just an update on where this project is at


Hello, X-Philes, young ones and even younger ones!

We hope you heard the news already, we launched a new campaign called Naya Kismet. It was inspired by the dedicated work of Gillian & David and it wishes to give back and support two charities; @childreachinternational & Target Zero. 

As a part of Naya Kismet, we we would like to introduce you to our old-style, Letter Project, the AneXdotes. 

In 1993 two young actors met in a moist anteroom, someone allegedly hit on the other, then they ran lines together and 2 days later they were up in Vancouver shooting the Pilot episode of this so-called TV-series, @thexfilesfox. There was rain, their lips were literally frozen, they didn’t know what they were doing, what they were saying; ‘Who is Billy Miles anyway?’  

They had no idea what is coming next. To be frank, no one knew what’s coming next. 

Do you know what happened next?

A phenomenon was born. Special Agent Dana Scully and Special Agent Fox Mulder started to chase UFOS, the truth, and quite often each other, in dark allies while slowly and surely building one of the best relationship TV history has ever seen.

1993 was the year when the first X-Phile appeared and a new era was born; The word ‘shipping’ was introduced, Mulder & Scully became the first ‘OTP’, a new & loud ‘fandom’ appeared and along with them the first generation of ‘fanfiction’ writers surfaced. The X-files fandom exists for more than two decades now and it is as alive as it has ever been… 

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are the heart of this fandom. Their devotion, love, and commitment to these characters are truly inspiring and their decision to come back for the 10th season brought us together again. I will be forever thankful for the revival and everything it has given us. I wouldn’t be here writing this if there is no Season 10 of The X-files. Our obsession with this show, our love for its characters and our dedication to Gillian and David, are the reasons we are in this fandom.

We have many things in common. But each of us has their own stories, their own reasons and their own experiences. This is what we would like to focus on, in this sub-project.

Both, Gillian & David are great advocates for many causes, they are activists who care about raising awareness on issues that matter, and they inspire us to do better. And we shall try. Naya Kismet has been launched for this exact reason. We are trying to make a difference with all of you. 

We would like to thank Gillian & David for everything they have done in the last 24 years and we would like to ask you to join us! We would like to ask all the X-Philes out there that if they have a story to share with these two, amazing people please write them down on a paper and post it to us*. No matter how old you are, how long you’ve been a part of this fandom if you wish to share a story, please do so. 

Write it down/draw it/paint it… what the show means to you, what these characters are given to you, how this TV-show changed your life. How these two actors changed your life. Let them know why are you thankful to them. Tell them who you’ve become, what you’ve discovered about yourself because of them, because of The X-files.

We are going to collect all these letters, organise them by age and create a book which will tell a story about our favourite duos: Mulder & Scully and Gillian & David. This will be given to them as a Birthday present in 2017.

This is just the beginning of a bigger project that we are planning, to celebrate David’s & Gillian’s Birthday and the 25th anniversary of The X-files. 

This fandom was the first in many things involving TV-show history, let’s try to do that again. We have many ideas for the upcoming months, but if you have any submissions, suggestions (art for the shop, art for the book, program ideas, anything to auction for charity) please feel free to message us - @sunshinetoday & @becksndot5 directly - or just submit anything on the Naya Kismet website. 

We are here, we are thankful and we are being of service. Stay tuned for more details to come. 

*We will share where you can post the letters in an upcoming update post!* 

SILENT VOICES [Sci-fi][Psychological][Romance]

The story takes place in a rehabilitation center in Citelle, the industrial country, which has been locked in a fierce battle with Martasco, the military country, for centuries. In order to combat the fighting advantage that Martasco has, Citelle invented the HASBER project, an experiment that genetically alters physical abilities. Follow the story of five individuals who struggle to get back on their feet after being hurt by society, in a world where prejudice reins strong, failure is unacceptable, and the HASBER project governs all.

