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Shoutout to some of my favorite PJO/HoO blogs and role model bloggers!

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You guys have inspired me with fanart, fanfic, theories, humor, interesting random tangents, stories, edits, roleplays, and other stuff. I’m so happy that there are people like you guys out there to brighten up my life when I log on. I love seeing you guys on my dash, whether the posts are PJO/HoO related or not. Any mentions or ‘thank you for asking this’ really helps me to be more positive during my day, even just seeing updates or extra things added to a tag that I follow make my heart soar. It’s amazing how you guys can be so awesome, and I constantly have to remind myself that you guys are human just like everyone else. I admire your talents so much and I love you guys! Obviously my blog won’t be able to be like all of yours, because I post other fandom things and random stuff, but I love your blogs and wish mine could grow to be as great as yours! Keep on being awesome, you guys will always be great in my mind! If I met you guys in real life I would probably freak out and faint or something. Part of me wishes I could be friends with all of you and chat with you guys constantly, but I know you guys have lives too, and I would probably ramble to much. Like I’m doing now. Anyway, love you guys, you inspire me, you’re amazing and awesome and perfect and special and wonderful and I believe in you guys way too much for strangers I’ve never personally talked to. Love you guys! <3