insisted again he take the fruit. Only to quiet her, he took it and began eating. He couldn’t externalize the gratitude both he and his stomach felt. She smiled at him, watching him eat, and he quickly became uncomfortable.

“What are you looking at?”

“Your face. It’s so handsome, who hurt it?”

He must have bruised his cheek from the incident earlier that morning. He lightly grazed the injury and it stung, causing an inaudible groan.

“It’s none of your business! Why do you keep bothering me, you freak?!”

“I’m a freak?” She asked, though rather than angry or hurt, she sounded as if this wasn’t any news to her, “Fair enough. Remember, you can’t say ‘freak’ without 'free’.”

Eren was now utterly puzzled. The eating ceased with his mouth agape. Who was this odd stranger, and what was her agenda? He could not see what she could gain other than self satisfaction from her deed, but if she was still dealing with him at this point, it could not have been just that. Taking an apple within her own mouth, she gave him the bag and started walking away before he could properly protest.

“What a weirdo… What the hell does she mean by 'free’? Goddamn freak.”

He continued about his day, but somehow against his wishes, he ended up back at his house by nightfall. All of his fruit was eaten by now, but it satiated him enough throughout the day. The door hadn’t been fixed, though it wasn’t as if he expected it to be. He had the displeasure of finding his aunt in the living room, languidly swaying upon the couch, drowning in booze and television.

“Hey! You little shit, where were ya all day? And what the hell did you do to the door?!”

“If you bothered to have anything fixed around here, it wouldn’t be such a ghetto nightmare.”

“Don’t get smart with me, asshole. Get over here now!”

“No!” He started for the stairs, but her hollar froze him in his tracks. The boy started to turn to face her, but he was attacked again much like in the morning. Only this time, instead of striking him once, she continued to beat him, and only got more ballistic when he tried to cover himself.

“Don’t fucking talk to me like that!” She also kicked his shins, resulting in him on the floor, curling into a ball.

He dared not retaliate, though he was more than able to. Actually he spent so many hours outside, away, that he would just go around, often either running, or some form of exercise in order to stay as healthy as he could. For an eighteen year old he had a fairly respectable build. His muscular body gained multiple new contusions before his abuser passed out next to him. It took him a few good minutes, but he managed to get up and into his bedroom. He didn’t bother undressing, choosing to plop on the small bed that took up about half of his bedroom. Before laying down he grabbed a frame from his nightstand. The picture was of himself and his mother from over ten years ago. With it held to his heart, he silently cried himself to sleep again.

The next day was more eventful than the previous.  Like before he stumbled out of the house without breakfast and made for his friends. He took the usual route, but there seemed to be a festival going on at the moment, and it was large enough to be a few streets long. Eren disliked simply walking beside other people, let alone surfing through a crowd of them. Without vendors or signs, he had no idea what the festival was really about. In the center of the street, inside of a crowd circle, numerous people danced in truly odd fashions, and it seemed they were throwing paint at one another while doing so. He was going to allow them to continue and be on his way, but a bomb of green paint hit his face.

“What the hell-you?!”

“No way! It’s good to see you again!”

The girl that had given him the apples yesterday was standing beside him, coated with more paint than the Sistine chapel. Eren was incredibly angry, for this outfit was his last good one, and now it was ruined. He didn’t bother to hide it from her, either. His face was steaming and deeply frowning, but little did she notice, for she hugged him tightly. He squirmed out of it.

“Why did you hit me? Are you stupid!”

“That’s the whole point here! If you’re around and uncolored, we have to fix that.”

“Who’s "we”?“

"Us,” she gestured with a stretched arm panoramically, “the stringless. We’re not tied up to anything or anyone, so we have fun. And the only way to be without strings is to cut them, so some are free while others are tangled. For today, so long as no harm comes of it, we rent out the streets and do whatever our spirits tell us. Come on!”

She yanked him all the way to the center of the chaotic freestyle choreography. He tried to resist, but she was much stronger than she appeared. When she finally let his wrist go, she also let herself go, dancing to and fro, laughing as purple paint exploded from the top of her head. She grabbed Eren’s hands and gyrated him until he was in an unprompted rythym. His turquoise irises gleamed his uncomfortable state. They then flickered with a bit of anger when he was slapped with blue on the stomach.

“Here,” she handed him a filled balloon, “anybody here can get it. Who’s it gonna be?”

Her smile was masked by red paint. Eren, for a moment, looked a bit shocked and guilty. But then it melted into confusion when she started laughing and cheering.

“Now you’re getting it!”

Beside himself, Eren continued to dance until his legs grew weary. She was also tiring, so they opted to leave. When they reached a bench within a city park and sat, they realized just how much paint they were covered in. They laughed at how ridiculous they must have looked.

“You seemed to enjoy yourself today, grumpy.”

“I actually kinda did have fun. That was… Pretty new.”

He looked away awkwardly, not knowing what or how to converse with her. He only ever talked to Mikasa and Armin, and he knew them for over a decade, so there was little that every really needed to be said. But this girl was completely new. And completely different from what he was used to.

“Hey, I don’t remember your name.” He confessed.

“Oh, damn! How rude am I? I made you eat and dance with me without really introducing myself! I’m _______ _______.” She held out her hand and he shook it.

“Eren Jaeger.”

“Are you German?”

“Pretty much. My mom and dad always lived in the United States, but both of their parents were German immigrants.”

“That’s pretty cool. I don’t even have a clue what I am. My parents never really gave me a straight answer… Hey, I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying you. If you want me to leave you alone-”

“No, no, it’s okay. Actually, I should be apologizing. You’ve been nothing but nice to me and I’ve been nothing but a jerk in return. I guess I just lash out at people.”

“I figured it was displacement, that’s why I continued bothering you. What the hell has you so angry? Talking about it might help.”

He wasn’t about to spill his life story to this acquiantance. She was surely to either become disgusted or pity him like a helpless fool. Plus, what was complaining going to do, anyway? He was still going to go home to that wicked woman, likely get beaten again for something arbitrary, and go hungry. Over the years he adapted to the vicious lifestyle, but he still realized it was wrong, and outsiders would only judge him.

“It’s not what busted your face up, isn’t it?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just rude sometimes, I guess.”

“Well, honestly I don’t believe you, but it’s not my place to press you for anything.”

“Thank you.”