Hello everyone! I’m making a visual novel right now and I just opened up a blog for it, so if you have time, I’d appreciate if you’d check it out and maybe follow it, if it interests you. It’s kind of bare right now, but I’ll be posting more updates on it. It is planned to be free to play, though there will be a kickstarter sometime in April. Also, if you’re not interested, please help spread the word to anyone who you think will be. Thank you so much! (l i n k)

hey my buds, just an update about what’s going on in my life:

As of Friday, our writers room on Shannara ended for the season which means as of this friday, I’ll be grinding on the unemployment train. That means lots of looking for jobs and shows with openings (which could take months and months and months to pan out) and lots of looking for freelance work as well as trying to gear up support and content on my patreon and coffee pages here, give y’all some content worth supporting, and trying to get all of my own writing projects to a point where they can actually be useful to my career or as publishable content and not just drafts. I will be both really busy and around a lot more so hopefully that starts making my voice and my blog of some value to you again. As always, your support on this long and often frustrating but amazing process is so ridiculously appreciated. Thank you and much love. 

anonymous asked:

How contrived and fake do you think the industry is?

It all depends on who you work with. There’s a huge obsession with social media at least on the agent side and I will at some point have to get an agent in order to achieve my goals which to be honest is partly why I started this blog in the first place. I felt I could do something a little more helpful and interesting than just a status update of what I am allowed to say I am currently working on. I have to say that so far it’s worked out pretty well.

A lot of it I think has to do with people who are severely sheltered and relatively well to do and get into film programs where they connect with other well to do people and then feel like their version of the world is the absolute truth when all they see are the well to do parts of the world.

I remember one of the first major projects I worked on I did research for what kind of place a Bostonian could afford if he worked as a baggage handler in 2001. I essentially told them the neighborhood they wanted to shoot second unit in would have been out of the price range of someone who essentially would have been making minimum wage and had to pay fees to go through the tunnel daily. That kind of person would have multiple room mates in order to make rent but this person had never had room mates and never had to work for those kind of wages in order to make rent so they decided to do it anyway because their particular artistic vision was based on their life and their vision of what that person’s life would be and not the actual reality of what the daily grind would be for a person working at Logan for minimum wage.

I think largely it’s that kind of insular nature that leads to the superficiality and fakeness but we’re in the land of fairy tales,  The Hero with a Thousand Faces and story structure so it’s all fake anyway.

Reality is more like a David Lynch movie where you have a bunch of strange and bizzare stuff that gets tossed at you often for no purpose, interactions are awkward and sometimes without focus.

I find myself thinking about that Onion Article that came out six years ago “Man’s Life Riddled with Continuity Errors” It’s true. Life is a messy chaotic thing and it’s almost impossible to define it into a coherent narrative without major omissions that are huge chunks of time in our lives. It’s how memoirs are able to be interesting. They leave out the stuff that is uninteresting to hear about.

Life is quite frankly largely unsuitable for a three act structure even though we like to think of ourselves as heroes of our own stories. Nobody wants to read a story about a guy doing the same thing at a fast food joint day in and day out with no character growth unless it’s a wacky comedy. 

So in that case I suppose we’re all fakes, trying to be more real than the real thing, which in this case is just an idealized version of reality that is inconsistent with what we experience on a day to day basis.

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you’re looking for I got a little philosophical there.

i had nothing to do today (it’s a lie, i have like a fuckton of things to do and i’m not doing any even at this very moment) so here a list of fics i deeply enjoyed and that y’all should read because they are The Good Shit™

  • By Any Other Name by APaletteFullOfYou: okay, so this fic has it all. you like flowers? this fic got ya. you like the deep bromance between yuuri and phichit? bam, the fic got your back. you like flowers and puns? j a c k  p o t. guys i’m telling you this is so good and i hope to see more in a very near future because i just can’t wait (if you’re reading this, whoever you are, author, please, update, my crops are dying, my soul is leaving my body, give me something.,)

  • Storge by FullmetalChords: everybody loves a good family fic with all the bonding between yuuri and yuri, all the fluff, but like the very good fluff, the one that leaves you lying on the floor gently sobbing onto the tiles because you cannot believe that your own two eyes could read something like that. i loved it, it’s one of those 5+1, so a good bonus!!! everybody loves it, i love it, you’ll love it too!!!

