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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: harry edward styles, born february 1, 1994 with four nipples, is a beautiful man who deserves the world. recently, he collaborated with 'another man' and curated not only one, but three separate photoshoots for the magazine, including an in-depth interview that comprised of intimate details about his growing up, his experience in the band one direction, and his upcoming plans for the year 2017. the photos were well-received, except for one glaring photoshop error: harry was published with only two nipples. two. not four. two. nobody has publicly spoken about this. harry is silent, yet you can tell he's hurting. when will justice be served? when will the pain stop?

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arima + castle in the sky :O



This is the last one, thank you to everyone who sent an ask! (ง´• ω •`)ง

They’re All Mental

Caspar loved how happy Joe was with Y/N, he did. And he would gladly defend their relationship with his last breath. But right now, at this moment, he really wanted them to just shut up.

“You guys!” He groaned, head falling into his hands as loud giggling cut across the room again.

“Sorry, Casp.” Joe said, a sheepish grin on his face, but he didn’t look very sorry.

“We’ll be quiet. Promise.” Y/N told him, leaning against Joe.

“You guys said that already. Like ten times.” Jack laughed.

“Can’t you just go into another room?” Conor asked.

“Except we need one of them to keep track of stuff for us.” Caspar sighed, lifting his head to look over at the couple. “How about just one of you goes?”

“You want just…one of us to go?” Y/N blinked over at him.

“Well clearly both of you together is impossible! We’ve been trying to film for nearly half an hour, and pretty sure all you can hear is the two of you!”

“We’ll stop being so noisy. Just, film the video.” Joe nodded towards the papers laid out in front of the couch the boys were all sat in.

“Yes, please. Because I want to be done.” Josh mumbled, leaning over to grab the next sheet.

The boys managed to film for another two minutes before Jack got distracted, lifting his phone to snap a picture of the Joe and Y/N who were cuddled up on the floor together, talking softly, not keeping track of the game the boys had going at all.

“Jack!” Caspar snapped, stealing the phone. “Focus!”

“I’m sorry, they looked cute! And it was a perfect Instagram moment!”

“It can wait until this video is filmed!”

“Sorry.” Jack pouted, crossing his arms as Caspar tucked the phone between himself and Josh.

“Next question?” Conor asked, drawing the attention back to the video.

“Yes.” Caspar agreed, “Joe! Next question!”

“Right, sorry.” Joe jumped, glancing down at the list they had prepared.

And for a while, it seemed as if the filming was going to get done, when one of the questions reminded Joe of a story that he had to tell Y/N, and then he was off on that.

“I give up!” Caspar groaned, “Let’s just film the closing out and then I’ll edit together whatever we actually managed to film.”

“Never thought you’d get mad at your best mate for ruining a video because he was being too adorable.” Josh laughed, and he only laughed harder when Caspar glared at him.

“Shut up. And let me close out this video!”

“But it’s funny!” Josh continued to laugh, Jack and Conor soon joining in.

The couple sat on the floor looked over at them in confusion, and that was what set Caspar off until all the boys sat on the couch were laughing.

“Did we miss something?” Y/N whispered loudly to Joe.

“With this lot? Who knows. Oi! You’re supposed to be filming!” He yelled over the laughter, and that only set the boys off all over again.

“They’re all mental.” Y/N sighed, shaking her head.

“But so are we.” Joe smiled, glancing over at her.

“Must be why we all get along so well.” She grinned, leaning in to give him a quick peck on the lips.

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Hii!! I just read the Noora prompt that you wrote. (The one where your other anon was asking about what happens after Noora texts Isak) and it got me thinking about how Isak comforted(??) Even or how he was just there for him...if you could write something about that. Pretty please ❤❤

hey!! yeah i’ve probably talked about this a few times in one headcanon or another, but i like to think that isak was just…there, you know? in the moments that even felt too empty to breathe, isak was by his side and sort of tapping his fingers on even’s side or maybe telling him a story about something that happened that day or the plot of the latest Fast and Furious movie and just…reminding even that he’s alive, you know? and some people actually want him around. and when even’s sleeping and too tired to movie, isak’s lying right there next to him, maybe doing some homework or taking the nap with him, but he’s there. and isak’s always bringing in water and snacks and keeping them nearby, whether even takes any of it or not. and quietly suggesting things for them to do. even has the complete liberty to say no, i’m NOT getting out of bed because im TIRED and im NOT going to eat that because im NOT HUNGRY and im NOT gonna watch that movie because its NOT INTERESTING, and if he does isak just nods and goes ok well what do you want to do? and even will maybe say something like nothing i guess and isak nods again and says lets do nothing together then. 

and every time it feels like its a bit too much, even tells isak, and isak reminds him to only think about breathing for this minute, or to imagine nicholas cage’s  face for the next minute, or to just look at him. look at isak and think about isak for the next minute. and it helps. to have someone there to remind him im here but also i need you and you’re breathing and you are alive and however unbearable that must feel, you’re going to survive the next minute. you will live this next minute.

and i think that’s all he really needs.

Sergio Ramos, an inner monologue
  • Ramos: We've lost two games, I think I should not let Madridistas suffer and score early.
  • Ramos: But we did lose two games... So I think I should score twice.
  • Ramos: But when should I score?
  • Ramos: Maybe now?
  • Ramos: Okay now.
  • Ramos: What about the next one?
  • Ramos: Scoring too easily will down my reputation, so an offside goal just to flaunt and then another goal.
  • Ramos: Good thought Ramos
  • Ramos: Thank you Ramos

Don’t you just love that feeling of discovering you’ve been blocked by another Tumblr blog?

