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Hey everybody! This little photo-blog of mine just hit 400 followers today and as a result I wanted to make a little appreciation post to thank you all.

I first started this blog when I started shooting film as a way to keep a digital archive of my box of photos and easily share them with my friends. I never thought it would reach the amount of activity on here as it has.

So I just want to thank you all again, old followers and new, for following, sharing, and liking.

On a side note, the ask box is always open for questions or comments about me, my cameras, or photos.

"Everyone says how pretty I am and how much they want to be like me. I thank them. But why can’t I believe them?" (r.i.d)

- Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys

Thank you all for following! :)

Please feel free to tell your friends about this blog/my music in general!


Ok, well. I have to calm down and go to class….Hope you all have a wonderful day! :D <3 

Once Upon A Time gif reaction: S4 E13

Darkness on the Edge of Town

Masterpost to all gif reactions

(I’m working to update this list)

Just a side note, I have a OUAT blog

These are my initial reactions

This was a fast hiatus for me so I wasn’t dying for most of it

If you see “Spice Girls of Evil,” that means I’m talking about the “Queens of Darkness”

That was probably the best recap show they had except the fact there was no mention anywhere of Will Scarlet

Time for the Spice Girls of Evil

Thank you for bringing up tentacle porn five seconds into the show, Maleficent

Cruella can control dogs? Or maybe all animals?

There’s Rumps-A-Lumps

I’m trying to figure out where in the past time line this is

Henry is actually going to school! He still does that!?

Snow is teaching again? I thought she was the mayor


Regina burning Snow’s bird picture

Granny with babies

Sheriff Swan is back

Captain Swan kisses

Gold’s shop is closed


Is… Is this the show that I love so much? It feels like old Once! Not like as good as season one, but it feels like season three quality of Once!

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anonymous asked:

hey i just thought you should know, im pretty sure an anti-feminist blog took your "his opinion does not define you" print and used photoshop to make another one that says "hers does not either" and reposted them both side by side :/ it gained a lot of notes. i'm so sorry that i don't have the link, i didn't really think about it until now. i just thought you should know

Hi. I’ve actually seen the image you are talking about all over the Internet, mostly on feminist blogs. It doesn’t surprise me that it would be posted on or would have originated from an anti-feminist blog, because much of the current anti-feminist rhetoric is based on a complete misunderstanding of feminism, so they probably didn’t notice that their edit of my drawing was in no way anti-feminist. It’s actually very true that his or her opinion don’t define you. While I’ll admit that it really bugs me that someone thought it was ok to just photoshop my drawing, when they could have just made their own drawing, I quite agree with the message itself.  I actually made my own second version of that drawing, months ago, that said: “their opinions do not define you" It’s such a simple, and general statement that I think most people interpret it the way the want. People tend to get what they want/need out of art. I’ll admit that I’m not super stoked that anti-feminists are trying to use my drawings to prove an uniformed point, but it makes me happy that in doing so, they are proving once again that they have no idea what feminism actually means.

Anyway, thank you for letting me know. And thank you to all of you out there who let me know or demand I be credited when you see my drawings posted online without credit. It’s nice to know that so many of you have my back. I sometimes think that if all the people who post my work online would have credited me, I may be able to actually make a living as an artist, instead of having to work two jobs and stay up half the night just to have time to draw. (I’m being a tad dramatic, I’ve had a long week… but still, it’s annoying)

Then again, part of putting your work online is knowing that once it is out there you kind of lose control over it. And while the loss of control can be frustrating, it has also led me to meet so many great people. So in the end, while perpetually ambivalent about it all, I have no plans of quitting my online drawing practice… actually, I may be posting even more frequently very soon…. stay tuned. <3

saintcatacomb asked:

When you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. Check my blog to see what I said about you

Aw man thank you so much! I’m glad you think I’m rad even if you don’t follow SoA. :D (in a side note: how did I become a primarily SoA blog? how is this my life??)

