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Reaching Out

It was a simple letter pinned to the entrance of the crypts the monkette had once spent several days recovering inside. Of course its presence would stick out to its intended recipient. At least - Vel assumed it would. Aria was observant and details such as the sudden appearance of an envelope pinned to the entrance of her sanctuary would not go without notice. Once it was noticed, Vel had little doubt Aria would read it. It was after all, addressed to her, ARIA’ was scrawled on the back of the envelope in big bold Thallasian script. And Aria was the curious sort.


If you have yet to guess who this letter is from, it is Vel. I figured leaving a letter was wise considering your reaction to the last time I decided to simply visit your sanctuary (and make -minor- improvements to your interior). As much as I enjoyed your affectionate, yet frosty embrace - it has a rather lengthy recovery time.

I have stumbled upon a creature of some sort that I find curious. I know you spend little time sullying yourself among the living, but perhaps during one of your excursions (as an aside - I really wish you’d visit the city more, I enjoy it) you may have heard something and committed to that wonderful apparatus of a memory in connection to a woman named Celestine Winters? Perhaps not. Currently she is one of the many subjects of my curiosity.

Obviously, you are likely making a flat, somewhat befuddled expression as you are reading this. Which I would like to tell you - is adorable, and an expression I miss seeing. But anyways, this woman is of particular interest because I am not sure … what she is. Perhaps she is just a woman, but anomalies suggest otherwise. Here is what I know.

Her blood has unusual properties. And is occasionally given to others to consume. Upon consuming said blood (which I obviously did when given the opportunity) leads to a rather - intoxicating sensation. Most notably I found the edges of my vision to blur with red. Not long after consumption - a rather fierce hunger for more of the woman’s blood set in. I however - managed to not succumb to it. What sort of creature do you suppose could have this affect? You know many things. I figured consulting with you a good idea.

I was told she may be a San'layn. However, I was later told she may not be. I managed to obtain a sample of her blood, and I had it examined - and - though I received the findings second hand, I am told her blood is unusual. Leaving me wondering just what this woman is.

I know it is a long shot to ask you for assistance and expect you to provide me with any. But I hoping something in what I have said has piqued your interest. Or perhaps you are just secretly very fond of me. I’d accept that as well. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on this matter.

Your Favorite Monk


xoxoxo - (In case you are not familiar with the use of these symbols - a string of them are somehow a shorthand for ‘hugs and kisses’. I am unsure why.)

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My Witch Masterpost

Hi, I am Aria Bellanoir. I am a kitchen witch and a spirit witch. I have been making some posts using my various bases of knowledge. I decided to make a masterpost to help keep them organized. I am always open for asks if people have any questions.  I hope to one day have enough writings to make a book.

 Updated 10/5/15.

From now on I am answering all asks privately unless you tell me I can make the answer public. I want people to feel like they can ask me anything.

I am about 20 people away from having 150 followers. This makes me very excited. I have decided that every 50th follower will get a personalized spell. If you are said follower, I will message you and ask what kind of spell you would like.

If there is a topic you would like me to make an opinion post about, send me an ask.

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This will be the last Spirit post unless people have specific questions. As a note- I will not answer anonymous questions.

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(Update- the non- soap soap is also the best all-purpose make-up remover I’ve ever seen. I accidentally messed up some of that 24 hour lipstick and I looked like a clown and I had no idea what to do- so I tried this- and it came off in two seconds. It was a miracle.)

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Poor Jason… First he kissed Melissa, then he dated Cece. That guy has no luck.

Does anyone else feel like

For a breeding game, we have very little in the way of the breeding mechanic? Like.. We don’t have anything for fertility or infertility, to make nests larger or smaller, don’t have a way to remove dragons from breeding lists/make them “sterile”, don’t have a way to influence whether a nest has more(/all) male or female hatchlings, don’t have a way to reduce eggs if you got too many in a nest (maybe not kill off, but ‘lose’, which could explain where the eggs found in gather come from), we don’t have anything that could shorten the cool down between breedings, don’t have a way to make hatchlings take more after one parent (whether this be genes, breed, or both) than the other, don’t have any sort of gender-change item (could be limited to hatchlings, if too many people were upset about everything being “too easy” or sold for more than the expensive gem genes, w/e.), no way to rent nests from other players or buy additional nests in other flights.

Like, most if not all of these could be items sold for gems, and the site would make a huge profit and it would help out people who bred their dragons for money or for lore, w/e.

Idk, sometime I just feel like they’re more like “here, have some more genes and apparel and a new breed or two for your dragon game, but we’re not actually going to improve the breeding function at all, have fun!!!!”

Honestly, the entire way breeding works feels like the oldest, least-improved portion of the game.