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Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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Video Games

**Request: Can u do a smut where jungkook is playing a game and u keep bothering him bc u know how serious he takes his games so when he finally gives u his attention u walk away provoking him? **

Type: Smut

Word Count: 2331 

*I do not own this gif, credit to its owner*

Sunday afternoons were your favorite time of the week. You didn’t have to work, you weren’t obligated to go out with friends and for the past few weeks it had been raining lightly giving you enough of an excuse to stay in with your boyfriend and just enjoy each other’s company.

He had been working so hard as of late, so hard that for the past few days you and he both thought he’d be working, ruining your perfect streak of Sunday afternoons together. When he showed up on your front door step at noon exactly you almost cried with excitement, it felt like it’s been forever since you’ve seen him. You couldn’t help but melt when he smiled widely and pulled you into his chest while whispering ‘Surprise.’

Since you thought you could be spending the night alone you had absolutely nothing planned, so it made your heart flutter when Jungkook took the liberty to order pizza so the two of you could eat pizza and watch a movie together.

“I’m just gonna play a bit until the food comes, I haven’t been able to all week.” He’d call over to you as he bent to start up the machine that sat on the table in front of your tv.

You didn’t mind it when he played, in fact you thought it was cute the way his nose would slightly scrunch and his bottom lip would find itself in between his teeth, threatening to slip out when ever he jerked the controller one way or the other.

You watched him quietly, your fingers scratching softly under the material of his shirt, something he didn’t even have to ask you to do any more. You didn’t stop until the sound of the doorbell rang, making you jump slightly.

“Pizzas here, pause it and put the movie in while I go get it.” You said kissing his cheek not stopping to notice if he acknowledged you or not.

Grabbing a piece before you even swung the door shut with your butt you made your way back to the living room, stopping by the kitchen to grab paper plates and napkins. You made him scoot over by nudging his thigh with your knee. He flipped over to the other side of the couch and looked at you briefly before opening his mouth for a bite.

“Are you actually serious?” You said with an amused look on your face.

“Just five more minutes, I’m almost done with this level.” He’d say before opening his mouth again. You rolled your eyes and brought a piece to his mouth. Though annoyance grew in the pit of your stomach there was still something about the way his jaw flexed that made you tingle. You bit your lip gently before breathing hard and taking another bite of your pizza, sitting back to run your fingers over his back once more. You sighed heavily again and started a five minute countdown.

“Okay 5 minutes is up, please?” You said wrapping an arm around his shoulder so you could lightly tap his cheek.

“Okay just one more second.” He said kissing your cheek quickly before turning back to his game. You sighed loudly and flopped back on the couch, crossing your arms as you watched him play now.

“Kook.” You said kicking he knee gently.
“Kookie.” You said pushing his thigh with both feet.
“Kook come on.” This time you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him so he now was laying in between your legs.
“Jungkook I swear to god.”

He just grunted and propped himself up, eyes not leaving the screen. You sighed and shifted your body, so your head rested on his lap. You pulled your phone out and began to scroll, anything to ignore him just like he was ignoring you. But then after a few more minutes of him still refusing to change to the movie  you began to grow needy. You kicked your knees out and let your phone fall on your chest as you crossed your arms. You saw a slight smile tug at the corners of his lips and that made you even more aggravated. If he wanted to play this game, you’d not only play, but you’d win.

Rolling to your stomach you let your head remain on his lap. You turned your face towards him so you were in licking distance of his clothed member. He peered down at you for a second before letting out a long sigh and moving right back on to his game. You started to leave the light scratches he loved so much across his thigh, smiling as he sighed deeply once more. It wasn’t enough though so you removed your fingers and replaced them with your lips, kissing gently across the bare skin until your lips were hovering right above his member. You could see him looking down at you in longer increments this time, watching to see what your next move would be. But when he didnt respond you just breathed heavily, making sure the warm air of your breath hit his clothed member. You smiled to yourself as goosebumps rose across his thighs.

You sat up now, squeezing his upper thigh  just enough as you used it to hold yourself up. You could tell by the way he was breathing it was working. You lent against him and pulled your phone up once more and started to scroll, your hand ever so lightly moving up till the back of your hand was placed gently on top of his member. You fake yawned, stretching your hand firmly across his member and dragging it back across lightly, just how he liked it.

“Y/n…” He said, eyes not leaving the Tv.

“What?” You said innocently.

“What are you doing?”

“Um, stretching? All this video gaming is so boring.” You said leaving you hand to rest on his thigh. You smiled reaching for your water bottle. Unscrewing the cap you took a lazy sip letting just enough to dribble down your chin.

“Oh shoot, Kookie, can you pass a napkin, Im wet.” You said, dragging the last bit out just long enough that his eyes flicked to you.

“No? Okay well I guess Ill get it myself.” You said kneeling up and swinging a leg over his lap. You sunk down and reached for the napkins, making sure to drag your core over him just enough that you could feel him getting hard under you.

You tried to dismount, putting air  between his crotch and yours but the sound of the remote controller hitting the floor make you smile as his hands held firmly to your thighs. You tried to keep the innocent look in your eyes as he stared at you, his eyes darkening.

“What are you doing.” You said cockily as his hands started to trail up your thighs.

“If you want to play, Ill play.” He said squeezing your thighs once more.

“Play what? I was just getting napkins.” You said, all innocence that you were trying to fool him with was gone and replaced with a lustful look.

Still, you kissed his nose gently and took yourself off of  his lap and started to make your way to your room. You hald expected him to pick the controller up and continue where he left off so when his hand quickly caught your wrist and pulled you back down so you were sitting beside him. He quickly took aholdd of your cheek with his hand before his lips were crashing to yours. The force of the kiss allowed Jungkook to push you backwards till your head was resting against the arm of the couch and he was wedged between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him further into the kiss. Once he knew exactly how close you wanted him to be your hands trailed down to hook under his shirt and then back up, taking in every inch of his back. You could feel him growing between your legs so you lifted yours and hooked your ankles together to bring him down closer to you. Ankles still hooked you started to roll your hips. The need to feel him growing faster as you felt yourself opening up.

He responded by hooking an arm around your back and pulling you up to meet him so you were now straddling his lap. This gave him easy access to pull your shirt from over your head and to get to work on your bra. He would have had it off in a second but the feeling of you grinding against him was enough of a distraction that it took him longer than usual. The moment it was off he laid you back down again, now slipping your shorts off your body with the help of you raising your hips. Hiked down your body and over each thigh before diving right into your already sopping core. He’d lick the length of your heat while his fingers followed slowly. You let your mouth fall open, a light airy gasp leaving your mouth as he repeated this over and over again until you knotted your fist in your hair and pulled him closer to your core. He chuckled, the  heat of his breath and the vibrations against your most sensitive area making your body jolt in pleasure.

His fingers found their way inside of you, rotating in and out as he circled his wrist so you could feel every part of his fingers. Your hands gripped tighter as he kissed your clit and began to pump faster. Only a few fast pumps though before his fingers curled up and hit your g-spot instantly. You moaned louder at this, the moan trailing off into a staggered laugh.

You couldn’t take it any more. You reached out to his shirt and grabbed at it before pulling it over his hand and pulling him up so his lips met yours again. He slipped his tongue into your mouth letting you taste yourself as you fumbled with his shorts, pulling them off of his bottom half as quickly as you could. He chuckled helping you finish the job before pushing you further into the couch. You kissed him harder as one hand pumped at his member a good few times before you lined himself up with you.

His tip would have barely touched you before he took charge and pressed into you harder, another breathy gasp leaving you lips. He wouldn’t take any time to let you warm up to him. Instantly he’d be pumping fast into you, his arm wrapped around your head in a way that caused you from you being to uncomfortable he rammed into you. His kisses would grow sloppy as he tried controlling his heavy breath and focus on the way he drove himself into you. He’d lay rough kisses across your bare collar bone, marking it here and there before meeting your lips again for a brief moment. He sat up more and looked at you as he drove even faster, watching as your moan fluctuated with each pump.

He pulled you up instantly and directed you over his lap. His hands found their way to your hips as yours hooked around his neck. He held himself steady with one hand which let you sink down onto his member. A breathless gasp leaving both of your lips as you sunk as deep as you could get him.

You pressed your forhead to his, supporting yourself on his shoulders as you began to rise and fall. You started off slower, enjoying the way it felt when his tip was barely in you before sinking lower against him. The moment you started to pick up the pace, rolling your hips with every drop was the moment the groans from him loudened as he watched his member disappear inside of you. You started riding him at a rapid pace, your hands now gripping to the back of the couch as the feeling of him hitting your cervix with each pump brought the familiar clenching feeling in between your legs.

The very first time he felt you tighten around you was when he tightened his grip around your waist and held you to him. He rose his hips and began to once again drive into you, but this time it was at such an alarming pace you had to brace yourself. Your moans turned dangerously loud as you tried holding on from letting your orgasm get the better of you, but the friction between the two of you plus the twitching of his member sent you over the edge, You grabbed into his trap as you came, your legs shaking and your eyes squeezed shut. He wasn’t far behind you as his hips bucked up one last time so he could unload.

He pumped a few more times as he pulled you down to kiss him, this time a lot softer than before, but just as meaningful. He’d smile up to you as you brushed the hair off of his sweaty forehead and would close his eyes before tracing his fingers up and down your bare back. Taking his hand he’d let you pull him up and he’d wrap his arms around your shoulders as you lead the way to your bathroom.

Turning the sower on you’d let him pull you onto him so your head rested in the crook of his neck and you traced small circles on his chest. Just as the bathroom began to steam you’d reach up to kiss him, but it didn’t take  long for him to have you pinned against the shower tiles with one legged propped up on the side for a second round.

Not over you.

I was binge-watching The Voice and came across Fernando Daniel’s audition where he did a very awesome job with his rendition of Adele’s When We Were Young (which is one of my favourite songs!) and this is the aftermath of watching that movie. Truth be told, this imagine is supposed to be fluffy and fun but somehow, after that video, it turned out like this. This was not proof-read by the way so there might be a lot of mistakes but anyways, hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by dayaholics

There is just so much rejection one person can take.

Some might call you a fool for still continuing to pine over someone who clearly has a very obvious crush on another person. Some might even call you stupid or stubborn for still finding opportunities to confess to him even though you have been rejected countless of times. Some might even pity you and your choices but like you always tell your friends, you do not really choose who you fall in love with.

It just sorts of happen, in a blink of an eye. Love hits you during the times you least expect it and although you might not know what ‘love’ really is – this feeling you carry for him feels a whole lot like it. More often than not, your friends try to set you up with other guys just so you could “move on” but after every one of those dates, it just cements the fact that love is not something you can just easily turn off – like a switch. If it is only that easy, you probably would have switched off your feelings for him because being rejected hurts. Unrequited love is just honestly the worst kind of love that has ever existed.

“How many times does this make?” MJ asks when she spies you looking down-trodden and your unusual cheery self. You look up from the ground and give her a smile, attempting to cover the hurt. When MJ gives you a deadpan expression, you know you are not fooling yourself let alone anyone.

