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random langst hc: Lance is forced to separate from the group for some reason (i dunno, maybe he's sent back to Earth or is kidnapped or something, doesn't matter) - his coping mechanism is muteness. He stops speaking. Even when he's reunited with the gang, it takes him a long time to actually talk again. It throws them all off bcuz Lance is KNOWN for his talking, it's part of him. Everyone learns sign language tho and he still rambles & yells in sign. The 1st word he says is keith's name prob.

i don’t think lance would ramble/yell in sign though, i feel like he’d just shut off and distance himself from the rest of the team, y’know..? (he still signs to communicate but it’s kept to a minimum)

sure, the gang is distraught at first and everyone tries so hard to try to get lance to talk again and act the way he was before but as time passes and lance still remains the same they slowly start to lose hope and give up, and accept the fact that they’ll never get their loud/outgoing lance back again. they learn (read: are forced) to move on

but not keith

he goes to lance’s room every night, because he knows lance will still be awake, (sometimes crying silent tears as he tries to escape from the nightmares that haunt him ceaselessly) and he talks. he talks to lance about how his day went, tells lance how different and unnaturally quiet these days have been without lance’s familiar banter/joking/flirting, and he tells lance how he’s so fucking mad that no matter how much he tries, nothing seems to be helping and lance isn’t showing signs of recovering. he just wants his lance back, y’know? (in a strange, almost cathartic sort of way, talking to lance has become keith’s coping mechanism for this whole mess)

keith doesn’t believe in miracles or ‘happy endings’ as much as he believes in aliens, but it happens

keith has been trying for so long, he’s almost given up. he’s so close to breaking too;

“god fucking damn it, lance. i’ve been trying so fucking hard to help you but nothing’s working,” (he’s on the verge of crying) “why won’t you let me help you? why do you hate me so much?” (he breaks) (there’s a silence, then, ever so softly, unfamiliar yet familiar all at once,) “you know i never hated you, keith”

Out of the Frying Pan (15/?)

Killian blinked, mouth opening slightly in the sheer disbelief that someone wouldn’t want her. “You can’t think that,” he said softly.

“I’m pretty positive I just told you I did,” she muttered, laughing again and meeting his eyes with a small smile on her face. “That’s why I ran. Why I told you to wait and had some sort of complete mental breakdown in the hallway. Because I wanted. And I thought maybe you did too. And the last time that happened it all blew up in my face.”

Emma held his gaze, but her smile faltered for a moment when he didn’t answer immediately. “Anyway,” she said quickly. “I just thought you’d want an explanation or something.”

AN: I am running out of appropriate adjectives with which to heap praise on @laurnorder, but know that she continues to be fantastic and read all my words. 

Living the life on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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If you could date any of the 13 rw guys, who would you choose and why?

I love you for this question but I also hate you 💕

Is all of them an answer? Obviously not Marcus or Bryce, ‘cause just no.

I’d probably want to date either Clay or Jeff. I don’t even think that I have to explain because him…

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or him…

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or both…

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Can you do murasakibara and tatsuya (kagami's friend from America )

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses: Himuro because let’s be honest Mura is sleeping in for a year
  • who cooks for who: Himuro tends to make the food food while Mura makes sweets/dessert. 
  • who is the morning person/night person: Mura isn’t either, he sleeps all night and all morning. Himuro gets up early to do stuff like cook or clean. what a housewife. 
  • who is the romantic one: Himuro’s a bit more lovey dovey, but Mura can be really sweet at times. 
  • who is the top when it comes to sex: MURASAKIBARA COS I LOVE BOTTOM HIMURO YASS
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing: Mura. can you imagine tiny Himuro trying to lead? ain’t gonna happen with that giant (himuro’s not even short wtf)
  • who is the more cuddly one: Muraaaaaa. He loves snuggling in bed or on the couch with a hot drink and Himuro in his arms. 
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch: they argue over it tbh. Mura wants to watch cake making shows and Himuro wants to watch movies. 
  • who is the one who would pay for dates: probably Himuro because Mura is hopeless with managing money
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes: both of them. Mura gets frisky when he’s bored, Himuro is just. Himuro. he wants the D at all times. 

