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{PART 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Tricking Yoongi proves to be easier than you could have ever hoped, as you stumble upon just a taste of what your awakened abilities can achieve. However, in your haste to serve Yoongi punishment for his crimes; you and Jungkook learn that that life and death are just a means to an end - for every living thing…must one day, die.

“To play God not only means to give life; but take it as well. As she stared into the abyss, it stared right back at her…and she finally realised the true meaning behind all things living; even herself.”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} //{Part 27} {Part 28} {Part 29: NEXT WEEK}

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Once upon a time, my dear friend Palak @stylishmuser had a dream. She told me that dream and then, within the same day, this video happened. I’m here to put that dream into words. Please enjoy.

Also, @stylesunchained…I dared. I’m sorry.


Harry was waiting patiently for someone on the other end of the phone to answer his call. He had called exactly when he always did; 6:30 on the dot in London, which was half an hour before his daughter went to bed. The nightly ritual had been the same for the past two weeks; he would call before bedtime, talk to his little girl as soon as she had her pajamas on, say goodnight before you tucked her in, and then call back after she was asleep and talk to you until his eyes started to droop. It wasn’t ideal - he would have much rather been home with the two of you - but it was better than nothing.

The familiar and sweet sound of your voice finally echoed in his ears and he saw your face pop up on the tiny screen.

“Hey you,” you smiled, “How are you?”

“Tired,” he replied, rubbing at his eyes a bit to keep them focused, “Lots of meetings and interviews today. Is she still up?”

“Of course. I’ve just had her run and brush her teeth; she should be out soon, she knows what time it is.”

Another few minutes went by as you and Harry talked about what had been going on, but you knew Harry was getting antsy to talk to someone else. As much as he loved conversations with you, he only had a limited time with his daughter before she fell asleep.

“(Y/D/N)!” you called, turning your head, “Daddy’s on the phone and he’s waiting for you!”

It was only a few seconds before the thumping of tiny feet could be heard running down the hallway. A moment later, Harry saw the wild hair of his three-year-old appear in frame and he chuckled.

“Hi, monkey,” he said, waving.

“Hi daddy!”

“I miss you. How are you?”

“I’m good. I went to Nana’s today and Auntie Gem was there!”

Harry grinned. “Was she? That sounds like fun. Did she let you play salon with her hair again?”

His daughter nodded, excitedly. That was one thing Harry was so thankful for; a sister who didn’t care if her niece wanted to poke, prod, braid or twist her hair within an inch of its life. Gemma was always game for a little ‘toddler spa day’.

“Daddy, guess how many more days!!”

“Hmm,” Harry thought, “I don’t know. Tell me.”

She held up both hands, folding two fingers down.

“Only this many! An’ then you’ll be home, daddy!”

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Jeff Atkins Imagine #1

Yay im adding 13rw to my list of imagine… things anyways

I hope this is good because I legit love jeff but tony is my fav… and HE DESERVED BETTER and this takes place before Hannah and Jeff…. *cries*


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    Most of the time, you were the one in the relationship to get extremely mad. Sometimes your boyfriend Jeff was too nice for you, too calm for everything and that made you angry sometimes. Especially when you wanted him to yell and let his true feelings out. You could see veins throbbing in his muscular body when you two fought and it made you worried that one day he would explode. You wanted Jeff to get mad at you because it worried you if he didn’t.

And one day you had enough. You two (more like just you) had been fighting over the fact that Jeff seemed to be spending more time with Clay and his other friends more than he had been with you, and all Jeff could do was sigh and tell you he was sorry. 

“Y/N, baby I’m sorry. Clay’s been hanging out with Hannah and I know he likes her and I just want him to be happy. He hasn’t liked someone this much since kinder.” Jeff said as he watched you pace in the library, where Clay had just left from after helping him with his paper. 

There he was, giving valid excuses. Excuses that you actually thought were cute and didn’t want to stop, but you were so angry that he just didn’t tell you off. You would have liked it better. You hated that you were the bad guy in the relationship. 

“Come on, baby.” Jeff said, getting up from his seat and wrapping his arms around you from behind. He rested his chin on your shoulder as you stared ahead. “I’m sorry. I’ll take you to the movies tonight if you want? I’ll skip one practice just for you. The new Ouija movie came out yesterday and I know you want to see it.” 

You felt the heat bubble under your skin as you thought of his kindness, and when you didn’t answer Jeff placed a kiss on your temple. “You know I would spend more time with you if I could, Y/N. Please…”

“Jeff, stop!” You said sharply, pulling away. He looked at you while his jaw tightened. You could tell he was angry that you were still angry. You knew he hated that he was being honest and you were still being a bitch, and you hated yourself for walking away too. 

You ran out of the library, running at the back of Clay’s retreating backside, calling out his name. “Clay, wait up!” 

Clay turned around with his eyebrows furrowed, his mouth open slightly. “Hey, Y/N… weren’t you just fighting with Jeff?” 

“Jensen when you witness someone get into a fight you don’t ask questions three seconds later.” You sighed, before laughing at his expression. 

“Right.” He said, nodding and then continuing to walk. You walked with him, only glancing back slightly to see that Jeff was standing at the door of the library with his arms crossed. 

You turned away quickly. “You want to go to Rosie’s with me? My treat.” You asked Clay, fixing your shirt. 

“Uh, well,” Clay looked back as well but you stayed looking ahead. “I have work at seven so…” 

“It doesn’t take that long to eat a meal, Jensen. Come on.” You hooked your elbow with his and put on a fake smile, beginning to tease him about Hannah, who just so happened to be one of your new friends. 


It had been a few days since your fight with Jeff, and since then you had been ignoring him to your greatest extent. You wanted him to confront you, to tell you you were being a bitch, which three people had told you so far. You wanted Jeff to act normal. But yet despite the severe case of bitchiness you were showing him, Jeff still went out of his way to send you goodnight, goodmorning, and just in general cute texts. He kept apologizing, but that’s not what you wanted. You wanted him to be a human and get angry and yell, sometimes his perfect collect and physique got you. Sometimes it made you feel insecure because you weren’t like Jeff and you felt like you didn’t deserve him. Jeff deserved better

But on this particular day, after three consecutive days that you had been ignoring Jeff, you guessed it got too much for him. It was after a baseball game, and the minute that the game had ended and Jeff had won the game for the team you shot out of your seat like the rest of the crowd, yelling loudly. 

You threw your half eaten hot dog to the ground and ran off of the bleachers as the baseball team was walking to the locker rooms. Bryce Walker, a friend of Jeff’s, was walking right in front of your smiling boyfriend, both of them covered in red dirt and giving high fives away like candy. 

“Bryce!” You yelled out, catching the attention of both men. This was your last try at getting Jeff mad. At giving him a chance to explode on you. At being a little less perfect. 

“Y/N?” Bryce said with a little confusion and a lot of excitement. He held out his arms hesitantly and you shrugged before giving him a giant hug, laughing loudly. 

“Good game, Bryce! You did good out there.” Your eyes went wide when his hands lingered too low on your waist, instantly pushing him a little with laughter. “Any plans for celebration? I’ve got weed.” 

Bryce raised his eyebrows and grinned, twisting his bat in his hands. “Wow, didn’t know you smoked, Y/N! Well me and the guys are getting together for a little fun stuff. The hot tub will definitely be put to good use. Any chance you wanna share the stuff?” 

You could see Jeff out of the corner of your eye, his neck and temple throbbing with veins. He was getting angry. You still ignored him. 

“Hell yeah, I’ve got a new two piece I have to show off.” You winked cheekily and Bryce coughed loudly. 