At this point, you like to think that Peter Parker has ruined you for everyone else. Those dates your friends set you up in always leave you feeling dissatisfied and at the end of each and every date you have gone to; you always end up comparing all of them to Peter. So much so, you ultimately stopped going on those dates because clearly trying to force yourself to move on is just very hard.

“Probably the fifth – I might have lost count after the third time.” You tell her weakly, chuckling at your luck. Sometimes you do not even know if you are a masochist (who else would be alright with putting themselves through this kind of pain?) or if you are just stubborn (or dumb, either one works well at this point). “What are you doing here anyways?” You ask her, wanting to move on from the topic.

MJ shrugs her shoulders before turning back to her sketch book. “Saw Parker looking constipated after he left, figured it might have something to do with you.” She glances at you and you bite your lower lip as you try to school your expression and still keep the smile on your face. “I was right.”

You would not really consider MJ as your friend just yet – the two of you have never talked prior to your first confession to Peter Parker a few months ago – but she is steadily becoming one. Unlike your other friends, she does not sugarcoat her words and she says them as it is – your friends tend to skirt around the subject when talking to you. You really appreciate her character.

“Yeah.” You murmur before turning to look at your textbook. Despite being able to read all of the words on the pages, you simply cannot comprehend any of them at all. You blink a couple of times and sigh when you still cannot comprehend anything that you have just read so you close your textbook instead. “I think I am done here.”

MJ looks up from her sketchbook before she glances at the clock, a frown creeping on her face. She watches you pack your textbook in to your bag but before you could stand up and leave the table, MJ speaks up. “He does, you know.”

You freeze momentarily before turning to face MJ. “Excuse me?”

MJ sighs before she leans away from the table, picking up her sketchbook. She flips through several pages before landing on the page she was looking for. “Peter.” She shows you this caricature of Peter seemingly pining after you and you honestly did not mean to laugh – because the thought that Peter actually reciprocates your feelings after rejecting you is just really hilarious to you – but you did.

You sit back down in your seat, wiping away the tears that manages to escape your eyes. A few heads turn to look at you but you dismiss them in favour of looking at MJ. “Perhaps in a different universe that might actually be the case, MJ.” You point out. “Even if it is true, how do you know any of these?” You don’t really hang outside of the library as well as your student body office as much as you would have love to so you don’t really know what happens outside.

MJ shrugs her shoulders. “I just observe people a lot – Peter is interesting to observe because he makes this face a lot when it comes to you.” She points to the sketch again and you try to process her words. No matter how much you try, you still could not wrap your head around it so you just shake your head.

“Thank you for trying to cheer me up, MJ.” You tell her and made a move to stand up. “See you around.” MJ nods her head at you. You give her one more smile before walking out of the library, leaving MJ sitting at the table alone with an unfinished sketch.

(“Why would you do that, Peter?” MJ asks as she sits across of Peter and Ned. The two of them exchanged confused looks before turning back to look at MJ. She rolls her eyes. “Why did you reject Y/N again?”

Peter flinches at the sound of your name and he looks away from MJ. Hearing your name fall from MJ’s mouth reminds him of what had transpired earlier that morning – you had confessed your feelings to him (for the fifth time) and he had rejected you. The look of utter hurt and disappointment on your face that you tried your hardest to mask after he had rejected you stayed in his mind.

Truthfully, Peter does not quite understand why he keeps rejecting you. He knows he has some sort of feelings for you – perhaps not ‘love’, Peter doesn’t think he knows what ‘love’ is yet but he knows he likes you more than normal. What is not to like about you? Vice President of the school, steady grades, nice personality – there are a lot of wonderful qualities about you that Peter likes but he just cannot bring himself to accept your confession. Call him scared, Peter would not even mind because he is. Terrified beyond his wits.

Ned looks aghast. “You rejected Y/N again? Dude, that makes it like the fifth?” He stares at Peter in disbelief and Peter groans before slowly nodding his head. Ned groans. “Why would you do that, Peter?” Ned repeats MJ’s question. MJ crosses her arms and leans in, waiting for Peter’s answer.

Peter swallows the lump in his throat and looks at his two friends. “I – I don’t know.” He shakes his head as if to emphasize how he really does not know.

MJ furrows her eyebrows.

Ned is still looking at Peter in disbelief.

“You need to try harder than ‘I don’t know’, Peter. If you don’t like Y/N, maybe you can just tell her upfront and be honest about it. So that she can move on with her life instead of pining after you.”)

A week after you had last confessed to Peter, you decided to do something drastic because after that confession of yours was rejected, you went to a really bad place inside. Despite the cheery disposition you kept whenever you are in school and around friends, back at home, nothing much could distract you from the fact that your first ever crush on someone is really painful and hurts you a lot.

So right when the school ended, you immediately approach Peter just as he is about to leave with Ned in tow. “Peter, I need to talk to you for a moment – you don’t mind, do you?” You address Ned who simply shakes his head. He steps aside, leaving the two of you alone and Peter looks somewhat uncomfortable as he stares at everything and everyone but you.

This hurts you more than you would like to admit but this is the reason why you are here. “I just… I am not going to confess so you don’t have to look so uncomfortable.” You can’t help the spite that left your mouth really but at this point, you really don’t care anymore. Enough is enough.

“Y- you’re not?” Peter’s surprised voice catches you by surprise and you aren’t sure if you are sad or happy so you disregard it completely. “I – I am not! Uncomfortable, I mean.” Peter rubs the back of his neck sheepishly before looking at you. “Y/N, I – I actually…” He trails off when you shake your head.

You need to do this now or you are going to chicken out and continue to hurt yourself. “Every single time I look at you, Peter, I can… I can feel my heart sink because I know you won’t ever like me like I do about you and,” You swallow the lump in your throat as you try your hardest not to tear up. “And even though at first I told myself this is alright – I just, I don’t think I can, at least, not anymore.” You shake your head. Your hands are trembling and you look away from Peter. “Which is why I have decided,” with a heavy heart, you add in your mind, “that I am going to stop liking you, Peter. You won’t see me again after this and thank you so much for entertaining me whenever I confess to you.” You would really love to hate Peter, honestly, you would but Peter has always treated you nicely despite the uncomfortable position you tend to put him through whenever you confess.

Peter is at a loss of words as he stares at you. He wants to say something – to tell you that you are wrong but it’s as if his lips are locked and he suddenly can’t find his voice or find it in him to move his hands to stop you from leaving. All Peter could do is watch you leave and that’s when he realizes that his heart is hurting a lot.

Ned approaches him with a worried look. “What did Y/N say? She ran past me just now.” He mutters – no matter how many times Peter has rejected you, you normally take the time to talk to Ned too because you genuinely find him to be a very funny, albeit nerdy guy.

“I think,” Peter actually has to stop himself from talking for a bit because tears are starting to well up in his eyes so Peter has to blink a couple of times. “I think I just got my heart broken.” He informs Ned numbly and all Ned could do is just stare at Peter in surprise. “And it hurts.”

be there in five

on ao3

this work was a commission for @ladyserendipitous!!! thank you so much for commissioning me, this was so much fun, thank you for giving me the chance to write this amazing prompt and for being patient <3

also, shoutout to @sunlitshowers and @reyxa for providing encouragement and also increasingly ridiculous excuses. and thank you for @megatraven for beta-ing!

if you’re interested in commissioning me, my writing commissions are open, so please check them out!!


Here’s the thing: Marinette had her perfect date with Adrien.

Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it was good and he was sweet and honestly? That was all that mattered. It was enough to get her a second date. It was enough to have fun with someone who she liked and who might one day like her back in that same way, not just in her imagination.

The problem is the second date.

Marinette has plans. She has so many plans. Lists and lists of dates she wants to go on with Adrien. Some she planned by herself, some she picked up from others, some Alya texted her at one in the morning because that’s when Alya works best.

Marinette has plans and she intends to follow through with the them.

Hawk Moth has his own plans. And those plans involve making Marinette’s life as difficult as humanly possible.

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Pop Princess

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The truth is revealed on the set of the reader’s new music video.

Prompt: “Don’t talk to me like I’m a god damn child.“

Pairing: bodyguard!Jensen x popstar!Reader

Requested by: @iwriteaboutdean

A/N: If you wanna know the scene Jensen is freaking out over, it’s from Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight. The parts at the end (starts 2:28 mark).

Jensen grits his teeth biting back a low growl, he can feel a dangerous rumble in his chest that’s threatening to escape. His fury filled eyes witness you greedily accept every seductive touch from your co-star Justyn.

Your bodyguard is fully aware that the sexual bullshit playing out before him is just acting. That it’s your job at the moment to portray a lustful, passionate relationship for the camera. Although it doesn’t lessen the strong urge of wanting to break your co-stars face.

Justyn’s grubby hands are grabbing and pulling you, his lips kissing and grazing you, his whole motherfucking body keeps touching you. To make matters worse, you’re donning sexy red lingerie that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

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Its Always Been You

Anon Requested: “can you please write angsty scenario with yoongi. where he and y/n are in love but she is scared af of relationships so they have big fight and he says something mean bc he is hurt and want to hurt her too. and idk what else. happy ending or maybe atleast they stay as friends and support each other? thank you! and sorry about my english 😪”


Words: 6881

Summary: Yoongi knew that he loved you from the first day he met you, but you friendzoned him. He’s been with you through the ups and downs of your life. And now after a nasty break-up, you finally started looking at Yoongi as more than a friend, but you were scared to love him because of your past relationship. Will you two end up together, or will you need time to work on yourself?

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Another night was spent laying up in bed, worried sick to your stomach. Your boyfriend of 8 months was out again, with his friends, bar hopping. You wouldn’t be like this if he hadn’t done some questionable things in the past. Every time he goes out, you can’t help but to stay awake and worry about the worst situation that could possibly happen.You wish you could trust him a little more than you do, but you just can’t. You wish you could go out with him, but you don’t want to be the clingy girlfriend.

You love him, you really do. You’ve decided to look past all the times that he bought another woman a drink, or danced with another woman at the bar. You looked past it all because you are so in love with him. You always get the feeling that maybe he wasn’t ready for a relationship, but he always reassures you that he is and that he loves you deeply.

Scrolling through your phone, you opened up snapchat and looked through everyone’s stories. You clicked on one of his friends name to see stories of the guys drinking, taking shots, and dancing, but the last story is what rips your heart out. It was boyfriend, making out with another girl at the bar. You couldn’t peel your eyes away, you kept replaying it over and over again, trying to think of an excuse on why he did it. Maybe it wasn’t him? But you knew it was him because it’s the same outfit he left the house in.

Your eyes got foggy, and you started sniffling. You exited the app and let out a deep breath. You grabbed your purse, and slid on some shoes to walk to your best friends place.


“Taehyung get the door.” Yoongi rolled over in his bed and pulled the covers up and over his face.

“Hyung, it’s 1 in the morning, what if it’s a murderer?” He groaned, and set his feet on the ground and rubbed his eyes. Who could possibly be waking them up this late at night. The bangs on the door were heard again.

“If it’s a murderer then you lived a good life Tae.” Yoongi’s muffled voice was heard faintly. Another set of footsteps was heard the hall light turned on.

“Who the fuck is at the door.” Namjoon came into their room, holding the door handle.

