just another wanderer

These days, Error really doesn’t know what to do with himself.

He just opens portal after portal, teleporting from one AU to another and just… wandering around. Sometimes, the universes are just the same, but other times, they’re simply… nothing. A black void,plain white…

Those things always scared Ink.

And that made those universes all the more horrifying.

Wooo.Finally done~

I had fun making this one though I think I could do a littttttle better..

I lie in bed
with thoughts
of leaving
but I never
came close
to  opening
the door.

I lie in bed
more lost
than ever
even when
I’m safe
at home.

I lie in bed
of all the 
places I’ve
never been to,
people I’ll
never meet,
and all the
of me,
I’ll never be.

I lie in bed
what keeps me
from running
all the people
who makes
me want
to stay.

I lie in bed
with thoughts
of you,
and of home,
and how both
are the same.

I lie in bed
this is not
where I am
meant to be.
I want to be
and find home
somewhere else.

—  I don’t know how to stay (excerpts)

i had some jokey description that was like “Sinville: population, Me” but that was implying that gay watchdogs was some kind of sin. they’re not. they’re perhaps the purest form of love in this god forsaken universe and i am just enamored with everything these tiny little eyeball peeps have to offer

I like the idea going around that Wander has rehabilitated multiple villains before, and that he just kinda goes by whatever name the people around him tend to refer to him as. That he goes place to place helping as many planets as he can while also helping one villain in particular at a time.

And being the optimist that I am, I definitely think that Hater’s gonna be the one to change up his usual plans and not be just another ex-villain that Wander never sees again.

Since Hater is probably the only person to know what one of Wander’s old names was (or the fact that he even HAS other names) out of Wander’s current little group, that will probably surface again later on. I think once Hater converts fully over into being a good guy and Wander tries to move on without him, he’s gonna be pretty pissed about it.

He’s always been different than other bad guys, seeing as he’s only ever really cared about being cool and well-liked. He seems to crave strong relationships and attention, and since Wander clearly does as well, they’re gonna cling to each other more so than Wander did with past villains. If Wander tries to leave, Hater won’t just let him. He’ll probably want to go with him and Sylvia, wherever they go, since there’s really nothing tying Hater down. He travels around already anyway by conquering planets, and he seems to get bored of the same things easily, so he’d probably enjoy traveling with them.

Peepers would come as well of course, since Hater is more important to him than conquering. I don’t know if they’d still travel on the skull ship or what they’d do with the watchdogs, but whatever the details are, Hater is not going to let Wander befriend him and leave, no siree, he simply won’t allow it.

So this time, Wander gets to “keep” the friend he waited so patiently to make, and his little nomadic family officially gains two new members.

He gains more consistency in his constantly changing life with his three pals and, since it’s what they call him, he starts saying, “My name’s Wander!” rather than letting other people choose his name for him.

Wander teaches Hater what the power of love can really do, and Hater (and Sylvia and Peepers) teaches Wander that a little consistency in your life ain’t so bad after all.