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Tips for debating

I’ve debated in high school and have been seeing a lot of arguments stem from discussions about sensitive topics recently. So, I figured why not help others by giving tips so they can have an informative discussion. 

  • Be respectful - your opponent’s opinion may seem ridiculous even wrong to you but they also could believe that about your opinion. So try not to make your opponent seem dumb or inconsiderate because their views are different.
  • Try to use legitimate sources as much as possible when using facts.
  • Listen to your opponent - their side of the debate is just as important as yours, no matter how idiotic or frustrating it may seem to you.
  • Stay calm - try as much as possible to not get angry, no matter how ignorant the other person’s view may be.
  • Ask questions - if you don’t understand certain aspects of your opponent’s argument then ask.
  • Admit when you make a mistake - this is the hardest part of a debate, admitting when you were in the wrong. 

hopefully, this will help those of you who wish to change someone’s opinion.

Glasses (Newt Scamander)

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Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader
Words: 500+
Warning(s): None
A/N: I tried my best to make it as fluffy as I could.
Request: can you do a newt x reader where newt finds out the reader wears glasses (like they usually wear contacts but desperate times call for desperate measures)

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Love is mysterious

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“How could you, the most innocent person ever be in love with Elijah mikealson?” Caroline asked. We were currently in the living room of Salvatore house.

 “What do you mean?” “His an original. His killed thousands of people and, you could not even harm an ant.” Caroline was always full of questions, maybe that’s why I loved her. She was so curious, creative and, caring. Unlike me, I was always to shy and nervous.

 “Love is mysterious, it works in funny ways. Lijah brings out a side to me I thought was never there. When I’m with him there’s just a connection, like two puzzle pieces that go together. He gets me out of my comfort place, out of my little shell. It’s like I’m a different person with him, not the innocent shy one everyone knows me as, but a strong confident one that Elijah know I can be” I let my heart speak for me, no caring what anyone thought about me. Also having no idea Elijah was on the other side of the front door hearing everything.

 "I just figured, that people like that would never find love"

 "People like what Caroline? Yes, he has killed many times. He kills to survive, like any other vampire. The difference between you and him is that your ashamed of what you are and his not.“ I said sounding very pissed. Grabbing my bag, and exiting.

 I opened the door to see my wonderful boyfriend on the other side. "Hello” He said. “How much of that did you hear” you quietly asked, looking down at the floor. “All of that” he lifted my head up.

 "That was very brave of you. I know how you feel about, standing up to your friends.“ "I couldn’t let her keep talking about you like you some sort of animal Lijah. That just wasn’t right” I said, embracing him in a hug.


 Elijah and I, where at his house. We were going to have dinner with his family tonight. I kept glancing at my reflection in the mirror. I was super nervous, I had meet them before but just briefly.

 "You don’t have to be so nervous, they’ll love you. Trust me, they’ll love you as much as I do.“ Lijah said, walking from behind me and wrapping his arms around me. He always knew exactly what to say to calm me down.


 We sitting all at the dinner table, Lijah and his siblings having small chat. "So Y/n, how’s your confidence going” Kluas asked, everyone knew I had a problem with my confidence.

 "I don’t know, How’s world domination going" I said, quietly. They all laughed even Kluas.

 "How do you people say know a days, lol! Elijah, I like her. Don’t scare her away" Rebekah said.

 "I wouldn’t dare of scaring her away, she’s the love of my life.“ Lijah said, grabbing my hand. 

 I knew I was going to marry this man one day

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Relationships are a lot of work but it is so worth it you have two very different worlds becoming one. And being a black gay couple there are many different pressures you have the pressure of society , personal insecurities,family , friends and not to mention gay men themselves . It makes it so hard to TRUST and believe in one another but I’ve learned ultimately none of that matters you can’t stress about what others may think say or do you have to know that what you are working toward is worth it . And don’t stress or over think over things that haven’t happened and letting your mind wonder about what-ifs and just continue to be loving caring and understanding . KELVIN EVANS I haven’t ever loved anyone out side of my family as much as I love you , you are a gift from God and while we both have personal things we are working on I love you just the way you are . Things are going to get better and I’m always going to be here for you though what ever life sends our way good or bad .Love AMIR

BTS Reaction- You Being Extremely Loud w/ Friends, but Not w/ Them

requested by anon.

*gifs are not mine*

Namjoon: Surprised. He couldn’t understand why you were so shy and quiet w/ him but w/ your friends, you laugh out loud and crack jokes. He would want you to open up and let loose a bit more around him. He’d talk to your friends on the down low to try and figure out how he could get you out of your shell when with him.

