just a simple edit but i love this picture ;;;


“I have always felt in extremes, it’s like there’s this electricity in my bloodstream. I just want to scream.” - a jason todd moodboard (s) for @hsinlvegas bc her presents are going to be hella late so i’m giving her this. ily!


IM FINALLY FINISHED WITH MY NICHIJOU FANART!!! I love this show so,so, sososososSO MUCH ;A;


For all the women around the world who have always loved Thranduil. Y ou are a rose that emerge all your beauty and fragance. You are one of the greatest woman around. And you will be even better if you could learn to appreciate an original artist. Wouldn’t it be better for you to learn to edit rather than spending the time stealing and changing another artist’s artwork? it doesn’t matter what sort of program you are using to edit, just start from a picture that has never been edited by another artist. If you have no time to learn how to  edit while you find the an artwork that you like, you just need to show your appreciation to artist and for anyone who wishes to share the picture anywhere on social media, please include the link where you’ve found the pictures. Just the simple thing but you can change the world with your smart behaviour…… HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

Special wonder women here @sweetfairy1 welcome back dear, stay with us..we love you. @bellevox  @moonofmorrigan  @lancelottie @floranocturna @aprilwindworld @miresgaleth @themirkyking




You will not be able to find Thranduil in this particular pose in the movie or behind the scene. This new pose is edited based on my creativity. If you see this picture without my watermark anywhere, it means that someone has  stolen it from my sites without permission. Do not blame me if i report your link for you have been warned.

This is the original picture

So I’m in the process of planning a modern save story thing and while I make a lot of sims myself, I’d love it if you could make some sims for me to use as well! This project is a LONG way off, hoping to start it sometime by the end of the year.  I’m going to try exploring different things with this and some things might be a little darker, but I want to give it a try.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Any family given to me must have at least on sim child or teen.  They are the stars of this project. 
  • Let me know which world you picture them living in. (except magnolia promenade and granite falls)
  • Feel free to write up a little bio for the kids or the family in general.
  • CC is welcome, but please only mm hairstyles.  (I love alpha, it just doesn’t love me)
  • Human’s only please.
  • And lastly, I just ask that I be allowed to edit any sims so that they fit my game style.  (ie.  I kinda use mostly large eyes on my sims, so being able to adjust eye size or something simple like that)

I’m making this announcement really early I know, but I want time to be able to decorate their houses to fit their styles but to also make some specific recolors for them, including family photos.

I’m not expecting any families right away, but I will probably reblog this twice a week(timezone reblogs) until I announce that I’m not longer taking anymore. You can send me families as tray files or add them to the gallery with #edensstar,  but please message me on here so I know to take a look if you post to the gallery. 

:)  Happy sim making!


10 followers gift!

So I’m just starting as a creator/simblr and haven’t posted much yet buttt… I have 13 followers😃! I really don’t care about numbers; I love the game, creating content and telling stories. Thank you so much for stopping by once in a while and I’ll promise; this will not be the last! I’m just getting started! 💖 😁

As a small token of my gratitude I like to share 2 add-ons for 2 EA gates that came with the base game. With the White Picket Fence that came with Backyard Stuff I really missed a simple white swatch to these two gates.

In the pictures above they look some blueish but that only because I edited the screenshots. These are both add-ons which means; they will appear as a extra swatch (not standalone) at the original gates in your catalog. Made with S4S.

Base game ‘Wouldn’t you like to know’ gate swatch add-on dropbox

Base game ‘Maiden’ gate swatch add-on dropbox

Please don’t re-upload.

so i thought this would be fun to do !! i do this on my youtube, so why not do it here ?? it’s an awesome way to share with you guys what i’ve been really digging this month + you guys know i’m all about sharing and ~exposing~ other peoples posts (aka. i reblog a shit ton). it won’t be a long list, but hey ! who carez (not me). lets jump into it !!


