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Can you help me with some coordination? I'm not sure how to send you an image file so I'll try to just describe the kimono. It's a pale pink houmongi with large purple areas and cream and gold flowers. Any advice on what color obi and obiage to pair with it? I was thinking a gold obiage but I'm not sure what obi to do with that and gold obiage are kind of hard to find. Unfortunately there don't seem to be any other small detail colors that I can pull from the pattern either.

Hello! Thanks for the question.

The further questions on my end are:

- How ‘old’ do you want your coordination to look? Like an adult, formal, married woman? Like a young woman but not formal enough for furisode? Like you’re going to tea ceremony? Like you’re going to a museum or fun event?

- What season are you dressing for? This may be less important if you have a limited amount of pieces.

Basically, remember The more contrast, the younger and more festive. The less contrast, the older. A bunch of pastels, subdued colors and low contrast is appropriate for tea ceremony (where you don’t want to take attention away from the tea), but may be too “jimi” (plain, old ladyish) for a young lady going out to a museum or cafe.

Note how these older ladies dress.

High contrast in patterns and bright solids will give your coordination a fun retro feel, like these younger ladies going out to enjoy the day.

(Examples from Pinamama’s Blog)

If you are going for a higher level of formality with the houmongi, you may need an obi with some gold in it. Houmongi are generally used as a formal kimono just under a furisode, and the obi can be tied in fancy ways to raise the formality. Whether you want a very formal obi that’s traditionally paired with a houmongi like this one,

Or go with a simple Taiko knot with a shiny obi, you have a few options. 

You can dress as the example above, with very little contrast, or you can add more color and punch with brighter contrast and bringing in different colors

A general rule of thumb is to pair geometric-patterned obi with organic floral kimono, and vice-versa. The subtle pattern contrast draws the eye toward the obi and makes all the patterns pop. 

To get back to your original question, with very light pink and lavender, I might actually try an obiage in a color that’s a deeper shade or saturation of what’s in the kimono, or some color that bridges the obi and kimono– a dark pink, a blue, maybe even a spring green. And I am a fan of obijime that have high contrast against the obi, such as the example above. If you can send me a link on imgur, or even reblog this post with an image, I can try to give further suggestions.


The Lady of the Lake

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My bday is also Sept 2! Bday smut is always a perfect gift! Thank you!

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Mmmmm birthday smut! Happiest of days, @b-boop5!! Your delicious little slice of Everlark perfection was written especially for you by the inimitable @titaniasfics. Enjoy!

The Lady of the Lake

By @titaniasfics

Summary:  The Everdeen family have been the only occupants on Lake Vivian since her grandfather built their home fifty years earlier.  However, fate brings a new neighbor to their shores. How will she adapt to this new situation?

Rated M

So many thanks to @akai-echo, for the inspiration and for prereading. All mistakes are mine.

This is my lake.

I’m exaggerating a little but not much. My family’s small house has been on this lake since my Grandfather, Emmett Everdeen, bought the land for a song and built our house along its shores.  Because it’s a small and obscure mountain lake on the outskirts of a small town, you’d think people would eventually forget that it’s there. And most have - there are only a handful of visitors from town who park at the public boat launch and go out for an afternoon of bass fishing, or the occasional troop of teenagers who will fool around along the lake’s edge, leaving wet footprints and empty beer bottles that are fastidiously cleaned up by me the very next day.  I can’t help but feel a proprietary possession towards the small lake, even though I technically don’t own anything more than the plot of land my family’s house rests on. After all, it’s only ever been the Everdeen’s cottage on Lake Vivian and town folk always treated it as ours.

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Rurouni Kenshin Analysis: Fight Sequences Part 1: Introductions

Hello everyone and welcome to the first portion of a new 3 part series. I’d like to take this moment to explain precisely what this is and what to expect in the future! This is a project I am very excited about and one that I have been planning for a really long time. After months and months of research, I’ve finally have enough information (and confidence) to go ahead and carry out exactly what’s going on here! 

