just a song at twilight


I was reminded of this song that is the literal personification (songification?) of sexual tension by @love-in-mind-palace’s post. 

Had to do this, swear I wanted to use more than asip and tgg but those had so many moments already. These two will be the death of me.

Edward and his emotional support trees… I was going to ask why Bella doesn’t have emotional support trees but she has the ground. The ground is Bella’s emotional support. She ends up on the ground a lot. It’s where she does all her best… everything. That’s just what you do when you have a tendency to trip, just make friends with the floor.


                                                Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child
                                                     See, heaven’s got a plan for you
                                               Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now

taz fandom i am extremely disappointed in you there is not a single ‘character theme songs’ video, have we lost touch with our roots? i expected at least a dozen giving lup glitter and gold 


Now I am strong (now I am strong).
You gave me all.
You gave all you had, and now I am whole.

George Harrison and Marc Bolan, circa May 1972.

Marc passed away 40 years ago today.

“The photo was taken in Cannes by June Bolan in 1972 during a visit with Marc, June, Ringo and his wife and George Harrison. The negative of this along with a contact print and 10 x 8 enlargement were sold at a fund raising auction in September 1999 to raise money for the steps at Marc Bolan’s Shrine, Gipsy Lane/Queen’s Ride, Barnes, SW, London. The Negative/contact print/enlargement in two framed displays were donated to the fund raising action by TAG founder Fee Warner. The contact sheet containing a number of photos was gifted to Fee in 1978 by Marcs Mum Phyllis on one of the many visits Fee made to Marc’s parents home. This meant the gift from Marc’s mum was returned to Marc via Fee’s donation to aid the steps project.” - Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine Facebook, 20 August 2012 [x]

Ringo Starr’s “Back Off Boogaloo” (produced by George, and also featuring George on slide guitar) was inspired by Marc, as Ringo recalled in the liner notes of his 2007 album Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo: “Marc Bolan was a friend. He came over for dinner one night and he used to talk like that - he’d say things like Back Off Boogaloo. I went to bed and that song just came into my head in the twilight hour.”

Have I found you?
Flightless bird


“You love me,” I marveled. The sense of conviction and rightness washed through me again.

Though his eyes were still anxious, the crooked smile I loved best flashed across his face. “Truly, I do.”

My heart inflated like it was going to crack right through my ribs. It filled my chest and blocked my throat so that I could not speak.

He really did want me the way I wanted him—forever. It was only fear for my soul, for the human things he didn’t want to take from me, that made him so desperate to leave me mortal. Compared to the fear that he didn’t want me, this hurdle—my soul—seemed almost insignificant.

Meioses // Tokyo Ghoul Fanfic, Kirishima Touka/Sasaki Haise

i…idk. i woke up this morning and needed to write this.

comes directly after Voltas u//////////u this fic is part of this au that i’ve been writing.

important disclaimer: teacher/student AU is originally neimana ‘s idea! this is like…a fanfic of her AU, & veers from the timeline she wrote originally.

~2300 words. contains: teacher/student stuff, self-indulgence, and a lot of awkwardness. excerpt:

Really it’s the responsible thing to make sure that he’s alright. Yes, it’s responsible, and she nods to herself, and takes a breath, and after another minute she convinces herself to rap on Sasaki-sensei’s door.

She hears footsteps, and then the door swings open. Touka looks up, and pales, and then turns completely red.

A person has opened the door — a person who is definitely not Sasaki-sensei. What they are, though, is dripping wet, and wearing nothing except a towel that they are pinching into place around their waist.

“Hello?” They look left and right, and then down.

“Oh,” they say, with a smile. “Why, hello there, ma chérie.

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Your couple song (Mini-Imagine)

You and Ponyboy: Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood (Imagine you two singing along to this while Ponyboy’s drawing and you’re half asleep)

You and Sodapop: Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots (Imagine you two just dancing around the house singing this song while Darry just watches and chuckles)

You and Darry: Without You by Oh Wonder (Imagine you singing this to Darry when he is very sick/injured)

You and Johnny: WILD by Troye Sivan (Imgine you guys running through a field, holding hands and spinning around whilst singing this song)

You and Dally: Criminal by Smiley ft. Kaan (Imagine him singing this to you when he’s trying to “Get your engine running” ifyaknowwhati’msaying ;) )

You and Two-Bit: Fantasy by Suprefruit ft. Amber Liu (Imagine one of you being away on vacation and when you reunite you guys play this song and just hold each other)

You and Steve: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City (Imagine having a calm and loving Steve singing this song to you as you fall asleep)


I was gonna be everything you need…
‘cause you were everything to me //
But I was just a toy
Look what you destroyed
S t u p i d  boy