“May I offer some advice to you, Eren?” She stood and he nodded.

“If these strings holding you back don’t sever first, you’ll choke.”

She began walking away. Eren followed her and grabbed her shoulder.

“Hey, wait, are you busy today?”

“Not really, why?”

“Do you want to… I don’t know…”

“You want to waste each other’s time?”

“Uh… That’s one way to say it. But yeah, I guess. Want to?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

She stuck her arm out until they were arm in arm at the elbows. Even coated in paint, she wanted to be classy. The day consisted of walking, talking, flower picking (mostly her), star gazing, and a few meals her and there, courtesy of ________. Eren didn’t expect to have such a good time, or to ask her to do it again with him the next day. More surprising was this continued for almost a month.

He was home by the time she was passed out every night, and left in the morning before she awoke. Despite his new budding friendship, he didn’t forsake his other friends, but they were able to sense a remarkable change within him. His entire demeanor sent from that of an agitated wolverine to that of happiness and serenity, almost. He smiled and laughed much more in the past few weeks than he did with many years of friendship. Armin determined to himself and Mikasa that he met somebody and was courting her. Mikasa agreed with half of that, and interjected that though he may be infatuated with somebody, he wouldn’t be able to date her. At least without mentioning it to them first.

And yet another night was spent together. But this evening was different from their other meetings. Within an abandoned tower, beside an inactive bell, the two young adults sat, drinking. Eren admittedly stayed away from alcohol for the most part, but an adventurous side of him erupted and he decided to drink with her.

“Okay, let’s play truth or truth. It’s truth or dare, but this one is good for getting to know each other better.”

“Don’t we already know each other?” He hiccuped.

“We do, but there’s always more. You can start, just ask anything.”

“Okay… Why are you so goddamn weird? Okay, that sounded mean. Just… Why are you so… Free?”

“I told you, I’ve got no strings. I used to, obviously. My parents could count. They weren’t abusive or anything, but they certainly didn’t love me. They provided financially, but I can’t recall a single time they ever supported me, or said they loved me. So I left when I was sixteen, lived in my highschool while also working, and I just moved in to my new apartment. A nice one, too. Ever since I left, I was terribly happy. Not a thing that bothered me before did or does. I don’t care if they don’t miss me, because I don’t miss them.”

“Shit, _______. I had no idea it was like that.”

“It’s nowhere near a sob story. Okay, my turn.”

They both took big swigs before playing again.

“I remember you once said you lived with your aunt, but also talked about your parents before. Can I ask what happened?”

Eren was extraordinarily wasted, for no inhibitions even prevented him from telling the truth.

“They were crushed to death in our house after an earthquake. I didn’t see my dad, he was inside, but I find my mom many crushed under a beam. Me and my sister, or friend, I should say, tried to get it off, but our young bodies couldn’t do much.”

She sat next to him now, watching quiet tears stain his face. He continued on,

“My mother was the greatest. She was beautiful, fun, kind…. And so warm. I see her whenever I pass a mirror and I lose it. She was my absolute best friend. Hell, obviously she was the first woman I ever loved. I never said goodbye or got to prepare for it. Miss her so much every day, and it hurts so bad.”

He went to wipe his tears with his hand, but before he could, she took it in her own and kissed it, then wiped away his tears. She didn’t really know what to say, and felt even the nicest gesture would hurt his fragile state.

“It’s my turn.” He sniffled, “Why do you bother with me!”

“At the very first moments, I just wanted to see that you were fed. Then you looked at my with your eyes, and…. That was it. I don’t know what I felt or saw, but I knew I had to be around you. They told me a magnificent tale of which I remember nothing about. And I’m trying to find that story… Okay, me again… Eren, what are your strings?”

“Really, the strings again?”

“Yes! What’s holding you back?”

“Holding me back from what?”

“From being happy… From being free. Eren, I’ve spent many days with you, and though I’m eccentric, I’m not an idiot. I didn’t catch on at first, but I know what your aunt is doing to you. And it’s absolutely not okay. There’s no way you can live there and live a healthy life.”

“It’s not like I can exactly leave, I live there. And friends don’t want a couch bum.”

“You wouldn’t be a bum if you moved in with me.”

His eyes widened in shock, and he was sure his drunken state made him hallucinate for a second.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am. You can move in, get a job, actually eat decent meals. And… You’ll be both safe and free. You have to sever those strings.”

“________, I’d love to, but I just can’t-”

“And why not?!” She snapped, becoming an angry drunk.

“I just… I just can’t, okay?! I can’t up and leave like you did! It may have worked out for you, but we’re different people.”

“That’s absolute bullshit, Eren! I know you want to get out of there, and I’m giving you a chance!”

“It’s not that simple!”

“It is! Just go!”

“She can just stop me from leaving-”

“No she can’t! You’re an adult now, she has no power over your unless you give it to her!!”


Eren was sobbing hysterically, even worse than when his mother died. He was on the floor on his side, remembering everything he endured with vivid detail.

“No, no, no…. You didn’t just…” Tears burned her (e/c) eyes, “You didn’t just tell me that, Eren… You didn’t just tell me that… You didn’t just tell me that!!!” She cried as she held him.

Like any other given night, he cried himself to sleep, but in the morning woke up with a terrible headache. The bright sun was an unwelcome sight, very unmuch like _______ was. She held his head in her lap and gently combed her fingers through his hair, soothing the pain.

“What happened last night?”

“We got shitfaced, laughed, cried, then you passed out. I stayed up and dodged a hangover. In your drunken state you confessed your love for me.”

“Ah, shit, I didn’t mean to- hey, I did not! You’re just tricking me!”

“Fair enough, but do you like me?”

“No, not really.” He stuttered a bit and his ears reddened, and _______ noticed.

“I know his favorite food is pizza… Let’s see.”

“Eren, say you hate pizza.”

“Okay… I hate pizza.”

Again, red.

“Well, I now know how to tell when you’re lying, and you definitely do like me. Which is good, because I reciprocate your feelings, and then some-”

She was cut off by the sweet and unexpected sensation of Eren kissing her. Naturally she kissed back, but then pulled away.

“Eren, last night, I offered for you to move in with me, and it still stands, on one condition.”

She stood, her back facing him, “I know more about you than you realize. A lot more. And we both know what your strings are. If you can cut them for me, that will be the last pain you’ll ever have to endure.”