Just as the title mentions, this is the first part of a new three part series of posts centered around the film grammar behind the fight sequences of Rurouni Kenshin’s live action trilogy. If successful, I will launch into the largest project I’ve ever done, which would be a fully detailed analysis of everything RK in terms of filmmaking. I plan on releasing each part on a weekly schedule as I will go through an extensive revising and editing process as well as draft high quality gif files and explanations for each section of these breakdowns.

The goal behind doing this is to deepen the appreciation of the Rurouni Kenshin films, as well as film in general. After all, love it or hate it, Rurouni Kenshin has made a cultural statement for two years (2012-2014) in a row with three successful live action film adaptations of a manga series and has become an international phenomenon and this is partly due to the thing everyone loves: The action sequences! So what is there to talk about exactly? Here’s an overview of the next two posts in sequence:

  •          Filmmaking and the composition of an action sequence

This will be a breakdown of the various components that make up an action sequence in general and how to spot a good one by analyzing film techniques such as cinematography, direction, editing and so on, as well as be an attempt to understand Rurouni Kenshin’s fight sequence in film’s rich grammar. This will help us understand why they’re so appealing, as well as creating a contrast of why other films might not be as appealing.

An action sequence is more than just stellar choreography and crazy stunts, action sequences, especially fight scenes, have a very specific method behind them and certain requirements they need to meet. This will hopefully raise questions in your own mind when watching an action film: Is the fight choreography good? The lighting? How’s the directing? Is the action on screen legible? and so on. 

I will be defining each of these terms, describing an example, and try to remain as simple and direct as possible in doing so. I hope this enriches and enlightens many people who may not be “film literate” or otherwise extremely invested in the art that goes behind making movies, so we could see all the details and thoughts that went into the film that we might take for granted! 

  •   Narrative and how action sequences progress the story.  

The third and final installment of this series is how action sequences express the narrative and its place within the story. Can the story progress without conflict? How does RK lend itself to these action sequences? Do they make narrative sense? Do they express characters in any sort of meaningful and enriching way?

The idea behind this particular post is because writing one of the most important elements in filmmaking, and many writers in a lot of big action blockbusters seem to neglect that fact when it comes to action sequences. Conflict is one of the basic elements of any story and without it, a story might not be as grabbing or as interesting. It’s one of the corner stones of not only cinema, but storytelling in general. This segment will take apart the action sequences in a narrative sense and discuss how the conflict leads to action sequences, how the grammar discussed in part one portrays the conflict just as much as the writing, as well as different types of fight sequences pending on tone. 

I especially look forward to this post and I hope you guys love it. Let the fun begin and I’ll hopefully see you all here next week!

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*small voice* do you mean to write the 101 dalmatians AU? It sounds lovely, I need more!

My hand slipped. It’s just the meet-cute, I don’t know how it happened but here it is. (I changed the dogs to be Alana and Margot because reasons). (x)


Alana is an exceedingly clever dalmatian.

She has always been, but since Will adopted her she has only grown more clever, between the tricks he teaches her and the lessons she teaches herself to keep a leg up (so to speak) on her six brothers and sisters.

Will takes very good care of her and her adopted siblings, and really she thinks she could want for nothing, but on days like today she wonders if maybe there’s something he wants for.

He’s taken her to the park, and she lies next to him as he sits, elbows hooked over knees, on a clean patch of grass overlooking the pond. He thinks she doesn’t see the loneliness in his eyes, but she does. It isn’t there always, but it’s there in flashes, just before he turns off the lights and curls into bed at night. It’s there when he stares across his empty kitchen table over his plate of trout that he feeds her flakes of. It’s there now, as she watches him try to read his book even though he hasn’t turned a page in nearly half an hour.

He’s staring out over the bank, the stripes of sunshine in the water reflecting in his eyes, and he’s thinking of something… someone perhaps.

