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My thoughts on the discourse(ooc)

Hey guys! It’s Kira and I wanted to just share my opinions on the discourse that’s going on in the deh fanbase. It honestly makes me pretty sad to know that there even is discourse but it is what it is. From what I’ve heard, the discourse is about all of the Connor lives aus. The real overarching theme of deh is that no one is alone and you can reach out and get help and better yourself. I’ve been suicidal in the past and on this blog, my version of Connor is definitely still learning to better himself. He still self harms, he still has depression, he’s still angry, he still acts on unhealthy impulses, none of his problems are gone, he’s working through them. It makes me feel a whole lot better when a character gets help for their problems instead of finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Some people may be brushing past that with their depictions but honestly, you guys? Don’t let it get to you. If they don’t want to see the message they don’t want to. All you can do is spread the word of how important this amazing musical is. I’ve never seen a better depiction of mental illness in any form of media and that can’t be looked over. Characters are flawed, that’s what makes them real. Just try not to forget that. 💖💖

ARMY, please be supportive of each other, each other’s opinions and work. Please, be respectful towards one another and each other’s personal choices. Please, don’t call another ARMY ‘fake’ if their opinions are different than yours. Please, don’t make other fans regret joining the fandom. Please, don’t make ARMY ashamed of being an ARMY. Please, don’t try to divide the fandom to ‘true’ and ‘fake’ stans. Please, remember that everyone is different and people’s decisions and choices are made only by themselves and often can’t be changed, because they made it themselves basing on what makes them happy. Remember, that no one is obligated to please anyone, but themselves if it comes to something as simple and pure as being a fan. Please, let’s support each other and respect each other the same way we support and respect BTS. No matter how much our opinions and choices may differ, we are all one Family. Please, don’t forget that. 

Thoughts on sexuality.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love, lust and sexuality lately. When it comes to sexuality, my views would be considered by today’s standards to be “radical.” Simply this: I am saving my first kiss for my wedding day. It wasn’t something pushed on me, suggested to me, or that I was pressured into. It was my own decision I made when I was 17. I wanted to share some of my story with you guys to show you a point of view that is very different than the common one.

Disclaimer: I believe sexuality is a very private, personal topic and all that I am about to say are my personal beliefs and opinions. I don’t believe in shaming others or that my views make me “better”. It’s just what works for me personally and what I have found a great deal of fulfillment and inner-peace in.

When I was 17, I fell hard for a boy for the first time. I would sneak out to meet up with him late at night and stay up until early in the morning talking to him, then slip back into my house. In the beginning of our “thing” (ugh, our generation), it was very innocent. We would hold hands and walk down the street, talking for hours. It felt very sweet and romantic. I remember sitting out on a rock on a hill looking out at the lake and the lights of our small town below, my head on his shoulder, him stroking my hair. I remember us holding each other’s hands and spinning around in circles down the street then laying down in the middle of the street at night, side by side, having the most random but fun conversations about life.

But then at one point, I could tell he was getting frustrated with me and what I was “giving” him. He wanted more. I could feel it in every thing he did- how he increased his compliments to me, and held me in a hug longer and closer. He was pushing me, very subtly, using all the tactics that had worked with girls in the past. I didn’t really feel anything- just a sense that it felt good to be desired. We were about to be seniors in high school and I had never kissed anyone, and he had a reputation of being a “player” who had “been with” many girls.

In my head was this huge war. The voices of my friends, “Kissing is not a big deal, so why don’t you just kiss him?” His voice when I told him I was considered saving my first kiss, “But there’s a way you can kiss someone that is so innocent. I could just kiss you like that?” On one of those late nights when he was very close to me, the voices started screaming in my head, until it all became like a huge chant, “Kiss him. Kiss him. Kiss him.” And another voice, “It’s not even a big deal, so why not just do it?”

I remember the moment exactly- the street sign, the light of the moon. He was whispering something in my ear and trying to “seduce” me and the chorus was chanting in my head to give him my first kiss. Suddenly, a firm, strong voice spoke out inside of me- a resolution, a promise:


It was so sure and concrete, so powerful and commanding. In that moment I knew it came from a higher self- the same self that woke up for swim practice at 6am every weekday that summer even though I was exhausted, because I knew going to practice would make me stronger. The same voice that gave me the courage to leave my toxic group of friends earlier that year and find friends who truly loved me. I didn’t know exactly where the voice came from, just that it was a voice that I loved and trusted. While the other voices were pushy and impatient with me, this one was calm, confident and in control. I trusted her.

He stepped away from me, frustrated and annoyed. “Let’s go,” he said flatly, and we stepped into his fancy car. When he dropped me off at my front door, I had this feeling of being disposed of, like some kind of object that was deemed “useless” and “defective.” I felt an odd mixture of sadness and relief.

I had an experience with God that cemented my decision shortly after that. I was in great conflict another night not long after that, about whether or not I should keep seeing him. I was wrestling with this growing sense that he didn’t truly value me, and that I deserved better.

