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okay i'm a new panic fan so i don't really know anything about the drama™ // split etc, or what happened between the band members. can you break it down for me? or point me to a post which does that? also it seems that a lot of people actually think ryan and brendon were in a relationship for real?? and not just the usual shipping of band members thats in every fandom - why's that??

1. I’m honored you felt I am a capable enough of a person to ask such an important question
2. I just typed out a wonderful answer and I changed apps for a second and tumblr mobile deleted it so here I go again:

Welcome to the Panic! fandom!! I myself have only been around since like last August

Now I’ll set a scene: 3 teenage boys, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson are starting a band and they need a guitarist! Brent brings in his pal Brendon Urie, and they realize his voice is A++ so Ryan promotes him to lead singer, but remains as the main songwriter and general band-leader himself. The boys get discovered (thanks to Ryan) and they blow up quickly. They also quickly realize Brent is a shit band member and he is fired (by a group phone call where Brendon did most of the talking). So they’re on the hunt for a new bassist and they bring in Jon Walker who they met while on tour with The Academy Is… when he was a guitar technician for them. The Golden Four have been created!

AFYSCO comes and goes and the boys head back to work on their next album. Now Ryan has gained more confidence vocally and he wants to sing more, and Brendon wants to contribute more lyrically, and the two have a hard time compromising on this. They do somewhat, which is how we got I Have Friends in Holy Spaces and Folkin’ Around (written by Brendon) and how we got Behind the Sea, She Had the World, and Mad as Rabbits (Ryan’s vocal debut on an album). All seems fine and dandy as they release Pretty. Odd. and take it on tour, where they seem like a wonderfully united front. Unfortunately things must not have been so great because come 2009, the boys are seen together less, now split in their infamous pairs of Ryan and Jon, Brendon and Spencer. Rumors fly until the split is officially announced. ‘Musical differences’ cited as the reason. Ryan and Jon run off to create The Young Veins, while Brendon and Spencer add the exclamation point back to Panic!’s name and keep running with it. They add Dallon Weekes for a brief time as a songwriter, but eventually he is demoted and Spencer leaves to deal with his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, both of these things happening around/shortly after the release of TWTLTRTD. That’s what got us to the Brendon! Show, but let’s not talk about my feelings about that right now.

As far as Ryden is concerned, the relationship between the two is honestly baffling, and it’s kind of hard to brush off some of the things that fall together in their timeline.
I’ve already typed so much, so instead of going into even more painful detail, I’m going to suggest browsing through the ryden tag, looking at Ryan’s Myrtle Beach livejournal, and checking out other blogs. Or maybe even ask me on another day, because these are both huge topics that I could talk about for ages but I don’t want to annoy people too much.

I didn’t even get to cover some of the juiciest Panic! drama, there’s still so much more to know but I hope this helped some anyways :-) thanks again for asking this was a grand opportunity!!

  • Jake: Sakes alive! I recon you must be entrepreneurial alternate macrocosm bro or somesuch! This alt universe malarkey whatsit sure is a doozy. Pleasure to meet you i've been on tenterhooks too make your forthcoming acquaintance! This is simply the dickens, i am preposterously overzealous, you seem akin to a benign fellow. Sorry to bedevil you with preposterous infinitesimal botherations, not to assail you. I'll be bequeathing you your personal space lickity split. Dirk always did verbalize about his puzzlebuster bro and i would detest to besmirch the stider designation. This is just as splendid as a huckleberry. Enough of the bravado, my name is jake!
  • Dave, crying: i have no idea what youre saying

So this is Klein Sieben (this is also “small seven” in German), Weiss’s butler and you all notice how he’s eyes change color along with his personality and voice tone? Well it’s because he embodies the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White.

His brown eyes, I believe, is Doc because he shows so much concern for Weiss’s well-being.

His red eyes would be Grumpy even though he used his grumpy side to make Weiss laugh. I love that he’s doing this just to make her smile even at the risk of his job.

The blue eyes represent Sneezy because he just kept sneezing.

The yellow eyes are for Happy since he had the biggest and happiest smile when he saw that Weiss was in a good mood again.

