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BTS’ Rap Line’s Reaction to Their Boyfriend Rapping Their Songs and Fucking Nailing It

for anon  (i know you requested it to be their non binary boyfriend, but i wasn’t sure how to incorporate that so i just did it as their boyfriend)  ♡


He’d get so. turned. on. 

You two were just chilling in his room, Yoongi finishing lyrics and you scrolling on your phone, when Tony Montana came on shuffle. He probably wouldn’t notice you rapping along at first, but when you gained some confidence and got louder, he’d peer over the top of his laptop and watch you sitting at the end of his bed.

He’d bit his lip - he thought the sight of you rapping his song so well without even looking up from your phone was hot. 

Yoongi would wait until the song came to an end before speaking up.

“Damn, Jagi. Didn’t know you could rap so well… Have you been practising to impress me, baby boy?”

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It was a regular Saturday morning - you were just finishing up in the bathroom after a nice, warm shower when you tied a fluffy towel around your waist. Upon entering your room, you saw Hoseok sitting on your bed and smiling like an idiot.

“What?” you laughed, getting fresh underwear from your dresser.

“I heard you rapping a long to Cypher Part 3 in the shower… You absolutely killed my verse! I had no idea you could rap like that?!”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

You two were driving home late at night, and you decided to take the aux cord and put on some music to keep the both of you fully awake.

When Cypher Pt.2 came on shuffle, and you rapped Namjoon’s verse flawlessly; he looked over at you with his mouth agape when you stopped at a red light.

“What was that?” he questioned, eyes wide and staring into yours.

“What was what?”

“You just….rapped? And extremely well, I might add.”

“Oh, that? I practised quite a lot the last time you were on tour. It’s a fun pass time.”

He’d stay silent until the two of you got home, genuinely astonished (and proud) of hearing you rap so well.

Later that night, when the two of you were cuddling in bed, he’d sit up abruptly and almost yell,

“We’re doing a collab!”

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡

BTS Reactions~ Finding out about your drinking problem:


It was just a regular Saturday night, or that was how it seemed for Jin. He and the members had come home early from their tour, so he had the idea of surprising you.

He came to your apartment door, bouquet of flowers in hand. As he went to knock on the door, he noticed that it was open slightly, so he pushed it open, stepping inside.

“Y/N? It’s me, Jin-”

That was when he noticed something was wrong. He heard sobbing come from the front room, and rushed inside. There, you were, sitting on the floor, empty bottles around you, tears streaming down your cheeks. You noticed him standing in the doorway.

“Jin? Oh my god.” You sobbed, “I’m a mess, don’t even look at me-”

“What’s going on, Y/N? Why have you drank so much?” he walked slowly towards you, placing the flowers on the coffee table.

“I-I drink when I’m sad, or stressed. I can’t help it, Jin. I always end up like this. Look, this was not how you were supposed to find out-”

He wiped your tears away. “Y/N, you should have told me sooner. Let’s get this cleaned up, then we can talk about this. I’m always here for you, I love you.”

“Honestly, this is quite a shock. But I’m sure we can work through this, I really am.” he smiled.


He’d finally finished up work for the day, and so decided to come visit you. He didn’t think anything of it, really. He just showed up at your door. But when he knocked and knocked at your door, and you didn’t answer, he knew something was up.

He found your spare key, hidden under a small plant-pot, and let himself in. He charged upstairs, only to find you in the bathroom, leaning over the toilet, throwing up.

“Y/N! Are you okay-”

That was when he noticed the bottle in your hands, and the leaking case of beer in the hallway. He put two and two together.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been drinking. Y/N, you need to stop, and get a grip. Seriously, why haven’t you told me about this?!”

“Yoongi… I’m so sorry.” You spluttered, tears dripping from your chin. “I understand if you don’t wanna be with a stupid idiot like me-”

“I’m not going to fucking leave you in this state. I would never leave you. I’m just disappointed you haven’t told me sooner.”

He took the bottle from your hands, and patted your back.