“Of course your boyfriend would be coming too.” He said while glancing at Jeff. 


It all happened in a flash, one second you were walking next to Bryce and the next there was the clatter of a bat and you were swept off of your feet and thrown over someone’s back. It was Jeff and he was completely ditching his route to the locker rooms and was carrying you the direction of the parking lot, which was slowly clearing out. 

“We still on?” Bryce called out. 

You nodded while struggling in Jeff’s tight grip. Jesus, you had a good view of his ass and muscular arms. “Fuck,” You cursed. “Jeff, ease up a bit on the grip, I bruise easily.” 

Jeff said nothing but obliged to your request, his breathing hard and fast. Honestly, you were scared a little bit. You knew this is what you had wanted, but you didn’t exactly know what was in store for you. Was he going to break up with you? Murder you and throw your body in a ditch. Angry Jeff was unpredictable because he hardly ever existed. 

When you two arrived at his car he set you down a little roughly, throwing his baseball cap off of his head and running his fingers through his hair. “What did I do?” He asked softly despite his rough demeanor. 

You thought you had heard wrong. “What?” 

“WHAT DID I DO?” Jeff yelled loudly, his face going red. “WHAT DID I DO TO MAKE YOU SO COLD TOWARDS ME! I LOVE YOU, BUT Lately you’ve been acting like such a- such a- BITCH!” 

Part of you was relieved that he had called you that, but not when the guilt suddenly ate his features. “NO- no, Jeff! It wasn’t you oh MY GOD! It was me, Jeff, I was a bitch, I am a bitch don’t apologize.” 

“No, you’re not oh my God, I’m so-” 

“JEFF! Please don’t apologize! Do something! Call me names, yell at me, look at this point I don’t care! Punch me, let out your anger, Jeff! God, I hate seeing you like this, angry but you don’t do anything.” 

Jeff was confused, his chest heaving. “Baby, you know i hate being angry. It makes me feel like a bad person.” 

You let out a huge breath of air as you turned around in a circle, tugging at the roots of your hair. “Jeff,God, Jeff does that mean I’m a bad person? Jeff, you’re human it’s okay to be mad and it’s okay to yell every once in a while. Do you know how it makes me feel when you can do everything with so much kindness and positivity? It makes me feel insecure because I’m not as pure as you and I’m a big bitch. God, I love you, Jeff, but please just get angry at me. It is my fault.” 

Jeff stood there for a second, staring at you and processing your words. His eyes gazed over your face and you shifted uncomfortably after a second. Then, without warning he surged forward and kissed you sweetly and despite his sweaty hands and body he tasted like mint. 

When he pulled back he smiled and shook his head. “You ignored me for three whole days because you were angry that I never get angry? That’s kind of ridiculous, babe. Listen, I do these things, I put up with you even when you’re irrational because I know you feel bad when you do it. I know that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you always apologize. Let me guess this way your last attempt?” 

You grumbled slightly because Jeff was grinning down at you now, his hands on your shoulders as his fingers squeezed you lightly. “Yes.” 

“Baby, in so many ways it makes you better than me, because I bottle those emotions up. One day I told my mom off because I was angry at Zach and I didn’t do anything about it. He doesn’t know that breaking my lucky bat was wrong because he thought I was okay with it, because I didn’t get angry. Please, Y/N, don’t feel insecure with me. We’re both a little rusty on our humanity skills baby.” 

You nodded and Jeff did so too, placing his forehead across yours as he smiled before enveloping your lips in his, his teeth grazing your bottom lip teasingly. “I love you, Jeff.” 

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

“More than anything in the world.” You both said together before kissing once more.

“Now let me tell you how hot you look when you’re yelling, Jeff.” 


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Bad Behavior

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Word Count: 587

Warnings: suggestive themes

A/N: Still writing a drabble for every song on Lovely Little Lonely because I’m still not over how perfect it is…and I may or may not be avoiding my coursework. Anyhow, this drabble is based on the song ‘Bad Behavior’ by The Maine. Enjoy :)

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“Am I distracting you, darling?” Sighing deeply, your gaze drifted over to the man laying on his bed, a smirk playing on his lips. “I never wanna be a distraction." 

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Love Letters

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: zach dempsey fluff please!! 

Words: 1.735

A/N: This is my first Zach imagine and I hope that you guys like it. This is my last post until friday night, since I’ll be going back to school tomorrow. I am still writing and I can see the feedbacks and requests if there are some. I hope that you guys bear with me and I hope that you understand. Thank you so much, guys.

- G.

Warning: Swearing

Peer Communications was one of the subjects you looked up to everyday and you loved it because you learnt how to behave with people and how to communicate with them. You sometimes asked for help whenever you were down and needed some advices. You also studied some psychological topics and it helped you to be more empathic towards other people.

One more thing you liked about it was the notes of encouragement bag. You could write some anonymous notes to people and put it in their bag. Its purpose was to encourage people so they would value their self-esteem and their existence in this world.

You thought that the idea was amazing and innovative, because it has been awhile since you’ve been secretly receiving love letters from someone from your class. You could admit that the person perfectly cheered you up, making you more confident whenever they would leave one in your bag, but it didn’t help you to kill your curiosity to find out who the person was.

“(Y/N), you look so pretty whenever you smile and it melts me every time I see your lips curving and with those perfect white teeth of yours exposing.” Alex read that little piece of paper with a smirk as you were talking about your secret admirer.

You two were in the library with Zach and Jessica while you were waiting for your next subject: Peer Communications.

“Aw, that’s so sweet.” Jessica complimented as she took the piece of paper from Alex’s hand and read it once again, with a lower tone this time.

“It is.” You bit your lip as you tried not to smile too much because of it. “I wonder who it is.” You wouldn’t sleep sometimes because of it and, being your ultimate crush, you kind of wished that it was Zach.

“Jesus Christ, that’s too damn corny!” Zach complaint and shook his head.

“Stop being jealous, Dempsey.” You winked at him as you teased him, but you were absolutely broken hearted for his reaction. You shrugged it off since you hinted that he was having a bad day, because he just gathered his things and walked away. “Zach!” You shouted as you tried to stop him.

“Zachary Dempsey!” Jessica tried to stop him too, but he just ignored you and he got out of the library, annoyed and vexed.

“Shh!” The old and stressed librarian scolded you and you just flashed her an apologetic smile. You were embarrassed, because you got some looks from your other fellow students and you heard soft giggles from Alex.

“I’m pulling your nose ring away if you don’t stop.” You threatened him and he suddenly closed his mouth, rolling his eyes. “Just kidding, Standall!” You and Jessica then giggled silently and Alex shook his head.

“(Y/N),” Alex became serious as he looked at you, straight into your eyes. “I think he’s jealous.”

“Jealous? Who?” You corrugated your forehead as you couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Jesus,” He let his face fall on his hands as he unleashed a long and deep sigh. “Zach!”

“What the fuck are you saying Alex?” You snatched a piece of paper from Alex’s hand and you started to gather your things. It was impossible that Zach was jealous, how could he? Didn’t he think that those stuffs were damn corny? “Don’t think about it that way, Mr. I jump into conclusions easily.”

“Why the fuck are these people so touchy?” Alex complaint as he looked at Jessica and pointed at you. You and Jessica both chuckled because Alex thought that you were annoyed and frustrated.

“I’m not being touchy, bro!” You defended yourself and you looked at your wrist watch for the time. “We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass up.”

“Alright, let’s go.” They started to gather their things and you all went out of the library as you headed to your next class.