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Hoseok: Would try everything to get you to react how you do w/ your friends. It would irk him because he’s not very quiet and he likes to make you laugh. He’s literally sunshine. he’d celebrate whenever you cracked a smile, or giggled quietly. He’d coo and pull you closer, kissing the top of your head (or cheek if you’re taller than him).

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Jimin: At first he’d think you didn’t like him or didn’t like spending time with him. He noticed that you were more reserved when you got around him. When you were with your friends you joked around and laughed like a maniac. He wanted you to do that w/ him. He’d be a little sad to know that you were to shy to show him that side to him.

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Taehyung: Uhm what you doing? He’d look at you in shock because he saw how you were w/ your friends. He couldn’t believe that you were a totally different person w/ him. Just like Namjoon, he’d try and talk to your friends, asking for advice, but they’d just tell him to be himself.

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Jungkook: He’d think it was really cute because you were really shy about being loud w/ him. he’d tease you saying you didn’t have the capacity to be loud, trying to get a reaction out of you. He’d try his best to get you out of that shell by tickling you, cracking jokes, and making funny faces.

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Jin: Betrayed. He would be annoyed at the fact that whenever he said one of his corny dad jokes, you didn’t crack up laughing. He’d be dramatic saying you didn’t like him and how he feels betrayed by his boo. Just like Jimin he’d be sad be cause he’d feel like you weren’t comfortable enough with him to show that side.

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Yoongi: Curious to see that you were different around your friends. He’d be a bit more understanding because he wouldn’t want you to do something you probably weren’t comfortable doing with him. he’d let you show it on you own time, not being pushy.

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(Translation) Seiyuu JUNON Vol. 4, 10.15.2016 - Aoi Shouta


I’ll be trying to upload more interviews soon. Next translation that I’ll be doing will be Hanae Natsuki and Eguchi Takuya’s interviews from the said issue

Aoi Shouta:  “ I’ll Break it Out”

The kind of “A girl or a boy should be like this, right?” stereotype is being reversed by a person. A person who never fails to captivate the audience. A miracle called Aoi Shouta.

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Ankle Biter | 04

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 2.6k

playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 05

The wrought iron gates that separate Taehyung’s mansion with the rest of the world rattle as you hit your fist against them. He had never given you the passcode, and the keypad stared at you with a numeric smile and you swore the world was totally and completely against you.

“God damn it!” You whisper under your breath as you eye the black gates that now sway gently from the cold wind that whips through the autumn-bound, affluent neighborhood of Samseong-dong. Every leaf that was once green and soft was now crunched under your feet, and despite the situation at hand your heart beat calmly as your mind spun with the thought of Taehyung in there all alone, wondering where you were..

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The Good Parent - Part Six

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 2336

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by pennyackles

Warnings: blood mention, slight violence

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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VoTV: Several people seem to be a little unhappy with Rusty at the moment. I asked some fans about it and the majority said that they feel like Rusty often ends scenes they would have liked to see play out. Is that intended from your side or is it just an effect of the lack of time you can dedicate to personal storylines?

James Duff: People who dislike Rusty tend to complain a lot more than the people who love him. I’ve got two different subsets of viewers to deal with. There are people who only watch the show because of Rusty and there are people who watch the show in spite of him. [LAUGHS]

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Who watches MC just for Rusty? Not trying to be salty or shady.


You couldn’t remember the last time you had been relaxed enough to sleep this well. You had finally reunited with Cas, after convincing him that being close to him would put you in danger. He was the one that you felt the safest with. Of course you felt safe with the Winchesters as well, you loved them a lot, they were just like family to you. However Cas had always been more than a friend to you, ever since you first met him. Though you always tried convincing yourself that he could never have feelings for you, one day he finally proved you wrong. That was probably the best day of your life. Sure the two of you had your ups and downs, just like any other couple. The only difference was that, you were dating an angel. Although it didn’t really make any difference, because cas was different, how cheesy that may sound but he was. He was something quite else. Whereas nothing had ever been bad enough to create problems or distance between the two of you, there was one person who did. It wasn’t just a person. It was an angel. Hannah. Oh how much you had heard about her. She was supposedly on your side and was someone that could be trusted, even though Sam and Dean sometimes did have bad feeling about her. You hadn’t met her yet, but decided to judge her from the impression you would get from her. Let’s just say it didn’t start out very well.

