just a shitty thing i whipped up

What you say: ‘lol your boyfriend is so emotional it’s like you have a *GIRLFRIEND*’
'your boyfriend does whatever you say you have him WHIPPED lol’

What I hear: I have never been in a healthy relationship and I don’t know what it’s like to be respected by a man who is also healthily in tune with his emotions, not just lust and anger.

Lemme put up some 

Headcanons for when after a godfucking awful day MC feels shitty and just wants to curl up and die and the suitors want to cheer her up

because i had a shitty day 

So here goes:

Alyn - would start cooking a.s.a.g.d.p. because yes the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but let’s be honest about who’s the real cook here. Would whip up your favorite dishes and sweets and make them extra special, like extra whipcream or extra spicy, that kind of thing. Would probably go out of his way to make the dinner setting romantic if he had a chance. Would pamper you and spoonfeed you too. And he’ll endure all your teases without poking you in the forehead. 150% chance he’ll let you be the small spoon for tonight (Alyn would probably be the type to want to be the small spoon so he’s making an exception for you)

Leo - he’d make a fort or put together the beanbags and you’d cuddle in front of your favorite nightlight and he’d distract you with all the stories he has in that head of his. He’d tell you all these over your favorite snacks. You’re going to be the little spoon the entire night. Would drape his arms over you and hug you real tight and whisper in your ear and make sure to tickle you too. Would read to you, if you wanted to. He’d probably do dub overs for the characters. Definitely lets you read his treasured comic books too. Would also share headcanons and talk about fan theories

Louis - he stands there and you just feel better already. Not kidding. THere’s something about Louis’ smiling face that makes you feel better all right but he knows you’ve had a shitty day so he takes you out to your favorite resto and orders for you and he just knows which dishes to pick and pampers you and never lets your glass empty even if you just ordered iced tea or something. Holds your hands and kisses them non-stop the entire evening. He takes you on a scenic walk through the city, treats you to ice cream, probably would even dare go to a seaside fair or something, and buy you cotton candy. Tries to make jokes to make you laugh but he’s so bad at making jokes but you laugh anyway because he’s just too bae. He smiles the Ultimate Smile at finally making you laugh and kisses you.

Giles - hot bath with the bubbles and the scents and the wine, and he does a sinfully good massage all the way from your toes up to *cough* your shoulders and all over and he’s just so goddamn good with his hands you melt. He should sideline as a masseuse I s2g. Would pamper you with kisses everywhere and I goddamn well mean everywhere. He’d run his fingers on your back and your hips and it’s just so relaxing like what the hell, you expect it to be sensual and sometimes it is but mostly he’s in mother-mode. Would also make you soup. And probably hum as he tries to make you sleep.

Byron - a scenic drive in the mountains overlooking the city and it’ll be beautiful and quiet and dark and just peaceful and he’d just hug you as you lean against him and listen to you vent and give a few remarks of his own and his voice would be so calm and soothing. He’ll nuzzle against you definitely and his fingers would be intertwined with yours and nonstop brushing of his lips against your fingertips (hey it rhymed). He brings along something he probably cooked on his own (you taught him and he’s been practicing) and of course his telescope and you’d just stargaze the night away. Of course there’ll be something extra too.

Robert - lets you vent non-stop without interruption and makes a mental note to “talk” with whomever made your day shitty the following day and make sure it never happens again. While venting, he’d preen your hair, running his hands over and through it. He’d also probably agree to murder if you suggested it. No one should be allowed to make your day shitty to begin with. Would also think of a solution to your problems and would also help you get back at whomever made your day shitty if it helped. Probably would rain kisses on you until you fell asleep. 

Nico - cuddles you non-stop and cracks his best jokes and brings out all your fave comedy movies or just your fave movies or shows and marathon them and popcorn and just chill and you even don onesies and he sends you the craziest snapchats ever even if you’re just two feet apart. It’ll be a night of smothering. And internet videos. And more cuddling and of course forehead touches and he’ll hug you non-stop and he’ll be super touchy-feely too. You’ll fall asleep because you’re too tired from laughing all night.

