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I lowkey kind of dont like the “use pen all the time!!” argument bc while it DOES help alot w making urself feel more sure about your strokes, it can be a real fuckin struggle if youre like me. Like I use pencil bc i can erase, of course, but im scared of pens bc i have such an unsteady hand; its terrible lmao i like clean, crisp lines but i simply CANT do that with pens.

Those penmanship videos?? The speeddrawing videos with perfect slow lines?? I cant do that; my hands get all shaky and the lines come out too wobbly. So i have to do quick strokes to make anything look decent. Bt that means if I do that with pen, theres a 95% chance that the lines will overlap and get messy n wobbly, its ugly™. Pencil makes it look nicer bc i can erase those 15 extra, unnecessary lines i keep accidentally making

I dunno what the point of this was, just that my hands are shaky, not all artistic advice works for everyone, and dont feel bad if some of the professional art tips just Dont work with you.

yall, my 2nd fav boy is back and he just can’t get his footsies wet
also i’ve made him a flower leafy crown

the thing about hockey as a sport and as a culture right now is that yes, it is going to continue to alienate people of color, it is going to continue to alienate queer people, it is going to continue to alienate minorities across the board. but in the face of that, we as minorities can do 2 things to push progress: 1) hold orgs accountable for their actions (pens fans - let them know you’re damn mad!), and 2) continue to be fans and bring in our friends who are minorities to be fans, and to follow reporting and content done by minorities in hockey media, and to support minority players. if minority fans jump ship from hockey over the sports’ issues, it only gives the NHL license to be even whiter and straighter and it just continues to perpetuate all these problems, which will have negative repercussions beyond hockey. if minority fans continue to support the sport and throw their support especially behind organizations that show out for us, and to hold orgs and players accountable (with words and wallet) that’s how “hockey is for everyone” starts to be (at least a little bit) true. 

tldr: if you’re a minority fan, don’t feel like you have to stop being a hockey fan when shit gets bad, because it’ll only get worse without us

Connections I managed to make from the Change Up MV (most are nonsensical, I’m aware)

The sticky notes and other school supplies on the table = Q & A

The papers on the floor = Vocal unit’s concert vcr

The platform in the dark room = Performance unit’s concert vcr

Fireworks = Boys Be jacket filming + Pretty U MV + Boomboom MV

The car in general = Adore U MV

Neon lights = Hip Hop unit’s concert vcr 

Woozi and Hoshi’s mirror moment = Adore U MV 

Phone case had a chessboard and chess piece = MAMA Aju Nice performance

Phones on the table = concert vcr + Hoshi’s teaser for DWC

Bursting through the wall = Aju Nice era (heartbeat explosions) + BoomBoom (when Mingyu set off the bombs they had to run from)*

Clock spinning counter-clockwise: Mingyu’s DWC teaser 

Books = Concert VCR where Hoshi and Woozi are reading flaming books

M&Ms = Joshua’s DWC  photoshoot

TV = Wonwoo’s DWC teaser 

Change up booklet Coup was holding = the guy on the front looks like Coup; Woozi has baseball experience.

Flaming SVT logo = that one time the ribbon Seventeen logo from Pretty U era was lit on fire for a Chuck performance


so i’ve been getting a lot of birthday messages from you all and unfortunately because there’s so many of them i can’t possibly answer them all (i mean, i could, but it would take a very long time :P). but i’ve read each and every one that i’ve received and i just wanted to give out a huge thank you to everyone who sent me an ask or wished me a happy birthday. i’m so sorry i didn’t get to answer you all individually but i’m so humbled and blown away by all of your kind words and it really helped make my birthday really special. i appreciate all of you so much and i want to send my love and well wishes to you all <3

i also just wanted to send a quick thank you to @chassecroise @megatraven @ladyserendipitous @asianladybug @agrestenoir @larvesta @sadrien @zoenightstars @miraculousstorytelling @reyxa @queerinette @frostypineapple @insanitysbloomings @marinette-buginette @jattendschaton @illustraice @bullysquadess @panda013 @give-it-agreste @miraculouslyladybug for all of your gifts and shoutouts. they were all lovely and i’m so thankful to have you all think of me :)

really, all of you, thank you so much!

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Oh my gosh where did all you beautiful people come from?!!

Thank you all so much for following me aaaaaaa!!

I feel like I should do something special like an art raffle or something but I’ve never done one of those before and I wouldn’t know where to even begin,, ;;v;;

AAAAAAA just thank you all so much for liking my stuff and being awesome and wonderful and i’ll make sure to keep making the best content I can!!