Alana rests her chin on Will’s thigh and huffs out a little snort of a sigh. Absent-mindedly he pats her head, rubbing the soft flap of her ear as she thumps her tail in lazy contentment.

“Good girl,” he murmurs. The pages of his book remain unturned.

A silvery jingle distracts Alana and she cocks her head, shifting out from under Will’s hand to look at the bench behind them.

Sitting at the feet of a very well-dressed man is the most beautiful dalmatian she has ever seen.

She is poised, regal even, with crystal blue eyes and an elegant red collar specifically tailored just for her that brings out the contrast of her brilliant spots. Alana doesn’t think about the simple black cord that Will has looped around her neck, she’s so impeccably trained that her leash is mostly for show, but all of a sudden she feels a little shy.

The dalmatian catches eyes with her and dips her head in greeting. Her owner looks up, first at Alana, then at Will. His eyebrows raise and he rests his gaze on Will’s unsuspecting profile, lingering longer than she’s ever seen anyone look at her master.

She looks back at Will in excitement and barks softly, tugging at her leash as she stands. Will looks down in surprise. She never tugs at her leash. He follows the source of her little commotion and locks eyes with the man at the bench.

The man does not look away. Will flushes from head to toe. He does not look away either.

Alana tugs again and moves towards them, barking a little louder. Will tries to shush her and pulls back. The red-collared dalmatian stands, a little confused by the encroachment, and moves in front of her owner in protection. She barks once, clear and with authority, and Alana immediately sits.

“Margot,” her owner admonishes gently. His lips quirk and he raises a brow. She sits once again, grumbling her discontent. Will marvels at the man’s quiet authority. He practically radiates with it, power crackling off of him and reaching out in jagged bolts towards him.

Will has never wanted to be electrocuted more in his life.

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The Hobbit Celebration: Luke Evans Q&A
On Smaug, the big battle and what he’ll miss most about Bard

So, how did you feel about the title change?
I thought it was a good idea, I thought it was absolutely appropriate. It’s a huge moment, you know? It almost feels like the culmination of the whole story and the only thing that happens after that is that Bilbo goes back to Bag End. The real impact of this story is the battle and how this battle unfolds. That’s a lot of different groups trying to gain access to the gold that is now being hoarded by this increasingly crazy, greedy king. So it’s a very interesting part of the story and I think the fact that they chose to change the title is appropriate.

How would you describe Bard’s agenda now that Lake-town has been destroyed?
Bard is unhappily forced into the role of leader. I don’t think he has any issue with being the underdog and disappearing into wherever he wants to go, but he can’t do that. He has done something incredibly heroic and finally got rid of the biggest threat that there’s been for hundreds of years and that would’ve been enough surely. But no, it’s not enough. He’s survived that annihilation of the dragon and now he has to deal with these faces asking him where are going? What are we doing? Why are we stuck here? And he’s not a leader, he doesn’t want to be that person, he has spent months of his life hiding in the shadow, trying to make an extra buck for his kids. And now, all of a sudden, he is in the limelight and everybody’s looking. He is a man that has a lot of things going on his head.

It’s interesting, the idea the power vacuum created by Smaug can, everyone thinks they have claim on the gold.  
Yeah, there are relics from different kinds of parties in that place and historically, it used to be, it used to supply gold to everybody below it. It’s interesting; it’s a very interesting part of the story. As you’re talking about it, you can see that you can’t skim over this, it would be crazy to skim over it and it becomes such a powerful through-provoking part of the story. I think Peter has done the right thing in focusing very solely on that battle and the people involved in it, the races involved in it and how it affects each other, and watching their agendas unfold.

Would you say that Bard is on the classic hero’s journey?
I can see that. But I also see a guy with no options. He might be the classic hero, but I never played him like a hero. I never felt like he should be: all right this is where I’m riding with my horse, and high-fiving everybody. I don’t think he is that person, he’s just like: I go to go and fucking speak to this stupid dwarf who will not listen to anybody and he is going cause this huge battle for the sake of gold, and Bard is just a simple man not in a psychological way, he can’t understand why this dwarf is doing what he’s doing.

