just as she now does for eren

Been seeing a lot of people misread this scene. Eren doesn’t tell Mikasa sorry, Historia does, because Mikasa was addressing her when she brought up Eren’s training.

Mikasa: “Give it to me” (speaking to Eren)

Eren: “Ah, Hey!” (speaking to Mikasa)

Mikasa: “Eren is tired from training” (now Mikasa is addressing Historia)

Historia: “You’re right….sorry Mikasa” 

The two girls begin to walk away, prompting Eren to go after them yelling “Don’t treat me like an old man!”

Just to clear things up.

Okay okay okay! -squeals-

I mentioned in a post that I’d talk about a head canon of mine. And I just. I didn’t realize I had it until I spoke about it and then I just.. GOSH MY HEART BEAT KEEPS FLUTTERING!

So here goes..

When Eren promises to continue wrapping his scarf around Mikasa.. he seriously meant it.

Both metaphorically and literally.

This is my head-canon:

Anytime Eren notices that Mikasa has yet to put her scarf on, he grabs it and wraps it around her just as he did when he was a kid. This makes him laugh because only now does he realize how silly she looks. But he loves it because her reaction is always the look of surprise. Since it’s rare that he gets the chance every day, but he still takes any opportunity presented. No matter what, it throws Mikasa off guard and makes her think back to that first exact moment he did that. The warm feeling she felt, the sense of safety and the idea of going home washes over her like warm gentle waves that Armin always talks about. She can’t help the smile that creeps up onto her lips, the reminiscing twinkle in her eye, the rose colored blush that covers her cheeks and up to the tip of her nose.

Eren sees it all in that one moment and he can’t wait to do it again..

and again

forever again.