let’s see, okay…

johnswelsh - I know she’s not gonna want to do this, and that’s fine; I just thought I’d say something nice about her for once. Mori is really considerate and kind when she thinks no one’s looking, and her art is great and her unabashed enthusiasm for her rp ‘ship is lovely to watch. :)

thomasflanagan - Wade is cool cool cool, like follow him at once. His “me irl” tag is honestly the funniest and most eclectic thing on tumblr, and it makes me laugh every damn time.

mrjuiceortiz - I know your name but I won’t say it. :x Anyway! Awesome blog, cool person, and anyone who loves Juice enough to include it in her url is good by me. :)

platoapproved - Rose, still my blogging soulmate (I hope!), and just a seriously awesome, wonderful person. Her blog is great and so is she. A+ 10/10 would recommend

emilvdickinson - Em my love. First of all, have you seen her blog title? Check it. I’ll wait. Now you’re laughing, so I’ll wait for that too. Anyway: near perf blog, amazing person, just. <3

These always feel like a popularity contest and it’s NOT! I just picked the first five people who popped into my head, and there are like a million of you I could’ve listed.

Also I left mrtheorossi out because pls. Y’all hear enough about that bitch.

Side note, if you send me a story into my inbox, I always read it, even if I don’t post it. I don’t always feel it necessary to clutter my blog with what happened to you at the pet store today (if you want me to post it for others to see just say so!) but I DO read them and think about them and if you want to talk to me about it just come off anon and we can chat privately. 

Or stay on anon if it just makes you feel better to type it out and send it to me, that’s totally fine! again I read them all, so if that makes you feel better you are more than welcome to just send me stories.

anonymous asked:

Could I ask why Sastiel a quicks you out? Also what else's quicks you out(so I don't ever ask about/rec it)?

So I’m going to answer this about the different ships that squick me out. Please take into account that all of this is completely my personal opinion and my personal hang ups and I certainly do not mean anything below as ship-shaming or anything else. Everyone has different experiences and different turn-ons just like everyone has different triggers and squicks. Ship and let ship everyone <3 <3.
On that note, you will pretty much never see any of the ships below on this blog even as side pairings unless they’re submitted and end up in the nopes tag or I read them by accident, make it through, and still like the fic a lot.

For things other than ships that squick me out, check out the second question on the FAQ

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Seriously loving talking with all of you about theology and giving advice (even if I don’t feel qualified at all to give it)! Keep the conversations going, guys.

Side note: A lot of you have let me know that you’d like to keep it between you and I. If you’d like to keep the conversation private, just let me know. I almost always respond privately when you’re off anon unless it’s just a general question about the bible or a kind comment that I’d like to be able to go back and see on my blog when I need encouragement!

Hackathons, HTAing, and Family

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve had a crazy time since I last blogged. My last post was about how to organize a hackathon and unsurprisingly since then Hack@Brown has happened. In the last month and 1/2 a lot has happened. 

Side note before I forget: Tumblr updated its composer!!! In all of my product interviews I’ve been talking about how Tumblr had a pretty lame composer for a site completely based on rich content. This is my first time using it. Not sure if I love the title font choice (Maybe just because the “M” slants out a bit). Discovery is also a bit harder for writing tools, but I think I’ll need some more time until finalize my opinions on it. Also, I’m drinking an iced mocha from blue state and its freaking delicious.

I think that the last time I blogged was right before spring semester started. Coming back to campus was a little hard. I felt like I didn’t spend enough time at home. It’s crazy that I call a place that I spend maybe 1 1/2 months per year “home.” But in a sense, it still is. The good thing though, is that I’ll be working in New York this summer! At where else other than Facebook. If all goes well I should be on the Place Tips team with Tal and Joe! Thank you guys so much for doing everything you could to get me a spot in New York! And thanks Tala for introducing me to the team! 

This semester has been really rewarding so far though. I went to HackCon and learned that as a Hackathon organizer, I’m crazy lucky to have so much support from our university. We don’t have to really worry about wifi, pay for venue, or a bunch of other things that other Hackathons have to find third party vendors for. One of the many things I love about here. I’m not sure if HackCon was really worth the money, but going to New York for the weekend was really fun. I’m happy we had “Nate and the girls night” and chilled with the team. 