“Wait, I forgot my book!” Jessica exclaimed as she was controlling the books in her bag. “(Y/N), mind joining me?”

“Oh, sure!” You smiled at her and you were about to go away, when Alex stopped you.

“I’ll go with her, go inside the class (Y/N) and save us our seats.” Alex proposed and you just shrugged it off. They both went to Jessica’s locker and you entered your room.

“Zach?” You were surprised to see Zach and he was about to put a piece of paper inside your encouragement bag. How? You thought he never liked those stuffs.

“(Y/N)!” His eyes widened as he saw you entering the room. He didn’t expect to see you and he was frightened because you caught him. “Uhm, I- I…” He stuttered and he didn’t know what to say.

“You are my secret admirer?” You corrugated your forehead as you brought your hand to your slightly opened mouth, shocked of the revelation.

“Uhm,” He wandered around the room as he felt nervous and you could see that he was blushing. “read this.” He walked closer to you and handed you the paper, instead of putting it in your bag. He was already caught in action, why would he even escape?

“Thank you.” You shyly said as you carefully accepted the paper from his hand.
You slowly opened the folded paper and you were honestly excited to read what was written in it.

Dear (Y/N),

Hi! How are you? I know that it’s been awhile since you started receiving love letters from me and your curiosity is killing you every time, I always see you frustrated after reading my notes.
Anyway, I know that I suck at writing, but I wanted to let you know that I am liking you more and more every day. I am happy to be your friend and being just a friend is enough for me, if you don’t feel the same way. I sometimes hope that you feel or will feel the same way about me too, anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed,

Take care always,

You silently read the short letter as the two of you stood in the middle of your classroom. You looked at Zach and you flashed him a sweet smile. Your heartbeat was getting louder and you became nervous and enthusiastically happy at the same time.

You wondered, though, why he acted strange earlier if he felt that way? Why would he be jealous, like what Alex hypothesized? Damn, look what Alex could do at you!

“Zach, you are the sweetest person ever.” He smiled at you and he pulled you into a hug.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same way about me,” You hugged him back and you were amazed by the height difference that you both had. He was surely tall and you had to admit that you felt a little bit small. “your friendship is enough.” He murmured and you could hear in his voice that he was wishing for more.

“Zach,” You broke the hug so you could see his handsome face. “you are sweet, kind and funny. It’s not impossible to not like you back.” You honestly confessed back and you quickly saw a wide smile forming on his lips, while he fidgeted with his fingers and looking at his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

It was true that you had a crush on him for a while now and you never had the guts to admit it because you thought that it was the boy who should do the first step. Yup, old style.

“Rosie’s tonight then?” He happily asked. “So, we can talk about it.”

“Yeah, sure!” You hyperactively nodded and he let out some soft laughs.

You and Zach stared at each other for a while and you both didn’t know what to say because the awkward atmosphere. At that moment, you hated your classmates for not coming inside the classroom until the bell rang and you hated Jessica and Alex because they were taking too much time to get the freaking damn book.

“Zach!” You suddenly blurted out as you remembered that something was bothering you. “Why did you say that those stuffs were corny if you were the one who writes them?”

“The one that Alex has read wasn’t from me.” He seemed disturbed at the thought of that little letter.

“So, you were really jealous?” You smirked as you teased him and he rolled his eyes.

“Uhm, yes,” He almost whispered as he answered your question sincerely. He looked at the ground as he tried to hide his reddish face. “because I saw that you were so happy because of it and I thought that you didn’t like me and you liked that one, instead.“ He explained and you just giggled. You didn’t know that he was that possessive and you honestly loved it. A possessive and overprotective boyfriend was what you were asking for.

“Silly!” You shook your head because he thought that you didn’t like him. “I still wonder who wrote that note though.”

“My fault!” Alex entered the classroom and winked at Zach, who was already giving him a death glare. You raised an eyebrow as you asked for explanations from that vexatious friend of yours. “I knew that he liked you and I told you that he was jealous.”

“Damn it, Standall!” Zach complaint, but Alex didn’t seem to care that much. You smiled because you understood what he tried to do and you couldn’t help but to love that idiot even more, of course, as a friend.

“Congrats!” He cheerfully teased the two of you. “By the way, I really thought that you have a really nice and perfect smile, (Y/N), and I can confirm it now.” He pointed it out as he saw you smiling widely for his actions.

You shook your head together with and stopped as soon as the bell rang. You went to your seats as the other students came inside the room. You kept on getting smirks and teasing winks from Alex, but you just threw him a crumpled paper in response.

Your favourite subject was about to start and you wanted to thank your teacher for making those bags of encouragement up. It was really a useful and a pleasant idea.

At least, it helped you to be more confident and it has got you a date for that night.

Lucidity | M

“Do I really deserve to be alone even though I want to be by your side?”

Précis:In which you’re best friends and one night accidentally brings you closer together.

Note: I was beyond anxious when this disappeared multiple times, but now that it’s here, I can breathe. | ft. slight Park Jimin (’:

Genre & Warnings: Angst & a splash of fluff. Light smut and mentions of alcohol. | Words ➳ 10.8k

The music reverberated throughout the large home, blasting and threatening to pierce his skin and seep into his veins. People were dancing, yelling along with the music and having the time of their lives; wanting nothing more than to get wasted and to just forget. Others who had the mind to think, just stood back while drinking small sips from their cups—examining the humans who were begging to drown deeper into their drunkenness, to swim to the shore to survive the night or to just fall deep into the waters; giving up and letting their subconscious mind take over. The house was surely trembling from the commotion within, wanting nothing more than to relieve it from the atrocious tension, to feel blissful like it once had and not all clogged up from the poison that was slowly building up.

Amidst the many partygoers under the twinkling lights scattered on the ceiling and the loud obnoxious immature chatter amongst many groups, Jungkook stood in front of the home bar, pointing to a bottle while the man on the other side happily grabbed it and handed it to him. Jungkook took a plastic cup from a stack and bit the lid off the bottle, fizz quickly slipping out while he poured it’s contents into his cup. He had no idea what was slowly taking over his body. He had no idea how he got to the party, or even why he came; but what he did know was this.

He wanted to see you.

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@leonygunawan said: hi I’m a new follower and i love your writing! can i request where y/n and jeff keeps their relationship a secret but guys are harassing you and girls just latched on to him and it makes y/n feel so uncomfortable but jeff declared that y/n is her gf at his biggest game. thankyou so much and I’m sorry if its so detailed

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“I can’t keep this up forever,” you mutter sadly, ducking under the stairwell at the end of the hall while everyone was currently sitting in class, dragging your boyfriend with you. “It was stupid to keep us a secret.”

“We just wanted something for ourselves,” Jeff tries to remind you. “Something that no one could criticize or gossip about.”

You have no words because you know he’s right. The both of you did agree to keep your relationship on the down low until after graduation, but eventually.. you sigh. “I know, but it’s too much now. The guys of Liberty High apparently don’t understand the concept of personal space and the cheerleaders.. the cheerleaders,” you whine. “They’re always all over you.”

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Stereotypical (8) conclusion

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: swearing, flirting, smut, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: this is the end guys! Hope you enjoyed it! :) xxxx

“Clint, you better be nice” you check your make-up in the mirror one last time before straightening imaginary wrinkles in your dress.

You’re not dressed overly chic, it’s a casual night after all. Just dinner at your place, something you cooked up yourself. Nothing complicated, honestly. Something that can’t really go wrong.

Still, you’re nervous. Clint has been clear about how he feels about the entire situation; he doesn’t trust Bucky.

