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I definitely didn’t just slap text on a graphic randomly I would never do that art source is p4a concept art

cracks knuckles.

it’s kinda dead rn but I’m posting this anyway bc I need to sleep.

hiya. I’ve only been here, like, a month but I’m highkey overwhelmed by how supportive and active this community is. (I mean, it’s not on like, idk, DC level??? but I always get to wake up to some hilarious shenanigans and lemme tell you I have missed that feeling.)

 I felt so welcomed, right from the start, and, like, for that alone, anyone who’s following me, anyone who’s every interacted with me, or who I’ve interacted with or likes or reblogs or tags or memes or anything–

thank you. it’s a damn good feeling to come to a new community and feel like you belong, feel like you’re welcome. I mean, I’ve hit a pretty ok milestone and – dunno, man. makes me happy. makes me happy that you’re okay with my presence here ‘n shit.

you’re all rad. specific names under the readmore to save people’s dashes. here’s to meeting and threading with many more fantastic people.

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yellow-lions-paladin  asked:

Is it kinda cool kinda weird how much W2H has stuck with people? Like people keep doing art n stuff or are even now just joining the fanbase, for your cartoon from years ago now! That's so inspiring? Like, what does it feel like?

It’s pretty much exactly what you just described; kinda weird, but cool!  It’s hard to elaborate on exactly what it feels like, because it’s sort of changed over the last couple years.  I remember when it first started gaining traction, in the weeks after I graduated, and just being so excited to wake up every morning and check the tumblr tags to see what new fanart there was.  I remember seeing little milestones: the first fanart of Mephistopheles, the first AMV, the first cosplay attempts.  Maybe someone shared it on another website and I got a little more traffic on the video… it wasn’t even on Youtube yet, it was just on Vimeo, with all my other animation assignments. 

People started to realize that I like interacting with fans, so I’d get all kinds of questions.  I’d spend so much time typing, just elaborating on the ideas I had for the story, the characters, or how the universe would work.  What powers do demons have?  What are angels like?  I’d really sit there and think about my responses… I wanted to give people intriguing explanations that would maybe help give them some ideas, for their fan works, you know?  I gave so little with the actual film, but it felt like people were into it because they could sense that maybe there was a larger world planned, a bigger idea behind it.  I certainly wasn’t producing much in the way of a continuation, so that seemed to be a good compromise.  

I tried to reblog everything I could, and after awhile there was just SO much… I would sit down once maybe every couple weeks and just go through the tags and try to catch up with it.  I didn’t realize you could queue stuff, so immediately after I’d get a bunch of messages from people telling me how excited they were for my, like… bi-weekly stream of reblogs… just W2H flooding their dash or whatever, haha.  I got so behind, after awhile, and I’m only just recently trying to get back into it and get better about it.  

There’s been some weirdness to come of it too, for sure.  There’ve been a couple fans who were just, like… reeeeaaaallly crossing over some personal boundaries.  And I was as respectful as I could’ve possibly been with them, for as long as I could’ve possibly been, but at a point I just had to start ignoring some people.  I try to be helpful, but at a point, it’s like… I’m an animator, I’m not a therapist.  There were really only a couple pointedly inappropriate cases, but there was definitely a point where it felt like I just needed to take a break from it.  Some people kind of take interactivity for granted, and the boundary between creator and fan gets a little harder for them to see.  I don’t feel this is an issue any more, but it’s definitely been a little overwhelming a couple times.  There’s good weirdness and there’s bad weirdness, haha.  It’s generally good weirdness, which I’m thankful for!

There’s so many funny little things too, like… once or twice I’ve seen people who were pretty young when they first watched W2H say things like “Oh man, I can’t believe I liked this, I was so young back then…”  BACK THEN!  Of course it’s “back then” to a 15-year-old who was really into something when they were 12, and now they’re embarrassed by it!  Haha… but to me it’s like… idk, I made it when I was 24-25 and now I’m 28.  Like not only is the concept of “back then” totally different to me, but it’s also really funny to see a younger person looking at something I made, as an adult, and go “oh, I’m an adult and this is childish now”… haha.  It’s been interesting to see the fandom develop over the years, people coming and going… it’s really somethin’! 

I could talk about the kinda cool/kinda weird all day long, so I’ll just leave it at this!  Haha.  Thanks for the good question.  Lots of memories, for sure.