  • @grimcookies auli’i hair; this is my favourite hair to use…….and i’m definitely going to over use it, but idc because it’s so gorgeous and simple and i !!!! just love it sm thanks 4 making it brother
  • @crazycupcakefr mary dress; this dress is so feminine yet not too feminine, if you get what i mean ? it uses that amazing top from the bowling night stuff pack and it just works so well !! i love it


  • @cupidjuice i love love LOVE her gameplay, especially with the gloom family. the pictures are so pleasing to look at- her edits are really pretty i guess ?? idk i just love looking at them 
  • @eefahsims i love the way she edits her gameplay pics- again, they are so pretty !! and i’ve definitely drawn inspiration from her when it’s come to editing my own pictures. 
  • @sycsh i adore the ‘bloody legacy’ they’re doing- it’s edited and portrayed amazingly and i get so so so excited when i see it come up on my dash. (plus mads is adorable !!!!!!!!)
  • @surprisepeach pretty sure he already knows this, but i am a hoe for his edits like SHIT FAM !!! they r just so GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u for blessing my dashboard with them
  • @sportingsims their alderson legacy is rad- it is soooo dramatic (and a little controversial, but hey ?? who cares ?? not me !). i’m a little behind in it, but it’s fun 2 go back and catch up on it. i !!! love !! drama !! (in a story, fyi.)
  • @wrenpity adore her edits !! probably one of the only non-gameplay blogs i really enjoy following. + the speed edits are so much fun (and kind of relaxing ?) to watch !!
  • @noonicorn her story ‘desolate’ is amazing !! if you’ve been here a while, you know i love anything post-apocalyptic so !! i love !!!


  • my new theme !! i wanted something different 2 what other simblrs have, and i feel like this really suits my personality and the aesthetic i strive for here at desertbloom dot tumblr dot com. 
  • @grimcookies​ for helping me w/ stuff and thingzz (like picking a new theme lol)
  • potentially the new parenthood game pack ?? maybe i should wait until next month 2 really decide that

so thats all for this month !! hope u guys liked this ?? idk but i’ll do it again bc it was fun lol 

[also- if i got anyones pronouns wrong, let me know !! i checked all the blogs 2 make sure] 

Day 7/April 8, 2017:  Your absolute favorite EXO moment(s) of all time! (Yes they can be OT12.)


Well, I don’t have moments because I cannot watch some EXO shows like EXO Showtime, Exomentary, etc…BUT I made this special edit just for you…even you don’t know about these girls, these are from Love Live! School Idol Project/Sunshine!!. Here are the pictures appeared in my edit. BTW, it’s OT12! Here’s to cheers to everyone to EXO and EXO-Ls! WE ARE ONE! WE PROMISE FOREVER!


  • Honoka Kousaka
  • Eli Ayase
  • Kotori Minami
  • Umi Sonoda
  • Rin Hoshizora
  • Nozomi Tojo


  • Riko Sakurauchi
  • Kanan Matsuura
  • Hanamaru Kunikida
  • Mari Ohara
  • Yoshiko Tsushima
  • Ruby Kurosawa

(Actually about @byunbaek-net‘s 2nd Week Anniversary Challenge I’m sorry but this is the only one I can get and usually I do simple edits and yet I’m not good at graphics and gifsets like them. As an EXO-L with Autism, I created something unique about EXO even you don’t know. Feel free to like or reblog sometime. Plus, I deleted my post due to error and I reuploaded tonight. EXO debuted on April 8, 2012. Please understand and I’m sorry for deleting my last post. Will everyone forgive me?)

“How about reader feeling insecure cus now that more people know about him, lots of girls want to throw themselves on him. Maybe for example, a really pretty fan asks for his autograph and picture while he and reader are on a date and before she leaves, she kisses him on the cheek or gives him a flirty look?
And when he sees the reader feeling down, he assures her that she’s perfect the way she is and he loves her too much to just run off with someone else, etc.”

