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Not Exactly Quiet

Y/N had checked the hallway through the peephole in the door three times before she slipped out of the room, adjusting the dress from last night she had thrown on quickly, which was why she let out a small scream of surprise when Zoe greeted her brightly.

She could feel her cheeks flush red as Zoe and Alfie grinned knowingly over at Y/N.

“And how are you this morning?” Alfie chuckled.

“Grand. Just…out for a stroll.” Y/N stumbled over her words, inching away from the door, hoping her scream didn’t wake anyone, not wanting to draw more attention to herself.

“Out for a stroll.” Zoe repeated, raising an eyebrow. “And that stroll started inside my brother’s room, did it?”

“Your brother’s room?” Y/N acted surprised, looking at the name on the door briefly. “Oh, would you look at that! This is Joe’s room! I was just..going to see if he wanted to join me.”

“You had to leave his room to ask him?” Zoe laughed as she asked, causing Y/N to shift on her bare feet, the heels in her hand hitting her legs lightly.

“Can I just go back to my room now? And pretend none of this happened?” She mumbled.

“Oh, we are never letting you forget this.” Alfie shook his head as the couple moved past her. “We’ll see you down at breakfast!” He called over his shoulder as Y/N hurried down the hall, heading towards her own room.

“Good morning, Y/N!” Jim exclaimed as she took a seat at the table he was sat at with Tanya, Zoe, and Alfie. Y/N offered him a small smile, purposely ignoring Zoe and Alfie’s stares.


“Did you have fun last night?” Tanya’s question caused Y/N to snap her gaze up, eyes widening as she looked at Tanya, who smiled innocently. It took a moment for Y/N to realize that her friend had simply meant the dance.

“Oh. Yes. It was fun.”

“Not the only fun part though, was it?” Alfie winked over at her, and Y/N felt her cheeks turn red once again.

“What are you on about?” Jim questioned, glancing between the three.

“We may have caught a certain someone sneaking out of Joe’s room this morning.” Zoe grinned over at Y/N, laughing slightly as she groaned, covering her face with her hands.

“I hate you so much.”

“You hooked up with Joe?” Tanya asked loudly, while Y/N shushed her quickly, glancing around the, thankfully, empty breakfast room.

“Can you maybe not say it so loud?”

“Sorry.” Tanya looked apologetic for a moment, before it was quickly replaced by excitement. “But did you?” She had leaned across Jim, who raised an eyebrow as he gazed down at Y/N as well.

“Maybe.” She mumbled in response, reaching across the table for a scone.

“Oooh! This is so exciting!” Tanya clapped her hands in response, glancing over at Zoe. “What do you think of this?”

Y/N lifted her gaze to Zoe as well, curious to see her response.

“I think it’s about bloody time!” She told them. “I’ve been wanting them to get together since they first met!”

“Since who first met?” A new voice made Y/N jump, and she looked over her shoulder to see Marcus and Joe walking towards their table.

She felt her heart race as Joe smiled a hello at her, dropping into the seat beside her.

“Morning.” He said to the rest of the table.

“Good morning, Joseph.” Jim smirked over at the shorter man.

“Who were you talking about?” Marcus asked, bringing the tables attention back to his original question.

“Y/N and Joe.” Tanya blurted out, “Oops. Sorry.” She told Y/N.

“There’s just no stopping you is there.” Y/N shook her head, sneaking a look at Joe, who was blushing as well.

“They found out?” He asked her softly.

“Your sister and Alfie may have caught me leaving your room this morning.”

“Oh. Well done.”

“I checked the hallway three times!” She defended, but Joe just laughed, taking her hand in his under the table.

“I know, I watched you.”

“I thought you were asleep…”

“You aren’t very good at sneaking around, love.” He smiled at her.

“Sorry.” Y/N shrugged, smiling as well.

“Well, aren’t you two just adorable.” Jim commented.

“Besides, I didn’t need Tanya telling me.” Marcus added, causing everyone to look over at him. “Hey, I was supposed to be sharing a room with Joe, remember? But when I went to go up to bed…well, you two weren’t exactly quiet.” He winked over at the blushing pair as he reached for the coffee. “I went and crashed with Caspar and Josh instead. But don’t worry, I didn’t tell them anything.”

“No, Tanya will probably do that.” Alfie chuckled.

“Oh gods. I am never coming to a Gleam party again.” Y/N groaned, lowering her burning face into her arm on the table.


According to TIME, “At one point Harris gets very quiet. His parents have probably noticed that he’s become distant, withdrawn lately, but it’s been for their own good. ‘I don’t want to spend any more time with them,’ he says. 'I wish they were out of town so I didn’t have to look at them and bond more.’”
  Eric recalls his mom’s thoughtfulness, bringing him candy and Slim Jims. “I really am sorry about all this,” he says. 
  “But war’s war.” he adds. 
  “This goes to all m family: I’m sorry I have so much rage,” Klebold says. “You made me what I am. Actually, you just added to what I am." 
  Dylan says his older brother Byron, and Byron’s friends, constantly "ripped” on him. Even his extended family treated him poorly. “You made me what I am,” he says. “You added to the rage." 
  Klebold even remembers the Foothills Day Care center, where he felt the "stuck-up” kids hated him. He hated them back. “Being shy didn’t help,” he says. “I’m going to kill you all. You’ve been giving us shit for years." 
  Columbine High also took its toll. "If you could see all the anger I’ve stored over the past four fucking years.” Klebold says. 
  Eric talks about how people made fun of his face, his shirts, and his hair when he was growing up. He complains about his father and says whenever the family moved, five times, he had to start “at the bottom of the ladder” and no chance to earn any respect. 
  Then it’s Dylan’s turn. He says of his parents, “They gave me my fucking life. It’s up to me what I do with it." 
  Eric shrugs. "My parents might have made some mistakes that they weren’t really aware of in their life with me, but they couldn’t have helped it.” He knows what’s in store for them. “They’re going to go through hell once we’re finished. They’re never going to see the end of it." 
  Eric quotes the same Shakespeare line found in his day planner on the date for Mother’s Day: "Good wombs hath borne bad sons." 
  Dylan tells how his parents taught him self awareness, and self-reliance. "I appreciate that,” he says, but adds, “I’m sorry I have so much rage." 
  Dylan continues: "You can’t understand what we feel; you can’t understand no matter how much you think you can." 
  Eric plays with a pair of scissors. Dylan mixes candy and whiskey in his mouth. 

- Excerpt from Columbine: A True Crime Story by author Jeff Kass.