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i am so, so sick of seeing “support bi girls uwu” and “bi girls are cute and valid” plastered everywhere with ZERO (0) support for bi boys

so bi boys, if you spent your whole life thinking you were 100% straight but now want to explore being with other dudes, go for it.

if you thought you were gay and worry about being rejected by the LGBT community for trying out het relationships, there are a whole bunch of bi people like myself who will rally behind you.

if you’ve been taught by family members, conservative friends, or the media that kissing another guy, or having sex with another guy, or proposing to another guy is gross/wrong/sinful, fuck ‘em. there is nothing gross or wrong about men loving other men, period.

bi boys, whether you’ve known you’re bi all your life or are just now figuring it out – you are loved.

Band Sections expectation vs. reality
  • Flutes expectation: A bunch of girls who talk about the cute boys in the percussion section
  • Flutes reality: A bunch of girls who try to kill each other over first chair, the one guy in the section just plays Zelda songs all the time.
  • Clarinets expectation: Kinda the nerdy quiet people.
  • Clarinets reality: They're still quiet, but because they talking shit the whole time.
  • Saxophone expectation: Idiots playing sexy sax man thing all the time.
  • Saxophone reality: Idiots playing sexy sax man thing AND the epic sax man solo
  • Oboe expectation: Dorky kid who takes 6 AP classes.
  • Oboe Reality: Out of tune dork who takes 6 AP classes, overall really nice people. Trust the oboe with your life, just not with intonation.
  • Bassoon expectations: Probably plays DnD and hangs out with the saxophones.
  • Bassoon reality: Plays DnD with the low brass.
  • Low Brass expectation: The foundation of the band so they have to be put together
  • Low brass reality: wrong. Mix of nerds and stoners, generally pretty funny.
  • Horns expectation: plays great, never heard them play a wrong note. Quiet, keeps to themselves, no ego.
  • Horns reality: Stopped playing after the first 10 bars of only upbeats, plays what the trumpets have because they want melody. Biggest egos in the band, but keeps it on the DL
  • Trumpets expectation: Plays crazy high notes, giant egos.
  • Trumpets reality: attempts high notes, fails, thinks they got it, flaunts that they got that note. (no one believes them)
  • Percussionist expectation: snare rolls, lady killers, sunglasses emoji.
  • Percussionist reality: Was the director talking to us? no? okay cool, so got any 5's?
Mitjo Fic Omegaverse

I would not only want to apologize to God, but to Jesus.

Okay first of all, this is purely a fluff fic! It’s a whole bunch of sappy cuddling and kissing. I’ve been editing this for so long but now it’s finally here!! HOORAH!!

I promise I’ll get the second part of Back to the Future out soon but for now OMEGAVERSE.


The only summary I have is that these boys are cute, Jonas is an Omega, Mitch is an alpha, and they’re being cuddly and loving to one another because they are PURE.

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all of the “ex-lesbian” pro-sexual fluidity articles start off with the same harrowing tale

a naive college freshman in the 90s. She kissed a girl and Oh! her whole life was turned upside down. She shaved her head! Had sex with a bunch of women! She wanted and needed to tell everyone in her life Just How Gay She Was and Just How Much She Hated Men! ….but she was sad…. because deep down, she really did like men and she was forced to hide it. She was limiting herself. She had been a victim of peer pressure and homo-assimilation. One day she met a man so nice she couldn’t deny herself any longer. She was freed from the grasps of the lesbians and here to tell you her tale on the power lurrrrve over closed-minded sexual rigidity

my favorite story that’s in the carol channing documentary is that on the farewell tour in the 90s, she had trouble with a bunch of old unresponsive audiences in a city in Florida. carol was not used to unresponsive audiences when it came to dolly, so she didn’t handle this well. One time, before going down the staircase, she turned to the chorus boy next to her and said “where are the gays? the gays love me.”

eventually carol got so uncharacteristically bitter about the whole thing that the management told the rest of the company “just don’t engage her, we’ll move to the next city soon.” so what ended up happening was the chorus would hear her footsteps down the hall and they would all dart and hide from her because if she found you she would grab you by the shoulders and shout “THEY’RE TAKING US ALL TO THE GRAVE WITH THEM IT’S LIKE WE’RE IN A DEATH FUNNEL AND WE’RE GOING DOWN” right at you. She was just seeking out people to complain to. Apparently she was putting on her gloves for the title song before going onstage and as she passed on of the waiters in the hallway she turned to him and said “they’re all so old out there, older than I am, and the only reason they showed up was to see if this was the performance I’d finally die.”

Sometimes I just stop and remember that @nbchannibal was a real show…like…that was a real show that really happened. A love story between a cannibal and a man he frames for murder a whole bunch and also there’s a gay woman who has a baby with her brother, her bisexual girlfriend who fell out of a window, and a pig and also the brother ate his own nose once after feeding his face to dogs and this was a real show that was on network television for three years and it ended with a brutal murder that was basically a sex scene that was then followed by a romantic murder-suicide and basically, bryan fuller is my hero. 

FUN FAX in this scene the street is in bath (it’s called john street and just around the corner from gay street) but the balcony where the bride is stood is in bristol. i’ve been to both places a whole bunch of times. bothers me.