You slowly opened your eyes, and smiled at the sight of your boyfriend. After reuniting, the two of you had spent quite a few hours celebrating (if you could call it that). You had reunited with Cas at some random motel room that he was staying on, so the two of you had shared a really small bed, which wasn’t the most comfortable, but you would do anything to spend some time with him. When Cas saw you gazing at him, he couldn’t help but smile himself. He caresses your cheek, and gave you a quick kiss. You couldn’t remember the last time you had seen him smile that much.

“Y/n I think we should get dressed and head back to the bunker, Sam and Dean must be worried” Cas said while caressing your hair.

You snuggled in even closer to him and laid your head on his chest. “mm let’s just lay here a little more I’m so tired” you mumbled sleepily. “Oh and I texted the boys last night and told them that we finished the hunt, so don’t worry they’ll be fine”.

“Well I think we can wait a little more then” Cas said with smirk and began kissing you.

You pulled him even closer, and tangled your hands in his hair. Your kissing was soon interrupted though, because suddenly there was a loud knock on the door.

You pulled away from Cas and looked at him confused. There was another knock on the door, and you were about to get up and answer the door when you remembered that you weren’t dressed.

“Y/n wait, I’ll go see who or what it is” Cas said in a protective way.

You nodded and looked at him anxiously when he slowly opened the door.

“Hannah” he said out loud in surprise.

Part one

The Heart Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Irrational Impulses, Instinct, Emotional, Feelings, Biased and Personal, Empathetic, Passionate, Showing Off, Strong Weight on Single Possibility
Symbols: Hats, Souls, “Inner Self” Your True Uniqueness

Heart is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Mind. When I think of Heart, I think of the Inner Soul that exists within every person that makes them who they are. Your Heart is what is “You”, what makes you Unique and Separate, standing out from the Crowd. It’s the Instinctual Impulse to feel Emotional about something, no matter what else happens. Heart is Irrational, since it’s driven by pure Feeling. Heart is Personal, It’s Empathetic and Passionate in all things. It’s Showing who You are, embracing your Biases and being Unique. Heart might not always have a justification for what it feels strongly about, but the strength of their Emotion means they are not easily wavered from their point of view. Heart will never give equal weight to every possible choice or possibility, because they give special favor to any single outcome they consider morally the ‘right’ thing to do. Heart has a strong sense of self and will always know itself. It has a strong moral compass to boot, never being lost or confused about what’s right or wrong.

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This was a lil sketch I never finished. I threw it away after ripping it up. I just wanted to posted this because I never show the rough side of being an artist. It SUCKS when you have a nice image in your head and you can’t do anything about it because your mind is elsewhere and your hands are too tired. However, it didn’t stop me from recreating it into something different. Didn’t stop me from drawing the rest of the day. And it certainly didn’t stop me from drawing ever again. Sometimes, the goal isn’t to create something, but to learn from the process of it.

This is just a lil PSA, but I really recommend trying honey from local farms/apiaries. There are two main reasons for this! 

The first is that cheap supermarket honey can be pretty dodgy. There have been some ~honey exposées~ (and now you know I’m the kind of person who sits around reading honey exposées and honey exposée exposées) talking about how a lot of US supermarket honey either isn’t real honey or the source is suspect. Now, a lot of it probably is real honey, it’s just filtered. A lot of American honey is filtered, even high grade stuff. Americans don’t know how to deal with honey when it crystallizes, so they panic and throw it away. A lot of honey companies will filter it so this doesn’t happen. But some of it actually isn’t honey (read the ingredients list!!) and some of it may have been cut with honey from countries whose honey we’ve banned for sale in the US for assorted economic (and occasionally safety) reasons. It’s debatable whether unfiltered honey is really better for you than filtered honey, but I personally prefer it.

(Side note: Seriously, if your honey crystallizes (gets hard in the jar), don’t throw it out! Just heat it up, it’ll melt back down. Honey basically never goes bad, don’t worry about it. lol)

The second is that all honey doesn’t taste the same. Like not even a little bit the same sometimes. Honey will taste different depending on a lot of different factors, like the plants that the nectar was picked up from, location, bees, etc. The biggest factor, I think you’re probably gonna find, is which plants the bees grazed on to get the nectar used to create the honey. Varietal honey (as in, honey which was made when bees were given access to a specific variety of plant) can have some really unique flavors. Blackberry honey tastes totally different from eucalyptus honey which tastes totally different from fireweed honey. My personal favorite is saw palmetto honey, which can be harder to get up north. It’s really rich and lovely, though. Sage honey is also really good for making honeyed ham.