Another blog that you don’t follow, and have never communicated with in any way, shape or form? 

Another blog which has reblogged a ton of your own posts?

A ton of your own posts, from your utterly mundane, boring, multi-fandom blog, on which you rarely bother to share any kind of opinion more dangerous than ‘I like cake’ because you know it just ain’t worth the bother?

I guess my photos of Karl Urban and cute cats are offending more people than I thought…

This just happened on my personal social media:

Me: Y'all are childish over this damn inauguration
Me: I was talking about you and _______
The friend: What the fuck I didn’t know you were a Trump fucker too
Me: You are the reason I hate being liberal
The friend: lol if you hate being liberal why are you one then
Me: if you hate America so much why are you american then
The friend: I don’t hate being american I just hate what has happened to it but okay nazi dude
Me: now you know how I feel about being liberal
The friend: yup you just want liberals to become nazis don’t you
Another friend: aren’t you the same girl who protested trump when the election happened but you aren’t even old enough to vote
Me: yes and when I asked her about why she was protesting she told me she was protesting fascism
The other friend: considering fascists promote anti-democracy I’m not sure she realizes the irony
The original friend: shut up ugly
The other friend: your boyfriend doesn’t think of me as ugly tho so what’s good

I never should discuss politics on my personal social media.

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I know another anon just requested this, but do you have any more yoonseok fanfictions you could recommend? And I like sub!yoongi and Dom!hoseok in smut (I have no shame wow) tysm!!

YO, don’t worry be happy and ask away ^^!

Nothing on but the Radio : Alternative Ending by 2kitsune [rated M, 6.6k]

My Druggy by yoongidontdoit (sammyinnerdglasses) [rated E, 27k]

A Little Less Fuck Off, A Little More Fuck Me by deannach_na_realtai [rated E, 3.5k]

The Sweetest Devotion (Hit Me Like An Explosion) by inkingbrushes [rated M, 34k] **

The Two Billion Songs On Love by lexwrites [rated M, 16k] **

Flames just create us (burns don’t heal like before) by inkingbrushes [rated M, 22k] **

He’s a Gentleman by infinitizeit [rated T, 7.7k]

sew your heart to my sleeve by inkingbrushes [rated T, 8k]

nice to meet you by hobilu [rated E, 5.5k]

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes [rated T, 8.5k]

Down For Your Rhythm by taethereal [rated E, 17k] **

a procession of seasons by shikae (39smooth) [rated E, 21k] **

Meet Me on the Other Line by infinitizeit [rated M, 3.5k]

play the game by sungmin (jeonggukkie) [rated E, 5k]

Kiss me through my laptop by 2kitsune [rated M, 4k]

Home by almostblue (fictionalaspect) [rated E, 1.8k]

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi by shikae (39smooth) [rated E, 9.9k]

Here you go! Hope you enjoy all of these!! Some aren’t smut but they’r still really good! Also, it’s alright I have no shame either :))))))

-Admin Nana

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Hi! I just saw your post about Split. I was wondering if you could explain how it's mocking mental illnesses etc? I'm not arguing, I just don't want to be ignorant about such an important topic before possibly watching the film, thanks if you answer this!

I just reblogged another person’s perspective on this, take a look at it and see if that answers your question?

But I would also like to emphasize that this issue (media portrayal of mental illness) is more broad and widespread than this one movie. Media tends to mis-represent mental illness, over-dramatize it and dehumanize it in ways both over and covert. More importantly, in addition to the one issue of media producing problematic content - it’s about the consumption of problematic content done uncritically.

The main reason why I even bothered responding to that asshole in the first place is because they illustrated what happens when people uncritically consume a problematic image, and wholly accept it as reality. Then out culture projects this imagery of mental illness from the media back onto those who don’t fit the neurotypical stereotype - this causes real consequences. real people are affected. 

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Another anon here, the part with bums manipulation is just speculations you shouldnt talk as if its fact already and while i understand everything else you said (and you are right) there was no reason for bum to lie in that situation, sangwoo was in a good mood they were in public and he couldve just say yes you were awesome and not describe how he wanted to suck him off so badly it doesnt really make sense

Sorry, but if I were in Bum’s shoes I wouldn’t trust Sangwoo’s “good mood”. He knows the real Sangwoo and what he is capable of. There is no guarantee that he won’t switch back to physical punishment and torture. (Ofc not right now because they are in public.) In ch 13 we saw that Bum was hesitant about Sangwoo’s sudden change of mood, in ch 14 he was uncomfortable with the affection. However, I agree that it was really weird that he started to talk about blowing Sangwoo right off the bat. But he’s mentally unstable and confused about his own feelings rn. And what he says, what he thinks and how his body is reacting, does not necessarily have to align.

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can you recommend some sehun chanyeol baekhyun blogs

Ayyy I just posted another ask with all my fav Sehuns blogs so you can check there!


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These are blogs that I either know those are their bias/one of their biases and that post quite a bit of those members ^^ they’re all great in my opinion

I’m genuinely curious cause I don’t fully understand American politics but if trump gets assassinated then Pence becomes president but to my understanding he’s worse so like if he gets assassinated who then becomes president? Do you just have another election?