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April & Raph platonic bonding moment?

(the true raphril friendship dynamic)


“Okay, feet apart. Like this.”

“Feet apart, got it.”

“Knees bent.”

“I know, that’s like the first thing Splinter taught.”

“Aaaand you make sure to hit ‘im right in the diaphragm, got it?” Raph says, jabbing a quick punch in demonstration.

April nods, and raises her fists. Her form is still a little loose in spots, but much better than she’d been way back in her first weeks of training. “And then I just charge at him from down low, and catch him off guard?” April checks one last time.

Raph smiles toothily, excited for what came next. “Yep. Use your tiny size to your advantage, and gut ‘im good.”

“I’m average,” April huffs. “And you’re one to talk.”

Raph scoffs. “Whatever, I’m mutant so I don’t count towards human height standards. Now shhhh, focus. Here he comes.”

Leo had said earlier to stop doing this. Raph and April had elected to ignore him, just like every other time they were told off for practicing sneak attacks like this.

Casey, their target of the hour, walks blithely out of Donnie’s lab while still bickering with their resident genius. He’s not paying attention to his surroundings in the least, and that is exactly how Raph planned this.

He feels zero guilt over unleashing April’s latest technique on their mutual friend.

April turns into a small blur of red and yellow, and Casey’s head turns towards her too late to run. He barely gets out a confused “Hey, what’re you-?” before April plants her feet, transferring her momentum into the punch, and socks Casey in the stomach hard enough he flies backwards.

It only takes a beat of silence for Donnie to start cackling, watching Casey wheeze on the floor. April huffs again, and turns a proud smile towards Raph.

Raph tips his head at her, silently saluting her takedown methods. Heck yeah, teaching April extra tricks to beat up people had to be one of the most gratifying things out there.

“…the fuck did I do?” Casey asks weakly, clutching his stomach still.

“Sneak attack practice,” April replies smugly. “And by the way, If I’d angled that punch differently, I could have punctured something by snapping your xiphoid process backwards into your internal organs. In short, you’re dead if you don’t get to a hospital right now, Jones.”

April’s proud statement of barely escaped ER level trauma only makes Donnie’s laughter take on a higher note, and earns an impressed nod from Casey. “Cool,” Casey says, dropping his head back onto the floor. “I can respect that.”


morning glories meme: 1/3 glories (casey blevins)

“i’m not proud of my daughter because of what she can do with numbers on a chalkboard. i’m proud of her because of the way she treats other people, especially the ones who need her help. i’m proud of her because i know, when the chips are down, she’ll do the right thing. or at least try her damnedest to.”

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Can we take a moment and just appreciate Casey Cott👏


  • When Casey smiles my life gets better by no less than 110%
  • His character is one of my favorites (second only to jughead)
  • Casey drove from New York to Pittsburg just to get his passport just so he could fly to Vancouver and shoot the pilot episode and I LOVE HIM FOR IT
  • JUST
  • LOOK
  • AT 
  • HIM


So to everyone who follows, or, well, looks forward to my OUAT typography series, I’ve decided to sell some of the stuff on Society6! Now you might be wondering, “why is she not selling on RedBubble? It’s cheaper!”, I’ll tell you why. And it’s quite simply, really:

I don’t have a verified Paypal account (requires linking a bank account, and I do not have a bank account, otherwise I’d sell on RB). Society6 only requires you to be verified on their own site by paying a dollar, so that validates me enough to sell and get paid (from the research I’ve conducted). 

It’s probably unlikely anyone is going to buy anything given how expensive things are on S6, but…I thought I’d give it a shot! 

NOTE: Not all typography designs will be on there. In fact, I still have to upload more. At the moment, some of the designs I’ve made are with fonts that are not commercially licensed, therefore I cannot make money of it. Some of them, I’ve managed to alter the fonts to something similar and to a font that allows the be used commercially. 

Currently, only five designs are up, but check in later, it’ll be likely more things will go up (I’ll probably reblog this post on the occasion and make notes about what’ll go up)! 

Anyone who buys anything or considers it, thank you so much! I appreciate it!! :)

I’m sorry, but I jest need to say this. Can we all just appreciate that Casey, despite his cockiness and bad temper/attitude that make him and Raph so alike, is a REALLY GOOD KID?

Seriously, he has his awesome badass moments, but he’s also genuinely sweet and understanding sometimes. Hell, he even freaking apologizes to Donnie (the guy he once claimed he DID NOT LIKE AT ALL) and he’s always there for April, acts like another big brother to Mikey, jokes around with Leo 9though that time they were being asses) and him and Raph…just him and Raph, seriously, nuff said.

Casey id hardcore, but he’s also a very good kid. And it’s tough to find boys like him out there nowadays.

This has been a PSA. (lol)