“Listen to me- you and me, tomorrow morning, are gonna go sort this out, get you some proper help. You need to let this go, but I’ll be with you all the way, there’s no need to worry.”


You and him were busy having a movie night at your house, when you had gone to the bathroom. He was scrolling through his phone, when it slipped from his hands and fell between the couch cushions and onto the floor.

He got down on his knees to look for his phone, reaching out to find it. but before he did, his hand skimmed something cold, like glass, and a small piece of paper. He pulled them out, and it was a receipt, and an empty wine bottle.

He was shocked, he didn’t know you drank alcohol, but what had shocked him even more was then items listed on the receipt. 3 Bottles of wine, 2 cases of beer, a bottle of rum and a bottle of tequila. 

You stood in the doorway, shocked. He wasn’t supposed to find out, not yet.


“Y/N, what’s this?”

Silence fell across the room. Your tears lightly grazed the carpet floor.

“Hobi… I…I… I was trying to quit for you, I really was.”

He stood up, dropping the things in his hands. He walked over to you, cupping your cheek in his hand.

“I really don’t know how to react, Y/N… Please don’t cry.”

“All I know is that things will get better. I’ll be with you all the way.”


“And that’s when I said: ‘Jimin, you got no jams’. And then the ARMYs were changed forever, and Jimin was suddenly jamless.”

Namjoon was finally warming up to your parents, and cracking jokes with them, sharing his knowledge. He was finally being himself around them.

Suddenly, your phone started ringing, so you excused yourself from the dinner table.

“Ahh, I see why she’s so happy with you, you two work well together.” Said your Mum, “More wine, anyone?”

“If you would, Mrs.L/N.” He smiled, pleased with himself.

“Go on then.” Your Dad grinned, “I really like this one, it’s quite fruity…”

But suddenly, your Dad’s expression changed. He glanced up at Namjoon, who was staring down at his glass.

“Say, how are you handling her, um, drinking problems?” he mumbled.

“Hmm?” He looked up at your Dad.

“You know, her addiction to drinking. We’ve tried to help her several times, and she seems to be getting better, but…”

Namjoon was shocked. He hadn’t heard a word of this from anywhere. When you both got home after the dinner had ended, he confronted you about it, and you spilled everything. There was a lot of apologies, and crying.

“I’m so sorry for not being able to help you all this time. Next time- no, there won’t be a next time. I’ll make sure you get better, no matter what I have to do.”


He’d just finished practice, and was heading home with the boys, when he had the sudden idea to call you to see how you were doing.

You were shaking, having another panic attack. You reached for the bottles of beer under your bed, and opened another. You couldn’t stop, no matter how hard you tried.

That was when your phone rang- it was Jimin. Oh god, what were you supposed to do? You didn’t want him to find out, yet you had to answer. So you did.

“Hey! Just checking up on you, wanted to call you- are you crying?”

You fell silent.

“Y/N! Are you crying? What’s up? Tell me please.”

“N-no, I’m fine.”

“You’re obviously not fine! Tell me what’s up!”

You then let everything slip. You told him everything, down to the last detail. And before you knew it, he was outside your door, ready to comfort you.

“Look, Y/N. You’re a strong girl, and I’m sure if we are strong together then you and me can fight this together. You got this. We got this.”


He had came home one night to hear you crying to yourself in the bathroom. What he heard upset him so much, he didn’t know how to react.

“I’m worthless. I can’t even bring myself to tell him anything. Look at me! I’m a drunken fucking idiot who wastes away her life, and can’t fix her own problems. I’m ugly, I’m fat, and I stink of alcohol. I should just die. It’d probably be better for everyone else-”

He burst open the bathroom door, took the bottle from your hands and picked you up, hugging you as tight as he could.

“Jagi. Don’t ever. Ever. Say those things about yourself ever again. You are beautiful, and strong. I don’t want to hear you think of taking your life, it breaks my heart, because I couldn’t imagine my life with you gone. You’re my whole world, understand?”

“Tae, I’m an idiotic alcoholic. I don’t deserve you.”

His heart ached, as he held you tighter.