Albert - “not entirely sure why you let yourself be bothered by that shitty thing that’s bothering you. it’s all in the state of mind.” is what he’d probably say but he knows you already know that and he can’t stand to see you so mopey and glum so he whips out Benjamin because benjamin is a surebet ticket to happiness. He’d probably literally ask you what you want to do and he’d 10000% go with it. Whatever it is and he’d make sure that you get everything as specifically as you wanted it, no excuses from him. He’s not insensitive, just that he quite literally wants to do whatever it is you want to do to make you feel better. He will even let you wear those couple shirts if you wanted. Would also kiss you a whole lot more since he knows you enjoy being kissed and he’ll blush all the while and be super cute

Sid - whatever insult you throw at whatever shitty thing you hate, he’s gonna agree with you and double it. Would take you out drinking in a pub to let you vent even more and ohboy are both of you ruthless tonight. Would take you skinnydipping to cool off that hothead of yours too and stuff might *cough* happen. He’s gonna be extra gentle though, like not just in the cough stuff, but overall. Holds your hand, carries you if there’s a puddle or something, tucks your hair behind your ear, let’s you have that last shot of vodka even. Piggy-back rides are guaranteed.


I decided to challenge myself and see if I could whip up TAZ cosplays just by using things I already had (with no altercations) from other costumes or my “this could be used for a costume someday” stash. I set a timer for 30 minutes and threw pieces I found in plies, and when the timer went off, I put them on, and my grandma was kind enough to be my photographer. XD My favorite thing about these costumes is the fact that Merle’s beard is a shitty wig looped around my ears, and I got to reuse my Favaro Leone armor for Magnus. Not bad for 30 min.

dylanlovesthemets  asked:

i really like the idea of derek coming back to beacon hills when stiles starts training for a deputy position. so stiles is older and more mature but he still has a soft spot for derek. and then he and derek start to hang out and spend their nights together and they become best friends. and then slowly but surely they realize just how in love they are with each other and there's no big declaration of love. it's just simple and easy and they go from friends to lovers so seamlessly

Also on AO3.

Derek Sourwolf Hale, 7:37 pm: Coming back to Beacon Hills. Coffee?

The text came in just as the oven timer went off, letting Stiles know his frozen pizza was done and ready to be eaten. He only got a quick glance at the lit up screen, before his eyes went wide, a nearly (very) happy sound rumbled in his throat, and he spun around to get the pizza out of the oven, burning himself just a little in the progress.

Worth it.

Stiles, 7:39 pm: Yes! When and where?

He waited all of one minute just staring at his phone, before he remembered his dinner and went to eat it, stopping only when his phone vibrated on the counter with another message.

Derek Sourwolf Hale, 7:41 pm: Saturday, 2 PM at The Brew?

Stiles, 7:41 pm: Perfect!!

He immediately put it in his calendar, his heart pounding and his cheeks hurting from the smiling.

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ANYWAY!!!!!!!! nice balance of angst and cute ngozi, thanks for havin my ass whipped like a good ol cream pie… let us go

  • you were so good bits
    • b i t s
    • sweetheart
      • aaaaaaaaa
  • … nice
    • so heart eyes
  • the fukcing. the kiss to “shut him up”
  • we should get downstairs bittle
    • :(
      • please dont make that face
        • i weep
  • hes keeping it
    • bitty totally sleeps in that thing when hes rly missin jack bye
    • probably booty shorts
      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • mr. shitty
  • your girlfriend
    • ok but bittys face :(
    • he doesnt wanna lie to his friends
  • texting and smiling
  • jacks happy!!!
  • that lardo/shitty/jack sandwich
    • i love my kids
  • ransom and holster questioning
    • oh dear
      • oh no
        • oh my
  • remember jack and camilla collins
    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • yikes
  •  “I want to talk to you about the kegster. I’m sorry”
    • fucccckkkkkk
    • i am not ready for this angst
    • i got to go
  • bittys like so concerned bc it isnt something to apologize for but man he hates hiding it from them and the stress and
    • aaaaaa.gif
  • “But it’s never been the chicks he’s wheeling”
    • eye emoji