It wasn’t the best first day of work for Namjoon…

boyfriend yoongi
  • - cuddle & naps on days off
  • - on some days he may even wake up early to make breakfast for you but this is rare (yoongi likes his sleep) so this will probs only happen on special days like your birthday
  • - you'd both stay in bed long after you wake up just staring at eachother and talking
  • - i feel like he's a person who likes hands so he'd just lie there playing with your fingers and interlocking his hands with yours
  • - he'd come food shopping with you mostly because he likes the domestic of it and he also doesn't trust you to not buy the entire candy section
  • - you definitely have to expect long walks with holly
  • - you'd both take her to some dog park and you two would just sit on a bench and laugh at him as he tries to climb up things with his tiny chicken legs (yoongi's words not mine)
  • - then you'd probs have a little picnic on some hill and you would have made little sandwiches and you'd brought some snacks for holly but he just ends up eating your food anyway
  • - holly decides he's sleepy and so falls asleep on yoongi's lap
  • - you'd cuddle up on yoongi's chest and he'd slip his arm round you tightly and you'd both just look up at the clouds in the blue sky and laugh at the rude formations
  • - when you go home everyone is too tired to do or say anything so you just go straight to bed and end the day the way you started it; with yoongi

It is just after one in the morning and I wake up at five every day, so tonight is sponsored by “oohhh you’re gonna regret thisss,” but friends.  That episode.  Was.  Off.  The.  Charts.

A condensed list of things I loved, in no particular order:

  1. Kara’s smile when the team trains with her.
  2. Oliver’s insistence that the team keep trying to defeat Kara even when they’re clearly failing miserably and haven’t even made a dent.
  3. Dig throwing up and Oliver coming within an inch of doing the same after Barry Flashes them away.
  4. Felicity asking Dig and Ollie if they’re even sure they found their bad guy shortly before Barry spirits them away.
  5. “I was getting ready to make my move!”  “What move?  The one to the morgue?”  Argument after Barry saves Oliver’s ass.
  6. Old Barry returneth!  Stoked to hear the full message.  Poor guy needs to take a break he sounds so much older than 67.  Take a nap.  Adopt a dog.  Do something nice for yourself, Old Bar.  You deserve happiness, too.
  7. Kara bouncing around naming everyone and filing away their secret identities.
  8. Mick’s “Heat Wave” story and Kara’s reaction.
  9. The “Skirts” nickname immediately collapsing to “Supergirl!” in an actual crisis.
  10. Oliver Queen standing up for Barry repeatedly.
  11. Like when he refused to go in the field without Barry.
  12. And the fact that he nominated Barry to be their leader.  When arguably, Barry is one of the youngest, least experienced people in the room (Cisco and Kara are the only two that jump to mind as potentially younger; Cisco for sure, Kara not sure).
  13. Because he still believes in Barry.  1000%.
  14. Let’s not forget his encouraging little hints when Barry is making his first “leader speech.”  (Kara … training …)
  15. Sara Lance pointing out said encouragements what a gift.
  16. Thea tagging along for sibling saving the world shenanigans and Felicity pointing out how absurdly dangerous it is.
  17. “BEST.  TEAM UP.  EVER.”
  18. Wally West being the greatest ever and finally having an opportunity to shine!  That move where he took down Thea, Sara, and Dig was awesome.  Reminded me of something we’ve only seen from Reverse or Zoom to date.  Really cool to see a good guy using the same trick!
  19. Barry vs. the super half of the Legends of Superflarrow Team and Oliver vs. the fully human half.  Really enjoyed it.
  20. One of my favorite moments was definitely “WE END UP UP THE CREEK.”
  21. “Yahtzee!”
  22. Barry finally learned what happened to Leonard Snart and god the music alone in that scene tugged on the heartstrings.
  23. Also everyone catching up with everyone else!!  I love that Legends of Superflarrow is on the same page now.
  24. The Kara vs. Barry fight was amazing.  Loved the laser strike that pretty much almost annihilated Barry.  Definitely my favorite special effects moment, and there were plenty to choose from!
  25. Barry going up to the alien spaceship and getting promptly wildebeest trampled by them as they break out.
  26. The subdued “Oh, come on” reaction.  Just another day in Central City, huh?
  27. Dude that time vault scene was EVERYTHING to me.  Oliver standing up for Barry was the highlight of this episode.  It was so unexpected and absolutely fantastic.  It’s been Barry vs. everyone else all season, so it was incredibly refreshing to see someone – especially Oliver, especially Oliver – stand up for him.  Defend him.  I loved that speech.  And hearing Oliver open up to Barry about his parents’ deaths was really raw.  He really, really, really trusts Barry.  He loves Barry.  That’s why he sticks with him.
  28. And hey, end of the day?  One of the most heartbreaking moments was Barry running after Oliver when the alien light came down on him.  He was so desperate to get to him.  And so close.  But he just wasn’t fast enough.  The panic and despair in his eyes after was incredible.  For me that was the most emotionally charged moment of Season 3.

