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I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

SU Fanfiction Recommendations (7/4/17)

So it’s been quite a while since I did this, so here we go.

As most of you know, I am an SU fanfiction writer and avid reader as well. I used to do quite a lot of recommendation posts, but they have slowed recently. I am going to now try to be more frequent with recommendation posts. I can’t promise a consistent schedule, but I’ll try to post whenever I have a decent “batch” of recommendations.

One thing that must be addressed first, however, is that I am very involved in the SU fanfiction community and know a lot of fanfic authors on some level. I do not personally feel this affects my personal recommendations in any significant way, but it still bears disclosure and instances where I do know the author who wrote the fic I will place an asterisk (*) by the recommendation just to make that clear.

I will also drop a specific plug of one of my works near the end, which I will make clear in the text because … well, mostly because I’m a bit of a shill and proud of my own work, heh.

Anyway, here are my recommendations:

The Voicemail of Steven Universe by timeisweird *
Summary: “Hi, you’ve reached the voicemail of Steven Universe. Sorry I missed you, I’m probably out on a mission. Leave a message, and uh, I’ll get back to you soon. Love you, bye!”

After he was taken, Connie would call Steven, if only to hear his voice one more time. Sometimes, she left messages.

[Notes: Very slightly dated post-Wanted, but still great Connverse-specific angst that I thoroughly enjoyed.]

The Picture of Steven Pink by citrusella *

Summary: It took a lot out of him.

[Notes: A shortie but a goodie. A pretty dark take on Steven’s healing magic and the effect it has on him. Very cool idea.]

They’re Just … Rocks by RainbowMatildas

Summary: “Steven, are there male Gems?”

The question caught Steven so off-guard that he dropped his crayon. It rolled to the edge of his loft, then fell onto the floor below with a muffled clatter.

“Male Gems?” He repeated slowly. “What do you mean?”

[Notes: Another short one but funny in a cute way and interesting in how it directly addresses the question of Gem gender. Also it has a sweet ending.]

Hair Dye by Jess4400 *

Summary: Steven finds some hair dye. Connie finds a confidant.

*Set in the ConnieSwap Universe but not affiliated with it*

[Notes: Gotta admit this caught my eye since I write for Connieswap now. A very cute Connverse-y slice of life story. Also so good it was probably a partial inspiration for the fic of mine that appears later on this list …]

Best wishes, Connie and Steven, Saviors of the World by Jess4400 *

Summary: The Gems can’t take Connie to a mission in a volcano. Bummer, huh? Now she’s getting dragged into going on a road trip with Steven, who is visiting his uncle Andy with his family in Mountain Town. Sounds fun, right? That’s what she thought, too, until they get stranded at a Waffle House at 1 a.m. with a corrupted gem on their tail.

Written for the Connieswap prompt, “Travel.” As always, this is not an official story.

[Notes: Another Connieswap inspired story by Jess4400. Some light connverse, some fun road trip stuff, and a monster shows up. Just a fun story all around.]

Oh, Sacred Sight by lovevalley45

Summary: His scar was not just a scar.

[Notes: Exploring the idea of Lars having permanent vision damage in his scarred eye. That might not sound compelling, but it really is. Has some great Off-Colors interaction and a surprisingly sweet ending. Short but good.]

Do or Dye by CoreyWW

Summary: Steven asks Connie for help after he dyes his hair pink … and immediately regrets it.

But Connie is more concerned about why he decided to do it in the first place.

Based on a comic by bluewingart, written with permission from original artist.

[Notes: This one was by me, based on the comic linked above. If you like connverse and want some light angst that quickly turns very sweet, hopefully you’ll enjoy this one.]

And thats it for this time. Let me know if you enjoyed this!


introducing bear

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What are the Tenrou Island matchups for the CW!Natsu and DS!Lucy AU? Bc Natsu not being a fire dragon slayer would take away the point of his fight with Zancrow and Lucy wouldn't be able to eat flames anyway. Personally I've always wanted to see Zancrow vs Juvia (short hair ofc) bc she still had her water body back then so she'd be op af and obvs Zancrow still has his magic so he's equally as OP. Idk it just seems like a cool idea.

Lucy vs Zancrow would go very differently than Natsu vs Zancrow, because Zancrow can’t eat Lucy’s white magic! Though tbh I haven’t thought that far ahead yet, or if I’m even going to have Grimoire Heart invade. I might just do a genuine S-Class trial, we’ll have to see.