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Shampoo and Sentiment

Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1200

Warnings: Swearing, vague mentions of injuries

A/N: @bucky-plums-barnes Fluffy Friday got me. Yes it was my comment, yes I have no shame, someone said write, and i said, ok.

Hearing the door open, you peeked your head around the corner.  You aren’t expecting your husband back for a few more days; nonetheless, Bucky walks gingerly through the door to your apartment, setting his bag down with a groan, suppressed with gritted teeth.
“Bucky!” you exclaim, rushing over to him. You help him shrug of the jacket, slowly, painfully.  Gently you run your hands over his arms and chest, not believing that he was actually back. The mission had cut your honeymoon short, but none of that mattered now that he was here.  He pulled you into a tight hug and you rub your hands up and down his back.  They pause as you feel the bandages on his ribs.  

“What happened?” you whisper into his broad chest.

“Hydra agent came from behind, with a tire iron of all things. Just a few cracked ribs; nothing that won’t heal in a couple days,” he said so nonchalantly, you almost believed him. Yet, you hold him just a little bit tighter, as if your embrace could keep him with you forever.

“You hungry?” you ask.

“Yea, but a shower sounds better. Get this dirt and grime off of me,” he responds, with a kiss to the top of your head.  So, you grab his hand, leading him to the bathroom.  You turn on the spray, adjusting the temperature, before parking yourself on the toilet, as he slowly pulls his clothes off.  A hiss of pain escapes through his teeth as he peels his shirt over his head; which causes you to jump up from your seat to try to help. You take in his body, covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises, most of which will be healed by the time the sun rises in the morning.  A few, namely the black and purple splotches over the ribs on his right side, will take more than a few hours to knit back together.  As he arranges his towel and clothes, you can’t help but reach out, gently caressing the bruises marring his body, as if your touch could magically heal them. Unfortunately that isn’t your super-power, so you settle for pressing soft kisses to his chest and back, before he captures you lips in a fervent, promising kiss.  As he steps into the shower, you retake your seat, as you strike up a shallow conversation, about menial things.  Soon you were both laughing about a mishap that occurred when you tried to help Vision in the kitchen.

“Fuck!” you hear him exclaim in frustration.

Jumping up, you quickly ask what’s wrong.

“Damn ribs, I can’t raise my arms high enough to wash my hair.  Without thinking, you quickly stripped off your clothes and stepped into the shower. Bucky turns to you with a look of confusion, before you guide him to the wide ledge that runs the length of the shower.  “Here. Sit.  Let me help,” you say softly.

He allows you to guide him down; another groan of pain works its way through his lips. He rests his hands on your hips, his thumbs rubbing over your skin, as if to remind him that he is truly home.  You turn, not leaving his reach, to adjust the water, and remove the showerhead. “Look up and close your eyes,” you instruct.

He only followed one of those, however and locked eyes with you, piercing you with a gaze that was so filled with love and adoration, that you couldn’t help bending down to meet his lips, pouring all of your pent up emotions into the kiss.

Straightening up, you run the water over his hair, wetting it, before returning the showerhead to its rightful place. You grab the shampoo, pouring a liberal amount into your hands before they find their way back into his hair, working it into a lather.  At the feel of your fingers and nails on his scalp, Bucky finally allows his eyes to flutter close at the feeling.  You work your hands through the knots and dirt before rinsing and applying conditioner. He rests his forehead on your stomach, as you run your fingers through his long, soft hair.  Lightly scratching his scalp, you can slowly feel him begin to relax and press feather-light kisses to your stomach.  Looking down you see his eyes are still closed, the worry lines that too-often surround them have eased somewhat.

“I love you,” he whispers into your skin, and your heart soars, as blush rises to your cheeks.  

“I love you too, babe,” you return, continuing your ministrations to his hair.  

You rinse the conditioner, and help him clean the rest of his body, before you both step out of the shower to dry.  Fatigue has overwhelmed Bucky, and he’s nearly asleep on his feet, so you guide him into bed before lying next to him, wrapped in his arms like a security blanket.  You feel his breathing even out as he slips easily into sleep, with you following soon behind.


The next mission he returned from was a similar situation, except this time, it was his left arm.  Nothing painful or permanent, but Tony was actually asleep, for once, at 10PM, so Bucky decided to wait until morning to get it fixed.  But with his arm malfunctioning, he, once again, couldn’t wash his hair, so you helped.  And you didn’t mind it; not one bit.  For you it was a wonderful way to reconnect to your husband after days apart. Never in a million years would you have thought that it meant as much to him, as it did to you.


It became a ritual, whenever he returned from a mission, injured or not, you always joined him in the shower to wash his hair. You love the way it feels running through your fingers.  And the goose bumps that he raises as he mumbles tokens of love into your stomach?  Yea, you love those too.


You don’t go out on mission often, having ‘retired’, but when you’re needed, you will never refuse, as you know Steve and Fury wouldn’t ask unless it was important.  They respected your decision to step away from Avenging, to try to lead a semi normal life with your husband, the super-soldier.

You return from the mission, tired and bruised, but over all no worse for wear.  Dropping your bags to the floor, you are startled by Bucky sitting at the counter, still in his combat gear.

Approaching him, he pulls you into a tight hug, one you reciprocate, feeling the stress of the mission melt away as you sink into his strong embrace.  As you pull away from him you ask, “Why are you still in your gear? I thought you got home hours ago.”

You see a slight blush rise to his cheeks, as he dips his head and runs his fingers through his hair. “I..um…didn’t want to shower without you.  It means a lot to me after a mission,” he almost whispers the last part.

Your eyes widen at his confession, mouth parted in surprise, before it turns into a wide smile, “They mean a lot to me too, I feel like we reconnect in there after you’ve been away.”

A weary, but genuine smile makes its way to his face as he laces his fingers with yours; gently pulling you back into his waiting arms.



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Noona || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 2)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Word Count: 2.0k

Genre: Fluff/Angst

You had been running around for hours and hours, looking for the boy who you had called. Jungkook had worried you, and you weren’t sure where he had gone. He hadn’t given you any clues, or any kind of sign that he wanted to even be near you right now.

The only thing you knew was that you needed to find him as soon as possible.

It was clear that whatever had upset him had been because of you. It was because of you that he had run away, and now it was your responsibility to fix it. The rain hadn’t let up at all during this time, making sure that you were completely soaked from head to toe and you were confident that you were going to be sick after this.

As the day had begun, you had thrown on jeans and a crop top, thinking that you would only be out shopping for a couple of hours. You hadn’t expected to run around in the rain, looking for a boy you couldn’t bare to lose. The idea of you being the reason he was upset hurt more than anything.

The only thing you ever wanted when you were with Jungkook, was to see him smile. You loved the moments when he was with you, and the moments that he would follow you around. Jungkook was adorable to you, and there was no way to deny the fact that you had fallen completely head over heels for him. That was why you had to fix this now.

It was your phone ringing that snapped you out of your thoughts about Jungkook and brought you back to the real world. As you came back to your senses, you looked at the buildings around you and realized you had no idea where you were. You pulled your phone out and saw Namjoon’s name flash before your eyes.

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My Little Lovebird

here’s a little one i did while i was sick. i hope you enjoy!

Working at the BAU was no piece of cake. But some days, were excellent. When you save someone, when you catch a serial killer. It felt like you were on top of the world. And today was no different. So, to celebrate, Rossi decided to invite the team and their families to his mansion for some authentic Italian cuisine.

Your boyfriend, Spencer, was ecstatic about it. If there was one thing he loved more than chess, books, and random facts, it was the team’s kiddos. The whole way home from the office, that was all he talked about. The magic tricks he was going to show them, the stories he was going to tell them. It was so funny watching him ramble on and on about them.