Most honey you buy is just clover honey or wildflower honey, which has a pretty mild, very sweet taste. Personally, I think it’s a little boring. lol. It’s popular because of how mild the flavor is, though – it’s good for basic cooking, and it has the honey taste that people have come to expect. Most people I meet are shocked how different varietal honey tastes from what they’re used to. (Unless it’s acacia. That tastes pretty similar to wildflower honey to me.)

Sometimes these varietal honeys will actually taste a bit like the plants they’re made from, but not always. And please keep in mind, I’m not talking about flavored honey here; honey made from the nectar of a different plant will naturally taste different. It doesn’t need any other ingredient. Check the label carefully. Orange blossom honey already tastes pretty strongly of oranges, but orange-flavored honey is a whole other ball game. I’m not saying that flavored honey is bad (in fact I’ve had some very nice ones) but it can detract from some really interesting natural flavors.

Location matters a lot, too. Some urban apiaries are even labeling their honey varieties by zip code! The bees get pollen from all the trees, flowers, window boxes, etc. from all over that zip code, and each zip code tastes different. Pretty cool, I think!

Anyway, I can’t tell you any one “best” honey to get, just like I can’t tell you about a best candy or juice or fruit. It’s largely a matter of personal preference. And it can be hard to get local honey! It can be hard to find, and it can be expensive – and I recognize that not everyone is going to want to spend a lot of money on what’s essentially a fancy sweetener. But if you have the chance to go taste a lot of different honeys that an apiary puts out (they’ll often have tastings at farmer’s markets, specialty food stores, food festivals, garden shows, etc.) I really highly recommend it. Or even just pick up a bottle of varietal honey at the store (orange blossom is pretty common one) and see what you think!

If you get to be a total weirdo like me, you’ll end up in too deep, so like. Don’t do that. Don’t get like me. Don’t special order honey online. Don’t buy yourself HQ honey as a Christmas treat. Don’t go to local craft markets and sigh over how perfectly lovely beeswax candles naturally smell. Like family members are bringing me local honey from all over the world now, haha. It’s gotten out of hand.

BUT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS TRY HONEY! All different kinds of honey! See what honey made from your local plants tastes like! See what varietal honey from specific plants tastes like! Experiment with the way exotic honey tastes when you’re cooking! It’s a lot of fun and it helps support beekeepers, which is something that’s more important than ever.

Buy honey, have fun, support bees!

What I learned living in a third world country

1. People are the same, they all joke around, they all want to love and be loved the only difference is geographical.

2. People don’t care about what your role is.
People could care less about your degree or what your job is. They only care about what kind of person you are.

3. You don’t need anything that you own to be happy. Happiness comes from yourself,
And sometimes you have to let it all go to learn this

4. An old man smoking a joint on the side of the road can teach you more then a 4 yr college degree.

5. Your parents tried their best, And in the end they are all just scared kids trying to do it right.

6. You can be anyone you want to be, you can be sad, you can be mad, you can be happy, and you can be glad.

7. You can literally do anything that makes you happy for your whole life.
You can wake up every morning happy, you don’t have to get that degree or chase that job just because you parents or peers think it’s a good choice.

8. You are enough, Just you, Standing on a street corner wearing only your outfit, Just your personality, is all you need.

9. Sometimes you do have to run away to see that you were held captive.

10. People aren’t lesser anywhere else in the world, people love the same, people get angry over the same things. People are just as equally beautiful and talented.
It just takes an open heart to see that, everybody needs love. From the single mother, to the father struggling to make ends meet, to the street beggar, to the rich business man. Life isn’t what it seems.

[Durarara!!] Epitome of Eighteen Histories 15: Orihara Izaya Episode

So, this is my first attempt at translating something from Japanese to English, which is to say from my third to second language. 

At first I only intended to practice reading, but then I found out that I would forget the last sentence as soon as I finished a new one, so I decided to write it down, then somehow it turned into a translation.

I’m sure I made several mistakes in there. Read it with a grain of salt. Please bear with me and feel free to point out any mistake, both in the translation itself and in the grammatical thingy.

Scan provided by @durararascans, thank you very much!

[ translation under cut ]

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anonymous asked:

Hello there! I'm sorry to trouble you, but do you have any advice for juggling stories with a lot of characters? The protagonist grows by meeting quite a few people that give him new perspectives, so minimal cuts would be preferred (*part 1)

(*2/2) since each character is important. But juggling 6 main-ish characters besides the protag is rather hard to manage. Would cuts be necessary in the end, or can i make it work somehow? Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!