God called me outside and I sat beneath a heavy blanket of stars. I looked up and tears of joy streamed down my face. I felt this perfect sense of peace, calm and being connected to the Creator. In that moment, I knew that my true fulfillment came from Love, not lust. The Author of every great love story was calling me to sit close to Him, to make a sacrifice in my dating life that would ultimately serve me in the end.

Here I am now- I’m 25 years old. I have never kissed anyone and I still plan on saving it for my wedding day. It is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Never before has something brought me so much peace, fulfillment, self-respect and purpose. I am still dating and I have experienced a rich and full dating life, meeting and dating a lot of really great men and experiencing so many things I will treasure forever.

My romantic experiences have felt like I was in a movie many times. My breath has been taken away by them. There is a certain beauty in looking into the eyes of a man and knowing that he is willing to make a sacrifice for you because he cares about you as more than just a body. I think the more you give away, the harder it becomes to discern someone’s true intentions. “Do they love me for my heart, soul and mind? Or are they simply here for the pleasure my body provides?”

And that leads me to my final message for you: You are more than just a body. You are a heart and a soul and beautiful story unfolding. You are precious and cherished and you deserve more than the cheap excuse for romance that the world is offering. It does not satisfy. The only thing that will truly satisfy you is LOVE, and the greatest killer of love is lust.

Your body is not an object and your kisses are not meaningless tokens to bargain with. You don’t “owe” someone your body because they bought you dinner or tossed out some pretty words at you. You deserve more. And I think you know that. If you’ve ever felt the emptiness of giving away what felt like too much, you know what I’m talking about.

You deserve more. You’re not damaged and you’re not irreparably broken. You’re still sacred, precious and whole. A million people could defile and degrade you, but you will still remain worthy and sacred. The human body is so incredible, and sexuality is a sacred, precious gift. Sexuality has become something so cheap and meaningless in our world- eyebrows raised and dirty comments made. But that doesn’t change that it is SO MUCH MORE.

Your body IS a big deal. And you will always be precious.

Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Smoothie of Love Potion

I’ve been writing a lot of potions lately so of course I’m sharing them with you guys. This is a smoothie potion meant for you and the person you want to love you. Also I have like 3 other smoothie spells I will be posting eventually so keep a look out!

Disclaimer: I don’t care to hear people’s opinions on love spells. Spare me. I advise for this to be used towards someone you are already close to that just needs that extra push!


  • 1 Banana for sexuality 
  • a handful of blueberries for acceptance 
  • A cup of frozen strawberries for love (if not frozen, you can add ice)
  • Plain, vanilla yogurt. Vanilla can symbolize lust and love. 
  • A cup of milk
  • Sugar to sweeten them up! 
  • A dash of honey to make them stay and keep them loyal

My measurements suck because everyones blender is different. Do whatever works for you!


  1. Add each ingredient to the blender, thinking about each of their properties as you do. 
  2. Split the mixture into two cups and focus on them, putting your intent into the mixture. 
  3. VOODOO/HOODOO PRACTITIONERS ONLY: Recite Psalm 23 over the cups, asking for the spirits to bring you love and guidance. If you are not voodoo, you can talk to your deities as well!
  4. Give one cup to the person you wish to love you. Drink the other one. The spirits will connect you two.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve noticed that a lot of fanfiction inspiration comes from music lyrics or movie prompts. I’m sure a lot of people have millions of songs that can used for as inspiration for an OTP or a story-line or an edit.

Sometimes you think during a song, these lyrics are absolutely perfect for a situation for xxx and xxxx.

So I decided do something for it.

I’m going to create a document where you can write down all these inspiration quotes/lyrics/prompts so you can share with everyone. You’ll find other ones that you’ll like in that doc too, which will hopefully inspire you to write.

It goes for all fandoms, anime or not. It really doesn’t matter, I just hope you’ll feel content and inspired after reading!

Even if you don’t write, your contribution still matters a lot!! As readers, you guys have a lot of opinion, and we want to hear everything from you! You guys will definitely have the best prompts and quotes/lyrics, and who knows, maybe a writer will write your prompt one day!!

To join, it’s super easy!!


(optional) must be following your local meme.

reblog this post!! like i said, it won’t work with only a few people. (likes count as bookmarks.)

this must receive over 70 notes, or else I’ll pretend like it never happened.

I might even create a WhatsApp group for this, so you guys can talk about your fanfictions there, and other writers can help you!! The only way this can work is if you share, reblog, and tell your friends!

Personally, I think it’s a really cool idea. It’s really helpful for one, and you could be helping someone who’s on writer’s block or down in the dumps! A whole list of prompts? Hell yeah!

So feel free to join!! I’d love to have you, and I’m sure you will contribute a lot!! The more people, the better. Once this reaches 70 notes, I’ll share the doc with you through link, or through email. Thanks!

dating wen junhui would include: 

a/n: inspired by myself + @holystilinski who is just too talented in my opinion :’) hope you all enjoy this, ill definitely be writing more abt jun in the future! 