When you got to your apartment, you skidded into living room, followed by your true love. You went into the closet to find something classy, yet casual, to wear to the dinner. You slipped on a black dress that was pretty snug, and fell just above your knees. You slipped on some matching heels and some pearls. You looked in the mirror and delicately put on some red lipstick. When you walked out, you saw Spencer wearing a white button up and some black shoes and slacks.

“Wow. You look exquisite.” he beamed. You chuckled and sat your hand on his shoulder.

“I would kiss you, but I don’t want to leave a stain.” You said as you drifted your fingers up his neck, onto his jawline, onto his face, and let them linger on his lips. You gave a small smirk as you sashayed out the door.

You pulled up to Rossi’s elaborate home, with JJ’s car pulling in behind you.

"Uncle Spencer!” came a small voice. He bolted out of the car to little Henry, who stood with his arms up, waiting on Spencer to lift him up. Spencer did just that. You smiled and began to walk toward the door to the house. You heard a whistle from behind you.

"Dang, mama! Who’re you trying to impress tonight?!” Derek laughed. You turned to face him and shook your head as you walked away.

When you walked inside, you were greeted with hugs and peppered with kisses. Penelope was already drunk and Emily was pretty buzzed. It was quite the show. The party was great. But while everyone was out dancing and eating, you and Spencer had drifted outside with some whiskey.

You didn’t remember too much. You were stumbling all over the place. Spencer laughed at your drunkenness. You got less than an inch away from his face. You didn’t know whether the whiskey smell was coming from him or you. You began to plant sloppy kisses all over his face. He pulled you closer and began grabbing around you. This went on for what seemed like only minutes.

"Getcha some, Pretty Boy!” you heard Derek yell, drunkenly. You began to laugh really loudly, with some snorting. Spencer shook his head.

"I think we are going to head out!” he yelled toward Rossi, who was now at the door. He nodded his head and lifted his glass.

"To the lovebirds!” he cheered. Glasses that belonged to JJ, Penelope, Emily, Hotch, and Derek raised around. Spencer rolled his eyes and began to carry you to the car.

"Hey, Spence? Baby?” you mumbled.

"Hm?” he said, stopping to look at you.

"I love you, my handsome man.” your words spilled out, drunkenly. He chuckled and nodded his head.

"I love you too, my little lovebird.”

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What would Link do if Zelda put a flower crown on his head?

Set post-game.

“No peeking, Link.”

Zelda’s voice was met with a slightly dissatisfied grunt from her knight. With a smile, she turned back to her mysterious activities as he sat idly in the grass, right behind her.

They had been sitting on top of a grassy hill for a while, to rest after a long morning of horse riding. Mostly Zelda, that is – Link was already used to ride for many hours at a time and didn’t have much reason to stop, though a break was always welcome.

He looked around, searching for something that could distract his painfully curious mind. There wasn’t much of interest around them – only grass, trees and flowers he had seen countless times on his journey – so his eyes landed on Zelda once again.

“It’s not a frog, is it?” he asked after what seemed like an eternity. She looked over her shoulder, meeting Link’s apprehensive eyes. “I’m not gonna eat a frog.”

Zelda’s eyes lit up, and she turned to him, masterfully hiding whatever she was holding right behind her back. 

“So you remember that…!”

Link’s eyes widened at what seemed like an implication.

“Wait– did I actually eat the frog?!”

“No, you didn’t,” Zelda said with a chuckle, and he seemed to relax a little. “I didn’t want you to eat the poor thing, just taste it.”

Link nodded, more relieved, and they fell in thoughtful silence for a moment. He had started picking on some grass when Zelda frowned.

“Wait,” she spoke up, causing Link to look up from the blades of grass on his hand. “I saw some elixirs in your stuff a few days ago. Elixirs that have frogs in their recipes, I’m sure.”

“Those were cooked, alright?” he quickly shot back, and an amused grin appeared on Zelda’s face. “They’re not slimy and gross and– what?”

“Oh, Link,” she said with a hearty laugh, and he could feel his face get warmer. “So you’re telling me you can slay hordes of monsters, but can’t lick a cute little frog to save your life?”

“The slime, Zelda, the slime!” Link threw his arms back to emphasize his point, and let his body fall comfortably on the grass.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the princess still smiling at him, although now she didn’t look as amused at his embarrassment as she was before. In fact, she looked quite… distant? Before he could pinpoint what it was that made her look that way to him, she quickly cleared her throat and turned her back. 

“Answering your question,” she said firmly, “no, it’s not a frog that I have here.”

“What is it, then?” He had his eyes on the bright blue sky, as if they held the answers. “What sort of slimy animal is it?”

“It’s not an animal.”

“Is it slimy?”

“No,” she said with a chuckle. “It’s neither an animal nor slimy.”

Link stopped to think for a moment, staring blankly at the few clouds that passed above the hill.

“Is it a mushroom?” Zelda instantly shook her head, but he already had another question in mind. “A rock?”

“I’m almost done with it, just give me a minute,” she answered after a while, looking over her shoulder for a second. “And no, it’s not a rock.”

Link breathed deeply. His curiosity was eating him from the inside, urging him to take a peek wihout her noticing. He felt the same as he did whenever he saw a non-magnetic chest just out of reach in a shrine – except now, the puzzle stopping him from getting the loot was Zelda.

“And… finished!” she exclaimed, and Link quickly sat up, as if awoken suddenly. She turned to him with her hands behind her back. “Close your eyes, Link!”

The smile she had on her face made him not want to comply, but he did anyway.

The sound of her knees shuffling the grass got louder as she approached him, accompanied by a familiar sweet smell one could only feel when very close to the princess.

Zelda’s warm breathing on his forehead and her light touch on his hair distracted Link from his other senses, until he felt something almost weightless surround his head. He still wasn’t sure what it was, but at least now he knew it couldn’t be a rock.

Despite being on the edge of discovery, however, his curiosity seemed to have calmed down, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when he felt Zelda distance herself from him.

“Can I…?” Link asked softly, his hands hovering over his head.


He opened his eyes and carefully touched the item, instantly recognizing what it was now that his fingers got to touch it.

“A… flower crown?”

“Yes,” Zelda said with a proud smile, her hands clasped together. She then moved to the side and pointed to a spot that previously had been behind her. “I saw this litle bunch here and I just knew I had to give it a try!”

Link raised an eyebrow as he looked at the spot. It was a patch with a few dozens of light pink flowers, the same species as the ones now on his head. How could he have thought of rocks but not of them?

“Thank you,” he said with a nod, taking the crown off his head to look at it more carefully. The flowers were neatly tied to one another by their stems, and although the structure was delicate, it looked quite sturdy. Still, he held it very lightly, as if afraid of having it disintegrating in his hands. “It’s very beautiful.”

Link turned to Zelda with a small smile, and she quickly took her gaze off him to look at the object. Her face seemed to be a bit redder than what it normally was.

“Don’t be afraid of damaging it, you should wear it while it lasts,” she said as she scooted closer, and then grazed her fingers lightly over the flowers. “You look graceful with it… almost like a princess, I should say.”

Link tilted his head to the side, looking at her with a curious smile.

“But you are the princess.”

“Well, I said ‘almost’ for a reason.”

Zelda’s cheeky smile made him snort, which, in turn, only caused her grin to widen. She then took the crown from his hands and carefully placed it back on his head, brushing his bangs to the side.

“But don’t worry, one day you will get there.”

Link was about to speak when Zelda got up, brushing grass off her pants.

