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I see a bunch of people concerned about whether or not the new Doctor should have a male or female companion, and i raise you the doctor having like three or four permanent companions. If we are shaking things up with a new Female doctor, how about we shake things up instead of having the same exact tardis duo we’ve had since the beginning of New Who (Amy/Rory is debatable). I mean they have had periods of time where they had kind of a temporary/semi third or fourth companion who comes and goes (usually the girl companion’s love interest) but how about like three companions, from different TIMES or different PLANETS who don’t already know each other and who all stay. Lets watch how they all interact and try to understand each other. Lets see the Doctor having more than one person to lay all of her burdens onto. Why not a woc from the 15th century and like an alien dude or even a teenager or an old retired person? (Bring back captain jack even if its just for his reaction in one episode please). I don’t give a crap which one (if any) ends up being the doctor’s love interest, just give me some other dynamic than a single girl companion from our current era.


Shaw + first & last scenes with the team (and by herself) 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Working with a team required her to change and learn how to be a polite assassin and have some sort of bedside manner, but she’s still who she is. - Sarah Shahi

:: Darren Miller ::


Age: 17 at Haven (turns 18 shortly after arriving at Skyhold).

Height: 5’7” (170 cm).

Class: Warrior (no specialisation).

Weapon of Choice: Short sword.

Religion: Andrastian, but not devoutly.

Nickname Courtesy of Varric: Junior.

Family: Jorah Miller (father), Elise Miller (mother), Claire Miller (little sister), Cian Miller (little brother - deceased).

Positive Traits: Loyal, kind, determined, genuine, sunny.

Negative Traits: Trusting (to a fault), awkward, sensitive, clumsy, self-critical.

Love interest(s): none so far.

Gets along with: Hanin, The Dawn Squad, Sera, Delton, Maraas, Varric, Krem, and The Iron Bull.

Does not get along with: Cole, most of the recruits in his former squads, Maraas (initially), Cassandra (she intimidates him).


Darren grew up on a farm with his family, and lived there for all of his life until the explosion at the Conclave. Nestled at the heart of Ferelden, their small town had somehow managed to avoid the worst of the Fifth Blight. Darren loved working the farm with his father from the moment he was old enough to keep up, but also learned important things like sewing and how to prepare a meal from his mother when it was raining or he got sick and had to stay indoors. He loves his family more than the sun in the sky, and the surprise arrival of a pair of twins when Darren was eight was one of the most exciting moments of his life. On a weeping morning in early spring, his sister Claire and brother Cian were born.

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Bisexual Archie Andrews Headcanons

- At first, Archie really struggled with his sexuality due to heteronormativity.  He started figuring out that he wasn’t straight when he was fourteen, but due to his parent’s divorce and all the messiness in his life, he felt ashamed for feeling that way.

- Jughead and Betty were the first to know, then Veronica and Kevin.  All of them are extremely supportive.

- He told his mother over the phone, and she tells him she will always love him regardless

- Coming out to his dad was the hardest, and he ends up a teary wreck halfway through the confession.  When he finally manages to stutter it out, Fred pulls him into a hug and tells him that he knows, he’s always known and that it’s okay and he’s proud (now with an accompanying fic). 

- Next, he comes out on Facebook, and is surprised by the overwhelming support he receives.  Of course, there are a couple of assholes who are homophobic, but Reggie, who is very supportive and very bi too, threatens to punch the assholes in the face

- When Archie brings his first boyfriend home, Fred is extremely excited, because he’s wanted Archie to be happy for so long, and it finally seems to be like he’s headed that way.

- Kevin convinces Archie to join the rest of the gang in going to a pride parade.  Jughead has the Ace pride flag painted on his cheek, whilst Betty and Kevin have the gay pride flag.  Ronnie, Archie and Archie’s boyfriend are all suited up in the pride flag.

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You ever just think about this scene from Kill la Kill, where Ryuko falls unconscious and Senketsu can’t hold her or carry her but ties his arm into a knot just so he can bring her to safety? And how Senketsu pushes himself so hard to pull Ryuko along, because even if concept art implies he works out and wants so much to be strong, he still can only do so much with the body he was given?

Because I do and oh gosh he loves her so damn much.


Okay but can we talk about something I don’t think has ever been talked about before? The “older over-protective brother” cliche that doesn’t exist within Sokka when it comes to “protecting” Katara from love interests?

I find this extremely fascinating because Sokka is definitely protective of Katara, but only when other people threaten her or injure her in any way. But when it comes to any potential love interests in the show he’s just all “meh” or likes to make fun of her (or Aang for that matter who only had a crush on Katara at the time).