She left him there, and he was a bit dumbfounded. He knew he was hopelessly in love with her, even if they only knew each other for a month. They spent all day every day together, so it felt much longer. He sighed as he thought for a bit, until he realized what she meant and what he needed to do.

The only reasons he had to go back to his old house was to retrieve the picture of him and his mother, and to tell his aunt he was leaving, for he had nothing there. The first portion of his visit was easy; it was safe who made the second half horrible.

“What the fuck gives you the idea you can leave?! I own you!”

“You don’t! I’ve dealt with your shit for almost ten years! And it took me that long to realize I was better than what you made me out to be, that I deserved better!”

“Better, BETTER!” She was in his face. “What makes you think you’re so entitled?! You’re just a stupid, useless whore! MY WHORE! YOU ARE SO LOW THAT YOU ARE MY WHORE!”

She pounced on him, punching, kicking and biting all at once, specifically trying to damage his head. He felt himself falling in again. She continued hurting him, but he felt a familiar and unwelcome sensation below his waist, and heard his zipper. He snapped.

He can’t recall exactly what happened, but it ended with her unconscious, and him, for the most part, unscathed. Grabbing the picture he left the house, never to return. And it was remarkably different, just how he felt. He didn’t feel dread, disdain, or anger. The sun was friendly and the skies were magnificent. The children running around, playing, were beautiful. His smile was genuine.

Like he thought, the winds of fate blew ________ in his way, and he embraced her like he was a soldier finally coming home for that end of war kiss. She smiled, and find his eyes anew.

“Eren, you did it, didn’t you?!” She grabbed his collar, kissing him again.

“I’d cut my strings for you.” He smiled, “I know this will sound crazy, but I love you so fucking much. I want to move in with you, marry you, and impregnate you, I don’t care about the order, just as long as it’s all done as soon as possible.”

“I can get down with that.” She smiled, taking his hand to lead him to their apartment. He swept her off of her feet, opting to carry her ask the way. Again they kissed.

“I love you, ________. You saved me.”

“No, Eren, you saved yourself. You cut your strings for me.”

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What if Isayama accepted adding a kiss between Eremika in chapter 12 since all they have been doing are scenes of that ship?

Originally posted by imthehuman

To be honest I don’t think Isayama would agree on that. In my opinion it would just change everything. You can’t expect to kiss and then carry on like nothing happened, right? Unless they decide to create this whole romance in the next seasons which I don’t think they will.

As i said before, I used to really ship eremika, but after reading the manga and reading people’s thoughts and trying to understand better these characters I just don’t see it. Yes, she loves him A LOT, but it just feels weird that everything she does, decides, thinks,  depends on Eren in some kind of way. I really like the relationship they have now, I would like to see for once a “brother”\”sister” ( in this case that they are not related of course) relationship that doesn’t end with a romance. 

Just to be clear, I want all of them happy. I’m not saying “ oh I dont like Mikasa and Eren because I would like to see her with Levi”, hell no, I would like to see Mikasa decide what she wants. Levi, Eren, Armin, Jean, or even if she wants to be alone I’M FINE WITH THAT, I don’t want anything to be forced.

SNK Analysis: Eren's Feelings For Mikasa

I just received an anon request for my analysis of Eren’s feelings for Mikasa. This is a topic I’ve been meaning to tackle for quite a while, simply because that is a very, very interesting question. It’s been clear that from the very beginning, Mikasa has loved Eren as far more than a brother, and if you still don’t believe this by this point in the manga, I don’t have any hope whatsoever than you’ll understand any of this post. My personal belief is that she never saw him as a brother, but that’s a post for another day. I’m focusing on Eren here, not Mikasa.

Yes, she loves him. But the pressing question here is: is this a mutual relationship? Does Eren see Mikasa as a friend, family or a lover? Or is it the opposite and does he see her as an annoying, overprotective pain in his ass? Does she bother him? Was that heartfelt scene from chapter fifty Eren misinterpreting Mikasa’s words? I’m going to explore all of that.

First things first, I am going to make it perfectly clear with how I stand on his views towards Mikasa. It’s easy to see why Eren means so much to her; he did, after all, save her from a life of being nothing more than a sex toy, and offered her a home after she lost literally everything and everyone she had ever known. However, sometimes Eren can make it very difficult to see exactly how he feels about others. His motivations are constantly changing, as are the people who trigger his passionate anger. For example, his true motivation has always been vengeance. He joined the military to avenge his mother. He transformed and fought Annie to avenge Squad Levi. Now, in the manga, he wants to avenge Hannes, and has committed himself to mastering his Titan powers to achieve that goal. With him possessing such a constantly changing disposition towards others, I have come to one conclusion about the Eremika ship, even from Eren’s side: they are soul mates.

What I mean by that is, there is no one level of affection they feel for each other. They are everything from family, to best friends, to lovers, and everything in between. As many times as Eren has gotten angry at Mikasa for being protective and shot the whole ‘we’re not family’ thing back in her face, he clearly doesn’t really believe that, which has been very obvious well before chapter fifty came around.

I’m going to jump way back now, all the way to episode four, in one of Eren’s many heated encounters with Jean. Before the two hotheads can start beating the shit out of each other, Mikasa intervenes. She says nothing to Eren, she just grabs his hand and stares at him. He then looks down in shame and prepares to back off before Jean, in jealousy of Mikasa’s actions, attacks him.

This is a scene that is widely unnoticed, even by eremika shippers, but its significance is an early bit of evidence supporting the fact that, yes, Eren does care about Mikasa’s feelings. If he saw her as merely a nuisance and a bother, he’d have ripped his hand away and punched Jean in the face. The thing here is, she didn’t need to say anything. All Mikasa had to do was look at him. That’s the kind of influence that her attitude toward his actions has over him. Eren doesn’t have that kind of a relationship with anyone else, not even Armin. That is the type of bond you have with family.

Now, let’s move to episode twenty-five, where there is a scene that frankly pisses me off, but is also a huge bit of development for Eren’s way of showing just how much faith he has in Mikasa not only as family, but as a friend too. After the drama with Annie has passed, Jean, Armin and Mikasa are by Eren’s bedside. Jean and Armin drill Eren for allowing Annie to escape inside her crystal, but are called out of the room for questioning. The second they’re gone, Eren tells Mikasa that it “felt refreshing to be ripped apart” and he says how he wouldn’t have minded dying, at the time. This obviously upsets her, and Eren quickly adds that he no longer felt that way, prompting Mikasa to tell him that she was glad he came back.