When I write I usually listen to music so I think I may attach some songs from now on because they usually relate to the prompt so I have a better feeling of the emotion……so!!!! “Anna Clendening - Boys Like You (Cover)”

Edit: Someone asked for an alternate edit and you can read it here.

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“On 30 July we played at the Fender Club in Kenton. Karen Astley, a college friend from Ealing, came to the gig and even handsome Chris [Stamp] commented on how cool she looked, calling her a ‘dolly bird’, a great compliment at the time. […] Outside the hall after the show, as we waited for a taxi, Karen suddenly threw her arms around my neck and kissed me." 

"On Karen’s bedroom wall were three Victorian black-and-white postcard photographs of scantily dressed actresses. One was the infamous Lily Langtry, mistress of Prince Edward, later King Edward VII, and one sunny afternoon while Karen was at work I scribbled out a lyric inspired by the images and made a demo of 'Pictures of Lily.’”

“Karen often seemed to me to play the same supportive role as that of a miner’s wife, her husband home from a day in the pits, who just needs empathy. She also tried to bring me back into the present, to the everyday pleasures of bathing children, walking the dog, cooking a simple meal, having a glass of wine and making love at bedtime.”

Debunking reasons?

Hello everyone :) New post as you can see. I want to thank everyone of you because it’s so nice to read all of your messages, they’re always so lovely and it’s so damn amazing, so thank you very much. Honestly, we love you!

So, now… this post is basically for debunking some “statements” that some Larry shippers use against Narry. This request was submitted and i found it quite interesting so here it is. Thank you to the lovely person that requested this post. :)

[Disclaimer: None of the next pictures, gifs, etc are mine, all the credits to their owners] 

{NOTE: if you want me to credit you for a picture or a gif, or you just simple want me to remove just message me and i will. It’s not my intention to steal any pictures, gifs or edits]

  • ‘Omg. Just because Harry and Niall look at each other, doesn’t mean that there ‘in love’ or ‘are in a relationship’. Plus if you look at Louis and Harry, they actually seem to have chemistry.’

I just want to say that this “statement” it’s senseless. When you look at someone like Harry looks at Niall, or like Niall looks at Harry, you know there is something else. There is a difference, Niall and Harry look at eachother in such a unique way, when they’re looking at each other, they smile and if they’re not smiling, they’re so lost in each others eyes and if you dare to compare them to Larry then you should check a doctor. 

Let me show you….

This is Narry

and this is larry? 

What difference can you find? Yes,  quite a lot.

I actually read some posts about “heart eyes of Larry” and there is where i found the gifs.

Another one:

“They can’t take their eyes off of each other not even for a second”


Well… It’s an obvious difference.

  • 'How come Louis and Harry always get really defensive whenever they’re asked about Larry? Because their trying way hard to hide the fact that their together!’

Or because they’re tired? Honestly, when they deny larry they don’t get defensive at all, they actually seem quite annoyed and you can’t blame them. Plus, Louis does have a reason to be annoyed, a girlfriend. He called it bullshit my friends, Louis himself, what else do you want?.

  • 'Did Harry touch Niall in order to show what was his? No? Oh wait! That was LOUIS that Harry did that to after the interviewer touched his thigh.’

We should take a look at this! Harry shows his jealousy and protection in a different way when it comes to Niall :) So basically, Harry has showed that Niall is HIS! 

  • 'Do Narry have matching tattoos? I don’t think so.’

Well, Zayn and Louis have matching tattoos, Harry and Zayn too, so, yeah.

  • 'I’ve never seen Narry sing to each other. I mean there are way to many moments were Larry are singing to each other.’

HOLD ON, HOLD ON A SECOND!! I’m in shocked. I mean, how, girl, just, WHAT? As i can see, you need some help.

Let’s take a look at TMHT, shall we? 