I know you said ‘minimal cuts are preferred’, but you probably don’t have much of a choice in the matter if all 6 of your characters are extremely important. You could start by looking into books that have a lot of characters with cuts into their perspectives - either in the first person, or third person limited/omniscient. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, As I Lay Dying, And Then There Were None, Inkheart, A Song of Ice and Fire (loathe as I am to mention it), Frankenstein, The Night Angel trilogy, and The Night Circus all have examples of this. If you don’t have time to read the entire book, checking out a few different chapters from each should give you an idea of how you want to approach this. I also found this article which also might be of some help to you.

Additionally, if you really, really, REALLY don’t want to make a bunch of different cuts, you could write your story in third person omniscient, which means that you’re not limited to only writing in the thoughts of one of your characters at a time. This might actually be more difficult however, as you’ll need to make it very clear who is thinking what/saying what or else your readers will be confused.

You want to make sure your characters are all fundamentally different enough to warrant having 6 main characters and thus, 6 different voices/thoughts. Are there characters who could really be reduced to side roles? Characters who don’t even need to be there? Characters whose personalities are so similar you can just combine them? If you’re still sure you absolutely NEED all of those people, then make doubly sure you have all their personalities and traits down. Make a list and make notes about who acts this way or that way - ensure that you can differentiate writing the thoughts and potential dialogue of all 6 characters so you don’t get lost writing your own cast. Write down the different quirks of each character, their goals, personalities, traits, etc.

And of course lastly, good luck!

Out of My League Part 2 // {Brett Talbot Imagine}

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot x Reader}

~PART 2~

A/N: I’m so happy you guys requested a part 2 so here it is; And thank you so much for 200 followers.

Warnings: None.


After you and Brett parted ways you quickly got home and ran up to your room closing the door behind you leaning your back on it, a smile plastered on your lips.

You couldn’t believe that that just happened and you couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Since today was your free day you had literally nothing to do but sit on your laptop thinking what was tomorrow holding for you.

You couldn’t help but let your thoughts wander, even to places you didn’t want it to go.

You kept thinking about what if its a joke, prank.

What if he’s doing just because of Y/B/F/N.

What if because of a bet, go out with the first girl you see, I mean it makes sense.. He never made any contact with you until today, a couple glances here and there but he never tried getting your attention.

You shook your head trying to get the thoughts out of your head but they kept coming back.

You looked over to your clock and saw that its already 10:30 pm, even though it is still a little early you decided going to bed was the right thing to do.

You turned off the lights and laid on your back staring at the ceiling.

“What if it is just a joke?” You thought to yourself.


It was the next day and you see Y/B/F/N the second you step foot in the school,

You come up to her locker.

“I don’t know if to kill you or thank you” you said sarcastically.

“I personally prefer the second approach”

“Your coming over after school, he’s picking me up at 7:30 and I obviously need your help”

“I will even spy on you guys if I need to”

“Thanks babe” you said before heading onto your class.

School finally ended and you and Y/B/F/N walked home since you live quite close.

You both went up to your room and you sat on your bed as your best friend went up to your closet picking out outfits for you.

“How did you know?” You asked her.

“Know what?”

“That he likes me”

“Y/N, he’s one of my best friends, I see the way he looks at you when you don’t notice.. he has told me this before”

“Yeah but, He’s so out of my league, how could he possibly like me”

“You’re underestimating yourself”

“Trust me I’m not, and I don’t get why he even looks at me, I don’t even look that good”

“Woah, woah, woah, You look amazing, How don’t you see it?” She said walking towards you.

“No I don’t, Why do people keep saying that”

“Because its true”

You did look good, better than good.. you were beautiful but your confidence was too low to acknowledge it.

“Back to your outfit” Y/B/F/N said as she showed you couple suggestions.

You both finally decided on one:

It was 6 and you started getting ready, You dressed up and Y/B/F/N helped with your makeup and hair.

Your makeup was quite natural and your hair was in loose curls.

You looked amazing, your confidence level started getting higher but the butterflies in you stomach started going wild.

An hour and a half later you got a text from Brett:

“I’m here”

You started stressing out but your best friend quickly realised and grabbed you by your arms looking into your eyes.

“Hey, Its okay. You look gorgeous and I’m here if you need me, okay?”

You nodded letting out a sigh.

You stepped out to see Brett waiting for you in his car,

You got in and sat beside him.