“If we knew who it was, we wouldn’t be questioning each other right now too would we.” Yoongi sighed and pulled the blankets down from over his head. “Tae get the door.” He said yet again, getting annoyed of the banging.

“I’ll get it.” Namjoon left their door open with the hall light still on. Yoongi could hear the locks being undone and nothing else was heard. Then he saw Namjoon walk back to his room not sparing another glance into Yoongi’s or Tae’s room. More footsteps were heard until you appeared in the doorway and Yoongi sat up right away.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” You didn’t say anything, but you jumped onto Yoongi’s bed, wrapping your hands around his neck and crying into his shoulder. Yoongi nodded his head at Taehyung to indicate that he needed to leave. He got the message and grabbed a blanket to go to the living room couch. Yoongi let you cry, he ran his hand through your hair while softly saying ‘sh, it’ll be alright’ over and over.

You finally lift your head up, and he took his hands to wipe the excess tears that stained your face. A sniffling mess is what you became, as you flipped over to be on your back and put your head on his stomach. Something you’ve always done. He hated seeing you cry, he hated seeing you sad, he hated seeing you broken. When you were hurt, he was hurt as well. Everything you felt, he was feeling too.

“Y/N, why are you crying?” He whispered so softly that you weren’t sure it was his voice.

“He was kissing another girl.” The video replayed in your head as you shut your eyes tightly trying to get rid of the image that has managed to be an ongoing movie in your mind.

Yoongi stayed quiet. He has so many things to say about the guy you’re dating now. He didn’t like him from the get go, he was just bad news, and it seemed that every week you two were always fighting, and you were left always hurting. He saw how you changed to be with him, how you wouldn’t watch certain shows anymore, or how you acted differently around people. He saw how your outgoing personality has changed to a shy and quiet personality because your boyfriend didn’t like it. You changed for the worse and not the better. You were so in love with him that you were blinded to all of these changes you were making just to make him happy.

You let out a small chuckle. “I should have ended it a while ago right.” You looked at Yoongi as he was put on the spot.

“Y/N, I’m not the one who makes those decisions, that’s your doing.” He didn’t want to say anything that would hurt you more.

“This was the last straw. I can deal with him dancing with other girls, and buying other girls drinks, but this, this I can’t deal with.” Yoongi cringed at everything you said. He knew that your boyfriend did all of this, he was keeping his options open obviously. He just wanted to have a girl that had major heart eyes for him so if he couldn’t get a girl on his night out, he would always end back up with you.

“I think that’s a very smart choice.”

“You think so Yoongs?” You moved your head up to his chest and put an arm around his stomach as his arm was on your back, and another behind his head.

“Y/N I know so. It’ll be hard but I know it’s the right decision.” You crinkled your nose, hating that you had to agree with him on this. He was right, this decision was for the better. The both of you sat there in silence, while Yoongi was stroking your hair, when he stopped, it indicated that it was your time to go.

You got up slowly from his grip and pulled the blankets up. You were about to open the door when you heard him move in his bed. “Y/N it’s late, stay here.” His sleepy voice always worked on your.

“Sure, let me get Tae so I can sleep on the couch.” He patted the bedside next to him.

“You can sleep here, I don’t bite.” You smiled to yourself, and crawled back into the bed, this time getting underneath the blankets and laying your head on a pillow. Yoongi didn’t seemed pleased as he got closer to you and pulled you into an embrace.

“Yoongi you’re suffocating me.” He let you go as he pulled you into his side with an arm around you. You had an arm on his chest and could feel his heart beating, it was relaxing. You could spend every night like this with him.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

“Night Yoongs.” And you both drifted off to sleep.


You woke up to the sound of voices coming out from the closed door, filled with laughter. The sun was poking it’s way into the room, and you looked to your side and found a sleeping Yoongi. His arm was still wrapped around you. You grabbed your phone from the bed-side table, with 5 missed calls and 20 text messages from your soon to be ex-boyfriend. You read the messages, they started off with an apology, then him getting mad because you weren’t replying, then him telling you it was over because he’s had enough with you. It was always like this, how could you be so blind?

You didn’t want to leave the bed, you didn’t want to leave your best friend. You yanked the blankets up even more, and nuzzled into his side. Yoongi moved in his sleep and you shut your eyes quickly, you didn’t want him to know that you were up just yet.

You felt his hand as he pushed back some of your stray hairs in your face, and you could practically feel his gaze on you. “Y/N,” he whispered it so softly, you barely heard it. “I love you.” And he wrapped you in his arms again. Your eyes may have been closed and he may have thought you were sleeping, but you heard his words, loud and clear. You always told Yoongi that you loved him and he did the same with you, but why does this sound so different?

You finally open your eyes to show him that you were awake. “Good morning.” He said. It took every ounce in his body to hold him back from kissing you. He wanted to so badly, he’s always wanted to, but you only thought of him as a friend. “Morning.” You whispered back. You grabbed your phone to see if your boyfriend said anything else within the 10 minute time span, but nothing. Your stomach dropped and your heart was aching, why did you feel so guilty for this? None of it was your fault, you shouldn’t take blame for anything, but here you are, taking some of the blame, feeling bad for yourself.

“Did he text you?” You nodded your head and rubbed your eyes. “What’d he say?”

“Oh the usual, first the apology came, and then the angry texts because I wasn’t texting back and then the final text saying that we’re through.” Yoongi scoffed and rolled his eyes. This asshole always pulls the same thing on you. Somehow he manages to make everything your fault and you always end up believing that it truly is your fault when it isn’t. Yoongi has seen it all.

“What a fucking jerk. I hope you know that none of this is your fault Y/N.”

“I know.” You got up from his bed and stretched. You took the hair tie off your wrist and put your hair up. “I should get going Yoongs, you probably have schedules today and I don’t want to be in your guys’ way and plus I have to break up with someone.” Yoongi smirked at that last sentence.

“Well,” He got out of the bed and hugged you. “Y/N, you are not a bother around here first off, and second off, break his heart.” He winked at her and they both walked out of the room together. You waved to the others as they greeted you and hugged Yoongi one last time as you shut the door behind you, with a long day waiting ahead.

“So, what’d you guys do last night.” Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows at Yoongi. Namjoon slapped him on the shoulder.

“We slept, what else would we being?” Yoongi replied, heading over to the fridge to get some breakfast.

“Well if you just slept why was Tae on the couch.” Jimin decided to finally join on the bickering.

“Okay first off I told you guys she came in crying her eyes out and I didn’t want to hear Yoongi get all soft for her.” Tae sipped his orange juice.

“Yeah good explanation Tae, but she really did come in crying, because her boyfriend was making out with some rando at the bar last night.” The room went silent.

“Well that will be the end of the them.” Jin set his dishes in the sink, as everyone nodded their head in agreement.

I scoffed. “Yeah one can hope.”

“What do you mean that one can hope? He was kissing another girl! That’s the end!” Jin leaned against the counter top waiting for Yoongi to explain.

“It’s like he has this hold on her and she can’t get away because she’s so head over heels for him which makes her blind to all the shitty things he does.”

“Must suck for you then huh?” Namjoon chimed in, Yoongi was confused.

“What do you mean?”

“You love her hyung.” Jimin said and I coughed on my water. I looked at them as they all stared at me.

“Is it that obvious?” They nodded their heads.


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percystilinski  asked:

it's the lil nct mark anon (not really anon anymore) here :-) could you do nct mark best friends to lovers? THANK UU 💓

find others: ten 

  • you and mark meet because of mark’s dislike for science
  • literally,,,,you meet him because you’re assigned to tutor him and on the first day he’s like trying to be sweet and nodding along to what you say but you can see the complete confusion in his eyes
  • and you sigh because,,,,mark are you getting any of this???
  • and with the most unsuspecting smile he’s like nope :) dear god im going to fail chemistry aren’t i :)
  • and you’re like oK lets not jump to conclusions im sure we can make this work and mark just presses his forehead to the desk and groans and you’re like dude,,,,,we just,,,,,we just need to make you like chemistry - it’s not so bad
  • mark’s grumbling voice: id rather spend the eternity of my life locked in a room with haechan than look at another number
  • you: ok it’s not the ba-
  • mark: literally. eternity. in. a. room. with. haechan. throw in taeil with his bad dad jokes thats how much i dont want to do or see or hEAR about chemical equations and what not ever
  • you realize that it’ll be tough,,,but at the same time mark is too nice and hardworking to just fall through the cracks so you commit yourself to finding some way to get him to like science
  • and after trial and error, looking up ‘cats do science’ videos on youtube to making slideshows with animated dancing h2o structures 
  • you finally get through and tbh,,,,mark doesn’t fail his final. he gets just enough to pass,,,,but hey it all turned out well in the end
  • and you and mark pretty much bond because you put in effort to help him and without you he’d probably would have given up,,,,and mark likes being around you
  • you guys are both the laid back, silly type with matching sense of humor and an appreciation for just minding your own businesses
  • like once ten had come over just to tell mark about the Drama and you and mark had just blinked up @ him like,,,,what do you mean??? and ten was just like WOW YOU GUYS DONT PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING DO YOu
  • and mark had just shrugged and you’d just nodded because,,,,,,what did it matter?? what other people were doing and mark had agreed and ten had just rolled his eyes and stormed off
  • but basically,,,even when you’re done being his tutor you’ve become one of his closest friends
  • which is why when you end up accidentally breaking your ankle and get set up in the hospital for a couple of days 
  • aside from all your usual friends,,,mark shows up and sheepishly admits that he’d taken the time to visit all your teachers and get you the homework and notes
  • and he looks adorable holding the stack of books in his arms,,,and you’re like laughing into your palm because dammit mark this was supposed to be your chance to get away from schoolwork
  • and he gets panicky because ohH,,,,he didn’t know???? but you’re just giggling like im joking thanks so much
  • the relief is obvious as mark grins and sets down the books,,,sitting beside you and scrunching up his nose
  • and you’re like what??? does the hospital smell weird??
  • but mark leans forward and carefully flicks the center of your forehead and you’re like !
  • and he’s pulling back,,,,,,cheeks tinted pink but the same nose scrunch and he’s like “why’d you go and be dumb,,,,breaking your ankle,,,,,what did you do - trip over air?”
  • and you’re like HEY i tripped over something legitimate ok don’t be mean I was the one who tutored you mark lee
  • he sticks his tongue out and you do the same,,,,both of you end up chuckling anyway
  • and you jokingly tell mark not to worry you’ll be fine soon
  • but to your surprise he promises to visit you tomorrow too and you’re like don’t worry about it but,,,,,mark is more adamant than you’ve ever seen
  • and like he promised he’s back the next day,,,,this time shyly he pulls something from his backpack and it’s a stuffed puppy??? 
  • he places it in your lap and he’s like “it’s a gift,,,,,so you feel better” and you pick it up and smile and you’re like it’s so cute!!! it looks like you mark!!
  • and he’s like gfdhkflsjjf did ,,,, they just call me cute but also he’s like you need to name it
  • and you’re like let’s name it together!!!!
  • and again mentally,,,mark is probably dying but he’s like ok,,,,how about,,,,,
  • you think for a minute and you’re like you know how you’re from canada lets name him maple leaf
  • and mark is like ThATS ,,,, CHEESY but you’re like I LIKE IT i like maple leaf
  • you dont see it but mark bites back his lip,,,,watching you look happily at the toy because ok,,,,,what the hell why are you so cute
  • it’s so much that mark excuses himself for the day
  • and the next afternoon he’s back and the doctor mentions you’ll be discharged soon with a cast and mark is like that’s exciting, can i be the first to sign and you’re like sure!!!
  • and when you do get your cast mark takes out a pen and after a second he scribbles something
  • when you lean over you read it and you almost freeze because there it is,,,,,in green sharpie pen: ‘don’t break anything anymore,,,,,i like you too much so protect yourself!”
  • and you look up at mark whose turned cherry red and he’s like i- i don-dont-
  • and you’re like,,,,,do you mean you like him very much in a friend way?? 
  • mark shakes his head,,,hiding his eyes behind his hair and playing with his fingers and you feel your heart do a little leap
  • and you’re like mark,,,come here
  • listening to you he shuffles closer and you mumble for him to close his eyes and you can see his lips quiver but you also can see the smile he’s holding back
  • but instead of kissing him you bring maple leafs lips up to marks and he’s like !!!!! opening his eyes and touching his lips and you laugh
  • making mark scrunch up his nose again and he’s like not funny,,,,and you’re like ok ok but come here i do want to kiss you for real
  • ,,,,,,when you do kiss him you can feel the smile against your skin,,,,the way mark hesitates but slowly brings his hand up to cup your cheek and it’s cute,,,,,
  • but then the doctor comes in and mark jumps back and is a blubbering mess while the doctor is just like oo do u two need another minute hehe
Make You Feel (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Prompt/Summary: You convince Pietro to smoke weed with you. Smut will occur, beautiful, beautiful, stoned smut.