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Everyone telling me about their F/o’s is literally having me bursting with happiness, it’s hard to explain but hearing you all talk about the people you love is just so wonderful and makes me indescribably happy!!

Your F/o’s adore you and are probably rambling to someone about how much they love you as well!!

Me: *has anxiety just thinking about driving and always has the feeling of fear in the back of the mind whenever behind a wheel*

Harry: “I actually get a lot of joy out of driving, is that weird? Like driving, with the windows open and music on, these stuff like bring me some joy.”

Me: haha yeah I love driving too. The faster the better, am I right? haha.. yeah.. crank the tunes up.. roll the windows down.. ha.. hahA woo! Driving! Yeah… love it..

Honestly I’m seriously reconsidering whether I even want to be apart of the Steven Universe fandom anymore, considering whether I should just drop this fandom entirely and move on with my life because honestly is the Steven Universe fandom even worth the effort put into it to create works and deal with the bullshit? 

You guys are toxic. You guys are horrible people who seem to get a kick out of harassing and bullying other humans because of ships and characters.

Grow up already because guess what, the real world isn’t going to give two shits of whether you happen to like lapidot or amedot, of if you think Pearl is a good character or should burn in hell, and the rest of the world certainly doesn’t give a damn over the homophobic/racist controversies you all argue over if they are there or not, not when it’s more concerned with real life ones. 

Because guess what? There are more important things in this world than a cartoon show about a fourteen year old boy and his alien buddies. But apparently y’all can’t get that through your skulls.

So yeah, I hope you guys are proud of yourselves for being awful human beings. 


Venus in Aries: I heard your laughter before I saw you. And then I couldn’t take my eyes off you. And after everyone had gone home we were still running around, or you were running I was just trying to keep up. You work hard, play hard and love even harder, but you like to try on a couple of sizes before you find the right fit. It’s the way you make me laugh at the most ludicrous things, the way you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to go and get it. You make me feel like anything is possible. Our love was like a tickle war turned makeout session, and I still remember the heat when our skin touched. There will never be anyone like you. 

Venus in Taurus: Being with you is like coming home. Like a perfect dream. Like lavender candles and cuddling up to a marathon of our favourite show. You kissing me between every episode. You don’t like playing games and you don’t like being rushed when falling in love. You take your sweet time, worshipping my body and my mind so my heart can’t help but follow. I remember those lazy Sundays, strolling through the furniture store, your hand in mine and we would pretend to decorate our future house. But all we came out with were more lavender candles and a burning lust for each other. You turn the mundane into something truly magical. 

Venus in Gemini: You drive me crazy, I never know where we stand. We spend the most incredible nights together and then I don’t hear from you in forever. Maybe that’s your style, you wanna look me in the eyes and not read my words on your phone. We sit for hours and people watch, making up backstories for them. When I’m with you I have no sense of time, all I can think about is your mischievous smile and the way you play with my hair. Your love is all-consuming, like nothing in the world matters to you more. With you my sense of reason is completely clouded, I’m yours for the night and every other night. If you’ll have me. 

Venus in Cancer: My hero, my sensitive babe. Your heart on your sleeve, that look in your eyes and I was yours forever. When you kissed me I could see our lives flashing before my eyes. Sitting on opposite sides of the sofa. Your nose in a book but your hand on me, like you needed to be connected to me or else you’d die. Every time you catch me staring at you I can’t help the grin on my face. You are fragile and strong, creating this protective space around us where we can just be together. I love how you’re not afraid of your feelings, and how you already named our kids even though we need to discuss it lol. You make it feel so real, like you are the missing piece of the puzzle. 

Venus in Leo: I remember the first time I met you, it all happened so fast. At a party, my friend introducing you and before I knew it your arms were around me. I remember melting into your hug, and the electricity in the air when we finally let go. Everyone else thought it was weird but we both knew, there was no turning back. Being with you feels like running through a field of flowers, faster and faster. Your laughter and your moans echo in my head. My legs feel like giving out but your hand refuses to let go of mine. It’s that smile after you say something clever, and they way you make me feel like it’s just me and you versus the world. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this loved. 

Venus in Virgo: You make me feel whole. Driving down the freeway blasting our songs, I can’t sing but you don’t care. Your hand on the stick shift and for some reason I got all hot inside. It’s the way you wrap your arms around me at the checkout line, like I’m yours and you don’t care who knows. You’re thoughtful and observant, you make me feel like I matter to you. And it’s not an act, you are actually that kind. I’m trying so hard to describe you, but all I can think about is that night when my family fell apart. You drew a bath with bubbles and you held me until the water went cold. Then we ate raspberries (my favourite) and watched Modern Family. And then you loved me until I didn’t feel like I was falling apart anymore. I think that describes you more than words ever could. You’re the one I see sitting next to me on our porch doing a crossword puzzle, in our old bodies. But it doesn’t scare me because your spirit is forever young. 