I already love this man. He seems so interesting and I wonder if this personality split is his semblance. And the cool part is, he’s voiced by J Michael Tatum! So you know he’ll have a big role with Weiss’s side of the story.

I think a lot of the conversations about the “Bubble” that is the west coast and the Bos-Wash (Boston to Washington DC) area are like, idk, they’re coming from a real place.  There is a massive lack of understanding between like, the upwardly mobile people who produce thinkpieces and shit on the internet and the majority of people in this country.  And part of the difference is an urban-rural split, there are rural people who on paper are doing better than the young people who are in the city scraping by rent, but there’s still a massive difference between barely scraping by in a region which hasn’t had a functioning economic model for longer than you’ve fucking been alive and barely scraping by in a world where you seem like you’re on the verge of *making it*.  

For a lot of people who just haven’t faced that kind of nihilistic shit, not something that you can personally struggle against by like going to more networking events and taking a Yoga class, the idea that a whole economic model is stacked against you even having gainful employment is this fucking impossibility.  For people who haven’t had it beaten out of them, life is this railroad where you get a high school degree, then a college degree, then a job, then get married, have kids, etc.  They look at the poor people in the periphery as those jock assholes they were always gonna be told they were gonna do better than and hey they are! Ha! Serves em right!

But on the other side, for someone who lives in the periphery, many of them aren’t living there because they hate the cities and also all oppressed groups, they live there because they don’t have enough money to even make the incredibly difficult choice of “scrape by in the city, paying 90% of your paycheck in rent” or “live at home and barely scrape by and avoid a fuckin horrible addiction to something”.  Like if you can’t make enough money to pay 2 months rent you can’t even think of that as a decision!

But people don’t relate to that when they talk about the Bubble, they talk about middle americans as if they were simultaneously the only working class people in the United States and as if they were the only bigoted people in the United States.  It’s as if someone can’t live in the city, be gay or a woman or a person of color, and be working class.  As if you can’t be those things in a rural area!  As if the reason for these peoples’ suffering is somehow justified because this incredibly awful economy didn’t let them on to that railroad, as if having an economy that just works for highly specific college grads maybe is workable, and as if all of this is to blame on Middle America, which is just working class people, and just bigots.

Prompt: The Kuro Section of AO3

Lizzie writes super-cute fluff fic. Sieglinde writes super-technical fic that explores questions like “Is it possible to reconcile the pseudoscience of this franchise with real-world scientific principles? How would the fictional scientific community react to these discoveries? Can I actually write a 100K-word fic justifying the lack of grates on the Death Stars’ exhaust ports?” They each beta-read the other’s stories.

Grell and Angelina are infamous deathfic writers. The writing pair splits, unfortunately, when Angelina refuses to knock off one particular character (”I can’t kill him, he’s practically my son!”).

Claude weaves incredibly intricate stories but occasionally gets stuck in his own web. He just can’t escape those nasty plot holes …

Alois seems to live off the joy of torturing his audience. A typical Author’s Note might say, “If this ship made you feel like stabbing your eyes out, please let me know in the comments! You’ll make my day XD”

Angela is the sweetest, most innocent person in real life. Her fanfic is the some of the most twisted smut on the whole site.

Ciel’s fics start off looking like spun-sugar cotton candy fluff. He then peels away layer after layer of cuteness to reveal bleak, cynical, hopeless angst that may or may not be rooted in his personal experiences.

Sebastian’s fics are grand, elegant, filled to the brim with clever wordplay (read: cheesy puns) and references to classic literature, yet his critics find his work pretentious and emotionally hollow. He’s got a second account for posting catboy!AUs that he will never tell anyone about.

not to get in the middle of something that seems to be Controversial™ on the tumblrs but i saw the movie split yesterday and it really wasn’t all that bad and didn’t portray people with DID to be violent or crazy or anything like that¿ his therapist cared about him and her other patients and was trying her best to bring light to the fact that people with multiple personalities are still people just like anyone else. only one or two of his personalities were actually violent (not including the beast, i guess) he was just a normal person. or a normal 23 people.
not the worst movie i’ve ever seen and definitely not the worst movie about a mental illness that i’ve ever seen either

Summer Solstice Celebration!

