just accept you are wrong


LOIS:  Look, Clark, I know that I got a little thorny when you raised the red flag on A.C.
CLARK:  I was just trying to look out for you.
LOIS:  And I appreciate it.  I’ve just never had someone to help guide me through the shark-infested ocean of romance. … Not that I can’t fend for myself.
CLARK:  You know, I think I was wrong about our friend A.C.

2AM - part 7 (A Minseok Series)

Genre: Angst

Characters: Minseok X You

2AM [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8

Had you become desensitized to him now? You had been seeing his face all night. All month actually.

But seeing Minseok in person felt like a dream. Of all the places, in that stupid bar that you loved because of its dark quiet hidden corners and the proximity to your apartment and that damn smile of his.

So wide and so believable. And yours, just as wide and just as believable.

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willow and jaden smith are the perfect examples of what happens when you let your kids be themselves and badically allow them to take the lead when it comes to self-expression in that they’re two kids who are seemingly healthy both mentally and emotionally, are incredibly accepting and tolerant and make wise decisions. literally nothing goes wrong when you just accept your kids and allow them to express themselves

False Destinies || Peter Parker x Reader [soulmate au]

((prompt: You don’t have a name tattoo on your wrist, meaning you probably don’t have a soulmate but you didn’t want your friends to tease you about it so you had a tattoo made on your wrist about some name you picked at random because your friend said she wanted to see it soon. And then somehow there’s a person claiming to be your soulmate and they’re kind of cute and sweet so you don’t know what to do.))

prompt given via: http://silentpeaches.tumblr.com/post/125291322610/soulmate-au-story-ideas

okay, so ||broken dreams|| was slightly depressing, so lets have some fluff with a dash of angst for this story! I hope you readers look forward to it

warnings: none

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**

word count: 2,800+


When you were born, there wasn’t a single name etched on your right wrist.

In the world that you lived in, having a name etched on to the skin of your wrist meant that you were connected to your soulmate. Taking into consideration about the millions of people who shared the same name, people often told you that despite there being many Johns, Teresas, or Larrys in the world, they weren’t quite the same as your John, Teresa, or Larry.

That whenever you met the person destined for you, you would somehow know.

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Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.27 Dark Promise

(AN/ Hey Guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a real quick update, so thank you to everyone who supports this fic and let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the fanfiction.net link… https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/27/Take-A-Stand

Chapter 27- A Dark Promise

“Look at your daughter then look at my kit,” Marian instructed to the Hopps matriarch, before taking a gulp of her beer “they love each other just like any other couple, nature had nothing to do with it.”

Bonnie was quiet for a few seconds, she then opened her can of beer, downed half of it with one gulp before saying to Marian “Fine, let’s talk.”

“Ok, there’s one thing I want from you before we continue any further,” Judy demanded “I want you to apologise to Nick and me.”

Nick noticed Bonnie’s fur stand on end and whispered to his girlfriend “Wrong move carrots.”

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Imagine having an argument with Alexander

“You’re wrong!” you shouted, waving your hands in the air. “Why can’t you just accept that?”

“Because I’m not wrong!” he responded angrily. “You are!”

“No, I’m not!” You were about to add a colorful word to the sentence, but you were interrupted by the arrival of President Washington.

“What’s the problem this time?” he asked tiredly, glancing between you and Alexander.

“He’s wr–” you started.

“No, she–” he interrupted. 

“He’s claiming that–” you butted in, flinging an arm in front of him.

“Well she said that–” He ducked under your arm and glared at you, trying to keep going.

“You’re looking good today, Hamilton,” Jefferson commented as he walked by, smirking. “If you were going for ‘angry hobgoblin’.”

Both you and Alex turned around and started shouting at him. The two of you took off after the man, yelling curses and death threats.

“Sorry, Mr. President!” you called over your shoulder. “We’ll be right back!”

“Come back here, Jefferson!” Alex screeched, face as red as a tomato. “You look like a… fuchsia tall guy! Who’s stupid!” 

Ok before shit hits the fan i’m gonna explain a bit why people believe what the VA’s have said about the ages are true.

