just add beer


Beer Lesbian – Butch Dad. Always down for drinking games. Probably watches  football and loves the fuck out of it un-ironically. Wanted to play the drums in middle school.

Wine Lesbian – Would rather guzzle wine while watching jeopardy with her cat than go to a bar. Makes well thought out Harry Potter fan theories. Has a crush on Meryl Streep. 

Vodka Lesbian – Everyone’s favorite Pillow Queen. Gets drunk way too easily to be ripping shots but does it anyways. Always a hot mess. Complains about being straight passing. 

Gin Lesbian – Lesbian you find sitting alone listening to live music. Next level cool. Probably has more plants in her apartment than hairs in her head. Loves christmas. 

Tequila Lesbian – Best dancer of all other lesbians. Never predictable, and always a lil’ mysterious. Loves blind dates. Hates being talked over. 

Whiskey Lesbian – 100% BABE. Intimidates your dad. 

[The one where Derek is a superhero and Stiles doesn’t need saving]


It’s the third time this month and Derek is getting tired of having to fight against the same stupid stubborn villain.

It was Banshee’s turn to fight Silver Snake this week, but then she got busy with Peter robbing another bank and Derek had to go after his ex-girlfriend again.

Three years ago, it felt like having his own kind of revenge, arresting her for everything she did and tried to do to his family, but after some time it got tiring. Not only physically but emotionally. He got over the guilt, knows it’s not his fault, that she’s the only person to blame, but if there’s someone he’d like to avoid for the rest of his life, that person is Kate Argent.

She’s flying away, laughing and turning her head every now and then to see if Derek is still following, and winking maliciously at him. He knows she has to stop at some point, but where and when, he has no idea.

“Why don’t you give up, sweetie?” She teases, using the old nickname. It still surprises him that Kate never revealed his identity to anyone, but that might be because she knows Derek would do the same to her. Even though Derek has enemies, Kate has a thousand more. “You’re never going to catch me!”

She picks up speed, forcing Derek to run faster so he won’t lose her trail, and laughs louder. Derek knows it’s true, that this way he’s never going to catch her, so he looks around and tries to think of a plan to bring her down.

As it turns out he doesn’t need to do anything, because just when Kate turns to check if Derek is still following her, a white light hits her in the chest, making her scream and fall motionless on a house.

“You’re welcome!” Banshee waves at him, flying away. Derek smirks, makes a mental note to call her later to say thank you and runs to where Kate fell.

It’s a nice house, or used to be since part of it is destroyed now, and Kate is nowhere to be seen. Derek is about to leave when someone starts screaming inside the house.

“What the fuck!”

“Shut up or I’m going to kill you!”

“I’d like to see you try!” And then there’s the sound of someone firing a gun and Kate comes flying out the window.

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