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☾ * ✶ – liza koshy gif icons

[ Here ] are 74 gif icons of one of my fav youtubers, Liza Koshy, who is half Indian, half German. For some reason there are very limited resources of her and that just had to be fixed !! These were all made from scratch by yours truly, though I did use this psd, slightly altered here and there, and added a border !! Feel free to use them for rp or mascot purposes but please don’t claim these as your own. As I make these, I’ll keep adding them here !!

todorokishoutoh  asked:

Um hey I don't wanna be a bother to you, but just.. The synopsis to your fem!deku au is kinda bothering me. Im not trying to cause problems and I've tried blocking you but I'm still seeing your art so if I had some questions answered maybe that would be better? And I wouldn't have to block you? Just, my problem is is that deku has been gender swapped for no reason besides shipping purposes? And also you gave him a new power, and added storyline? Why not make your own comic bc thats what this is?

(i tried to send u this message privately but since u had me on blocked, tumblr is refusing to sending the message back to u. i had to post it here, sorry. i’ll remove them later if u want me to. hope this message reached u somehow!!!!)

it’s alright if u were bothered by it and u are not being a bother :3

it’s o.k to have questions :) i’m happy to give u explantion

I actually shipped deku as a male with bakugou and todoroki before in my early arts.  i have NEVER tried gender swapping ships before,this is my first time trying it. i did not change deku’s gender for shipping purpose. if that was the case i would have done that to ALL OF MY MALE PAIRING in other fandom WHICH I HAVE NOT.

and u should understand that my comics are dumb fan-girl’s comics. it’s a ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE STORY LINE. many other wonderful artist does it with so many different varieties (gender swapped, animal tailed, angels or demon or what not)

we often don’t make our own because

1. it’s a hassle to make a “new world” with new “characters” it’s a lot of work and we can be lazy. 

2. the “stage” is already set in, we are simply playing around with the characters.  (this is why fanfics are popular, cause we know about the back-ground of the characters so we can just get on with the story.)

3. this serve as a practice to artists and writers, many fans wind up making their own eventually but until than, we are exploring the characters and the plots we could develop around our favorite characters.

i hope this answered some of ur questions, again, i’m sorry that u were bother by my arts. if u have any more questions feel free to ask me :D

What’s the Opposite of Fake Dating?

So, I got this idea stuck in my head because I love fake dating stories. I’m always so invested like omgggg are these idiots going to get together or whaaaat (spoiler alert: they always do). But I wanted to try it backwards. So I challenged myself to write a story where they are actually together but have to fake that they’re not (I’d seen a few prompts like that floating around, but came up with my own scenario).

Summary: Drunk and married in Vegas is another plot I love, so I added that one in here, too! Basically, Emma & Killian get married but then worry their families won’t approve, so they pretend to their families that they just met. Hope you like it?

Rating: T (swearing, sexual references)

Word Count: 4.8K

Emma Swan did not like clichés.

So imagine her disgust when she woke up Sunday morning to realize she’d become one. She’d gone to Vegas for a perfectly respectable purpose – a work conference – and yet she’d ended up getting fantastically drunk, meeting a gorgeous wonderful amazing man, having gloriously satisfying sex with him through more than half the night, and then – idiot she was – marrying the bastard at 3 am at a drive-through chapel on the Las Vegas strip. Yeah, she went to Nevada to hone her managerial skills and she ended up becoming a fucking trope.

This was crazy, crazy, crazy. She did not let people in. She was not a romantic – she’d find a guy at a bar, head to a bathroom or a bedroom or a fucking broom closet, take what she needed, give an orgasm or two in return, and then bolt. She never, ever spent the night. No, the last man she spent the night with had been hired to do so to keep track of her (psychotic family members were the worst). And the only other man she’d spent the night with had been in the back of a VW Bug and he’d left her to take the fall for his crime the next morning, soooo.

Emma was a runner, and with good reason.

Yet here she lay, still in bed with the man she’d “gone home with” (married) the night before, the sun rising through the thousand windows of one of many honeymoon suites in the tropical-themed resort in the middle of the goddamn desert. She lay here, cuddled up to the man like a needy teenager – with absolutely zero desire to run far away. No, she wanted to stay. She craved this man’s presence like oxygen – which really is more of a need than a craving, but that’s not the point, OK? The point is she’s lying in a honeymoon suite, a silver band firmly wrapped around her left hand ring finger signifying her recent wedding to a fucking stranger and instead of being disappointed in herself or horrified or mentally calculating how much money and time it would take to get this shit annulled, like now, she was thinking how she should probably order them some breakfast and start the coffee before he wakes up.

Emma Swan has found herself married to a stranger in Vegas, has fallen into the plot of a goddamn sitcom, and even worse: she’s OK with it.

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(I rushed the f out of the picture so it’s messy)

it’s been a year since i last made a follow forever, and this list this time has more than the first one i made

tbh i was going to do a giveaway but i decided not to and used a follow forever instead. I was thinking about doing this or not, but ultimately did.

Some of the people here are either in mutuals with me, followed them since i was still new or literally just followed them days ago (or yesterday) Also, I purposely excluded the ones i followed that are owned by youtubers (well, I added some of them in) because I’ll really follow them for a long time (sorry if i forgot someone…!)

Basically, thanks for being awesome and being who you are, you made my dash so lively and colourful

Here’s to 2016! \(^o^)/

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Some snot nose little pratt had nerve to upbraid me because I offered my opinion to some of her Sherlock theories on her post...



can you BELIEVE that yesterday it was canonically confirmed that:
- sherlock is a virgin
- sherlock is tired of people assuming he’s a top
- sherlock is Creeped Out ™ by moriarty, in no uncertain terms
- sherlock literally tried to kill himself by overdose rather than spend the last six months of his life without john


There’s a lot of people throwing around that Sherlock was trying to commit suicide. I still don’t buy it. Drugging as a way to retreat into his mind palace, into the puzzle,  yeah I get that, but I  don’t think that Sherlock would go to suicide just like that.


look you’re totally entitled to your own interpretation of the show but consider this:
a) making your own post
b) a memory palace is exactly that : a memory technique. there’s literally no way in hell he’d be able to imagine all that stuff in there, and mycroft says so himself in the episode.
c) why would sherlock drug himself and do that if he thought that he was being sent to die? if mycroft’s right and he was high before he got on the tarmac, he would not have known that the moriarty video would play and he would be sent back, therefore there would be literally no reason for him to try to figure out if moriarty was alive or not.
d) seriously please make your own post adding comments like this to others’ posts serves no purpose whatsoever


Wow ok I was ‘just supposing’, throwing in my two cents like you.  I thought that’s what this platform was for, SHARING ideas.  Sorry you seem to have such a negative attitude.  I’m just trying to enjoy this like everyone else.  If you don’t want people to respond to your posts, then why are you here?

Seriously? I don’t understand why the attitude, and that just gave ME an attitude right back!!  What so just YOUR theories are law? are canon?  WTF?  Who do you think you are?  “…adding comments like this to others’ posts serves no purpose whatsoever.”  THE PURPOSE IS CONTINUING A CONVERSATION!!  If you don’t want any comments on your posts, or to have a conversation, then don’t post anything!!