- jun’s the “chase me” type 

- what i mean is, he won’t be easy to tame 

- but secretly he wants you just as much as you want him 

- he’ll tease you senseless but its part of his appeal

- such a flirt o god

- the cheesiest pick up lines 

“guess what type of material my jeans are y/n?” 

  “shut up junhui” 

- a triple text kind of guy 

- sharing clothes/ stealing each others 25:8 

- pet names !!! 

- skinship 

- i think jun would initiate skinship first 60% 

- piggy back rides / carrying you round  

- “you love me more right?” 

- would want to introduce you to his friends straight away

- he thinks you’re the coolest person ever trust me 

- both of you using excessive amounts of emojis 

- minghao third wheeling? of course 

- him teaching you Chinese in his free time 

- he’d be so proud even if you could only manage a few words 

- jun would just love spoiling you + spending time doting on you 

“but…baby please,” 

- pouty! jun 

- if he isn’t getting his own way he’ll just pout at you until he does or until he’s bored of being moody 

- meet wen junhui, cuddle champion 

- back hugs

-  so many back hugs

- short or tall he’d think you were magnificent 

- “i love you” 

 “sorry couldn’t hear you over my handsomeness” 

 “why are we dating again?” 

- sight seeing !! 

- he’d have a whole folder in his camera roll called “y/n” 

- its adorable 

- would adore taking candids of you 

- jun would want you to attend every concert  

- he’d smile so big when he found you in the crowd waving up at him :’)

- seventeen would of course by extension be a big part of your life 

- watch them commentate everything you do as a couple

“really? in front of my salad?”  - wonwoo 

- cooking together 

- being each others rock 

- like he’d be so helpless whenever you cry around him

- he’d kiss you all over, holding you super tight and rocking you back + forth

“dont cry baby i love you, please dont cry” 

- i think he’d fall in love with you so quickly

- probably would consulted his friend’s on what to do about it 

- shy! jun

- despite appearing confident he’d be a mess when it comes to you

- promise rings??? i think he could be the type to gift you one

- not speaking to your s/o even for day? jun can’t relate 

- singing you to sleep at night 

- making you soup and looking after you when you’re sick 

- wanting to baby you at any given chance 

- jealous! jun

- being each others first kiss/ possibly first time 

- he’d take it all very seriously 

- night-ins consist of your favourite movies, warm blankets + a ton of snacks 

- soft kisses everywhere

- forehead kisses 

- hickeys??? on your collarbones/neck etc

- whiny when he doesn’t have your attention

- your health and well being are his first priority always 

- jun sending you cute snow filtered selcas !!!

“im not in love with you i swear”

- but he totally is 

- hand holding is a must

- unnecessary arguments over stupid stuff but you usually work it out because jun would hate drama when it came to you 

- spoiling you with gifts 

- the type to use kisses as a distraction when he’s done something wrong

“did you spill coffee on the rug?” 

 *kisses* “i love you” 

- i mean you’re just THAT visual couple 

“y/n, my sugar cupcake muffin baby dearest” 

  “okay what did you do,” 

- the type to be 3 years behind on memes because wen junhui

- but he’s a cutie so you let it slide 

- can’t keep his hands off of you honestly 

- jun stealing other members phone just to text or snapchat you 

- talking about your future together

- he’d be so excited at the prospect of spending his life with you 

- matching sweaters 

- moody! jun whenever the other members spend too much time with you

- like don’t get me wrong he loves you being around them but he’d still dislike it when hes not included 

- him trying to teach you dance routines (good luck) 

“i love you more no question about it” 

- jun asking the members for help when it comes to anniversaries because he’s clueless when it comes to organising 

“i love you jun” 

 “not as much as i love you sweet pea,” 


Reylo Fam NEEDED

Im on the reading hunt. Signal Boost to whomever and PLEASE feel free to give your full opinion, tag people, or share links. but what’s your literal ALL TIME FAVORITE Reylo fanfiction within the regular star wars universe (no modern AUs). It can be any length and no preferences on weather it contains smut or not. I just really want an amazing story. Love you guys SO much! Thanks for all of your help!

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These are a few comments from pv4 of ballroom e youkoso, an upcoming sports anime about ballroom dancing.


Dear Yuri On Ice Fandom (im not censoring your name cuz i need you guys to read this): there are yoi videos on youtube, a ton of them actually, where you can share your opinions in the comments section regarding your favorite anime. But ballroom e youkoso, in case you haven’t noticed, is in fact nOT yuri on ice and has nothing to do with it. They dont share the same production company, they dont share the same artists, they dont even share SEIYUUS for fuck’s sake. Can you guys stay in your lane for once and stop spreading yoi everywhere unrelated where other fans just want to enjoy other content. thank :)

- with love, the antis


From these stats, can you differentiate which one is more dominant? Who has won the titles because of the fastest car? Seb or Lewis?
Vettel: 34 victories out of 77 races = 44.16%
Hamilton: 35 victories out of 76 races = 46.05% (don’t forget that there are 2 races left this season where Lewis could still win it).
To be honest I’m tired seeing people who always say that “Vettel wins 4 titles because he has the fastest car thanks to Newey” or “I’m bored to see the domination of Seb for 4 years in a row”.
You all have to know that Seb didn’t have the fastest car in 2010 and 2012. RBR that time was on the same level with Ferrari and also McLaren. Seb won his 1st and 3rd title both on the final race. And he only won 5 times both in 2010 and 2012.
Sorry guys, but I just want to share my opinion😏

Taeyang As A Boyfriend

-Super sweet boyfriend but also super sexy and charismatic. Would be super duper soft and then all of a sudden let out a hip thrust to your face, you get the best of both worlds my love.

