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The ‘Centaurians adopt every cute thing they see’ factoid is actually due to statistical error. The average centaurian adopts 0 children per year. Spiders Udonta, who lives in a spaceship & adopts over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted 

If u want ‘Yondu adopts the guardians’ fic you should totally check out WHO’S YOUR DADDY. It’s a lot less kinky than it sounds.

red vegeta vs saltsuke 

Tom's from Britian
  • My crazy friend: OMFG Tom Hiddleston is amazing and his accent is even better just kill me
  • Me: Oh yeah, my Tom's pretty cute too
  • Crazy Friend: Where's Tom Holland from?
  • Me: He's also from Britain
  • Crazy Friend: Omfg it's happening
  • Me: What's happening?
  • Crazy Friend: The hot British Tompocalypse
So... does anyone else have to take a break from their own smut?

Like you write a sentence and just have to sit and mentally prepare yourself for a moment because it’s so. damn. filthy. and you know you’re going to hell. #godcan’tsavemenow

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BTS talking about Jin and his ‘signature’ passion for the A.R.M.Y Bomb - 🔍🔎

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I don't know if you can since you only posted three members but could you do a sort of MTL of BTS for who is the least himself when they are being filmed based on their charts?

I haven’t written all of their charts but I’ve already opened all of them so yes, I can do this!

Most to least likely to be themselves on camera:








I don’t know if I have to explain why, but I’m 100% sure of this. lol

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