just as a side point

So I think this is being misinterpreted a bit...

He’s not crying because Victor indirectly said he wants to marry him again, but because of this:

remember this? Viktor wanted to motivate Yuuri with giving him an “ultimatum” or something he “has to do” or else he will retire as his coach. So this method obviously went utterly wrong, but in the end Yuuri said “Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win. You don’t have to say anything, just stay by my side” (lol pair skate reference there, too)

The point I’m trying to make here is that this scene seems familiar now:

Yuuris look at the end also shows, that he totally got what Victor is trying to say here: He’s using the same method from episode 7 again, but this time to remind Yuuri, that he will indeed stay by his side and that he has faith in him, no matter what happens

And of course, because they are both smol beans and so in Love, they start smiling an crying (Lol Victor, you made him cry again with your crazy method). It’s because Victor has complete faith in Yuuri, and knows he will indeed do his best, and Yuuri knows that his Lover Victor belives in him.


“Born an angel, heaven sent,
Falls from grace are never elegant.
Stars will drop out of the sky,
The moon will sadly watch the roses die.”

‘Sacrifice’ from Volume 2 was a HUGE inspiration for this one. Tbh I personally feel it’s describing Cinder a-la Volume 4, but who knows?
(Wild theory time under the cut)

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Another coloring before the exams ヽ(◕◡◕❀ฺ )ノ It’s more fun than I thought at least while I have that art-block

okay BUT the way abortion is represented in Dirty Dancing is so important. It almost kills her, NOT because it’s an inherently dangerous procedure or because it’s subtextually representative of punishing women for their sexuality, but because the proper medical care is not AVAILABLE to this poor young, desperate woman. So she settles for the epitome of a back alley abortion as her only recourse, and even then paying for it is almost impossible. And that’s the point. Plus, it’s not just a side thing, the plot is COMPLETELY dependent on a young, poor woman wanting to have an unwanted pregnancy terminated, and being hurt in the process. Even NOW, abortion is barely even mentioned in popular media, and when it is, it’s usually in the context of a Good Christian Girl (e.g. Quinn Fabray) who would never do such a thing because she Wasn’t Brought Up That Way. And especially considering this came out around 30 years ago? It’s kind of revolutionary.

girls and women stanning/shipping villains as they always have is vastly less disturbing than the fact that we now feel the need to call ourselves trash and garbage because of it


its so weird bc i never really noticed just how much they drive this point (klavier having two “sides” and apollo seeming to be the only person who doesn’t prefer the rock star persona) home but they do so often that im wondering if there was meant to be some major character significance here?? especially the word usage of having an alter-ego to “hide behind”

Seasons Change

Finished this in two days :) @svt-can-fvck-me helped me a lot with actually starting this, so much thanks to you, Maya!

Prompt: First kiss with Jeno.

Pairing: Jeno x Y/N

Genre/Theme: Fluff, Nostalgia, Childhood.

Word count: 2,995

The first time you met Jeno was when you were nine years old.

It was in a small park in Incheon, one that your parents let you go to with the aid of your older sister, Yerim. She would let you play on the equipment, keeping an eye on you as you scuffed around in the mulch while she, herself, mingled with a pretty girl her age with light violet hair.

It was interesting, to say the least.

He was just the boy from the other side of the neighborhood, at that point. A face you that hadn’t yet sunk into your memory. He liked to swing, he liked to pluck grass, and he enjoyed sitting under the yellow slide in the shade when it got too hot. That was the extent of your young knowledge.

It was just another summer day, and you were walking to the park holding Yerim’s hand. You played on your own, swinging on the swings next to the lanky mixed boy who lived in the house across from you when you heard a cry from under the yellow slide.

You jumped off the swing, little feet disturbing the mulch as you ran over to where the noise came from. It was the boy, the boy who liked to swing and pluck grass.

He had mulch and dirt across his lap, ruining his shorts. You looked around, grabbing onto a red support bar as you tried to find who could’ve upset him. A sniff rose in the air, bringing your attention back to the sitting boy.

“Are you okay?” You whispered, sitting down across from him.

He nodded, frowning as he wiped off his pants, “Yeah… I’m fine,” He glowered in the direction of two taller teenagers.

You followed his line of sight, seeing the two of them pushing each other jokingly as they laughed. The taller one nodded in your direction, pointing and smirking as your frowned at them, “They should apologize.”