 -You’re literally the most precious thing he’s ever gotten to call his so he will be loyal and sort of possessive in a way. Will always try to find you in the fan-meeting/music show crowd to make sure you’re ok. Make sure it’s always ‘hands off my gf’ with the other members and even watches you from afar when you’re talking to a friend or paying for a drink at the cash register like chill taeyang the chances of the cash register employee hitting on me are very slim. Skinship in public has no limit and private skinship has no boundaries. Will touch u everywhere and anywhere with your permission of course. The type to lay a peck right on your butt cheeks playfully when you two are at the beach like taeyang there are kids here! Forehead kisses is his signature display of affection from just waking up in the morning together to random moments where he was just looking at you and admiring.

 -occasionally sleeps at the dorm and walks him to dance practice every morning. You come to see him every lunchtime to eat there(you bring food for everyone)-will freak out if you don’t come. Also picks him up from practice and thats when you two either have dates or go to his dorm to cuddle. Dates are often to the movies, watching the sunset at the beach or karaoke places. Every moment with you is precious so to him, watching a sunset at the beach is the best. It’s A tradition for you to see him after practice though so even if there’s no date, he still wants to just be with you back at his dorm. So basically you and sf9 are SUPER close so one day you just eventually just move in and Taeyang is SUPER happy because you now share a bed together.

-A charismatic guy but also needs your validation and opinion on his dancing etc. annoyed when you both are watching a music show and you fangirl. “Ok but, i’m better looking and dance better than pentagon right?” “Babe you can’t just compare yourself to a whole group.” But I can. I’m your boyfriend. But be honest, not just because you’re dating me.” Loves when you compliment him. One time you were in the waiting room and you told him how he was the most talented idol tonight after he performed and he sort of cried tears of joy. Takes you to every music show and award show he’s invited to even if it’s in secret and you have to pretend to be a staff member. Without you there for moral support, he would be very uneasy and get nervous easily.

 -Sex would be hot. Lots of slow thrust and eye contact just to tease you and loves it when you moan his name. Once he get’s what he wants, he will pick up the pace and eventually turn love making into really rough sex. (Not all the time but occasionally). Type to also sort of boss you around like ‘get on your knees babygirl-NOW’, but once it’s over he will become really soft again and plant butterfly kisses everywhere on your entire body because to him, you are the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid his eyes on.

 -He knows dating an idol is hard and most of the time the only way to see or be with him is to tag along when he’s working or practicing but because of that realization, he will never take you for granted or pick a fight. If you so fight, he will completely drop it, fearing he might lose you- even if he was the right one in the argument. Loves you so much and always tells you every night before bed that once he’s famous and rich enough, that you would no longer need to work because he will support you.

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I wanna share some thoughts and opinions that may be controversial or whatever. I just wanna address why I am more sympathetic towards Saeran than I am Rika. If you disagree with me, that’s cool. I have no ill will towards you for having a differing opinion. I’ve just seen a lot of people saying it’s because Saeran is a guy and that’s not really the case, for me at least. I know some people that might be the underlying reason, I have argued against that kind of shit in my other fandoms (particularly AHS). So, I just want to elaborate and give my thoughts.

I think what it boils down to, for me, is that Rika had every opportunity to get help. She became an adult, got away from her abusers, had access to therapy and medication, and had what I would consider a pretty solid support system. Yeah, V’s attitudes towards love and her weren’t exactly healthy. But, between him and the rest of the RFA, she would have had a lot of support. I’m very confident that they would have fully supported her getting treatment, if she had been honest and was trying to get help. She could have prospered and had a relatively healthy life, she chose to become what she became. 

Saeran didn’t have that. He never had a chance to be free from abusers. He was an abused minor who was then brainwashed by a cultist. He has never lived a life where he wasn’t under someone or something else’s control. Whether it’s his mom, Rika, or drugs. If it was up to him, he’d be chilling out in a garden eating ice cream, but he’s being pumped full of drugs and being manipulated. Saeran didn’t chose his life.

I’m much more sympathetic towards someone who never has had a chance to receive actual help than someone who shit on every opportunity she had to get help. 