I can’t tell you how glad I am that Bryke totally avoided the “over-protective brother” cliche with him and instead made it more realistic. Brothers love to tease their younger (and even older) sisters about love interests (believe me, I know exactly how that feels), and even like to tease their friends about crushes on their sister or sisters.

Once Katara and Aang become a couple, he gets grossed out by all their PDA instead of the whole “I know you’re dating my sister, but keep your hands off of her” cliche that I also see a lot (in the comics of course). 

How often do we see this realistic side of a sibling relationship in a show? Not very often I’ll tell you that. So once again, thank you Bryke for breaking not only a stereotype but a major cliche that is not often talked about but that people just roll with.

If you don’t believe me, even I felt that he was going to be over-protective of her in that way when I first saw him on TV. I kept denying the fact that he wasn’t until the very end of the show. I had my head turned upside down when my expectations didn’t fall through. That’s how prevalent this cliche is. 

for a show thats so inclusiveness it sure has some exclusive fans

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Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you tell us about some of the wildlife in your country? Thank you! (If you would like a different question, let me know)!

As a former Zoology student, I don’t think you could have started me off with a better question than this one! 

So to start off, Irish wildlife could generally be considered to be pretty similar with what one might expect to find on the European continent. With a few differences of course. Ireland is located on an island and although it has known an insular existence for a very long time, Ireland was originally connected to Great Britain and the European mainland by a land bridge. However it is thought that this land bridge disappeared around 14,000 BCE due to rising sea levels. As a consequence, not all fauna that is native to continental Europe managed to cross into Ireland. 

For example, out of 60 mammal species recorded in Ireland, only 26 of them are actually native to the country. All others were recently introduced, either accidentally (brown rat, bank vole) or purposefully (rabbit, fallow deer).        


Extinctions are never nice to talk about, but I felt it’s still an interesting subject to discuss. Due to Ireland’s location during the Ice Age, it was home to a plethora of animal species that are today either regionally extinct from Ireland or have become completely extinct. Wooly mammoths used to be present in Ireland (and were apparently still around when Newgrange was built) along with the Irish elk, reindeer, lynx, Arctic fox, lemming, and the spotted hyena. Brown bear also used to exist in Ireland before becoming extinct 12,000 years ago and interestingly enough, genetic testing seems to indicate that at least some polar bears today are descended from a female brown bear that was from Ireland. (it appears that polar bears and brown bears in Ireland frequently interbred with each other)

More recent extinctions include the great auk (1834), grey whale (1600s) and wildcat (1800s). The grey wolf, one of the few native species of Ireland, was fairly widespread in the country up to the 1700s. (apparently wolves were so abundant that a few shocked Englishmen gave the nickname “Wolfland” to Ireland) Regarding it as a pest, English lords decided that it needed to be exterminated and put in place a policy where monetary reward was offered for killing wolves. It wasn’t very long until the last wolf was killed in 1786 by the farmer John Watson in Ballydarton, Co. Carlow.


Some of the native mammal species that can be found in Ireland are the following: red fox, hedgehog, badger, hare, otter, stoat, red squirrel, and the pygmy shrew. Many more mammal species were introduced to Ireland over the centuries, such as the rabbit which was introduced by the Normans in the 12th century and the grey squirrel which was introduced in 1911. Unfortunately some of the introduced mammal species have a negative impact on the native fauna, such as the grey squirrel which could potentially push the red squirrel to extinction by outcompeting it and by being a carrier of a disease that is fatal to their smaller red cousin. 

Among the marine mammals, Ireland has seals and whales that are either permanent residents or migratory. Of the seals, the two most common species are the common seal and the grey seal. Other seal species and the walrus can be spotted along the Irish coasts but it is only very occasionally that this occurs. Ireland also has various species of dolphins and whales, the most famous example being Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, a bottlenose dolphin who has been around since 1983. Fungie is best known for his friendliness towards humans and is often seen in the Dingle harbour.      

A tidbit that I find to be highly interesting is that despite the fact that the red deer is a native species of Ireland due to the attested presence of the it during the Ice Age, the red deer of today isn’t actually descended of that original population. Genetic testing showed that the original red deer population became extinct after the end of the Ice Age but the red deer was subsequently reintroduced 5,000 years ago after Neolithic people brought it with them when they migrated to Ireland. The boar is another example of a species dying out and being reintroduced to Ireland centuries later.