  • Never Look Away by gabapple & mamodewberry: listen to me. and listen very carefully. i dread the fics where their goal is to retrace all the canon stuff by writing it down and adding things up as you go. but this. this is 120k+ words fic (still going!!!!!) of pure happiness and fluff and angst all together and i cannot understand how. it tracks the canon episodes while giving all the introspection i crave and the good and natural interactions i desire between viktor and yuuri. it’s long but you’re not gonna regret it, believe me. also, child viktor owns my life, my soul and my bank account.

  • Katsudon by azriona: you know how hard it is. to find fics. based on pure motherly love. and the unstoppable force of fluff and family love. while still giving you the sweet and nice viktuuri everyone crave? guys, this fic is like eating a pie. but not any pie, it’s the pie of your dreams. it’s the pie you regret not eating at the shop you passed by thinking ‘eh, i don’t need it right now‘. it’s the pie that smells like cinnamon and it is served with coffee or your favourite tea while outside is pouring and you can hear your favourite song at the radio, guys, do you understand how good can it be this fic? yeah, i don’t think so, go read it now

  • Closing Shift by yaboykatsudon: it’s a retail au. it’s the au that silently everybody wants because everyone undeniably understand what it’s like working in a job where you are really close in losing your shit because of dumb clients and you silently like to project on fictional character who can, in an ideal world, say ‘fuck you’ to rude people. even tho in this viktor is a lovely cashier who likes to talk to old people and yuuri had just started his job. also, please, if you’re reading this, update, my crops are dying,,,

  • The Carnage of the Art by ExorcisingEmily: before we start, kudos to that title because it’s #verygood. so the fic is yuri p. centric and it revolves around how he’s dealing with a career theatening injury and it’s a w o n d e r. there’s angst but then!!!! there’s fluff!!! the angst is cured by love and the power of family!!!! go read it, it’s 10 chapters of Very Good Shit

  • the nostalgic feeling of the familiar by myoue : HOLD THE FUCK UP, BECAUSE THIS IS GONNA GET REAL GOOD. so for those who don’t know i really really love the fake engaged au. and guess what is this!!!!!! a very long fic still in progress with a fake engaged au!!! their relationship may be fake but their slow burn is not!!!! nor my raging need for more unpdates after the cliffhanger!!!!
    also, their writing is #goals so please go read it

  • just like insects by synthpopp: and guess what else i really really like!!! ghost presence au!!!!! and guess what is this!!!! a fic where yuuri dies after an incident an remains in his apartment which happens to be bought by viktor who just happens to have the ability to see ghosts, H O W  W O N D E R F U L and you know what else would be wonderful? an update, because i’m dying

  •  After Everyone Else by dance_across: the summary for this fic is
    f u c k
    literally and metaphorically speaking. this is a chris/viktor/yuuri so idk if you’re interested but i assure it’s really good, it has a wonderful introspection, wonderful characterisation and i love everything about it because it is written so well

  • cast off all my bandages and see what happens next by infiniteandsmall: kudos to you too for the title because it’s !!!!!!
    tiny viktor again owns everything i have, including my own beautiful nana and my bank account. the interaction between viktor and chris are beautiful and i want to drown myself in my own tears because they’re so good and cute and i want for them eternal happiness and good things

  • anarchy for sale! t-shirts only ten dollars by spookyfoot: will it ever come a day where i won’t like puns and bad humour and really bad shirt with really bad puns as a trope in a fic? no, never, and i bet neither will you, because this is so good, yuuri wearing embarassing t-shirts and phichit totally down with that because he totally thinks it’s his style and viktor indulging into this, hands down to the best comedy, 10/10 would probably read again

  • soldier boy, tripping over himself to win my praise by thissupposedcrime: okay, i’ll start saying that from these point these are all otayuri and are all good. but this one. this one is like Heaven™
    the writing is #goal
    the characterisation is something out of this world
    the titles of every chapter, including the general title, are taken from hamilton the musical lyrics, i mean, what could you ask for more???? nothing because this is perfect??? i cannot believe
    also, i suggest you to check everything they wrote, so also blowing kisses to hurt you and everytime i try, everytime i win

  • we got soul and we got gold by barricadeuse: this is an on going series and i hope she got more in store for me because i want more of this writing and this awkward yuri and i want more of what in italian we call “disagio”

Shirt on or off?

