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It’s kind of fascinating the way Vortex’s colours wound up so weird in Fall of Cybertron.

Step 1: G1 Vortex’s Dreamwave profile art, used as his @tfwiki mainpic, gives his grey parts a beige tint (I’m told it’s like this in print, it’s not just a bad scan).

Step 2: A concept artist for the game uses that profile art as a reference when designing the Fall of Cybertron version, leading to a beige-ish Vortex. Additionally, his flappy hip skirts seem to be derived from the Dreamwave art’s hinged waist pieces. The concept artist also happens to used a redder shade of pink for Vortex’s torso.

Step 3: In the process of turning the concept art into an in-game model, the beige-ish grey becomes a full-blown beige, and the reddish pink becomes full-blown red (and also his head changes colour for some reason).

All very butterfly effect, innit?

a regular (who looks identical to Wee Dingwall from Brave) came in and while I was checking her out, I asked if she had a rewards card and she pulls it out along with her debit card so I take the reward and go to scan it. She goes “oh, no you’re wrong that’s my reward card. You’re wrong!”
We usually let the costumer just scan it themselves but it’s just easier for me to swipe them because the scanner can be fickle and swiping it takes two seconds and I tell her that but she just goes “oh, okay. I was going to tell you that you were wrong, but I don’t work here so I didn’t know. Sorry.”
It was nice for her to apologize because she’s usually really reserved and just deadpan’s everything. She’s a lot like a zombie honestly. Hearing her say anything that wasn’t about her order was actually just kind of weird.

Went for a fetal echo cardiogram today. All was fine, and I don’t really understand why I needed one to begin with, but whatever.

In the waiting room, there was a couple, who looked to be about 16. They went in for a scan just before me, and were scheduling their next appointment when I came out. They had been joined by a woman, who I assume was a social worker. I just wanted to give those two kids a hug. They looked so scared. I hope they’re okay. I hope they have a support network. Their faces are going to stick with me for a long time.

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Hey guys, I'm the one that asked about Itoshi no Nekokke. Entwined Trees scans just picked it up. Just letting you know :3

Yeah we saw that, thank you :3
The other group still hasn’t replied my massage. But now it’s all good :)


Okay, so last month @seriousactorharry tagged me in the Handwriting Meme and I finally got around to doing it :) I apologize for my messy writing haha. I decided to just scan it bc it looks better. There are probably more music I like, but I just can’t think.

I tag: @ifheartscouldfly @packersbeanie @yeshaddyido @stylesreborn @harryfeatlouis @gottabestyles @bougieniall @trulymadlysydney @hrrybb @shanelleo @hesgoingholo @harrydaze and anyone that wants to do it I guess 💜💙


would you like to save your game? ♡

So before I made that digitally colored version of this picture, I wanted to color it traditionally with copics, but about halfway through I grew frustrated with it and gave up, coloring it digitally instead. On the next day however I came back to this and thought it was worth finishing after all (:


My top 10 favorite Skater Family images in no particular order

because the official illustrations spoil us so much :’)