just a sketch dont hate me


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 


(( on a scale of one to ten I hate myself enough to sketch out 16 chibis Hi I have no self control–ANYWAYS–I love this AU so much and the other god/dess blogs as well like I get so happy seeing stuff from them I just—and I have so much more motivation to draw too bc of it and anyways just yeah I think ya’ll are amazing and these sketched out chibis aren’t enough from me but <3 <3 <3  ))

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eh, 10 min warmup sketch cuz I had that picture stuck in my mind for a long time..

Omega Flowey 

I’ve been getting better on my drawing tablet so I finally felt confident enough to post one of my drawings. I absolutely love Flowey’s omega form and couldn’t resist sketching it out!

I apologise for my shitty contribution to the Undertale fandom.. Bleh..

Ive been reading the HTTYD comics, (I’ve only read 2 of them so far) but the art is…uh, different. My main bone to pick is that Toothless has one expression. Glaring. idk. It’s just something I noticed, not sure I like it.

Since my Tumblr app wont let me answer anon asks, I’m just gonna post it here lol

No actually. It’s been bothering me as well. I mean, i still watch their sketches but for me, it’s not really funny. It makes me laugh but not as much as when he play games. I dont hate it or anything but that’s just my opinion. It’s not only you, anon.

- septicplier