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Star Wars and toxic masculinity though, I’m sorry, but what? Are we watching the same movies? They have a pretty clear message: Anger is the path to the Dark Side. If you want to be a hero, don’t go around getting angry and being violent, you have to be nice. Kind. Understanding. That’s kind of a central message. And it runs very much counter to the whole angry, prone to violence, emotionless macho thing.

That’s shown in the characters as well, because we’ve got some really big tough no-emotion macho hero types there, let’s review:

  • Luke Skywalker, bleeding heart idealist, has a lot of feelings and shows all of them. Whines about wanting to see his friends. Cries when upset or in pain. Appeals to people’s conscience, does the right thing, big on calming your mind and listening to your heart. Makes friends with everyone immediately, can’t hate anyone for longer than two minutes. Does not hesitate to rush headlong into danger, but can’t necessarily save the day with fighting prowess. Cares deeply about everyone. If you could be friends with any character, I’d recommend this one.
  • Han Solo, resident idiot, has many feelings and tries to hide them, everyone knows anyway. Will glance broodily around so that you can tell he’s upset or conflicted. Really wants to talk to the girl he likes about her feelings, but has no idea how. Says he doesn’t care, continually runs straight into danger to save the people he cares about. Doesn’t even try to look tough in the face of torture, immediately starts screaming, would never say “it’s just a scratch”. Constantly needs help, always barely one step ahead of total disaster, definitely not your knight in shining armour.
  • Lando Calrissian, actual ladies’ man, charming and suave, arguably the closest we get to a fuckboy except not because he totally respects Leia. Shows polite interest, does not push or manipulate when he realises that she’s not interested, despite the fact that this happens very subtly. Does not hesitate to do the right thing, loyal to his friends, even at great personal cost. Also does not hesitate to follow Leia’s orders, and not because he thinks it’ll get him laid.
  • Anakin Skywalker, drama queen extraordinaire, has far too many feelings and most of them make him cry. May seem a little whiny. Always wants to talk about his feelings, readily shares them with anyone who’ll stand still for long enough. Loves very deeply and is not afraid to show it. Gets very angry, but this is shown to be a Bad Thing. Gets too attached to the point of obsession, which is also shown to be a Bad Thing.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi, drama queen support group, is a lot better at keeping his feelings under control but still has them. Will absolutely cry at emotional moments (possibly because he is tired). Understands everyone, even if he kind of wishes he didn’t. His need to be rescued by Anakin is a running joke, but not in a way that demeans him as a man, or a person. Makes snarky quips to reassure himself. Knew all along that This Is A Terrible Idea. Definitely the Mom Friend.
  • Palpatine, the big bad, an evil nightmare of a man. Literally uses his anger and hatred as a power source. Enjoys torture and violence, wants to corrupt the hero with hatred and anger. Likes to pretend he knows everything, needs no help, thinks love and friendship are weakness. Has no friends. Employs no women (in the movies). Shows no emotion except smug superiority, anger, and, briefly, panic. Ultimately defeated by the power of love and forgiveness, which serves him right.

Star Wars very explicitly portrays excessive anger and violence as BAD, and caring and understanding as GOOD. The guys are allowed to cry, they all need rescuing at various points and they aren’t “less” for it. They work together with women, as partners and equals. When Anakin finds out that Padmé is pregnant, he doesn’t roll his eyes or get cold feet, he’s delighted. He’s excited to be a father and start a family. The only disparaging comment I can think of that any guy makes about women in the movies is Han’s “If we can avoid any more female advice” which is followed by Leia telling him to shut up and do what he’s told, and Han grumbling and doing what he’s told. So that plays more like Han trying desperately to find some way of getting back at Leia because he does not like being told what to do, and immediately losing another round.

We see Han trying to get Leia to admit how she feels about him, while Leia is more concerned about getting him to join the cause. We see Padmé trying to be practical and focus on the mission while Anakin can’t shut up about his feelings. We see Luke saving the day not by being the ultimate badass macho fighter man, but by appealing to his father’s conscience, his love, the good in Anakin Skywalker. We see plenty of instances of men asking for help and accepting help, showing emotion without being judged or fear of being judged, wanting love and family, etc. We also see romantic rivalry between Han and Luke, and Han and Lando, that does not turn into any kind of “fight” for Leia’s affections, because it’s Leia’s choice and they all know and respect that. In fact, the three guys are friends and stay that way.

All of that is the opposite of toxic masculinity, as far as I can tell.

If anything, the prequel trilogy is a cautionary tale about the importance of keeping your emotions, especially your anger, in check, and the original trilogy is basically how to do it right. Darth Vader is not portrayed as some kind of masculine ideal to strive for, he’s the bad guy. Luke, with his emotional openness and explicit refusal to give in to anger and hatred and violence, is the good guy. Luke is a character you can show to a little kid and say “this is a hero”.