“No-! It’s okay, you don’t-!” Jeno mumbled, trying to catch your hand as you pushed yourself off the ground and made you way over to the punks with an angry expression on your small face. The taller, and probably also the older one, raised an eyebrow.

“Apologize to him!”

Yerim looked on with a sigh, muttering, “There she goes again.”

The shorted boy snorted, “If he wanted us to apologize, then wouldn’t he be over here himself?”

“Who cares? Why are you so mean?” You whined, frown deepening. Yerim sighed, debating intervening. You flicked the boy in the chest, “Don’t kick dirt on people.”

The taller one stuck out his tongue, the muscle disappearing back behind his lips when he saw something behind you.

“Look who decided to come out of his hiding place,” he drew, “Coming to get your little girlfriend?”

Your face flushed red and tried to kick him in the shin, only to be pulled backwards by a soft hand. You stumbled, yelling, “I’m not little!”

Jeno held your wrist as he made you retreat, pulling you away from the tall, jeering boys. You still wanted to fight them, hurling out what little insults you knew. Eventually, you found yourself under the yellow slide once again, pouting.

“You didn’t have to do that,” He whispered, still holding your wrist. He let go when he realized you weren’t going to run over there and try to kick one of them in the shin again, “I can handle myself just fine.”

“Sure you can…”

He pursed his lips, “Jeno.”

“Sure, Jeno.” You sighed, “I’m Y/N. Wanna meet my sister?”

“Do I have a choice?” He sighed, tiling his head.

“Yes,” You said, but you already were dragging him over to Yerim, “It’s really warm today.”

Jeno agreed.

That afternoon, your sister took the two of you to a local shop and bought you frozen lemonade, all three of you siting on the street curb eating the cold sweet under the hot sun. Jeno had never tried it before, but quickly found out it was something he loved immensely. He slowly opened up to you, prompted gently by your older sister. You found out he went to a nearby all boys elementary school while you went to a co-ed school in the opposite direction.

You and Yerim brought him home where she and Jeno’s mom exchanged contacts and addresses. Jeno waved to you as you left, making your way down the sidewalk to where you lived, all the way across the neighborhood. You waved back, smiling at your newly found friend.

Fast-forward three years and the two of you still play together in the same park together, eating frozen lemonade when the both of your allowances let you or if one of your parents offered to buy it. He introduced you to his neighbor Jaemin, a taller boy with slightly lighter hair and cute cheeks. Jaemin went to your school, luckily. He wasn’t enrolled in the all-boys one that Jeno was in.

The three of you became pretty close, a tight knit group that held each other up. Jeno comforted you when your first boyfriend, the mixed boy across the street, moved back to America and you had to break up. Jaemin mediated your occasional fights, preventing the two of you from killing each other when there was a misunderstanding. The three of you always romped in the neighborhood, getting into trouble after you messed up Mrs. Lee’s flower beds.

In another year, you and Jeno counseled Jaemin when he realized he might be bi, telling him that you thought no differently of him. He had a crush on a guy from Jeno’s school, and panicked when his mom said she was transferring him into the same all-boys high school as him the next year. It all turned out okay in the end, after much from support from his closest friends.

Jeno and you stayed together one summer on a trip to a lake, him taking you sister’s place since she was now away in college with her girlfriend, Joy. Your parents let him come along without hesitance; you had treated Jeno as more than a friend since you met him. They had no worries of the two of you sleeping in the same tent, although Jeno seemed nervous.

“It’s okay, Jeno.” You laughed, “The woods are safe. A monster isn’t going to eat you, or something.”

He sighed, “That’s not what I was worried about.”

A scoff puffed from your nose, “Sure.”

Fast-forward two more years and here you were. It was autumn, and the leaves had just begun to turn into warm hues, leaving a musty scent in the air as they fell. It made you sneeze, so needless to say, you didn’t really like autumn. It made you sad, having to see the hot summer replaced with colder, brisker air.

It also meant you saw Jeno less.

“I don’t want school to start,” you said, lying on your back. Jaemin hummed, agreeing.

“Were juniors already… It’s hard to believe. Only two years left and then we’re gone,” thinking about the future was stressing you out.

“It’s not like we’re dying, Y/N.” Jaemin teased, “It’s just nine months, and then we can go back to wasting away in the summer heat like usual. Jeno doesn’t live far. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t see him at least once a day.”