Hello my lovelies! 
Only one week left until the Summer Solstice and I am just beaming for the upcoming celebration! I decided to make another post like my Spring Equinox celebration one since you all seemed to like it so much. I do plan on having a bit more of a ‘proper’ ritual and celebration of the day since that Monday I have off from work, but here are some other low-key ways that I am going to celebrate the day. I’ve split it into two sections of day activities and night ones because the Summer Solstice can go all night long and I plan on doing a whole cycle’s worth of things. 

During the Day:

  • Greet the sun! I know it’s going to be an early sunrise, but if you’re there to greet the sun, you’ll be starting the day off on the right foot! You can either just lay in bed and watch the sun rise from your window or head outside and do a sun salutation, both will give you energy!
  • Wear your favourite summer clothes! Shorts, tanks tops, t-shirts, sun dresses- even flip flops if you can get away with it! The colours associated with Liltha are reds, oranges, yellows/golds, blues, greens and white! 
  • I’m going to be setting my citrine, clear quartz and peridot stones absorb the sunlight throughout the day- other gems that would love to be out on the Summer Solstice would be fluorite, sunstone, agate, carnelian, and any stone that is green or yellow in colour! But you best check to see if it’ll fade in colour before you set it out all day. If that might happen, then the moon light will work just as well. 
  • For lunch, enjoy a summer salad filled with summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, apples, leafy greens and a sweeter dressing! The berries are a great way of celebrating what the summer will bring for you. 
  • Get outside! I don’t care if it’s for five minutes at your lunch break or an hour long hike like I plan on doing, but get outside and live in nature! Breath in the fresh summer breeze, feel the sun on your skin, meditate and be with nature. 
  • There are so many ways to drink summer in- literally! Lemonade, iced tea, fruit juices, herbal teas like chamomile, rose or lavender will be such a great way to get just that little bit of summer in you. 
  • Today is also a great day to try and interact with the faeries and fae folk. Leave a small offering of milk and honey (or a honey cake!) outside in your garden, in a park, on the outside window ledge, and the fae will appreciate the gesture! Who knows- that could be the start of a relationship between you and them. 

At Night:

  • Have friends over or go out to dinner! If nothing else, the summer solstice is about celebrating with friends and family! It’s about being thankful for what you have and getting excited for the summer, so get together and discuss your upcoming summer plans! Who knows what might come out of it?
  • Listen to music- your favourite music, and sing your heart out! The god Apollo (the Greek god of Light, Sun, music and poetry) is one of the many gods who will be thriving off the activities of today and you can honour them by just enjoying music and art. 
  • Light candles- or your barbecue! Traditionally, this sabbat is celebrated with a balefire (outside campfire), but if you’re like me and lack an outside fire pit, then lighting up the bbq and cooking up some veggie or meat kebabs will be a good way of making a feast and substituting the ‘real thing’. No BBQ? No stress- light up some candles and watch it glow. Bonus points if they are coloured or scented to match the holiday. 
  • Make a craft for the summer- a flower crown, a bird house, a sun catcher. I know I plan on making a flower crown and perhaps painting that day, but so long as you create something, spell or not, it can honour the day’s celebrations.
  • Watch the sunset- like watching the sunrise, watching the longest day of the year come to a close will be an amazing way to celebrate the whole of the Summer Solstice. 
  • Are you of legal age? Have a drink of summer wines or berry ciders- just remember to give either the first or last sip to nature, the faeries will find it! 
  • Decorate your home for summer and for the summer solstice by incorporating some common symbols as decor- seashells, fresh flowers like sunflowers, daisies, carnations, and peonies, little statues of birds, deer, faeries, feathers from birds, and shining crystals. The summer decor, beach house look is always a popular one during June and July so you’ll bled right in.

So this is the rough outline of what I plan on doing during the Summer Solstice! I am going to do a spell that day I think, but I haven’t decided what just yet. I’m thinking a motivation spell or a creativity spell, so I can charge up my summer and all the writing I plan on doing. All I know is that it’s going to be a great day! I hope that I have inspired you to celebrate, regardless of how busy you may be that Monday. 

I hope you have an amazing week and a fantastic Summer Solstice! Love you all and sending all my good vibes out to you for this summer.