The only native land reptile present in Ireland is the viviparous lizard (or common lizard), the term “viviparous” meaning that it gives birth to live young rather than laying eggs like the majority of reptiles. Another land reptile that has been seen in Ireland is the slow-worm, though it is believed to have been illegally introduced in the 1970s. Other than that, Ireland has five marine turtles species that are often sighted off the west coast of Ireland though they don’t tend to come ashore.  

There are no snakes in Ireland. A popular myth claims that this was due to the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, chasing all snakes out of Ireland and into the sea. Of course the story has never been believed to be true because Saint Patrick’s predecessor, Saint Palladius, had noted decades earlier that there were no snakes in Ireland. This is most likely due to Ireland losing its land bridge long before snakes migrated to the north of Europe after the end of Ice Age. 


Only three amphibian species are native to Ireland: the European brown frog, the smooth newt, and the natterjack toad. What is curious about the frog is that it is often questioned if it is native to Ireland at all. No mention of frogs in Ireland was made until the 12th century, leading some to speculate that the Normans introduced the frog to Ireland (as they did with the rabbit). Others speculate that the frog could have been introduced as late as the 18th century thanks to an English naturalist who participated in a survey on Irish flora and fauna and allegedly placed imported frog spawn in a ditch after failing to find any native frogs.  


There are approximately 400 bird species in Ireland, many of which are migratory such as the swallow. The most widespread of bird species in Ireland are the European robin, wren, blackbird, starling, blue tit, great tit, and the common chaffinch. 

Many conservation projects have been attempting to reintroduce certain bird species that used to be in Ireland but became regionally extinct. Some cases have known success, like the white-tailed eagle which was reintroduced to Ireland in 2007 after being absent for 200 years. The golden eagle was reintroduced to Ireland in 2001 after being extinct for 90 years. It wouldn’t be until 2007 that the first golden eagle chick would be born in Ireland. It is planned to attempt to reintroduce the common crane to Ireland in the future. However some bird species such as the osprey and marsh harrier have been returning to Ireland of their own accord.


About 375 fish species are present in Ireland’s coastal waters and a further 40 freshwater species live in Ireland’s lakes and rivers. Fishing is a fairly popular activity in Ireland and attracts many tourists. Some popular fishes to catch are the red sea bream, cod, mackerel, rainbow trout, roach, pollock, and the Atlantic salmon. (although you need a licence to fish Atlantic salmon) Other notable fish species found near Ireland are: basking shark, hagfish, cuckoo wrasse, ocean sunfish, boarfish, conger eel, and thresher shark.          


It is estimated that there are 11,500 species of insects in Ireland, though there is a likelihood that there are far more than that. Among these, some notable invertebrates are: freshwater pearl mussel, freshwater crayfish, Kerry slug, marsh fritillary butterfly, white prominent, and diving bell spider.     

Photo used is public domain, here is the link to the original photo. 

black male character as the white lead’s love interest: has to be 100% perfect at all times, can never show any sign of anger, even if he does this he is still somehow deemed toxic and hated by the majority of fandom or they “just don’t see any chemistry”

white male character as the white lead’s love interest: literally no matter how terribly he is written he is loved “omg did you see how his eyes did that thing where they looked into her eyes?”

otp: we’re both white

otp: romeo and juliet but we’ll live and the minority characters won’t

otp: star-crossed lovers like never before even though we’re both straight, white, heterosexual and literally represented in every tv show to ever exist


Charles saying Erik’s name

Alright, I have been studying this tweet for a good half hour and I am certain the certain emojis and the pattern, other than the color have a greater meaning. So first off, they aren’t in the order they are on apple, he didn’t just pick the first couple purple emojis, and he jumps around too he wasn’t just like “oh I like this and maybe this one”. There is more too it than that I believe, notice how the first emoji is the devil and the last is a peace sign, complete opposites, and directly in the middle of them is the crystal ball that keeps reappearing everywhere. You also have an alien monster on the side with the devil and on the side with the peace sign there is a heart so still a very similar layout, almost contrasting good and evil? And also on the side with the peace sign there is a girl that is meant to be signing “no” I find that interesting because he went out of his way for that one specifically not the arms crossed or whatever, that one. Then there are the umbrellas, two open ones on the same spacing on either side, and then the one closed one on the seemingly more evil side. I still can’t quite figure out the meaning, I have a couple little theories but I really don’t know. What I wonder is what’s so special about the three he picked for he’s username though??? Also the letters he uses, what do they mean, I’ve thought about it for a while and I don’t know if it would be the name of the album or a song or lyrics but the only thing I could come up with that those letters could stand for and make sense is “you’re not gonna make news crash” (or maybe “make a new crash”) I wash thinking crash because of the imagery with the waves they have been putting out. But idk those are my current theories on this, it could be nothing though and I’m just paranoid, but I would be curious to hear anyone else’s theories on this, especially with what the letters stand for.