The reason antis know Jere/my sh/ada and ty/ler la/bine are correct and take it as canon is bc what they have said (lance’s va said lance is 16 in an interview, hunks va said hunk is 17 but is 16 in canon during the birthday stream on facebook) aligns with the SDCC comic con video. Even josh ke//aton (the va that shaladins LOVE to idolize and praise) acknowledges that k/l/h are minors (if you need proof i’ll get screenshots for ya)

so i’m not sure as to why this is even discourse anymore??? The garrison question was debunked (if you scroll down on my blog you’ll see it) and it never actually gave us REAL numbers. The garrison question never ended the age discourse nor does it help in anyone’s argument about k/l/h being adults. Because the creators and va’s all agree that they ARENT ADULTS AND THAT THEY ARE MINORS. If you have a problem with “"child soldiers”“ then take it up with vld staff. They’re the ones that called keith, lance, hunk and pidge not adults.

So can people reblog this please? A lot more people need to know about this and its sure as hell annoying that the fandom won’t listen to staff and go above and beyond and reach to fucking pluto just to justify minor/adult ships. ALL of your theories and arguments have been debunked. I trust you every single one has been cancelled and ended. Its over. You just can’t accept that ya’ll were wrong all along

tbh one of the main reasons i don’t want keith to be the next black paladin is because Shiro really pushed for it and so if theres someone better on the team (-cough-lance-cough-) it means that Shiro was wrong, it shows that maybe his choose was a bit too bias

and i would really love that to happy because it’ll teach kids (remember this is a childs show) that even heroes can be wrong, that your idol is not above letting his bias cloud his vision

and i want the show to teach that thats okay, that it doesn’t make shiro any less of a great leader it just means his team shouldn’t take everything at face value just because shiro said it

and i think thats a really important message to teach kids.  don’t just accept someones opinion just because you admire them, they can still be wrong

some angsty coming out of the closet memes as requested.

“ wait… you’re joking right? this isn’t real. “
” i need to be more open and honest with you all, even if you like or dislike it. “
” this is who i am and if you don’t like then i don’t like you! “
” please don’t be that family that disowns me for being who i am! “
” fine, throw me out! you’ll regret it one day when realize it’s stupid! “
” why can’t people just accept me for who i am? “
” you think i want to be this way! you think i enjoy people put down about something i cant help! “
” i’m doing anything wrong! it’s just who i am! “
” i can’t believe you guys don’t accept me over this! “
” no child of mine is going to sit here and take action to this! “
” no, no, honey, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it soon enough. “
” this is not just a phase! this is how it’s always been! “
” great, so, this is what i get for being open with who i am. “
” what kind of family stops loving their child over something they can’t help! “
” you’ll have to live it, one way or another. “
” so what? half the world is struggling with the same thing as me! “
” you don’t understand and never will so please stop talking about it. “
” you’re supposed to love me regardless of what i do with who i do it with. “
” you can’t keep this little act up forever! “
” it’s not an act when it’s something that been there my whole life! “
” what’s the meaning of this? who taught you this stuff? “
” honey, please, maybe some therapy will help better understand. “
” you can’t be serious about this, no. “
” why can’t you just accept me the way i am? “
” what’s wrong with me? what’s wrong with you! “
” there is nothing wrong with me, why can’t you see that? “
” i don’t want to be trapped in the closet! “
” please, please, don’t do this to me! not now! “
” you can’t just run around and keep acting like that! “
” i am going out and you can’t stop me! “
” well, honey, that is your personal business, but thanks for sharing. “
” stop treating me like i’m a criminal! it’s perfectly normal! “
” what’s so wrong with liking something you can’t stop? “
” i didn’t just decide to be like this! it’s always been like this! i just decided to tell you! “
” well, that’s me and it’s never going to change. “
” i will fight for it because it’s a part of who i am! “
” i don’t deserve to be treated this way! like a serial killer! “
” i’ve done nothing wrong! people do it all the time! “
” it’s not just me, it’s a whole community! why can’t you try to understand? “
” no, you just think you know everything and you don’t! “
” well, i’m not forcing myself on to something i don’t like! “
” i will never change this about me, i can’t even if i wanted to! “
” i can’t believe you just told me that! “
” what do you think your parents are gonna say about it? “
” i will never live with someone who doesn’t support me. “
” so, is it okay if i still crack jokes about it or? “
” do you people ever take anything seriously when it comes to me? “
” it’s not a joke! it’s a real thing! “
” i can’t believe i’m being laughed at by people who are supposed to love me. “
” wow, so you guys think that it’s funny now? “
” don’t you dare use that tone with me! “
” this is who i am and you have to deal with it someday! “
” how can it be so wrong? “
” i’m not in the wrong over something i have no control over! “
” you can’t just kick me out over something like this! “
” i thought that out of everyone who’d you understand the most. “
” i just want to be supported, is that so much to ask? “
” it is not something to laugh about it! “
” you’ve got to be kidding me, all these years? “
” why didn’t you say something sooner! “
I am straight and I firmly believe Sherlock and John are in love