-Faye xx

How to describe Gold Saints to your friends :
  • Aries Mu : The beautiful and innocent face who lived as a hermit with a child during 13 years and the one who gonna kick your ass.
  • Taurus Alderan : The big teddy bear always forgetten and who had his ass kicked several times. But we still love him.
  • Gemini Saga : The badass one with a split personality who use a Galaxian Explosion towards his enemies. He doesn't kick your ass, he blows it.
  • Gemini Kanon : The drama queen with a brother complex who's gonna become your favorite because he is badass and fabulous.
  • Cancer Deathmask : The sociopath who used to put his victim's face on walls but he fell in love with a cute girl and now you just can't hate him.
  • Leo Aiolia : The lion king with a brother complex. He seems he is the only straight male in the Gold Saints. Oh, and he also has the kitty stare.
  • Virgo Shaka : The snobby bitch who sleeps, oops, meditates all day long. Oh and DON'T LET HIM OPEN HIS BEAUTIFUL EYES.
  • Libra Dohko : The old master who returns young and hot with a YOLO philosophy.
  • Scorpio Milo : The other drama queen who loves manicure and french guys.
  • Sagittarius Aioros : The kitty's big brother who died at the beginning of the story. He appears like Mufasa too.
  • Capricorn Shura : The spanish whith the legendary british weapon excalibur in his arms who works for the greek goddess Athena.
  • Aquarius Camus : The cold French guy who pretend he doesn't care but actually care of lot.
  • Pisces Aphrodite : He uses roses to fight and is the most gorgeous saint of Athena's army. Anyway, he is just FABULOUS !
  • Send me your own description of saints !

I think what I like most about ‘Legion’ is that it doesn’t really seem to care at all about comic familiarity. I didn’t read the stuff David Haller’s in, but it seems to me that the show is headed in a direction that makes him much more sympathetic and portrays him in a less, dare I say, ableist light. 

I’m not the person to be definitive on this, but it kind of bothered me the comics seem to portray his powers as something that are inextricably tied to his DID, with each personality having control over a specific one. Psychiatric disorders happen because your brain tries to protect you, but in a way that harms you still. The show seems to show psychiatric disorders as something that makes you different, sure, but it necessarily doesn’t make you scary or uncontrollable or unworthy of fulfillment *cough* Split *cough*. You don’t have to be just like everyone else, but you do have to be cognizant enough to understand the way the people around you feel. 

Making David’s illness the result of a parasite seems to be a more accurate portrayal of how people deal with mental illnesses (certainly it’s how I tend to characterize my anxiety and depression, even though it’s very, very different). He’s a victim, but he does have the ability to find an identity and fulfillment by going through this illness that he might not have otherwise. He’s sympathetic rather than pitied, and that makes a world of difference.

Asteroid Astraea

“Astraea is named for the goddess of justice, symbolized by the balanced scales.  She was last of the Immortals to withdraw from Earth and was turned into the constellation of Virgo.  The asteroid seems to be a symbol of integration and wholeness, whether in ideal state or the fragmentation that requires a restoration to the ideal.  There is something sublime about Astraea’s idealism, which seems to relate to Divine Order.  Unsurprisingly, it does not always sit comfortably in the ‘real’ world - just as true balance is hard to achieve and maintain.  Astraea brings things together, and also breaks them apart.  It gives intellectual acumen (like Pallas) and practical problem-solving skills.  There is a great intensity to Astraea, and it can manifest in a deeply concentrated way, both in personal terms and more mundanely, such as the concentration of energy involved in splitting atoms apart.  Astraea’s intensity sometimes means that it shows up as an obsessive streak, and a tendency to wait around too long for something to finish, or a willingness to put up with other people past a point of reasonable tolerance.  Another important point is that Astraea seems to relate to the realm of the very small – in material terms, to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic planes, and to all the quanta of information that the mind processes in order to understand the wholeness of concepts and ideas, and various kinds of relationships.” –Source: Solar Fire Software