As inconsiderate towards Mikasa’s feeling as this bit of dialogue seemed, it has huge meaning. Notice how Eren didn’t say this in front of Armin, just Mikasa. Mikasa is the only person Eren has that he feels he can say that kind of stuff to without fear of being judged or ridiculed. That is a best friend. Then, it goes the extra mile. Mikasa grabs his hand and bows her head in front of him. Just go back and watch that scene again, then look at the expression on Eren’s face. It’s like his eyes have been opened, like he’s seeing just how deeply Mikasa cares for him for the first time. He understands, in that instance, just what his well being means to her.

And then we come to chapter fifty of the manga, the defining moment of unparallelled fangasms and squees from eremika shippers the world over. Believing they are on death’s door, Mikasa thanks Eren for all he’s done for her, and confesses her feelings for him. She leans in for a kiss, and Eren pulls away from her to attack the Smiling Titan with his fists. Okay. For some reason, this scene has gotten two very different interpretations by the fandom. Some think that this is merely Eren rebuffing Mikasa’s advancement, or simply being too bullheaded to understand what she truly meant. Others, myself included, see this as Eren telling her in his own way “yes, I understand what you mean and yes, I love you, too.”

Why do I see it this way? Honestly, how many of us can say with a straight face that Eren would come out and in plain words say, “I love you”? He wouldn’t. Eren is a character that is fueled by anger and action, not words. He shows his feeling through what he does. And seconds after Mikasa tells him the truth about her feelings for him, he punched a fucking Titan with his bare hand. This was not a display of ignorance, but of defiance. In that second, Eren realized just what Mikasa meant to him as well, and he wasn’t going to let it end like that. He was going to do anything he could to ensure Mikasa lived to see another day. After all those years, she finally needed his protection, and he gave it to her. That is true love.

And as beautiful as this scene is, there’s still more to talk about. In the direct aftermath of Mikasa being taken away by the medics to have her ribs looked at, there is yet another scene with Jean. In it, there is a bit of the typical, snippy dialogue you’d expect in an interaction between Eren and Jean, but it changes in an instant when Jean says “I saved your precious Mikasa”. He’s referring to chapter forty-nine, when he saves Mikasa from being eaten after she is grabbed by a Titan while trying to save Eren. Jean was probably expecting a smart-ass remark from Eren, but then he does something nobody expected: he thanks Jean.

This means so much, on so many levels. Mikasa was snatched up by a Titan directly after making a dive for Eren, but missing by mere inches when Bertholdt ducked out of the way. If Jean hadn’t saved her, Eren would have had to have watched her die, literally feet away, helpless to do anything. Look at his face. He knows Jean is right. If he hadn’t acted, Eren would have lost her before he even got a chance to see her one last time, and he knows just how much he owes Jean, even if they don’t get along. This is a turning point in not only Eren’s relationship with Mikasa, but his maturity as a whole.

Some people like to say that their relationship seems to have regressed back to what it once was, now that the immediate danger of the Shifters has passed for the time being. I disagree. In chapter fifty-three, Eren reacts to Mikasa’s protectiveness differently than he would have under normal circumstances. He now understands why she is the way she is. He has realized that he is what gives her strength, and he doesn’t bite her head off about it. In all honesty, Eren’s anger toward Mikasa has always been nothing more than an inferiority complex. He’s always resented the fact that she’s had to protect him all their lives, but now he’s learning to accept it. This all takes be back to my main point: their relationship is complex, and has many facets to it.

Are they family? To a point, yes. They’re not family in the sense of considering each other to be siblings, but they share a bond far, far deeper than friendship. They are family in the sense that they are all each other has left in the world, but it’s not the kind of 'family’ that makes it incest. At the same time, they also trust each other like best friends would. They can tell each other deeply personal thoughts without a fear of being judged or ridiculed. And finally, yes, Eren does indeed love Mikasa, on a romantic level.

As I said: they are soul mates. They share every kind of bond there is, and it all leads to one final conclusion: they have a mutual codependency for each other. By this point in the series, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if Eren lost Mikasa, he’d be just as devastated as Mikasa was when she thought he had died. Their relationship is beautiful, complex, and best of all, it is mutual.

I hope this is what you wanted, anon. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I wholeheartedly believe that I have been blessed with the greatest OTP in the entire fandom.

Translating Tragedy in SNK

The world is a comedy to those who think; a tragedy to those that feel.” -Horace Walpole.

How do we cope with the simple fact that one day we will all inevitably die?

In a peaceful society, the default coping mechanism is simply to not think about it. Even when we do, the full implications of what exactly death means fail to register. But this attitude also means that when we do experience a loss, the pain we feel is heart-wrenching. By running from the truth, we are completely unprepared to face it when it inevitably finds us and reminds us of the fragility of our own lives. But even so, most people are able to recover, banish the spectre from their minds once more, and carry on with their lives until they have to face the Reaper themselves.

But what if you live in a wartorn society? What if you don’t have to experience death only a few times in your life, but on a monthly basis? Or weekly? Or daily? It’s no longer possible to forget.

Most of SNK’s heroes, and indeed many of its villains, keep feeling that same agony every time they witness another death. Their coping mechanisms tend to be either honouring the lives of the fallen by fighting in their name…

…Or fiercely protecting the lives of the people remaining to them.

 As such, their lives are tragedy. The latter is rarely 100% successful and the former can quickly become an interminable cycle.

But for those who aren’t strong enough to endure that pain, and especially for those who are required to inflict it, there is another way to cope. The comedian’s way.

One way to cope with total awareness of the reality of death is to make it your own. Inflicting what you fear to receive can make you feel as though you are in control of it. Dispelling the fear of pain, torment and death by laughing at it. 

Severing your ties of empathy to your victims by imagining them as The Other, stripping them of their humanity and therefore any relation to you, and placing yourself in the moral high ground. 

Horror and humour are really two sides of the same coin - they are both ways for the mind to translate a drastic change. It’s for this reason you can laugh at someone falling over or pity them, why you can cry over Marco or spend half (lol) the time making jokes about him. The comedic route is harmless on a small scale and can be a valuable emotional crutch, but when it translates into politics and large-scale damage, that’s how monsters are created.