I just sleepily walked out of my room after waking up to get a snack before going back to bed and my aunt has a bunch of her friends over so they’re all wine drunk at the dining table and look at me and borderline sing hello at me and tell me to come over n I aint even got my contacts in so I’m trying to not eat the banana thats open and an inch from my mouth while I’m greeting these blurry ass women and all of the sudden they all start telling me how my aunt is lucky to have me and they all hear so much about me because she talks about me so much and that I’m the daughter she never had and I dunno how the HECK to respond cos now I’m half asleep blind A N D drowning in my feelings and trying to not look super disappointing all I could really say was  “oh-oh ah oh man thank you, aaahhh thank you aw man! heck ah you’re so nice- oh man hhhhh” n Tia looks at me with the biggest smile and says “yes, and i am VERY proud of her” n oh MAN my aunt is pretty quiet when we hang out and she’s not big about being gushy with her feelings and stuff so it was news to me that I was more than just her fucked up brothers daughter living in her house cos I had no where else to go and she looked so prideful when they were complimenting me and happy when they were talking about how I was like her daughter holy heck my heart 

//trying to draw but hating my every creation and just scribbling all over it

someone save me

anonymous asked:

Fushimi falling asleep in Munakata's office, and Munakata's reaction?

So Fushimi maybe goes to deliver a report to Munakata but it turns out Munakata’s not there. This is maybe set between MK and S2, so everyone’s been working a lot of overtime and no one’s ever really seen Munakata sleep but they’re sure he probably does. It’s super late and Fushimi’s all annoyed because somehow he just knows Munakata’s probably still awake elsewhere working on things by himself like an idiot when he should just go to bed already, he’s making the rest of them suffer too. He sits down at Munakata’s desk all irritated, maybe playing idly with the puzzle Munakata left behind while he tries to convince himself that he’s irritated about Munakata’s actions but totally not worried, nope, not worried about the Captain at all. Eventually Fushimi finds himself feeling more and more tired and he kinda lowers his head onto the desk, thinking he’ll just rest his eyes a bit because he’s been up late with all this stupid overtime, and soon he’s fast asleep.

Munakata shows up about ten minutes later, busy with his own reports and stuff and he almost doesn’t realize Fushimi’s there until he’s halfway to his desk. Munakata’s momentarily surprised, seeing Fushimi sleeping all peaceful behind his desk, and then he kinda smiles and shakes his head like what will I do with you Fushimi-kun. He sweeps his coat off and puts it over Fushimi like a blanket, removing Fushimi’s glasses and maybe trying to situate him in a more comfortable position without waking him up. Then Munakata gives Fushimi a whispered good night and turns off the light as he leaves. The next morning Fushimi’s back at his own desk looking all irritated and when Munakata walks in Fushimi just shoves Munakata’s coat back at him, telling him not to do unnecessary things. Munakata smiles and asks how Fushimi slept, Fushimi counters with asking whether Munakata slept at all and Munakata just ignores the question and tells him not to overdo it as he takes his coat back. Fushimi clicks his tongue and is like look who’s talking and Munakata laughs a bit, point taken, as he goes back into his office.

pinkuboa  asked:

I always thought urotsuki was a budding author with a vivid imagination and a lot of the areas you see are bits and pieces of stories that she's come up with so far

Same, except than more than an author I thought that she just loved reading stories *coughcoughfairytalepathcoughcough* and ocassionally created some by herself (I also think that Urotsuki is easily the most imaginative/creative/art oriented dreamer, so maybe some dreams are also things she wants to paint eventually instead of stories).

I’m getting so bad again. Its just getting uncontrollably hard to be okay. Its like no one even notices how dead I am inside.. the voices in my head are so loud you’d think everyone could hear them. You’d think someone would be able to see I’m screaming for help in silence. I haven’t thought about hurting myself this much in quite some time now. I don’t know how to handle it and how to not notice it. I wish it would go away. Its crazy how two fucking people you would die for can cause you so much god awful pain. Its crazy how two people can destroy your heart just for you to hand it back to them. I feel like a complete mess. Everyone said I’d feel better after graduating, but depression to this extent doesn’t just “get better” after high school ends. I cant keep waking up just to want to die.

anonymous asked:

I'm sure IF CQ sex happens it will be offscreen, they will show us just the day after, they waking up. I'm tired of Gansa and Co games, they are just playing with us 😡😡

Cynthia: They will show it. Gansa would never, ever not show it. I’m sure of very few things. Of this I am.

