just a sketch dont hate me


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 

~hiatus extended to [TBD]~


for the first time ever you can pay me to draw whatever you want! 

here’s what i won’t draw though:
☆the adventure zone (also other small works like webcomics, unless you got permission from the creator)
☆nuthin’ nasty (rowdy nsfw that isnt just nudity, offensive stuff, bad stuff happening to kids, etc)
☆mecha stuff 
☆full backgrounds (i’m working this summer and dont really have time to do em but will have them available in the future)

i’ll draw gore and cars and boats and bicycles and horses and your ocs(with ref) and pretty much everything. let me know if you hate the color yellow!!!

for the time being i will have 4 slots open for the following options:

‘lil’ guys sketch page $15
that’s where i draw whoever between 3-6 times on the same page (unless you want less) and put little fun stuff in between em
☆can be strict color pallet or regular colors (you can pick the pallet if you want!)
☆can be mix of full body/bust or one over the other
☆can be pixel or smooth brush, your choice!

knees’n’up’s $32
that’s where i draw somebody from the knees up full-color or from regular bust height and put a simple color blocks/patterned background and put some fun stuff on top like stickers
☆extra character is additional $3
☆stickers/text are optional and entirely flexible in what they are
☆again pixel or smooth brush is up to you, often i will mix them in this type of drawing

YOU WILL RECEIVE an enlarged (but not very large) digital image since i work on very small canvases for pixel stuff. it will be printable but not bigger than postcard size. feel free to print it out but if you repost it online anywhere please give me credit

message me on here or email me at fordseey@gmail.com. let’s talk about what you like! to look at more of my art, go to http://attor.tumblr.com/tagged/doodle

(p.s. theres a conversion fee for exchanging to usd so if youre willing to pay a little extra it would really help me out)

reblog! tell ur friends! tell ur mom! i love receiving money for doing stuff i enjoy

anonymous asked:

I'm gonna regret asking this but what the hell is the "babadiscourse" akxnejkwlanfjr

okay, let me see if i can break this down

months ago, it was a mildly popular meme to call the babadook, star of the hit horror film The Babadook, a gay icon, due to Netflix accidentally including it in its list of LGBT+ movies.

it was a funny joke, but i started seeing a lot of content that seemed to think “the babadook is gay” meant “the babadook is a cartoon stereotype of gay people that acts like an SNL sketch”. 

I made a small post I didn’t expect to get any attention about how I didn’t like this, and out of nowhere some dude comes in and puts me on blast for being homophobic and hating effeminate gay men and literally actually typed out the words “ like….zoinks.jpg, just say you want the babadook to be masc4masc and effeminate gay men are awful lol”

it was weird

my response was to go lol and several people, many of whom i dont even know, pointed out how ridiculous he was being, he deleted, remade his blog, and put me, my friend kramergate, and somebody i don’t know on a three person block list that made up the entirety of their about page

they then, months later, claimed i slandered them for some reason, and here we are now, in hell, where we belong

anonymous asked:

hey! can you/have you ever made a process video? Id love to see a step by step for your art!!

hiya! not sure how much detail you want me to get into, but my workflow is basically: super rough sketch>cleanup>flats>details

if i’m doing a painting then i flatten my layers and spend a lot more time on details. sometimes if im lazy i dont bother cleaning up my sketch and just go straight to painting over it though!

Been sketching a few Adventure Time tarot cards that I’ve wanted to do for aaaaggess 

Here’s Jake for Strength! For his physical strength and emotional strength. I was gonna draw him in his snazzy red boots he stole from the city of thieves, but then considered that that would just highlight his lack of willpower/moral strength maybs. Also cheek swirl is a ref to his pretty potluck make up,

 (and i know i fucked up the viii plz dont hate on me)

Quick paint practice. Sorry for being slow with art. Ive not been feeling too good lately and everything is just piling up in my head, i cant even focus properly. I hate thissss i hate myselfff. Sorry for ruining this post with all this. I dont know whats wrong with me i feel so sad and empty and feel as if i dont deserve to live. I hate being this way

This is H.
he’s called H in short for Hellion. This is an anti!OGchan personality.

As us in the OGfam know, G has a lot of relation to pink in his channel, So me and my good friend @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing
Made small features about him pink (his Irises and the odd vein like things on his body)

I suck at writing but I’m going to attempt a small description

Hellion hates people. He doesn’t like how people are problematic and believes that people weigh you down, he hates to be interrupted and gets irritated easily. The odd veins you can see in the small sketch only appear when he is irritated or angry, Hellion also gets heated (literally) when angry. He has the ability to intensify fire around himself. There will probably be more about Hellion on mine & Hannah’s accounts in the later future. If you have any questions just shoot me or her an ask :)
(Hannah’s acc: @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing )


I thought about posting these separately, but they relate to each other so I guess I’ll post them together.

A few things I’ll talk about with this I guess:

-Dipper is 17 in the top comic. He is 18 in the bottom comic.

- In my head, Dipper is one of the last to turn back into a human (and Mabel is one of the first). This is because he feel responsible, etc. for the Fluvius getting spread and puts the needs of the others before his own. Ironically, each person to change back drops his confidence levels (along with Mabel not always being around, Wendy going off to college…), which means it continues to take longer for him to find the “cure” for himself.

- There’s a whole story to this and these images, which I’m debating on running down here because Idk how much I will draw of it. Some things I feel cool discussing tho; Gargrunk gets attacked, there are other certvitaur involved. They don’t like gargoyles very much for reasons and they are super weirded out by Dipper wearing clothes. 

Other things to come I’m sure! These probably would have given me less grief if I just looked up deer anatomy.

wiki told me that oda nobunaga wore kabukimono clothing and, fuelled by the prospect of ikesen nobunaga wearing cool clothes and a couple of wiki and google searches later, this thing was born

ill clean it up soon but until then plz dont hate me for whatever the words say (i assume it’s ‘kabukimono’) bc I just zoomed really far into the wiki page and copied the characters off it so ;;;;;;

Omega Flowey 

I’ve been getting better on my drawing tablet so I finally felt confident enough to post one of my drawings. I absolutely love Flowey’s omega form and couldn’t resist sketching it out!

I apologise for my shitty contribution to the Undertale fandom.. Bleh..







KUROIWA…YORIKO…. GO MAKE BABIES… (you way step behind Kaneki and Touka)



Conclusions: Yeah… I’m fine doc….


rip sans

Based on this video (x). Tell me this hasn’t happened at least once when it snowed heavily in Snowdin