So symbolically, Astraea represents a synthesis between Libra and Virgo. We interpret her by saying, “what is holding you back in life?” as she acts out the downfalls of whatever sign she’s in.  What sign is Astraea in for your natal chart? This tells you which sign you are portraying with too much idealism, to the point of not viewing life realistically. The rationale of Virgo likes to categorize people and concepts, whereas the social nature of Libra realizes that division can cause disharmony. Let’s learn from Goddess Astraea, find the balance between necessary criticism and appreciation of others. If we are able to discern why two separate issues should not be compared, then we can move forward with more clearly thought out actions. Use the Libra spirit of fighting for justice, combined with Virgo’s ability to fully comprehend an issue! We could apply this dynamic to social justice issues, like when someone says, “If I can do it you can too” (which applies to environmental habits, being able to juggle a job and school, eating a certain way, skills at a job, and many other abilities) they are often unaware of ableism, white privilige, demographics, male/female privilege, and any other circumstance that may make it more difficult to excel at a given task. The virtue of Libra considers everyone’s special needs to make sure no one feels left in the dust, and Virgo is able to take into account all the little things that have such a huge bearing on an issue. If you don’t mind me getting controversial, I’ve heard others say they’re against universal healthcare, because they feel they shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s medicine or appointments –they don’t consider that people who have conditions by matter of circumstance can barely hold down a job due to said conditions, let alone pay for the medicine and appointments they absolutely need! Libra would tell them to consider what others are going thru and that if we all cooperate with one another, we would live in a less harsh world! Ah Libra, such a sweet idealist!

I wrote this in September, when Astraea was in Libra, opposite to Uranus at in Aries. The chaos caused by standing up for justice!

As of Valentines Day, 2017, Astraea is now at 0 degrees Capricorn.

Does anyone else with bpd just tend to split permanently?

Like, once I like someone a certain amount, they’re pretty much permanently “good” to me, I generally like them forever, nothing they can say or do ever seems wrong or bad, I think they’re great and perfect, and they just stay in the “good” category unless they do something bad to someone I like a similar amount, or unless they tell me they don’t like me anymore (but then I’ll be kinda ambivalent and switch back and forth between whether they’re “good” or “bad”).

Similarly, once I dislike someone a certain amount, I just hate them with a passion and they stay in the “bad” category even if I want to like them, and they seem like the worst person in the world to me and seem completely bad in every way. I don’t know what it takes for someone to leave my “bad” category completely, since I don’t think that’s ever happened, the most that’s happened is I’ll resent them a bit less if they do something good or the situation changes.

I am pro-dx if that makes any difference, just it seems more common for other people with bpd to go back and forth between whether a specific person is good or bad as opposed to permanently assigning the person to one of the extremes, and I know that’s even one of the main things of bpd, but I seem to have kind of the opposite thing, where the extremes are still intense idolisation or intense hatred, but they just don’t tend to change once I feel that way about a person.


​❝ I need a nap and some dick.  ❞ 
​❝ Emotions are for ugly people.❞
​❝ I won’t admit it, but I’ll silently agree. ❞
​❝ BFFL? Burger french fry lemonade? ❞
​❝ Your head looks like a croissant, I wanna smash it! ❞
​❝ Your tone seems very pointed right now. ❞
​❝ Pomegranate? Girl, it’s fuckin’ pink. ❞
​❝ That’s some shady shade! ❞
​❝ Rock, paper, fucked up! ❞
​❝ You little weird elven Kate Blanchett bitch. ❞
❝ Girl, ‘forlorn’? That’s barely a word anymore. ❞
❝ Bitch better not say 'whence’. ❞
❝ I can clock a weave from across a county, bitch! ❞
​❝ I’m just trying to get a window seat on the way to Hell. ❞
​❝ Your hair is really damaged, I’m talking fucked at the ends. Not split-ends but like divorced-ends. ❞
❝ I wish your dog would bite your mouth off. ❞
❝ 'She’s got a lot of personality, guys love that.’ Yeah from behind. ❞
❝ Hold on, let me look in my bag and see if I can find a fuck to give.❞
​​❝ There are so many unanswered questions.This is like Prometheus. ❞
​​❝ See ya at the flu shot line, bitch! ❞
​​❝ I’m trying to bring attention to one of my favorite causes which is me. ❞
​​❝ Eat a whole bowl of fucks. ❞
​​❝ I have a very handsome face, and there’s nothing wrong with that.❞
❝ You would be really cute if you didn’t talk or have a face. ❞
​​❝ You put this on the internet? ❞
​​❝ Sweet potato my ass! ❞
​​❝ Never wear something you can’t run from someone in. ❞
​​❝ -coughs- Oh fuck, this is how Les Mis started.  ​​❞
​​❝ If you’re not pretty, flaunting your wealth is all you have.  ❞
​​❝ You need to learn about six colors. Red, blue… and four more. ❞
​​❝ And you’ll paint with all the colors of the hood! ❞
​​❝ Look at those gums! It’s like a whole pack of juicy fruits! ❞
​​❝ Redheads will die out by 2050, they’re a recessive gene. So get 'em while you can, and keep them under glass. ❞