Based on the song Make You Feel by Alina Baraz (which sounds amazing stoned, I highly recommend it for smoking playlists)

Warnings: 18+, Drug use (smoking pot), UNPROTECTED SEXY SEX

Word Count:  2171 (Oops haha)

IMPORTANT NOTES: This DOES include smoking pot, so please don’t bitch at me about weed, I am very pot friendly, and an avid smoker myself. So, I thought this would be interesting because smoking weed makes we wanna fuck someone. So, if you aren’t a weed fan, I respect that and please move along. Thank you so much, NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF

 This is my first Pietro, so be nice por favor <3

“I’m not sure about this Y/N.” You grabbed the handle to your door, pushing it open. A reluctant Pietro following behind. You closed and locked the door before turning back to the blonde in a blue t shirt.

“Hey, do you trust me?” You walked towards your best friend, crossing your arms.


“You’ll be fine. Come on.” You grabbed Pietro by the arm and lead him towards your balcony. You were a college student at NYU, and for credits, you were interning at Stark Enterprise, specifically Tony’s office assistant. When you mentioned how annoyed you were with your roommate and everything to do with dorms, Tony being the sweetheart he was, offered to let you stay in the tower, which meant living with the FUCKING AVENGERS. You had become close with Steve and Wanda, but shared a very similar sense of humor with Pietro, making you two extremely close. You hung out whenever he wasn’t on missions or you at school or in the office.

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 Request: Emmett finds this girl on the side of the street broken and abused. He takes her to Carlisle and Carlisle fixes her up, but Emmett becomes like a protector for her because he’s drawn to her. (Maybe a parent abusing her, lots of angst) Then her and Emmett get super close and become inseparable and at first it’s friendly but one night she walks in on Emmett taking a shower or something, and I’ll let you take it from there lol (but make it smutty please)

Pairing: Emmett x reader 

Warnings: Smut, abuse ment. slight injury 

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If There's God (of Social Media)

@kazliin I’m not done with coping from your destructive chapter.

I cannot write angst, thank god for that. So there’s my semi headcannon/hopeful thinking of what happen behind he screen?? This is heavily inspired by @kixboxer ’s idea of Victor’s secret internet accounts


Victor Nikiforov have two instagram account.

He also have two twitter handle.

One of the account in each platform are ratified, blue ticked, and co-managed by Yakov’s PR team during the time of need such as posterity shots, events and exclusive shows announcement.

The other account, however, lacks the mark of legitimacy, have less than 3 digit followers in contrast of millions in his official accounts, also running mainly on Katsuki Yuuri based content.

His second instagram especially, conspicuously named poodleonskate, is an avid follower of Phicit Chulanont’s account and religiously liking every single post tagged #spottheyuuri, won at least 3 giveaway post (2 of them are Yuuri Merchandise, the other is artisan nail polish set) and mainly posts random scenery photos and Katsuki Yuuri’s screengrab stills.

His other twitter also used to liking and retweeting every Yuuri-content from Chulanont’s feed. He also used the twitter to gush about Yuuri with fellow Yuuri fans, that probably will shred him alive if they know that he’s… well.. him?

Victor probably spent more time using his unofficial account more than Yakov would like. He almost failed to be surprised when Mila casually commented on his post as poodleonskate, she probably caught him engaging some excited foray with twitter user yuurifan1275 about Katsuki’s new exhibition skate. Yakov apparently knows too and offhandedly warned him about personal information and maintaining public image.

That didn’t stop him to occasionally slip. The worst slip on came in the form of liking one of Chulanont’s instagram post using his official account.

(“Holy fucking shit?”, Phichit choked and ultimately sprayed the half chewed remains of his breakfast all over the kitchen table. The notification in his phone stayed innocently.

‘V-nikiforov, blueducky, saracrispino liked your post
#spottheyuuri #cocolacafe #spring #detroit #dogfriendslife ’

“Ew.” Yuuri crossed the livingroom with disdainful eyes towards their table and the remains of Phicit’s breakfast all over their dingy table.

As much as he wanted to share the extraordinary happening in his sns life, Yuuri getting aneurysm this early in the morning is not exactly the best scenario for everyone involved.)

Yakov gave him an earful afterwards while his rinkmates watched from the rinkside with varying degree of amusement and secondhand embarrassment. Half an hour and several ‘yes coach, not going to happen again’ thrown, Victor’s back on the ice with nothing but slight mortification and cold dread of someone caught red handed. Despite himself, a traitorous part of his mind cannot help but being thrilled of the outcome.He slightly hoped that Yuuri (or Phichit, and then by proxy, Yuuri) would comment on it.

They didn’t.


Donna Francie @bingowednesday
What just happenED?!!!! OMG!!

Eloisethecat @bonnie-bie
@bingowednesday Victor liked a #spottheyuuri post??#whatdoesthatmean #viktuuri

Victuuriistotallyreal @just-inn
Excuse me while I’m draining my tears out #viktuuri

Bluescluesboy @JonahLi
@bonnie-b @bingowednesday here we go again…

Viktorlove @sundayterrs
@JonahLi Ikr?! It’s just a lke?!! We all know Victor LOVES dog? Like LOVE LOVE? That post have a cute dog!! Not evrything is abt your gross shipping!

Zaskia G. @chameleonarecute
Another day in FS fandom.. #viktuurilimbo #spottheyuuri

ひめこ。西山 @kumahimee
Can confirm that Japanese twitter also lost their shit. #instagate #spottheyuuri #viktornikiforov #katsukiyuuri #figureskating


After the Big Reveal, years worth of tears were spilled within a day, heart wrenching apologies, more kissing, and tedious ceremonies and official duties performed with hands on each other’s body parts, the floodgate finally opened.

Within an hour V-nikiforov’s official account already liked every post tagged #spottheyuuri, compilation videos of Yuuri singing in the livingroom while dipping a mop, every Katsuki based aesthetic blog, and various account’s post in which Yuuri is tagged.

(“Holy shit.” Ketty said as her feed flooded with notification after skating legend Victor Nikiforov, also Yuuri’s supposed arch nemesis retweeted her post about Yuuri’s FS composing session, liked Every.single.photos. In her instagram featuring her equipment that was used in composing Yuuri on Ice song.)

(“Holy shit” said professor Gilman of Advanced Trigonometry class after his usually barren instagram feed exploded after someone named V-nikiforov liked his last year’s class photo featuring international student slash campus heartthrob Katsuki.)

“Really.” Yuuri asked dryly, but the corner of his mouth are soft and fond.

Victor looked him straight in the eyes, his eyes are sporting the same puffiness as Yuuri and as red. His nose is still clogged when he answered but his grin are terribly (terribly) blinding.


Phicit+chu posted


I totally appreciate the likes guys, but #reallyvictor? #nowweknow #wegetit #littleyurihadbenscreamingfor10minutes #guys #guystherearechildrenpresent #pausethekissing #victuuri #lovewins #Iamthebestman


Workout (m)

inspired by this particular gif (credit to @/natka9721)

i swear this boy is out to kill all of us but stay strong just like that last button on his shirt 

Rated M 

Word Count: 3469

Jeongguk x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: Jeongguk’s under strict instructions not to work out because it’s eating into the wardrobe budget and causing one too many malfunctions. As his stylist, you’re responsible for making sure he fits into his stage outfits, but when his urge to workout is unstoppable, you’re left with only one other choice to save your job.

The situation is dire, but Jeongguk doesn’t seem to be aware of even an inkling of your desperation as you run your hands over his chest frantically.

“Damn it Jeon Jeongguk, did you work out again? I literally just replaced all the dress shirts in your stage outfits with a size up just last week! And Jungyeon unnie will kill me if I tell her your blazer needs to be altered, again. Didn’t manager Sejin tell you that you weren’t allowed to work out anymore??”

He doesn’t seem to be listening to your mini rant as he checks himself out in the mirror behind you, admiring the smokiness of the eyeshadow smudged on his lids, and running a finger along the sharp crease of his jaw before adjusting the mic headset around his ear.

You give his nipple a sharp pinch and he yelps in response. He has the decency to look a little guilty as he shifts his gaze to your face, and fiddles with his bottom lip in hesitation.

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In my opinion, the majority of the Supergirl cast at SDCC was being more ignorant and insensitive rather than homophobic.

You have to be open to the possibility that maybe you’re misconstruing the situation, that what you see from the other side may not be an accurate representation of what actually happened, but yes, there is always the possibility that you are right.

Jeremy Jordan released two public apologies via Instagram that received backlash.

The first:

This one, I believe, received the most backlash for a formatting that is closer to that of a non-apology, of which I can see to an extent. It may be messy and imperfect, but he is human and can only learn from his mistakes. Many people did not like the fact that he said, “My track record for years has proven my love and utter devotion to the LGBTQ community.” because some people believe it is the equivalent of, “I have gay family/friends, I can’t be homophobic.”

But he is, I think, absolutely genuine with his intention in the apology, and the second part is more sincere, if you will.

He admitted his mistake, promised he would be better, and I personally have no doubt that he will try to do so in the future.

I said before that when you are attacked or criticized or hated, you are more likely to defend yourself. That is how humans work. If someone you knew was generally a kind and sweet person, but made a huge mistake, you are more likely to blame it on the person’s character. If it was the other way around and you made the mistake, you are more likely to blame it on external circumstances.

Mehcad Brooks’ apology is similar.

Yes, he made a comment similar to Jeremy Jordan’s “my track record” comment, and said something equivalent to “I cannot be homophobic, I am black”. And maybe he did not mean it to come out that way.