And these monsters will inflict the very tragedy they fear on others, and…

…Make monsters out of them, too.

Gross is the most explicit depiction of this kind of Laughing Reaper we’ve seen so far, but we’ve encountered them before. Sannes, Zackly and Kenny are prime examples, and there’s a lot of this to Zeke as well. I think the base nature of mindless titans can be considered to be this too. 

And even those characters largely on the tragic side of the spectrum experience this comedic alternative from time to time. Annie experiences a cruel ecstasy when she gets caught up in the joy of the fight. 

Levi enjoyed tormenting Annie while she was pinned down. 

Sannes’ comments to Levi and Hange while they were torturing him weren’t totally without merit, either.

 And Eren…

…Well, Eren is…

…Yeah. Thankfully he’s grown out of this now. 

But are their efforts worth it? Is Gross successful at overcoming the fear of death like he boasts?

Does this look like the face of a man who has come to terms with death to you?

What turns man into monster? It’s not just cerebro-spinal fluid as Gross claims. It’s fear. Fear of death; that, and our desperate, panicked struggle against it. But what price do we pay by refusing to laugh at tragedy? Can we really cope with that kind of agony? 

Isayama’s answer to this question is a third way. It’s incredibly difficult, but if you can truly understand what Levi understood on that rooftop in Shiganshina - that death is not a demon to be feared, but just a neutral and unavoidable aspect of life - then you don’t have to injure. You don’t have to suffer. It’s enough to simply live.

Ten Years

Over the years, Eren had risen in rank and became a captain himself. Since this promotion, the two had been spending more and more time together, that doesn’t mean to say that Levi knows anything that goes on in the younger man’s mind. He knew that he felt attraction and cared for him as time passed along with the time spent together, though he would never admit these feelings out loud. To admit things such as love and care was sealing the deal on a guilty conscience for the other. Which is probably why Eren felt tormented by the deaths of the original squad he came to know almost ten years ago. He had no reason to stop himself from caring about them, but he was such an emotional teenager, it was unavoidable.

Almost ten years had passed since Levi’s original squad had met their ends at the expense of the expedition following Annie’s attacks. Each year that passed, Eren felt more and more guilt. A feeling that he knew had the ability to suffocate him. But even with this knowledge he allowed the guilt to fester and dwell.

As the ten year mark approached, Eren found himself in bed staring at his ceiling replaying the day in his head over and over and over. Each one of their bodies flashing in his mind, as if he just witnessed it. A single tear escaped and slid down the side of his forehead as he continued to look to the ceiling, willing the ceiling to heal the pain in his heart over their deaths.

With a groan of frustration the young man leapt out of bed and stalked out of the HQ, needing fresh air; some sort of relief.

It was just after midnight, and Levi very rarely attempted sleep before four am. So he was surprised to see Eren stalking out of the castle and through the front gate as he glanced out his window. He could see by the cast of Eren’s silhouette shadow from the moonlight that he was sitting outside just by the gate, so he made his way out to him.

“Jaeger.” He said bluntly as he approached the young man.

Eren visibly jumped, cursing under his breath. As soon as he saw it was Levi who had caught him, his head hung low. Seeing Levi, now of all times, wasn’t going to help anything.

“What are you doing out of bed?” He asked, authoritatively, arms crossed as he stood beside the other.

“Couldn’t sleep” Eren replied, no emotion in his tone.

“You have an office. Why didn’t you go there?”

“Needed air.” Came the reply, again with no emotion. “Listen, can I have some time?”

“Tch, you would have never dared to talked to me like that ten years ago” Levi announced, amusement in his voice.

Anger rose through Eren’s body, his mind began to race.

“Ten years ago, you should have beaten the living shit out of me.” He spoke with gritted teeth.

“The fuck you talking about, Eren?”

Standing up, Eren punched the wall that he had just been leaning on. He punched, again and again and again. Blood began to spill from his knuckles when Levi grabbed Eren by the shoulder and arms.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Exclaimed Levi as he struggled to push Eren away from the wall and doing more damage to his hands.

“Fuck” Eren whispered under his breath.

He pushed Levi off of him, finally looking face to face to Levi. This was when the shorter man could see that the other had clearly missed out on sleep and had spent a good deal of time crying, if his red nose and blood shot eyes were anything to go by.

“Eren, just talk to me. What’s all this about?” He asked, not taking a step forward in case it’ll tip Eren off to harm himself again.

Eren shouted to the air in frustration.

“Be mad at me! Just be angry! Kick the shit out of me!!”

“For what, you maniac?!”

“I’m the reason Petra and the rest are dead!”

As intelligent as Levi knew himself to be, he wouldn’t have guessed this was what had Eren so upset. He didn’t allow himself to think about his old squad for sanity’s sake. But he had established in his mind that it was not Eren’s fault.

“Eren..” Levi breathed, more to himself. “That was not your fault and you know it.”

“Fuck, I’ll see you in the morn-” as Eren made his was to walk back into the castle, Levi forcefully pushed him back to the wall.

As his back made contact with said wall, Levi looked into Eren’s eyes with intense emotion. The most emotion Eren had seen from him.

“None, listen to me, none of their deaths were your fault. They were highly skilled scouts that were killed because of a crazy bitch. You hear me?!” Levi snarled.

He wondered why he had gotten so riled up from Eren’s self hating episode, but the idea of Eren telling himself things that Levi himself didn’t believe to be true repulsed him.

“If I had just shifted earlier! Or done something differe-”

“Do you think we all don’t hold similar if’s and but’s?! But we can’t hold them for long because it will kill us! There is no sense in holding on to what can’t be changed!”

Eren’s mind raced back to the day his mother was killed in front of his eyes…maybe Levi had a point. But then again, his words didn’t make the pain in his heart go away.

Levi took a stride forward to Eren, perhaps too close to be considered respectful of personal space. And placed the palm of his hand on the other’s chest.

“What happened that day was not your fault.” He spoke, barely above a whisper. “And I’ve never once felt anger towards you, of all people, because of what happened.”

Levi could feel Eren’s heart begin to calm down after he spoke, looking up he saw the taller man’s eyes were closed tightly.

“Do you miss them?” Eren asked.