Juvia vs Zancrow could be interesting - especially if Zancrow’s flames were hot enough to start evaporating Juvia’s water ;)

something very interesting just happened

Fatal Attraction

Originally posted by twiggalina

Song fic, kinda, I guess? This is a Labyrinth Jareth x reader. Will be posting a Jareth X Sarah very soon I just got a really cool idea for this one first. It’s hard to write fics without adding your owe characters, you don’t have as much lee way. That’s why I have been super slow on that. I don’t want to post something I wrote a year ago I’m a lot better then what I was then haha Anyways Hope you like it. This is more of the darker, rougher, cruel side of Jareth. I may make another part of this let me know if you want to read more. Maybe another song fic, thing… But this time you guys can pick the song! :) Not my gif. 

Song: Smoke and Mirrors by Black Veil Brides.

Warnings: Yelling, and slight choking.

I beat the labyrinth, and for what? To let myself get caught up in the illusion that Jareth could be kind and love me. Yes, I took his offer and aloud him to trick me into staying, at the lost of my beloved sibling. How I wish I could go back and say no. Even better never wish them away in the first place. How stupid of me…

I woke up to the sound of a lot of voices and foot steps. Rising from the bed I put on one of the many dresses Jareth insist I wear. Leaving my room I followed the many Goblins to the throne room. They were all running about something clearly going on.

instead of his usual smirk and cocky remark, Jareth sat on his throne looking dare I say troubled. It was never good if he was in a bad mood he took it out on everyone around him.

Sighing I turned around to go back to my room when long gloved fingers wrapped around my wrist. Making me feel as if bugs were crawling up my arm.

“Why Hello, Y/N. I was wondering when you would join me.” He says his breath brushing across my ear.

I one point I would have went weak in the knees because of that now it only makes my skin crawl. Feeling his smirk I know that’s what he wanted me to feel. He enjoys the power over me.

Spinning me around and pulling my hips to his he leans down and runs the tip of his nose up my neck. Finely having enough I push him away, lucky for me he didn’t think I would so his arms did leave my frame.

Glaring at me, I watch has he goes from being flirty to almost complete rage. 

“Don’t defy me!” He spits at me leaning down to my level.

“I’m your king.”

Laughing dryly, I met his gaze not scared of him, as I once was. Deciding it’s not even worth fighting over anymore, I turn my back to him only for him to grab my wrist roughly turning my back to face.

I glare up at his mix matched eyes.

“Your claims of love are falling, now it’s clear you can’t win!” I spit at him jerking my arm from his grip.The anger never leaves my voice showing how tired I am of all this. Hoping he gets how his cruelness has changed me.

I yelp loudly when he grabs my throat and pins me to the wall keeping me from going anywhere. 

“I’ll throw you out of my Kingdom for this!”  

“I’d rather be alone, than put you on a throne.” I say the anger still in my voice but I’m done with yelling. It clearly not getting the point across.

When his grip tightens I half expect him to snap my neck. But instead he loses his grip completely and pulls his head away from my throat. I’m taken back from the way his whole demeanor seems to change. As if I flipped a which or something. Taking a step away from me he turns and goes to sit in his throne. I at first think it’s him being spiteful but the look on his face changes it completely as if he is in deep thought about something. Taking that as a hint I turn and leave. 

Once in my room I lay wishing things get better soon.


Report: Bakuman Stage Greetings at Umeda, Osaka

On Oct 9th, I went to the stage greetings at TOHO Cinemas Umeda in Osaka.
I’ll report how the event progressed :)

My seat was the rightmost one in the fifth row.
Takeru and Ryu appeared through the door just in front of me!

S: Good evening. I’m Sato Takeru. You’ve already seen the film, right? How did you like ’Bakuman’?


S: Since you’ve seen it, we can talk anything, so I’d like to enjoy answering your questions.

K: Good evening. I’m Kamiki Ryunosuke. Thank you for coming here. We can talk anything about the film, so please enjoy yourselves. Thank you.

MC: We’ve come to Osaka at last.

S: Right. We were in Fukuoka in the morning. And we’ve gradually traveled west.

K,MC: …

S: ?

MC: East.

K: Yes, east.

S: Thank you very much. If you hadn’t told me so, I wouldn’t have noticed to the last. First we went west (from Tokyo), and then we moved to the east. This is the seventh time.

MC: OK, then let’s go on to the Q&A segment! This time, we ask you to come onto this stage to ask them questions.


MC: That girl in red, please come here with your friend.

S: Why are you so nasty?
(*note: in the film, Saiko always wears blue clothes and Shujin red, and MC seemed to have chosen those in red in other cities.)
MC: Well, just because it stands out.
(To the girls) Please watch your steps.

S: Hello ~.

K: Hello ~.

MC: Please tell them what you felt about the film.

Girl: … … … (They couldn’t say even a word!)