Supernatural Preference #2:  How the first date goes and what happens afterwards

A/N: I’m sorry this is a day late. I also want to say that by no means am I saying this is exactly what they would do, this is just my personal opinion and what I interpret from watching Supernatural. Thank you all for reading and thank you for all the support you guys left on the first one ♡

Preference #1


Dean would hesitate before asking you out, wanting to make sure you shared the same feelings; not wanting to look like an idiot. But when he was certain that you liked him back, he couldn’t wait to take you out. He wanted to take you somewhere perfect not just to a random dinner that he usually went to. He wanted to impress you, even though you were already head over heels for him and you didn’t care where you ended up going but Dean did so he spent hours trying to find a nice restaurant that was affordable. Once he was certain he found the right place, he set up a date and time, unfortunately, when you guys arrived at the restaurant they were booked as Dean forgot to make a reservation. At that moment Dean wanted nothing more than for the floor to open up and swallow him whole and you could sense his embarrassment so you suggested heading to a small, nearby diner, wanting to continue the date. And it turns out everything does happen for a reason because your plan helped Dean feel at ease especially once he realized you weren’t a big fan of restaurants and when he found out that you didn’t care about where you went. After the night was over he made sure to plant a kiss on your lips, a kiss that you were certain you could never forget. 

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When Sam first saw you he knew he was going on a date with you and he knew that after the first date he would no longer be a single man. And of course, he didn’t mind if that meant spending his rest of life with you. When Sam was planning out the date, he didn’t want anything too extreme; he wanted it just to be special for the two of you knowing so he planned a dinner at the bunker, and made sure to kick Dean out and organize everything to perfection. There were candles and roses around the table, he even opened one of the wine bottles that were special occasions. The dinner was filled with laughter and the conversation between the two of you never stopped. And even if it did, there wasn’t an awkward silence. After dinner, you both agreed to watch a movie as the two of you cuddled on the couch. His soft touches making the butterflies in your stomach fly around crazily as he made sure to not be overbearing and it was a perfect way to end the night

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Since it was you who made the first move you made it your duty to plan the perfect date and you were thinking of all the best choices but the only thing that kept busting your bubble was the fact that Cas was an angel. Since no one has ever dated an angel, there were any date suggestions for angels so you decided to go to the only person you knew as the master of dating; Dean. He gave you many suggestions, he even offered you the use of Baby but none of them felt right until since they were way over the top for you and angel. You came to losing hope until you thought of stargazing. You got Cas and grabbed everything you need and laid them out in front of the stars and hoped the night would satisfy Cas’ first date experience. Once the two of you headed back to the bunker, you pecked his cheek softly noticing the subtle blush rising up his neck as your own heart started to pound. Thankfully, it turned out to be a night that you two would remember despite Cas still being confused on how the evening was considered the best date.

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What do you say to that drama going on about the snap you posted to your story, saying you don’t like it at all, if a guys first picture to be seen on an specific app is with a baby or a disabled person? (I mean it looks like you’re judging them. I personally think you didn’t mean to offend or attack anyone. But what if that guy has a disabled brother or sister and they love them more than anything, so they post a picture with them to let people know, what matters to them the most)

Listen, if you’re honestly watching my Snapchat story saying “omg she hates disabled people” you have a real problem. In NO UNIVERSE WOULD I EVER EVEN SUGGEST THAT. Anyway moving on to my real point, you can donate 10 million dollars to charity and that’s awesome until you make it public information to try to make yourself look better. It’s not really charity anymore ‘cause charity is all about intention, it’s about sacrifice NOT heroism. I like that saying about how you should give so secretly that your left hand doesn’t know what your right hand is doing, however it goes. People nowadays seem to love the opposite, like no one is a good person until they’ve publicly proven how much volunteering they’ve done. To me that just doesn’t sit well. If you’re not so cynical and you don’t interpret it that way, that’s your opinion and you’re certainly entitled to think whatever you think. And of course I’m not saying “never post about volunteering”, if your intention is to inspire other people to give back then that is awesome and I fully support it and I think the word should absolutely be spread. It’s the selfish intention that I see through and that’s what makes me nauseous.
Anyway I celebrate people disagreeing with each other and having a variety of views. But don’t take people’s words and twist them into something they NEVER meant. I readily admit I was absolutely being harsh on fratty guys who wanna look sweet (IN MY OPINION) but I was NOT HATING ON DISABLED PEOPLE OR UNDERPRIVILEGED CHILDREN HOLY COW HOW COULD ANYONE MISINTERPRET ME SO HARD. Like apparently a lot of people think I’m a sicko ??? Kinda disturbing?? But anyway that’s so not what I meant and sorry for being harsh yet again in this message. I’m worked up tho like people are really twisting my words. And also, if that really is your disabled sibling or whoever and you genuinely just wanna share them with the world then I eat my words!!! Obviously I’m not right about everyone or everything!
With some people it’s so obvious they’re strategically choosing these pictures to look like a “good guy” and I’m really not into that. My preference. My opinion. My taste. Disagree all you want bUT DONT TWIST IT INTO ME MAKING FUN OF DISABLED PEOPLE HOLY!!!!!!!!!!! COW!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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an imagine where reader scares lena so bad she starts crying and reader feels bad so they buy her tons of little gifts

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Hey guys, since we hit 500 followers and have the pole going. We’re trying to post as much as possible this next week. If you haven’t voted here is the link:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczR-eyyb6_axBUT-xw6LeZZ4jqOcwpoIED9JE2O27ypz45hQ/viewform?usp=sf_link. Go and vote before the 10th!! Before it’s too late!!