You frowned, “Did I mention Jeno?”

“You thought about him.”

That comment earned Jaemin a fist in the gut.

He ‘oofed’ as your hand made contact with his stomach. He retaliated by grabbing your arm, pulling you over across the bed, and capturing you in a headlock. You squirmed, attempting to wiggle out of his grip when Jeno walked in, eyebrows raised.

“J-Jeno! Help me!” You gasped through laughter as Jaemin began to tickle your sides, “This is a matter of life in death!”

Jeno gave you a small smile, “Sure, Y/N.”

He sat down on the edge of the bed, dodging your flying feet as you struggled against Jaemin’s arms.

He has noodles for arms. How is he holding me down?

“You should work on not voicing your thoughts aloud,” Jeno said nonchalantly, picking up a magazine and sitting back. He read article titles, biting back his laughter at the absolute ridiculousness of some of them, “Wow, Y/N. ‘Top ten things a guy looks for in a girl,’ really?”

“My mom gave it to me!”

Jeno laughed, “Yeah, right.” He held it open to a page with a sticky note at the top, “How come it’s bookmarked, then?”

“I-I was just-”

He didn’t even give you a chance to defend yourself, instead choosing to swing his legs over and off the bed, walking to the door. He held onto the doorframe as he departed, leaving you with some last words.

“Meet me at the book store later, alright? I have something to show you.” He pushed off the door frame. Heading down the hall, he yelled, “And Jaemin, stop strangling Y/N! I prefer her alive, thank you!”

Jaemin scoffed before releasing you, “You’re lucky, you know that?”

“What do you mean? In what way?”

“Just…” He muttered and shook his head, “Nevermind. It’s not important. You should go to the café, though. I’ll swing by a little later.”

“… Alright,” You sat up and got off the bed, slipping a pair of shoes on. You gave him a cute wave as you passed the doorframe, “See you at the café!”

The café wasn’t far, only just outside of the neighborhood, but it was still too long for you. It was too cold out, you thought - much too cold to be walking around in a thin sweater and light jeans.

Your mind ran through what Jeno could be calling you there for. You usually went there on a Sunday, to get a book for the next week or to just spend some time with the kind vendor who sometimes gave the two of you snacks. Jeno probably just wanted some calm-time, you thought. You kinda did, as well.

You turned the corner, hopping up the stone steps two at a time, opening the door to Moon’s Books with the jingle of a bell. The owner – Moon Taeil – looked up, smiling over a steaming pitcher of tea. He pushed his glasses up, similar to the ones Harry Potter wore, except in a rose gold metal.

“Just in time, Y/N! I just finished brewing tea!” He said, snapping his book shut and setting it to the side. He poured it into a cute tea cup – one with a gold and white rose pattern – and slid it across the counter in your direction. You smiled, picking it up with your pinky out.

You thanked him and took a small sip, “Honey lemon, my favorite!”

He smiled, taking a sip from his own cup, “Thank Jeno. He’s the one who chose the flavor today.”

You smiled, brushing a stray hair behind your ear. Spotting another teacup on the coffee table, you noticed Jeno was nowhere in sight, “Speaking of him, where is he? He said that he would be here…”

“He left to get something really quick,” Taeil muttered through another sip of his tea. He tsked, accidently burning his lip a bit on the scalding liquid, “Find a book and sit down. Your boyfriend should be back soon.”

You choked on your tea, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Oh. Well, that’s awkward,” Taeil smacked his lips, “Why don’t you ignore me and go read?”

You laughed, “Good idea, Mr.”

“Don’t call me that!” He scolded, leaning over the counter to swat at you as you retreated to the safety of the book shelves, “I’m only twenty two!”

“Sure…” You sighed, clicking your cheek, “Mr.”

“I swear to god-”

The bell to door jingled, announcing the arrival of a patron. Taeil quickly switched moods, cheering up at the arrival of a customer. You peered around the shelfs, hoping for it to be your tall friend. It wasn’t, making your chest deflate in disappointment.

The person, a shorter male with silver-ish hair, approached the counter as you fingered through your choice. You stopped upon a dark novel, gold lettering embellishing the side. It read, “Best Mysteries of the 18th Century” with an anonymous author. Interesting.