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This fandom seems to be split into those who like Bex and those who don't now. I can't stand her personally which means even if she shared happy scenes with Aaron, I'd still think she was dragging everything down. She certainly drags Robert down. Its just a shame she has to be there. I probably could have enjoyed this week if she wasn't.

I actually don’t think there are all that many who do like her, I follow a few that do but there’s not a lot (maybe I’m just following the right people thank god). The very reason I’m not feeling very invested in this week or in Robert’s pov is because they have involved her. It’s gone from being one thing which should be important to something I can’t find any interest in

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hey hey if you dont mind, for the sappy prompts, 1 or 17 with detz?

Sorry it took so long! I procrastinate at writing too much.

“Because I love you!” Detz

Fitz searched his surroundings as he walked. He tried not to look at the person walking next to him. He felt awkward, not really knowing what to say. He looked at Dex, who also seemed to be avoiding looking at him.
They were currently on a mission for the Black Swan. They had to gather ingredients for some elixir that they desperately needed, and they had split into teams to look for them. Sophie had gone with Sandor, Keefe had gone with Linh, Biana had gone with Tam, and Fitz had gone with Dex. Just his luck.
It wasn’t that Fitz didn’t like Dex, it was that Dex didn’t seem to like Fitz. Sure they were in the same friend group, and they got along for the most part. The most part being them not talking to each other.
Fitz wasn’t really quite sure why Dex didn’t like him, and Fitz always tried to be nice and talk to him, but Dex would always turn red with anger and look away.
Finally, Fitz couldn’t stand the silence.
“So, Dex, tell me about yourself. I don’t really know much about you, even though we spend most of our time together. Even though some of it is following Sophie’s crazy schemes and almost dying.” He said, flashing Dex a smile in hopes that he laughed at his joke.
Dex looked at Fitz, his ears almost as red as his hair. He looked away as he said, “I’m surprised you even care. I thought Wonderboy was too cool to get to know me.”
Fitz stops for a second. “What? What do you mean?” He says, regaining his step.
Dex shrugs. “Because you’re mister perfect. You’re smart, you’re charming, you’re talented, you’re handsome…” Fitz thought he saw Dex blush, but he was probably imagining it.
“How does that make me not care about you?” Fitz asked, confused and a little annoyed.
“Because you’re better than me in every. Single. Way. Because you’re too good to even talk to me, let alone actually getting to know me and being my friend.” Dex said, bitterness in his voice.
Fitz was extremely annoyed now. “Why would you think that? Do you honestly believe that the reason I don’t talk to you is because I think I’m better? That I’m perfect? Well I’m not! I’m not perfect. I’m as flawed as everyone else. And I definitely don’t think I’m better than everyone else. I really don’t understand why you hate me so much, I always try to be nice to you. I try to talk to you, the only reason I don’t is because you always turn away and ignore me when I do! Why do you hate me so much?”
Fitz stared at Dex, panting slightly from his rant. Dex wouldn’t meet his eyes.
“I don’t hate you.” Dex said sharply.
“Then why do you always ignore me?” Fitz said, starting to get impatient with this.
“Because…” Dex looked around, trying to find an escape. “Because…” Dex turned a darker shade of red and clenched his fists.
“Because I love you!” Dex blurted out, then quickly closed his mouth and stepped back.
Fitz stared in shock, not moving. His brain tried to process Dex’s words, not fully comprehending. “Wha…?”
“I love you Fitz Vacker. I love you and your stupid pretty face. I love your stupid, shining teal eyes, and your stupid, movie-star smile.” Dex said, stabbing his pointer finger at Fitz’s chest with every ‘stupid’.
Fitz stared at Dex, who was red and panting slightly. He looked pretty cute. Fitz tipped Dex’s head up slightly, and leaned in.
Dex’s lips were surprisingly soft. Fitz pulled away.
The kiss had only lasted about three seconds, but it was a pretty amazing kiss.
The two boys stared at each other in silent shock.
“W-why’d you do that?!” Dex said, a hard edge in his voice.
Fitz was wondering the same thing. “I don’t…” As he stared at Dex, things clicked into place in his mind. “Because….” He stared at Dex, who was looking at him expectantly. “Because I love you too.”
Dex’s eyes widened in shock.
Fitz’s mind raced, going through his memories, putting pieces together, and he felt like things finally made sense.
Suddenly, a voice filled Fitz’s head.
’/where are you guys? Did you find the thing?/’
It was Sophie.
’/not yet, give us a little bit more time/’
’/….Fine, but hurry, you’re the only ones left./’
Fitz cursed and glanced at Dex.
“We have to find the ingredient and get back.” He explained.
They looked around, and Dex spotted what they needed. They grabbed it, and light leaped back to meet the others.
“What took you guys so long?” Sophie asked walking up to them.
“The ingredient was harder to find then you’d think.” Dex said, handing it over.
“Ok….” Sophie said suspiciously. “Well, I have to give this to the Black Swan now, I’ll see you guys later.”
Across the room, Biana saw the slight awkwardness around Fitz and Dex. But it wasn’t their usual awkwardness. Biana gave a knowing smile as everyone left to their respective homes.

