just a reminder that this otp still lives on

Here I am binge-watching Bull..

And I find myself constantly comparing the characters to those is NCIS as if Bull is really just an extension of NCIS and not something completely different. I dare you to tell me that Cable doesn’t remind you of Abby Sciuto!? And when Bull called Abigail “Boss” I swear to god I instantly had flashbacks of him getting smacked in the head by Gibbs and calling him boss!

And no, I will never let go of the idea that Ziva could still be alive.


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Add x Ara for the "send me a ship" thingy!

oOOOMG MY OTP BLESS UR SOUL ANON QuQ come off anon so we can talk abt how cute add and ara are ok

  • who cries when someone dies in a movie: ARA like every time omg. add will sometimes cry but only when an animal dies and ara NEVER lets it go lmaaooo
  • who wears the ugly holiday garb: EVERYONE IN THE ELGANG wears them, team mom rena MAKES them. but add and ara’s MATCH and it’s really cute which cancels out the ugly and tOTALLY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE. WHY DID U TWO HAVE TO BE SO CUTE!! >:0
  • who pays for the meals: add does for the most part but doesn’t mind letting ara pay from time to time (when she wants to)
  • who slams the oven door and who plays the trombone: ara plays the trombone and add slams the oven door (when team mom rena isn’t home lmao)
  • who brings home stray animals: ohh my god add would bring home so many stray cats he loves cats but he doesn’t want to ruin the image everyone in the elgang has of him so he just HIDES THEM ALL IN HIS ROOM but ara finds out and they end up taking care of the cats together aaaa. tHEIR CHILDREENNN
  • who leaves the bathroom door open: add would at like 3 am when he’s half asleep from working on his dynamos all night (but ara would be fast asleep so no problem there lmao)
  • who tells the ‘dad jokes’: AAAADD OMG ADD WOULD LOVE DAD JOKES. he’s never heard of them until he heard raven tell one and he’s just been doing it ever since like. wow. he is amazed by these jokes “hI HUNGRY I’M ADD KEKek the english language is INCREDIBLE”
  • who wants kids more: ara probably!! i like to think that after losing her family she wants more than anything to have kids and continue her bloodline and have family in her life again :’> i imagine add would feel similarly (what with the loss of his own family and all) but be more apprehensive about the whole thing, since he’s so closed up and probs has oodles of trust issues… (i also h/c him as demisexual so there’s that hehe)
  • who travels more: ara!! add is more of a stay-at-home-working-on-dynamos person, but if ara wanted to travel he’d go w/ her probs!!
  • who spends more cash: add. he likes the things he buys to be high-quality B)
  • who buys the things in infomercials: ohh my god even tho add spends more ara would be the impulsive buyer. “ara what IS that” “okay add get this…. it’s like an ice cube….. BUT IT DOESN’T MELT” “oh my god” add totally lets her tho b/c her face tOTALLY LIGHTS UP WHEN SHE GETS THE NEAR-USELESS STUFF and it makes his heart flutter (/)//w//(\) NOT THAT HE’D ADMIT THAT THO HAHA
  • who draws in the dust on their cars: ara!! she doodles cute lil cats and sweet reminders for add onto the windshield and it embarrasses the heck outta him but he secretly finds it really endearing QuQ
  • who starts the snowball fights: NEITHER lmao but they’re always roped into snowball fights by the rest of the elgang and it’s always either elsword, aisha, or lu who starts it and it’s like a partnered snowball fight thing w/ like 2-3 ppl per team. it’s always either team eve+rena or team add+ara who win. team chung+raven and team lucielesis are close tho. haha rip team elsword+aisha u two started this mess
  • who throws away the directions to things: ADD he’s like that dad who thinks he can build an ikea shelf all by himself but then “add why is it mounted on the ceiling??” “i. i don’t know ara. i fucked up. sorry”
  • who puts up holiday decor: ara!! she’s probably a very festive person in general whereas add who’s lived in isolation all his life is just??? *points to christmas tree* “what is this ara” i think it’d be really cute if ara taught him all about normal customs/traditions *u*
  • who is more likely to forget to bathe: add b/c he’s always busy working on his dynamos. add forgets everything tbh sometimes ara even has to remind him that he needs to eat and sleep “i’ll be fine, ara” “you need food to live, add”
  • who gets more obsessed about things: add, hands down. he’s like the epitome of obsession tbh
  • who sings in the shower more often: ara!! her voice is probably rly pretty omg. like gentle, but can still be loud if that makes sense?? and it vaguely reminds add of when his mother used to sing to him when he was a little boy and sometimes he presses his ear to the bathroom door just to hear ara sing. wHAT A NERD WHAT A FUCKINf NERD

Sam&Dean+ Purple

Barely anything in their lives was constant. Everything around them was always moving and changing. The only constants they had were each other and they were always so scared they might lose that too. A lingering touch, a casual brush against the other, just as a reminder that this was real. They were still together. 