You took it, laughing into your cup of tea as Taeil stuttered while talking to the pretty silver-haired boy.  Sitting down in a soft chair, you set down your tea and peeled back the front cover of your book. The world blended out into the edges of you mind as you immersed yourself into the book, almost forgetting why you were there.

Of course, a book slamming onto the table in front of you knocked you out of your literary universe. You jumped, nearly throwing the heavy 1,000 page book in your hands at the perpetrator only to see that it was Jeno. You let out a slow breath and set down the book, “You scared me!”

Jeno smiled sheepishly, “Sorry…”

You frowned, “What took you so long?”

“Oh, about that…” Jeno pushed forward the book he had set down on the table. It didn’t have a title; it was just a plain black book. You squinted, “What’s this?”

Jeno shrugged, “Open it?”

You raised an eyebrow at his odd behavior, “Alright…” You slid it over to you self, letting it fall into your hands. The binding felt worn, like it had been in use for year upon year. In some places on the sides it was completely worn off, showing the stiff boards underneath. You opened it, looking at the inside cover. There was nothing there besides a few scratches of graphite and smudges of pencil.

You glanced up at Jeno and he nodded for you to continue with a small blush.

What’s going on?

You opened it to the first page, glancing at the date that marked the top. You recognized it as the day you first met him.

“Is this a diary?”

Jeno bit his lip, “Sort of?”

You hummed, flicking through more of the pages. You recognized many dates and descriptions - some of them even having pictures - blushing as you looked over some of the more recent ones.

“I can’t believe we slept in the same tent.”

“She really doesn’t know, does she?”

“I’m going to confess tomorrow, I swear.”

That last one was dated with yesterday’s date.

A massive blush overtook your cheeks, “Jeno, I-”

“Flip to the next page, please,” He whispered, handing you a pen. You did as he said, flipping to the next page where you saw two boxes. One was marked “Yes” and the other was marked “No.”

You were about to bail and run out of the store when Jeno leaned over, gripping your hand softly. He looked into your eyes with a serious look - more serious than you’ve ever seen him - and asked the question, “Y/N, will you go out with me?”

You now understood what the boxes were for, having to bite your lip to keep yourself from tearing up. You turned to the side, trying to hide the shock on your face. Jeno rubbed your hand with his lightly, “… You don’t have to say yes. I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you.”

You laughed, squeezing your grip on his hand a bit tighter, “It’s okay, just…. Yes.” You checked off the corresponding box in the journal, “Yes.”

Jeno sat in shock for a moment before exploding into a wide smile, his eyes curling up into two little crescents. He made a strange noise, similar to a whine before it turned into a relived laugh, pitching his face into his free hand, “Oh my god… Come here!”

You yelped as Jeno pulled you into a hug, pressing a haphazard but soft kiss to your closed lips. A hard blush rose to your cheeks, brighter than a sunset. It was sweet, not at all tainted. It was almost like you could taste sugar on his lips, but that was probably just the honey tea.

He pulled away eventually, leaving you to fall back into your seat. The only thing you could’ve thought to say was, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Jeno laughed, rubbing the back of neck coyly, “I would say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I’m ecstatic as fuck.”

“Language!” Taeil scolded from across the room. You laughed, hiding your cooling blush with the sleeves of your sweater.

“Don’t be sorry, but…” You picked up you glass of tea and took a sip, quietly whispering, “That was my first kiss.”

Jeno choked on air, “Excuse me, what?”

You took another sip, holding the black book close to you fondly, “You took my first kiss, Lee Jeno.”

“Oh my god,” he whispered, “I thought that-”

“Nope,” You whispered, “I never kissed any of my past boyfriends. I think that be why one of them even broke up with me…”

Jeno snorted, “Well, he doesn’t know what he lost.”

“Yeah…” You softly caressed the spine of the book, “Taeil?”


“You knew about this didn’t you?”


You laughed, sipping the last of the tea in the cup as Jeno looked down at you, expression of adoration on his face. He leaned forward and placed another kiss on lips, then a slower one on the corner of your mouth. Taeil scrunched up his nose, “Hey, guys, this is cute and all, but can you tone down the romance a bit? Other people are here,” He gestured to the customer from earlier, who was now sipping from a cup of tea with an amused smile, “Thanks.”

Jeno and you sighed at the same time, making you burst out into fits of laughter (much to Taeil’s chagrin). The two of you settled into chairs beside the other bumping elbows as you tried – keyword “tried” – to read your books.

Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all.

I’m still shitty at ending things yeahhh

I hope you enjoyed it! feedback is very, very welcome and appreciated :)

P.S I love bookworm! Taeil and the customer was Taeyong. 2Tae rise!


More Crocodile wallpapers! (1440x2560) Also a little something that had me laughing for quite a while! Enjoy!

Thank you, Dean

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Pairing: DeanxVirgin!Reader
Word count: 1,470
Warnings: Oral (reader receiving), smut
Author: Brittiny

Part 1 of Consequences

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dean asked you, his green eyes locking with your Y/E/C eyes.

Licking your lip, you nodded. “There’s no one I trust more, Dean.” You smiled.

He chuckled. “I’m surprised you didn’t ask Sam.” He pointed out. “I mean, you two are close.”

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Yugi Muto: The Reincarnated Pharaoh

I truly believe that Yugi is Atem’s reincarnation. Now you could argue, “Atem was sealed inside the Millennium Puzzle, He couldn’t be reincarnated.” But really, stranger things have happened in the show. Either way, Atem technically died that day. Since he was the one who sealed his soul away, only “he” could reassemble it. Ishizu said Yugi was the modern day version of Atem in the dub, but I know that’s not quite proof enough. In case you need more convincing, I’ve set up a few points. (don’t worry, no spoilers from DSoD)

Physical Appearance
One, the hair. Something like that doesn’t just happen, even in the Yugioh universe. It does crack me up when people point it out. Yugi’s is slightly different, but overall the same. But that’s just one point. In Dark Side of Dimensions, Yugi has gone through a big physical change. In the time since separating from Atem, Yugi has grown taller, his body is more tone, and even his eyes have become more angled. He is looking more like Atem. I would also like to point out Bakura doesn’t look exactly like his ancient counterpart as well.
I think this change would fit his emotional growth. Yugi always lacked confidence, but being with his spirit partner taught him to be brave. However, he still relied on Atem a lot. He wanted to be just as strong as he is. Now that Atem’s soul has moved on, Yugi realizes he has to be strong on his own. He is now finally able to believe in his own strength. Thus his growth.
There’s also their voices. In the flashbacks, Atem sounded like Yugi. And when we saw an older Yugi in GX, he sounded like Atem. Yes, I know. Same voice actor, but still.

Dark Magician
From the very beginning of the series, we knew that the Dark Magician was Yugi’s favorite monster, long before we knew who this famous Spellcaster was. Yugi himself has a connection with this card, just like Kaiba does with his Blue Eyes. I can totally picture him getting excited about seeing that card for the first time.
Yugi has been seen using Dark Magician without Atem around, even if it wasn’t every often. Remember back when he and Shadi were wandering in the puzzle labyrinth? They were about to be attacked by the Dark Magician, but Yugi managed to convince him they meant no harm. He listens to Yugi just like he listens to Atem. In the Legendary Heroes mini arc, when Yugi is about to be attack, the Dark Magician came to his rescue without being called. He saw Yugi was in trouble and reacted. Even if that bond isn’t as strong as the one with Atem, it’s still there.

What I cannot emphasize enough is how both Yugi and Atem are willing to sacrifice themselves for others. Their friends mean more to them than anything else. Atem literally gave his life to stop Zorc in the past. Not to mention having all those angered spirits from Kul Elna enter his body for judgement which could have killed. And Yugi is no different. He can’t stand the thought of his friends getting hurt. He made the same play a few times himself, most notably for Joey and Atem. Yugi was willing to let himself be dragged into the ocean and have his soul taken rather than his two best friends suffer the same fate. These two really overwhelm you with feels!

Fear of Being Alone
Yugi hardly had any friends before he solved the Millennium Puzzle, if any. He had been alone for so long. All he wanted was friends, but felt he could make any. Of all the things he could have wished for on the Puzzle, it was friends. As we have seen in later seasons, Atem also hates being alone as well. It was especially emphasized in the Doma arc. Watching his friends being taken away toke a great toll on him. Even in the past, the priests gave their lives for him. As he watched, even though he had no memories of them, it was hard for him to relive it.  