“We should get going, I feel rested now,” she said firmly, staring down at her flower knight. “We still have a long way to go.”

Link nodded and got up, following her as they went down the hill in the direction of their horses. Every now and then he would adjust his gift a little, making sure it stayed in place as it defied the slope.

He wore his crown proudly for the rest of the day – almost like a princess, as said by one herself. One day he would get there.

All the more reason to restore their kingdom, he thought.

Imagine Chris being there for you through it all.

A/N: This is a request from @brobrobreja, I don’t know if this helps. I mean- I cried writing this so I’m sorry if this makes you sadder, I just- it’s a really tough situation. Sending so much love your way. X

You swore time stood still when the words “acute myeloid leukemia” left your oncologist’s lips. Your mouth became dry and your heart started to beat in your ears; voices and background noises merged into a deafening buzz that somehow repeated one sentence, “you have cancer.” You couldn’t believe it- you didn’t want to believe it. You didn’t understand how what you’d thought was a really bad cold could turn out to be blood cancer. You thought because you were sick that it was normal: to feel tired, to have a fever, to get night sweats, to have reoccurring nose bleeds, to throw up, to lose weight, to have your bones and joints ache despite your use of pain killers. You didn’t think anything of it because you didn’t want to think anything of it; you knew something was wrong but you were too afraid to admit it, and as it turned out- you had every right to be afraid.

Your husband, Chris, was the reason you finally decide to go to the hospital. You were getting weaker with each passing day, and your pain was only just beginning. Today you couldn’t even get out of bed, which was the last straw for Chris; he forced you into his car and drove you to the hospital. The two of you met with a GP who took one look at you and your list of symptoms and sent you to their resident oncologist on the fifth floor. You sat in the waiting room with Chris, who held your freezing hand the entire time. He tried to reassure you, repeating the sentences that would usually rid you of your angst: “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart.”, “We’re just overthinking again.”, “I’m sure it’s nothing.” Usually they worked, but not this time. You knew it wasn’t going to be okay; you weren’t overthinking again; and it was definitely something. You could feel it everywhere: your gut, your heart, your mind, and your soul; it wasn’t just the numbing pain talking, it was every inch of your being.

“Hey,” Chris gently squeezed your hand, bringing you back into the room. You managed a small smile as you ignored the tears blurring your vision; it wasn’t you you were worried about, it was your husband. Death was going to be easy, but surviving a death wasn’t. “Did you hear what Dr. Michaels said?” He tried to keep his voice as calm as possible. “There are a lot of treatments you can undergo, okay? We’ve got um-” he glanced at Dr. Michaels who looked heartbroken for the both of you, “chemotherapy and biological therapy and target therapy and radiation-” He stopped himself when he heard his voice break. “There’s a chance for recovery, Y/N.”

“I know,” you nodded, squeezing his hand as tightly as your weak body could. “Don’t you worry, I’m going to do whatever it takes to fight this.” Chris broke down when you said that, burying his head in your lap. He wanted to be strong for you, but he couldn’t right now. You were so young and you had so much left to do with your life; he couldn’t lose you, you couldn’t leave him. “It’s okay, baby.” You kissed the top of his head, whispering into his hair. “I’m going to be okay, I promise.”

After that day, Chris never cried in front of you again. He promised himself he’d keep it together because you didn’t need to take care of him, he needed to take care of you. He stayed incredibly positive, reminding you every day that recovery was possible and it was- especially since they detected your cancer in its early stages. Acute leukemia was the kind of cancer that needed to be treated as soon as it was diagnosed, as were most cancers. The goal of treatment was inducing a remission which was an absence of leukemia cells in the body, that came with a lot of chemotherapy; pills, catheter- whatever form of inserting the drugs into you, you did. It exhausted you physically, mentally, and psychologically. You spent most of your time at either the hospital or the dialysis clinic with Chris, of course, who put his entire career on hold.

You didn’t want him to; you wanted him to go to Atlanta and film ‘Infinity War’; you wanted him to live his life like his wife’s wasn’t on the line. But of course, he wouldn’t because he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to keep you happy, he couldn’t agree to such a ridiculous request. Even if he were to agree, just to appease you, Marvel wouldn’t have allowed him on set. You’d been married to Chris for five years now, everyone he knew and everyone he’d worked with knew you too. They also knew you needed Chris in such a trying time, whether or not you were willing to admit it- you needed the love of your life by your side. So Kevin promised Chris they could postpone the filming schedule for as long as he needed, or at least until things weren’t so raw and fresh. You’d tried to argue against it, stating there was no point in him suffering with you, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He even reminded you of your wedding vows- for better or for worst, and in sickness and in health- which shut you up.

“Do you want some te-” Chris cut himself off when he saw you asleep on the couch with Dodger watching over you. He sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, walking over to carefully readjust you and your blanket. “I’m not hurting her, bud.” He reassured Dodger, who growled slightly. “I’m just…” He trailed off, sighing again at the sight of your weary face. “What are we going to do, Dodger?” He looked over at his pup, chuckling with limited humor as he wept. He tried to stop himself from completely breaking down, but he couldn’t. “I feel so fucking useless. Tea?” He almost laughed at how ridiculous he sounded. “I’m offering her fucking tea when she’s-” he buried his face in his hands. “Oh God, why did it have to be her?” He cried into his hands. “She doesn’t deserve this, no one does.”

Chris cried for a little while then wiped his face with his t-shirt before leaving you to rest. He headed for his laptop where had several articles about leukemia and treatment plans and statistics of recovery. Things may have looked bleak, but it didn’t stop him from giving up hope. If there was a chance, there was a way. If you were willing to fight, so was he. You were stronger than anyone he’d ever known, and if anyone were to beat any shitty illness- it was you. You could do it, he could feel it as sure as you could feel the pain in your bones. Your treatment was going to induce remission, and you were going to recover, and the two of you were going to start a family and live happily ever after. Chris could picture the whole thing, he could see his future with you and there wasn’t a black cloud in sight. As long as the two of you stuck together, fought together, and stay positive together- things were going to be okay.

“Chris,” Chris heard your weak voice call for him and he poked his head around the corner. You were sitting up with a hand over your mouth, which meant only one thing. He quickly rushed over with a box of tissues and a bin so you could throw up. He held your hair back for you and gently rubbed your back as you threw up water and bile because you were too weak to eat any proper foods. You started crying as he cleaned your mouth for you, pushing his hand away and burying your head in yours. “I’m sorry,” you sobbed.

“Don’t apologize,” he shook his head, putting the bin aside so he could hold you. You melted into his arms and for a second, you almost forgot about everything. “Baby, this is not your fault. You’re doing everything you can, okay? You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” You managed a nod as you continued to cry. “I know how difficult it is right now, but you are going to get better. You just to believe because the mind is so much stronger than the body, and you have one of the strongest minds I’ve ever come across.”

“What if it’s not enough?”

“It is,” he assured you. “Believe me, it is. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together,” he cupped your face in his hands and brushed away your tears, smiling. “I’m not letting you go anywhere, you hear? You’re stuck with me, Y/N, whether you like it or not.” You managed to laugh despite how utterly lost and broken you felt. “You’re going to get better,” he repeated. “Things are going to look up, I promise. You just need to keep fighting, baby. Can you do that?”

You nodded, managing a light chuckle. “I can do this all day,” you quoted Captain America’s most popular line and drew a genuine, heartfelt laugh from Chris. He brushed away the remainder of your tears then kissed your lips. Yes, things were bad right now, but he’d no doubt it was going to get better real soon. With a character as tough as yours, not even leukemia could keep you down.