[looking at Niall]

Take a look at this videos ;)

Perth, Australia


“I’m in love with you and all NIALL little things”

  • 'Larry wrote a song together, called 'They Don’t Know About Us’. Has Narry done something like that? NO? Didn’t think so.’

Lmao, they didn’t. 

Writers: Tebey Ottoh, Tommy Lee James, Peter Wallevik and Tommy P Gregersen.

  • 'Harry always replaces words in songs to match Louis’ name! Has Harry ever done that?

Yes, he has.


  • 'Harry just really seems like he’s annoyed by Niall. I’m just saying. It seems like he just really gets on Harry’s nerves sometimes.’

Yep, you’re totally right….

so annoyed

Calm down Harry, please, calm down

yup, totally annoyed


  • 'I don’t see why you guys make such a big deal about the yacht thing. I mean they weren’t even alone. What’s the big deal? You guy’s are making something out of NOTHING’.

Well, that’s what i think when some larry shippers are like


But, we do have reasons. Yeah, they weren’t alone but…


Niall’s using Harry’s shoes and Harry is shoeless.

I mean, whether you want to admit it or not, the Yacht thing was a big deal. If it’d have been a “Larry thing” you all would be shoving it down everyone’s throat, double standards, right?

  • 'Niall and Harry don’t seem like they have that much chemistry, let alone ’sexual frustration’ as you guys like to put it.

I won’t say anything….

should i go on or? i’ll stop 

  • 'Niam or Ziall seems more believable then your Narry crap.’

I reckon, both are very lovely bromances, but that’s it. Narry it’s damn different and i ain’t gonna write why narry is realer than narry or ziall, it’s a waste of time.

If you get to see the way Harry looks at Niall and you still believe in Larry, then i feel sorry for you. 



-The end-


mischief-tea asked: 5 favorite pictures of Matsujun // Explain what makes each one a favorite

  1. I just love the way he looks here (。♥‿♥。)
  2. The way they captured him here is truly beautiful
  3. This whole photo shoot was simple but yet he looked so adorable
  4. Simply gorgeous
  5. Stunning that is all~ ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

I’ve gotten so accustomed to my favorite players leaving the club that I thought it would stop hurting a little less the next time another player walked away but Dani’s departure…..I really am at a loss for words. This man has been nothing but a ray of sunshine who has defended and loved the club with all his heart for the past 8 years. When I first began supporting this team, Dani became one of my favorites almost instantly. Eleven year old me would have the biggest smile whenever Dani assisted Messi and they would celebrate together like brothers, 6 years later I still feel the same way. As the years went by, my love for him only grew and he’s still one of my most loved footballers. I love how he just radiates positivity and happiness, I love how he mocks our rivals or anyone who talks crap about the team, I love how selfless he is and offered his liver to Abi, I love how he posts funny things on social media and makes everyone laugh, I love how he does the most random yet adorable gestures during matches such as playing with a kid’s hair, I love how he doesn’t care what others think of him and lastly, I love how he always loved the fans and of course, the club. I don’t know why he’s leaving, maybe it’s because of the board, maybe because he feels underappreciated. If it’s the former, then I’m glad, he doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. However, if it’s the latter, I really just want him to know that not many players at the club have been as influential as him nor have they been as loved as he is. I want him to know that he has always been appreciated by every single fan out there and today is an extremely sad day for us because honestly, I never thought this day would come. I always pictured him retiring in a Barca jersey but well, not all dreams come true. I just want to end with a simple ‘thank you’ because words will never be enough to describe a man who’s so genuine and wonderful, and gave his all every time he was on a pitch.

Goodbye, Dani. We love you.

“Painting is interesting for me. I don’t do it because I think I’m any good at it; I do it because I love it. I’ve started to do more things like that recently. In my teens, I was scared to ever do anything that I wasn’t very good at, especially not publicly. So, for me to paint, something really simple, I’m not bragging like I think it’s good, I just know I loved creating it. And I think that that’s where everything started with me with music, I just did it because I loved it.”