I guess if you twist it enough you can see sexism and toxic masculinity in everything, and I’m not saying these movies are perfect. They have plenty of problems. But when it comes to portrayals of male heroism (and villainy), I think they’re actually pretty damn good.

Twice Hug Type

Nayeon’s hug is more like clingy hug, she will keep trying to hug you even if you’re not a fan of skinship. There is no one can escape from Nayeon’s hug, 

Jeongyeon’s hug is rare, since she doesn’t really like doing skinship unless she thinks it’s time to tease/bully you. She hug softly to some people except Sana/Nayeon.

Momo hug probably the softest, she gives lots of hug and her hug probably so cuddly that no one can resist.

Sana hugs is like touchy-feely hug, since she’s not only hug but also kiss. Her hug is like a way of her showing full affection, so you might get a lot and really long hug.

Since Jihyo is the caring type, even her hug showing that side of her, her hug is more like motherly hug, where you can feel safe and warm at the same time in her embrace. 

Mina rarely show affection and a bit awkward with skinship, so sometimes it show on the way she hug people, She will hug someone when she get embarrassed but only to the person she gets close with

Dahyun’s hug is more like playful hug where she tease the one she hug, sometimes can be soft too especially to Momo and the maknaes 

Chaeyoung hug is like a bear hug where she trying to claim the person she hug. She hugs a lot when she is bored and have nothing to do, The way she hug sometimes feels like she’s spoiling the person she hug

Tzuyu hug is like how she pretect/shield the one she hug, she hug casually but protectively. The type who look disgusted with any kind of skinship but actually loves it. 

let me say one thing about s4


I REALLY, REALLY SHIP AND LOVE KLANCE, but seriously guys, it was an AWESOME season, like, WE’VE GOT MATT BACK, finally, and everyone is focusing ONLY on klance?

i mean, i was a lil bit sad too but you know, it’s voltron, the cartoon of the giant robot, and dreamworks did a good job as always, so please don’t focus on ships or they’ll ruin your vision of everything, voltron included!

in tree bros connor pines over evan first and in kleinsen evan pines over jared first and in sincerely three its connor pining over jared first then them pining TOGETHER over evan

Mike & Louis Comparison

the mike faist and louis tomlinson voice comparison that no one asked for (x)

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notice how just about everyone in the lgbtqwhateverelse community, when defending or trying to make a statement about their sexual preference or belief or whatever the fuck they call it nowadays, is always so passive-aggressive? And anyone who has a differing opinion is immediately called a homophobe or some sort of term to demean them because HOW DARE YOU HAVE A DIFFERING THOUGHT AND STATE IT NEAR THEM? Sensitive creatures, they are. Just like you shit mods.

Idk if you can’t even be fucked to get an acronym right, or understand why a marginalized group of people might be on edge, you just might be a homophobe, my bro. And maybe if you’re “differing opinion” wasn’t actually just blatant harmful shit to an entire sexual orientation other than you’re own, they wouldn’t feel the need to defend against it. 

Sounds more like you’re the sensitive one that has to cry over anon about a little passive aggression.

From this shit mod to you: Get fucked, coward.

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What do you think if a lot Sans(es) are put in the same place and all of them wear a white shirt?(they look all the same!) How can their Papyrus distinguish which Sans is their own bro? ....Just silly question, but wanna know your opinion(lol).

I definitely can tell the classic- fell- swap- geno- fatal- epic- cross- error- ink- killer- color- fresh- ETC appart by face =w=b

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why do not you like cream. İm just asking

I just don’t. Not a fan.

They aren’t compatible at all in my opinion, and the ship doesn’t have a great history either. Plus, there was this whole Nightmare x Cross thing going around and then the creators just threw this idea in everyone’s faces out of no where. The fact that Dream is literally Nightmare’s brother didn’t make it better.

When it happened I was going through this whole hyper-relation thing with Nightmare’s character, and I wasn’t really at a happy point in my life, either. It just kinda felt like… Dream stole Cross from Nightmare? Something like that. And it was really freakin weird but I felt it because I was an anxious ball of sad hormones. And because of that memory, every time I see it, I just feel this really weird clenching in my chest. It’s a bizarre psychology thing.

Aside from that, which I’m steadily recovering from, they’re just bros in my opinion. Or rivals, rivals are good. (also gives Dream and opportunity to properly reflect the personality he’s supposed to have.)

Cross is a violent anti-hero and Dream is an honest-to-goodness small hero dude who is depicted as way too innocent (who also can’t get his priorities straight), plus they have such an uncomfortable first impression of each other… I don’t see them clicking.

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How would the 2ps feel about walking around at night and some guy makes a rude joke about the 2p's fem s/o just because she's taller than them?

2p america: Hey fuck face! Yeah you, come and fight me punk!

2p canada: *growls* What did you say? Shut up before I make you.

2p france: doesn’t give one flying fuck *fuck u finger*

2p england: No sir you’re wrong, (your name) is the most beautiful girl i’ve ever met! So diddly-do-the-fuck-up.