S: (Tenderly) You watched the film, right?
 Well, I understand you.

Girl: E… Oh… What shall I do … Very …

MC: Calm yourself down.

Girl: Everyone was so cool.

S: Thanks.

Girl: Words won’t come out … What shall I do?

S: Well, what should you do?

Girl: You were very cool.
 Just wait, I have no idea!

S: You can ask just one question.

Girl: What should I ask …

S: Any question is OK.

Girl: Would you please speak in Kansai accent?

S: Nande-yanen!

K: Umasugiruwa!)

S: (to Ryu) You’re so good. Why are you so good at Kansai accent?

K: I’m from Saitama. (*Saitama is in Kanto district.)

S: That’s strange.
 (to the Girl) Would this be OK?

MC: (to another girl) How about you?

Girl: What are your favorite songs?

S: Good question! A normal one.

K: I’ve been listening to ONE OK ROCK these days. Takeru-kun is also, say, he and TAKA-kun have been good friends for years, right?

S: Me, OOR and Radwimps.

K: I know. You’ve been listening to them.

S: Thank you.

The girls descended the stairs.

S: Next! Who was born today?

(The audience was silent for a moment, and then a girl raised her hand! A girl and a boy appeared on the stage.)

S: If you please.

K: Happy Birthday!

S: Happy Birthday! Hello. Is it your birthday today?

Girl: Yes.

S: (Looking sideways at the boy) Uh…

Girl: Nothing but a friend!!!

S: I haven’t told you anything, LOL You were so quick!

Girl: We came from Nagoya. The film was very exciting. I liked the music, Sakanaction’s. I never expected to pogo watching a movie. The music in the scene where Kamiki-kun came up with an idea was really great and I got bumps.

S: A music film, this is.

Girl: I have a question. When I was watching ‘Oshare-izm’ on TV, you were talking a lot about your love. What in him touches you emotionally and what makes you feel he is cute?

K: Well, he is four or five years older than I, so he is kind of my adult brother. He is a reliable elder brother, but sometimes nodding, so I found something all the more congenial in him.

S: Me, too. His sleeping face.

K: We are watching each other’s sleeping face, right?

S: He is sleeping defenselessly.

Girl: You look like lovers, don’t you?

S: Is anything wrong? LOL


S: Her friend, do you have any question?

Boy: Was Komatsu-san beautiful?

K: Of course, she is a heroine!

S: She is 100 times more beautiful in person! Her eyelashes are this long! (showing with his thumb and forefinger) Strangely long! I’ve never seen anyone who looks nicer wearing white socks than she. Dir Ohne was shooting her earnestly.

When they were choosing the next pair, all the audience were raising their hands desperately LOL
Unable to choose one, someone shouted, ‘Who’s wearing school uniform!’, but at last MC chose one …

S: You chose red clothes again, right?

MC: Red catches my eyes … I’ll choose blue ones in the next show.

This time, two girls were moving to the stage.

S: Where has your energy gone? (to MC) Shall we have all the people raising their hands on this stage?

MC: Why…

S: Or shall we go down to the audience?

MC: To the audience?

(It is definitely impossible! LOL)

Girl: Well…
 Oh, no…!
 This is the second time to see this film.
 Oh, no …!
 You played very well, I thought, watching it.
 Oh, it’s impossible! I’ve no idea!!!!
 Can’t stop my legs from trembling … Oh, no …

(Both her legs and voice were trembling! Someone in the audience cheered her up!)

I’ve loved the original manga very much, and when I came to know you would play the main characters, I … very … ah … ah …

S: Won’t you come closer?

(These girls were standing far from them. Takeru was so nice!)

Girl: You were really cool. (she was crying!)

S: Yup. Thanks.

(To another girl) Do you have any question?

Girl: You said you like OOR and Rad. Which song do you like best?

(a good question!)

S: As for Rad, ‘Senshoku-tai’, 24?, I’m not sure. About OOR … it’s so hard. I love all the songs. Would this be OK? Sorry.

K: As for OOR, I love the song of our film, ‘Heart Ache’. And among the songs of Rad,’謎々(Nazo nazo)’ and I’m not sure how to read it ‘Ame Otoko?’ in kanji, ‘雨男子’. I was always listening to Rad in my school days, so I like their songs very much!

S: Thank you. Please watch your step.

MC: We are running out of time. Last word, please.

K: Thank you very much for coming. We made our best to make this film, so we’re happy if you enjoy it. And if you please, watch it again and again. Thank you very much.

S: I’m sorry this event ends so soon. We want to talk with you much longer.