“I do” Levi replied truthfully.

Eren’s body shook, whether it was because of the cold or Levi’s confessing that he does miss them, he didn’t know.

“You know, Petra fancied me.”

Eren laughed “I think everyone knew that. I don’t know why, she must have had problems with her eyes.”

At that, Levi pushed him, with a smirk.

“Okay, you’re fine now. You’re back to being a dick”

“I’m only a dick because I’ve been around you for the last sixty years”

“It has not been that long, brat.” Levi smirked.

“Feels like it” Eren replied with a smirk.

They both stood there under the moonlight, just smiling to one another.
Realising his palm was still on Eren’s chest, Levi made to move it when Eren’s hand shot up and placed his own palm over Levi’s.

“I wouldn’t recover if you ever died” Eren breathed.

“Eren, you shouldn’t say things li-”

“It’s fine.” He spoke over Levi. “It’s fine as long as you don’t die.”

As he finished speaking, Eren embraced Levi in a tight hug. After hesitating, Levi ghosted his hands over Eren’s back and finally returned the embrace.

They stood there for a while, just having their own moment. Ever so quietly, Levi spoke

“You too.”

Why Armin and Mikasa Are Sentenced to Death

Armin and Mikasa. Eren’s two best friends. They follow him into the Survey Corps and are almost always by his side. They would do anything for each other. But what if two of them were to die?

A lot of people have been wondering what this means. 

Mikasa saying ‘See you later, Eren.’

What if this is foreshadowing to Mikasa about to die? Let me explain in further detail.

In OVA 4 / 5 / the spinoff manga, A Choice With No Regrets, (spoilers)

Farlan and Isabel die.

What’s interesting about this is Farlan. 

(My apologies, I can’t seem to find a picture anywhere for this one)

After Isabel dies, Farlan starts running back to avenge her on instinct. He realizes his 3DMG is damaged beyond extent and will no longer work. The Titans have seen him and he’s as good as dead already. Young Levi is watching all of this. And what does Farlan choose to do right before his hour of doom arrives?

He mouths, 'See you later’.

I mean, of course he does. That’s how he said goodbye to Levi in the underground city. He’s just saying goodbye. But why did Mikasa say it? Picture this:

Armin just died. Mikasa tried to go in to save him and thought she could because of the fact she’s, like, God. But, just like in Trost when Eren 'died’, she got careless and ran out of gas. Eren was too in shock to Titan shift quickly enough, as what happened with Squad Levi. It was only after Mikasa died he was able to do something. Now, how many times has this happened? Let’s see..

Levi with Farlan and Isabel….

Armin with Squad 34….

Eren with Squad Levi….

Mikasa with her parents….

Reiner and Bertholdt with Marcel (I mean, they could have easily Titan shifted and killed Ymir right after she devoured Marcel, so that’s why they’re there for this)….

It seems to be Isayama’s favorite way of killing. It adds emotions for the characters that witnessed the death, emotion for the reader, and overall blown minds for everybody. Is Mikasa saying 'See you later’ a reference to Farlan? If so, could that mean Death is just patiently waiting for her hour to come? And, I mean, if there’s the parallel with Farlan and Mikasa there might as well be one with Armin and Isabel as well. We can only assume he’d die alongside her. But, it’s just a theory, and where or not you accept it and believe it is all up to you.

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Rivamika for the honest otp thing


First we’ll start with the good things: Mikasa has accepted Levi over the course of the manga going from “that fucking midget” to “we should trust the corporal” which is really great but it is just professional ‘admiration’? I wouldn’t call it exactly admiration, but she definitely learned to trust his judgement and learned to look past the fact that he kicked Eren in court.

Now… They are RELATED, they are family, basically cousins or something…I’m sorry but this is actually one of the only ships that I actually hate but that doesn’t mean I hate anyone who does like this ship.

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

anonymous asked:

Do you think there are possibilities that Isayama ships Levi and Mikasa? We know that he does something with their relation but i just can't know in what way ._. I still hope it's in a romantic way

Anonymous 2 asked:

does anyone here think that levi sees mikasa romantically? i mean, after petra,s death i think he didnt gave much attention to it. and when he sees mikasa flying after the female titan (when she kidnaped eren) he just went right throught it and grab mikasa’s waist. 0.0 telling her to “fall for now”, and levi even said that “i dont know why you are so attached to eren”, (i just dont see levi approach other people like this except for mikasa) 

Anonymous 3 asked:

Do you think that Isayama ships them?? He seems to always put them in the same panels and i just can’t know why but i really want to know. And their relation evolved so well but for put it where? 

Anonymous 4 asked:

am i the only one notice that levi gives a lot of attention to mikasa? (romantically) compared to his other members of squad levi. like, he always looks at her in some chapters of the manga and even initiates conversation even if its about ackerman thing. i hope isayama is really up to something for them.

Hello dear anons I couldn’t reply to~ sorry for the late answer. I believe you may find my generic answer to your question in this post. Additionally, I have a few more comments:

Anon 2:  Well, in this scene we’re shown that not only Levi wants to avoid more unnecessary deaths after losing his entire squad, but he worries about Mikasa and values her abilities… I wouldn’t classify that as romantic alone, but it was a great boost to their relationship development, oh yes ( ̄ω ̄)

Anon 3: Well, they’re two extremely popular characters, basically the most popular male and female, respectively. If you were Isayama’s manga editor, wouldn’t you encourage him to draw these two being badass together as a form of fanservice? >.> (Kodansha’s president had something to say about it, actually.) Seems logical to me. Isayama surely has a purpose besides fanservice though, making them related and developing their relationship though teamwork and trust / respect. Levi and Mikasa are important characters, and by interacting with each other after a bumpy start, a new type of bond was born in the manga, one that didn’t involve their obsession over Erwin / Eren. It was particularly refreshing to Mikasa’s character development, in my opinion.

Anon 4: Isayama is not done with these two, of that I am sure. The Ackertalk is on the way. Right? (PLEASE ISAYAMA)

Maybe It’s Just ME

And it probably is just me but I don’t know if everyone interpreted the scenes like I did. But the scenes shortly before the Battle of Trost and during, I see some… correlations between the characters.

First, we see Mikasa witness Hannah and Franz, emotionally connecting with one another.