“Y-You look amazing” he said with a smirk creeping on his smile.

“You don’t look to bad yourself” You said as you raised one brow.

“So where are you taking me?” You said in confidence.

“You’ll see”

The rest of the ride was quite silent,

Suddenly the road was familiar to you,

He was driving over to your favourite cafe.

“How did you know?” You smiled at him.

“Shhh..” He said bringing one finger up to his lips.

“I swear she knows me to good” You mumbled laughing to yourself.

Brett stepped out opening the door for you helping you out his car.

You step out and straighten your skirt as Brett leads you in the cafe.

“Table for two?” The hostess asks.

“Yes” he says as she leads us to a table in a darker more intimate part of the cafe.

“Thank you” You both say as you sit down.

After a couple of minutes a waitress comes to your table.

“Ready to order?”

“Umm yes, Could I get the hot chocolate?”

“Of course, and what for you?”

“I’ll have what she’s having”

“Sure thing” She said as she left your table back to the kitchen.

Once your Hot chocolates came you and Brett started talking, telling different stories and adventures.

“You know I have to say, You surprised me” Brett said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are always so shy and I didn’t know much about you, but you are really fun to hang out with, once I got to know you I found a different side in you” He smiled.

You started blushing looking down at your drink.

“And speaking about being shy, Why are you so quiet all the time? You have such an amazing personality”

“Well.. I can’t really describe it. I just have a hard time being social and if I am its mostly thanks to Y/B/F/N”

Brett grinned as he looked at you.

“Could I ask you something?” You said.

“Yes of course”

“Why me? I mean we’re on different levels and we never even talked before, what suddenly made you change your mind?”

“Um.. You know I’ve had my eyes on you for a while, even though there are many girls interested in me you caught my eye, You are so beautiful and your smile  so one of the prettiest I’ve seen, Your personality is amazing and watching you underestimate your self breaks my heart because you have no idea how beautiful you are”

You felt your cheeks turning red and you couldn’t help but smile.

“You know, I was kind sceptical about you, but I found a different side in you too”

“I’m glad you did” He smiled as he held your hand.

“How about we go for a walk, talk a little more” He suggested.

“Sounds good” You smile as he paid for the date and you two walked out.

You both walked up and down the streets, talking about so many different subjects from so many different angles.

It was already quite late and it started getting colder.

Although you wore a cardigan over your outfit you still felt a little cold.

“Are you cold?” He asked.

“No I’m fine”

“Your lips are blue, here take my coat”

“You don’t have too” You insisted.

“But what if I want to..”

You looked up at him with a half smile as he put his coat on you.

You two stopped walking and he turned to you.

“And about your lips..”

He brought his hand up to your cheek stroking it softly as you pulled you into a soft but passionate kiss.

The moment his soft lips touched yours all your worries went away, how you looked, what he thought of you,

A sudden calmness took over your body.

You both pulled back as you bit your lower lip.

“We should do this again some time” he said.

“I agree”


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ciepea20 replied to your post “kylo doesn’t act like carri efishe r so he can’t be mentally ill and…”

Talks about Ben Solo. Different person

I have to disagree with you there- you can’t separate his “bad side” from his “good side.” This isn’t a jekyll/hyde scenario, he is the same person all the time, he’s just making different decisions. I have the same problem with people who separate Anakin and Vader- while a change in name does, in a literary sense, signify a drastic change in character, he’s still the same person. Anakin killed younglings just as much as Vader did. Kylo is a victim of abuse just as much as Ben is. They’re not different people, they’re just the same guy at different points in his life.

beyond that we only talk about kylo because we’ve only seen kylo. someone correct me if i’m wrong, but the most we ever see of Ben in bloodlines and aftermath is from Leia’s perspective. we can’t talk about “ben” in anything but speculative and vague terms, because we’ve never really ‘met” him. we know some things about what he and his life were like before he fell, from what we hear other characters say about him both out loud and internally, but that’s not the same as him actually having any pre-kylo screentime

Caught in a Lie pt.5

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part seven |

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: JiminxReader

Word Count: 2,797

Plot: Park Jimin is a rich man and you just happen to be his maid. But a maid isn’t what he’s really looking for. (Based off of Lie)

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On a side note, I’m still having a difficult time so the subject matter of my posts may differ slightly! I’ll be posting personal spells and spreads I’m using this month and probably some stuff about my personal work with Frigg, Sigyn, and Freyja as they have been very supporting and wonderful. 
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