That is also another thing to address, because people who are gay can be racist/sexist and people who are black can be homophobic/sexist and people who are feminists can be homophobic/sexist. Most people know that being oppressed does not mean you cannot be the oppressor.

This is not trying to excuse what they did, but acknowledge that there are absolutely many variables within the situation at hand.

In the musical recap, they were having fun.

Okay, not a great reason, but everyone knows that when you are having fun, in the spur of each moment, you will not know if you are spouting anything out that is rude and offensive. They were not targeting the LGBT+ community, but maybe the actions they partook in are considered homophobic, but they are likely not themselves. They were being silly, having fun with each other, and laughing is scientifically proven to be contagious - it is a social thing whether or not you enjoy it, because most humans thrive off of it, and therefore, desire to be accepted. But, again, I know it does not excuse what they did.

Their intent was not to invalidate the LGBT+ community, but it did regardless, and you have every right to be upset. But think, just for a few seconds, to consider all sides. If you create something as an artist that you are so proud of and put so much time in and it is overlooked towards something you unintentionally created, you will likely feel upset. That one thing that you did not mean to do and put as much work in is being praised rather than the actual thing you are so proud of and want compliments for. Imagine that it is what the majority only talk about, it can get annoying.

Then there was the unnecessary interjection Chris Wood made about sexuality only being about perception of others. Again, ignorant and insensitive, but to his defense, he did say he was being sarcastic right after. I personally believe that was a homophobic comment. It is unfortunate for him that he is receiving a ton of hate attacking his personal life (because his character, Mon-El, is nothing like the comic counterpart and portrays someone who seems abusive), and when you shout at someone, you are likely to be shouted back at with the same force. Again, not excusing him, but more trying to develop an understanding of all sides.

To reiterate, I create art, whether it is in written or visual form, and I will likely be proud of my feat. There will be blatant haters, but when a fan articulately and professionally comments on how my work is portraying something unhealthy, it is a red flag. It is my job to at least take a second for myself to contemplate their words and the possibility without bias and acknowledge that though I did not intend to make it that way, it still had that affect.

They were also tired.

Okay, perhaps also not the greatest excuse for most.

SDCC panels are stressful for everyone, and I also believe it is very much so for celebrities attending. David Harewood makes a point that people may be “unfair” and “over the top” and blasting the situation out of proportion. My only qualm with his tweet is that he refers this outburst only originating from shippers when it is the entire LGBT+ community that has been affected. They might not be homophobic, but their actions could be read that way and will be used in the future to hurt the LGBT+ community and they are responsible for that.

They are also celebrities, they are constrained and choked in a suffocating environment that many fans burden their shoulders with.

Expectations. Ideals. Presumptions. Many unrealistic.

They are stuck within a tiny box of those specifications and the moment they resist or reach past it in any way, they receive hate. They are people, and like many other people, they may be agreeable on some matters and disagreeable on others; they have their own views. Those perfect ideas of humans people have, not just idols nor icons, are bad and unfair for both sides.

There are so many things that infuriated people at Supergirl’s SDCC.

From the announcement of The Ray and how it made Jewish coded characters like Supergirl and the Flash actual Nazis.

Which I personally loathe, so I cannot be as impartial on that matter.

To Melissa Benoist’s statements that Kara Danvers “lost her first ever boyfriend” as well as comparing it to her “losing her entire world”. She completely omitted a great black man in the first season that the latter was so head over heels with and seems to have compared a loss of a boyfriend to her losing her entire world - by extension forgetting that Kara Danvers still has Eliza, Lena, James, J’onn, Winn, and her sister Alex (I believe the Danvers sisters’ relationship is the most powerful in the show).

To the questions and panels circling around Mon-El constantly with barely any input on the Danvers sisters and the involvements of other important lead characters.

To the lack of addressing the problem with Mon-El’s character, which has been a huge controversy in numerous articles as well as plot holes with the rushed and messier writing.

To the theorizing and speculation people are making by watching videos, like the musical recap.

They are videos, you cannot really determine emotion nor intent and all they will ever be is speculation, because people are sharing statements that there is now cast drama (which I hope not) due to this incident. Katie McGrath and Odette Annable are receiving the least hate out of everyone (I am referring to cast members who were present, so I am leaving Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima out) because (and some of these are fan speculations and may or may not be ridiculous to you)…

- Katie McGrath repeated that fans could take anything they wanted from the show and apparently Mehcad Brooks told her to “shut up” in Italian (zitta).

Honestly, the audio is not great and neither are human ears and it is just speculation. I do not know.

- Katie McGrath “dragged” the rest of the cast members by stating, “I brought it back to reality, you wanna go back to singing again?” as in referring to the musical recap in the video as well as leaning away and apparently tackling Chris Wood’s comment earlier about sexuality only being about perception and Odette Annable showing her support.

Again, speculation as I analyze with a neutral lens. Katie McGrath could be comfortable in that position. Or maybe she was actually uncomfortable with the situation. And the cast was singing shortly beforehand, it was probably not meant as shade. I do not know.

- Odette Annable did not laugh at the musical recap nor when the cast sang again about Daxam I think.

Maybe she does not find singing to be amusing? Or maybe she really thought the cast members were being rude about the musical recap. I do not know.

- There is a photo of Katie McGrath and it looks as if there are tears and people speculate it was due to her statement during the musical recap that allegedly went ignored by other cast members or something and now she is being ostracized.

More speculation, maybe she was so happy with fans she teared up, maybe the lights were too bright and her eyes were too dry. I do not know.

I do not know. No one knows for sure what is going on and hopefully everyone’s speculations above are wrong because the idea of supposed discourse and schisms within a cast of grown adults is honestly sad (someone said that cast members for a show were arguing before an interview, I do not know how reliable that information is).

If you have a problem with what happened, give your statements.

Don’t attack the actors’ and/or writers’ personal lives.

Most people will not pay attention to something that sounds aggressive or hateful. Educate them on the consequences of their actions in a professional manner, and if they shoot back with something immature or block you, then you are wasting your time and theirs. You are the consumer, you can move on and invest your emotions, money, and time on something that you consider is more worth your while.

Focus On Me || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by yoonseok

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Fluff

“I don’t know honestly.” Namjoon said. The voice traveled from the living room and into your ears, causing you to stop at the doorway where you were taking off your shoes. You had just arrived at the shared dorm the boys lived in, after being invited by your best friend. You stayed quiet as you waited to hear what would be said next.

“Come on Namjoon, Y/N’s cute, you like her, you should just ask her out already.” You could hear Yoongi’s voice flood through the living room and you froze as you heard your own name. The insinuation Yoongi made had your heart beating incredibly faster and you were sure you had heard him wrong. There was no way that he had just said Namjoon liked you.

“I don’t like her, honestly, I don’t think I would ever date her.” You felt your heart stop in your chest as the words left Namjoon’s lips and you stayed quiet for a moment, trying to think over the words over and over again. You wished you hadn’t heard them but it was too late now. They were already said and replaying in the back of your head no matter how hard you tried to push them away.

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this is what happens when I headcanon with the incomparable @ananbeth ! lol thought I’d share these because we had tons of fun with it and it’s fucking solid as hell if I do say so myself 

  • Percy and Frank who grow up together and go surfing constantly
  • Percy laughs every time he watches big Frank get into this tiny car 
  • Percy and Frank who grew up like cousins 
  • their moms are best friends and their houses are down the street from one another 
  • Percy making jokes and Frank laughing hysterically, his face bright red 
  • when they meet Annabeth in the 7th grade Frank immediately KNOWS that she and Percy are gonna get together But he has to watch them both be idiots around each other for years
  • Frank getting demoted to the back seat of the car when they start dating and he’s like “guys….I know you’re in love but… Please”
  • LITTLE FRANK HELPING LITTLE PERCY WITH HOMEWORK sitting at Sally’s kitchen table, a plate of warm cookies in the middle 
  • patient Frank who is constantly encouraging Percy and Frank never brings it up when they’re older 
  • Percy is like "I would not have made it without you” and Frank is like “you’re crazy, that was all you man”– it means so much to Percy
  • also, going back to the original image: Surfer bros
  • getting up at 5am to get out on the waves before school then falling asleep in class later
  • Frank always misses a spot of sand on his leg no matter what he does
  • Percy’s hair is always crisp from the sand and salt
  • Frank after his growth spurt and he’s like “Percy why are those girls laughing at me, did I spill on my shirt again” and Percy is like “…no, I don’t know” and Annabeth is like “you guys are idiots, they’re giggling because they’re checking you out”
  • Frank goes red and is like “…I’ll be in the water if you need me”
  • Sally packs them a cooler of snacks for summer beach days. Frank always has at least 3 different SPF sunscreens with him. He wears one of those dorky tan bucket hats. Percy has a pair of old beat up vans that are his beach shoes. 
  • blasting music with the windows down as they drive home. 
  • bonfires on the beach. 
  • floating on their boards out in the water during sunset, which they call “the best seats in the house”
  • Frank living with the Jacksons during his mom’s deployments 
  • Sally and Percy helping him make care packages to send her
  • this leads us to even better territory: Bunk beds.
  • Percy isn’t allowed on the bottom bunk because he kicks the top mattress when he’s bored
  • he always pops his head down to ask Frank obscure questions late at night and Frank is like “PLEASE" 
  • they try to build a treehouse?
  • It’s terrible bless them
  • until Sally steps in and helps them then they spend all their time there
  • hiding out, and playing super heroes and stuff
  • they sleep there one night and it’s such an ADVENTURE
  • It’s where Frank goes when he wants to feel brave
  • they both go back up there the night before they’re about to leave to go to different colleges for the first time in years. They can barely fit and they’re both wearing their college sweatshirts 
  • Frank’s mom passes away when he’s 15, and he goes missing after the funeral 
  • they look all over for him until Percy suddenly realizes where he is 
  • he finds Frank in the treehouse holding the medal his mom was given
  • Percy scoots in and doesn’t say anything but Frank eventually looks up and he’s kinda still crying and he’s like "she would want me to be brave…right?" 
  • And Percy is like "she would want you to be whatever you need to be to get through this" 
  • Frank looks back down at the medal as he runs his thumbs over it and he’s like "I wanna be brave”
  • imagine them going off to separate colleges and keeping up a long distance friendship
  • Frank goes to the northwest like Oregon or something and Percy is like “I don’t understand how you traded the beach for the forest” and Frank is like “Says the guy in the middle of New York!” “Frank, it’s different
  • imagine successful NY Percy who buys his mom a cabin in Montauk so she can be closer to him 
  • Percy finally being able to provide for his momma because he recognises how much she gave to him when he was growing up
  • he just wants her to be able to enjoy life and not worry about things the way he did when he was growing up– wants to give her the peace of mind she always gave him
  • he never begrudges the childhood he had, but he wants to be able to provide for his kids and give them a childhood that he couldn’t really have
  • imagine them seeing each other when they fly home for break after their first semester 
  • Percy is like “did you hear the slo mo music as we ran to each other or was it just me” and Frank is like “no I heard it too" 
  • (Possible Annabeth being like "that’s cause I was playing it on my phone for your romantic reunion”)
  • She would totally video it too and caption it like, Percy gets less excited when he sees me after a long break or just Reunion 💕
  • she loves it– loves her boys
  • the first time Annabeth gets to go into the treehouse it’s such an occasion 
  • Frank puts up fairy lights to make it fancy
  • it’s her 15th birthday and her and Percy have been dating for a couple of months 
  • They have a little cupcake for her 
  • There’s streamers
  • Percy is like “you’re in the club forever now” and it’s this sweet moment cause she’s used to moving around and not having a home
  • Frank excuses himself after they sing happy birthday but not without blushing furiously and tripping over his feet
  • his clip on tie falls off on his way out 
You Trust Me, Right? pt. 3

Prompt: You’re a friend of Jacob’s–you’re basically his PA, like Harrison is with Tom. You’ve been able to hang out with them a lot and after a while, Tom started to develop feelings for you. 

Warnings: fluff, some language

A/N: Requests are open! I will basically write anything (good luck finding something I won’t)


Part One    Part Two     Part Four

Once Harrison and Jacob were tired of losing to Tom and (Y/N) at chicken fights and everyone had managed to get some degree of a sunburn, the four friends decided to change and then head over to (Y/N)’s room to hang out. Tom and Jacob were the first to fall asleep as the group of friends lounged across the California King positioned in the center of the bedroom. The television drained on as the video they had put in continued.

Slowly, (Y/N)’s eyes drifted over toward the sleeping Thomas Stanley Holland as his recently air-dried hair flopped in loose curls over his forehead. A small smile curled onto her lips and then quickly pulled her eyes away. She got up from her spot on the edge of the bed beside Tom and made her way toward the small kitchen area in the other side of the suite to grab a water bottle from the fridge. Upon turning around, she could see Harrison slip into the room and pull a water bottle from the fridge.

“Hey,” she greeted softly while taking a sip of her water.

“You know he likes you, right?” Harrison questioned.

“Wow, Haz,” she joked, “what a way to ease into conversation.”

“Oh, come on, (Y/N),” he sighed. “Jacob and I cannot be any more obvious in trying to get you two together.”

“Is that what you were doing?” she asked, pretending to be oblivious. “I thought you two were just really hitting it off,” she finished with a wink.

“And I know you like him too,” Harrison continued, knowing if she didn’t get a reaction to her comic relief she would settle into a real conversation. “I mean, I can keep pretending not to notice you slyly checking him out every now and then, but you have to tell me whether or not he has a shot with you.”

“What do you mean ‘whether or not Tom has a shot with me?’” she asked hesitantly while pulling herself up on the kitchen counter.

“Well,” Harrison started, “you would be his first relationship since the Spider-Man fame struck. Things fizzled out with his last relationship because of the fame and focus on work, so there’s that to wonder about, and then there’s the whole issue about social media accepting you and the media not blowing things out of proportion-”

“I’m sorry is this a pep talk or a ‘stay the hell away from him’ talk?” she questioned, genuinely concerned and desperately trying to not come across with an attitude.

“It’s the ‘unfortunately if you’re dating Tom, you’re not just dating Tom’ talk.” Harrison was right but she didn’t have enough time to discuss it with him further because Tom and Jacob were finally awake and wandered into the kitchen.

“What are you losers doing?” Jacob asked as he checked his watch for the time.

“Starving while you were taking a nap, sleeping beauty,” (Y/N) taunted in return.

“Well then eat something, princess,” he teased.

“Why don’t we all go out for dinner?” Tom suggested.

“It’s seven-thirty!” (Y/N) protested.

“And you can’t eat after a certain time because why?” Jacob asked.

“It’s not that I can’t eat after a certain time,” she stated before lowering her voice and finishing her sentence in a mutter, “I just don’t want to put pants on again.”

“Are you kidding?” Harrison laughed.

“No, I’m not kidding,” she laughed and shoved his shoulder in a brotherly and sisterly way only to see Tom’s eyes glance to the ground in her peripherals. “I can cook,” she offered.

“Yes!” Jacob shouted.

“Oh, so now you can agree with me?” she sneered.

“You’re an excellent cook and I can concede to that truth,” he stated before turning to face Harrison and Tom. “You’re going to love her chicken parm.”

“I guess I’m making chicken parm,” she called out from behind Jacob and pointing at herself with sarcasm spewed across her face.

“Well I can go get whatever you need,” Harrison offered.

“And I’ll go with you,” Jacob quickly offered, both boys winking in (Y/N)’s direction behind Tom’s back.

“Wait up guys,” Tom called with a hint of sadness in his voice as he noticed the interactions between his best friend and the girl he had feelings for. Immediately, Jacob and Harrison tried to make up some excuse for them to go alone, but their attempts only sounded like bickering and murmuring over one another.

“Can you stay here with me, Tom?” she asked shyly. “There was some creepy guy outside my door earlier when we got back from the pool and I really don’t want to be here alone.” He turned toward (Y/N) agreeing to stay, and his friends closed the door behind them. “Um, do you want to watch another movie?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure,” he said in reply, immediately regretting how awkward he became when they were alone together. She turned back toward the bedroom and dropped into the bed to channel surf. “Oh, I thought you meant out here.”

“Oh,” she hesitated, her voice faltering through the uneasiness between them, “yeah, sorry, we can go in there if this makes you uncomfortable.”

“No, no,” he hurried, “I just want you to…” suddenly his timid words stopped and a huge solitary laugh burst out of him. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” he sighed, “I can’t do this anymore.” He stepped closer to her and settled himself into the bed beside her, each of them covered in a different blanket she had brought from home. “We both know what’s going on and neither of us are saying anything about it and it’s making us too pathetically awkward.”

“I know this doesn’t help, but you still technically haven’t said anything about what’s going on which doesn’t help you’re point about bringing it up.” Tom couldn’t help but laugh as she buried her hands in the blanket and looked up at him innocently. She had never thought brown eyes were attractive, but she knew the second she saw Tom that her opinion had changed. He had the most entrancing, soft, and kind eyes she had ever seen and in all honesty, those gentle eyes were what made her trust him so quickly and so completely.

“I like you a lot, (Y/N),” he smiled, “and I think you like me too. I knew at some point Jacob was going to tell you; I’m actually very surprised he was able to keep my secret for this long.”

“I’m pretty sure that he would have never told me had he not brought up my fetish for English accents,” she slurred before biting her lips and staring at Tom wide-eyed and blushing.

“You’re what?” he gasped.

“Nothing,” she laughed as he moved closer to her on the bed.

“No, please tell me,” he begged and she quickly got lost in his words.

“No, Tom,” she laughed, “it’s too embarrassing.”

“I won’t make fun of you,” he promised and then sealed the deal with the saying that had floated between them over the past day or so, “you trust me, right?” 

“Okay, fine,” she muttered as a smile crept onto her face. “I have this weird fetish-ly attraction to English accents,” she admitted to which Tom immediately started laughing. “You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”

“No, I promised I wouldn’t make fun of you,” he chuckled, “I said nothing about laughing.” (Y/N) frowned and put on her playful pouting face which prompted Tom to stretch his arms out to her and pull her against his side. She leaned her head against his shoulder and laughed alongside him.

“I could get used to this,” she smiled. Tom placed his lips lightly on the top of her head and buried his cheek against hers before whispering: “me too.”

Be My ♥ Color

a/n: be more chill x soulmate au. :o its a prologue just to test the waters but I’m stoked. if you wanna be tagged in the series letmeknow.kbyethanx.
summary: Jeremy Heere never knew he missed something until he realized he was living a world not only devoid of colors but of a soulmate. After a terrible incident he’s found himself chasing after colors he wants; and realizing there are some colors he needs as well.
sincerely tagging: @hell-yes-puns-and-ships for being the best beta ever <3 ilysm
warning: pantless Mr. Heere; near drowning incident
w/c: 3239K

Menu Screen → 00


“Yes, Son?”

Jeremy looked over at his father who was making a turn signal with his hand as they approached the exit to Jeremy’s high school. “Why…why are you doing this?” He stared blankly at the building coming into view. The grey letters that spelled out ‘Middleborough’ against an even greyer brick background. The perks of only seeing in the spectrum that was devoid of color…the school matched the way Jeremy felt.

Mr. Heere shrugged a little not noticing for a second his son’s deadpanned expression. “You missed your bus, I mean I kept calling you up but you were in your room with the door locked, and the lights off, I’m pretty sure you were at your desk too since you dropped your lotion bottle on the—“

“Ah ok, Dad, I mean why are you driving me to school…WITHOUT ANY PANTS!” 

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The Serpent Or Me - Part 1 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

My Masterlist.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2140.

Notes: Firstly I’m sorry this is out later than planned, I’ve been teasing this piece for way too long. Secondly I stuggled a bit getting into Jughead’s POV style. I think this just gives me an excuse to rewatch the season again and pick up on his narration style. Finally if you have any suggestions on where you think this should go let me know, I have the next 2 parts planned but I am intrigued to see where you think it will go. Collabing is my fave! Anyway, enjoy.

Originally posted by littelmix

Jughead’s POV

Southside High was certainly rough around the edges. Riverdale was a beauty in comparison.

The metal detectors were new to me, I’d never been searched to go to class before. It was a sign of the times, I guess. Just another new thing to get used to. I headed to my locker, headphones on and eyes to the ground. I was still the new kid after all. I took out my math textbook and a copy of ‘Of Mice And Men’ for English, luckily I’d read it at Riverdale so I wouldn’t be unprepared. I checked my phone, killing time before first period. Betty had already text me twice, despite us being on the phone only twenty minutes before.

Betty: Riverdale feels weird without you Jug. I miss you :( xx

Betty: I can’t wait to see you again. Friday can’t come quick enough xx

Me: I miss you too Bets. Being the new kid is strange. Friday is going to get me through though. Can’t wait to see you x x

At Riverdale, I may have been the outcast but I had Betty Cooper by side. Betty was the strongest person I had ever known, I knew if anyone could handle this distance it was her. I had moved here to keep her safe, I just hoped she wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Considering the current state of affairs that was the town of Riverdale however, trouble could be anywhere we turned.

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7 Years - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook x Reader - Part 6

It’s so late at night here but as always here’s the next part to 7 years. Hope you guys enjoy it. <3


There’s a BTS song reference in here somewhere. I wonder if you can find it lmao

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 - Here  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10.1  Part 10.2  Part 10.3  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20 - Final

Falling asleep after reading Jungkook’s note proved to be easier said then done and you found yourself staring at your ceiling, deep in thought. You couldn’t deny that lately you’ve felt a shift in your feeling towards Jungkook and his jealousy wasn’t helping you one bit. It secretly made you happy when he got frustrated over you and, now, who you hung out with.

When you finally admitted to yourself that you felt something more for Jungkook, sleep slowly crept in and the next thing you knew it was the next morning. You weren’t in a particular rush to meet Jung-Hoon and the fact that you were having a good hair day caused you to not even bother with makeup.

When 1:30 arrived, you left your house, bidding your sister and mother goodbye. The sun was out and it was late spring which meant that you could appreciate the warmth and your surroundings by walking to your destination. Arriving, you found Jung-Hoon seated at a table by the window, two drinks placed in front of him.

He seemed to notice you immediately as he waved to you and beckoned you over, sliding one of the plastic cups towards you.

