just aint care

your world beginns to crack
everyone turns to dust
your memories are fading away
no one remains at your side

still, you are forced to smile
[Just smile]

(I’m sorry not sorry.. I just had a really bad dream about my dearest brother who died in this nightmare and where my mother breaks apart too and yeah… I lost my dad four years ago due to cancer and it’s still hard to believe and I cried and suffered so many times even now. It’s just so hard to pretend you are O.K…you HAVE TO BE OK. Society plans a very short time of grieving for someone and still, after four years, I’m grieving for my dad but get incomprehensible looks now and then..it’s just.. nervwrecking sometimes and I’m about to ashamed of my grieving feelings..its so stupid I know but its better to pretend you are okay and just smile.
sorry for this rampage of feelings..I ..just.. should go to bed now… )

There’s occasional mention of the Kira task force in the lowlightprimed tag.
Is that case going on as well?
In LLPs world, is there a Kira that’s killing people?
What stage is Kira in?
Why didn’t he just kill B?

Edit: wow I can’t believe there’s a Kira out there… Kiraing… Right now… What a douchebag.

my ass angry that steve trevor isn’t diana’s modern day love interest when i know damn well he’s gonna die in the WW movie


“Gee, you’re a fuckin’ wonder.”

might do a color on this eventually hahahrahrarOOHROOHROOH

i’d personally like to thank the russo brothers for salvaging hawkeye’s personality from the garbage heap joss whedon buried it in for two movies

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delete the pancake phanart! its not true !!! dan confirmed that phil made it during his younow. you are spreading false statements

Sorry couldnt see your comments over the number of reblogs I’ve got (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

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