-Admin Lily

Lily is making me format her crap after I just finished a crap ton of homework and really want to go to bed… tell Lily to format her own stuff so I can sleep. She gets to sleep and I don’t. I’m so tired right now, guys.- Admin Cam

It started out with a prank.

You tell everyone it was all James, Winn, and Kara’s fault. Lena would blame Maggie and Alex. In the end, it was probably everyone’s fault… except Lena’s of course.

Well, if we’re being honest, it really started with Winn and Kara. They’ve had a pranking war going ever since they became friends, and James joined the fray later on. As far as you know, Alex and Maggie have never taken part in the game, but they have supplied plenty of ideas. Which leads us to the problem.

Winn was bragging about how he had replace all of James’ award winning photos with the blueprints for different machines to you, Kara, and the victim of course, James. You and Kara were laughing at the whole thing while James just smiled at his boyfriend in amusement. Sure, he was a little mad at first, but Winn hadn’t damaged any of his pictures so it all ended well. Plus, who could stay mad at that little nerd?

That was what got the idea in your head. Pranking Lena would be fun, and you both could get a laugh out of it. It was a good idea, right?

You decide to share your opinion with the group,

“Hey, would you guys help me prank Lena?” you ask.

Kara looks at you surprised, but then smiles, “Sure (Y/N)! What do you want to do?”

You shrug, “I don’t know, but I want it to be funny.”

Just then the girlfriends enter the room.

“Want what to be funny?” Alex asks, sitting down with Maggie.

Kara bounces up, “(Y/N) is going to prank Lena!”

Alex nods while Maggie gets a wicked smile on her face.

“I know just the thing.”

Lena comes home late a couple nights later. It had been an unexpected long day at work, and she was tired. She expected to be greeted by you as soon as she walked in, ad as soon as she realized you weren’t there, she was worried. You always stayed up and waited for her. Where were you?

She immediately starts to head towards the bedroom but stops when she sees a brightly colored picture that is not suppose to be there. It was a picture of a clown. A silly circus clown with a machete in his hand. Lena thought she was going to be sick.

She hated clowns. And this one was replacing a photo of you and her. She examines your other pictures with you two in them and find every one has been replaced by a clown. Lena was scared now. Who would do this?

She rushed to the bedroom, scared and concerned for your well being, but also for herself. Someone must have broke in and have done this. Some Luthor hating lowlife had broken into her home to play this cruel trick on her, but were you alright? What of they had hurt you?

Panicking now, Lena opened the door loudly and finds you laying down on the bed sleeping peacefully. Maybe too peacefully…

Lena runs over and shakes you awake.

“Up, up! Come on (Y/N), get up!”

You wake up and sleepily rub your eyes, “Yeah, Le, I’m awake. What do you- wait oh my gosh, you’re crying. What happened?”

Lena was crying in fact. Tears ran down her cheeks and she shook her head at you, “I was just so frightened. Someone broke in and left all of these clown pictures where our couples photos used to be and I was worried you were hurt and-”

“Wait,” you sit up straighter, “you were scared of the clown pictures?”

Lena nodded, seriously.

“Oh my gosh, Lena I am so sorry! I put those up as a prank. Winn replaced all of James’ photos with blueprints and Maggie and Alex gave me the idea to do it with clowns. I am so sorry. And, oh gosh, I even made you cry!”

You hug her tight and she climbs into bed with you.

“It’s okay… I just have this thing with clowns… When my mother was threatening me to study or work harder, she would say if I didn’t do it, I would end up as a circus clown being laughed at. That was so terrifying for me. I’ve always hated being laughed at… so yeah, now I’m sort of terrified of clowns.”

You kiss her and say, “Oh honey, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

Lena forgave you, of course. It was the kind of person she was, but you still felt bad. You repaid all of your girlfriend’s love and concern for you by making her cry. It was hard not to.

So, the gifts started.

At first, it was little things. A flower on her side on the bed every morning. Little beanie babies waiting on her desk at work. You would even send Jess in with homemade or store bought snacks when Lena was having a particular rough day.

Then, they got bigger.

Bouquets now covered the whole bed, teddy bears took up every spare space in her office, and now full cooled meals with dessert were sent in everyday. While Lena did appreciate your gifts, it was too much.

You had to be stopped.

Lena had come in from a long day at work. She had put all of your “little” gifts into storage so she could actually work, but she did eat the delicious pasta you dropped off. She was about to announce her presence when you stepped into the living room and saw her.

“Lena!” you sounded so excited.

“Did you get my gifts?”

