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Reblog if you'd read a story about mythical creatures helping people with disorders and disabilities that doesn't end with them simply being "healed"

I want to see what the demand for this would be if I write this.

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"He said mean stuff to a woman" I remember when that woman spent her first week in the village saying disgustingly biphobic things to & about him. I remember when Rebecca humiliated Aaron in front of the whole pub. I remember when Rebecca pretended to care about Aaron and Liv & then screwed them over.I remember Rebecca saying Robert was drunk, heartbroken,self-destructing and in love with Aaron, but she slept with him anyway. She isn't the victim just because her plan to steal Robert didn't work

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Feeling Alive- Part 13

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)

Part 8 (Manhattan)

Part 9 (Skip To The Good Bit)

Part 10 (Poison & Wine)

Part 11 (Clean)

Part 12 (Where To Start)

Second Chances

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 14/17: Second Chances

Word count: 2829

Warnings: Maybe a bit of swearing? Idk guys I’m so tired

OK… First things first THANK! YOU! ALL! In my head I refer to you all as The Ace Gang because you are all ace and I enjoy making references to British teen literature but the main thing to take from that is that you are ACE. And WONDERFUL. And AMAZING. And I’m running out of superlatives, so have a heart <333 Second things second… IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (nuh nuh nuuh nuh). This chapter, one sort of chapter that’s barely long enough to count but doesn’t fit anywhere else, then the final 4k plus monster (I haven’t actually finished writing it yet but nm) and then the epilogue!!! Third things third I have (with little fanfare) opened requests. So if that’s a thing you’re interested in you know where to find me. OK. That’s everything. Let’s go.

“You took him back?!”

You look sternly at Wanda. “No. I just… I couldn’t throw it away completely. But I’m taking things even slower than before. We’re not even texting.”

It’s true. You’d been walked back to your flat last night by Sam (singing loudly) and Nat (singing even louder), leaving Bucky to deal with Steve. Judging by the glower on Bucky’s face, that had not been set to be a fun conversation. Regardless, this morning you still have nothing more to say to him. This second chance is a tentative, cautious thing- walking across thin, fracturing ice, or leaning out over a precipice with nothing but the wind to hold you back- and your instinct is to withdraw.

Wanda appraises you over the rim of her mug. “You really like this guy.”

“I really liked this guy,” You clarify. “But now…”

A phone trills, and Wanda grimaces as you deal with the squirming mass of emotion in your stomach.

“Sorry, Y/N, do you mind if I take this?”

You wave her ahead, and she lifts the phone to her ear.

“Hey, Leo, what’s up?”

You raise an eyebrow. Leo is your current partner in the Advanced class: loud, cheerful and with a good sense of humour, he’s been the perfect antidote to the past few weeks. OK, he’s not as good as Wanda- but to make the troupe even, she needs to take on the follow role for the competition.  The lady herself shoots you a don’t ask me look as she listens to Leo down the phone. Then, in an instant, her expression clouds over.

“Ah, I’m sorry to hear that, Leo. Are you sure-? OK. OK, thanks for letting me know. I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you. Alright, bye.” She ends the call, then gives a dramatic groan. You don’t even have to say anything; she sighs and begins to explain.

“Leo’s datemate has just been made redundant. He’s moving down there for a couple of weeks, just while they get back on their feet, but it’s a four-hour drive from here. He called to say he’s dropping out of the competition.” Wanda’s mouth twists, and you frown in sympathy.

“Damn. Can’t you ask Pietro?” Wanda’s brother might not class himself as a dancer, but his natural athleticism and years of exposure to his sister’s training have made him more than capable of picking up routines, and he’s stepped in more than once to fill up the troupe. Wanda, however, shakes her head.

“He’s got a triathlon that day.” She buries her head in her hands. Her voice is muffled and furious. “I’m doomed. We’re going to lose to Vision before we even start.”

You try not to smirk at her mention of Luiz (who happens to be hosting the afterparty, and if you can’t engineer a situation that ends in the two of them dating you will be forced to admit defeat and eat your leggings), and instead try to think of a solution. Wanda’s right- you can’t perform the routine with one lead down. The dynamics, the symmetry, the impact would all be lost. You need… Someone to step in.

Someone who has experience.

Someone who understands how the troupe operates.

Someone who’s even practiced some of the routine before.

It’s your turn to groan.

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BUFFYVERSE + Aesthetic: Spike (for anon & iwanttoseehowitends)

Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly Prologue 01-04 Translation + Video

Prologue 01-04     Prologue 05-07

(σ゚∀゚)σ  Yooo sinners~! I’ve gotten asked to translate this game in the past and I was kinda ehhh about it. But then I heard loads of good things. Nil Admirari was another one requested to me a lot. You have to consider though, I have to buy the games I translate. I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on games since I don’t work. ヽ(´▽`;)/  I chose psychedelica because I liked the system set-up better and the atmosphere. Plus I’m a sucker for amnesia plots. No one knows shit in the beginning of this game.

This will be a test run. If people show interest, I’ll continue. If not, I dunno haha.


Prologue is 7 parts long. This is the first half.

Video is raw only. (´ω`*)  Translation is the post. I hope you enjoy~

~~[Prologue: Part 1]~~

*Scenes Flash By Until It Stops At A Bus In The Rain*

*Muffled Voices*

???: Ahh. I see. I guess that’s true. It’s something that can’t be undone.

???: What do you mean?

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“Here’s what I think,” Regine says, lighting a cigarette. “I think I’m the only real thing I’ve got, except maybe Tommy. Even here, in this place, because who’s to say this isn’t some simulation, too, some other level we’ll wake up from. But wherever I am, whatever this world is, I’ve just got to be sure I’m me and that’s what’s real.” She blows out a cloud of smoke. “Know yourself and go in swinging. If it hurts when you hit it, it might be real, too.”


These are the Monster High repaints I currently have for sale!  Almost all are thrift store rescue guinea pigs who may have some defects that I’ve done my best to detail here.   They have all been washed, wiped, and repainted with pastels, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, acrylic paints, and sealed with Mister Super Clear and acrylic gloss for eyes and lips. 

Prices, Descriptions and links to other photos of particular dolls under the Read More~

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My HYYH Theory (Individual MV Analysis/Interpretation)

This is a long post that I’m still working on, so everything will be written under the cut-off. Please remember that this is purely my way of understanding the story that BTS has been working on for the last two years, if you don’t see it the same way- that’s okay because that’s the beauty of intepretation :)

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mun: honestly i thought perspero was kinda ugly when i first saw him for spoilers but u keep drawing him and its just getting more and more "oh no, hes hot *sweats*"

Oh gosh, haha! Sorry about that! ^^; 

To be honest, the first time I saw him I literally was so excited because of how weird he looks and I just was like, “OMG, he’s perfect! Look at this weirdo! And that tongue, OH BOY!” 8D

Funny thing is, I’m more drawn in by Oda’s more odd/weird looking characters then I am to his conventionally “attractive” type ones as they appeal more to me in terms of visuals and styles overall. So Perospero showing up in the fashion he did, A+++++++++++ from me! Much yes, very fine!~ 

And if people know me beyond my OP artwork and have seen a lot of my other stuff, they already know how much of a sucker I am for weird/ugly looking designs over all ^^;; 

Glad to hear you’re starting to like him though! It does make me happy to know this! ^^