Alright hold on

Before I leave I wanna say something that I’ve been meaning to say since I heard about the whole ‘’I’m planning my next fictive! uwu’’ thing

I’d honestly love to know where these people are coming from. Thankfully I’ve never seen them in person, but y’know what, here’s my opinion.

Just. fucking. don’t. You quite obviously don’t understand how or why a fictive is formed in the first place. They are formed through trauma. Extensive childhood trauma or the re occurrence of trauma after initial splits have already taken place at an early age. Get it? Trauma. They don’t just fucking pop up out of nowhere. Fictives aren’t there because, hey, ‘’I like steven universe therefore I made Pearl’’. it doesn’t work like that. I cannot comprehend why people seem to think that just because they like some random character, they suddenly have a ‘fictive’ of them. It’s fucking unbelievable. Fictional introjects, just like any alters, are created due to dissociative disorders, a genuinely serious mental health problem, it’s not some fucking fad to be toyed with. Not only that but you can’t pick fictives. It isn’t a conscious choice. The  character has to have traits that the system/host needs to survive and those traits often aren’t pretty. Sure, you can have caring, motherly figures but more often than not, fictives can get pretty fucking problematic because the villainous types are the types that have those needed traits. they don’t just spring up like daises out of nowhere. Sure, you can gain fictives from recent media if you’re still in a difficult position or unable to process the trauma, but they don’t spring up like daisies for no particular reason and you certainly don’t decide to have them and you certainly can’t decide to fucking MAKE one.

Now, I understand that there are practices such as tulpamancy but I’m not getting into that- as an alter created by trauma I don’t really get the process of tulpamancy, though I have nothing against it in particular (we actually have a couple of friends who are into that). I’m primarily talking about the people who claim to have DID/OSDD and then go on to talk about ‘’making a fictive’’ and ‘’picking a fictive’’ as if it’s some kind of fucking pick n mix candy store bullshit. 

But, regarding tulpamancy, if this is indeed the practice in which those claiming to ‘’make a fictive’’ are partaking in. Here’s some advice from a 100% genuine fictive: don’t. Again, I don’t really get tulpamancy, but I can tell you that being a fictive is absolute fucking hell at times. Being ripped from your canon and all you ever knew and being placed in a body that isnt yours and being removed from everything you understood is not fun. Everyone feels differently, but for me in particular it’s sometimes fucking torture especially seen as I’m a villainous character and i have to deal with the backlash of what ‘i’ did, and I carry plenty of guilty for things that I didn’t even fucking do in this life. it sucks ass. Sure, I think it’s alright if it’s your own character, your OCs and whatnot- you already created them and their world, but characters from pre-existing media that is not your own? Nope. Just don’t. I don’t blame my host because it wasn’t her fault, but good luck when the poor thing hates your guts. 

