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Shadowhunters AU

Where the Lightwoods take note of Alec’s sexuality earlier, after he had his parabatai bond with Jace but still a teenager, and decide to hire a warlock (not Magnus because I’d rather Alec be an actual adult when they meet for shipping purposes) to ~*magic*~ the gay away.

The warlock, not being a complete bastard, talks to Alec in private (because he needs specifics if the spell is to work properly and boys rarely tell the truth if they think their parents can hear, he tells the Lightwoods) and lays it out for him.  There is no spell, he can wave his hands and send pretty lights and sparkles out, and Alec can go back to living in the closet to make his family proud.  Or he can fool his parents for as long as he needs to to get out, and the warlock will find him a safe place to stay where people won’t try to ‘fix’ him.

Alec takes option 2 and slowly makes a name for himself with downworlders as an independent shadowhunter that truly cares (I’m thinking a Batman or Archangel-like figure that the Clave is aware of, but doesn’t really expend resources on unmasking because he helps more that he hurts them).  

By the time season 1 starts he’s been dating Magnus for a year or so, has friends and connection throughout all the downworld, and has been tracking all the Valentine rumors (and relaying them to Jace and Izzy, cause let’s be honest, they would never have taken any side but Alecs).


Honestly, your entire outfit is off-point. How could you show up to a party not wearing stripes on polka dots on skull-print on duct tape on leather? It’s like you don’t even care. And why are your earrings so small?

My Witch Masterpost

Hi, I am Aria Bellanoir. I am a kitchen witch and a spirit witch. I have been making some posts using my various bases of knowledge. I decided to make a masterpost to help keep them organized. I am always open for asks if people have any questions.  I hope to one day have enough writings to make a book.

 Updated 10/5/15.

From now on I am answering all asks privately unless you tell me I can make the answer public. I want people to feel like they can ask me anything.

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(Update- the non- soap soap is also the best all-purpose make-up remover I’ve ever seen. I accidentally messed up some of that 24 hour lipstick and I looked like a clown and I had no idea what to do- so I tried this- and it came off in two seconds. It was a miracle.)

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Listen, I love my OCs so much okay? I can’t believe I forgot how much I love them. It’s been too long since I attempted to write their story.

I think I’m going to be angry about the Omega dlc forever.

Because Aria and Nyreen had this really rad frenemy thing going on, and their complex relationship which started with Nyreen being drawn to Aria and then leaving because she saw what being with Aria was doing to herself, but they still both care about each other and respect each other and they were so interesting.

And they both were these two powerful forces. Aria was the ruthlessness, efficiency and control. and Nyreen was the compassion and justice, and they could have ruled Omega together(albeit probably separately). They could have worked in their own sort of chaotic harmony, and they’d have been great.

But no, because Bioware built this beautiful, almost dangerous relationship and they could have done SO MUCH WITH IT. But they didn’t! They threw it all in the trash and sacrificed it for some 5 second bullshit drama, where nothing changes.

Omega just goes back to how it was and Aria goes back to the person she was, with no one to challenge her, no rival, no one to make her question, and it’s just so god damn.. lacking. There was so much potential for something new and different, even if we weren’t shown that on screen and had been inferred, and Bioware was just like, oh here look JUST KIDDING

And I’m just endlessly annoyed at how they could fuck up such a good a story like that.

Does anyone else feel like

For a breeding game, we have very little in the way of the breeding mechanic? Like.. We don’t have anything for fertility or infertility, to make nests larger or smaller, don’t have a way to remove dragons from breeding lists/make them “sterile”, don’t have a way to influence whether a nest has more(/all) male or female hatchlings, don’t have a way to reduce eggs if you got too many in a nest (maybe not kill off, but ‘lose’, which could explain where the eggs found in gather come from), we don’t have anything that could shorten the cool down between breedings, don’t have a way to make hatchlings take more after one parent (whether this be genes, breed, or both) than the other, don’t have any sort of gender-change item (could be limited to hatchlings, if too many people were upset about everything being “too easy” or sold for more than the expensive gem genes, w/e.), no way to rent nests from other players or buy additional nests in other flights.

Like, most if not all of these could be items sold for gems, and the site would make a huge profit and it would help out people who bred their dragons for money or for lore, w/e.

Idk, sometime I just feel like they’re more like “here, have some more genes and apparel and a new breed or two for your dragon game, but we’re not actually going to improve the breeding function at all, have fun!!!!”

Honestly, the entire way breeding works feels like the oldest, least-improved portion of the game.

I honestly believe that the biggest proof of Ali’s love for Emily is the fact that she willingly put herself in danger - risked her own life - to save her. And if people can’t see that, we’re definitely not watching the same show.


is he even real??