We are proud of this film, so we’d like more people to see it. If you’ve found this film good, please tell your neighbors so. I enjoyed myself being here. See you again!

All the chosen people shook hands with Takeru and Ryu. I envy them ~!

Photos:  みしゃりん on twitter

I am VERY skeptical about the upcoming AC movie. One of the things that rub me the wrong way, is that the bloody producer/star of the project, M. Fassbender, who is the one milking it for cash and fame, isn’t even into the games, he just thinks the idea is sort of cool. *yuck*

… A very bitter confession, I know! :D

cofsbro  asked:

Just a random thought about the cluster after seeing the new SU episodes! What if for a finale where Yellow Diamond and Homeworld sends not just one ship like in season 1 but an armada to destroy/invade the Earth. And in last ditch effort to stop the world from being destroyed Steven fuses with the cluster. It forms not to destroy the Earth but surrounds it as if the Earth itself was its Gem to protect. Thus we get a Giant woman in SPACE to fight them, called something like Pink Star Diamond!

Ohhhh that’d be pretty epic in visual scale and just general plot alone. Very cool idea


On this day, which most people think is just about couples and romantic love, I wanted to show some love to my favorite Tumblr mutuals, since it’s NOT just a day about romantic love, but about friendship as well. :)

I love everyone I follow, I adore and appreciate all my mutuals, but these are the top, the ones who’ve taken time out to talk to me, who’ve been just the nicest, coolest people, who I’m very lucky to have come into contact with, who I hope to stay in touch with and get to know each other better. Thank you all for being amazing! I’m so grateful for you all. :)

First off, bastiansbabe - my best friend, my partner in crime, my sister from another mister - the smartest, sweetest, kindest person in the world who I’m so blessed to have as a best friend, as a roommate. Thank you for being you and please don’t ever change for anybody, don’t ever do ANYTHING for anybody but for yourself. I’m so proud of you, always. ♥♥♥♥♥

To everyonelikedbubbahotep, aslongasyouneed & popthatlock, who’ve known me since before I was on Tumblr, before I fell in love with football, thanks for being amazing people and for sticking with me even though I started to blog about something that’s not really your cup of tea. I love you, ladies! :) :) :)

For plszczek - thank you for being so fabulous to me, for always making me laugh, for not judging me for my inability to choose one Bundesliga team to like, for being someone I can just message at random times and who never makes me feel like I’m being a bother. :)

stuperbee - Thank you for always making me smile and making me feel important, for not being annoyed when I send you random messages to check on you, for just being very cool to me. Stay sweet always :)

twopieceandabusquets - I have no idea why I didn’t find your blog sooner, but gosh, you’re an amazing person. You always make me laugh and I truly felt honored when you followed me back, because it’s like…am I even worthy of a follow? I’ll never be at your level of wit and intelligence, but thank you for making me feel special and being one of my favorite people on Tumblr. :)

hawkeyesmajesticdick - OK, so we haven’t talked in and while and I miss you! I think about you and hope you’re OK often, though - thank you for always being good to me and just being you. :)

lu0-munayi-sutin - Ummm, so yeah, you’re absolutely one of the sweetest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with - you never fail to make me feel better about myself, so thank you for that. You’re such a good person and I wish more people were like you. :)

clarainthelibrary - You’re another one that I really feel unworthy of a follow from, you’re such a lovely person! Thank you for being sweet and I hope you always stay the same. :) Also thank you for indirectly causing my increase in love for French footballers! ;)

blaugranabish - You’re such a sweet, wonderful person and I’m so grateful that we became mutuals - thank you for always having something nice to say, for being so supportive and being just generally a good person. I’m very thankful for your presence on my dash. :)

Also, to lovingkos, casiilas, onceuponalany, fuckingibbo, basicallybayern, messi-njr, mesut-and-tie, catshummels, kyapii, cuteinhos, bibifootballgirl, mariamsanogo, jackwilsthere, swaggareus, jesicarabit, arsene-s, iniewhcs, klosenough, gianlxca, sergiocuatro, gunnersatheart, foxcrumpet, h-ugolloris, dopeassney, welovemesutozil, marcoreusing, kevinmirallasbaby, mychemical-b-romance, mignoleeet, iheartdiemannschaftandsuch, worriedducks, schweinskilovefmlchhlz, oh-german-footballers, sadiccha, giroudmania, chriskramr, bastianschwienstieger, disneyprincerakitic, whatsthemata8, neymardasilvasantos-jr, punkschweinsteiger, tenlovesseven, neuersnutella, schweinskigivesmelife & llionelmessi - your presence on my dash makes my day better and I’m very thankful to be mutuals with you - thank you all for being fabulous! ♥♥♥