You don’t have to walk the night on your own
I will say a prayer for you to lead you on 

  1. Akechi Mitsuhide (20.8%, 86 votes)
  2. Tokugawa Ieyasu (16.5%, 68 votes)
  3. Toyotomi Hideyoshi (11.1%, 46 votes)
  4. Uesugi Kenshin, Ishida Mitsunari, and Takeda Shingen (9%, 37 votes each)
  5. Oda Nobunaga (8.5%, 35 votes)
  6. Maeda Toshiie and Kirigakure Saizo (5.6%, 23 votes)
  7. Sanada Yukimura (2.2%, 9 votes)
  8. Katakura Kojuro (1.9%, 8 votes)
  9. Date Masamune (1%, 4 votes)

Links to most popular lords ranking and full results.


Edit : I caved and made it available on shirts here


10x17 “Inside Man”
Fake Drunk!Dean Playing Pool and Being a Handsome Son of a Gun While Doing So

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I know that one of these was already done, but are there any fanfics where it is basically the Deadpool movie but Peter as the love interest? I'm just curious whether or not any more have been made... Thanks :)

In Given Time  by readerconsumed        

Love of a Different Lifetime by alicat54c      

His Name is Peter Parker by shieys    

Masked (Spideypool) by stylinsonau  

Deadpool by GoNEF    

Limerence   by  ShipSeekingShippers    

what defines us   by  mm8                

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I can't wrap my mind around the fact that an extremely large portion of this fandom ship zervis it's just wrong! T-T It's like supporting a pedophilic relationship... I don't care that she's not actually 12 and has stunted growth because of the curse, she still looks 12 and Its wrong. Zeref is a grown man and he kissed someone who looks like a child?! Then raped her dead body. How can anyone defend this pairing. I sincerely hope that Mashima sensei doesn't bring them back together in the end

I was dreading the day someone questioned me about zervis, just because it’s so controversial and polarising-which means I’ll probably keep this short and sweet.
I just wanna kick things off by saying, basically what you’re implying is that Mavis should never be allowed to find love because of the way she looks? Because of something she has absolutely no control over? This isn’t even just about zeref, I’m talking ANY future love interest. Should she just “accept” that she’s gonna be lonely for the rest of her life, anon? I’ll tell you this right now, she deserves all the love and happiness in the world 💚
Second off, she’s a grown woman, biologically she’s 13, yes, but it’s not like zeref is LOOKING HIS AGE EITHER. zeref looks like he hasn’t even grown hair on his legs yet and is struggling to grow facial hair. If I didn’t know any better and someone told me he was 13 I’d believe them. 
I mean look at this side by side of him and Romeo, you’re lying to yourself if you say that they don’t appear to be in the same age range.

And don’t even get me started on this one, if you think this pip squeak looks like a grown man, I’d strongly advice you to steer clear of elfman, he’d feel insulted😭😂💀

In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that they’re BOTH consenting adults and they BOTH look a lot younger than they actually are. Yes, Mavis looks young but It goes both ways, Zeref looks like he’s fresh outta the womb, too. If we’re keeping it 100 here, Zeref honestly doesn’t give a flying fuck about her appearance, even if she looked like (Everlue’s) Virgo, he wouldn’t have loved her any less. It was their souls and emotions that connected ya feel? Bonus: How he named August was the sweetest thing ever 

When I first saw the kiss of death scene I thought it was so beautiful and tragic, if you want to bring your own pedophilic connotations into it, that’s on you, but there was absolutely nothing creepy (imo) about this scene; nor do I believe Hiro intended it to come off like that.

I can 210% guarantee to you that zeref is not a Necrophiliac. It is safe to say that the only thing he ever did with her was kiss her (consentually) there is no way he did anything to her dead body. The details of Augusts’ conception have yet to be revealed, but I’m sure it’ll be something wacky.
As for your last part, Zeref has been really cruel, DID YOU SEE HOW HE RUTHLESSLY KILLED LARCADE AND THEN DISOWNED THE POOR CUPCAKE 😭 (sorry, still not over that) Annnywayyyy, I think your wish will come true tbh, I feel at this point he’s unsalvageable, a lost cause, he just keeps getting more batshit insane as the chapters progress. But hey, who knows? 👀
Lmao “Short and sweet” OK 😂 sorry I got carried away