How would you describe the visual texture of the battle? Does it contrast to what we’ve seen before in The Return Of The King?
I think it looks very different; it’s more like a homage to what Peter did in the first one. But I remember Peter saying: I’ve set the bar really high, and now he has to raise it a little higher, a lot higher. And that’s a big job, and that’s why we had to go back and do pickups you know, because he wasn’t ready to shoot the battle when we finished principal photography. He had to really think about how that was going to happen. So there was a lot to do and a lot for him to prove. It’s going to go down in film history as one of the most amazing battles ever filmed…

So with you, on the front lines, what was the experience like?
You rehearse with the stunt guys and you work with them all day long and you learn all these amazing six-point fight sequences and then, you see them on the day of the shoot, they are all in costume and orc masks and you don’t know which one’s which. It is literally is down to: “Oh is that with the yellow eyes, I have to hit first; then the hexagonal shield, I have to hit that one; then the one with the pickaxe coming out of his head.” You know, it goes from knowing the stunt guys to actually looking at slight, visual signs… It was really complicated and scary because they come charging at you, 60–70 of these stuntmen in full orc costume and prosthetic teeth, blood, eyes… You’ve got to remember to stay in character and not turn around and run the other way.

You’ve done Dracula Untold as well, which is big on battle scenes; do you feel like a war veteran now?
I feel like I’ve been to war a few times this year yeah. Yeah, very odd, it feels like I’ve been a time traveler, a time traveling warrior.

Peter is really into combat styles — the orcs have their style, the dwarves have their style, the elves have their style — but what is Bard’s style?
The bow and arrow is his family weapon and he comes from a long line of incredible bowman. He has definitively mastered the talent of shooting a bow and arrow. His life doesn’t really call for that much bow and arrow work in Lake-town, as long as he keeps his head down and doesn’t annoy anybody, he doesn’t need the bow and arrow. It’s huge. It’s taller than me. But I like the fact that it was the long bow that the Welshman used to use; I love all of these comparisons.

What will you miss most about Bard, about the character, apart from the Welshness?
I think just playing him, and being on that set, being in Lake-town, not seeing the edges of a set, which is so rare. No green screens, you couldn’t see anything but the set, I loved that. I’ll never forget that. Floating bits of ice, the dawn mist floating on the surface, and how beautiful it looked, it sent a chill down your back and then you realise you are boiling hot. It’s a very strange thing. It’s just a beautiful memory. I only fell in it once.

All the way?
No, just to the knee.

Interview by Ian Nathan

Fic: Choose Today

For the Doctor Who Secret Santa 

The prompt was Eleven/Rose, smut, from theforgottenwitch (hopefully they find this)

So, it’s Eleven/Rose and obviously adult.

“One last day with your beloved. Which day would you choose?” Christmas. Maybe it won’t be their last day together, but still the day to choose.


The Doctor is bending over, staring at a snowman when he feels the shift in time lines and the sudden appearance of a familiar presence. One he hasn’t felt in years and one he has missed every single day.

“You know,” he says, as he slowly stands and turns. “I was thinking about you today.”

“Were you?” replies the much loved voice. “And why was that, Doctor?”

He looks at her, the woman who did so much for him and says, “Someone asked me if I could spend one last day with my beloved, which day would I choose?”

She smiles, not the smile he loves the most, with her tongue poking through her teeth, but a genuine smile none the less. “And which day did you say?”

He gestures around him. “Christmas, Rose Tyler.”

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Would You Rather?

TITLE: Would You Rather?
AUTHOR: TwoSeaFarers
GENRE: Romance/Comedy/Erotica
FIC SUMMARY: With a storm approaching, Kimberly does not want to get out of bed, especially when Tom is there to keep her company

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: This is the first time I’ve ever written fic on Tom Hiddleston.  It’s just a simple one shot.  I was hesitant to post this here, but hell, I’ll give it a try.  There’s some cursing, but that’s the worst of it.  

I awoke to slender fingers tangled in my curls.

“Are you… playing with my hair?” I asked, my voice strained with tire.

“Yes.  Good morning, darling.”  His smile was bright, a stark contrast with the blackened clouds shading the windows.  Tom raised his brows.  "Well, it’s going to pour, so it might not be such a good morning after all.“ 

I was entirely focused on the way my senses came alive following each gentle stroke of my hair.  His touch felt so… homely.  

"You seem preoccupied.  Are you all right?” he asked.  The tips of his digits continued to caress my strands of tangled curls.  

“No one’s ever touched me this way.  Played with my hair.”

“You mean to tell me not a single person has wanted to pull on these incredible corkscrews?”  Tom kissed the top of my head.  

“I’ll be honest.  I’ve kept people from getting a hold of my spectacular mane.”

He laughed, encouraging me to grin before planting a quick kiss on his lips.  "Tom, call me lazy, but I do not want to get out of bed.  And I don’t want you to, either.“

"Persuading me to commit sloth?  Kimberly, how could you?” he said, feigning hurt.

“I promise we’ll go to confession tomorrow.  I’ll confess to being a victim of gluttony.  I’ll say, ‘Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  I cannot keep my lover from lying between my legs.  I’m afraid I ache too much for his cock.’  And then I’ll be pardoned, and so will you.”

“You are just too much,” Tom chuckled.  "Tell me more about how much you ache for my cock.“

"I would rather get out of bed,” I joked. 

He gasped, propping himself up on an elbow.  "You would rather get off that cute little arse of yours than - “

"Feed into your ego?  Yes,” I grinned.  

“Well, Ms. Sourpuss,” Tom said, sitting up and pulling me along, “tell me something else you’d rather do than please your lover.”

I straddled him, touching my forehead against his.  "Let’s play Would You Rather.“ 

"Would You Rather?  Is it sexy time?” he asked, a hopeful gleam in his crystal eyes.  

I laughed.  "I’m not sure yet.“

"Let’s find out, shall we?”  And he stuck his hand between my legs.  

“Tom, dammit, hey!”  I gripped his wrist. 

“I felt something, something that was just begging to be ravished,” he claimed, a taunting, wicked grin spread across his lips.  I rolled my eyes.

“Would you rather wear a tutu or five-inch stilettos for a month?”

“I do like my ankles, so I’ll go with a tutu.”  Tom continued.  "Would you rather shave your head or have to walk everywhere naked?“

"Aw, not my mane,” I pouted.  "I’ll have to go naked.“

"Fantastic.”  He grinned.

“Would you rather tattoo your tongue or the inside of your lip?”

Tom winced.  "Inner lip,“ he decided.  "Now, would you rather have to kill Cumberbatch and fuck Fassbender on the same day, or marry Fassbender and then kill me?”

I cocked my head and laughed.  "You can’t tie in Fuck, Marry, Kill with this game!“

"I can’t?  That’s amazing, because I just did.”

“I would rather marry Fassbender and then kill the crap out of you.”

“I am wounded.  You have wounded me!”

“You’ve given me the opportunity to really give it to Michael.  I mean really give it to him.  And I have a soft spot for gentlemen named Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Tom sighed.  "Kimberly, if I give it to you, and I mean really give it to you, stay in bed all day, will you forget I ever asked you about these gentlemen you apparently would not mind between your legs?“

I bit my lip with a smile.  "Tom, would you rather share a sensual kiss, or fuck me into the mattress?”

He pulled me closer to his chest, hands pressed hard against my back.  His lips barely brushed against mine.  "Oh, darling, why on earth can’t we do both?“

Raindrops pelted the windows relentlessly, pattering the roof with thrums of thunder.  But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t a good morning.