Then, coincidentally after watching the only canonically confirmed couple… She goes to find Eren and finds him with Armin…

And witnesses Eren trying to pacify Armin much like Franz was trying to do for Hannah…

Ahem, okay.

So whatever right… It wouldn’t matter so much if it didn’t happen again in Chapter 5.

Armin is mourning the loss of Eren and blaming himself for his death.

AND then we are directed to Franz and Hannah once more, except…

This time, Franz, Hannah’s boyfriend is dead… Because a titan ate him…

Just like…


While Hannah is trying her best to revive Franz’s clearly deceased corpse, she exclaims to Armin, “You don’t get it… Franz is…”

Oh, but he does… He just recently experienced his own tragic loss. You can see empathy etched into Armin’s features because…

She lost her boyfriend and Armin lost his…


While I do believe that mangaka do use symbolism, I believe that these are just blatant parallels placed there for a reason…

Now, ask yourself… Why? Why would Isayama inject this into his story?

//Ahem, end.

To Wish Upon a Star

Pairings: Jeankasa; teeny-weeny Eremika

A/N: I don’t like this fic.  The whole time I’m writing this, my mind was adrift.  What the fuck, idk what’s wrong with my head; it just picks up ideas out of nowhere.  I was aiming for an Eremika but it kinda like made its own way into being a Jeankasa.


“I didn’t know you sew.” Jean took a seat opposite from her.  He dragged the chair from its position near the table, giving him space to sit on it.

It was already past midnight; everybody was asleep except for the two of them.  A candle stood still in the middle of the table, providing her light with her sewing.

“I don’t.” Mikasa replied bluntly, not looking away from what she was stitching.

He lifted an eyebrow at her as she constantly pulled on the needle and insert it back through the cloth.  “Then what’s that?”

She looked up from what she was sewing; it was the fabric everyone was very much familiar to, especially to her.  It was practically a part of her, and Jean found it somehow new with scarf not draped around Mikasa’s neck.  She’s trying to mend a ripped part of the red scarf as it got tangled up with the branches earlier while she was collecting wood.  “My scarf.”

Jean resisted rolling his eyes; of course it was a scarf.  Mikasa noticed Jean’s actions and she quickly supplied him a response.

“It’s just an attempt.”

“An attempt?” he eyed the sewing kit that was idly opened before her.  There were rolls of threads, dull needles stuck upon a small cushion, some buttons of different sizes and colors, and a pair of small scissors.  “I think Historia knows how to sew.  Why not ask for her help?”

“I would just trouble her.” She mumbled.

She continued mending the ripped part of the scarf; Jean studied her intently.  Focused as she was, she could still feel Jean’s lingering stare at her.  She tried to disregard his presence by each pull of the needle, trailed by a red string.

She sighed heavily and put the needle and her scarf down.  “Jean,”

“Uh, yeah?” he gulped nervously at the mention of his name.

“Why are you, um, still up?  Are you on patrol tonight?”

“Uh, no.” he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as he felt his face being flustered up.  “I just finished my patrol two nights ago.”

Mikasa tilted her head to the side.  “Are you having a hard night?”

 “Uh, yeah.  A hard night!” he exclaims in agreement.

It took Mikasa quite some time to be convinced that maybe it was just a hard night for Jean.  She resumed to stitching her scarf.

They were silent for a moment.  The only things that they could hear were the constant chirps of the grasshoppers and the loose dripping of the faucet.  Jean took off his gaze from Mikasa to the window; the night was at its peak.  And with a queer and a demented mind like his own, he associated it with Mikasa.  Her hair, like the sheets of the night, took off rather lovely, as it innocently cascaded though her shoulders.  Her deep orbs were of wounded breaths and faintest stardust that peck on the black canvass.

She was beautiful.

“Hey,” he said, his heart hammering hard against his chest.

Mikasa looked up from her work.  “Yes?”

“You want to go outside?”

Mikasa gave him an odd look.  “What for?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged.  “Take in the air, I think?  It’s quite a hard night after all.”

For a moment, it felt as if Jean was in between an interminable pit.  He swore he could die any moment by the brief silence that hovered above the room.  Mikasa tucked a part of her hair behind her ear and sighed.  She placed her needle to the pin cushion and placed her scarf on the table.  “Okay.”

Jean blinked.  “Okay?”

“Yeah, okay.”  She pushed the chair and got up from her seat.  “I think I do need to loosen up a bit.”

Jean felt a warm sensation overwhelmed him from within.  “Uh, sure.  Okay.”

“Okay, I think that’s a lot of okays already.”  Mikasa chuckled.  She chuckled.  For crying out loud, she chuckled in front of him.  The universe shifted and all the stars crept into the night; he felt his knees shook as big lumps formed at his throat.

God, it was Jean, and he was basically a love struck teenage boy in front of his crush.

Just when they were about to exit the room Jean noticed something missing.  “Hey, aren’t you going to bring that?”

It was her scarf.

The one Eren gave to her.

She looked behind her shoulder then shifted her eyes into his.  “No need.  Besides, it might just get even more torn.”

“Right,” he gulped nervously as he ran a rueful hand through his hair.


“Want to know something?” he blurted out.

He uncomfortably shifted his weight to his side, thus making a creak on the floorboard of the porch.  Mikasa looked at him and gave her a faint smile.  “What?”

“My mother believed in wishes.”



The sky was left with star marks, hundreds and thousands of it.  And each of it had a bundle of hope or a barely whispered dream.  Truth be told, Jean had his own wishes hung upon some of them.  It was stupid, he thought.  But it was where he sought tentative comfort from the living hell.

“I do too.” Mikasa said through her breaths.

She tilted her head up to the sky, as if yearning to grasp each star that was visible to her.  It was impossible, but to her, she could always place a warm wish on it.

“You do?”

She pursed her lips and nodded.

“Who would have thought that humanity’s second greatest soldier believed in wishing on stars?”  he snickered.

A light red gathered up to her pale cheeks.  “I—um, you see, I’ve always believed in it, Jean.”

He sighed.  “Sorry.  I just didn’t—“

“Don’t be sorry.” Mikasa cut him.  “I’d be surprise if not every one of us believes in stars and wishes.”

“Hmm, you’re telling me Eren does that kind of thing?  Well, he is a crybaby after all.”

Mikasa then shot her an intimidating stare.


“You’re wrong about Eren.”