A bit of progress update: I kinda hit a wall with the design of the main character, I can’t quite get it to where I want it to be. I put that on hold and tried environment modeling instead, but then I also hit a wall with the texturing on that. I’ll go back to environment soon enough, but for now, I’m working on some NPCs.

I tweaked my style a little bit for this new project. While working on Raven, I found that having looser restrictions on poly count and texture resolution was just more fun for me, so that’s what I’m going for. For reference, this model is just under 2k tris.

Correction: @rooby-the-rapscallion @lethal-cuddles

Yes, Yandere Dev has a damn to give, to the point where he’s implemented Pose Mode, Mission Mode and other things TO KEEP HIS FANS OCCUPIED WHILE HE WORKS ON OSANA.
If he didn’t give a damn, he wouldn’t have done all that extra stuff to make sure we had something to do!


Do you even WATCH HIS VIDEOS? Of course not, you’re a hater, and you can’t be bothered listening nor reading ANY explanation he has.
He’s the SOLE PROGRAMMER who’s constantly communicating with people who help him work on his game, and a lot of those people PROVIDE ASSETS HE CAN’T MAKE, and he doesn’t need bullshit that doesn’t do anything other than clog up his inbox.

So, you think that young people are annoying? :) Okay, and it doesn’t matter what the age of his fanbase is, he still gets annoying as hell emails that he keeps saying TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO NOT SEND HIM.
Gosh, you people act as if he’s a Content Creating Robot who doesn’t need breaks from his job.

Yeah, because apparently he’s not allowed to have SOME free time to do as he pleases to get a break from coding. HOW DARE HE take breaks!!

There’s a fine line between critiquing and WHINING, like how you and everyone else has been doing.
Yes, he put her head in a fan-BECAUSE ITS A PART OF THE GAME. He actually coded in everything to make that happen, and if you’ve actually watched his videos you’d see HE’S MADE A LOT OF PROGRESS, stuff he can’t show us yet BUT ITS THERE.
I mean, that’s dumb of you to say no progress is being made when there IS progress being made, constantly, and I’m sorry if you missed this but HE’S WAITING ON ASSETS WHICH IS WHY DEVELOPEMENT IS SLOW. HE’S EVEN SAID IN ONE OF HIS VIDEOS HOW HE GOT A MAJOR ASSET IN AND HE WAS ABLE TO MAKE MORE PROGRESS.
Then again you just want a reason to bitch at some developer who’s struggling enough as it is to release updates on time to where he’s becoming fed up with the fandom, because most of you aren’t even halfway through high school yet and have no idea how difficult a project like this is.

I dare all of you to go make your own damn game, right now. Coding is HARD, especially if you want to make it a serious game! Okay, now add the stress of a FANBASE that get pissy and rip you apart every time something happens that you don’t like.
You won’t do that? Why not? Too hard for you to handle? Because you got things to do? Well, so does the Dev.
If you can’t do a fraction of what he does then don’t use this as a Complaint Column.

In fact, if you’re sooooo mad at the lack of development THEN OFFER TO VOLUNTEER. Unless you don’t meet any requirements that show you’re competent enough to take on a stressful project. 

Here’s the thing, hun:


Partly due to the fact he needs people to help him AND waiting on assets, AND because people like you are spreading a bad word around which deters people that could have heloped him, so you’re partly to blame.
Besides, he recently partnered with TinyBuild! Isn’t that progress to you? No?

