just again your face

Long Overdue

He said he loved me and I turned away,

I, who had thought that those words would change my life forever just 

Froze, and looked away

I, Who knows how difficult it is to just put my thoughts into words about simpler matters and feel them dredge out of my mouth, words that get caught on a too heavy tongue

Turned away and never looked back

“How”- I asked.

How could you love a being like me, who can’t even say those words back because,

Because I never loved you.

I never loved you, so how could you say you do in such a short period of time

In such a short expanse of knowing one another?

You were never in love with me,

Not the real me


You loved an idea of me that you had spun in your golden crown

And when I tried to tell you, “no, you’re wrong” I made a mistake

I looked into your eyes 

And I lied.

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018 with Seijuro? Thanks! <3

018:“I want to hear you sing.”


“You’re joking, right?” You blurted out in disbelief and expected Seijuurou to laugh and take back his words, but he didn’t. There was still that usual grin plastered on his face as he took your hand and pressed it on his chest. 

“Do you think I’d joke on this one?” He leaned in closer to press a kiss on your cheek. “Please?” 

Honestly? Could you even say now when he asks for it like this? 

Slowly, you started reciting the lyrics in a quiet tone until you felt confident to adjust your voice to a more audible volume. You were surprised when Seijuurou held your hand over your head and spun you around. You paused for a moment until he pulled you so close to him again. 

“Just go on! I want to dance with you.” Your face flushed slightly but gave in to his request. Soon you also found yourself giggling and enjoying this little dance that you were having with him. 


i’ve been walking past the place we met for days on end hoping to see your face again, just longing to hand you one of those beautiful wildflowers i plucked
along the way. i want to see you smile again blackbird, want to see you happy. and although we only had a short amount of time together, i hope to see you again.


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Iruka Umino drabble for both “No, you don’t get a choice.” and “I’m coming over.” (if you want to do both, you dont have to)

You wiped your eyes with a tissue, opening your phone and dialling Iruka’s number. Your boyfriend had broken up with you a few hours prior to then, and after a long crying session, you were in need of your best friend.

“Hey, Y/N,” Iruka said casually when he picked up.

“Iruka?” you said, taking a deep breath.

Iruka sensed the uneasiness in your voice, and you could feel his panic through the phone. “Y/N? Is everything okay?”

“N-No, not really. He… He broke up with me,” you told him, and tears began to stream down your face again, just when you thought you were all cried out.

“I’m coming over,” Iruka declared, and you heard him shuffle around, presumably putting on his shoes.

“No you aren’t,” you argued stubbornly. “I’m a mess right now, I don’t want you to see me.”

“No, you don’t get a choice. You need me.” You heard the click of him hanging up, and you threw your phone down on the bed. You might as well make things presentable for him, you reasoned. You made the bed, throwing all the used tissues into the bin and closed the curtains as it had long turned dark outside. You flicked on the light, and sat at the end of your bed, waiting for Iruka to arrive.

Within minutes, you heard Iruka let himself in and make his way to your bedroom. You took one look at him, armed with chocolate and yet more tissues, and you saw tears flood your vision yet again. Iruka was too good to you; you would never know what you did to deserve a such an amazing friend as Iruka. You looked down at your hands, which were fumbling with each other, and you felt the weight of Iruka sitting down next to you on the bed.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulders, and you lay your head on him. “It’s his loss, Y/N,” Iruka soothed you, stroking your hair softly.

“Nobody wants me, Iruka,” you confided your feelings to him with a sigh.

He pulled away from you and looked you in the eyes, wiping a tear away from your cheek gently with a soft tissue. “I want you, Y/N,” he whispered.

You couldn’t believe the words you were hearing – you had suppressed your feelings for Iruka long ago because you were certain he didn’t feel the same way. Your shock must have registered on your face.

Iruka continued with a smile, “But that’s something we’ll talk about tomorrow. Right now, you need chocolate and a stupid movie.”

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sleeping longer so dreams with you last longer - not romantic - too cold - just hoping to see your face again - remembering the scars on your leg and the way your hair is pinned - with perfect precision - but i couldn’t say the colour of your hair or your smell or how your body feels to me - those things aren’t there anymore - relying on modern love to find a photo of you for my memory - messages from you aren’t the same as everything now, i don’t know what you see in me - a dream where you sleep with my brother instead, but you’re not the one who joked about doing that - if i call will you bother to answer at all / it’s not on your terms anymore - a message to a girl who isn’t around anymore

@lettersfromemma DAY 27!! Six days until I’m home again!! I can’t wait to FaceTime you soon! I miss you so much and I have so much to tell you too!! (Hopefully I haven’t been eaten by a shark) I’m sad I’ll be home soon because I had such a great time but I’m happy because I’ll be able to see your pretty face again (even if it is just on a screen). I LOVE YOU LOTS

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"Sabo-kun.. your hair is in your face again. Can't I just trim it a little?"

  He should have understood by now, that he’d never escape this question. As the years had gone by it had become easier to reply, more automatic in nature. Still even a question as innocent as that brought forth feelings left behind, insecurities he should have overcome yet whose presence still remained in the back of his mind, waiting to be called to the front. 

   Each time he would refuse the woman’s request, appalled by the idea of having to show that horrendous scar of his. She would still ask however, perhaps sensing there was more to his refusals than he let anyone know and two feelings desperately fought for his attention. A knot on his stomach, a dread that she would understand his reasons, reasons he wasn’t particularly proud of. And a flutter of hope that maybe this time, this once, he’d find it in him to accept that offer.

   That flicker of hope always got crushed in the end. 

“It’s perfectly fine like this, Koala,” he claimed, although tufts were clearly bothering him now, itching his face, obstructing part of his vision. 

     Was there a chance she missed the way he would shake his head every now and then to shift their position or constantly pull back the stray fringe like a nervous habit he couldn’t shake off? Could she have missed how he had unwillingly chosen the physical struggle over the mental one? Was the grim satisfaction of looking in the mirror and being unable to see most of his damaged skin visible on the rest of his young face?

“Honestly, thank you. But it is as it should be,” he whispered, before turning away from her, blonde curls falling smoothly over his eye from the movement.