Frangi: Who can gif that?

Cynthia: Gif set of sex on HL? That wld be funny! 

Ashley: Brody banging C against a wall.

Sara: Dresser*

In the meantime the gif was created and uploaded by Julie. The gif has not been integrated solely for editorial reasons, see below…

Sara: You guys can’t answer a CQ sex ask with a gif of Carrie and Brody having sex on a dresser.

Cynthia: Wasn’t the ask about if they’ll SHOW it?

Sara: If i can’t answer a Quinn ask with Carrie in a balloon hat looking at Jonas then you can’t answer a CQ sex ask with CB dresser sex. That’s only fair!

Cynthia: 😖😡

Julie: LOL

Sara: The answer should be: “There’s no way he wouldn’t show Carrie/Quinn having sex for the first time. This is the guy that has shown Carrie having sex on a dresser, on the stairs, on a bed, in a car, on the floor… He’s not a prude. And he knows who his audience is.”

Cynthia: Not one gif? Pretty please?

Frangi: No gif 😢?

Okay so like

I’ve seen headcanons/art where people give natsu freckles and like okay some people call those “skin stars” or whatever so imagine a very sleepy natsu falling asleep and waking up to something tickling his nose and it turns out his star-loving gf has drawn on his face and connected all his freckles into her favorite constellations


SLIGHTLY implied smut??? like waking up after it??? cause i just cant and wont write like smUT SMUT u KNOW im stiLL A BABY ANYWYAS ENJOY LOVE


The first word that came to Jeonghan’s mind as he tiredly reached over and patted the empty space that the girl he was in love with was supposed to be at. He furrowed his brows and slowly opened his eyes, squinting slightly.

“Y/N?” Jeonghan mumbled, slowly sitting up as the white sheets fell off of his upper body and cold air hitting his bare skin. He gulped and clenched the white sheets slightly. 

“You won’t regret this, right?” Jeonghan whispered as he stared into your eyes. 

He bit his lip before hurriedly getting out of his bed and wearing his clothes, combing his short hair with his fingers as he grabbed his phone, opening and frowning in disappointment when there weren’t any missed calls or texts from you. 

“Y/N… Where are you?” Jeonghan whispered as he stared at his phone sadly, sitting on the edge of his bed as he ran his fingers through his hair continuously. 

“I never knew this much people would buy groceries today,” you muttered, pouting slightly and sighing as you saw your phone that died on you just by checking on your shopping list a few times. 

You waited in line to pay and blushed slightly when you started to recall the memories you made with Jeonghan last night. He was so sweet and gentle and really cared for you and how you felt during everything. 

You bit your lip to prevent the grin that wanted to show up on your face. 

This morning, you woke up extra early to try and maybe make breakfast for you and Jeonghan. Of course, it took you a little longer than usual because you felt a bit… sore. 

And don’t forget Jeonghan’s sad, empty fridge– which is why you were at a grocery store right now. You shook your head lightly and chuckled, sighing. 

“Oh Jeonghan, what am I going to do with you?” 


Walking out with his umbrella, he frowned and sighed, “why is it suddenly raining when it was just fine a few minutes ago?” 

Checking his phone again, he bit his lip in worry and felt his heart break a little more. 


He widened his eyes and almost dropped his phone when he heard your voice. Fearing that he heard wrong, he slowly looked up with big eyes. 

There you were, in his hoodie, holding a bag of groceries and an umbrella. You were staring at him with this glow that he never saw before but already loved. He stared at you with a shocked expression. 

Smiling, you walked over to him, “hey, why are you up? You usually sleep for–” 

Yelping, you widened your eyes and dropped your umbrella when Jeonghan suddenly tacked you with a hug. He buried his face in your neck and had his arms around you tightly. 

You blinked in surprise and smiled slightly, “Jeonghan? What’s wrong?” 

Hearing him take a deep breath, he smiled against your skin and whispered, “nothing’s wrong anymore.” 

You blinked and slowly pulled him away, looking at him and not caring that the rain hit both of your faces. 

“Anymore? What happened?” You asked softly, cupping his cheek with your free hand that had the umbrella. 

Jeonghan smiled and just leaned in to press his lips against yours, causing your eyes to widen in surprise. 

“It’s just… You’re here so I’m okay now,” he pulled back. Before you could respond, he kissed you again.