I’m gonna say this once because I often see the tjlr argument that only people of the LGBT+ community claim to see evidence for Johnlock and support it.

This is wrong. There are many straight people who acknowledge, like and / or support Johnlock just as much. All my friends in real life who have watched Sherlock, for example. 

I, personally, never doubted it. EVER. Since the dinner at Angelo’s.  Johnlock is plain as day. And it is my OTP.

anonymous asked:

why capricorns be ruining friendships because of their ambition?? why they so sensitive towards any criticism?? why can't they just accept that they were fucking wrong?? why do they think calling you a sneaky snake is nbd?? why capricorns always have to fucking ruin my life?? why do they get so offended by aries ppl's words?? why they can't take scorpio mercury's words when they're 856852 times nastier???

1. Cause they feel it’s more important and, tbh, a person can leave them but a job cannot. 
2. Bc they work hard at EVERYTHING they do. So when they’re hear something negative about it, they get REALLY discouraged. If Aquarius’s ego is tied to rebellion and being unique, Capricorn’s ego is tied to the things they do. 
3. They believe in “ends justify the means” and they tend to be manipulative. One of the big things in their opposition with Cancer is empathy. Cap just… doesn’t have a lot of it. 
4. Likely because they didn’t realize Words Hurt or they weren’t serious
5. Cause you guys are squared
6. Bc Aries is also a very Work-Centrist ego, so they tend to feel threatened by it, and they make it a competition. So when aries says something is shitty of theirs, it feels as though its mockingly
7. idk

these may have all been rhetorical but


Title: Secrets
Author: Em
Pairing: Harry Osborn x Reader
Rating: PG 
Word Count: 1, 918

It was a weird kind of thing, being in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Admittedly, it wasn’t the relationship you weren’t in, but it felt different when you couldn’t admit to being in it in the first place. The two of you had agreed it was for the best, but that didn’t stop that tinge of bitterness in your chest as Harry would pull away from you in the elevator, pretending like his tongue hadn’t just been in your mouth and his hand hadn’t been cupping your ass. It made you even bitterer to watch him pretend he didn’t know you at all.

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It’s hilarious how people use orihime being insecure over ichigo’s and rukia’s relationship as a claim she ‘supported’ it or was ‘threatened’ by it when it was so obviously clear that at this point her perspective was so totally biaised because of her feelings of self loathing and her belief of being worth nothing but sure it’s totally an ichiruki moment 

Young And Dead
A Global Threat
Young And Dead

A Global Threat - “Young And Dead”

“At the shows and on the street
Some punks just won’t accept you think differently
The way you live it was the wrong way to be
Vegetarian or not, drug free or drunk
There’s always someone who says you’re not a punk
They’re always somebody who tells you that you’re wrong
We bitch about what we see on the daily news
But we can't respect each others views
Bow what will we do at the end of our fuse
And now we’re young and dead
Instead of respecting our differences in thought
We waste time arguing about what’s right and what is not
And some revert to all the violence they’ve been taught
Opinions vary on what is Punk and what it does
But its not anything until we’ve earned each others trust
And if it ever happens it is by the fault of all of us
There’s two options out there for the youth
Just two options and we’ve got to choose
United we win, divided we lose”