just a screen shot i took yesterday


I just saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and I also so @johannathemad make this really cool au chart thing where she redrew beast as Adam, everything is the same but Adam just needs to work on his manners. AND I LOVED THAT. I took a few different screen shots and drew those as well! This is cool challenge thanks for the inspo Johanna!

Chester Marathon - W3 D5

6 morning miles with @oh-for-the-love-of-running-x! I paused my watch at a crossing and forgot to turn it back on but I promise I did the full 6 miles!!! I felt a bit sluggish this morning, could be due to yesterday’s extra run. Laura isn’t sticking around to work from home with me today and just as I took a screen shot of our run, up pops a text message from her. Talk about timing!

Today I have to work on a really crappy bit for our app. I’ve already spent too long designing it and it just looks like shit. I’m not getting anywhere. It doesn’t help that me and the boss have different ideas about how it should look. ARGH.

Tonight me and the boy are off to a friend’s birthday meal in Leeds. The table is booked for 8. 8 O’CLOCK?!?!?! Then… you know… we have to order… and erm… wait for food too…. on a busy Friday night… Whhhhyyyyy must people eat so late?! These friends have unfortunately seen the bad side of my hanger before. There was a big group of us and one of our friends was literally taking ages to decide, like half an hour, sent the waitress away twice and it was in one of those BBQ places (Reds for UK folks if you’ve been) so your options are pretty much meat or more meat… Everyone had decided except for him and I basically shouted at him saying ‘RIGHT, the waitress is going to come and we’re going to go round the table and we’ll come to you last and you better have fucking decided by then’. It wasn’t one of my finest moments, everyone was really shocked because I’m usually so quiet but don’t mess with a girl who’s hungry. So note to self: have a late afternoon snack today.


Me and my friends had fun in overwatch yesterday and I thought taking a lot of screen-shots would be a funny thing to do.

I don’t know why but for some reason whenever I took pictures of junkrat he would just turn into this shadowy figure except the hair and eyebrows which was still perfectly visable.

And that gave me some inspiration to make a shadow!junkrat! He probably have some of reapers abilities..

don’t ask me why this is my blog.

i’ve been going through the 280 screen shots i took and yesterday and i just noticed

it looks like they’re afraid of Ashton’s arm pit hair

“look away, it’ll be over soon”

“ashton ew put those arms back down omg”

but michael is just like

“nice i wish i had arm pit like that”

and then there’s ashton


In wolverine news ... (Issue #1)

Tumblr reacted to the launch of Skunk Bear yesterday by almost immediately malfunctioning. As you can see in this screen shot from downrightnow.com yesterday evening, it took several hours to recover from the shock.

No doubt Tumblr was thrown – as many of you were – by our strange name. Skunk bear is a nickname for the wolverine, whose voracious appetite for all kinds of prey is only matched by this tumblr’s appetite for all kinds of science.

It is only right that we occasionally post wolverine news updates. And by cosmic coincidence, a paper was published just yesterday about wolverines forging new frontiers.

Camera traps set up by biologist Tom Shadlow captured these images of wolverines tromping around Princess Royal Island on the coast of British Columbia.

Wolverines usually keep to the alpine, inland areas of Canada, and they’ve never been seen on Princess Royal Island before.  By analyzing the chemical make-up of wolverine fur caught on snags, Shadlow also discovered the first evidence of wolverines eating salmon. It seems that these skunk bears have expanded their already huge appetites.

[Another cosmic coincidence: In NPR’s cafeteria, yesterday’s lunch entree was … salmon]