The weekend after was Hack@Brown. I’m still shocked that we pulled it off. There were definitely areas of improvement, but I’m still really proud of our team for all the effort that we put in. I think that we really did change some people’s lives. I could honestly write a whole post about Hack@Brown recap, but I’ll keep it short. I’m not sure what I want my role to be on the team next year. I’m thinking about moving towards focusing on mentorship. Food and Logistics, while stressful and at times overwhelming, is conceptually fairly easy. You think about all the things you’d want at an event and make those dreams happen. Mentorship though is tough. You can’t just create genuine connections and the success rate isn’t proportional to the amount of money you can throw at it. That’s the goal of our event though, so I’d be interested in putting more love there. 

Now while all of this was going on I’ve also been the Head TA of the Software Engineering course with Gabe and Vinh (#dreamTeam). As a freshman, I got my butt completely kicked by CS32, but I really think that there’s a lot more value in taking it than just learning how to do big projects. We’ve added design questions to the projects, enforced a real style guide, reworked all the grading rubricks, and really have been emphasizing good Software Engineering skills (and got rid of java swing yassss). I really think we drastically changed the course for years to come and I’ve heard that students are learning a lot from it so far. Not to mention we have an awesome theme (Miyazaki!!) and movie night turnout has been pretty great so far. I’m having a lot of fun rewatching the Miyazaki classics. Definitely check out our website if you’re interested in what I’ve been doing. 

The next big event I had was this past weekend: TreeHacks! To some people’s surprise, my first hackathon. It was a pretty crazy weekend flying across the country and staying up till 4am every night. Nate and I ended up making an app, Popcorn, that is for event organizers for Day of Event purposes. I’m surprised that nothing like this really exists right now. We didn’t go too crazy though, but it was good to brush up on iOS. The event also was pretty well organized! I’m really impressed. Also, I’m pretty sure that everyone is significantly happier when it is not 0 degrees outside. It was really nice to see everyone and experience a hackathon from the attendee side for once. 

A lot of the hacks I saw were super cool and my friends even won “Best Hardware” and “Crowd Favorite” with their smart exercise mat! (congrats!) I had to skip out on the awards ceremony though to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family. I took a nap throughout most of dinner, but I’m happy I decided to see them before I flew out. It turned out to actually the last time I saw my great uncle. Yesterday morning he passed away. Death has been something that I’ve been really struggling with and learning about over the past year and a half. It’s strange to think that the next time I’m in town he won’t be at dinner. I’m lucky I got to see him one last time and he knows how much we all love him. It’s always hard. 

So far, this has been my most rewarding semester yet, but I think I’m going to take it slow for the next few weeks. Somehow I managed to scrape above the mean on my linear exam on Monday even after coming home on a red-eye at 7:00am the morning of. I’ll leave you with the song I’ve been into lately (just overtook Tswift’s Style): Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for sticking with this post until the end! I really appreciate that you’re interested in what I’ve been up to. Until next time!


Hey guys! I wanted to apologize for not posting any game mod reviews or builds. There has been a lot of Dragon Age … drama and I have had mid terms. I’m going to wait until the mod ‘drama’ cools off a little before posting any more mod reviews. If anyone needs help with a build just message me. I will have the rest of the Iron Bull Reaver build up this weekend. XD also if you are having trouble finding the builds or reviews, go to my archive and type in mod review, game tips, or builds. I believe this should narrow my insane blog down. :) Or message me and I’ll send a link. 

Also as a side note, I have had some concerningly mean messages about my head cannon inquisitor being a male warrior. Why? He’s kinda my rpg character. Each individual dragon age game belongs to that individual person. It’s that person’s escape from whatever is bothering them. Just because I like to play a male warrior in an RPG VIDEO GAME does not give people the right to judge and question my sexuality, political and social loyalties. :/ if I receive another message attacking Maxwell, I will post it publicly and ask politely not message me again. I have made a character for every class, race and ‘gender’ in order to make game tips and builds. Futhermore, I won’t be forced to choose sides on mods and my blog is LBGT and HETERO FRIENDLY!!!!!!  This blog was created to collect Dragon Age goodies and make playing the game easier. 

