just a small psa

I’ve been seeing a lot of Alfendi Layton fanart being unironically tagged as Pokemon or Augustine Sycamore.  I’d like to offer you small list of questions to help you tell the difference.

  • Is his nose ridiculously long?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Is his chest showing?  No: Alfendi.  Yes: Augustine.
  • Are his eyes yellow?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Does he have a belt?  No: Alfendi.  Yes: Augustine.
  • Is he wearing a turtleneck?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Does he have stripes under his lab coat?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Are there newspapers in his pockets?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Is his hair black?  No: Alfendi.  Yes: Augustine.
  • Is there a ponytail?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.
  • Are his pants rolled up?  Yes: Alfendi.  No: Augustine.

This has been a PSA by someone whose Alfendi fanart occasionally gets tagged as Pokemon.

Hello my name is Oh Sehun and I am the coolest, most handsomest, member of EXO. I may be the youngest but in reality all my hyung’s are my slaves; they must listen to me and also come and play when I say so. 

I hope you’re reading this Jongdae because from now on you are not even worthy to stand in the presence of Prince Sehun. 

Now, come at me you fools. And I will..uh.. do bad things, like cut holes in your shoes and wax your eyebrow hair.

Serious talk time: Reposting (my) art

Sorry guys, but we need to have a talk.

Note that I’m not speaking for all artists, but this my personal policy. I can’t control everything, but I’m just going to say my piece just to make it clear on how I feel about reposts of whatever shit I draw up and post here on tumblr or twitter.

Now generally my stance on reposting my art is a bit lax compared to other people, because as long as:

1) You credit/source (and no, “credit to original artist” without any name or link does NOT count), and

2) You don’t edit/change anything without permission,

then we’re golden. Of course, since my art is primarily on tumblr, I’d rather that you just reblog my art in the first place. (If you’re posting on another site like weheartit and such, then I have only one thing to say - No.)

Seriously, my fanart tag easily accessible as a link on my blog sidebar. There’s only 10 pages. It only takes a few clicks and scrolls and way less than 10 minutes, at most, to find the comic I made 8 months ago. Sourcing isn’t hard and it’s common courtesy, and there are dozens of posts on tumblr floating around telling you just how to find the original post or source of that pic you saved months ago but can’t remember from where. If you can remember that it’s from me, but you don’t know where in my blog it is, you can even just ASK me and I’ll give you the original link to reblog.

That’s #1. Not sourcing will only just irk me a bit, but I’ll get over it quickly after reporting it to tumblr for take down. 

Go against #2, however, and you’ll do more than just irk me a bit. 

Translations for the comic strips are fine, provided that you do #1 (credit and/or permission), otherwise I’d be a hypocrite considering the old translations I’ve done. I’m also very, very lax about people turning any of my art into icons, as I usually don’t care if you credit me or not as that’s a bit difficult sometimes, just as long as you at least don’t claim it as your own art.

Actually changing my art without permission or credit, on the other hand, is not only disrespectful, but is also a sure fire way to actually irritate me. Even more so if you add a watermark or provide credit to yourself, but not me, and giving off the implication that the work is completely yours. And yes, I do count coloring into this. You might mean well, but I don’t appreciate recolors of already colored art or coloring my lineart-only ones without permission. Less so if you watermark the work with your username, whereas mine is nowhere on the pic or post.

I don’t watermark or write my username on my art (unless I plan to use it for something to sell) as a personal choice. Not an advisable one, clearly, but just because I don’t doesn’t mean I don’t want credit for something I spent time and effort on. 

I’d like to to think I’m an agreeable person. I do this fanart thing for fun and because I enjoy the series and characters, and I’m glad that people find my silly comic strips actually funny or find my chibis super cute. As long as you ask permission first, or give credit where it’s due, I really don’t mind. Otherwise, I won’t hesitate emailing tumblr to take down your repost without asking you first, because that never seems to work.

Ahhh. Reminiscing about ties cut with people in the past year and realizing how much better I feel because of it. Though I know stress will come in abundance in the next year (yay animation school woo) I know that I’ll have the right people hanging out with me going into it to help me even when I’m at my lowest. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Thank you to all my friends who have been really kind, supportive and wonderful people to me… Even when I’ve been a bit of a grump and an emotional train wreck hah;; 

Here’s hoping 2015 will be an a-okay year for all of us.

Happy New Year’s Eve/New Year, friends.

People relapse all the time.

It doesn’t make them bad people.

It makes them people that do bad choices. 

But they obviously have reasons as to why they relapse. 

People shouldn’t get angry if someone relapses. It doesn’t mean that person is a bad person. They made a mistake. They might keep on making it.

If you know someone who relapses or who is relapsing, please don’t get angry at them for it! 

That might make them want to relapse again. 

The best you can do is comfort them and tell them they AREN’T a bad person. That if they need help, you’ll be there for them. Don’t act like an ass, please. 

my blog’s been mostly running on queued posts cause my comp is still frustrating as hell to operate. i haven’t been able to do anything with it for a while, so i won’t really be “here” until i get a new computer. i can’t even properly navigate dA either, which is a total bummer cause i’m missing out on fab art from fab friends.
twitter is the easiest thing to check from my phone, so i’ve been there most often. and i’ll try to remember to have skype open on my phone more often :x i still suck at skype

Tyrannia Yooyu Team

There can be logical explanations for Tyrannia winning.

  1. All of a sudden, great yooyuball players joining their team
  2. They have cheaters on the team.

Yes, cheaters make the whole experience of altador cup go down the drain, but it is a possibility. There is no proof that Tyrannia is cheating, so don’t be going around blaming them just yet. Last year, there were a group of score-senders that all joined Meridell and just cheated to win. Yes, it was a bummer, but what are you going to do about it? Just brush it off, and play for all-star. (Y)

psa: hiatus from tumblr + store

will be all the way in florida on the 19th to the 27th so dont expect much of me here during then… (twitter, tho, im there)

store will also be closed from 17-27 bc ofc i won’t be able to ship stuff 

so yeah!!! 

hey, so i haven’t been around much because a ton of shit is happening at the moment [fucked up internet connection, school for the first time in years and years, new career, and also o yea some legal stress, plus my dad is deploying again] and i hope i get less busy soon so i can get back to making things! and i’m doubly hoping that my internet stays randomly sped up back to normal speed [which just happened today] so i can use tumblr more regularly again! love you guys <3

((I saw there was some confusion about the Muns of some blogs, and I just wanted to clear something up.

Lionheartedmonarch is not the same person as draconicxsovereign. They are two very different people. Draconic does have a new blog, but it is not lionheartedmonarch.

Tbh I’ve been sort of worried that lionheartedmonarch would get a bad reputation because of what happened with Draconic. I was kind of worried people would get them mixed up. 

So if you’ve been wary about interacting with lionheartedmonarch because of what happened with draconicxsovereign, don’t be. They have the Preshie seal of approval!))

(just as a note to everyone; I’m going to follow many of you back before I go to bed- ..especially the TPP crowd- but the follow will probably show up as from my main blog here [x]. Just in case any of you have never seen it before. It’s only me, and you don’t have to follow that one too if you don’t like it’s content. I’m following so I can keep in contact with the fandom!)

My tag #important to me is usually a combination of news on important events, text posts I find significant, and some other informational posts. I just wanted to say that I named the tag #important to me, mostly because I’m bad at naming. But also all the stuff on their is important to me, not because I relate to some, but it is full of things I must remind and teach myself. To remind myself that there are things and experiences I will never truly understand. I offer out that tag to anyone else who needs those reminders as well.