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The team and friends/family do paintball as team building exercise and tony absolutely DOMINATES which surprises everyone but rhodey. Or maybe the team volunteer at kids center and each avenger takes a team of kids and have to build something. Tony's team has the most fun but fails spectacularly bc tony encourages thinking outside the box and encourages the kids ideas no matter how outlandish

“This is a training exercise.” Steve declares, trying to get Tony and Clint to stop giggling like giddy idiots. Tony smiles, and reassembles his now slightly modified paintball gun. “Now a paintball has to strike a fatal spot to count. Shot’s to the feet or arms are not fatal, but will require you to switch your gun to your non-dominate hand. Is that good?” Steve asks, everyone nods.

“Can we just pick teams already?” Tony groans, and Steve sighs pinching the bridge of his nose, leaving the barrel of his paintball gun dangerously close to his face. 

“Fine Clint, you’re on my team.” Steve declares, Tony groans.

“That’s not fair.” He grumbles, and Steve gives him an unimpressed look as Clint walks over to stand next to him. “Natasha, you’re on my team.” Tony decides, knowing she can keep Clint distracted. Rhodey pouts at him. “Sorry Honeybear, gotta get the best team I can.” Natasha saunters over to his side.

“You suck Stark.” Rhodey replies, and Clint laughs. Steve gives them all his no nonsense look but remains largely ignored. 

“I’ll take Thor.” Steve declares, and Tony stifles a laugh. Thor beams at Steve as he strides over. 

“A valliant choice Steven.” He says, patting the soldier on his shoulder. Steve stumbles forward slightly. 

“Rhodey!” Tony chirps, making a come hither gesture. Rhodey groans and walks over to his side.

“Why am I friends with you?” Rhodey grumbles, pulling Tony in close and ruffling his hair. Tony waves his gun at Rhodey threateningly. 

“Sam.” Steve says, getting a glare from his best friend. “What? I wanted to give Tony a fair chance.” He offers in defense, Bucky only glares harder when Tony laughs pulling something out of his bag. Bruce cracks up when Tony pulls out a green and purple striped referee shirt for him. 

“Bucky I guess you’re mine.” Tony says, and the man reluctantly joins his side. Tony turns towards Bruce. “I know you could participate, but Captain Spoil Sport thinks it’s a ‘bad idea’ and ‘dangerous’.” Tony says, doing finger quotes. Bruce laughs again. 

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Can’t Sleep

Word Count: 544

Player: Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)

Warning/s: short, fluff

This is a repost of my own work!

Originally posted by ehghtysevenarchive

“You know that our fight was stupid right?”, Sid asked into the dark.

You were both already dressed in our Pj’s, lying in bed on opposite sides with your backs facing each other. 

“You’re just saying that because you can’t sleep.”, you chuckled, tired of staring out of the window. 

With a swift turn, you were able to actually see your fiance, leaning your head onto your arm.
Sid noticed your shifting and turned around as well, a small smile on his face.

“Maybe.”, he admitted, his eyes looking tired. 

You had fought for over an hour, right after getting up in the morning. After that Sid had hidden at practice and you had avoided each other until you went to bed separately. About an hour passed since then, an hour of complete silence while you were both sure the other one was still awake.

“But I have a game tomorrow. I need sleep.”, Sid whined playfully.

“And I am going out with my friends tomorrow. I need sleep too.”

“What? You’re not coming to the game?”, Sid was actually confused. You had been to every home game since the season started. 

“Someone”, you started, cocking an eyebrow at him, “told me I’m too involved with their business. So, I am officially un-involving myself.”

Sid’s jaw dropped, letting his head fall onto his pillow.

“You know I didn’t mean that. What am I supposed to without my lucky charm?”

“Maybe you can use a little bit of this talent that people always say you have.You’re too superstitious, love.”, you smirked before turning around again. YOU would be asleep in half an hour but he… different story.

“Babe, you are a mean human being.”, Sid muttered.

Without any warning his arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you against his bare chest. You tried to get away, but he had his arms around you tightly, nuzzling his face into your shoulder.
After a few moments you stopped fighting against his arms and he immediateley loosened his grip, sighing into your shoulder. 

“You’re right. Our fight was stupid.  Although you started.”, you teased.  

You snuggled into Sidney, tangling your legs with his, which resulted in an amused smile.

“I’ll take that one.”, he admitted.

You always slept like that. Every night ever since you had stayed over at his place for the first time. And Sid, against your first thoughts, had gotten so used to it that he was practically unable to sleep without your shoulder as his pillow.

“Sid?”, you asked.


“What do you do on road trips? I mean… how do you sleep?”, you giggled into the dark of the room.

“I watch boring TV documentaries until late at night and drink a lot of coffee. Or I annoy Geno most of the time.”, Sidney answered.

“You annoy Geno?”

“Yeah. I just keep him awake. Talk about the game or you or anything. I know I’m the captain and I should be responsible but I just want someone that’s as tired as me in the morning. And Geno doesn’t usually sleep a lot.”, he grinned.

“You’re unbelievable.”

“But you love it. And now sleep!”

“Aye Aye, Captain.”

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Can I get BTS reaction to you Twerking to one of their songs cause girl....I be fucking it up!

I do too girl. *This is prob NSFW and contains some graphic images!

It’s Saturday morning and your baby Yoongi said he’d be home this afternoon. You’ve been excited all day and finally got up from texting him in bed to clean up the house. Jumping out of bed with a smile on your face cause he said he: “got your begging ass” something. Trying not to repeat the episode of last time when you copped an attitude cause he didn’t bring you a present home. Stereo set to your favorite playlist, you start in the bedroom and work your towards the living room. You didn’t notice the time that had went past, and here you are shaking it to Silver Spoons.

When Yoongi opens the door, and stares…not saying anything, just watching you work that ass a little too hard when Hobi starts rapping. As you make them cheeks clap and turn around, there he is looking at you, a small smile on his face. 

“You gonna bounce it that hard tonight?” He asks.

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You and Jin have been cooking since early afternoon. The rest of the guys have decided to come over and play Cards Against Humanity tonight which should be funny with you and Namjoon trying to translate. The music had been soft and sweet, Jin singing in your ear as you were cutting scallions. Remembering he needed red pepper flakes, Jin asks you to cut up and sautee some onions and he’ll be back. 

Somewhere between cutting onions and turning on some Big Sean, you started dancing. But right when Big Sean says: “Stop, now make that mother fucker hammer time.” You dropped that ass like a hot potato and did exactly what he asked. 

You didn’t notice Jin opening the door, and him standing there with a big ass smile on his face, slowly starting to attempt what he calls dancing.

“I hope you aren’t burning the onions though.” 

Somehow you and Hobi playing Just Dance, turned into some sort of freestyle competition between you. He bets that you can’t do a dance that he can’t mimic and do better. Raising an eyebrow you shake your head, give him the best you got. 

“That’s it?” He asks, rubbing his hands together… “I’ll show you how it’s done, you have to be sensual with it.” 

Tae wasn’t sure about what gift you were giving him for his birthday, but the lit candles and music pumping through the apartment told him it might have to do with dancing. Smiling at him, you gave him a handful of ones and told him to tip you as he felt appropriate. Rude Boy started to play and he smiled recognizing Rihanna, but the look of shock on his face as his girlfriend strutted from down the hall was priceless. 

“Whaa.” The only sound to come from his mouth as you mounted his lap and began shaking it in his face. 