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I wonder, what makes the mangaka to make Yona holding her bow in chapter 142?. That is remind me of chapter 133 when Kouren wished to see Yona draw her bow again. So, i don't think the mangaka put that statement for nothing. Do you think Yona will draw her bow to the man who attacked Kouren in the next chapter?

Hmm, well the easiest explanation (and likely the correct one, lol) is that Yona has her bow on her simply because she is usually carrying it all the time, and took it with her to Kouren’s in case anything came up. 

But, your note about Kouren saying she wants to see Yona draw her bow again is an interesting one, and I do think that was put into the text for a reason. Whether that reason is now, with Kouren connecting an attempted assassination via shooting to Yona, Yona using her skills to help Kouren and shoot the actual culprit, or her archery skills being brought up again later in the story, I guess we’ll have to wait and see ^ ^

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Hello😁 I'd just wanted to say that I love your writing, especially your work for Zaddy and Sin City and I was wondering where you got the inspiration to write those?

Zaddy was inspired by the song Zaddy (Ty Dolla Sign), and it was supposed to be a one shot, but I got more ideas as I kept writing it.

I wanted to write a stripper Jimin oneshot, then I realized I could just make it a short series, and then when I posted the first chapter, I decided to change the concept and make it a bit more interesting than the original idea, which was for her to sleep with him as soon as they started practicing together. I don’t know, whenever I wrote that story, it was like the characters wrote themselves, especially Jimin, so whatever I had planned for it in the beginning has drastically changed :)

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Star labs and Team Arrow reactions to Ray bringing home Mick and Barry bring home Len.

Ray is not particularly nervous about the dinner right up until the moment he rings the doorbell. Mick is right by his side, scowling at the door like it has personally offended him, or like he’s expecting the evening to take a particularly unpleasant turn. Ray had to wheedle for about an hour before Mick relented to make an appearance, but he’s here, and Ray thinks that’s what matters in the end.

He did ask Felicity if he could bring someone - it never occurred to him to mention that someone was Mick Rory. His presence in Ray’s life has been a constant, a fact, and most people Ray talks to these days are aware of that, so it never crossed Ray’s mind to specify.

When Felicity opens the door, though, Ray wishes he said something; her eyes widen when she spots Mick and she almost takes a step back, but she schools her features almost immediately.

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⊙ for your local troublemaker~! :D [[ @high-stakes-gambler ]]

send a ⊙, and I will bold all that applies to your character

{ ❀ } Teledji, I think you are…

| Admirable | Attractive | Absentminded | Amusing | Abrasive | Aloof | Arrogant | Brilliant | Bizarre | Bland | Caring | Charming | Clever | Confident | Courageous | Creative | Cute | Careless | Childish | Clumsy | Cowardly | Cruel | Dignified | Dramatic | Desperate | Devious | Disrespectful | Elegant | Energetic | Emotional | Excitable | Faithful | Forgiving | Friendly | Flamboyant | Foolish | Frightening | Generous | Gloomy | Greedy | Gullible | Helpful | Honest | Hateful | Intelligent | Ignorant | Impulsive | Insensitive | Irresponsible | Lovable | Lazy | Mature | Malicious | Misguided | Monstrous | Narrow-minded | Optimistic | Obnoxious | Peaceful | Persuasive | Protective | Power-hungry | Quirky | Reliable | Romantic | Ridiculous | Sexy | Sophisticated | Selfish | Trusting | Treacherous | Understanding | Unpredictable | Unstable | Vulnerable | Witty | Weak |

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Hello! Sorry for ask this and reminding you of a series you wrote nearly 5 years ago, but I had recently been rewatching Phineas and Ferb and had stumbled in your sieze the summer series (which is probably my favorite pnf fics I've found). At this point I'm not asking you to continue it because I know that interest changes and you're into rotg now. I was just wondering what you had planned for it, if you did have any? I'll leave my ask as public just in case you wanted to answer privately :D

Glad to hear someone enjoyed the series! Always meant to write more for it, but didn’t getting a lot of feed back on it, and then RotG stole our brain. We had a lot planned. 