I just want to read a whole bunch of Golly hurt/comfort fanfic. No one dies. Just two gay ladies fussing over each other and then snuggling.

honestly though

to each his own but like

all fucking day today I thought about that ki//lling sta//lking comic and kept getting the sweats and having really nasty intrusive thoughts, and I’m not one for having them that bad.

please look at your own risk. it unabashedly glorifies a gay ‘stalker’ getting terrorized by a serial killer and developing stockholme’s syndrome. huge tw for rape, abuse, violence, gore, etc. Idfk why half the yoi fandom went rolling to that and honestly this phenomenon of a whole bunch of people digging this shit just goes to show half the yoi fandom was in it for the yaoi and not the meaningful, wholesome relationship it portrayed in japan’s extremely homophobic climate. in other words, as long as two guys are fucking, it doesn’t fucking matter how absolutely vile the content is. lmao

obviously there’s a bunch of problems with aspects of this (mainly being forced to sympathize with BD before Bismuth and some people saying she’s gay– i thought it was a sisterhood thing but w/e–as well as animation errors in which ruby had no fucking gem!!!) BUT IM JUST so glad we’re finally getting back to the whole intergalactic space revolution instead of “lapis and peridot dick around again”

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y e s

LAWD OKAY (do tell me what you think though)

editing and sticking these into into google docs took so long i decided to just post this the next day ahaha. all these are between my friend @ponchohuman and i

flashfacinorousfangs - 27k words (holy crap how did we write so much) of pure and gay content of my frisk and cam’s chara, guest appearance by one of cam’s frisks and my six souls. dated last june/july. doesn’t make any sense unless you’ve read @omegafrisk but hey, if you haven’t then that’s a whole bunch more fic to read! omega rips a horrid chara out of their even more horrid multi-run no mercy frisk’s soul. shenanigans ensue. divided into two parts because 70 pages is too many. the chara’s toxic relationship with their no mercy frisk is talked about, but this one’s pretty sweet all in all

writewrithingwrath - 45k words (how??? did we write so much???) of vanilla no mercy/soulless pacifist hell, again starring my frisk and cam’s chara. blame him for how bad it gets. divided into three parts. warning for how horribly toxic and gross it gets, and also hamilton references. ends a bit abruptly, maybe we’ll continue it someday. dated july-august last year. and incessant rabbit references. and abuse, god please stop chara

strangeldsilentsong - a mere 8k words! one of those aus where chara’s suicide is prevented and they and asriel grow up to rule the underground. frisk later ruins everything by falling. stars my chara and asriel, and one of cam’s frisks. we never got far with it so it’s more focused on frisk and asriel + chara and asriel, but it IS adorable. chara and frisk do bond a little over mutual morbid humour.

mustermaverickmaledictions - 17k words of my frisk and cam’s chara, yet again, yaaay. underswap no mercy, starts off gay and wonderful and descends directly into hell at terminal velocity. it’s really more roleswap than any sort of personality swap. less awful than www but still gets a little toxic in the soulless pacifist, not that we got far. it’s scattered across october and december, when my rp abilities were waning.

hope you enjoy these!

flovvright replied to your post: “@flovvright ur tags on that post made me smile a whole bunch but i…”:

the first time i saw knives’ desktop theme i almost unfollowed (/mostly a joke)


i’m mostly responsible for what it looks like because i just. tarnished his theme when he gave me his password for somethin, but i was…? expecting him to like. change it back at some point. but no. he’s kept it for like. almost a year now

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Do you have a main account?

(((Out of character post x100000!! !)))

(((Yes actually!  It’s @jennlynn1999 The truth is out, I’m actually just a magpie who found a computer.  It’s not a very creative name but it’s what I used back in the day when I did a bunch of story writing and art with my homie (the cat) who now runs a cool rainbow-Brandom blog @rainbow-corp-public-relations !))

(( I don’t really do a whole lot on that blog now except reblogging random things I like or plan to draw for later on my Mini blog. ))

((To be honest, that hard core actual story writing I used to do eventually kinda just, ,, became more stressful than enjoyable.  Which is one of the reasons I joined the brandom.  I’m really happy I came too.  It’s just chill candy happiness and planning gay character development with @ossy-possum .  It’s pretty great.))

*has to unfollow a whole bunch of people because they say “KS is fetishizing gay mennnn unfollow me if you don’t agree” without realising that maybe MlMs read it too and also the fact it’s not the first ever popular psychological horror with torture porn involved, and the fact that it’s gay should be irrelevant to everyone considering if it was straight and not as popular nobody would care*  

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How do you think Papyrus and Mettaton got together? Who asked who out, and how did they do it? These are the important questions.




((What REALLY happened:))
*Mettaton, walking home after a shopping spree…*

(Luckily for Pap, Mettaton is very loyal to his fans so he ended up taking the offer. Pap nearly died of excitement.)

Are the Pharmercy fans even aware there’s more to the LGBT than just a bunch of lesbians? My whole point was people were crying for representation and lesbians got to be on the freaking cover! That’s amazing oh but apparently that’s not enough. Because screw letting gay men, bi people, or trans have a character. No having LGBT characters to you sure sounds like you just want a bunch of L’s.

And that is bullshit. So go ahead and keep calling me shit I’m not. I’m still cracking up someone thought I was straight when it says “Gay Ace” right on my stupid ass blog.