( I mean look at his silly duck face doesn’t it make you want tussle that hair)

Now no need to beat the subject any further, stay tuned for more dragon age goodies!

Man, I’ve got a lot of really good asks lately. I queue my replies so as to keep this blog consistent instead of dumping a bunch of stuff on you over the weekends and just leaving it dead during the weekdays. If you’ve asked a question recently, it’ll be answered in just a couple of days! Keep an eye out!


1. Counselors will typically do a minimal amount of research on what they tell you about colleges/majors/careers. They’re useful in some cases, but honestly they don’t always tell you the truth. A lot of their information is hearsay from other counselors who heard it from someone else. And their main objective is to send you to college and make cute little doctors/lawyers out of you. That’s how they measure “success.” SO DON’T TAKE ANYTHING BUT BASIC ADVICE FROM THEM. EITHER COME TO ME OR GO TO COLLEGE WEBSITES FOR BETTER INFO.

2. Don’t focus so much on careers unless you don’t want to go to college. :C College is meant to teach you things, not to program you into a “good” career. And a job that pays well is not always a good job. UNLEARN THAT LOAD OF CRAP, PLEASE. I DON’T WANT YOU TO BE SAD BECAUSE OF JOBS. Go to college to learn more about literature or calculus or astronomy or whatever you want, not to line yourself up for a cozy, imaginary career. 

THIS MYTH IS THE BIGGEST, MOST CORRUPTING ONE OF ALL. I will not rest until all of you have derailed your minds of this ideology. I know it takes a lot but just keep asking questions and we can work through it.

Good luck! <3

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am kind of a new follower and just wondering what your pronouns are? I talk about your blog a lot with my friends (because it's so great) and want to refer to you correctly. Sorry if asking offends you, if you don't want to respond to this I totally understand, there would be no hard feelings. As a side note, you're a super cutie too! :)

This was one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever gotten.
I go by they/them pronouns, thank you so much for asking!

You can talk to me off anon too!

Making changes

As advised by my good friend Theens, I’ll be making a few changes to the way I post here and will be writing more so there’s info about what I’m making, rather than just photos and descriptions. Since I’ll be posting here more regularly now hopefully it’ll be something that will make this blog better! I might even start posting recipes depending on how things go

On a side note, some of the things I’m posting now aren’t 100% vegan because I’m working my way through old photos I never got around to uploading, but they will be soon!

Hello Studyblr!
So I’m backtosize - you can call me Bre, and I have created this little side blog for my stationary enjoyment mostly. Well, that and I did just start college this term. I like the study/note taking tips. Thanks to this little community I am all down with mystudylife.com and momentum!

I am going to become a Middle/High School Math Teacher in the next 5-7 years. I just recently turned 28 and I am starting from the beginning! Man oh man, talk about intense! 

Also I have an obsession with pens, washi tape, pretty cards, fun paper, and currently planners. 

I'm Back (Blog Update)

Hey I’m back sorry for not being on tumblr for awhile but I have been busy lately doing stuff with family and what not and it was also my birthday early last month and I was out and everything but anyways just a heads up I will been on tumblr for the rest of the week and part of next week then I will be on vacation for about a week so I’m not officially back yet but after I get back hopefully I can get back in the groove and start posting more and I May change how I do my blog but not sure but I’m glad I’m back and also I want to say Thank You guys and gals for following me I have a little bit over 300 followers now I’m super happy about that and I really appreciate you guys so much thank you. And a side note if you have any ideas for anything to do to this blog let me know just send me a message thanks.

15) My creative process. Today in Creativity we discussed different creative techniques, which is fairly ironic because just about all day yesterday (4pm-10pm) I took the time to inspire my creative thinking. I watched inspirational Ted Talks about creativity, made myself a nice dinner, took a long shower, and cleaned my room. During this whole process I philosophized about my own view of the world, thought of numerous future blog posts (which I wrote down), and I even figured out possible solutions for some major problems in society. Overall a successful and productive night.

On a side note: In the picture above you see my friends and I getting creative by posing on tree stumps, which we stumbled upon while hiking around Lake Tahoe. I am the one in the middle.