just a sketch dont hate me

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s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 

Been sketching a few Adventure Time tarot cards that I’ve wanted to do for aaaaggess 

Here’s Jake for Strength! For his physical strength and emotional strength. I was gonna draw him in his snazzy red boots he stole from the city of thieves, but then considered that that would just highlight his lack of willpower/moral strength maybs. Also cheek swirl is a ref to his pretty potluck make up,

 (and i know i fucked up the viii plz dont hate on me)

Im sorry I havent been posting anything in a full month! Today I finally got a break from Uni, atleast for a couple of days. This is a wip of Manon(was going to draw Aelin but I started thinking about dragons and well…). I decided to give her eastern asian like features just to make look a bit different.

I was thinking that during the summer I can maybe start doing commissions. Let me know if you guys are interested.

This is H.
he’s called H in short for Hellion. This is an anti!OGchan personality.

As us in the OGfam know, G has a lot of relation to pink in his channel, So me and my good friend @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing
Made small features about him pink (his Irises and the odd vein like things on his body)

I suck at writing but I’m going to attempt a small description

Hellion hates people. He doesn’t like how people are problematic and believes that people weigh you down, he hates to be interrupted and gets irritated easily. The odd veins you can see in the small sketch only appear when he is irritated or angry, Hellion also gets heated (literally) when angry. He has the ability to intensify fire around himself. There will probably be more about Hellion on mine & Hannah’s accounts in the later future. If you have any questions just shoot me or her an ask :)
(Hannah’s acc: @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing )

wakes up to 12 ppl unfollowing me and 7 hate messages in my inbox bc i dont ship stdia but i drew it for ppl to buy

me, eating my egg sandwich: yall need a nap?


I thought about posting these separately, but they relate to each other so I guess I’ll post them together.

A few things I’ll talk about with this I guess:

-Dipper is 17 in the top comic. He is 18 in the bottom comic.

- In my head, Dipper is one of the last to turn back into a human (and Mabel is one of the first). This is because he feel responsible, etc. for the Fluvius getting spread and puts the needs of the others before his own. Ironically, each person to change back drops his confidence levels (along with Mabel not always being around, Wendy going off to college…), which means it continues to take longer for him to find the “cure” for himself.

- There’s a whole story to this and these images, which I’m debating on running down here because Idk how much I will draw of it. Some things I feel cool discussing tho; Gargrunk gets attacked, there are other certvitaur involved. They don’t like gargoyles very much for reasons and they are super weirded out by Dipper wearing clothes. 

Other things to come I’m sure! These probably would have given me less grief if I just looked up deer anatomy.

eh, 10 min warmup sketch cuz I had that picture stuck in my mind for a long time..

Omega Flowey 

I’ve been getting better on my drawing tablet so I finally felt confident enough to post one of my drawings. I absolutely love Flowey’s omega form and couldn’t resist sketching it out!

I apologise for my shitty contribution to the Undertale fandom.. Bleh..

Enjoy this sketch from yesterday bc i hav exams later and after that im busy so i dont have time to make anything new. In other news, I just wrote a Klance Royalty AU for my creative writing part of my English GCSE! I literally wrote gay fanfic in an exam. Yep. I kinda hate those exams tho bc its like submitting a first draft and just DONT DO THAT OK

anonymous asked:

so like. i'm glad you roasted that mf but the way you talked abt their art kinda made me feel like shit bc mine's even worse than theirs... i guess just maybe please dont do that in the future because it doesnt just make them feel bad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

heres the thing, like. their art will always be able to improve, but they spend more energy being hateful to artists who are further along in their art career. when that happens sometimes a reality check isn’t a bad thing. i don’t regret calling them on it. after all, they pulled that card first with their “5 min sketches” comment.

but you shouldn’t ever base your own self worth on other people’s progress or you’ll end up like them– hateful and bitter. for example, sometimes i roast my own art, because i hate my own art. that doesn’t mean im insulting my followers or people who haven’t been drawing as long. 