Jungkook always had a smile on his face when he came to the dance studio to watch you practice and tonight was no different. He said goodbye to all the other girls, blushing as they waved cutely at him. You knew your man though, he was just a  nervous wreck around females because he didn’t know how to act. Hell, he was still the same way with you. You love getting his cheeks to turn a rosy red, when you said something to make him choke on his tongue. 

“Kookie…” You called innocently, getting him to look up from his phone. “Wanna play before we go home?” His face said everything you needed to know. 

Public and Private Jimin were two different things. Him on stage, he was a savage, fierce, sexy and demanding. At home he was smol, sweet and cuddly. Except when it came to sex. 

Sitting on the floor where he could see you, he’d been teasing you all day. So, pretending to be innocent you decided to give him something to look at. 

“Jagiya…” He warns. Walking slowly over to you. “Get on the bed…you can do that on my face.” 

“Turn around…yes just like that.” 

Namjoon was behind you filming some videos before he left for another Asian concert tour. What he loved most to do, when he couldn’t touch you-was to touch himself while watching videos of your ass bouncing. 

“Fuck baby.” He says getting a close up, letting his hand squeeze your ass, his fingers dipping precariously close to your slit. “Let’s take this to the room, I have something else I wanna film.” 

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How about some tooth rotting fluff! UT,UF,US and SF skelebro's reaction to waking up in the morning to their S/O smothering them in tickly kisses all over their face and neck. Like,they can try to push them away but their S/O's totally persistent.

Aaaaaah yes I love this!!  Just a little secret, between you and me?  This is my favorite thing to do.  Ever.

Sans:  He lays there and takes it, a soft and real smile on his face.  This is almost as happy looking as Sans gets, just amazed how adorable and wonderful you are… until he goes limp.  His eyes are closed, arms splayed out on the bed, though he doesn’t banish his warm smile.  “bleh.  i’m dead.  your kisses have killed me.”  No they haven’t!  “yes they have.  i said bleh.  that means i’m dead.  farewell, my love.  go on without me.”  He sticks out his tongue a little to further prove that he’s dead.

Papyrus:  He is delighted!!  “MY DREAMS OF BATHING IN A SHOWER OF KISSES ARE FINALLY COMING TRUE!!”  At first he just basks in them, until it’s time for him to get up.  And then he retaliates!!  He flips his S/O over, supporting his weight so that he doesn’t crush their much smaller form.  “BETRAYAL!  SABOTAGE!  I HAVE VERY SNEAKILY CHANGED THE TIDES OF BATTLE!!  SUFFER MY SMOOCHY ATTACKS!!”  What a dork.  I love him.

Red:  “alright, alright.  goddamn you’re giving me cavities here.”  Despite what he says he does think this is a nice way to wake up, and aside from his grumbling makes no move to escape the onslaught.  Look, don’t tell anyone ok?  He’s got a reputation to uphold.

Edge:  “ARGH!!  RELEASE ME!”  He is blushing, and somehow even with those sharp sharp teeth he’s pouting.  Once he’s made enough of a fuss to say he tried he relents, and this sets him up for a good mood for the rest of the day.  And he makes their breakfast with extra love in return for the nice awakening.

Blue:  “MWEHEHE, HU-U-U-MAN!!  T-THAT TICKLES!!”  He giggles, struggling just enough to kiss back.  This quickly turns into a kiss fight, a heated battle with no clear victor.  By the time you two are done both are panting, smiles on your faces, and he gives you one big kiss to leave you breathless, this one neither small nor ticklish.

Honey:  He shortcuts about two feet away, giving you a wink.  “nu-uh-uh.  you’re gonna have to work for it.  catch me if you can, hun.”  The kiss attack goes mobile, with you trying to catch him and Honey shortcutting behind you to press little pecks to the back of your neck.  This might be the loudest you’ve ever heard him laugh, and he sneaks in a little tickle here and there if you’re ticklish, phalanges ghosting over your ribs and sides and armpits, wherever you’re sensitive.  He’s got a lot of energy for such a lazy guy, and you tire long before he does.  He scoops you up and deposits you back in bed, giving you one last kiss on your forehead.  “nap time, huh?  heh, i’ll never turn that down.”

Black:  He screeches like a wet cat, flailing around wildly.  He is trying very very hard to get away!!  Really, he is!  He just…. it’s early, his defenses are down, and you caught him by surprise.  He would commend your slyness were it not him you had betrayed with your soft silken smooches.  When you finally stop he gets up with a huff, arms crossed.  But then he whirls back around, giving your nose a single little kiss, before darting out in a flash for this to never ever be spoken of.

Puppy:  “heh, what’s up?  did we win the lottery or something?”  When you say no, you just want to kiss him, he chuckles and lays back.  Aw yeah, this is the life.  For now he’s just letting you lay it on him, laughing softly when you hit a ticklish spot on his neck, until he rolls over onto you.  “my turn?” 

Just Smile and Nod

Dean had stopped listening to what you were actually saying about five minutes after you had started to talk.  He couldn’t help it, he didn’t mean to be rude it was just the way your mouth moved caused his imagination to roam, and the way you had that old flannel tied around your waist, and how you ran your fingers through your hair as you became more animated about whatever the hell you were telling him about was just too much of a distraction for him.  Sam had noticed on a few occasions, in fact he now looked for it with a smirk, enjoying nothing more than to shoot a question at his big brother about what you had just been saying and see him flail for the correct response.  “So you agree with her then?” Sam asked with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.  Dean just nodded and shrugged, what was the worst that could happen?  The way your face lit up with a bright smile as you looked directly at him made his heart pound and even though he had no idea what he had just agreed to he didn’t care if it made you look at him like that.

“Thank you Dean! Oh my God! I can’t believe you’re gonna let me drive Baby!” you squealed, turning to Sam with wide eyed excitement.  Your words caught Deans ears and he froze, looking up at Sam in mild panic.  Oh there was no doubt Sam was going to be the one paying for this.  

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15. “Are you still awake…?” For Sam please!

“Are you still awake?”


As Dean had gone out to take care of some business alongside Castiel, you and Sam took the opportunity to go on a hunt, with it just being the two of you. Like always, you found yourself at yet another cheap motel, same old lumpy beds and indistinguishable smells and all. It was only your first night but you found yourself spending a good amount of time put into research. Hours went by and you found yourself struggling to go anywhere, as everything you could think of lead to a dead end.

You hasn’t been getting much sleep that week so Sam made you go to bed early, promising that he wouldn’t spend too much more time finishing up he research. You were willing to believe him and went off to bed and found yourself drifting asleep in a matter of minutes. You slept soundly until your body naturally woke up. Your eyes adjusted to the dimly lit room, seeing a faint light still on over at the kitchenette. You sat up and glanced over to see Sam. You couldn’t tell if he was awake or not, that you couldn’t make out. “Are you still awake?” You called out to him.

“Hm?” He looked up from his studies. “yeah.”

“It’s three in the morning Sam!” You said directly at him. You threw the covers off of you and hopped off of the bed to work over to Sam. You stopped next to the table he was sitting at and stared down at him. “you’re going to sleep whether you want to or not! Now come on,” you shut his laptop and grabbed his wrist to attempt to pull him out of his seat. He wouldn’t budge at first, but with the puppy dog eyes - you’d picked up on from him - you sent his way, he eventually gave in.

"I was almost finished,” he tried as he got into bed with you as you had dragged him to do.

"You said that at midnight. Don’t give me that. Just sleep now. Alright?” You looked at him. He nodded in answer and wrapped an arm around your waist as you two cuddled together, snuggling into the soft blanket. With a small smile formed on your face, you dug your face into his chest and drifted back to sleep with him.