Yugi was chosen by the Puzzle, just like how the Ring chose Bakura to continue to carry the fragment of Zorc’s soul, though I bet some of the Thief King’s soul was in there too. Also, while Kaiba never possessed the Millennium Rod, it reacted to him because it was his in a previous life. The is why Yugi is able to carry Atem’s soul. It’s his ancient counterpart. And he calls the pharaoh “Other Me” in the original. Not just because he lives in his heart. So it kind of makes sense.
I would like to also point out how the Legendary Knights looked nearly identical to their Chosen Duelist. Maybe it’s another past life thing? They were humans before, and so what if they had magic powers? They didn’t really die, so why should Atem not be reincarnated when he did?

Yes, everyone has their own opinion. You can still say I’m wrong, but we have never gotten an actual confirmation that this isn’t true. I will stand by my belief.


As a side note, just wanted to point out that Brandon Hardesty (great actor and all around great dude) actually performed that ENTIRE Demonius X video for a legit acting class. Watch the video of it- it’s mesmerizing. He gets every little nuance.

Boyfriend Yuta

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taeyong’s version; here

  • whenever one of the boys does something stupid, he nudges you
  • and gives THE look
  • not just any look
  • but the look where u know he’s hardcore judging
  • reassuring him his chin is perfect & sm are asses for making him change that or telling him otherwise
  • the boys trying to get your attention to annoy him
  • “noona/hyung! did you see me on stage? did I look cool?”
  • “of course I seen you, donghyukie! you were so cool, my eye was on you the whole time”
  • cue haechan’s sly smirk at yuta
  • who’s standing there wondering how your gaze wouldn’t be on HIM
  • he’s not only your boyfriend
  • “that’s it! you he yells, pointing at you, “don’t talk to me for, like, a week!”
  • but he’s weak and he’s crawled into bed with you by that night
  • “jaaagi, you know I didn’t mean it, right? it’s so cold in bed without you”
  • he has no hesitation in sassing you
  • but if anyone else tries it, he’ll put them in their place fast
  • only he can talk to you like that
  • if you speak Korean, then you help him practice and improve (even though he’s already pretty good tbh)
  • (and he’s prob learned lots of dirty words from u & mark is so disappointed)
  • (disappointed bc he didn’t think of it first)
  • (“that’s a long ass ride”)
  • (sorrynotsorry)
  • but if you don’t speak Korean then you two can have lots of study dates, learning Korean together
  • and the younger kids actually think that studying means studying so they always offer to help if they can
  • and yuta’s like
  • “it’s not something young ones like you should be involved in”
  • luckily, they’ve not been brave enough to barge in & find out what he means
  • but that’s good bc if they saw you naked, you would die of embarrassment
  • yuta trusts you so much though
  • he has no issue with telling you anything
  • if he’s frustrated or tired or upset, then he’ll go to you without even thinking that it was unmanly or weird to cry
  • and you know that you can go to him for comfort too
  • he’s such a cuddly koala
  • and holding hands makes him weak
  • his phone holds so many embarrassing and ugly pics of you
  • that you beg him to delete
  • but he just makes it his screensaver
  • “what do you mean, you look ugly? you look so cute and soft, I just want to hug you whenever I look at this”
  • stares at you when he thinks you’re not looking
  • not that you can judge
  • you do the exact same thing
  • he’s so fucking beautiful, inside and out, that he doesn’t seem like a real person
  • more like a Disney character
  • you often expect him to break out into dance & song
  • with woodland creatures flying in to land on his arms and bake apple pies
  • he talks about you to his mom a lot
  • before she even met you, she considered you family
  • talking for hours
  • while facing in other in bed
  • until one finally falls asleep
  • you’re usually the first bc he’s determined to see your face, looking peaceful & content, before he too goes to sleep
  • but you always wake up first
  • from some internal clock that’s set on “watching yuta wake up” time
  • it’s your fav kind of alarm
  • it’s a very strong, secure relationship
  • the kind that the other boys look up to, hoping that they’ll find a love like that too
  • basically, he’s a real life prince

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anonymous asked:

Oh absolutely, I think he was told to say it. He even stutters a little if you notice and then someone on the background says Harry Styles, confirming he could say it. I just wonder if he was asked to say it, for some reason, to create more rumours than won't be true in the end. And not adding it to the official tape makes it that other media outlets don't have an official link to it, like NME link it to a Harry UA... which -.- This way it stays on the rumours side. Idk, just a thought

Could be. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess!