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Princess (m)

•  words: 5.1k
•  genre: college au, smut
•  pairing: chanyeol x reader (ft sehun)
•  a/n: ok this is my first ever fic so please bare with me, i’m more of a editor than a writer tbh lmao. it might become a series so if you like it please like and comment~

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You dreaded at the thought of your project deadline being moved a week earlier. You only had two more weeks to get the project finished and thinking about it just made you anxious.

It was a Thursday morning and you weren’t in the best of moods, the stress was now taking over you, meaning that you had hardly got any sleep last night which made you wake up later than usual forcing you to skip breakfast and rush to your first lecture of the day. On the way, you grabbed a coffee and somehow made it to class. The project room was on the other side of the campus, but the coffee played a huge part in keeping you active. You take a seat at the left side of the room which was by the door.

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First Love -1- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU 

Parts; One | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 4.667

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“Y/N hurry up, you can’t be late for your first day!” your mother was more nervous then you about the first day of college. It was rather funny, the things she put in your bags to survive the first day, you could live off it for at least a week, as you were majoring in dance and music, you couldn’t eat all the snacks she gave you but you were not complaining as you made your way to school. You had just moved to Seoul and still had to get used to everything around you and the accent, well let’s say your start wasn’t an easy one, you just hoped to make some friends in this building, so it would be less lonely.

The minute you walked into the building, you felt impressed again and as you followed the instructions you walked into a classroom and took a seat next to a guy. “Hi I’m y/n.” you bowed your head slightly out of respect and he actually smiled at you and you felt a bit mesmerized by his smile, god he was handsome.

“Nice to meet you I’m Park Jimin.” even his name was beautiful. You couldn’t help but hope he would become a friend, he was probably also majoring in dance as this was the homeroom for the dancers and if you looked at his posture you just could tell he was a dancer. “What is your specialty?”

“Oh, modern dance and freestyle I guess. What about you?”

“Also modern dance and I can do freestyle.” he smiled at you but turned away when our teacher walked in, you all got up and greeted the teacher, she was looking nice but strict but that was a good thing.

“Welcome everyone, I’m your dance teacher and I’ve taken the liberty to team you all up. You are sitting with your dance partner, this will be your partner until the end of the school year, so be sure to get to know each other.  You smiled at Jimin who looked pleased, which was a relieve, to be honest. You always thought that first days were slow days but today it was already hectic and after your first dance practice, you both walked towards the music department, even though Jimin wasn’t majoring in it, he just wanted to walk you towards the class and you both stopped when you heard someone play the Piano. You peeked around the corner and your eyes quickly found the person behind the piano and it was quite something to see. This guy had the same height as Jimin, at least that’s what you guessed but his presence gave a much bigger vibe and you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the person but you weren’t the only one because he had some fans watching him play.

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell he was slender. “Yah what are you doing?” you hadn’t realized you had walked into the room to see how he looked like. Jimin held your arm and pulled you back slightly but it was already too late because the minute he pulled you back, you accidentally bumped into a stand, which of course fell over, disturbing the guy who was behind the piano. He stopped playing and looked up, boy was he annoyed, he narrowed his eyes and got up. He walked over to you and Jimin and picked up the stand. “You should look out where you walk.” he talked with a slur, which took you by surprise because even though he was obviously annoyed by you. He still talked gently, he had won you over with just a few words and when he was actually looking at you, you couldn’t help but stare at his face because he was really handsome, his eyes stood out, they were a bit cat like.

“Are you done looking?” his voice wasn’t gentle any longer and you quickly nodded. You were really embarrassed by this and you just wanted to leave and hide somewhere but you couldn’t as you had to be here. “Jimin, you should go.” you turned and pushed him out of the room “If he does anything, let me know okay?” you nodded and waved after him before returning to the room. You sang but also played the piano but after encountering him you really didn’t feel confident about your piano skills but he was probably a few years older than you so he had more experience.

“Why are you still here?” you jumped at his voice and felt busted for some reason. “I am attending this class,” you mumbled as he glared at you from behind the piano. “Are you sure that you belong here?”

“I’m sure.”

“What instrument do you play?” you pointed at the piano and he actually snorted at that as he looked you over. “Prove it.”

“Excuse me what?”

“You heard me, prove it.” he got up from the piano and gestured for you to take a seat, you really didn’t want to but still slowly walked to the piano, you could tell he was losing his patience, which made you even more nervous. You tripped over a cord and he was just in time to catch you but he should have just let you fall because he was hurting you right now “Yah are you always this clumsy?” You shook your head because you really weren’t but he just made you really nervous.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled as you took a seat behind the piano. You cracked your fingers before putting them on the keys. You were praying that you wouldn’t screw this up because for some reason you really wanted his approval. You started to play a classic song and you were cheering inside when you didn’t mess up and when your piece was finished, the guy slowly clapped but you couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was being sarcastic but when you looked up, the only thing you saw was his back as he walked out of the room. This made you feel annoyed to be honest, who the hell was he that he acted like that, did he own the place or something? But there wasn’t any time to think about this because the other students walked in and the teacher followed. The teacher wanted to see what we could do, so you played the same piece again and you also had to sing, which wasn’t a problem and at the end of the class, your voice was a bit sore but luckily you knew how to fix that, just drink some honey tea.

When you walked towards the bus stop Jimin followed you. “You know I asked around about that guy and his name is Min Yoongi, he is a third-grade student, majoring in Music and producing. He is the genius of his class and he really doesn’t like people.”

“That’s no surprise, he really doesn’t try to be nice at all. He asked me to play for him and when he did he just left the room. How rude right?”

“You aren’t that bad right?” you punched his arm “Of course not, I’m a really decent pianist but apparently he doesn’t think so.” you shrugged as you got on the bus waving at Jimin, it was nice that you already had made a friend with the same passion as you but that Yoongi person really bugged the hell out of you, it was just frustrating that he treated you like that. You sat down when your eyes landed on the guy left of you and you closed your eyes just to get some patience because of course, he was on the same bus as you, he had seen you as well and you could feel the blush on your face so you looked out of the window so he couldn’t see.

What surprised you was that he was sitting next to you. “You sang really well.” your mouth dropped because you didn’t expect him to even say something to you let alone acknowledge that you existed. “Thank you,” you mumbled embarrassed because that meant that he had been listening.

“In the future, if I’m in the practice room, would you be so kind as to not disturb me.” you turned to look at him because he was really rude right now. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, I would like you to stay away from the practice room if I’m there.”

“Yah aren’t you a bit much?”

“Why are you talking informal to me, if I’m correct I’m still older.” you snorted and turned your head away from him because even though he was being a jackass he was still too handsome and it was confusing you because you felt attracted to him. “I’m sorry sunbaenim.” You had to clench your teeth when you said this but he was right why did you speak informally to him, it was like you couldn’t help yourself.

“Can you sit somewhere else sunbae?” He actually got up and sat on his previous spot and in your mind, you were cursing at him.

The following days went by with you avoiding min yoongi at all costs and the worst part about this, is that he knew it and every time you thought you could relax, he appeared. “Why are you sitting so low?” Jimin just sat down beside you, he was still walking around in his work out clothes, you couldn’t do that as you had music class next. You pointed at Yoongi who was sitting with two guys, they were talking and writing stuff down and then you realized that they were probably working on their music. You really wanted to know what they were writing about because you had a bad feeling. “Really, can’t you just pretend he doesn’t exist?”

“I’m trying but somehow we are always in the same space, which is really annoying because he really, like really doesn’t like me.”

“So what, he is just being an ass, rise above it, prove him you’re better than him by getting in his face.”

“You know I’m shy, how in the world am I going to do that?”

“Just own yourself, if he tells you to not disturb him when he is working on his music just disturb him, if he tells you to get lost, sit down, make sure he can’t ignore you because we both know that you got a low key crush on him, which I don’t get but there you have it.” he shrugged as he stuffed his mouth with instant noodles. “Yah how can you eat that?”

“Well just put it in your mouth.” he quickly pushed the noodles in your mouth, making you choke on them, which made you both laugh out loud whilst he was patting your back. You felt his eyes on you but Jimin was right, why would you care about what he thought, he was nothing to you except for the low-key crush that Jimin pointed out. After you had finally swallowed the noodles you took a gulp water and got up. “I have to run, let’s meet after class to practice the piece.” you waved as you ran towards the music room and as you sat behind the piano, you began to play the piece you were preparing for the showcase, when the door suddenly opened and of course it was none other than Yoongi, who crossed his arms whilst looking arrogantly at you but this time you weren’t going anywhere, you even continued playing the piano. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, now get lost.” you snorted and continued playing as if he wasn’t here, knowing you were royally pissing him off. “Yah I told you to get lost.”

“Why? I was here first and I need to practice for the showcase, so maybe you should leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, why should I leave?”

“Because I want to play.”

“Too bad you weren’t here earlier.” you gave him your best smile but inside you were dying, you were so nervous and afraid he would hit you or something like that. Yoongi didn’t stay still though as he actually grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the piano, he even had the nerve to push you, which made you trip over cords and you actually fell.

“Leave will you.” He didn’t even ask if you were okay, which made you pissed off and as you got up, you felt a shooting pain through your ankle, which wasn’t good as you were Jimin’s partner in one difficult piece. “Yah Min Yoongi, are you going to take responsibility for this.” you gestured to your swollen ankle but he just waved you off “You fell on your own so why would I?”

“What have I done to you that you need to be so damn rude! You know I’m also majoring in dance and you’re not only messing with my education but also with my friends as I’m his dancing partner!” you had raised your voice because you really was sick of his behavior. He had pushed you deliberately and now your ankle was hurting and the showcase was around the corner you couldn’t be injured. “Then you should’ve looked out, now leave.” you weren’t going anywhere and actually took a seat behind the drums and started to play really loud, that is until he took away the drumsticks.

“Are you kidding me right now, do I really have to forcefully remove you from this room?”


He started to pull your arm but this time you weren’t going to budge and you used all your strength so he couldn’t push you out of the room. “Seriously, how.”

“You forget that I’m a dancer, if I don’t want to move, I won’t move, I’ve got a lot of muscles in my legs so good luck.” at a certain point he gave up. “You’re really annoying, to do you know that”

“I wouldn’t know because I really didn’t do anything to be annoying!” you were in each other’s face and before you knew what was happening he had pulled you against him and kissed you, this was not a gentle kiss as he bit your lower lip to get access in your frozen mind, you did just that, the kiss didn’t last long though as you regained your conscious. You quickly pushed him away and slapped him. “What the hell!!” you actually stormed off. “Thank you!” you heard him yell after you with a smile in his voice, this was just low of him. “AISH!” you startled a few people who were walking past you but you didn’t care any longer. You decided to skip music class and decided to work out even though your ankle was still hurting, you needed to get rid of this energy, the second you realized you were constantly touching your lower lip, you cursed at yourself. How did he know that would work? Did he know you liked him? There was no way he could know right?

The next few days were a welcome distraction from that damned kiss as Jimin and you were working hard for the showcase, it was going to be awesome and intense as it was a modern dance about lovers, it almost took all your time and the time you had left went into practicing your piece for the piano. You were exhausted so the day before the showcase you decided to get some rest and as you were strolling in the park Jimin joined you together with our newest friend Taehyung, he was majoring in theater and music, he was beautiful, there were no other words to describe him. The three of you became friends fast and were almost inseparable, which other people made fun off and the comments that were thrown our way weren’t really nice.

“Maybe we should practice again,” Jimin mumbled but you immediately shook your head because you weren’t going to as we knew the routine, we practiced so much that making a mistake would be weird. You had been on a strict diet the minute we began with the lifts and you couldn’t wait till tomorrow evening when it was all over and you could eat normally again. “Stop worrying, we know the routine and we need to give our bodies rest for a day, what do you think Tae?”

“I think you guys are going to be amazing.” You quickly ruffled his hair which wasn’t an easy thing to do as he was taller than you but this time you took him by surprise, “Are you crazy?!” he ran after you laughing, it was quite refreshing to have a playful friend like him, he was in the same music class as you, he played the saxophone, he was really good and his voice was really low, which made him really attractive for girls, it was fascinating to see how much attention he was getting, it was as if you were walking with a celebrity, he made friends quickly, which wasn’t that weird because he has an amazing personality. He eventually caught you and that’s when you felt someone watching, the hairs on the back of your neck were standing upright, which could only mean one thing. Yoongi was here as well, this made you stop fooling around. “We should go.” you looked at the ground and started to walk into a different direction when Taehyung stopped you. “Why? Is it because of Min yoongi sunbaenim?” You nodded and pulled your arm out of his grasp “Yah Min Yoongi, stop bothering Y/N!” Jimin walked right up to him and was actually angry, which was something you hadn’t seen before and it was scary as hell, the way he became quiet, his face went all serious and now he was talking to Min Yoongi in a way that gave you goosebumps.

“Who are you to tell me that and who says I’m here for Y/N?“ He answered sarcastically but hearing him say your name, well that definitely did something to you but this was not the time to let the crush show. “If you don’t like her than just stay away.” he was right in his face and his fists were balled, which wasn’t a good thing but before you could get in between Taehyung stopped you and went himself. “Both of you should stop this.” he pushed Yoongi back and pulled jimin with him, Jimin struggled at first but stopped when he saw your shocked expression. You quickly threw a glance at Yoongi who was looking at you but his eyes told you he was not happy about this and you had a bad feeling.

“Guys, I’m going home, I feel tired, I will see you tomorrow, oh and Jiminie don’t worry about tomorrow, it will be fine.” you waved at them and ran home, to tell the truth you just didn’t want to be there because you felt flustered by the way Yoongi was looking at you and the fact that Jimin almost got in a fight because of you well it upset you and to do well tomorrow you had to let all of that go, which meant you had to distance yourself for a few hours and that was exactly what you did by taking a bath, watching dramas and doing some homework by practicing your piano piece.

The next day was important and as you entered the school, Jimin immediately pulled you aside. “I can’t do this.” you just smiled at him and put his face between your hands. “You will be fine because you’re not alone.” he nodded thoughtfully and let you go change, you was warming up when the door opened and showed Yoongi sunbaenim, you decided to ignore him as this warm up was really important. You almost jumped when you felt his hands on your back “Here let me help you.” he pushed your body down but way to hard “YAH stop that.” you pushed back and he immediately let go of you and as you got up and looked at him. IT took everything in you to not punch the smirk from his beautiful face. “What do you want?

“I have something to tell you but now I think you should hear it when I will be performing.” with that, he walked away and the bad feeling you had become worse but now was not the time to worry about that as it was showtime. Jimin was a bundle of nerves and you couldn’t let go of what Yoongi had said. “Jimin we are up, you should take your position.” you pushed him on stage and he quickly took his place and as soon as the music started you followed, you were dancing on the song “I’m Here”  by Kim Kyung Hee and it was a really emotional song, which made the audience dead silent, this made it even more intense and you couldn’t help but cry at the end, when you ended in each other’s arms. The applause that followed was shocking and you couldn’t help but laugh as Jimin hugged you tightly and after he let you go, you both bowed to the crowd and that’s when you quickly made way for the next artist, which was a ballet routine and as you quickly went to change into a black dress, you had to pass Yoongi who was working on his stage with his two friends and one of them bowed his head when you walked by and you weren’t sure if it was out of respect or if he was mocking you but you did catch Yoongi’s eyes and they were looking at you as if he hadn’t seen you before, which probably meant he had seen you perform, well that would teach him, feeling satisfied with yourself, you returned after changing your clothes and makeup plus hair, which turned you into a musician.

Jimin put his arm around your shoulder and led you to the side of the stage and you were just in time to see Yoongi start his stage and the bad feeling you had got confirmed when he started to rap with his friends and when you heard your name, you felt your heart sink because the words he was rapping, weren’t nice at all, they were condescending and you felt the tears coming up because why would he hate you so much that he had to rap such vile words about your body and why did he kiss you if he hated you so much, it just didn’t make sense. Next thing you know Jimin but his headphone on your head and started to play the music you liked really loud so you couldn’t hear them anymore and you had never been so grateful towards him. You walked away and sat down on a chair and just stared at your hands while calming yourself down with the music, you know everyone was staring at you but you ignored it all by just simply closing your eyes and focussing on the music.

Jimin tapped your shoulder when it was your time, You opened your eyes and took off the headphone. “Thank you,” you mumbled but the happy feeling you had after performing was gone and the culprit was sitting not that far away from you, he was looking at you with an expression you hadn’t seen yet and it actually regretted at least that’s what it looked like but he couldn’t be in your head right now, as the piano piece was difficult enough. You walked to the piano and sat down, you cracked your fingers again and sighed deeply and the second you put your fingers on the keys, your head became blank and you played your heart out, it was a good thing it was an emotional piece, as it suited well with your current mood. The minute it was over you bowed a few times and walked off, now you had to wait till the last performance which was Yoongi behind the piano and this time you decided to watch him because he couldn’t do anything bad to you through the piano and of course he played beautifully and you had to clap at the end, it always surprised you how mesmerizing he was when he sat behind the piano, completely lost in his own world, sadly enough his character was bad the second he stopped playing.

The music teacher tapped you on the shoulder and you followed his finger to the piano that had been added. “Yoongi asked me to tell you he wanted to play with you.” your heart started beating really fast because there was no way he would do something right? He wouldn’t mess with your education, right?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, he has much more experience.” the teacher smiled at you and you knew you really didn’t have a choice and if you had a choice Yoongi just ruined that as he told the audience that you would be playing with him. You looked back at Jimin who looked worried but shrugged his shoulders nonetheless so there was no other option than to return to the stage. You bowed to the audience before sitting down and when you saw the piece he had chosen, you panicked slightly because this piece was really difficult and normally you had to practice this a lot. You locked eyes with Yoongi but instead of the disgust he usually showed you saw encouragement, he was actually smiling at you. You started playing when he gave the signal and as you had to focus on the notes you couldn’t really get into it but you didn’t miss a beat, you know Yoongi was looking at you from time to time but you never once met his glance and you were almost thanking the gods when the piece finally ended but the applause that followed was something else.

You got up and bowed to Yoongi and then to the crowd but before you could walk off, Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you against him, while the audience was still applauding. “I’m sorry.” your mouth dropped because he was actually saying sorry and meaning it. “Excuse me, what?” he chuckled at your shocked expression and he gently caressed your hand. This took everything in you not to get into crush mode. “I’m sorry about earlier, I made that rap when I first met you but it was too late to change it.” you nodded still completely in shock, you stepped out of his embrace and after one last bow, you quickly walked off stage, still not sure about what had happened, why was he being nice to you? “What was that?!” Jimin asked when you sat down next to him and you just shrugged “I don’t know.” there wasn’t time to discuss it as we all had to get on stage for the last bow and the second we were off stage everyone went home, you didn’t wait for Jimin or anyone else and as you got home you let yourself fall on your bed, thinking about that moment you had with Yoongi but it was overshadowed by his rap.

The next days you tried to avoid Yoongi at all cost but his song followed you everywhere you went and the gossip was brutal, you started to hide in the dance studio or you could be found behind the piano but never when Yoongi was in the classroom, the only people who knew you were at school were Jimin and Taehyung and of course your teachers, it was a tiresome week but you succeeded in avoiding Yoongi that is until the last day, you were completely lost in your music when suddenly someone put a hand on your shoulder. “Omo that scared me,” you mumbled.

“I think we need to talk.”

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Cognitive Dissonance (m)

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jeon jeongguk x reader

rated m 

Word count: 4007 words

written as a birthday present for one little bun 💕🐰

A nasty snicker sounds from behind you and it’s accompanied by a sharp tug at your scalp, and more giggles follow. You’re tempted to turn around and poke the perpetrator’s eyes out with the tip of your ballpoint pen, but considering as how you’re in a lecture theatre with about 200 other students, it just wouldn’t do to make a scene. 

Especially not over Jeon Jeongguk.

He never fails to situate himself in the row behind you at every lecture you share, together with his posse of friends who follow him around everywhere like groupies. He seems to take an almost perverse pleasure in irritating the hell out of you, resorting to the most preschool tendencies of pulling your hair and kicking the back of your chair to catcalling and making lewd jokes at your expense. It’s really a wonder how he managed to get into a top university like this, but your luck at having him as a fellow Psychology major is even more incredible.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could write headcannons for MC ignoring the RFA+V+Saeran (separately) because they did something stupid, and they get MC's attention by kissing her out of the blue? Thank you!! I love your blog (:

Thank you!
Honestly ignoring people when they’re being stupid can be really satisfying (but I would give in so easily to Zen tbh).
I couldn’t think of how to start a couple of them off because I couldn’t think of what they would do that would be annoying, so I’m sorry about that! This took way too long for me to finish writing…

-He requires constant attention from you to function.
-All of the sudden, you stopped communicating with him.
-No eye contact, no words, nothing.
-He gets very lonely very fast.
-What could he have done to make you this upset and how can he fix it?
-“Hey, _____? Why are you ignoring me?”
-His voice sounds so sad you almost give in right then and there to comfort him.
-But you persevere.
-“Did I do something wrong…?”
-You still avoid his eyes and he frowns. He’s getting really, really lonely now.
-He wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind and nuzzles his head into yours.
-“_____~~” he whines.
-dang it stay strong
-“What’s wrong~? Please talk to me~…”
-*internally screaming*
-He gives up after whining in your ear for a solid five minutes.
-An idea hits him.
-He moves in front of you and notices you staring at your feet to keep from looking at him. He frowns before brushing some hair out of your face. You still don’t budge.
-So, as his last resort, he lifts your chin and kisses you deeper than he ever has before.
-You almost choke because you were not expecting that.
-He pulls away and takes a deep breath.
-“Are you gonna stop ignoring me and tell me what’s wrong?”
-Yes definitely

-Zen needs lots of attention 24/7.
-But he has been only talking in lines from his script and at first it was charming but it’s just gotten annoying.
-He notices you starting to get annoyed with him and he finds it cute so he doesn’t get the message at first to shut up.
-He tries to apologize and he’s super dramatic and pouty when you ignore him.
-“But, ___, do you not love me anymore?”
-“Come on, dear. I miss your voice~”
-He tries to charm his way into making you pay attention to him but alas it does not work.
-So he just pouts and leans his head against your shoulder, nuzzling into you while groaning.
-“_____~” he says in a whiny tone. “Stop ignoring me~”
-Honestly he’s making to difficult to ignore him but you keep reminding yourself about  how annoying he was.
-Zen becomes impatient and stands in front of you with a serious thinking face. You stare blankly of to the side to avoid eye contact.
-He swiftly grabs your cheek and dives in for a very deep kiss. You can feel this son of a bitch smirking into the kiss too when he feels you tense up because he knows it means he has your attention now.
-Zen pulls away with a grin while you stare at him with wide eyes. “Oh, I have your attention?”
-Embarrassed, you swipe his hand from your face and turn away.
-“Aw~ don’t be embarrassed~” he cooed in your ear and kisses your cheek. “I’m sorry for annoying you earlier. Forgive me?”

-She’s been watching a new DVD all day long.
-When you tried to join her or ask her about something, she would shoo you away.
-Fine, be that way.
-You resort to just ignoring her like she’s neglecting you.
-You sit in another room and decide to occupy yourself with something just like she’s occupied with that damned DVD (like reading, playing video games, etc.).
-After she finished her DVD, she came to you and started talking to you about it.
-“So whoever casted them for that role made a poor decision because the character seemed so useless- …Are you even listening to me, _____?”
-You didn’t look up from what you were doing and continued to ignore her.
-“_____…? Hello?”
-No response.
-“Why are you ignoring me? Is it because of the DVD?”
-She sighed but then devised a bold plan to get your attention.
-Jaehee gently grabbed your cheek and quickly brought your face to hers, capturing your lips in a very deep kiss.
-When she pulled away, you were breathless and staring at her with giant eyes.
-“Hi, _____.”
-“…Hello, Jaehee.”
-She smiled. “Good to have you back. I’m sorry for paying more attention to my DVD than to you. Next time, let’s watch it together.”
-You don’t even mind if you lost the page in your book or died in your video game because wow

-Whatever it was that he was doing must’ve been really annoying because you have stopped communicating with him completely.
-You coldly sit on the couch petting Elizabeth while ignoring Jumin as he tries to talk to you. He catches on quickly that you’re ignoring him on purpose.
-“Stop acting like a child, _____. If there’s an issue we should discuss it like adults.”
-This boy lectures you for being childish.
-But when he’s through with his speech, you’re still ignoring him.
-That’s when he too becomes a pouty little puppy.
-“Love? Please talk to me…”
-He’s playing the cute and desperate card oh no
-You keep strong and remain composed despite his whining.
-“I miss you… I need you…”
-Jumin Han I swear to god
-This is more difficult than you thought it would be. He’s acting so needy you almost cave. Almost.
-“Please, dearest, talk to me.”
-He’s quickly becoming depressed but he’s not giving up, especially when he got the idea to be bold to get your attention.
-“_____, stop ignoring me.” he said before holding the back of your neck and bringing you into a deep, deep kiss.
-He pulled away with a serious expression. “Are you through being childish yet?”
-“Uh-huh, yep, definitely,” you nodded with surprise.
-Jumin chuckled. “Good. Now, tell me what’s wrong.”

-Payback motherfucker
-All day he has just been picking on you. He wasn’t necessarily being mean to you, but he kept making fun of you.
-It was all in good fun but it got old real quick.
-He just wouldn’t stop. It got on your last nerve.
-You avoided his eyes and didn’t respond to anything he was saying. Needless to say, he picked up on your mood very quick.
-“Aw, c'mon _____, you know I’m just messing with you!”
-You just stared to the side.
-“I’m sorry, do you forgive me~?”
-…Okay now he’s starting to get sad.
-“_____, stop ignoring me~… Please? I didn’t mean anything I said.”
-Plz don’t be sad omg no
-“I’m sorry for joking around like that, just please forgive me.”
-“I’ll try to make it up to you if you just say the words.”
-After a few minutes of no results, he gets a bold idea he’s sure cannot fail.
-He stands in front of you and cups your cheeks. Your eyes dart up to meet his before he dives in to kiss you passionately.
-You honestly felt your knees getting weak.
-Saeyoung pulled back, breathing heavier than before. Your eyes were on him.
-“Oh~ Finally got your attention now~?”
-“Yeah, yeah,” you mutter and pull his hands off your face.
-He kisses your cheek before adding with a smile, “I’m sorry for picking on you. I’ll be nicer. Just tell me when you want me to stop and I’ll stop, okay?”

-In your defense, he was ignoring you first.
-Well, he wasn’t purposely ignoring you, but whenever you tried to talk to him, he was busy with something else.
-Even if he was in the middle of some mundane everyday task, he would tell you we was too busy.
-You decide that you’ll just ignore him and see how he likes it because you’re that frustrated.
-He is so hurt and sad.
-how could you ignore such a ray of sunshine you’re hurting him have you no heart
-He takes it personally.
-“Are you ignoring me? …Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something?”
-“Whatever I did, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for upsetting you.”
-oh my god stop it my heart hurts
-“If you just tell me what I did, I’ll never do it again. I promise.”
-why are you so precious
-“Please talk to me…?”
-He sighs when he realizes his words weren’t helping. There’s only one more thing he can think of that’ll get your attention.
-He smiles before stroking your cheek and planting a deep kiss your lips.
-The light “hmph!” noise you make as his lips contact yours makes V smile because it was cute, plus it means you’re finally paying attention.
-When V pulls away, you’re staring right into his eyes.
-“I’m sorry for whatever upset you, dear. Are you done ignoring me now?”

-again how could you ignore such a sweet little boy he needs love you heartless mistress
-He yelled at you because you were being too loud.
-His definition of “too loud” is apparently eating a bag of chips. (Which you may or may not have stolen from Saeyoung)
-“Sorry, I’ll make sure to breathe quieter.” Those were the last words you said to him before giving him the silent treatment.
-Saeran is stubborn too, however. This is gonna take a while.
-When he sees that you won’t even look at him, he’s sad at first, but he only sees it as a challenge. In his mind, it’s like “well if you’re gonna ignore me, I’ll just ignore you too!”
-So neither of you speak or look at the other for a few days.
-Saeyoung obviously notices and asks Saeran what happened. He just told him to mind his own business.
-So instead, he asks you, and you tell him that Saeran was being stupid.
-After a fourth day passes of not seeing or talking to you, Saeran calms down and realizes “okay I really cannot survive like this I’m sad and I need _____”
-He asks Saeyoung how to get you to forgive him and he smirks.
-Saeran wasn’t sure how this would work, but I guess he trusts Saeyoung about this.
-He marched up to you. “_____.”
-He sucked his teeth. “_____, would you stop ignoring me already?”
-In a split second, Saeran’s hand was tangled in your hair and he was kissing you deeply and passionately.
-who the fuck are you and where is Saeran
-He pulled away and caught his breath, staring at you with nervous eyes that contrasted his confident behavior from seconds ago. “Okay, _____?”
-there he is
-“…I’m sorry, Saeran.”
-Saeran nudges you. “Don’t ignore me again, got it?”

Auston Matthews - Part 27

Here we go again… 

My phone rings as I climb back into my car after getting groceries. Looking at the caller ID, Alex’s name flashes across the screen and I answer.

               “Hey girl,” I say, putting her on speaker phone as I start my car up.

               “Hey! How’s it going?” Alex says, overly cheerful like usual when she calls me nowadays since I let slip that Auston and I actually went on our first date over three weeks ago. Ever since then she has been all over me.

               “Everything is great!” I say, my mind wandering to last night and my cheeks flush.

               “Going to the game tonight?” Alex asks.

               “Unfortunately, no. Riley, my lab partner is coming over because we are way behind… or so he says,” I grumble into the phone, pulling out into traffic.

               “Riley is a boy?”

               “Yeah?” I make a face. “Why?”

               “Where are you working?” Alex asks, ignoring my own question.

               “My house, why?” I ask again.

               “Is Auston okay with that?”

               “Um I didn’t ask him permission because he’s not my mother?” I snap into the receiver. “What is with you? I’m twenty-one years old, I think I can decide things on my own without asking my nineteen year old boyfriend.”

               “Whoa calm down, I didn’t mean to upset you… Auston is just well… he can be a jealous person,” Alex says quickly, clearly not wanting my temper directed her way, even if she is hundreds of miles away.

               “There is not a single thing to be jealous about. I’ve gone to every home game since I moved to Toronto, I think he will be okay if I miss one due to school,” I sigh into the phone, rolling my eyes.

               “I know, I’m just telling you. I doubt that if Auston knew that your partner was a boy…” she starts and as if she can feel my temper rising through the phone she quickly changes the subject to the boy that Breyana is currently pinning after.

               My mind stays on the previous conversation though. Would Auston be mad? I don’t think so, he doesn’t have a single thing to be jealous about…


               Alex’s voice breaks me out of my trance and I wonder if the light I just passed under was green or not.

               “What?” I ask.

               “I asked you if you’ve gotten anymore charms for your bracelet yet,” Alex laughs through the phone.

               “Oh,” my eyes flash to my wrist and back to the road. “No, I haven’t. Didn’t really think about it actually. You know me, I would need to get two so that it’s balanced,” I say.

               “True, forgot you’re my little OCD baby,” Alex teases through the phone and I scowl at the road.

               “Well I’m almost home so…” I trail and I can practically feel her roll her eyes at me through the phone.

               “Fine, I’ll talk to you later,” Alex says and we hang up after saying goodbye right as I pull into my driveway.

               I spend my morning color coding my notes and organizing everything that Riley and I will need for this evening. Glancing at the clock which is showing 3:45, I guess that my mom is done with work for the day and call her. Just like I do every day.

               “Hi, mama,” I say when she answers.

               “Hi, baby,” my mom says back to me, I can hear my dad in the background babbling away.

               “Is dad on the phone?” I ask.

               “Yes, we are in the car on the way to Detroit for their game. It’s not as fun without you,” she admits and I feel my heart break a little.

               “I wish I was there with you,” I say softly into the phone, wanting my mom to hug me and pet my hair while my dad makes his famous hot chocolate with a shot of Irish Cream in it. The only time I’ve gotten homesick the last four weeks is when Auston goes on the road, meaning pretty much all my friends are on the road as well.

               “I think your dad is coming to Toronto next week for a game, he’s excited to see you,” she says and my heart lifts up inside me.

               “Really?” I squeal and my dogs come bounding into the room, most likely thinking I stepped on one of their toys.

               “And I’ll see you in thirteen days for your cousins wedding,” she adds and I smile.

               “I know! I can’t wait mama!”

               “Your father is giving me a dirty look, I think he wants me to stop talking over him on his phone call,” she muses and I roll my eyes.

               “Alright, I’ll talk to you later, love you,” I say.

               “Love you too, baby,” she whispers and hangs up the phone. I place my phone on the counter, my mood sufficiently improved just from a minute conversation with my mom.

               I open a snapchat from Auston that I had gotten earlier, the others have calmed down a bit on their obsession with embarrassing Auston and now I only get a few snaps from them during the day. This one is a picture of his food and the caption, ‘im worked up about the game. Relieve my stress?’ I roll my eyes and take a picture of my legs from my position leaning against the counter, sending him back a ‘not in the way you’re insinuating.’

               Right away he snaps me back, this time of his face, a pout firmly in place. I take another picture of my legs this time captioning it, ‘if that’s what you wanted in a girlfriend then you chose the wrong one. I relieve stress in other ways.’

               Again, he responds right away, a mirror picture of his perfect suit. ‘then im on my way.’ I giggle and walk to the mirror in my downstairs bathroom and send him a picture back. ‘Nope, doors are locked.’

               This time results in a phone call full of pouting, teasing and promises that I make him to get him to stop pouting.

               “Go to your game, Auston,” I finally say, exasperated as usual when I talk to him on the phone.

               “Fine. Hopefully I score on the ice because it sounds like I’m not when I go to bed tonight,” he muses and I giggle.

               “Shut up, you don’t technically score any other night actually,” I remind him and I can hear him huff at me through the phone.

               “Not for lack of trying, babe. Not for lack of trying,” he pouts again and I know he’s shaking his head in exaggeration.

               “Oh whatever,” I roll my eyes. “Good luck, I’ll be watching from my couch all night,” I say.

               “I’ll take what I can get. Can I come over after?” He asks.

               “Is that even a question?” I ask. “You leave tomorrow for four days, gotta take advantage of your body while I can,” I tease and bite my lip waiting for his response.

               “Who taught you to talk like that?” Auston snaps after a moment and I giggle. “You can’t do that to a man before a big game, Y/N.” He scolds and I laugh harder.

               “Bye, Auston,” I whisper and he sighs.

               “Bye, babe. I’ll see you later,” he promises and we hang up.

               I turn around to see both of my dogs staring at me.

               “What? You’re girls, you know how it is,” I defend myself against their judgmental stares. “If I play ball will you stop staring at me?” I ask and their heads tilt at the mention of a ball.

               I spend the rest of the day until Riley gets here tiring my dogs out as best I can so they aren’t pestering me all night again. I hear a car door slam in front of the house and rush my hounds inside, telling them to behave as I go to open the front door.

               “Hey,” I say, taking a step back so Riley can cross the threshold. All 6’2’’ of his slim frame making its way into my living room. I notice his hat is covering his blonde hair along with his ears and I smile at the thought of Auston and his stupid hat.

               “Hey, nice place. Much better than a crammed apartment,” Riley grins at me and I laugh.

               “I can only imagine, you can put your things on the coffee table,” I gesture and he follows behind me. “Want anything to drink?” I ask, stepping into the kitchen as he pauses to put his things down.

               “Water would be nice, thank you,” he responds, taking a seat on the couch and organizing his things among mine on the table. As I come back into the living room with his water and a pop for myself I have to laugh.

               “You color code your notes too?” I ask, handing him his water. His fingers brush mine as he takes the glass.

               “Of course, I don’t get how people can learn when things aren’t organized,” he says grinning at me and I laugh again.

               “I thought I was the only one,” I squat down onto the floor and flip open my binder. “I thought we would start on Ganymede and Callisto and then work our way down to the smaller moons of Jupiter,” I say glancing at him. His blue eyes are on me and he quickly clears his throat and nods.

               “Yeah, great idea,” he says and I hear almost a little annoyance in this tone.

               “Okay, did you want to take Callisto so we can go a bit faster?” I ask, deciding to ignore my previous thought.

               “In a hurry for something?” Riley asks, definitely annoyed this time. I flush and shake my head.

               “No, it’s just you’re here to work on our project… I just thought we could get more done tonight if we broke each section into parts and went from there,” I stammer, confused at his tone.

               Riley stares at me a moment, an odd look on his face then he blinks several times and rubs his face.

               “I didn’t mean to snap at you, Y/N. I’m sorry, I just get stressed out with group work. You’re so much more advanced than I am for this class and I’m just not used to it,” he says and I relax, I hadn’t even realized my body was as tense as a coiled spring.

               “No worries,” I say a bit awkwardly, not knowing what else to do.

               “You can take Callisto, I’ll do Ganymede,” he smiles at me, reaching for his binder. I notice his teeth are incredibly straight and whiter than the wall behind him.

               I give him a tight smile and nod, taking my book out and flipping through it, grateful for something else to look at.

               Riley seems to relax a bit more the longer we work. Once seven comes around I stand to turn on the Leafs game, though the settings were still set to the Xbox so I have to get up and manually change the input. When I bend down to reach the switch I glance over my shoulder at Riley.

               “Mind if I turn the game on?” I ask, his eyes flash to mine from where they had been trained on my behind. I open my mouth, not sure how to go about the fact that I just caught him checking me out.

               Riley seems oblivious and grins at me. “That’s fine,” and then he proceeds to talk hockey with me for a few minutes after I get the T.V situated and take my place back on the floor across from him. I never letting on that I’m dating a player and newly best friends with another couple. People in Toronto tend to get really excited when you let slip that you know Leafs players, a lesson I learned very well.  

               We are able to work in comfortable silence for the entire first period. Though once intermission hits he pushes his laptop away from him and stretches his arms above his head.

               “So how has Canada been treating you so far, Y/N?” Riley asks, leaning back into the couch and looking down at me.

               “It’s been fine so far,” I say only glancing at him before narrowing in on my textbook again. “Enjoyable,” I add.

               “Had much time to go out and meet new people?” He continues and I give up on reading. I look up from my book, putting it back on the coffee table.

               “I already knew a few people before moving, but yes, I’ve made several friends,” I can see where this conversation is going and I’m scrambling for a response.

               Riley nods, his eyes still on me. He has a cute face, more along the lines of ‘let me pinch your cheeks’ rather than Auston’s ‘let’s make out’ face. His hair is styled very precisely, longer at the top and shorter below, he wears expensive clothes which I find ironic that he complains about having to have roommates to afford his apartment.

               “Been to any clubs?” He asks and I breathe a sigh of relief that he didn’t ask what I thought he would.

               “Nope, not a club person,” I give him a tight smile and tense when I hear Auston’s voice. I whip around but it’s only the T.V and he’s doing an intermission interview before the beginning of the second period. My heart fills as I listen to him spew out his typical clinches about what they need to do better in the next period, being down one to nothing. I suddenly wish more than anything that I was at the arena sitting with a few of the other girlfriends and wives.

               “You a fan of him?” Riley asks me and look to see him nodding at the T.V. “He’s a great player.”

               “I’ve seen better,” I mutter, looking back at the screen with a smile on my face.

               “Oh shit, I just realized I never grabbed dinner like I said I would!” Riley exclaims and I jump, startled at the sudden outburst. “I’m so sorry. I completely forgot!”

               “Oh, don’t worry about it!” I reassure him. “If you’re hungry I can put a pizza in the oven or something,” I give him a smile and he returns one.

               “Could you? I hate to ask, but I’m starving,” he rubs his stomach in exaggeration.

               “Yeah, of course,” I say, getting to my feet and making my way into the kitchen and digging through my freezer. A few minutes later I have the oven heated and a pizza cooking.

               I squat down onto the floor again, ready to get set on the next part of the project. Riley and I fall back into a slightly less comfortable silence because he glances at me every few minutes and then looks quickly away when I catch him. It’s nothing. He can look all he wants.

               However, when the oven timer goes off, I practically run into the kitchen, peeking over the counter at him as I crouch down. He isn’t watching the game like I thought he would be, instead he’s looking at my phone on the table which just vibrated with what sounded like a snapchat notification. I think about my screen saver, a picture of Auston with my two dogs sleeping on the couch. Oh boy.

               I take my time getting the pizza out and cutting it.

               “Uh, pizza’s ready,” I call out to him. “Help yourself.” I give him a tight smile as I make my way back to my place at the coffee table.

               Riley eyes me a minute before standing and going to get his own plate.

               “Thank you,” he calls over his shoulder and I nod even though he isn’t looking.

               I look up in time to see 34 flash across the screen, streaking down the ice and finishing with a beautiful forehand shot beating the Oilers goalie top shelf. I sigh in admiration, grinning at the screen.

               “So… is he one of the ‘friends’ you already had here,” Riley says, settling back down on the couch and I notice the emphasis on ‘friends’ and I know exactly who he is referring to.

               “Yes,” I answer, a bit snappier than I had intended but I hope he gets my tone.

               “Lucky guy,” Riley mutters and I scowl at the T.V. annoyed beyond belief.

               “Well,” I say putting my now empty plate on the coffee table. “Let’s get back to work, shall we?”

               Riley nods and double tasks, eating and writing. I calm down as the silence takes back over, the only sound being the announcers on the T.V.

               We both look up at the screen as 34 streaks across the ice again, scoring once more in overtime to give the Leafs a two to one victory. Riley and I cheer and even high five, though I notice his hand lingers even after I pull mine away. I glance at the clock and know that Auston should be here in the next hour. Eyeing Riley for a moment, I decide it’s probably best that Riley isn’t here when Auston comes. Doing a quick estimate, I think I can get enough done to satisfy him to call it a night on the project if I do most of the work myself, he was right, I really am way above his level with this stuff.

               I get to work doing just that, Riley stares at me as my hands fly from my book to my computer to my pen and back again.

               “Um… we have a few days left to work on this…” he says after a few minutes.

               “Can’t talk, in the zone,” I say, nonchalantly checking the time on my phone.

               Forty-five minutes later I slam my book closed and yawn.

               “Alright, Riley. I think we call it a night,” I say around my large, fake yawn and he raises his eyebrows. He sat there doing almost nothing while I did all but the conclusion of the project.

               “Um, yeah… okay…” he says and there’s another funny tone to his voice. With incredibly slowness he starts to pack this things away and I resist the urge to stuff everything into his bag and rush him out the door. But that would be weird. Instead I sit there pretending to watch the T.V. screen, wondering to myself why I’m suddenly so nervous. You’re letting what Alex said get to you. You’ve seen the way Riley has been looking at you all night. If someone was looking at Auston that way you would be jealous.

               I get to my feet and wander into the kitchen just as lights shine into my living room from someone pulling into the drive way. Oh no, oh no! I chant in my head, glancing at Riley I see he’s paused in his packing and is looking out the window. I stand stiff as a board in the kitchen not knowing what to do.

               The front door opens and in walks Auston, holding his overnight bag in his hand. He looks over at me and smiles until he catches sight of Riley sitting on my couch staring at him. His smile instantly vanishes along with my stomach.

The Joker x Reader - “The Red Queen”

The Joker’s Red Queen is as dangerous and lethal as he is. Her heart is full of secrets and she is capable of unspeakable acts. The Queen of Gotham wouldn’t have survived for so long in his world if not for her perfect instincts and abilities.

“Hey, didn’t see you around before; what’s your name?” you address J, turning your head towards him.

“No talking!” one of the heavily geared soldiers warns, holding tighter to his riffle.

You ignore him, rattling your chains in order to get The Joker’s attention:

“Hey, handsome, are you single?”

“I said no talking!” and the van takes a sharp turn, making you lean on J for a few seconds. “Pardon me, sir,” you sniffle, “it wasn’t on purpose. Do you work out?”

“What did I just tell you, hm?” the guard snaps, getting annoyed with your crap.

The Joker has the most demented grin they ever saw on anybody’s face: he just keeps on looking straight, not saying a word. It makes all 5 of them uncomfortable, even if they’ve seen a few insane things in their line of work.

One of the guards quietly analyzes you:  he didn’t see you in person before and now that you’re right in front of him he can’t help but glare:

You are wearing a two piece red leather suit, pants and sleeveless top, red high hills and your very red and very long hair almost reaches your waist. You have “RED QUEEN” tattooed around your neck with red ink like a choker, the word “Joker” repeatedly going down from it about an inch apart, making look like a necklace. Your left cheek has “King” tattooed with green ink next to a red heart and your right cheek is tattooed with the word “Queen.” More tattoos on your arms, spelling “J+Y/N”, “Red Queen” and “Mister J’s Queen.”

You smirk and he realizes you’re looking back at him.

“You’re cute. Like what you see?” you wink, unraveling your perfect white teeth that stand out even more against the bright red lipstick.

No answer.

“Are you hitting on my woman?” The Clown Prince of Crime finally speaks in such an outworldly tone it almost manifests in physical form. Definitely gave you goosebumps and you love it. Your guardians, not that much.

“I wasn’t doing any…”

“Don’t engage, that’s what they want,” the one that seems in charge reminds the rest of them.

You giggle, then start humming and grab J’s arm:

“Anytime now,” you whisper and your hand gets slapped away by the soldier that was checking you out earlier:

“No touching you damned lunatics!”

“Calm down, we are only here to make sure they get to the destination, it will be over soon,” the guy next to him points out, trying to keep everybody’s temper under control.

“If you touch The Red Queen one more time, you’re dead,” J threatens, the psychotic smug smile returning on his face.

“Shut the hell up, you crazy son of a…” the warden starts his tirade but gets interrupted.

“I said don’t engage, it is exactly what they want!”

“Yes, captain,” the man straightens his back even more, taking a deep breath before regaining his posture.

“Wise words honey,” you agree, smacking your lips. “And if you talk to the King of Gotham in such a disrespectful manner one more time, you’re not going to live through the night,” you crack your shoulders, maintaining an eerie smile.

“Shut up!” you get yelled at once more.

“Nobody…” The Joker’s chest is going up and down faster and faster, “…tells my Queen to shut up except me!!” He’s beginning to lose control and you are very fond of what follows.

“Why are these two freaks so obsessed with each other?! I don’t get it!” the soldier that slapped your hand gets mad.

“Do not engage, don’t make me repeat it one more time!!!” the captain snarls, tired with tonight’s assignment. He was supposed to be in bed already, if not for this stupid late night secret mission.

“Sorry, sir,” the apology is fast to follow.

You tap your red painted nails on the metal bar that separates your seat from J’s, amused.

“This was fun, huh? I’m not bored anymore,” you snicker and the Joker is fast to laugh in such a strange way it makes them all cringe.

A sudden strong impact and the van being turned around at 360 degrees makes you grab his hand and mutter:

“A few minutes late; could be worse, right?”

*** Both of you were in the mood for some action and had to do something about it: you decided to burgle a fancy jewelry store and let yourselves be captured. Of course that once the cops were there they called the Special Unit Force to escort you in great secrecy to Gotham Police headquarters.

Frost and your henchmen were instructed to follow closely and stop them from fulfilling their objective. All was planned in only one day: when the adrenaline rushes through your veins, no need for more - just act on instinct and impulsiveness. Your goons faked a blockade and the unmarked, bullet proof van took a turn towards the less busy roads under the Bridge of Angels. No convoy of police cars, no sirens, no fuss: the point was to haul you without getting any unwanted attention.

Which you guessed will happen.

And it did. ***

“What do you want to do with them, Doll?” J aims his head towards the kneeled soldiers surrounded by about 25 armed henchmen.

“I don’t know, they were pretty entertaining, don’t you think?” you rest your head on The Joker’s shoulder as he’s holding on to your waist.

“Should we kill them?” he inquires, undecided. He’s starting to trace your neck tattoo with his fingers, purring with such intensity it sends shivers down your spine. How you love the sensation!

“Whatever you want, baby,” you bite your red lips, fluttering your eyelashes. “But I don’t want be here anymore since we already had our fun. Actually…I take it back…We can have even more fun since we’re still awake,” you change your mind instantly because you’re both so turned on by tonight’s events. “Just state your will and then let’s go, the boys can take care of the rest. I really want to get you back to the penthouse. Pleeassee…” you moan the last sentence in his ear and he closes his eyes, aroused with anticipation.

“You’re such a bad girl, Pumpkin,” he growls, brushing his thumb on your “King” tattoo for a few moments, fighting with himself. “Go in the car, I’ll be back shortly,” he urges you, spanking your butt as you turn around and walk away towards one of the SUV’s awaiting on the side of the road.


Early morning and you didn’t snooze for one second. You surely exhausted J and now he’s in a deep sleep. You carefully move your head from his chest, cautious not to wake him up. You snatch a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from the closet, not making any noises, and after finding your car keys you sneak out of the penthouse, avoiding being seen at all costs.

After about 20 minutes of driving, you get to the meeting point at the abandoned factory on Helssel Street. Your contact is already there. You approach, suspicions.

“Who are you?” you grumble, surveilling your surroundings, just in case.

“My name is agent Collins. Nice to meet you agent Y/N,” the guy tries to speak and you cut him off.

“Spare me! Are you new?” you squint your eyes, already uneasy and displeased.

“Yes, just started with the bureau 6 months ago,” he informs, holding his ground.

“Are you kidding me??!! They are sending someone new? What level are you, did you even get your clearance level A yet?!” you raise your voice, annoyed. My God, what the hell are they doing sending this newbie to talk to you?!

“Not yet, soon, this is one of my tasks in order to obtain it.”

“I only deal with FBI agents that are at least level C, this is unacceptable!” you strut towards him and he doesn’t seem happy at your rant.

“With all due respect, agent Y/N, you might be level E, but it doesn’t mean that…” Collins protests, aware his skills need improvement but he’s not incompetent, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it this far.

“With all due respect, agent Collins,” you interrupt with a gesture of your hand,” don’t speak about things you know nothing about. I am involved in a very dangerous and strenuous undercover mission as I am sure you are aware. I can’t risk having my cover blown off, not after 3 years. It was very hard work to get into his world and make him trust me. I can’t risk any mistakes, that’s why I am appalled they send a new agent for our little briefing.”

“I am good at what I do, I’m not a kid. Please don’t address me as such,” he has the nerve to reply.

You chuckle, wanting to punch his lights out:

“Do you know what level E is?”

Collins nods a yes, irked you treat him like an idiot when in fact he’s very capable of handling all this. You just have your opinions so you continue:

“Level E agents are trained to do everything it takes for their missions. EVERYTHING! And The Joker is one…” and you almost scream, ”…tough insane psychopath!!! And I have to fuck him, kill for him, do EVERYTHING he asks of me since I am his ‘girlfriend’. Oh, I’m sorry, am I offending your little virgin ears??!!!” you suck on your teeth when he flaunts that grimace all over his mug. “I do EVERYTHING to keep myself in his world, this way I can give the Bureau all the info they need about the corrupt officials he deals with, future plans he might have, names, locations and dates. The Joker will go down last, after we get all we need.”

He is clearly offended and you are losing your patience. You take a deep breath and finish the meeting:

“Tell them all is good, I will e-mail them more encrypted data soon,” and you start walking away.

“I will actually be the one decrypting it!” he notifies you and you just raise your arm, shaking it as goodbye.

“Tell someone that cares, honey.”

You walk a couple of blocks to get to the alley where you parked your car. You are furious they send an agent in training and keep on mumbling to yourself. You had more things to say but because you’re stubborn, you refused to. I guess you’ll just have to send all the stuff in your e-mail.

You are almost at your vehicle when you see a shadow emerging from behind the building and you realize is The Joker.

“Baby Doll,” he walks fast your way and you nervously gulp, halting in your tracks.

“J, what are you doing here? I was just…”

You don’t get to finish your phrase because he hugs you tight, crushing you in his arms.

“I am being a gentleman and making sure my girl gets safely to her car,” he whispers and you lose your breath when you feel the sharp blade piercing through your ribs, deeper and deeper. You push him away, wincing in pain, hardly being able to still stand, shocked.

Why are you so dizzy and why can’t you move? You attempt to say something but barely manage to open your mouth. You start coughing and lean your back against the car, sliding down to the ground, everything fading from your already cloudy mind.

“Something to remind you of me, Kitten,” J stops in front of you, kicking your leg.  “The blade has been dipped in a paralyzing substance, this way you won’t struggle. As a thanks for being an awesome girlfriend,” and he reaches his hand to close your eyes. You wish you could fight, but the numbness took over your body with an alarming velocity. And now that your eyes are closed, maybe they won’t open again.


“Welcome back, Y/N,” you hear Commissar Gordon’s voice and you blink a few times, trying to focus on his face.

“Hello, s-sir…” you manage utter, coming back to reality. You are in a hospital bed, hooked to IV’s. “Where…where am I?” you lift your head from the pillow and instantly drop it back, weak and feeling drained.

“FBI headquarters, ICU unit, I guess you’re not familiar since you’ve never had to use it,” he gets up from his chair and takes a sit on your bed.

“How long was I out?” you lick your lips, thirsty and still a bit out of it.

“Two days. You were lucky Agent Collins followed you and found you in time,” he sighs, grateful you are still breathing.

“That bad, huh?” you moan in pain when you try to turn on your side. You lift the sheet up and see you are patched up where The Joker stabbed you.

“Well, it wasn’t good either. I’m glad you’re still with us,” Gordon admits and you know he’s sincere.

“Thank you, sir,” you wince in pain. “My cover got blown up, do we know what happened?” you request to find out.

“No, not yet, I think we might have a moll, we are thoroughly investigating the problem.”

“3 years…3 fucking years, and all is lost,” your eyes get teary from frustration and he touches your hand, sympathetic.

“I’m sorry, you were unbelievably tenacious and did a lot of good work. I know you’ve been through hell…”

“I’m fine,” you lie, not happy at your present situation.

“They will want to talk to you as soon as possible, they need all the information they can obtain. You don’t get to rest even if you deserve it. They will expect a full report and you’ll have to go through all the required steps, there are rules to be followed.”

“I know, sir,” you finally manage to lift yourself on your elbow.

“They are aware certain…feelings and …emotions are involved after being with him for so long, they want you in counselling and therapy too.”

“I understand the procedure, sir, it’s OK,” you agree, obedient. All this shit that follows comes with the job. “I don’t know how he followed me, I added the sleeping pills in his water and watched him drink it,” you fret, puzzled on how it went downhill so fast. “I’m a level E agent, I know what I’m doing.”

The commissar gets up, taking his leave. He knows better than to let you continue to torment yourself at this point. It’s no use.

“I’ll let you rest, then, we’ll keep in touch.”

You point your finger towards your neck tattoo, no words are necessary.

“You’ll have those removed as soon as there’s time.”

“Sir!” you yell after him when he opens the door. “Can I please have somebody help dying my hair back to black today? I can’t stand this red anymore!”

“Of course,” he exhales, contemplating about a million things he needs to do after this total fiasco of your undercover operation ending so abruptly.


A few weeks go by and you are caught in the endless twist of briefings, meetings, reports and assessment sessions to assert your state of mind, while they are looking for The Joker with no success. You didn’t even have time to remove all your tattoos because it’s a long process and right now you don’t have precious hours to spare. You just cover your skin with make-up, burying your past under and the two accursed names that will forever be ingrained in your memory: The Joker and his Red Queen.  


**Three months after the incident the SWAT team was able to capture your former boyfriend at your suggestion that he might be hanging around certain places. After all, you knew so many of his secrets and were able to predict his moves because you got to experience firsthand on how he works. You are not a level E agent for nothing! You didn’t waste so many years on this task, so much of your life and expertise just to sit around and not counteract. When you got the call in the middle of the night, you jumped out of bed so fast you almost dropped your cell, shaking at the unexpected news. He will be transported in great secrecy to Arkham Asylum where he surely belongs.

You are appointed as one of the 4 agents to accompany him to his destination and you get ready in such a hurry it scares you. Can’t wait to face the jerk and strangle him yourself if you get the chance, that is. **

You are sitting right across from a handcuffed Joker, panting and trying to control your urge to act. He just looks down at his shoes, avoiding eye contact for once. The other three agents are sitting to your left in perfect silence and alert.

J decides to move his blue gaze from the floor to your face, a total deranged smirk flourishing on his lips.

“Hi there Princess,” and he snorts, rolling his eyes.

“No talking!” one of your companions warns.

“What is it with you guys and no talking, huh?” he moves his jaw sideways, his eyes burning with madness.

The van stops at a red light and then continues its itinerary.

He winks at you, delighted in his lunacy.

“I’m glad to see you’re alive and well, Doll,” he yammers, disregarding the rest of them. “Daddy missed you!” he purrs and you clench your teeth, really straining to keep it together.

“Cut it out or you’re gonna get it!” the threat comes and he laughs, excited.

“Ahhhh, promise?… Don’t interrupt while I’m talking to my woman!!” he abruptly changes his voice to such a low tone it’s uncomfortable to hear.

You indifferently begin to wipe the foundation covering your tattoos on neck and cheeks with the sleeve of your suit, still quiet.

“Shut it down, Clown, I mean it!!!” the guy closest to you loses his patience, aggravated.

You instantly decide to verbalize your feelings:

“If you talk to the King of Gotham in such a disrespectful manner one more time, you’re not going to live through the night,” you tilt your head towards the man, chuckling and they all instinctively reach for their guns. “Thank God I was in charge of loading them, right?” you kiss the air, satisfied they fell for it. “Nahhh, I wouldn’t do that,” you pucker your lips when they still try to do something about it, getting ready to fight. “Don’t do anything stupid, you know what I’m capable of. Might I remind you I’m a level E agent?”


You kick the limp bodies at your feet, uncuffing J in the process.

“You’re mad at me?” he checks, inhaling your perfume.

“I thought we agreed you’re not going to stab me, yes?!” you snap at him, and he kisses your wrist, euphoric to touch you again. “You really took me by surprise!”
“I changed my mind, it was the best plan in order to achieve what we wanted, Pumpkin. And I used the paralyzing substance so you won’t feel pain. Am I nice to my girl or what?!” he praises himself, high from all the excitement of seeing you in action again; it’s been a while. 

“I have a scar, you know I hate scars!” you complain, pushing him away when he tries to hug you but then yank him back in your embrace, infatuated by his presence.

“But it was fun, wasn’t it? We were sooo bored, at least it was entertaining for a while. And you got me all the info I wanted right from the source,” he impatiently kisses you and it makes you weak in the knees. “How come my Red Queen has black hair, hm?” he tugs on your long locks, his hot lips kissing your shoulder up your neck. “Unacceptable!” he growls and you smile, enjoying having him so close again.

“It will be back to red again tomorrow,” you agree and you sense the van stopping. “I think we’re here,” you happily announce, relieved you’re back where you belong and don’t have to pretend anymore.


Your treachery was a strong blow to the bureau; they didn’t expect that to happen in a million years. Commissar Gordon was heartbroken at the news, he completely trusted you and had high hopes. He even saw you in a high rank within the organization as a future perspective. He would have vouch for you and supported you all the way.

But things turned ugly and it pains him to add your name to the FBI most wanted list. He took it upon himself to update your online file:

Agent Name: Y/N

Code Name: The Red Queen

Clearance Level: E

Status: Inactive

Special instructions: Extremely dangerous, approach with caution

His fingers are hesitant on the keyboard as he types in the final note:

Grade A Warning: Rogue




“Almost Gemini” - [ John Constantine - One shot ].

Based onImagine: Being Constantine’s neighbor, and him always coming over to use your cat for his ritual to cross over into hell. 

Written by: A.Wölf.

Music and ambience: Rain // Song (Play both at the same time but ambience at a lower volume).


The rain woke me up.

I glance at the nightstand clock where “10:08 pm” flashes in red numbers. God, I hate getting out of bed. Time doesn’t matter, early or late, I just hate it, I wish I could stay. But working in a bar has its perks after all; like sleeping during the day and waking up at night.

My cat jumps out of bed, meowing to let me know she wants to eat.

I get up and stand in front of my window to look at the city lights blurred by the raindrops. And from up here, on the 5th floor of this apartment building, I can see a bunch of walking umbrellas, knowing that I will become one the second I leave for work. My cat meows again, reminding me she’s hungry.

After finally opening a can of tuna for her, I put on a vinyl record, turn the volume up, and head towards the bathroom to take a shower and start getting ready. I take a long time in there, letting the warm water relax each one of my muscles, and I thoroughly wash my hair while mentally preparing to come home smelling like cigarettes I didn’t even get to smoke, and god knows what else at the bar.

I put my hair up in a ponytail, and put on my leather jacket, almost ready to leave but still swaying my hips to the music when I hear a knock on the door. I sigh in defeat knowing exactly who it is. Another perk of this nightlife of mine if not the best; John fucking Constantine, my neighbor from the 6th floor, the man with two sides, hot and cold, my almost Gemini after being born in early May but having traits that would suggest otherwise.

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“He's absolutely wasted. Good luck”// Conor Maynard Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 1k+

I was sound asleep. Well until my phone started ringing, but I ignored it. ‘They can wait’ I thought to myself. I turned over and started to drift back to sleep. That was until my phone started ringing AGAIN. I sighed heavily and sat up, rubbing my tired eyes. I looked at the caller I.d to see it was an unknown number. However, answered it anyways. 

“Hello?” I said. “Y/n,” A voice that I immediately recognized said. “Conor?” I asked. “That’s me!” He shouted into the phone. He was clearly drunk off his ass. “Conor it’s 3 am what do you want?” “Can you come pick me up?” He whispered into the phone. “What? No!” I said into the phone. “Call Jack or someone like that,” I said. “But I want you to pick me up,” Conor said. I sighed and gave in. “Fine, where are you?” I asked.

 He told me he was at a bar and he gave me a location. I forced my self to get out of bed and I pulled on a hoodie and leggings. I got into the car and drove to the bar. Conor was standing on the curb talking to some girls with a beer in his hands. He saw my car and he smiled. “Girls I gotta go, my lady is here,” He said opening the passenger door. “Throw that out before getting in here,” I mumbled in anger. He handed it to one of the girls, who immediately took a drink of it. He closed the door. “Seatbelt,” I reminded him. 

He fumbled with it for a while when I finally decided to get out and put it on for him. I closed his door and got back in the car. “You have a nice ass,” Conor commented. I ignored his comment and restarted the car. He stared at me kept trying to grab my hand. “Conor stop,” I mumbled again. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see Conor staring at me. “Who’s phone did you call me off of?” I asked breaking the silence. He shrugged. “Some girl let me borrow her phone because mine is dead,” he said with another shrug. “How did you know my number?" 

"I still have your phone number memorized even though we haven’t talked  since we broke up and somehow I remembered it even though I’ve had like 5 beers and I know you’re pissed that you’re here at 3 in the morning to pick my drunk ass up, but you have to admit that’s pretty impressive,” he boasted. I ran my hand through my hair. I parked in front of Conor, Jack’s and Josh’s flat.

 I got out of the car and helped Conor out. I walked him to the door if by walking you mean me dragging him to the door. “I’m guessing you don’t have a key?” I asked. “Nope,” he said popping the p. “Great,” I mumbled. I banged on the door quite loud. In a minute or two, the door opened. I saw Jack Maynard standing at the door. “What the fuck?” He said his voice raspy. “Here,” I said pushing Conor inside. “He called me to pick him up. He’s absolutely wasted. Good luck,” I said turning to leave. “Waittt come innn,” Conor said. I sighed not wanting to argue.

 "Conor just go to your room and go to sleep,“ I said. "Fineee goodnight love,” he said trying to kiss my cheek. I dodged it and crossed my arms. He frowned and walked into his room closing the door behind him. “I’m gonna go,” I said starting toward the door. “Wait y/n,” Jack said. “Yeah?” “I’m sorry, for him. He’s been like this ever since you guys broke up. I’ve never ever seen him like this. He always stays in his room or he’s out getting wasted,” he said. “Jack..” I trailed off. “Maybe you could work it out,” he suggested. “No. All we did was fight Jack. Do you think I enjoyed that? We fought over every little thing,” I said. He sighed. I let out a small yawn.

“Here,” he said walking into his room and grabbing pillows and blankets. “It’s almost 5, you can sleep on the couch for the rest of the night.” I nodded not wanting to drive home and took the pillows and blankets. I thanked him before he walked into Conor’s room. I laid down on the couch and started to think.

’“So you’re just going to ignore me?” Conor said getting mad. I stayed looking down, scrolling down Instagram. “You are so fucking childish and annoying!” Conor screamed. “I mean I guess I am. That’s what you told your friends right. That’s why 'we are having problems’ just get the fuck out!” I said standing and screaming. “Maybe I will!” He screamed. Anger boiled in my body. “Fuck you! I’m done. I can’t do this anymore,” I said. His whole face softened. “Wait baby n-no I’m sorry,” he said. Tears of anger and anguish streamed down my face. “We can work this out I promise. Please don’t just throw away everything we have,” he pleaded. “For 2 years Conor all we have done is fight, I love you so much but I-I just can’t,” I stuttered. “Y/n,” he said reaching out for me. I took a step and shook my head.’

I didn’t realize I was crying until my whole sleeve was wet. I looked up at the ceiling and wiped my eyes once more before falling asleep.

I woke up in someone’s arms and I looked to see it was Conor. “Oh uh sorry,”  he said trying to scoot away. I grabbed onto his shirt, pulling him closer. “I love you.” “I love you too,” he said. I leaned up and kissed his lips for the first time in a few weeks. Everything was there. I was still absolutely in love with him. His arms wrapped around me and I laid my head on his chest. I’m so in love with Conor Maynard and so always will be.

Well, say it.

Request: 17. “Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” 20. “I can’t… I can’t lose you!” (Did I do this right? Sorry if I didn’t) -LZ

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“Tyler, come to bed.” You wrapped your arms around his neck while he was working. He’s been working two weeks straight cause you to be ignored by him and as much as you want to support the team and him, you also want some time with him. “Not now, babe.” He didn’t even look at you. You rolled your eyes and mumbled as you walked away, “That’s always the answer.” “What was that?” you felt annoyed in his tone. “I’m sorry, should I have to repeat myself.” You faced him, matching the same tone. “I said, ‘That’s always the answer.’ I just want some time with my boyfriend for once without work crossing it.” “Well, I’m sorry if I’m trying to work to keep a roof over us and get us what we need.” “Bullshit, you know we’re doing just fine.” “Mark needs this done.” “Mark will understand and agree with me that you need to take a break every once and awhile.”  “WELL, MAYBE IT’S A WAY TO GET AWAY FROM YOU!” you were thrown off by his outburst. You took a step back.

“What the hell are you trying to say, Tyler?” His eyes gave you a death glare, “I think we need a break.” “SPEAK UP TYLER!” you hissed. He stood up from his chair and got in your face, “I think we need a break.” At this point, your back was against the wall, “What is it. You don’t love me anymore? After 2 years we’ve been together, you’re going to throw it all away?” he faced away, “Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.” You cried. You saw his arm lift and you closed your eyes, you thought he was going to hit you until you heard a loud bang on the wall. You open your eyes and saw your boyfriend’s fist through the wall, “I guess I have my answer.” You ripped off the promise ring he gave you and shove it in his chest before running in your shared room. You locked the door and looked for your suitcase, you didn’t realize you were crying your eyes out, “[Y/N], let me in!” you heard him banging on the door as you packed your bag.

You ignored him and walked to the front door before being blocked by him, “Move, Tyler.” He didn’t say anything, “MOVE, TYLER!” you started banging your fists on his chest until he grabbed your wrist and lift your face to look at him, you could tell he’s been crying. “I’m leaving, Tyler. If you don’t want to be in this relationship, I’m not going to force you to.” You tried to leave but he wrapped his arms around you, “I can’t… I can’t lose you!” he cried on your shoulder. You put your stuff down and hold him tightly, “Please don’t leave me. I love you so much.” You both slide down to the floor, just holding each other. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you too much to just let you walk out of my life. Don’t leave me.” You grab his face to make him look at you, “I’m never going to leave you but right now, I need to cool off so I’m going to stay at Amy’s for awhile to process this.” You cried as you wiped the tears off his face. “I’ll come back in a few days so we can both have time to think about this.” You added before kissing his cheeks and grabbing your stuff. He nodded and told you that he loves you before you left.

You did think long and hard about your relationship, you still love Tyler with all your heart but after this fight, you were doubting it. You came back home, seeing Tyler on the laptop, “I guess that fight didn’t mean anything to you.” You mumbled before slamming the door, he went to the printer and grabbed the paper before giving it to you, you gave him an annoyed look before reading the paper, all you saw was Tokyo and a date until you added everything up, “You’re going to Japan?” “We’re going to Japan. I already took the days off, and I wanted to make it up to you.” “You could have cooked me a nice dinner!” you wrapped your arms around his neck, “But I know how you want alone time with me, away from the camera and everything. Plus, you always wanted to go to Japan and –” you cut him off with a kiss. “I love it and I love you.” He gave you a huge smile and pulled you back into a kiss, “I love you too.” he said as he slipped your promise ring back on.

I’m back! I’m sorry that I’ve been away for a good minute and not as active. Classes are killing me and I just quit my job so just bare with me, please! I’m not going to be posting Imagines every day like I used to since I would quickly run out of ideas! Anyways, I’m back and getting back to my posting habits and I’ll see y’all later! Bye! xoxo

annoying | finn shelby

finn winds you up and annoys you because he want’s your attention

send requests here and prompt list is here

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“Stop.” You grumbled, shoving Finn away from you.  

For the past hour he had been winding you up. It went from jabbing your side with his finger to throwing paper at you. You had been working on an important letter for Tommy and you wanted it to be your best. However, Finn had over ideas and his plans for the day were to wind you up to the point where you wanted to punch him so hard, it knocked him out for a few hours.  

“I ain’t doing anything.” He chuckled, knowing full well that he was starting to bug you. “You’re just being a stress head.”  

“No, I am not being a stress head at all, I’m trying to finish off this paper work before Tommy kills me. Go and wind someone else up.” You grumbled, as you grabbed your pen. “I’m sure Arthur is hanging around somewhere. You’ll get more of a reaction out of him.”  

He sighed before leaning back in his chair. He sat for a few minutes, just watching you, before standing up and sitting down next to you. He leaned over, purposely getting in your way. He bobbed his leg up and down, purposely knocking the table in the process.  

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Sakamaki Shitty Thing: Nya~

It was an accident. A stupid accident that he’s drunk what he should’t have. You were more careful, but now you had to… take care of him. Even if he had cat ears and a tail and acted… like that. 

♛ Ayato ♛

He was laying on the floor in his full glory, not lettiing you move as wherever you wanted to go, he was on your way, making you trip over his body several times. 
“Uh, damn, lay on the bed, bastard!”
“Nyan-sama will lay wherever he wants!” he meowled, pushing you down and towering over you with playful smirk on his face. “You’ll pet Nyan-sama now!”
“Nyan-sama will GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME OR I WILL SPRAY HIM WITH COLD WATER” You reached a bottle of water, laying here just in case.
Ayato’s eyes widened and before you could even open the bottle, he was already under the bed, trembling with fear.
It was for sure the best way to make him obey you, at least this once.

♟ Kanato ♟

He stared at you in silence as you were doing your homework.
“Hey, what are you doing…? Didn’t you notice I’m here?”
“I did” you said calmly, “but I have to work, I can’t watch over you all the time…”
“Why?!” he grabbed your homework and tore it into pieces.
You sighed. It was nothing new.
“…Kanato…” you mumbled, clearly annoyed.
“Give me food right now! You have no right to ignore me!” 
“Uhh, Kanato, why can’t you just-”
Without a quiestion he just sat on your lap, not letting do anything else and clearly expecting you to take care of him.
“E-eh… y-ya heavy bruh…”
“Stroke my fur, you trash…!” he grumbled. “Or I will scratch your face off…!”
“Aye aye…”

♞ Laito ♞

“Laito, could you- Laito, why are you- Laito, you’re fuckin too big to suit into that drawer… wait… is it my underwear…?”
You took the bra from his “paws”, staring at him with annoyance.
“Laito, NO.”
“Laito, yes~”
“Laito, don’t.”
“Laito nyan!”
“Oh my God…” you sighed as he laid inside the drawer. It was, surprisingly, big enough.
You closed the drawer.
At least you didn’t have to look after him now since he couldn’t get out of it on his own.

♝ Reiji ♝

The boy was a bit pissed about the whole situation, but he tried really hard to keep his composure. He sat in his chair, drinking some milk from teacups. He just kept complaining about the whole world (as usually)…
…until you “accidentaly” dropped a knitting ball to the floor.
He jumped onto it… and then noticed how you’re staring at him in amusement.
He got up, holding the ball tightly in his hands.
He straightened his clothes quickly.
“…Nothing happened here. You didn’t see anything, understood?”
“Aye aye, Nyanko-sama~”

♚ Shu ♚

You dared to take a short nap, but when you woke up, you felt a heavy body lying on your own.
You sighed, instantly understanding your situation.
“Shu, get off…”
He didn’t move, so you tapped his arm. He mumbled uncounsciously and - heck - you could swear it sounded like a “meow”. 
You narrowed your eyes curiously and touched gently his hair. His head moved slightly, but it didn’t seem that he woke up. 
You started slowly stroking his scalp, curious about how will he react.
He started to purr.

♜ Subaru ♜

Subaru was hidden under your bed, obviously too scared to go out.
“Subaru-kuuun, come here…” you whined, but couldn’t reach him no matter what. “Go out, I won’t hurt you, you know…”
“G-go away…”
He was aware and incredibly embarassed of his own situation.
“Subaru-kun, please…”
It didn’t look like he was about to listen, but you caught an idea that would surely solve this problem.
You went out and took some fish from the fridge. Then you set it on a plate and went back to your room.
You placed the plate on the floor, sat on a chair and just waited.
It didn’t take long before you saw the ball of white hair peeking out from underneath the bed. 
Out of curiosity, he went out and took the fish.
And before he could notice, you jumped onto him and started snuggling him.
“W-wha- W-what the hell are you-?!”
“Woman STOP.”

perfidy (prologue)

Definition: perfidy ; the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal

Pairing: taehyung x reader

Genre: spy au (put more info when i post the full chapters)

Description: again still not entirely sure yet.. this is just the prologue so you can understand the plot a bit. 

Word Count: 1.5k

a/n: (warning: mentions of guns and death) i wanted to get this part out of the way and not in the first chapter so yea lol hope some of you enjoy and thank you for reading. 

‘You must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh….”

Frank Sinatras soothing voice filled the elegant hotel room along with a knock at the door. This moment was perfect, the song, the silk white sheets, the feeling of joy and lust engulfing you entirely, the only thing missing was him. But that knocking quickly took it all away and put your sense back on track and alert. Your gun was on the nightstand beside you and you debated on taking it with you to greet whoever it was. No one was supposed to know you were here and you told the hotel staff not to disturb you.. The silk white night gown you were in exposed a great amount of skin but you didn’t bother to cover yourself as you got up. Again a harder knock at the door. Maybe it was just him, maybe he forgot his key when he left to get food. But still he was never that careless…The doubtful side of you wins and you grab the gun in your right hand putting it behind your back as you went to open the door with your left. 

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“I will always be here, for you. Always”

You’re in a bad mood and snap at Harry but he’s had an awful day and you don’t realize until after you’ve fought with him, so you go comfort him


Legs heavy as they’d ever been, eyes drooping and a slight crease on his forehead, Harry slowly unlocked and opened the front door, stepping into the living room of the apartment you both shared. Completely lacking energy and exhausted from a day he had no desire to remember, Harry took a deep breath before shutting the door and laying his coat on a chair. You always nagged him about hanging up his things but he just couldn’t right now, not tonight, not after the day he’d had. 

The looks on the faces of everyone in the recording studio when he’d tried to record, their eyebrows slightly raised and tongue between teeth as he failed to hit too many notes. He’d been worked so hard lately it seemed that he just wasn’t healthy for more than a week at a time before he became sick again. Voice cracking and lacking its usual magic, unable to reach the higher notes and having wasted most of a day, he felt bad enough. 

Physically, he felt awful. Head throbbing, congested, his voice leaving him when he really needed it, though he always did. He was just exhausted. And then he’d seen messages to him through social media later that day, informing him that one of the little girls he’d had the fortune of meeting through make-a-wish had passed away. Not that he’d never been informed of one of his fan’s passing before, but this one just really hit him hard. She hadn’t left his side the whole day he’d spent with fans of his whose dying wish was to meet him. Him. And she had been so sweet, so beautiful. This one just really hurt, more than usual. 

Finally getting in his car to drive home that evening, then, and the paparazzi came out of nowhere, hounding him. He imagined he must have looked awful in their precious photographs; ill and exhausted and sad. 

“Is this because Y/N left you, Harry? Finally get tired of dating a pop star?”

“Harry, is there a baby on the way? Not ready to leave the partying days behind and be a father, huh?” And they laughed. Harry did not. 

“Everyone has an off performance, man, don’t stress over it,” another pap had told him. Harry was reminded again of the gig he’d done a few days before in which his voice had been much like it was today, and which had been recorded and viewed by thousands now. Just fueled haters who were only waiting for moments like these to put him down. But Harry didn’t have it in him this time to think rationally and to ignore them like he often had to do. He just couldn’t do it today. 

So walking into the kitchen to find you standing at the counter, an annoyed expression on your face, really wasn’t what he was hoping to find when he arrived home that night. 

“’Ello, love.” Harry tiredly kissed you on the cheek before sitting at one of the chairs at the kitchen table, knowing he didn’t have to ask you what the matter was because you could never keep it to yourself for long.

“Can I just say, the people at my work are the fucking worst! Like how the hell do they expect me to do all this shit when they sit on their asses and, like, Harry are you even listening to me?!” You weren’t planning on taking out your day’s frustrations on your obviously very tired boyfriend, but the fact that he was nodding off first thing did not help with your bad mood.

“Sorry, m’just so tired, baby,” he murmured, forcing a slight small as he looked up at you before coughing a few times.

“Yeah well so am I, Harry. Just because I’m not a famous pop star like you doesn’t mean I don’t get tired. God, can’t you just listen to me, please, like you’re supposed to support me and say ‘yeah those people suck’ like come on Harry.” You knew he hadn’t done anything, you were just so fed up with work and with people and you couldn’t help it because he was the only one there you could vent to.

“M’ so sorry, I just need to go lie down upstairs, I really don’t feel good,” Harry responded, clearly not listening to and not interested in anything you were saying, so you thought. But he was just so down and felt so awful, he couldn’t do this right now. 

“Alright, that’s great. Awesome,” you murmured sarcastically as you were left alone in the kitchen, only wanting to rant about your awful day. But it was also obvious that Harry wasn’t feeling well, so you immediately felt a little bad for being so snappy, but you decided it was better for the two of you to be alone right now so you walked over to the table and opened your laptop.

You went straight to your social media, bored and out of instinct. And right away, there were pictures the paparazzi had just taken of Harry before he’d come home. His eyes were sagging, eyelids drooped, he was slightly hunched and it almost looked like his eyes were glistening? Your heart broke a little bit as you scrolled through the pictures. And then you saw all the comments from his fans.

“My friend took this video and the paps were saying all kinds of gross stuff trying to guess why he looked so sad and tired, like it was because Y/N is pregnant and he wants to keep partying or that Y/N left him. They’re pigs” and a link to a video that showed exactly what the fan was talking about. 

You sighed, starting to feel even more guilty for acting like that to Harry, and then you saw more comments. 

“Guys, the girl in this picture who was a huge Harry fan died today, and he’s obviously sick and over-worked. That’s probably why he looks like this? These paps are disgusting.” You clicked on the picture to see it more closely, and there she was, the little girl Harry had talked about on multiple occasions. She was squeezing Harry tightly in this picture and he had the hugest smile on his face, and so did she as she looked up at her hero. Harry had told you before that if you guys had a daughter, he hoped she would be like her. He was just so endeared by her and you found it adorable. 

You didn’t realize you were crying until the picture on the screen in front of you began to blur. You sniffled, wiped your eyes and stood up, heading straight towards your and Harry’s bedroom. 

Slowly pushing the closed door open, you felt yourself break when you saw Harry curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed, crying softly and sniffling, resembling a small child. He still had his shoes on, too exhausted even to take them off, and he hadn’t yet noticed that you’d entered the room. You felt like you were intruding, him so pure and innocent and unaware of your presence. But it only lasted a moment.

“Oh Haz, I’m so sorry,” you whispered as you laid down on the bed next to him, brushing the matted curls from his sweaty forehead. 

Harry hiccuped before looking into your eyes, his green ones full of tears.

“M’sorry, I’ve just had such a bad day, and I feel so sick and awful,” Harry blurted out all in one breath before burying his head against your chest.

“I know, baby, you have nothing to apologize for. I’m so so sorry. Come here,” you told him as you pulled him closer to you and wrapped your arms around him. He always seemed so much bigger than you but right now, he seemed so small. And this time, you felt such a need to protect him and keep him safe, and so you would. 

You didn’t know how many minutes had passed, the two of you just lying against each other, you holding Harry as he cried, until he finally pulled away from you a little bit to look at your face.

“Thank you.” Harry’s wide eyes and the pout on his face made him appear so vulnerable, so childlike and small. 

“I will always be here, for you. Always. I know I didn’t act like it earlier but I will make it up to you, Harry. I love you so much.” You couldn’t help the tears that had escaped your eyes at having seen your boyfriend in the state he was, so fragile and unlike his typical self. 

“I love you, little one,” Harry assured you as he, the one who needed comforting much more than you did right now, swiped at the tears falling from your eyes. “Always,” he whispered, before pulling you in for a hug that turned into both of you falling asleep, the two of you intertwined as Harry finally got the sleep that he’d needed so badly and felt the love only you could give. 

Eunkwang- isn’t even mad when he sees you’re watching him and appreciating him. Will pretend to be stern and make you study, but can’t stop smiling. Gets pouty when you just end up laughing, “Why does no one ever listen to me?” Comforting him will give you more time procrastinating and when he realises will sigh and just give up. “You’re such hard work, Jagi.”

Minhyuk- Shocked and appalled. How could you waste your precious study time? He will give you a stern talking to, sit you down and make you pay attention. Will sit with you making sure you don’t get distracted and will pencil in study breaks and snack breaks, giving you water and making you tea to keep you energised. Will reward you with cuddles later, but your future is important to him so he wants to make sure you make the best of it.

Changsub- Is super glad you’re not studying because now he can cuddle with you which is his favourite thing to do. Will mumble half heartedly that you should definitely be working but is opening his arms at the same time so you can snuggle in. He’ll watch the shows with you, pointing out the best parts, “Look how good I look at this angle.” “Did you hear that high note I hit, aren’t I the best?” It will probably take one of the other boys to scold you and tell you to get back to work.

Hyunsik- Will actually be like Minhyuk and make you get back to it. Loves that you watch him in your spare time, and gets a bit blushy about it, but knows how important your finals are. Unlike Minhyuk he will sit and help you, making flash cards for you and drawing up a study plan, colouring it in, putting your notes to music so you can remember them in a song. Is actually super helpful and you get twice as much done with him there than you would without him.

Peniel- Groans when he sees, once again, your eyes trained on their latest live performance instead of your notes. “Come on! Change of scenery!” Drags you outside, takes you to a café or the park if it’s nice and makes you concentrate, treating you with a funny anecdote or doing something stupid every half hour or so, the promise of ice cream later keeps you focused. Comes up with creative study techniques, sharing memory tricks on how he remembers his lyrics

Ilhoon- Will sigh loudly and glare at you until you shut off the video. “I know you can’t resist me but you have to concentrate.” Like Hyunsik will definitely help you study, tries to rap your notes to help you remember them but you just end up rolling around laughing together. Slowly gets closer and closer to you as your study session goes on, he thinks you look so good with a pencil stuck out of your mouth, and pink highlighter smudged on your cheek, and ink on your hands.

Sungaje- Is a worse distraction than Changsub. You’re better off watching videos of him, you’d probably get more work done. He’ll whine and fuss about you ignoring him, he’ll cling onto you blowing on your face, poking your cheek, take control of your arms making them dance, and just be extraordinarily annoying. Just when you’re getting really frustrated he’ll say something really sweet like, “You don’t even need to study you’re so smart, and if you fail everything it doesn’t even matter because when we get married I’ll look after you!”


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Back at the studio again, I have done nothing but features. I haven’t attempted to touch my album yet “I think I am going to call it a night homie, did you upload the song on Soundcloud though? So I can post it on my page?” It’s like six in the morning, I need to go home and sleep some. I did call Rylee when it just turned her twelve on her birthday so I don’t want to call her again, not at this time of night. She will scold me for being awake, Barbados is like three hours ahead of me but I can’t do it “it’s uploaded, you just need to post it on your page” my sound engineer said “cool, cool. Thank you, same time tomorrow. I am finna go now” I have nobody in the studio with me, I don’t bother because after all that shit, I am still annoyed with it. I also want my mind not clouded, grabbing my backpack “you want me to send the tracks?” he asked, placing my backpack over my shoulder “yeah send them, I will wait on the pay check now, send the beat to Tyga for me too” opening the door to the studio to leave, I am tired as hell.

I find it funny that niggas want to get jealous, just because I am keeping clean, they don’t like it. It’s weird, I see it for how it is, it’s like they want me to be bad. Pressing the elevator button, I haven’t checked on my phone in a while. Getting my phone out from my pocket, I am mad jealous of Rylee. She seems to be having the best time, her spirits are high after all that with her mom. I am glad she is having fun in a bikini, showing her body off, I mean I love it. That is a lie because I am seething, I hate it. She keeps baiting me with these pictures on Instagram, it is my fault. I did complain and now she won’t stop, she has text me twice. Unlocking my phone and tapping on her messages, stepping onto the elevator “wow” I said to myself, she done it again to me. Talking about do my legs look good in this, she knows my weakness. Looking ahead of me taking in a deep breath, the elevator doors slowly closed “hold up!” placing my hand between the doors so they didn’t close, I know this face “Bailey?” I said shocked “Oh, Chris” she stepped onto the elevator “what are you doing here?” the hell is she doing in this place “I was with Lo, he is in a different room” that nigga is really pissing me off “right, but he knew I was in there” I am feeling I want to go in there but I won’t “he did, you said you wanted to be alone” I remained silent, I just want to go now.

Stepping off the elevator “Chris” Bailey said behind me “what’s up?” turning around, I don’t wish to speak to a snake. I haven’t had the chance to speak to Rylee about it either, why ruin her time away “have you spoken to Rylee at all?” what a weird question “yeah, we talk every night or day. Whenever” I shrugged “oh, she hasn’t spoken to me since she left” why is she telling me this “she has a lot going on right now, maybe” I am glad Rylee doesn’t speak to her, she is a snake “are you both together then? You seem to be into her a lot?” licking my lips “you might want to speak to your friend about this, but if you was my friend I would tell you nothing” her face dropped “you have no right to say that, she is my friend. You have just come out of nowhere, you just want her for her face. Lo said you will get over it soon” I snorted laughing “right, Lo is slightly obsessed with Rylee. I am beginning to notice this a lot, how about you and him stay out of mine and Rylee’ relationship. I am about sick of people saying shit like that, you don’t know me. Leave me alone” why do people like to talk shit, leave us the hell alone.

Banging my car door shut, she done pissed me off. I feel like I am always the topic of conversation, I just want to be happy and clean. Placing my backpack down on the empty seat, watching Bailey walk off. I guess she ain’t got a ride, but if she wasn’t such a bitch I would have given her a ride home “fuck em” I said to myself staring down at my phone, tapping on Twitter after copying the link from my Soundcloud. I am missing Rylee like crazy, I can’t see my daughter because it’s not my time and my mom is in VA. Pasting the link on a tweet and writing a little something out ‘Today is a special day for you Sweetheart’ sending out the link.

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Feeling the weight of someone’s arm on my forehead, lazily reaching up and pushing the arm away “stupid” I grumbled turning onto my side. And again, my phone is ringing “my god” reaching over and grabbing my phone “what?” I don’t like being woken up “Happy Birthday bitch!! Wake that ass up, I miss you so much beautiful” Bailey screamed down the phone, a smile formed on my face “awwww Bailey, I will forgive you for waking me. Thank you” let me stop being lazy, it is my birthday. Turning onto my back, seeing Kyrie asleep next to me. I do love staying at family houses, we have to share beds and I have this boy with me “how can you be sleeping in Barbados, girl I seen your tan. You are looking bomb, who been taking those pictures? Cause you can’t be taking those ass pictures” letting out a giggle “my cousin, she is like my personal photographer. My grandma caught us taking pictures and told me to hide my skin, someone might kidnap you. I am like really? But anyways, it is so nice out here, I love it. So much happiness, just to be with my family” feeling a foot kick me, looking to the side of me “kick me again, I will break your feet” Kyrie smiled at me “who you cussing out? Do not tell me you are bullying poor Kyrie again?” she knows me well “he brings it on himself, he kicked me but anyways. Sorry for not keeping in contact with you, just so much is happening” I am happy she called though, Kyrie jumped out of bed and ran off.

Some privacy, at last “how is work? Is Daniel still upset with me?” he is forever upset “it is the usual at that place but they have moved us all, they put you somewhere else too. They wouldn’t tell me, Daniel is fine. He said he will call you later, he is a little butt hurt after seeing the pictures of you leaving the club with Chris Brown. He likes you so much” he is so annoying “I’ll be sure to ignore that call” I rather he just text me “so I saw Chris today, in the studio” she said, pulling a face “how?” I asked all confused “I was in the studio with Lo, he invited me” letting out an oh “oh that is nice” I know Chris was in there “Rylee, Chris was so rude to me, he really talked down to me. I mean I know the guy has no respect for women but I am your friend, I only asked how he was” my mouth fell open, that doesn’t sound like Chris at all “really? Was he drunk or high? That is not him” I don’t accept that “it was just him being him, I asked if you was both together and he snapped at me saying Lo has a thing for you, it was weird. He also had a female in the studio, he made us all leave and it was just them” I don’t need to hear this, I don’t want to know this “what did she look like?” I wonder if it someone that I know “erm she was pretty” is the only thing she said “like model? Was it Rosa Acosta?” he seems to fuck with her a lot “uhh yeah it is, he is a dickhead Rylee. Such an ass to me” I spoke to Chris, he told he was in the studio on his own. I believe him because it was so quiet, why would he do that.

I am not even going to deal with that, I am just in shock. I am reluctant that I am here and he is there but I do trust him, I really don’t know and will need to speak to him but what the fuck, why on my birthday. I am so sad now, I am so not in the mood for anything at all “she is coming!” Kyrie shouted, why is he being so loud “morning baby” my mom said, I couldn’t help but smile “hey mom” I am a mess, I only put on a loose sweatshirt “Happy Birthday my baby” getting down the last step, hugging my mom “thank you, I am just going to get some water” moving back from the hug “no Rylee, the family are waiting” my mom pulled me into the living area, oh god. The family are awake “Happy Birthday” they all said at the same time, I don’t know why I am getting so shy “thank you” hate it being all eyes on me.

Sitting next to my dad “you’re getting old now Rylee, you need to get married” here goes my grandma “mom, please leave her alone. Leave this conversation for another day, but look what I got my baby” my dad pulled a large bag out “this is from your mom and I” I am so excited for gifts “oh you didn’t have too” I grinned dragging the bag closer to me “I hope you like it” looking into the bag “oh my god! You both got me Louboutin’s, oh my god. Thank you so much!” hugging onto my dad “anything for you princess” moving back from my dad “thank you so much mom, this is all I wanted” clapping my hands, I got a pair now. Pulling the box out from the bag “I don’t know why these girls want all this” my grandma waved her hand around “just because you can’t walk in them anymore woman” my grandad said, these two are about to cuss each other out again “these are beautiful! Yes!!” holding up the heel “now you need a man” my grandma added, I sighed out “don’t sigh at me, you need to wear that bikini and those heels and get you a man. Unless you a lesbian” my dad is getting so annoyed with his mom.

Even though I am not speaking to my brother’s they did buy me a designer handbag, I had to say thank you to them. I am just going to let it go, for my mom’s sake that is “well I am glad you like your gifts, we will be having a little party for you. More family to come, you are happy aren’t you?” my mom asked “of course mom, you bought me to Barbados, I have got some new heels. I am seeing family, I love it. I have had a party in LA, stop thinking I need more. This is perfect” holding my mom’ hand “your dad said we have to get those heels, he was determined and why don’t you tell Grandma you have a man? I can’t believe you are dating that Run it Run it boy” I busted out laughing, my mom calling Chris the Run it Run it boy.

Touching my Black Pyramid chain lightly, this really makes no sense to me. Chris wouldn’t be rude to her, he would if she did something to him. I know him, I have spent so much of my time talking to him, or maybe he is not taking his medication but he has been really good with all that. I just don’t get it, why would he do that and why is he with Rosa, this makes no sense to me. I mean it will continue to make no sense to me if I keep on ignoring his calls, he knows I am awake. I logged on to WhatsApp and then posted the picture of my heels, why would Bailey lie to me too. What if this was all true and now my parents know about Chris “god” rubbing my face with my free hand “Rylee!” my mom bursts through the door “yes!?” moving my hand away from my face “come down, cousins are here. They all want to see you” smiling at my mom “that smile can’t hide the sadness, what is wrong? And who got you that?” she pointed at the chain in the box, looking down at it “Chris got it me for my birthday, it’s his clothing line” my mom held the box “oh dear god, this is so nice of him. He is spending money on you already? This must have cost a lot” nodding my head “it did, mom. I will be down soon” closing the box, I need to speak to him.

Three missed calls, a text. Didn’t really help that I posted that picture, he knows I am ignoring him. Sliding across to call him back, I will be devastated with him if it’s true and he is still fucking with her “it’s your birthday! And you called me back!” he seems really happy “yeah, I saw the missed calls. I was just a little busy” I lied, I was just busy thinking if he was being a dick or not “you busy? You can call me later, I have just woke up. Still in bed and shit” I hate these conversations, why can’t he just be good “late night at the studio then?” I said, that was my que to say something slick there “yeah, I had so much to do, I ended up leaving at like six in the morning. I do feel tired still” tired from fucking Rosa’ fat ass “hmmm, you should sleep then” I decided, I can’t be bothered to be speaking on this right now “Rylee, is everything ok? You seem a little off with me?” rolling my eyes “was you in the studio with Rosa last night?” the phone line went silent “what!? No? I was in the studio alone, you know this” he could be playing me off “do I really though?” which is true, I am already insecure because he is Chris Brown, he is a fucking player.

I can hear my family outside, I need to go and spend some time with them “who told you that shit Rylee? I tell you everything” biting on my nail “Bailey called me in the morning and told me you was rude to her, you snapped at her. Said that there is something between Lo and I, and then you had Rosa in the studio, you kicked everyone out to have her in there, what is happening? What are you not telling me?” I am upset from this “wow! Just fucking wow. I didn’t tell you any of this shit because I wanted you to have a good time, I swear Rylee that shit is a fucking lie. That bitch is a fucking liar, she is trying to break us up. Fucking wow. That is all lies. I didn’t tell you anything because of everything you are going through, you didn’t need to hear my shit. I have been having a pretty shit time here but I kept that to myself. Bailey and Lo got it fucking coming” rubbing my forehead with my free hand “then you tell me what happened?” let me hear his side.

I feel I am between these two now “what is the point? You ain’t finna believe me, I am the guy that had sex with Rosa in the beginning like an idiot I am. I am the same guy that nobody likes and is a player as you say, what is the point?” pulling a face “if you think this relationship ain’t worth fighting for then it says a lot Chris” what is even wrong with him, I speak to him everyday “I ain’t say that! I am just saying why explain, you will believe the lies. You will still blame me anyways” he is so annoying “I am not even blaming you in the first place, trust me if I did I would have called you as soon as I got the call. I want to talk to you like an adult, I don’t believe anything. So tell me now” if he doesn’t then I am just going to put the phone down on him until he can act right “fine, so I have had a pretty shit time here. Just seems like everyone wants me to be that bad Chris, everyone seems to want to bad mouth me to make me angry. I was in the studio with the boys the day you got to New Jersey, Rosa came in and said I see you got some new chick. I didn’t want to know, I ignored her and she didn’t like it and then said maybe I should speak to my friends because they been talking shit, so I did. I spoke to them, Bailey been talking shit to Lo. She said that you told her that we didn’t have sex so I goes look, this shit ain’t got nothing to do with any of you if we did or not. So from that moment I knew that Bailey is a snake telling shit about us, so I saw her in the elevator mind you. I didn’t even know they was there, she came at me. Asking me if I am with you, I said ask Rylee. She got funny with me when I told her we talk every day and then said you never call her. She said Lo thinks we won’t make it, I swear down Rylee, that is it. On my daughter’s life, I love her so much. I never had anyone in that studio, I was busy making a song for you”

I didn’t even realise any of this was happening to him, he seemed so fine with things “why didn’t you tell me this before? I told Bailey that we didn’t have sex, just because we didn’t then. I didn’t think she would have repeated it” shaking my head lightly “I believe you Chris, I do. Just you know, she is supposed to be my friend. You was suffering, why didn’t you tell me this?” I am sad he didn’t share his problems with me “because I want to be here for you, I don’t know why Bailey told you that. I am so shocked because I don’t know her, you do. I promise you Rylee, I was busy writing. My problems are minor, we just have haters” fucking Bailey, I am not going to deal her until I get home “this shit happened on your birthday, I am sorry” Chris apologised “no, you didn’t do anything. Don’t say sorry, something that I am going to have to deal with” fucking bitch Bailey.

Sitting outside in my bikini, I did wear the chain Chris got me. I am with my man, I believed him as soon as he said about the not having sex thing. I took a picture of the chain and me, she can digest this shit the vindictive bitch, I would be happy for her, why can’t she be happy for me. Looking at my grandma, she is staring at my grandad “what is you secret?” I asked her “to what?” she has the same eye colour, I get this from her “keeping the marriage alive” she side eyed my grandad “I always keep him on his toes, your grandad was a handsome guy. Not so much now but he was, he had girls flocking. But I have the bomb pussy, he came back for more” I gasped “grandma!” my hand over my chest “don’t give me that, I never loved him. He made me fall in love with his charm, he treated me well” smiling at her “you have been out in the sun for far too long” my grandad interrupted us, you know what. Let me facetime Chris, I miss his face.

Hopefully he picks up that is, it says connected but no picture “ayyeee!” Chris spat “don’t you dare say anything stupid” let me warn him first “oh yeah, I got you. I am dying to put your picture up on my IG, you look so good in the chain. I am happy you facetimed me beautiful” he always makes me blush, it’s the way he stares at me “I miss you and also, I don’t want you to think I am upset with what happened. I do not blame you at all either, things like this will make us stronger. And also don’t ever think I won’t believe you. I just like us to talk about things” he looks so cute, he can’t stop smiling either “I get it, I just don’t get why people don’t want us together. I think we good you know; we don’t need people. I am still going to beat Lo, he needs it” side eyeing Chris “please don’t, you are better than that” placing the phone further down, so the camera is between my boobs “I thought we keeping this PG? You can’t do that” I shrugged smiling “who you speaking too?” my grandma spat “my boyfriend” I said “my mom calls you the run it, run it boy by the way” oh god, she is walking over to me “let me see this boy, come on. Don’t you lie to me” she said, I can’t stop laughing “oh is this the boy? Rose, it’s the boy. You told me you had no boyfriend” Chris is getting so shy, this is hilarious. He moved his face away “where is he?” my mom ran over “Hey, run it, run it boy. Come back” Chris bought his face back on to camera “hi Rylee’ mom and grandma” he waved, how adorable is he “he is handsome, Rylee he is a beautiful man” my grandma is so close to the camera, she needs to move back.

My mom and grandma are obsessed, I have to walk away with my phone because they was taking over “my mom took over back there, you see her. She even got her glasses on” Chris is still laughing “they cool, you should have left me with them” he thinks I would do that “Rylee, I can’t find my shoes” Kyrie said to me “uuuhhh, have you tried looking outside? I am sure I saw them outside, I am not doing it for you so go and do it and find them” he is asking me because he thinks I will go and find them for him “you mad mean to him” hearing Chris say “mean? I am not, he wants me to be his slave” walking up the steps “I want that too” Chris wishes I was his slave “right, if I am your slave then I will be walking around in my new heels in just my bra and panties on, you can’t touch me at all” closing the bedroom door behind me “No, if you are my slave. What I say goes, I just want you to sit on my face constantly” flicking the camera around while pointing my phone at the long mirror “why you doing this to me!?” Chris spat, he really can’t control himself.

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I already miss Rylee, we just spoke on the phone and I want to call her back. Placing my phone at the side of me, Rylee’ family seem really cool. Her brothers are dicks but other than that, they seem really nice. I just know that Rylee is the apple of everyone’s eye, she is the loved one, but it shows. I can’t wait for Rylee to be back in LA, I don’t mean to be clingy but she seems to be the only person to understand me. I am angry that Bailey lied on me like that, she could have cost me Rylee. It may be a bad thing to expose my relationship with Rylee to the world but then again, I am proud of her and I want to show her off. Blowing out air, Rylee’ grandma is crazy. She was checking me out, I think I have the family approval.

Staring at my Instagram, contemplating on whether I am making the worst decision or the best decision in posting a picture. I want to celebrate her too, I can’t hide Rylee forever though. You know what, fuck the world because that is my girl. Tapping the camera, scrolling down on my camera roll. I have the perfect picture for this, I kept that picture I took of Rylee when we went to Six Flag’s. Her side profile and smile, she is so damn beautiful. Tapping the picture, she will probably say that she hates the picture but it’s actually really nice. Pressing next to put a caption under the picture ‘Because you’re my greatest gift, I seal it with a kiss! Happy Birthday beautiful’ I don’t want to write too much, that is just perfect.

Now I can’t help myself, I am posting a second picture. The selfie she took of us at Six Flag’s, I would post so many pictures but I need to stop ‘She called me a corny nigga after this picture was taken! Can’t wait for you to come back’ I just remember every moment with her, it is funny that I do but I treasure every moment with her. Locking my phone, I guess that is it now. I just want to be happy and that is with Rylee of course, I just noticed that I have not left this house all day. I need to actually go to the studio, I might ask if Mijo will come with me. If I ever see Bailey, I won’t even look her way. Just because she will twist my words, I am just going to walk by her.

Just as I was about to call Mijo, Rylee’ name popped up. Picking the phone up “hey” she has called very quick after the picture posting, I hope she ain’t going to say why did you do that “oh my god Chris, thank you so much. My emotions are everywhere, I just listened to the song and then the pictures. What did I do to deserve you, thank you so much baby” she called me baby “it’s cool, the least I can do for you. I just want to make sure you have a good day, we are official to the world now” rubbing the top of my head “I don’t even care anymore, you made that song with me in mind? I don’t deserve that! I can’t wait to see you. Thank you, honestly. I don’t care about anybody else, it’s about me and you” I am grateful she is happy after all that bullshit.

Today could have really gone to shits, I am just happy Rylee is not like the other girls with the dramatics after she heard the lies “I’ll be back soon, how are you feeling now? You should have really told me if you was feeling that way Chris. I am always here for you, I know I told you about my mom but you should have said something” why is she so sweet, I don’t deserve “because that is mad selfish, making it about myself. I just want to do everything I can to make you happy, believe me Rylee it hurt me to hear you cry. My issue is just minor, I just get to see the real niggas for who they are” I can hear the music in the background, she should be celebrating her birthday “I am embarrassed that I did cry, I appreciate you for listening to me. I need to be happy for my mom, she is having the time of her life with everything. Oh yeah, you know my mom doesn’t know that I told you about this, she actually wants to meet you before she has her treatment. Now I told her that it’s a little too soon but she don’t want to look ill in front of you. It’s up to you but my family are inviting you to their home before that” I am shocked, they want to meet me “really? They want to meet me? I am shocked, I don’t mind. I am free whenever” meeting the parents, this will be different “we will figure something out, god. I can’t wait to see you Chris” I think I should let her go, I am taking her time “same, struggling without my girls. I better let you go though, it’s your party. You have fun, I am going to the studio and if I see them I will be good, for you that is” I still want to punch Lo in the face “ok, call me whenever you want though, I do miss you like crazy but goodnight noodle arms, if I don’t get to say it later” letting out a little laugh “you are just jealous that I have long arms, fool. Goodnight beautiful” the phone line went silent, it is like we didn’t want to disconnect the phone call. Let me do it, I am ruining her day already. Sighing out as I disconnected the call.

saaeyoungs  asked:

Hey there, and congratulations on your blog! I'm sure you'll do a great job. May I please request a random fluffy scenario of Haise (and/or Arima) with their half-ghoul s/o? Thank you! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you so much! If this isn’t want you wanted then you can totally send in a new request! 😊



Arima followed his s/o down the streets of the 2nd ward slowly, trailing slightly behind them as they pulled him forward by his wrist. 

“Come on, why are you walking so slow, Arima?” His s/o complained.

Arima sighed quietly to himself and ignored the annoyed look his s/o shot him, “I just don’t see what the rush is.” he told them.

The annoyed expression faded into an offended one, and Arima immediately knew he said something wrong.

“Are you… are you kidding me, Arima?!” His s/o stopped in their tracks and turned to face him, they ignored the odd looks from the civilians continuing down the sidewalk. “The shop is going to close soon! Yesterday you said we could go out and get coffee together after work.”

“Its just a coffee date, s/o. We can always do it another day if the shop closes.” Arima told them, grabbing their arm gently pulling them in the general direction of the cafe.

“When? In two weeks? That was the last time we got to spend a decent amount of time with each other. I never see you anymore! Whenever I’m free, you’re working, and whenever you’re free, I’m working. Haise and I were assigned a new case today, you know that! I don’t know when I’ll be free again!”

Realization dawned on Arima, so this is what’s really bothering them.

Arima’s gave his partner the bare minimum of what could be considered a smile, “We both have been really busy lately…” He mused to himself, “Tell you what, I’ll try and get off tomorrow early, too. You leave the office at 3:00 on Saturdays, right?”

Arima’s s/o smiled, their mood taking a complete 180, “Yeah, you promise?” they questioned.

“I’ll see what I can do.” He told them, and they accepted that answer.

They reached the cafe, Aroma Mocha, in record timing and took a seat at one of the tables near the windows.

“Hi! What can I get you two?” the waiter asked them with a kind smile after they settled in.

“I’ll get a light coffee.” Arima said.

His s/o smiled at the waiter, “Can I just get a black coffee, please?” 

“Of course, I’ll be back with your drinks in a moment.”

“How has working with the CCG been?” Arima asked his partner after the waiter brought their coffees to them.

“Oh, well, it’s been good.” his s/o grinned at him. 

“That’s great, now tell me the truth.” Arima stared at them hard and his s/o cringed a bit.

“It’s been awful.” they admitted, “Haise and I can’t even walk to our offices without hearing nasty comments towards us, Arima. No matter what we do, it just gets worse.”

Arima’s eyes narrowed as he took another sip of his coffee, “I’ll see what I can do about that. It doesn’t matter what you are, they should be treating you and Haise as they would another coworker.”

His s/o smiled at him as they finished up their drink, “You don’t have to do any paperwork tonight, right?” they asked him.

“No, I finished it all in the office.”

“Good! We can watch a movie at home!” His s/o said happily, clapping their hands together and pulling him from his seat once he finished his coffee and put the money on the table.

“Wait!” He said, trying to regain his footing, but his s/o laughed at him and pulled him along faster. “Can’t you slow down?” 

His s/o turned to look at him briefly, a breathless laugh pulling from their lips, “No, come on! It’ll be dark soon, Arima!” 


HAISE (I will say this a million times, I love this boy so much)

Haise chewed on the end of his pen as he scanned his paperwork on his bed. 20 pages he had to fill out. 20 pages.

“That’s brutal.” he heard a voice tease from behind him, and his head shot up as he turned to face his s/o, who was eyeing the paperwork warily.

He grinned at them, “Hah, you’re telling me. At least you didn’t have to do it.” 

“Why don’t you take a break? I’m bored, let’s do something.”

Haise put the papers down on the night stand besides his bed immediately, thankful for the distraction. “Well? What do you have in mind?” he asked them.

His s/o paused for a moment, before giving him a sheepish grin, “I, uh, didn’t think that far ahead yet.”

Haise snorted, “Of course.” he laughed as his s/o pouted.

“Ooh! I have an idea! Let’s…” his s/o trailed off, “No… that’s boring.”

Haise raised his eyebrows and went to speak, but his s/o cut him off, “Ooh! Read to me, Haise.”

“Read to you? You never want me to read to you.” 

“Shhh. Now I do.” His s/o grinned and hopped towards his bookshelf. They scanned the books for a moment until their eyes lit up and they pulled out a thick paperback book. 

His s/o began laughing hysterically. “Oh my, Haise, I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff.”

Haise immediately feared the worst, and he was right to. 

No way. What the hell was that doing in his bookshelf?

“I have no idea how that got there, s/o.” he went fifty shades of red when his s/o began flipping through the book.

They began laughing again, clearing their throat and quickly began reading, “‘He lunges at me, pushing me against the wall of the elevator. Before I know it, he’s got both of my hands in one of his in a vice-like grip above my head, and he’s pinning me to the wall using his hips. Holy shit. His other hand grabs my ponytail and yanks down, bringing my face up, and his lips are on mine. It’s only just not painful. I moan into his mouth, giving his tongue an ope-’”

Haise lunged forward, “No, stop that! It’s not mine, I swear!” he yelled trying to pull the book from their hands but they darted out of his reach and continued on.

“‘My tongue tentatively strokes his and joins his in a slow erotic dance that’s all about touch and sensation, all bump and grind. He brings his hand up to grasp my chin and holds me in place. I am helpless, my hands pinned, my face held, and his hips restraining me. I feel his erection against my belly.’” they snorted back laughter, once again dodging another of Haise’s frantic attempts to quiet them and they continued. “‘Oh my… He wants me. Christian Grey, Greek god, wants me, and I want him, here… now, in the elevator.’”

“S/O!” He wailed desperately, he dove at them, and this time succeeded in knocking them back onto the bed, the book hitting the bed next to them.

“Wow, Haise. Are you trying to pull some ‘Christian Grey, Greek god’ type shit on me? If you want to reenact the scenes you read…” they looked to where he was restraining their arms pointedly.

Haise went an even darker shade of red than before, “Wh-what?! No! That is not mine! I don’t read that stuff!” he stuttered, “And I am not going to tie you up to a bed and f-”

Both half-ghouls went dead silent, Haise went as pale as a sheet of paper as he realized his fatal mistake.

His s/o bit their lip, trying to hold back a smile. “Oh. My. God.”


They began laughing hysterically, “I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU READ IT!” his s/o shrieked between their laughter.

Haise pulled himself off of them and buried his face in his hands.

It took several minutes for his s/o to calm down, and the first thing they said was: “I choose this book.”

“What?!” Haise spluttered, “No way! I am not reading that to you, s/o!”

“You said I could pick any book I wanted. I want this one.” his s/o said defiantly.


“Haiseee.” they whined.

Haise flushed, “But-” he tried again.

“Haiseeeeee.” They repeated before he could finish.

Haise blushed as he picked the book up warily. He eyed his s/o, who’s eyes had lit up and they had scooched towards him. 

“I am not reading the whole book.” He told them.

“Deal.” His s/o grinned, shifting so they were sitting between his legs and resting against his chest, making sure he was able to see the book.

Haise sighed, briefly shutting his eyes before he began, “‘I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror. Damn my hair - it just won’t behave, and damn Katherine Kavanagh for being ill and subjecting me to this ordeal. I should be…’”

(The book his s/o was reading was Fifty Shades of Grey if you didn’t recognize it)

tally mark.// draco malfoy x reader p2

Title: Tally Mark

Part: Numero Dos.

Part One // Part Three

Description: What if you fall in love too easily, and every time you do something happen to them? They do not return the feeling, or they die? What happens when you fall in love and they return the feeling and do return the feeling?

A/N + warnings: high key what the reader is feeling is how I feel about this one guy and it’s weird and crazy. Message me if you want to be tagged btw

Tags; @princeofsassgard

I finished the essay two days after the assignment was assigned. My memory was one with Cedric, he had always been able to make me laugh and he being one of the people I loved was amazing. So, he was a memory. A very happy memory.

I thought about what Draco had said, a memory with me was what he used to banish the Dementor. Me. Not his girlfriend, which came to a surprise. They had been dating for years, and he couldn’t think of one happy memory that overpowered the rest that was with her? 

I shook my head at the thought, I walked with him to the great hall, “How are you and Pansy?” I asked, he shrugged his shoulders, “We’re okay, she’s getting very annoying though.” He replied, my eyebrows scrunched. “What do you mean ‘very annoying?’ You two have been dating for years.” I laughed off a bit, he shook his head, face ice cold, and “She won’t get off my bloody ass about us two working together. She keeps saying that I’m suppose to work with her, and it’s really annoying, especially when I say how we’re doing, she always get’s offended.” He scoffed slightly as I listened to his rant, “She claims that I fell in love with you, which is complete rubbish.” I nodded softly, “She’s just a bit paranoid, Draco. Give her time.”

 And time is what he gave her. It had been two weeks since I had talked to Pansy, she was ignoring me after Draco and I started to hangout all the time. He wasn’t busy? He was with me. Qudditch practice was with me since I was the team’s bloody keeper and captain. Blaise, a friend of ours, had noticed this change as well, he noticed the fact that Draco’s tally mark was black and that I had gotten a new one. His eyes slowly raked over the body language we shared and when Pansy and Draco left to go find a book that Pansy needed, Blaise pulled me aside.

 “You and Draco both have black tally marks.” He whispered harshly, his warm breath fanned over my face and my eyes squinted, “You have horrible breath.” I muttered, he rolled his eyes at me.

 “Explain to me why you are in love with Draco!” he commanded, I laughed at him, “I am not in love with Draco,” I retorted, “Then who returns the feelings for you? I sure as hell know it’s not me, and you’ve been hanging out with Malfoy for a long period of time, so what’s stopping you from falling in love?” he asked, “Maybe the fact that my best friend is so desperately in love with him and the fact that he is dating her. Blaise, you know me, I would never take Pansy’s happiness away. He’s the only good thing she’s got.”

 “And what if I tell you he is only dating her because his father wants them to date?”

 “Then that’s their business Blaise. Maybe you should mind your own.”

 My tone of voice had venom dripping from it; he rolled his eyes and walked away. I looked around, nobody was in the library so I small conversation didn’t matter; it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I looked at my arm and saw the marks; all of them are scared except one. Only one and the one person that isn’t scared is going to die. If they don’t die the mark will turn red because people fall out of love. And there is a good possibility of that.

 I looked as Draco and Pansy walked back, Pansy had her arm interlocked with Draco and she was smiling and laughing, Draco’s cold blue eyes scanned the room as they talked. His eyes met mine and he smiled, I smiled back before looking down to avoid the small blush appearing on my cheeks.

 The next day in Lupins class, he had us perform our spells.

 Hermione’s went better than expected since Draco tried to sabotage hers, Harry’s and Ron’s.

 Pansy was normal; she failed to show us the invisibility ink, but got it one the second try.

 Goyle did a spell to make his hand larger, and Blaise did one to make birds appear.

 When it was mine and Draco’s turn everyone ‘ooh’d and we both blushed, Draco and I turned to Lupin who nodded, he allowed Draco to go first. He did it with ease, using the same memory as before, and as he always did, told Pansy it was a memory of their first kiss.

 Mine, on the other hand, changed. A lot.

 I stood in the front of the room, wand at the ready. I watched as Lupin opened the box. The dementor came after me and I shouted, “Expecto Patronum!”

 Unlike all of the other times, this one worked.

 I thought about one day with Draco. He and I were at Qudditch practice and we were all sitting around, I was trying to figure out a good play, and he had come up and scared me. Later he pulled me aside and apologized, then apologized for not doing it in front everyone else, I had shrugged it off and said it was okay. He then hugged me and that’s when butterflies appeared in my stomach, I couldn’t stop them from appearing, I hugged him back and when he let go he kissed my forehead, walking away from me.

 That was the night I realized I was in love with this boy.

 After the spell was performed the class was silent until Hermione clapped. Then slowly everyone followed. Pansy looked at me with anger fuming in her eyes, I smiled at her and she scoffed, turning to talk to Blaise, he looked at me and shrugged, muttering “She’s a good person she wouldn’t do that to you.”

 I sat beside Draco and sighed, “I need food now,” I said as I felt light headed, he smiled. “We’ll go and eat after class,” he reassured me and I nodded, “Yeah,”

 Lupin let us out a little earlier, and when I got up I felt even more light headed than before, looking around I saw dark spots and the lights were getting brighter, I looked at Draco and walked with him, I felt my eyes start to slowly roll back as I let out a soft gasp, I started to fall, but Draco caught me.


 When I woke up, I wasn’t in the infirmary or in Lupins; I was in Draco’s room. I had only been in here twice, and both times was because I had a nightmare and was crying. Draco was sitting in his desk, reading a book. I had a cold cloth on my head and I had been changed into a big shirt. I had shorts on and my body was pale. I looked at Draco for a moment before clearing my throat. “What happened?” I asked, he looked at me, “You passed out. Lupin thinks it’s because you finally conjured a good memory.” He closed the book and walked to sit beside me on the bed, “Do you want tea, or something to eat?” he asked, I nodded. He smiled and got up. “I’ll be right back.”

 And with that he left. He left me in his room. I hadn’t noticed how soft his bed was until I had nothing to focus on, I saw a picture of him and his mum on his nightstand, and I smiled softly.

 “He’s a momma’s boy,” I laid on my side and looked at the massive stack of book, my heart started racing as I saw a picture of him and I hanging on the wall. It was a beautiful picture. The same one is in a picture frame at home. I looked at it from the distance; I could make out our figures and the red dress I had been wearing. My mum and his both posed in the background and I couldn’t help but laugh when Draco walked in. I looked at him as he sat down a couple pieces of breed and some fruit. He had a small cup of tea with him, “Why don’t you have any pictures of you and Pansy?” I asked, he shrugged.

 “I prefer pictures with my mum,” I nodded, “I noticed,” I sat up and took a bite of the breed, “Thank you for caring, it means a lot.” I smiled and he nodded.

 “You mean a lot to me so I have to take care of you.” He replied, my eyebrows scrunched up a bit. “Oh.” I replied before focusing on the food once again.

BTS Reaction: You ignore them trying to kiss you because you’re mad at them

anon asked: bts reaction you ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

Thanks for your request anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Seokjin: *blows on your face instead, annoying you until you talk to him about it*

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Namjoon: “Jagi if you keep ignoring me I’ll just keep running around, and if I keep running around who knows what I’ll accidentally destroy!!!”

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Hoseok: “Okay babe that’s fine, but how long can you really ignore all this?”

Originally posted by apgujeon

Yoongi: “Yah! Why are you being so petty??”

Originally posted by jjks

Taehyung: *pouty cinnamon roll* “Jagi~ I only get to see you for a little bit before I go to work! Pleasseee don’t ignore me~”

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Jimin: “What did I do? I’m sorry for whatever I did. Please don’t be mad at me.” *stressed out*

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Jungkook: “Awww Jagi! Why are you doing this to me?”

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Woozi angst/fluff

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Request:Hi could you do a seventeen scenario with woozi where he ignores you for a while because he is writing new songs for their new album and you go there and he ignores you and tells you that a song is worth more than you. Angst with fluffy ending

Request: hi could you do a seventeen imagine where you are dating woozi and he ignores you for a long time and you go to his studio were he is writing songs for their new album and he gets mad at you for disturbing and you fight but with a fluffy ending (im not good at explaining) 

A/N: Sorry this took so long! 

You checked the time again, it was almost midnight.

There was no use waiting around anymore, he more than likely wasn’t coming over tonight like any other night. You checked your phone one more time to be sure Woozi hadn’t messaged you and you just hadn’t noticed it, but there was no point, there was nothing there.

You threw your phone on the coffee table and sprawled yourself across your couch in a huff. How long had it been since you’d actually seen Woozi? You thought about it for a good long minute before you pinpointed that it had been 2 weeks almost 3. 

He didn’t message you that he was coming or anything, you just hoped he missed you as much as you missed him and come over on random nights like the old days. Now that you think of it, it was stupid that you even waited.

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Subtle Hints

Warnings: Cheesy pickup lines
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader, Castiel
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: 16 years old
Word Count: 855

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: Okay so I threw this one together bc I’m in a rush! And btw I have no idea how to flirt so… Enjoy!

You, your brothers and your favorite Angel were all sitting in the library, searching for a case, surprising right? Being a young teenager has its ups and downs, but when it comes to hormones and who you think is cute, that’s definitely a down.

You couldn’t help but think your Angel friend is cute, well good looking sounds better, you’re only sixteen so dating him is not an option. But it never hurts to drop hints here and there that you like him, you never made it that obvious but it was obvious enough that your brothers caught on.

They didn’t get over protective when they found out about your little crush on Castiel, they thought of it more as, ‘cute’ especially when Cas can’t tell when someone is flirting with him.

“Hey uh Cas, you got a little somethin on your cheek.” You informed Cas as you tapped your own cheek.

Cas placed his hand on his cheek and whipped whatever it was off, “Thank you for telling me.” Cas said to you.

You blushed, “Any time Cassy Cas.” You saw Sam roll his eyes and shake his head slightly. Cas just sat there awkwardly before getting up and leaving.

“Y'know he doesn’t even notice that you’re flirting with him. Which I think is a little wrong might I add.” Dean said as he leaned back in his chair staring at you.

You sighed, “One day he will notice and flirt back. And when that day comes you’ll be paying me twenty bucks.” You bet, Dean scoffed.

“Yeah sure, that Angel wouldn’t be able to tell you’re flirting if you hit him in the face with giant letters that spell out ‘flirting!’” Dean waved his hands around to emphasize his point.

“Like I said, twenty bucks I can get him to flirt back.” You replied smugly, Sam noticed what was going on, he just sat back and enjoyed the show.

“You’re on.” Dean held out his hand to confirm the deal, you shook it.

Castiel came back a few minutes later and sat down next to you, you were thinking about how to flirt with him. To be honest you’re sort of new at this, you usually just say really cheesy lines that makes your brothers laugh. But now, you have to actually try.

“Hey Cas, are you a care package? Because you must’ve fallen from Heaven.” You turned to Cas, you’re brothers just burst out laughing.

Cas sat there awkwardly and didn’t respond, “I hope Angels know CPR because you take my breath away.” You said when Cas didn’t respond.

“I believe that may be a problem, you should go see a doctor.” Cas informed you which made your brothers laugh harder, this was going to be harder than you thought.

“Cas can I ask you something?” You turned to your Angel friend.

“Sure go ahead.” He responded.

“Did it hurt?” You asked him, your brothers already knowing where this was going.

“Did what hurt?” Cas responded.

“When you fell from Heaven?” You replied as you placed your elbow on the table and your chin in your hand, smirking proudly. Your brothers sighed and rolled their eyes and Cas just sat there, a little offended that you would ask something like that. He never answered

Maybe Angel pick up lines aren’t the best way to go, they are a little literal in this situation.

“Cas do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes.” You said, Cas was slowly catching on and sure enough he was getting annoyed.

“Y/N why do you keep saying these things to me? I do not understand.” Cas said, his eyebrows knitted together.

“Well maybe if you understood how flirting works…” You mumbled to yourself hoping he wouldn’t hear. Cas ignored your comment and continued doing whatever it is he does.

“Cas, are your legs tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day!” You attempted to flirt once again.

“My legs are just fine.” Cas stated.

You sighed and may just have to face the fact that you won’t be able to get Cas to notice that you’re flirting.

“Y/N?” Cas turned to you. You looked up at him, giving him a silent cue to continue, “Do you find me attractive? Because I looked up some things that you have said and they are call ‘pick-up lines’ I believe.” Cas finished. Sam and Dean smiled and held in their laughter.

“Uh well… I uh…” You stuttered.

“Y/N, it is perfectly normal to find me attractive, a girl your age will experience these things, but you have to know that I am much older than you. And you are like a little sister to me, nothing more.” Cas said calmly, you let out a breath of relief.

“Okay yes Cas I think that you’re hot, but I just made a bet with Dean that I could get you to flirt back with me!”

“Oh, okay then.” And with that Cas left.

“You owe me twenty bucks by the way.” Dean stated.

“Whatever.” You rolled your eyes and went back to your homework.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Can you do one where the reader is crushing on cas but shes only like 16 and her brothers either don’t realise or they think its funny because cas is really oblivious to her flirting and she gets more and more forward about it”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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