-Because he didn’t think the game would get as popular as it has!
-Yeah, because HOW DARE THE MAN HAS A HOBBY HE CAN ENJOY! Like, I think if he’s playing games like this he’s bound to get some ideas, its not like he just buys the games to see “hm  what can I use for my game” he gets ideas as he plays them.

Then why don’t you LEAVE? It’d be better for everyone.

You people bitch on him for not spending every single waking breathing moment programming. 

He chose to work so he can get more stuff done JUST so you asswipes would stop bitching on him for it, but noooo apparently he’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

Proof these people JUST WANT TO BITCH.
He’s actually taken  the initiative to DO SOMETHING about his workload but here you rockheads go “NAH THAT DON’T COUNT!!” WHY DOESN’T IT COUNT??

Like fuck y'all, you don’t care about him as long as he gets your game done.
If you can’t accept the fact  he’s a human and can only do so much with what he has and THEN shit on him for DARING TO SOLVE HIS PROBLEMS by saying it doesn’t count,  then you need to leave this fandom and take your rotteness elsewhere to bug the shit out of more people.

If you have any ACTUAL criticism of Yandere Dev then please feel free to post them, not bullshit you know DAMN WELL he cant help or has tried and can’t succeed. 

 You’re not welcome here.

sunshine club updates!
  • im halfway done with the survey form review (thankfully!)
  • i decided to accept more than 20 people but most definitely not more than 50 because that’s too much for a starter!
  • i’ll be finishing the other half probably tomorrow because im still studying for uni entrance exams!
  • pls be patient! it will prolly take me 2-3 more days before i could post the complete list!
  • i will try my best to finish it asap tho
  • thank you very much everyone for signing up to the club! if i did not pick you, it is absolutely not your fault! it’s really difficult to trim down all the blogs bc you’re all wonderful but i just have to!
  • but dont you worry! i promise i’ll accept more people once everything is already established and the club is stable!
  • also! jsyk, you can still join our activities/projects and i will be making a club blog where you can get regular updates and also to make you feel that ur not left out or something!
  • plus u can also still tag us and track the tag, reblog cute posts from the tag, etc (it’s #sunshineclub btw)
  • i hope u understand!
much love,
prim :)

anonymous asked:

What do you make of Cait saying they'll be in SA for a little more than another month? They are shooting the finale and they need more than 4 weeks? WTF? Or do they ADR in SA as well and that take so much time? The production time seems to be completely OTT compared to other shows with the same quality. I don't get it. They seem a bit inefficient.

Hello Anon! Now, I know this is going to shock people (lol), but I really do think this is the most inefficient and ass-backwards production. I don’t get it. Weather isn’t a problem. I don’t want to hear about how boats are difficult (I’ll save you the “Black Sails managed just fine” rant) or there’s more CGI. I love Cesar but he is at the pool and/or playing with penguins and seals almost daily, according to his Instagram. Sam has spent a shit ton of time at Roark gyms or doing Barbour shoots. Sorry but I can’t help but side eye this. Because when you give fans nothing about your day job, yet you can constantly update about your side projects, this is what happens—they scrutinize and speculate about where your focus is. Caitriona is certainly not exempt from this scrutiny either.

They probably decided to take their sweet ass time once they found out they weren’t coming back until September—and they’ve probably known that for a while. Anyways, maybe they’re saving time for any pickups that might be necessary. Because it’s probably not feasible to go back and shoot those in South Africa, as compared to Scotland—like they did with episode 208. Charlie Hiett, who plays Captain Leonard, is on his way back to SA, probably for pickups or reshoots. I think ADR can be done anywhere. Sam did it in LA for Season 2. Fun fact: According to Ron’s podcast, the one person who does the most ADR is Sam in order to tone down the Highland accent. They can get rid of voiceover for the second half of the season, IMO, once it’s a shared narrative post-reunion. It’s not really necessary. Show, don’t tell. Kthxbye.

All I have to say is the premiere and finale better be a substantially extended episodes—all of Season 3 should be, frankly. Ron should never have mentioned on his podcast that Starz is pretty generous in run time. There’s absolutely no excuse for cutting down scenes.