“I didn’t know what you liked so I ordered you a caramel iced frappé.” Your eyebrows creased for a split second before you regained your cheerful mood.

“Well, you managed to order my favourite drink. Have you been watching me?” For some reason, Jung-Hoon stiffened at your joke and you blinked twice in confusion.

“Relax, Jung-Hoon. I’m just joking.” He let out a nervous chuckle and alarm bells rang in your head.

“I know you’re joking. It just caught me off guard.” You made up your mind. If anything weird happened you were definitely leaving. You knew when something wasn’t right and right now Jung-Hoon was making you extremely suspicious.

“Okay… so why did you want to hang out?” He paused at sipping his drink to look up at you through his eye lashes. Shooting you a dimpled smile, he rubbed the back of his head.

“I just think you’re a great person and wanted to get to know you better.”

Slowly nodding, you took a sip out of your own drink, watching him with slight caution. He seemed like he didn’t have any hidden motives and after you came to this conclusion you allowed yourself to relax a bit, resulting in an hour long conversation. Soon both of you held empty cups in your hand and Jung-Hoon stood from his seat, grabbing your cup.

“I’ll go throw these out and get their special dessert.”

Grabbing his hand, you stopped him from moving away.

“You don’t have to, I can pay for myself.” You received a shake of the head and a grin.

“No, don’t worry. I called you out so I should pay.” Taking your hand off his arm, he made his way to the bin and then the counter. He seemed to be genuinely nice but you felt that something was off.

Deciding to trust your gut feeling, you began to think of an excuse to leave. When Jung-Hoon approached your table, you opened your mouth to speak but was interrupted when he suddenly sat beside you leaving little to no space between your bodies.

“Um… what are you doing?” The blank stare you gave him did nothing to the sly smile that was currently present on his face and his hand landed on your thigh.

“Don’t worry, you’ve been so stiff this whole time. Just unwind…” he leaned in towards you and the puckering of his lips caused something inside you to snap.

So that’s what this was.

Smashing the palm of your hand into his face, you pushed him back, much to his surprise.

“Listen, I don’t know who you think you are to try some stupid shit like this but I’m not an easy girl. So I suggest you turn the fuck around and go back home Jung-Hoon.”

Apparently, he didn’t like that.

He snatched your wrist and pulled your hand off his face, leaning in once more. When you went to push him with your other hand, he restrained you.

Where the fuck was everyone in this café?

“No, you listen to me. Just fucking give me a kiss and stop being so stuck up. Then I’ll have no use for you and I’ll leave you alone.”

No use? What were you a fucking wet wipe?

“Let me go before I break your neck, you jerk.” You had no chance to follow through with your words because within a second, Jung-Hoon disappeared from in front of you.

It took you another split second to realise he was on the floor and someone was on top of him, fists raining down on his face.

“You worthless piece of shit! Who are you to touch my Y/N!” The possessive voice belonged to none other than Jungkook, who was mercilessly punching Jung-Hoon with every word.

To be honest, you had never seen him get into a fight so your shock caused you to freeze for a good minute or so. When you snapped out of it, you leaped out of your seat and proceeded to grab under his arms and pull him off the almost motionless body underneath him.

“Jungkook stop! I think he gets it!”
He ignored you and scrambled back to his target, grabbing his collar and bringing his fist back. Launching yourself at his back, you clung onto his arm, restricting him of any movement.

“Jeon Jungkook fucking stop!” When his full name left your mouth, his whole body froze and the hand that held Jung-Hoon’s collar slowly released its grip on it. He soon got back on his feet and grabbed you by your arm, hauling you up. It was only then that you noticed Namjoon standing before two boys that were clearly friends of Jung-Hoon.

“Hyung let’s go.” Namjoon snapped his attention to the both of you and shoved his hands in his pockets, stepping over Jung-Hoon’s body.

Jungkook dragged you out of the café and away from the watchful eyes of the bystanders. When you had made it down the street, he halted his movements and turned to face you.

“You alright? He didn’t do anything else did he?” Shaking your head, he visibly sighed in relief and ran a hand through his hair.

“How did you know?” Returning his attention to you, he glanced at Namjoon then back at you.

“We were in the café the whole time, sitting at the back. His friends were on the table beside us and I heard them start talking about some bullshit bet they made and that’s when he tried to fucking kiss you.”

You made the connections in your head as Jungkook waited for your reaction. Normally, you would have been annoyed that he had followed you but it’s not like you actually wanted to be out with Jung-Hoon in the first place. So instead of snapping at him and walking away, you stepped forward and gave him quick peck on the cheek. Sure, you were acting out of character but his intentions were so innocent, even if he ended up beating someone to a pulp.

You also wouldn’t admit that the small crush you had on him that had been gradually growing caused you to want to give him a kiss on the cheek.

He didn’t seem all too shocked by it, if anything he seemed to be smug, the evidence being the smirk plastered on his face.  "Looks like your jealousy was helpful for something.“ Namjoon chuckled whilst Jungkook shrugged his shoulders.

"But Namjoon why did you come with Kookie today?” He slung his arm over your shoulder and pinched your cheek affectionately.

“Well you see, since Seagull over here is like a little brother to me, that automatically makes you my little sister.” You burst into laughter at the nickname Namjoon had used and Jungkook’s eyes widened in embrassment. He once again grabbed your arm and all but wrenched you from Namjoon’s firm grasp.

“Come on, Y/N. We’re going back to mine to hangout with the others.” Rolling your eyes at his possessive nature, you allowed him to tug you down the streets, Namjoon following close behind with a dimpled grin.


Spending the rest of the day playing video games with the boys was more fun than it sounded. Taehyung’s constant whining whenever he lost against Jimin on Black Ops caused Yoongi to throw hilariously rude insults at the boy. It became worse when they bet on the line distribution of a demo song called ‘Cypher’.

The poor boy almost ended up in tears.

When the evening had crept in, they all began to bid their farewells  one by one leaving only you and Jungkook. Your initial plan was to head home but Jungkook had other ideas.

“I called your mum and she said it was fine for you to stay over.” You let out a huff of annoyance, navigating around his tall frame. “That’s not the point, you idiot. The point is I never said I was staying over, heck, you didn’t even mention it!”

Making your way to his front door, you slipped your shoes back on and grabbed your bag only to be stopped by Jungkook’s body blocking the exit.

“You’re not leaving. It’s too late for you to leave.” Glancing at your watch, you then raised an eyebrow at his pathetic attempt to keep you at his house.

“Its nine thirty.”

“Yeah! I’m not letting you leave this late.” He challenged your blank face with a glare. You were getting nowhere with this conversation until he switched tactics.

Out of nowhere, he dropped the glare and pouted. Not a playful pout, oh no, a sad pout he matched with 'puppy dog eyes’. You felt your resolve weaken and before you knew it you were dropping your bag to the floor.

“Okay, okay. I’ll stay.” Suddenly, you were lifted up into the air and thrown over his shoulder. You let out small shriek at the sudden action and watched as stairs suddenly came into view. He only dropped you when he had reached his room and began searching through his drawers.

“Don’t worry, I have spare clothes you can wear and a spare toothbrush.”

“Oh really? Well do you happen to have spare underwear too?” You thought you had caught him there and you mentally patted yourself on the back. Your celebration was short lived, however, when he craned his neck and gave you a sly bunny-like grin.

“Oh my god, that’s so creepy, never do that again.” Your only reply was a fresh pair of underwear thrown at your face. Snatching the matching underwear duo from your face, you shot him a look that expressed how creeped out you were.

“Y/N, you didn’t actually think this was spontaneous did you? I’m 18, I know what I need to know.”

Why did It sound like he was quoting lyrics?

“Okay, as your friend I think it’s my duty to let you know that you’re as weird as it gets.” He only shook his head in mild amusement before handing you a pair of shirts and an old t-shirt. Taking both articles of clothing, you made your way to his bathroom whilst giving him a genuinely concerned look, to which he brushed off with a snicker.

Once you had changed, you exited the bathroom to find he had set up a bed on the floor which he was currently occupying. Not being one to turn down the opportunity of a bed, you stepped over him and climbed under his bed covers.

“Hey! Don’t you know that if you step over someone they get shorter!?”

“Jungkook, shut up.”

It wouldn’t be a real sleepover without snacks and a movie, so you both opted to watch Sin City and brought out bowls of popcorn and ice cream. If there was one thing you knew about Jungkook it was that the later it got, the more nonsense he spoke and apparently this hadn’t changed at all since the last sleepover you had all those years ago. When the movie had ended and you spent the next few hours speaking, you made the not so hard decision to make him go to sleep. As funny as it was to hear him spout crap, you knew he was going to embarrass himself.

“I think you need to sleep now, Kookie.”

“But I don’t want t-”

“Go to sleep.”




“We should get married, Y/N.”

“Shut up and sleep.”

“I’m being serious our kids would b-”



“Fucking sleep or I’ll burn your IU albums.”

That effectively shut him up.

BTS when you have your first big fight

Hoseok (J-Hope)
You and Hoseok had been together for a long time but despite that, you never had fights. Of course, you had silly little disagreements now and then but even they were rare and lasted for all of five minutes before you’d both give in and get over whatever was bothering you. Neither of your really had it in you to stay mad which is you worked so well together.
But one day, something happened and your first real fight happened. It was all screaming and tears but neither of you got violent, it wasn’t in you, even with the anger fuelling you so strongly.
Your emotions got the better of you and you turned to storm off but before you could even reach the door, Hoseok’s arms were around you, his face hidden in your neck as he sobbed out his apologies.
“I don’t even remember why we’re fighting. I’m so sorry jagi. Please don’t leave me.” He’d beg. You’d turn into his embrace, holding him equally as tight and all was forgiven.

Originally posted by wonhobe

The first big fight with Jimin would be a lot earlier in the relationship than with Hoseok. Sure, it wouldn’t be early, it’d take a few months but when it happened it would be because of something stupid. Neither of you had really been truthful when the other did something annoying or that made you mad so you’d both been bottling it all up until breaking point.
You’d both be across the room from one another, shouting obscenities and hurtful remarks. Neither of you realised you were getting closer until you were in each other’s faces, breathing heavily. Jimin would grab you and kiss you forcefully, holding you to him and you’d be just as heavy-handed with him, forcing him out of his clothes and to the bedroom. Even though the angry sex was great, you two learnt your lesson and didn’t bottle everything up but it became an unspoken agreement that every argument, no matter how small, would be ended with angry sex.

Originally posted by sosjimin

We all know that Jin can get a little heated over little things sometimes and even though he’d try not to get that way with you, one day he would. He’d be shouting in his over the top angry way while you just stared on, listening but not retaliating. He was the one that was angry enough to fight, you were just irked.
“You finished now?” You’d ask when his words stop flying. He’d be breathing heavily but calming down and nod. When he was finally calm, he’d look at you properly and seeing the amusement in your eyes, he would crack and start laughing which you’d quickly join in with. “Were you really just shouting at me because of a food preference?”

“I think so.” He’d answer before walking over to hold you tight. “I’m sorry.”

“I know, just don’t do it again even if it was entertaining.”

Originally posted by bang-me-bangtan-style

This kid has a short temper and the world knows it, especially when it comes to jealousy. It would no doubt start with some other guy flirting with you and you not telling him to back off because you were too embarrassed and shy to do so. But Jungkook didn’t see it like that, he wasn’t entirely confident in himself and was always worried you’d leave him for someone he deemed much more deserving of your love.
He wouldn’t talk to you for the rest of the day, maybe even longer depending on how long it took you to grow fed up with his behaviour and snap at him for being rude to you. He’d go off on one, telling you exactly how he felt about it and how he didn’t feel worthy of you and you’d try to tell him otherwise but he wouldn’t let you. The only way you could shut him up was by removing your clothes slowly. His words would get quieter until he was silent and watching you intently.
“Now that I have your attention.” You’d start, standing there in only your underwear. “Listen to me when I say I only want you, Kookie. If I didn’t, do you really think I’d still be dating you?” He’d look down ashamed to think otherwise upon seeing the truth in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, jagi, you can do so much better than me.”

“No, don’t you dare say that.” You’d walk over and hold his face, making him look at you. “You are perfect to me, okay?” He’s blush and nod, accepting your words. Quickly, he’d revert back into normal, teasing Jungkook and give you a suggestive look, arms winding around your waist. You’d giggle and he’d carry you into the bedroom knowing all was good again.

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Namjoon (RapMon)
Namjoon has to have patience, being the leader of BTS so, to be honest, you’d probably be the one to start the argument. Probably about him working too hard and not leaving enough time for his own life, including you. You’d been feeling insecure lately due to the fact he hadn’t been to see you as much and all the negative thoughts finally spilled out.
He’d try to get you to believe otherwise, try to tell you that you were so important and precious to him but you wouldn’t believe him. He’d lose his cool then and break something, whether but accident or on purpose it didn’t matter because it made you worse and you kicked him out.
He’d regret it straight away but knew you were too heated to let him back in so he’d leave and give you space for a few days.
He’d turn up one day with apology gifts, including a replacement for whatever he broke, wrapped in cute paper that you knew he had one of the boys wrap because his wrapping skills were not that neat. You’d let him in and he’d sit you down to have a level headed discussion about it all. By the end, you were both crying. You because of his heartfelt words and him just because you were and he had missed you so much, scared you wouldn’t let him back in.
“I’m sorry, Joonie.” You’d sniffle and he’d smile, wiping your tears away.

“I know babe, but next time, just talk to me about these things, okay?” You nod in agreement and cuddle up to him.

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Taehyung (V)
Personally, I don’t see Tae as much of a fighter, he’s too soft in my eyes, especially in regards to relationships. He’d care too much for you that he wouldn’t allow you two to fight. If he sensed it coming, he’d quickly hold you and make you talk calmly with him and it always worked so damn well you kind of hated him because let’s be real, sometimes you just want to scream and yell at someone, it’s cathartic.
So, your first real fight would actually be before you were even together. While you were still friends and he was falling head over heels for you, he’d start to act weird. He’d be distant and make excuses not to hang out with you anymore until the day you’d storm into his room demanding an explanation. He’d lie at first, saying he was just busy, while still in his pj’s playing a video game and you’d snap.
The guys would hear you two shouting at each other and come to see if you were okay but you’d both yell for them to get out so they did but they stayed close by, listening in case they needed to interfere, also they’re just nosey AF.
Tears would be rolling down your cheeks, your heart was breaking fearing you’d lost your best friend for reasons unknown and you were blaming yourself. You couldn’t see any other reason he’d distance himself, you had messed up somehow and couldn’t even remember.
it’d take Tae a while to notice your tears due to his own but when he did, he’d be straight over apologising to you. He never wanted to hurt you but couldn’t handle seeing you all the time without being able to hold you like he wanted. He’d tell you how he felt, the truth would come spilling out and he’d look so sad the whole time. That would change when you’d break out into a bright smile and laugh, wiping your eyes.

“I like you too, idiot.” You’d explain and he’d look so lost for a moment before grinning back at you, spinning you around happily.
That was the first and last time you two fought.

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Yoongi (Suga)
Yoongi could go one of two ways. He’d either be too chill to ever fight and simply just point out when he’d annoyed so you both can fix it. Or like Jimin, he’d bottle it up not wanting to upset you and explode over something stupid.
A fight with Yoongi like that could last for a long time. The initial fight would be all yelling and maybe some stuff would be thrown around until he’d storm out of your apartment leaving you to break more stuff on your own. He might not come around for days, maybe over a week depending on the severity of the argument.
You’d have to be the one to go to him because he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to apologise first despite being in pain because you weren’t by his side.
He’d be at his studio when you arrive. He’d look over at you when you enter but then look away pretending to still be mad. But really, he knew if he looked at you any longer, he’d break and run over to you spouting apologies about everything he’d ever done wrong and you’d win.

“Stop being so stubborn.” You’d sigh sitting in the chair next to him, the chair that was always there for you, for when he needed you there for inspiration, or just missed your face but he rarely stated that. “Yooonggiiiii.” You’d whine and smile seeing him fighting his own. “Come onnnnn.” You’d shake him and he’d look at you, seeing your pout.

“Dammit, why do you always win?” He’d sighed, turning fully to look at you. “I’m sorry, jagi, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that.”

“I yelled too, I’m sorry too.”

“We good?”

“Yep.” And that was it. You’d share a small kiss then turn to look at the song he was working on.

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Thank you for the request anon! I’ve never really wrote fight/angst(if this is even that i dunno) stuff so I hope it doesn’t totally suck

It actually takes me longer to picks the gifs than to write the request. and also I’m lazy and impatient so that’s my reason for when gifs don’t match scenarios fully

Also, we just reached 200 followers and I’m personally kinda shook that so many of you want to keep on reading our writing but so appreciative and thankful and I love you all so much thank youuuuuuu

~Admin Chee

“Walmart Shenanigans” E.D

Hey guys! This is my first Ethan writing so I’m pretty excited. I got this idea as soon as I saw Gray’s snap the other day of Ethan at Walmart and I thought it would be fun to write haha. Hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,221 words

“How many items do you have ma’am?” you asked.

Once the lady answered you, you gave her the corresponding number tag and told her which fitting room to go into. It had taken everything in you not to throw the tag at her face, considering she had been rude to you earlier when you tried to help her find some shoes in her size. But you knew if you wanted to keep your job, you couldn’t throw stuff at costumers or tell them to shove it, you had to be nice at all times and bite your tongue. 

Once you heard a door open behind you, you put the fake smile back on your face and prayed this lady wouldn’t keep testing you. “Will you be taking everything ma’am?”

You saw her roll her eyes and felt her shove the clothes on your chest, pushing you back a little. “No, put them back will ya? Thanks.”

After she walked away, you had to sit back down for a few minutes and take a deep breath. You could feel tears forming in your eyes, not because you were sad but because of the frustration of not being able to do anything. Your manager was a complete dick so you already knew he wouldn’t help you, even if you asked. 

“Just a little while longer” you mumbled as you went to put the clothes back where they belonged. 

Once you were finished, you began walking back to your station when you suddenly heard the store’s intercom system turn on and someone begin speaking gibberish into their phone. You frowned at first, wondering which idiot you worked with would do that, but then smirked at the thought of your annoying co-workers getting into trouble; but that smile soon faded when you saw a random guy hanging up the phone on your desk. 

“No no no no no” you thought as you ran over to the stranger, who was walking away looking quite smug and proud of what he had done. Once you caught up to him, you grabbed him by the arm and swung him around to face you.  

“What is your problem?!” you exclaimed angrily 

“Excuse me?” he asked looking quite confused. 


“Why on Earth would you do that?! And you know what I’m talking about so don’t act dumb with me cause I saw you” you said as you pointed to the phone and looked back to him. 

“Oh that” You saw him nod and chuckle as he looked at someone behind him; before turning back to you and turning serious once he saw how upset you were, “It was just for fun, I’m really sorry if I caused a problem”. You then saw another one of him approach the both of you, laughing as he watched the repeating video that was playing on his phone. “Oh my god there’s two of them” you thought, rolling your eyes. 

“It was just for fun?!” you scoffed, “You know what? You should be sorry! I’m probably going to be fired because of you but I hope you enjoyed doing whatever the hell that was!” you said before walking away from him. 

You could hear him following you your whole way back to your desk, but you zoned him out completely as you thought of how pissed your boss must be right at this very moment. You sat down and put your face in your hands, thinking about how this day had gone from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.  

“I really am sorry, I-I usually do stupid stuff without thinking.” you moved your hands from your face and met his gaze as he continued rambling on. “I-I didn’t think… I didn’t mean… is there anything I can do to fix it?” He looked genuinely upset, his eyes were filled with guilt and worry

You sighed and shook your head, “No it’s fine. My boss is a dick and he’s probably celebrating in his office now that he has another reason to yell at me and probably fire me” 

You saw his jaw clench, displeasure written all over his face as he heard you finish your sentence. It wasn’t until then that you noticed how attractive this stranger really was. His hazel-brown eyes that any girl could get lost in, his plump pink lips that made you want to grab him and kiss him right then and there, everything about him was perfect. And yeah he had been stupid for what he did, but you could tell he was also a genuinely sweet guy; and it made your heart flutter to see him so concerned about you.  

“You know, you could probably cut him with that sharp jawline of yours, it’s what he deserves” you shrugged and smiled as you saw him laugh at your random comment, his cheeks turning the lightest shade of pink. 

You guys started to talk after that and it surprised you how easily the conversation flowed between you two. You didn’t want to sound cliche, especially since you had just met the guy, but you had to admit that you felt a spark between you two. 

“Hey E, come on we gotta go. Mom just called, she needs us to come back already” you heard his brother say as he approached you guys.  

You felt a little disappointed when you heard he had to leave, but tried your best to hide it as he turned back to you from looking at his brother. You swore you saw the same look of disappointment on his face for a few seconds but it quickly faded as a smile grew on his face.  

“Well the offer is still there you know? Let me make up my stupidity to you” he offered with a smile as leaned over the desk once again. “Let me take you out to eat, you can pick the place. Any place you want” 

You pretended to think about it for a second, even though you were screaming YES over and over again in your head. “Okay, my shift ends in about an hour so pancakes at Denny’s sound good?” 

You could have sworn you heard him whisper “marry me” before he nodded vigorously in agreement and handed you his phone so you could put your number in. You handed it back to him just as his brother approached you guys again, ready to leave. 

“Perfect, I’ll see you in a bit then” he said before walking away. 

“Wait!” you exclaimed, causing him to look back to you. “I usually don’t go eat with someone without at least knowing their names first” 

You felt your heart flutter at the sight of him laughing before he answered, “I’m Ethan”.

“And I’m Grayson!” you heard his brother yell, causing Ethan to shake his head and you to giggle at both of them.  

“I’ll see there then Ethan. Bye Grayson!” you waved before looking back down to your desk. 

“Wait!” You looked back to him and saw a slight smirk forming on his face, “I usually don’t go eat with a girl without at least knowing her name first” 

You stuck out your tongue at him before answering, “I’m y/n. The girl you owe pancakes to because you probably got her fired.” 

“Let’s hope not” he said with a chuckle, “I’ll see you there y/n” 

Hope you enjoyed it!