Lena crossed her arms in an attempt to look annoyed and nodded.

“I did, (Y/N), but you need to stop. I don’t need tons of roses or 38 stuffed bears to keep me company I just want you.”

She started out the way she wanted to, strict but loving… but it eventually faded into just loving.

You frowned, “I know but… you do so much for me and love me so much that I just… wanted to give something back.”

Lena stepped forward to hug you and kiss you on top of your head.

“Oh honey, you don’t have to do anything for me. I love you and that’s all I need.”

You hugged her back, but kept fidgeting.

“I just want to give you one more present, okay?”

You looked so hopeful, Lena couldn’t deny you.

“Go ahead.”

“Lena Luthor,” you said and got on one knee, “will you marry me?”

You don’t even catch your breathe before Lena’s on you screaming yes again and again.

Years later, Lena always says that was the best apology gift she had ever received.

Love After Death?

During my senior year in high school, our homeroom teacher asked everyone in class, “If your significant other passed away, would you consider looking for another love, and eventually get re-married?”

Everyone in the class said yes.
Everyone but Tristan and I.

I didn’t really like Tristan very much. He was the type of guy I’d avoid, since he seemed very cocky, kind of a narcissist. I guess he had all the right to have such high self esteem though, since he was really good at sports and did quite well with school works too… Not sure, just not my cup of tea.

Although I didn’t really click with his personality, I had such high respect in terms to his views on love and relationships, as we shared the same opinions all the time.

In class, Tristan never spoke to any of the girls. He would always talk about his girlfriend. Every now and then he would look upset because he had a fight with his girlfriend. When teacher asked questions about an article regarding anything, he’d be like “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that. My girlfriend would get upset and I don’t want to make her feel bad” You can just see how much he loves and cares for her. I do think that he loves her very much, but more than anything, he’s just that type of guy who’s extremely loyal. He wouldn’t just go out on a date with anyone, he would choose his partner carefully, and the partner he chooses, is the queen of his life. I thought that was very sweet. So, it didn’t surprise me when the only other person that had the same opinion as me was him.

I’m not saying that we are right and it’s wrong to find someone else after your partner passed away… That’s completely up to you!
In fact, my favorite show I used to watch is “The Nanny”.
I would always be so frustrated with Mr. Sheffield and Fran not getting together fast enough. The scene when Mr. Sheffield’s dead wife showed up and had a talk with Mr. Sheffield, letting him know that it’s okay for him to move on with Fran… That was the most beautiful, sweetest thing ever.

So of course, finding love after your partner passing away — that to me is completely fine and I respect it 100%.

It’s just not for me.

If my husband passed away, I wouldn’t want to find another partner, nor do I feel like I need to.

I think a lot of the people encourages widows to find another love because they feel that the widow is lonely. If the widow doesn’t find another partner, they’ll be lonely for the rest of their life… That, I think is a wrong way of thinking.

Some may call me a romanticist, but I strongly believe that the person I marry is the one and only love for me. So if he passed away, there is no other who can replace him, nor do I ever want to. I will always love him, and everyone else to me is just another human, not a man.

If my husband passed away, then my chapter for love may have ended.
But in life, there is much more.

If we had children together, I’d focus all my energy on raising my children, to pass on the life that he has left for me.
If we didn’t have any children together, I’d focus all my energy on my career to pass on the knowledge to our future generations.

There are many other things for me to do, for me to work on.

The love I had with my husband/significant other, that memory is something I’ll cherish forever… It would be unfortunate that we couldn’t make more memories and our chapter may not have been very long compared to my life span, but I wouldn’t mind.

At least I got to feel love and be loved by that one person that matters.

That is all I want and all I need, no other partners, just one husband for life.

Help me with a Ted theory?

Hey guys, I have a theory that Ted has what was known as Aspergers and some people think I’m onto something but I need help of examples (and your opinions) that Ted is somewhere on the autism spectrum before I share my theory in a concrete manner. Examples like him having no idea that Robin was giving “the signal” to kiss her , or you know … that you can’t tell a girl you just met that you love her. He is also really obsessed with stuff like his yellow notepads and doesn’t like change. But mainly I want examples about how he had no idea it was wrong to share with Marshall & Lilly that Stella had not had sex for 6 years or his obsession with architecture (yeah, it’s his job but it’s more than that and you know it) Wanna help me with my theory with some examples or maybe even prove me wrong?

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PSA on Kinks and Masterbating.

If you actively read smut, aka fictional writing that people like you have done and it has fabricated in their minds, you have no right to kinkshame them. It is their ideas of what would happen and it’s like if you like peanut butter and someone doesn’t. It’s not affecting you in any way what they find arousing.

Also: don’t judge people for masterbating, a lot of people find it as a source of stress relief and you’re judging them for wanting to relax. Orgasming releases the same endorphins as getting a ‘runners high’, it’s literally the same physical response as exercising. Like I said, you don’t have to look at it and it’s their body, their opinion. Fuck off and let them live their lives. Masterbation is perfectly normal and healthy for men, women and genderqueer pals and shouldn’t be a topic to walk on eggshells around. It’s sex. It’s normal.

