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Someone dressed up as Harley Quinn at my college and when I told her how cute she looked, her face just lit up and she started gushing about how much she loved Suicide Squad. 

Apparently she was real close to not even dressing up because she’s seen a lot of hate about every girl dressing as Harley for Halloween and she wasn’t a ‘real fan’ because she only knew Harley from the movie.

And like– that’s really sad to hear that someone would not dress up as their favorite character just because some salty “I’m not like the other girls” gatekeeper keeps raining on their parade.


Got too many emotions for this cutie pie, it’s time for a list rant

  1. Look at his lil hair part! It looks so fluffy and well kept. Eddie you should just keep your hat off. You got no receding hairline to cover now
  2. I legit want to know how long it took him to place all those candles there and light them? Because anyone who’s tried to put things in bushes knows it’s darn hard to keep them steady for long.
  3. That fetchin’ smile is too pure for Riddler’s face. You can’t tell me this man is in the wrong with a smile as innocent as that
  4. He got them big old eyes (they honestly look like kiwi’s style of drawing. I love it!) So blue. So adorable.
  5. Batgirl, you’re doing the right thing and I know he’s a weirdo but gosh look at that face. Such a sad puppy dog face.
  6. Major props to DC Superhero girls for not turning Riddler into a fluffboy. She said she wasn’t interested and he’s just like “welll can’t blame a guy for tryin’~” and that’s the end of that.
Yoosung Discovering MC Still Sleeps With A Stuffed Animal

Hello! Sorry I haven’t done a HC in so long, I’ve been really down and depressed lately, plus school and working on some art, so I decided to do a cute HC to brighten my spirits a bit! This has probably been done before by other accounts but I just don’t really care lololol

Here we go into the depths of Yoosung fluff!

  • Yoosung had come home one afternoon and saw MC passed out on the bed
  • at first he didn’t even notice the stuffed animal
  • but when he did his first thoughts were how adorable they looked with it
  • they are so precious! I should send this to the messenger so everyone sees how cute my significant other is!!
  • he snapped a picture wiTHOUT REALIZING THE FLASH WAS ON OH GOD
  • MC woke up immediately after that
  • “E-eh..? Yoosung, is that you honey..?”
  • “aha.. yeah, it’s me sweetie.”
  • MC sat up and saw their stuffed animal WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A KAWAII AS HECK ALPACA PLUSHIE
  • they just pushed it behind them and hoped Yoosung didn’t see because they are SO embarrassed right now
  • “MC, your plushie is so cute! You look so cute with it!Why haven’t I seen you with it until now..?”
  • “Y-you saw him?!” MC shouted, they threw their hands over their face in embarrassment
  • MC.exe has stopped working
  • “MC, are you embarrassed..?” 
  • “What do you think you dummy?”
  • suddenly Yoosung has the perfect idea
  • he walks away from MC and goes to his closet digging out a box he hasn’t seen since he moved in
  • he brings it to MC and opens it, revealing a worn looking teddy bear
  • holding up the bear, he smiles
  • “I have one too..”
  • MC feels 100 times better
  • They tell him that they sleep so much better holding it, it’s their item of comfort
  • Yoosung understands, he feels the same way about holding MC
  • whenever they go to bed they’re always spooning
  • MC is the little spoon and their alpaca is the baby spoon
  • honestly the scene is just too pure for anyone’s soul
  • Yoosung ends up not sending the picture of MC to the chat, but he printed it out and keeps it in his wallet 
  • when he’s away from them for a long time he has something to smile at the memory of
  • if he were ever to lost that picture he’d probably cry ngl it means too much to him

150 days of Riddler + ships — day 11

Riddler + Rec-room

I love the little cliques that form in the rec-room. The most frequently used characters for these scenes are Harley, Joker, and Ivy. I’d also like to point out that Riddler is a gossip girl to no end.