I will have a small vacation from tomorrow until Sunday and when I return on Monday there will be a couple of changes on my blog.
My queue is filled with new picspams until Sunday, than starting on Monday I will post a lot of edits for my future writing projects.
After these are all posted it’s June again and you know what that means: It’s time to reblog all of my old edits, art and writing again before I’ll continue to blog new things.
I will start to reblog things again so if you want me to see something just @ me, link me or tag me.
I want to start a regular update post on my blog as well where I’ll talk about the progress of my projects, so if you don’t want to hear about that feel free to blacklist #update

I wish everyone a nice week and enjoy my queue!

Hi Everyone! If you’ve been following The Joel Edgerton Miscellany for any length of time you know that it offers at least 2 new posts every day. Well, I’m afraid that I’m heading off on a project where I’ll be unable to access a reliable internet connection for the next month or two, which means that I cannot promise a daily post during that time.

I’ll do my best to post when I can, but I’m pretty sure that I will not be able to update The Miscellany on a daily basis as usual. But never fear – The Miscellany is not signing off or closing down; just going off on a short hiatus. It will be back to the usual daily posts soon!  :-)

In the meantime – please enjoy the 5000+ archived posts in The Miscellany, and accept my deepest thanks for all your kind and generous support of Joel’s work and The Miscellany! Keep smiling and searching for the work and people you love!  xxoo 

Officially made a start on the second part of After Us today!  Finished one shot which involved a lot of looped components and me successfully drawing part of a pirate ship.  where making this hapen

Here, have this handsome bastard.


(In response to the Tumblr user (who I forgot posted I’m so sorry) but they were talking about what if the movie came out in 2009 instead of 1989 which I assumed meant the boys would be their age and the whole story and actors would be the same. That brought up the question as to who these boys would be living in the 21st century. Obviously they’d be cute social media obsessed teenage guys who have the greatest bond so I took it upon myself to make this modern AU. This could totally also work as an au where the boys in the movie just grew up as teens in the 2000s )

Modern AU: Dead Poets Society was made in 2009 with the same actors, director, and story. The boys are teens in the 21st century and obviously have accustomed to the new technology of the 2000s. As actors in one of the most iconic movies of all time, they’ve become quite popular in hollywood and online. Dylan is an avid Tumblr blogger, Robert loves updating his Snapchat stories of new projects, Allelon and Josh are verified on Twitter with plenty of adoring fangirls, Jamie is one of the most successful YouTubers on the web, Ethan constantly is taking pictures of him and his friends for his aesthetic Instagram feed, and Gale woos his 11 million fangirls with his 6 second masterpieces (and adorable face). They’ve grown their audiences and friend circle thanks to the life changing experience in 2009.

Phyrexian Tarot Cards

UPDATE: Got a list going for who should go where, if you have any ideas, feel free ti ship in~ 

Was thinking about designing some Phyrexian-style Tarot cards. Primarily because I want to do a project for myself, plus I don’t have a deck, and I am super paranoid to obtain one from an outside source I have no knowledge of and just all the things.

Good Things:

They would look epic
Would feature both Old and New Phyrexia
Actually have heart and soul put into them
Would be original
If they are good enough I can use them as an actual deck (cause I have none)

Bad Things:

A lot of time
A lot of effort
A lot of motivation
A lot of skill
A lot of measuring
A lot of research
A lot of designing
A lot of drinking
A lot of crying
A lot of hate for myself
A lot of focus
A lot of everything
I am also pretty certain that if I did make it into an actual deck, it would be the most asshole deck in existence and no one would be able to handle it but me

The Really Bad Thing:

If it is too good I can hear you Mirran supporters demanding a set of Mirrodin-styled ones

I get started and never finish


happy birthday, experiment 255 (robot!namjoon)

summary: namjoon is experiment 255, the latest model in a series of humanoid robot helpers for mankind. you’re the primary caretaker of experiment 255 until he’s deemed fit to be sold on the market, and for the most part, you’re supposed to stay unattached. but throwing him a mini birthday party wouldn’t hurt much, right? (cause i just had to do something weird for his birthday)

relationship: robot!namjoon x reader 

words: 4,193

warnings: fluff for days, namjoon doesn’t get birthdays but he does get sarcasm, you love him and he won’t admit it but he loves you too :’)

Originally posted by sugutie

“Happy birthday, Joonie!”