Venus in Libra: Being in love with you is so easy. Our first date was to the movies. You gave me a red poppy and held my hand the entire time, gently playing with my fingers. My heart was about to beat out of my chest but somehow I was calm, because you were. I love the way you talk so easy, with that breezy confidence. Like you’d never tell me a lie. The way you were charming and kind to everyone from the bus driver to the server at the pizza shop. After talking to each other all night in the park, it was the only place that was still open. My mum still asks about you. I think she loved you more than I did, and that’s saying something. 

Venus in Scorpio: God, the way you tear me apart and then put me back together. Over and over again. You of all people know that life isn’t always chocolates and roses. You’re not afraid of the ugliness of human nature, instead you try to find the silver lining, the beauty in the madness. You demand that I’m honest with you, and in turn you trust me with your own secrets. It created a bond beyond love, or maybe it was love. It just felt different, like it was based in reality and not a love story. You’ve seen me at my worst and still think I’m beautiful, because you see people’s souls. Nobody can hide their true nature from you for you are an expert of reading between the lines. Your animalistic passion penetrates deep, and everything becomes a haze of lust and obsession. Because if you’re not obsessed it’s just not worth it. I would trust you with my life, because you would sacrifice your own for the one you love. 

Venus in Sagittarius: We had just gotten comfortable on the top of the mountain we climbed when you hit me with “Do you think out of seven billion that some people have the same personality?” And you packed my favourite sandwich, tomato, mozzarella and basil. A moment of breathless kisses and triumph. Your strength made me feel strong too, and your devotion made my heart swell. You never stand still but it doesn’t matter, because you take me with you and always make sure I’m alright. You make me feel included, showing me off and introducing me to all your friends. I’ve never felt more proud than when I’m standing next to you. When you told me how much you loved me I knew it was true. 

Venus in Capricorn: The true romantic. What drew me in was that calm stare, you looked like trouble I swear I was gonna faint on the spot. You could keep up with me, and when you took my hand and said “Trust me?” I somehow believed you. But what made me fall for you was how you kept all your promises. Your presence is honest and true, the way you make me feel like I would never be alone, like I would always have a friend. I love falling asleep in your arms to your heartbeat. You’re gentle with me, I can feel your love in every touch. Your love made me believe I could do anything, because I knew you would stick by my side. If I asked you to. 

Venus in Aquarius: Keep it cool, that’s how you roll. Almost untouchable, but you let me touch you. It was like the seasons changed in seconds. You finished that last drop of champagne and said “Let’s get wet”, then we jumped in the pool. And then you kissed me. It felt like breathing underwater, I don’t even think you live in the same world as the rest of us. I texted you at 2 a.m. and you didn’t hesitate. Trapped between your body and the wall, your lips on my neck and I was already in heaven. I never thought you loved me back, until you showed up on my doorstep, whiskey on your breath and tears in your eyes. After that I never doubted you, because I knew then that your love was more than words. 

Venus in Pisces: With you it’s all about the moment, and moments with you are plush and whimsical. Like sitting on a cloud. You are still the only person to ever write me a poem. And when you asked me if I liked it, how you let me see your vulnerable side even though the look in your eyes was sheer terror, you were brave. I was at loss for words so I just kissed you deeply. You see the beauty in the little things, like asking me about what I dreamt last night or giving me cupid earrings so they could whisper sweet nothings in my ear when you’re not around. Your love is poetic, you actually think of me and what makes me happy. Whenever you see something that reminds you of me you always let me know. I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be so cherished.

Lars of the Stars

tony stark, a certified baby-cuddler

everyone needs more tony and babies in their life, right? have a fic. because tony canonically goes to hospitals and hugs babies who need it. (for mobile users, there’s a read-more after a few paragraphs)

Tony Stark isn’t new to kids, not exactly.

He’s always tried to visit paediatric wards when he had a moment, letting the kids play with the armours and telling them stories. He helped Reed and Sue with babysitting, and he remembers Val’s first attempts at building microprocessors. He held a newborn Danielle Cage in his arms and he marvelled at how tiny she was. He’s always glad to help his baby Avengers with homework.

He likes kids. He might never have his own, and he tells himself he’s made his peace with that, but he likes kids and he likes spending time with them, from babies and toddlers to I’m-not-a-kid-anymore teenagers.

And the moments he spends with kids never get any less special.

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