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im a bad person who thinks bad thoughts like ‘ew what is that girl wearing’ and then remember that im supposed to be positive about all things and then think 'no she can wear what she wants, fuck what other people say damn girl u look fabulous’ and im just a teeny bit hypocritical tbh

For RWBY and JNPR, has Pyrrha ever asked any of you to help with Jaune's training? If so how did it go? (Asked by spikeoshields)
  • Ruby, smiles with her hands behind her head: Pyrrha didn't ask any of us to help Jaune. Jaune asked himself! He told us all the story of how he came to Beacon, and the whole Cardin disaster too. We all agreed to keep his secret and help out however we could.
  • Ruby, jogging in place: I'm helping him on cardio and endurance! He's not bad, he's not falling off the treadmill anymore!
  • Weiss, closing a book on Glyphs: I'm helping him with Dust, he had absolutely no understanding of the intricacies of the material, but little by little, we've gone through lessons and lessons. He's relatively versed on the subject now, I have to admit I'm proud.
  • Blake, wakes up from a cat nap she was having on Weiss's shoulder: Huh? Jaune? Yeah, yeah. I've helped him with stealth, he was incredibly clumsy and I could hear him from a mile away when we started. But he's come a very long way, and it takes my...well, extra ears to hear him, up until he gets close.
  • Yang, rubbing the back of her head, her other hand on her hip, a very embarrassed smile: Well...hand to hand combat, and...yeah...he was in the infirmary for the second and third lessons. Whoops...
  • Yang, quietly, and a little upset: I'm still aching from the punishment Pyrrha gave me....
  • Nora, taking a sip of 'Everybody likes grape': Pain tolerance! Jaune wasn't excited for it! Pyrrha even had to leave the room! I could actually land a punch on him without him freaking out on the second lesson. The first he just panicked and passed out before I even got him.
  • Ren, nods: Jaune and I are working solely on meditation, to unlock more of his aura. It's difficult. His mind is a maze. But we are making progress.

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I want oliver to be jealous. we've never seen jealous oliver and he'd be so good!

In this case, anon, I am Digg.

After Oliver Queen’s history of the past four seasons, when he tells Felicity this

I believe his jealousy has evolved - gone more civilized than caveman but still… he’s totally fine that she’s seeing someone else?

I don’t believe it at all. He can be somewhat fine with her being happy, but totally fine? 

Oliver, in the past, when it comes to Felicity, has seen the green eyed monster.

Green monster.

Oliver Queen’s Jealousy : A Tale of Sneaky Actions, Clenched Jaws and Internal Expletives

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things to think about if you want to cry:

  • tony and pepper getting married
  • happy walking pepper down the aisle because he’s a huge overprotective teddy bear and of course he has to give her away at the altar
  • happy whispering “i’d tell you i’ll kick his ass if he ever hurts you, but we all know you’ve got that covered”
  • rhodey being tony’s best man
  • rhodey standing there next to tony with this huge stupid grin on his face bc he is the Ultimate Pepperony Fanboy and is so happy to see his best friends happy
  • nat being pepper’s maid of honor
  • nat being like “tony is a huge doofus but after everything you’ve been through together you deserve each other so much and i’m happy to see you happy”
  • their sassy fuckin vows, probably
  • tony being a huge dork and crying just a teeny lil bit when he sees pepper walking towards him because wow she’s so beautiful
  • pepper going weak in the knees when she sees tony because he always looks handsome in a suit but goddamn he looks amazing right now
  • them getting engraved wedding bands; tony’s says “i got you”, pepper’s says “i got you first”
  • pepper being super emotional because who would have thought that i would fall in love with my boss, and i never expected to end up here, but i’ve been through so much with this incredible man who i fall in love with more and more every day, and i’m so ready to stand beside him and face whatever comes our way next
  • tony being super emotional because oh god, i never thought anyone would want this with me, but now here i am standing in front of this beautiful, amazing, intelligent, perfect woman, and she just promised to spend the rest of her life with me

DIY 4 Layer Candy Corn Cake from Sprinkle Bakes. If you are not a baker you can easily use white cake mixes and add food coloring. I suggest buying Wilton Paste Icing Colors because they will last you forever (get them with a coupon at Michaels in a set). You can use just a teeny bit of the paste on the end of a toothpick to get vibrant colors.

For more Halloween cakes like the Snake Cake, Centipede Cake and Spiderweb Cake go here.

You can pair this cake with this DIY Candy Corn Punch Recipe from Simplee Thrifity.

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MY BIGGEST TIP I GUESS IS: the ear is your friend. I usually judge the base of the neck to be around the ear and about half way to the chin. As for a frontal view, i usually mark the junction where the ear meets the head and that’s the line for the neck, but in this case where my style is a bit more cartoony, I make the neck just a teeny bit smaller. Honestly, it also depends on character! For most feminine body types I make the neck thinner and then for really muscular types, I make the neck thicker. But that is completely up to you! As for heads, each shape depends on the character too. I start with a circle and add the jawline for whichever way it’s facing, but most of my shapes retain a kidney bean type form. I hope this helps in some way???

Remember who's handling your drinks.

So this story isn’t my revenge, but my ex-teacher`s. Occasionally in class we’d get off-topic and one day we started talking about the teacher’s other job as a bartender. She told us the story of a guy who came in and started harassing a few of her girl friends. Some kid was like “I would’ve kicked him out!” and my teacher told him she got back at him in a different way..

The Revenge: Apparently people did this a lot so previously, she had bought some strong dose laxative medication. She would crush up the tablets and put just a teeny bit into the guy’s drink and a moment later, she’d watch him run to the restroom, then leave her bar and never come back.

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PARK JINYOUNG | romance, fluff | 1461 words
     × you start receiving love letters and you only wish it was from him.
     × college auinspired by .
     × to @jinmeowie. … idk i just randomly thought of you while writing this LOLOL.

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