Namjoon is momentarily startled as soon as he’s powered on, his vision immediately clouded by you, or rather, your face hovering inches in front of his own. He blinks, and then notices the embarrassingly large smile on your face and dares to ask, “What?”

You reel back with an unsatisfied huff, and he’s then able to make out a small, chocolate cupcake in your hand with one pink candle stuffed in the middle of a mountain of blue icing. It’s lit, and the wax is beginning to drip onto the icing. “I said, happy birthday Namjoon. It’s your birthday, September 12th. You’re one year old!” It sounds weird coming out of your mouth, looking at this robot whose been modeled after a twenty-two year old man and knowing you and your team had only created him last fall, but the prospect of celebrating his day of birth (or, better put, creation) was too fun for you to care. You had been hoping that Namjoon would share your excitement too, but you’d been living with the android for a year, and he was pretty incapable of feeling anything besides disdain and curiosity. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you even got a bit of surprise.

Still, you were determined to make this a happy day for him. God knows who would take out the time to celebrate his birthday once he was being sold on the market.

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Started cutting out a project yesterday. The dress is a pattern from Dottie Angel. I actually bought a couple other patterns of hers, but this one I’ve been sitting on a while, so I decided to try it first. Plus the other one that I already have material for involves a linen under dress so I decided to go for something a bit more simple to start off with this spring.

So much of the mori aesthetic and lifestyle involves the idea of natural materials and home made goods, but so little seems to be posted about doing just that. I have a few pieces of mori-esque clothing that I’ve bought at second hand stores (salvation army and the habitat for humanity restore are my go to locations) but even then appropriate skirts and tops are so hard to come by. Which led me to the question of why there didn’t seem to be more diy mori kei posts and such. Unlike lolita, mori kei seems the perfect style for the diy enthusiast, with its relative lack of obsession over specific brands and the encouragement towards thrift. But unless I’ve been missing them, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of home craft posting under this tag. Any suggestions from anyone on where to look for this?  Have I just missed this in a community hub somewhere?

Anyway, I’ve decided to turn this blog into a mori kei diy spot. I doubt I will post as frequently as I would like (my toddler is solidly in his terrible twos, lol), but I will try to post some diy ideas, updates on my own diy projects and eventually maybe some lifestyle posts. I’ve decided to try and incorporate some of the mori lifestyle into the parenting and teaching of my son. I think we’ve both become a little too attached to the internet lately.

Anyone who finds this post, feel free to point me in the direction of some diy mori pages if you know of any. If you too are looking for diy mori projects, what kind of things are you looking for?

Hopeful Romantic (Part Two)

Summary: High school AU where you and Steve Rogers are neighbors. He has feelings for you, but you like someone else. That places a little damper on Steve’s hopes of being with you, but he’s not surrendering just yet.

Word Count: 1515

Warnings: None. 

Part One

A/N: Tagging @shelvesandwhelves and @shamvictoria11 per request. I hope you guys like the update! The song inspiration behind this particular chapter is “Only In Dreams” by Weezer. 

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You and Steve hung out in your living room after school to work on a project for your creative writing class. The premise of the project was to create a piece of artwork based on a story of your choice. You chose the book Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon while Steve decided to base his artwork on J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. While you thought your drawing was pretty good, it was nothing compared to Steve’s realistic depiction of Holden Caulfield. You couldn’t help but feel envious of his art skills.

“My drawing looks like shit compared to yours,” you grumbled as Steve chuckled, gazing over at your artwork.

“Your artwork is beautiful,” he praised as you rolled your eyes at him, mumbling that he was a liar before going back to your work again. However, Steve continued to watch you as his curious mind was itching to ask you a question. “Hey (Y/N)?”

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