So… Highlights:
- Ferb and Phineas end up getting a platypus army as their support unit, like how the Fireside Girls were. There’s also an Echidna, who thinks they’re a Platypus. They’re Ferb’s main assistant. 
- Phineas is Asexual Extrovert, Ferb is a Pansexual Introvert (inspiration) and at one point goes steady with an alien. 
- They have multiple bases world wide, in outer space, and the moon. Due to their inventions being stolen one too many times, their main headquarters is Atlantis - off the coast of Danville. It’s accessible through the warehouse via tubes that the tides twist and turn into a unique roller coaster ride every time you go through. Irving is in charge of security.
- They have multiple businesses, depending on what they’re doing. The main company is ‘Endless Summer’. 
- They have amusement parks with ever shifting events, rides, and concerts everywhere they are. Admission is frequently free. One of them is the castle by Grandpa Reginald and Grandma Winnie’s place.
- Isabella is their Pepper Potts, she takes care of the running of the company so that they can focus on inventing. Stacy eventually becomes the head of the legal department. 
- Perry continues to hide his secret agent persona from Phineas and Ferb, but mostly because he thinks it’s funny and he’s secretly a troll.
- Doofenshmirtz is a part time substitute teacher. He gets along best with the weird kids and encourages them. 
- Fred from the future episode is actually Vanessa and Monty’s kid (he looks like a young Roger Doofenshmirtz) Was still trying to figure out how/why Candace eventually adopted him, think it came down to Vanessa being a double agent.
-Vanessa is the Johnson kids’ cool Aunt Vanessa and is a large part of their lives.
- At some point 20 years down the line have an accident resulting in mixing their dna together and creating twins which aren’t technically clones, royally confused the media, moral groups, and the scientific community. They didn’t care, loved their kids, and platypi are great nannies when it comes to curious toddlers around lasers. (I don’t know, the logistics of this makes me laugh)

And they have one limitation they can’t cross.

This was originally written for the Spook-Me Ficathon, but we couldn’t quite figure out the beginning or the end. Based off of ‘The Solider and Death’, the idea was that Isabella works with those ‘Make a Wish’ type of things,
2,450 words, mentions of death. 

“Anyway, thanks Phineas.” Isabella watched the redhead collapse against the wall in the hallway, and slide down until he was sitting on the ground, spindly knees sticking up in the air. She’d known that they had been reluctant to come to the hospital, but they’d done it to help Kenny. And the holographic system they’d rigged for the kid to ‘visit’ outer space had been beyond comparison.

“I’m just sorry we couldn’t do more.” Phineas said tiredly, tilting his head back against the wall.

“You did all you could do.” She said soothingly. Seriously, the guys did more than twelve people put together sometimes. She gave a small laugh. “I mean, not even you can stop death.”

Phineas flinched.

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wraps her arms around him, resting her chin on his chest and giving him the googly eyes

His day had been long and his shoulder was bothering him more than usual. Nephrite decided to blame it on the weather, warmer temperatures never sat too well with him. Maybe it had something to do with his past life – being a general stationed in the icy hinterlands of North America he was used to colder weather. Could have also been something more tangible, but it wasn’t a pressing concern for him presently. He gazed upon the beautiful woman that whose presence he couldn’t help but to notice. 

Emerald hues gleamed as she gazed upon him, her scent of roses and lilacs. He noticed the love and adoration in her eyes, the sentiments of devotion undeserved. She knew of the possibility of him being drawn back into the darkness – its remnants would remain with Nephrite for as long as he lived. Yet there she was, faithfully by his side having more faith in him than he did in himself. Her loved meant everything to him and he would gladly die to protect her. Her life meant much more to him and no one could ever convince him otherwise.

She was his spring and purpose in life, without her everything would wither away and not matter. He kissed her forehead, his fingers catching a loose end of auburn curls. “Seems like you want to ask me something and with the right convincing I might just say yes.”

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Hi there! I just wanted to comment on an answer you'd given on being uncomfortable correcting people on pronouns. I, in no way, want to diss on being confident correcting people, but I'd like to point out that considering safety is very important too. There are some situations where it can be dangerous to correct someone. I've had many cis men get aggressive when I correct them. Its not okay and we /should/ be able to correct all, but just trust your gut is all I'm saying I guess. Just be safe