When things got really bad they would need more. Skin on skin, practically melting into one another just to make sure the other was still with them.

breathing in your dust by togetherwecouldbealright || 6.7k || [ao3]

“Must be fate,” Harry jokes, rolling his eyes and Louis’ face softens as he nods in agreement.

“Well Harry, we are soulmates after all,” Louis reminds as if he thinks Harry might’ve forgotten, even as his hand is still stuck to the wall. 

AU where Harry doesn’t believe in soulmates despite living in a world where soulmates and fate are key words. Louis is just a boy he meets but at the same time, he’s so much more.

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I'm actually scared that the oq fandom will die out.. I know its silly but I want to be able to continue reading cute au's and fluffy fics and see nice fanart of them I don't want it to stop and I'm scared that it will now that Robbie's gone :''(

Y’know, even though what happened is heartbreaking, the OQ fandom dying out is something I’m actually not afraid of at all. But even though you feel that way, Leah, I promise you, it is not silly that you still want to read cute AUs, and fluffy fics, and see nice fanart of our OTP. 

I want that, too. I want that so much. Just this morning I was re-reading @somewhereapart‘s Dimples Queen kitty fic, because I wanted a bit of cute. 

Now more than ever, we need fluff. We need a little bit of happy. We need stories like Baker’s Dozen, and The Reconstruction of Regina Mills, and Boy, and Her. We need a little happy in our lives. 

We also need stories that are healing, things that’ll help us grieve, but also remind us of that one thing I am absolutely certain about amidst the poop that is A&E’s writing and character development – we are Outlaw Queen. 

We are Robin Hood and Regina Mills. 

We are these stories, and it is up to us to keep them alive. 

To write about the thief who fell in love with a not-so-evil Queen. 

To write about a heartbroken woman who found love again and let light back into her life. 

To write about two parents who loved their children more than anything and that love, that devotion bound them together. 

Stories about pixie dust, and lion tattoos, and Robin’s fingers threading through Regina’s hair, and Regina smiling like she’s never smiled before – open, bare, vulnerable, and so deeply in love. 

It’s up to us to keep Outlaw Queen alive. OQers? We are resilient and fucking fantastically creative. We went through two seasons of our OTP being separated, facing odds that seemed overwhelming, a storyline about rape that was never really respectfully addressed on screen, and despite all that, despite never really getting to have Regina and Robin on screen together for more than a few measly minutes, we loved them deeply, passionately, whole-heartedly. Despite the ever-growing pile of shit not in their favor. 

We loved them. We love them. 

And y’know, even though Robin died, even though A&E decided to go in a different direction (I really think the writers just had no idea what to do with Robin’s character after the baby storyline was so horrifically received, and they catastrophically dropped the ball by never respectfully telling that story or allowing the audience to get to know Robin on a deeper level)… 

What Robin did for Regina was powerful and heartbreakingly beautiful. He loved her so much, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her, without thought, without question. THAT, I will hold onto. THAT is the Robin we know and love. 

And for the length of one tunnel walk, we had the OQ that originally made us fall in love with Regina and Robin. We had a glimpse of their beginnings days in season three.

The thief who fell in love with a woman hiding behind her masks, trying to wall herself away, who fell in love with a mother that protected his son, someone fierce, stubborn, sassy, and unexpectedly the second chance he didn’t know he needed. 

We got a fucking parallel to where they started (man, I really hate these writers. When they actually try, they can write OQ, which is why this is all so devastating).

For a moment, the writers gave us what we wanted, the sass, the fire, the tension between Robin and Regina. Conflict, resolution, devotion, tenderness.

And as I sit here, tearing up, I know that he was Robin – our Robin – until the very end. He did what he started off doing the second he stepped into Regina’s life, shouting “Get down!” and then “Milady. You’re injured.” 

I won’t stop writing stories about him, or a love story that swept us up, suddenly and all at once.

I don’t think other writers will either, nor gif makers, or artists. 

After all, we are Outlaw Queen. 

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