Go enjoy yourselves guys. Treat yourselves once in awhile.

Sorry I’ve just seen a lot of kinkshaming within smuts and people saying smuts about masterbating is gross and nasty. Thought I’d share my opinion.

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Love ur tumblr but seeing so many Uno post make feel angry. HE'S damn overescored, his jumps are underotated! How can you like someone like that?

First of all….

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Second of all….Yuzu’s not even mad, so why are you mad?

You do realize that he’s extremely proud of his kouhai, right?

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He loves him so dearly to do the wedding pose more than three times…..

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He is constantly supporting and playing around with Shoma because he doesn’t let the nature of competitions ruin their relationship:

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I don’t understand how you don’t see this.

You can’t get caught up in the drama of scores and forget that at the end of the day, these guys are not just competitive athletes, they’re regular buddies who hang out with each other regardless of scores. 

You can’t hate someone because of what the judges did. That’s not the athlete’s fault (COUGHunlessitsacertainadelinafromacertainolympicscandalCOUGH.)

It’s fine if you don’t want to see Shoma, just blacklist Shoma Uno in the tags or something.

But I will not stop posting things I find amusing or interesting because of someone else’s opinions.

Also, I already shared my opinions about the underscoring/overscoring issue [here].

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Everyones talking about a kelly amd cas hook up do you think thag will happen?

Uuuuuhm, first I’m going to question that ‘everyone’ because all I’ve seen on my dash was @elizabethrobertajones shouting at someone and three other people supporting her very rational shouts, so I’m not sure who’s sensing this vibe, if anyone. I mean, if you’ve read it on some EW website, remember those were the ones who thought Charlie was going to be Dean’s bae and Mary and Cas would end up together, so… But also - anon, I’m not saying you did it maliciously or anything, but just in case someone out there doesn’t know this - starting a controversial question with ‘Everyone’ gives it credibility and sort of isolates the person put on the spot. It’s a rhetorical device, and if it happens to you, you should immediately turn it around and ask, ‘Everyone who? Do you have a source for that? Statistics? Research of any kind?’ because normally no, there isn’t - people starting their questions this way are either a) political-minded debate-club alumni who just want to mess with you and fuck them, or b) poor guys who really believe that their opinions are so common sense and Good™, they must be shared by everyone, right? and since these opinions tend to be bigoted nonsense, again, challenge them.

(I mean, we all have that one uncle, right?

“Come on, everyone knows you need a mom and a dad -”

“Actually, Gary, no, not everyone knows that. In fact, according to the latest research, children who grow up with gay parents are happier and healthier than those who’re part of a so-called ‘traditional’ family.”

And, yeah.)

So, anyway - as I said, I’m sure you’re not awful in any way, anon, and are simply worried or curious about something you’ve read, and my answer is, that something is probably bullshit. I mean - narratively, it wouldn’t make any sense for Cas to have a romantic partner right now (his character arc at the moment is deciding where he belongs, after all), much less a human woman he’s met twice and is pregnant with Lucifer’s child. Second, Kelly isn’t in the right place for a relationship either. Only two weeks ago or something she was very much in love with President Whatshisface, her literal soulmate, and as far as we know, she only left to protect him and to spare him the pain of knowing she’d been raped and is now carrying some sort of demon baby, so why would she suddenly be interested in Cas? And third, it’s likely this speculation was caused by the fact that, oh my, Cas and Kelly are sitting down and looking at each other (and, okay, Cas is touching her belly, but he’s probably counting how many poisonous fangs that baby has, not trying to make her squirm and shiver in pleasure). 

You know what this is making me thinking of? Brienne and Tormund. As I wrote here, those two don’t have anything in common, never talked to each other, and, as even the director admits, Brienne’s not interested or impressed in any way, but fans were still losing their shit about it all, and by ‘losing their shit’, I mean really going foaming-at-the-mouth insane -

[Exhibit A]

- but, well, why shouldn’t they? Apparently, despite the fact Tormund’s not Brienne’s type at all, something may happen between them in S7, because “I think it was fairly one-sided, but that’s OK. There’s nothing like a challenge. Men love a challenge” [source]. So, see? This is the problem. This is what we’re teaching our kids and reassuring everyone that’s normal: if you look at a woman once, she’s yours - end of story. If she doesn’t like you, chase her. There’s nothing like a challenge.

(Meanwhile, gay couples can literally die for each other or even have the same exact storyline as straight couples - have a look at the eye-watering parallels between Destiel and Dirty Dancing here - and people will insist we’re reading too much into things and want to see sex everywhere and they’re just friends, for God’s sake and not everyone is gay - which, okay, not everyone is gay but not many people are straight, either. Just have a look at what straight men do with each other - not to mention you can fall in love with anyone, because that’s how love works - it’s vicious and brutal and unpredictable and let’s hope that one person will love us back, because, Jesus.)