Anyways, I just needed to get that out of my system as it’s been on my mind for a while. I’m sleepy and need to sleep, though, so take that with a pinch of salt, if you will.

Aria has definitely been to radley

A follow up to my last post and to be clear the fact she went to radley does not make her A I just sincerely believe she has been there and there is more to her than meets the eye

1, As many other people have pointed out Aria’s family have a history of mental illness. In episode 2x09 Byron talks about mike’s state of depression to ella and compares him to his brother Scott who seems to also have had severe mental health issues. Thats both aria’s uncle and her brother who have suffered from mental illness and some aspects can be genetic- I understand the writers could have just wished to talk about this topic but it still seems a little out of place to reference it

2. The most likely mental illness aria suffers from is dissociative identity disorder wherein someone can literally dissociate themselves from a traumatic event by creating another personality or multiple as a coping mechanism. With dissociative identity disorder, there are also highly distinct memory variations, which fluctuate with the person’s split personality.The “alters” or different identities have their own age, sex, or race. his disorder is usually portrayed in modern media with the subject looking constantly into a mirror to reflect the split personalities

Aria in the pilot

Aria in 1x05

Aria in 3x13

And these are just a few instances I could find off the top of my head

3. In the season 2 finale aria is dressed exactly like the black swan

In the movie the black swan the main character nina has a form of schizophrenia and personality disorder

4. Even if dissociative personality disorder is not the form of mental illness aria has she has shown many symptoms of mental health issues such as her panic attack in 3x01

and out of all the liars she seems to have the most recurring night terrors and anxiety problems not caused from drug abuse the most recent example being in season 6 on finding herself locked in the dark room and being unable to calm down

5. In season 1 when aria’s old babysitter shows up she comments on the intense journals aria kept in iceland and intense and detailed journals are often recommended as a continual therapy after treatment of mental illness

6.Eddie lamb a worker at radley recognised her while she was volunteering in radley in season 5 asking if he knew her from somewhere

7.Aria seems extremely forgetful of late forgetting things people have told her but maybe she is doing this to repress the memories of the dollhouse but it seems to happen too often for it to be a coincidence

8. Also more and more I get the feeling like occasionally her anxiety does get away from her and she hallucinates A for example when they were in the morgue in 3x23

or in the bathroom in 3x01

It feels to me that both these occurences are aria getting overwhelmed by her anxiety and seeing a figure- also another example of a hallucination is when she is watching shauna’s funeral 

9. Also pointed out often is aria’s file in doctor sullivan’s office is different than the other girls

Aria’s file is typed with a client number whereas the other girls are written by hand and do not have a client number this seems to imply that she is already on file

I believe aria went to radley when she was younger but I don’t necessarily believe she is A as I don’t think the writers will go that route despite the evidence we have been given but she definitely has something got to do with radley that hasn’t been revealed yet

Why can't it just not?

My BPD has been horrible for the past four days or so and I’ve just been pushing it down because what else can I do? It fucks up my relationships, it gets on MY nerves, and it makes my family think of me as this over emotional adult who needs to “learn to let things roll off”. And if I express my BPD spells it seems as though I’m not trying to get better. I don’t know what to do anymore.

anonymous asked:

Just cause you don't like what we're saying doesn't mean we haven't done our research and don't know what we're talking about. It's just a difference of opinion. Typical, as soon as someone disagrees it must be because that person doesn't know anything 🙄

Considering you are anons arguing with me about the disorder that I have, I don’t really have much info to go on.

Also I can’t even tell which anon is which? Like how do I know the person who called it “split personality” isn’t the same person who sent me a message asking how my day is?

Like there are some anons that seem like they understand what I’m saying, others that are saying basically the same thing over and over, some that are sending me large quotes of things I’ve said?

Also calling what I’m talking about a “difference of opinion” is pretty light based on how movies like these have affected my life and many others I’ve talked to.