“Really, now?”  Jean rolled his eyes.  He was getting along, and now Eren buts in?

“He’s the one who told me of the wishing upon stars.”

He nodded reluctantly.  His mouth twitched to the side, not wanting to talk more about Eren.  But Mikasa seemed to get a hold of it.

“I thought it was stupid.” She smiled.  “Well, you see, I still think it is stupid, you know, relying on huge balls of gas and, and—“

“I thought you believed in it?”

“I do!  But, it is still stupid.  The whole concept.  We rely on these stuffs because we need to be reassured, to be comforted.  But Eren, he always had faith.  And I think, that maybe, every stupid thought might happen after all.  So I wish on stupid stars.”

And it was evident in her, as real as the night was.  Her eyes twinkle with the thousand dreams and wishes despite her scars and screams.  The moon was her ground, faint and light but it lingered.  Jean might not know all of these; he had not yet even witnessed half of it.  But it showed.  It showed in the flares of her souls and her flames of her eyes and the promise she kept.

He closed his eyes.  He heard Mikasa drew a deep breath.

Jean placed a wish in one of the stars.

levi and the vagina

I started a series of drabbles a while ago, a reincarnation/soulmate au designed to let me switch up sex/gender identities/worlds/universes etc as and when I wanted. This particular ‘chapter’ was super challenging for me so I decided to post this one first.

ereri, explicit, approx 1300 words, ao3

“Fuck, no wait! Stop!” Levi shoves against Eren’s chest forcefully.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Do you have cramp again?” Levi scowls up at him. “You’re just freaking out again, huh?”

“I’m not freaking out, you shithead.”

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I’ve had this crazy headcanon for months now, and it’s very confusing I hope I don’t puzzle you all.

A soldier from the same branch as our lovable squad is smitten with this girl from his own squad and he decides to confess his feelings via note. However he’s a bit vague and signs it anonymously, but it’s pretty clear that it’s a love letter. Somehow, the note does not reach its intended destination and ends up in Jean’s hands. Sasha is with him at the time and for some reason he believes she wrote it to him and he starts to get really awkward around her; Sasha on the other hand is oblivious to it.

Jean then tries to hide the note, but drops it and Armin sees it thinking Historia dropped it because the moment he spots the letter hitting the ground Historia just so happens to walk by. He picks it up rushes to her and hands it to her with a friendly smile and only tells her “Here” without adding “You dropped this” Puzzled, Historia accepts the letter without questioning him,  reads it,  blushes and does not know how to feel about it.

Historia, now trying to make sense of this whole situation wants to talk with somebody about it, and Connie just so happened to be around, so she decides to talk to him. She’s nervous to tell Connie that Armin has “a crush on her” that instead of actually telling him, she makes it seem like she wants to give the love letter herself to somebody. Connie, seeing how much Historia has been hanging out with Eren the last couple of days thinks it’s for him ( I blame the spoilers from chapter 70 for this )

Historia then gets called on to take care of something, leaves Connie without explaining herself and the note as well. Connie, being a good friend that he is, decides to give Eren the note himself, and so he does. He tells Eren “Here it’s for you, from a girl “ Eren asks from who exactly, but Connie does not want to reveal the girl’s identity because the letter is anonymous ( yes he read it haha) and he figures Historia is not ready to come out to Eren yet.  Eren, takes the note slightly confused but then assumes it’s from Mikasa, without reading it.

Eren is then tasked to take some documents to Levi. When he reaches his office he hands Levi the documents, and the note managed to slip in between some files. Levi then hands Eren other documents  to sort out before handing them to Erwin, while Eren is looking over the papers Levi handed to him, Levi spots the letter, takes it out and asks Eren “what is this?” and Eren is a bit too occupied looking over his own work and only responds “Oh, it’s from Mikasa, though I don’t know why she didn’t sign it…” he then gets called on before saying the letter was meant to be for him. Levi thinking the note was for him since it was with the rest of the papers that are meant to be for him, reads it and believes Mikasa wrote it to him and that she is in love with him.

Now, everyone is confused and acting weird around each other haha I’m sorry if this is really confusing it sounded better in my head ^^”  this is why I don’t write fanfiction TT-TT I’ll just stick to drawing


“Excellent girls! And Levi,” Coach Hanji praises as they complete their routine.

Coach Hanji looks out at a sea of beaming faces with plastered on smiles and high ponytails…and then there’s Levi. Coach Hanji has long since given up on trying to get Levi to smile. He pulls your eye when you’re watching his performance. The judges have yet to deduct them on it and so Hanji lets it slide.

Eren pushes through the doors into the gym just as Coach attempts to gather them around. Levi flies into an impressive set of backflips, launching himself off of the spring platform, ending with perfect form, his usual aloof expression on his face. Yet, he uses his peripheral vision checking to see if Eren is watching him. He isn’t. Levi scowls and tucks his hands down and across his chest.

“Very nice, Levi, but c’mon, huddle up!” Coach Hanji waves him over. “Now kids—and parents!—don’t forget to bring your tournament fee next Friday!”

“Fee?” Levi asks, furrowing his brow.

“Yes, it’s going to be $36 for the hotel, bus, and tournament fees,” Hanji says. “The notice went out at the beginning of the season.”

Levi has a vague recollection of this notice and remembers promptly chucking it in the trash, thinking he’d have enough cash by then. There’s no way for him to scrape it together before next Friday’s practice. He starts chewing on his lip and misses the rest of Coach Hanji’s speech.

Levi is silent the entire ride. Izzy seems not to notice, she’s too busy flipping through the music stations. Farlan had been at the gymnasium taking pictures for the yearbook so he hopped a ride to the Jaeger house as well.

“Well today marks a historic occasion,” Eren says, catching Levi’s eye in the rearview mirror, smiling. His eyes are crinkling at the corners, playful, but Levi just isn’t in the mood to match his energy.

“Whyzzat?” Izzy asks.

“Today is the first day we’ve passed the Jiffy Lube and Levi hasn’t made a joke,” Eren points out as they leave the oil change shop in their wake.

Izzy and Farlan laugh appreciatively.

“Hey, you can’t force Jiffy Lube jokes. Some days you just gotta let it slide by. Comedy—“ Levi continues in a deadpan, as Izzy howls with laughter. “—comes and goes.”

Eren hides a smile and Levi feels a little better.

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