i also still struggle with comparing myself to others, but im getting better about it and i feel more confident in my progress.

anonymous asked:

hello jay ;w; i was just wondering what your process is like? do you ever record yourself drawing or taking wip pictures? thanks!!! 'w'

i dont have the habit of streaming/recording what i draw, sorry! but as for wips, i can show my layers if that helps (^□^)? i have a really awful attention span when i draw for fun so everything is really straightforward and geared for me to finish as fast as i can haha

i sketch in pink about 99% of the time!

after sketching, i lower the sketch opacity and do my lines on a new layer on top (my brush settings tend to vary but i dont use anything fancy most of the time!)

and then colors on a layer beneath lines, and a bg layer beneath that (sometimes ill do bg first but it doesnt really matter with something simple like this!)

and then a layer mask on top just to add extra color accents here and there!

and that’s it! for my lineless drawings, i literally just sketch something and paint right over the sketch, on the same layer. one single layer because im awful and dont like to hassle around with various layers!!! (dont be like me because when you mess up it’s more trouble than it’s worth! layers are your friends!!! just…not mine, haha) i dont really have anything to show for that, but um, here you can kind of see how the sketch layer is just painted over! honestly i started coloring linelessly out of laziness. i used to hate doing lineart with a fiery passion!!!!!

Ive been reading the HTTYD comics, (I’ve only read 2 of them so far) but the art is…uh, different. My main bone to pick is that Toothless has one expression. Glaring. idk. It’s just something I noticed, not sure I like it.


k so basically id like to have some extra $$$$$$ because i got expenses and shit that my paycheck cant really stretch to cover + i need to be saving money for other shit SO

some things to be aware of before u get to my prices because im CHEAP AS HELL AND UNDERSELL MYSELF A LOT BUT AT WHAT COST (to u, the commissioner) 

  • i DO take for fucking ever when it comes to doing art i feel like im obligated to do + i have almost no concept of how time actually works so i.. lose time a lot. i AM working on getting off my ass to actually draw so hopefully this wont be too much of a problem
  • please keep in mind i DO have a job so my time is not devoted to drawing 24/7. my schedule is hectic as fuck. ok 
  • i absolutely will not take money from anyone before i give you at least a screenshot of the near-finished product. at that point ill probably take half so no ones just fukin. taking my art. but after i give you the finished product u can pay me the rest


  • sketches - like 5 bucks + 1 dollar for additional characters
  • i dont like doing flat colors it bothers me
  • full body shit is like…… 25 bucks idk man if you wanna pay me more feel free to but no additional characters please that is too much i hate full body shit
  • thigh/waist up is like 20 bucks + 5 bucks for each additional character
  • I ALSO DO A LOT OF SELFIE-STYLE SHIT FOR RP BLOGS!!! THAT IS A THING I CAN DO!!!!! its same for thigh/waist up shit 
  • i dont have examples but full color headshots are like 10 bucks
  • add on like two or three more bucks if ur character design is extra complicated/has a lot of tiny details 


  • no furries/mechas please i have a hard time with animals and armor i apologize
  • I ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASONS!!! though those reasons will mostly fall under: the source media is one with content im not comfortable with (i.e., its overtly homophobic/racist/ableist/misogynistic/etc), or if you as a person are someone who holds those values and its apparent from what i can gather from your blog because i do scope out my commissioners before i agree to draw anything for them
  • other than this everything is free game thanks


It was such a nice night, i was thinking i should check the Bixanna tag here, and do you know what did i see? NOTHING JUST STUPID IDIOT HATING STUFF AGAIN. THE BIXANNA TAG NOW IS FULL OF SHITS, AGAIN, GREAT! Im so pissed, i had to draw it out from me…in a very quick shitty sketch form. Guyz, these two dont give a shit about your hate, if you dont like something just shut up and dont talk about it, leave the shippers alone, thanks! bye, im done!