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Fangirl Challenge  [10] cartoons/anime

Cast aside the illusion that there is a beginning and end to the story. The story has no beginning. And it has no end. All there is, is a performance of people connecting, living, influencing each other, and departing.

Waiting for Mass Effect 4 is more like 

  • what stupid precious & utterly sweet dorky dude am I gonna fall for this time
  • what kickass, out of this world amazing & perfect lady (who will undoubtedly be straight) will i fall for this time
  • what alien with a voice that could melt butter am i gonna fall for this time
  • what is the cc gonna look like

Because I can become even better, I have no problems.

(That’s right - you can become even better - I have no doubt.)

Somehow, I’m handling it easily; when we’re separated, I feel like I can behave.

(Even when we’re separated, you still don’t need to be obedient, but),

Someday, surely, I want to say these words:

Thank you.

Arigatou [x]


Jack Rackham’s ABC

A is for Anne Bonny

inspired by capnvane.

Today’s tweet from Richard, and it seems he’s also excited for The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies :)

Wheel of Time AU where Lan has a really tiny cat that goes everywhere with him and perches on his shoulder and no one acknowledges it