2p russia: What was that? *towers over them*

2p china: Hey yo, fuck you man. You wanna go down punk? F I G H T M E

2p italy: Try to say that to my knife, cazzo.

2p lovino: Did I ask for your opinion just now? I think not.


2p japan: ignores and sends glares

2p prussia: ignores it and stabs them in his mind

“Eugh Yaoi fangirls are the worst, stop projecting your weird ideas onto Yuu he’s obviously straight like where do you even get the idea that he’s gay from that bite was about survival there’s nothing romantic there at all, you ruin good animes by making characters gay”


Seventeen MTL to: date younger girl




Dk, Hoshi, Joshua, S.coups - they will prefer dating younger girls, bc they just like having lil, cute babygirl

The8, seungkwan, woozi - i think that theyre more into younger girls, bc they can act lovely but also possesive with her

Jun, wonwoo, dino - they doesnt care tbh lmao, i see them with both younger and older, as long as that age gap is not too big

Vernon, jeonghan, MINGYU - i think that theyre more into noonas, but it all still depends on her character. They can also date younger girl, as long as they like each other

Its just my opinion, bros.

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While I totally loved your last WIP video and I basically fell in love with Remus, I can't get over that Tonks has no facial expressions while Remus has. I realized that your female characters do this many times and males are sometimes too. Sorry btw, but You are really talented so I thought maybe you could take a bit of constructive criticism just to improve you already amazing art more.

I painted her to look sort of glassy and tired, staring into the middle-distance. Remus is looking down with concern, while Tonks is simply exhausted and on the verge of falling asleep (inspired by @sirussly​‘s lovely bit of remadora drabble).

As a general rule, my dude, criticism is not constructive unless it is asked for.

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when people say Scott is the bestest big brother and you’re like

because Scott was merciless when baby brother needed help

look at this smug noodle

whereas big bro Virgil has got lil bro’s back

(and Gordy loves him for it look at that lil face)

Things I'd like to see in the BH6 TV series
  • Anime-influenced animation (exemples:)

  • More Aunt Cass moments since she was kinda pushed aside after Hiro hid drunk!Baymax from her in the movie. Also, more of her interacting with Hiro since she’s the only family he has left (THE FEELS)
  • Aunt Cass being a hidden badass (she might look nice, but if you mess with her nephew… nice knowing you, pal)
  • The whole gang having secret identities and balancing their personal lives with superhero lives. Which means Hiro would be hiding his secret identity from Aunt Cass and seeing how he copes with it.
  • An article said that Hiro would be dealing with bullies (NO LEAVE THE NOODLE CHILD ALONE, HE’S LIVED SO MUCH :( ) so the gang standing up to him and Hiro defending his own self.
  • Basically how Hiro manages “being the little man on campus” 
  • Mr. Yama and The Fujitas (a female gang of villains who were deleted from the final product) being part of the “scientifically enhanced villains”
  • Tadashi staying dead (sorry but reviving him would ruin the whole first movie, just my opinion)
  • HAMADA FAMILY FLASHBACKS (Hamada bros’ loving brotherhood, Hamada parents with their sons before their death, what happened to them, their relationship with Aunt Cass, etc.) In other words…. ANGST AND FEELS
  • Seeing how Hiro manages his anger. I know he won’t cross the line again like he did when he learned what Callaghan has done, but still. That kid has lost many people and lived a lot of shit, so you don’t wanna mess with him.
  • Knowing the real names of Wasabi and Honey Lemon (Jamie Chung said that Gogo’s real name is Ethel, so 2 to go)
  • Backstories of Gogo, Wasabi and Honey Lemon. Now’s the chance to know more about them since there wasn’t much time in the movie.
  • More of Fred, Heathcliff and Fred’s dad being a superhero
  • Marys Iosama to appear in the series. Hiro would have a crush on her, but she would be before anything else a close friend who helps him and is there for him. (Play her well please, don’t make her a female copy of Hiro only for him to have a crush) Also, make her a badass smart sassy girl ;) and change her last name to something more realistic please
  • Marys or not, just show us how Hiro acts in front of girls his own age (make him even more of a dork, and make us laugh)
  • Baymax doing surprise quests in the streets from time to time and Hiro having to chase him. Hilarity ensues.
  • Just Baymax being cute, please
  • Baymax + Mochi = HAIRY BABY MOMENTS
  • Seeing Abigail Callaghan and how she lives her life after being stuck in the portal and knowing what her father did
  • Speaking of her father, here’s a headcanon… no matter what the situation is, Hiro has to go see Callaghan in jail. Angst ensues.
  • Another headcanon: Hiro having to take care of a young kid who reminds somehow of him when he was young. At first the kid gets on his nerves, but soon Hiro gets attached to him and understands what Tadashi lived as an older brother. 
  • Alistair Krei appearing once in a while and showing he’s not that of a bad guy (he still opened the Tadashi Hamada Building after all)
  • Everyone having their dorky moments
  • SASSY. HIRO. Enough said.