“You won’t be for much longer, we’re gonna work through this. You’re my other half, so don’t you dare go around saying things like that. I love you more than anything.”


He knew you had panic attacks, but had never seen you have one. That was, until you accidentally called him during one.

“Jagi, why are you calling this late at night-”

“Stupid, stupid, stupid! Snap out of it!” He heard you shout.

Then he heard the smashing of glass, and your loud thuds as you made your way to the bathroom.

“I - I can’t… breathe…”

He instantly knew what was going on, so he whipped on a coat, grabbed his dorm keys, shoved his shoes on and ran to your apartment. Good job it wasn’t too far away.

He burst the door open, and ran to you. You were leaning over the toilet, empty bottles and cans all around your feet. A couple were smashed, and you were struggling to breathe. He’d never seen you in a worse state.


He stayed with you, and waited until your panic attack was over. He cleaned up your mess, and held you tight as you cried into his shoulder, telling him about your drinking problems and how they’d sometimes trigger an attack, and that you were so terrified of everything.

“Y/N… shhh. You’re safe, you’re with me. You won’t ever have to be alone again, from now on. I’m never leaving your side again.”

- Sorry this one took so long, it was hard trying to vary the scenarios/scenes. I think I did okay though!


Archer jumped out of his chair, more than ready to escape the awkward tension that hung heavily in the room. I’m going to go get ready for my next class, he mumbled as he tried to breeze past the couple. Not wanting to make eye contact, he made sure he kept his eyes down. 

Your class? Are you.. You’re working here now? Shane asked, now more concerned than ever before about his boyfriend’s late arrival home after work. 

The blond laughed nervously. I’m just covering for my dad actually so it’s not like.. a regular thing. 

Shane nodded slowly. Just for today or… ?

I started Saturday & I’ll be here through this Saturday. Owen & Eric will be back in town on Sunday so he’ll be here next week. Realizing he may have said too much, he was even more uncomfortable than before. Excuse me, he mumbled, finally freeing himself from the room.


Just a regular Saturday hanging with the bf! 😏

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“What if” Pt.2

Genre: Angst/Romance/Violence

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Prologue / Part 1

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Could you do a percabeth one shot where annabeth has to go to a family reunion from her stepmom's side and everybody is really snobby and they all rag on her, but later percy shows up and it's revealed that they are dating and all her cousins are jealous because he is really famous for saving a lot of kids during a shooting. THANKS!!

I’m sorry this took so long, anon. I hope you like it.

Burst Like A Bubble

To the average person, it was just a regular Saturday morningin an average San Francisco Fall. Unfortunately, Annabeth Chase was notaverage, and it was not a regular Saturday. Her father and stepmother weremaking her go to her stepmother’s family reunion. This blackened, withered branch of her mortal family tree had always treated her terribly. Like the rest of her family behaved before she ran away, her stepmother’s side of the family never really included her in the family. They found her to be the puzzle piece that didn’t quite fit, the constant reminder of their imperfect family.

Annabeth thought she would have been just fine staying home by herself, but her parents were having none of that. The only bright side was that Percy was going to come with her. Or so she thought. As he didn’t fly, he should have shadow traveled over with Mrs. O’Leary an hour ago. Well, Annabeth knew she shouldn’t have been surprised – Percy was always late, it was just who he was.

“Annabeth, dear, it’s time to go!” Annabeth’s stepmother reminded her stepdaughter, with just a touch of impatience. Even though the two had made their peace years ago, the endearment left Annabeth feeling slightly surprised. Looking around for Percy one more time, and giving a sigh of disappointment when she didn’t see him, Annabeth smoothed out her sundress, stepped off their front porch, and got into the car.

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“Wait, isn’t the concept of taking a day off each week in the Bible or something?” Sure, having onedesignated day off work each week derives from the Sabbath, when God needed to take a break after spending six days creating the universe and commanded that nobody ever attempt to show him up by working seven days straight. But the concept of a “weekend” as we now know it didn’t exist in the Western world until as recently as 1926. Your great grandparents never had any reason to say TGIF, because Saturday was just another regular workday and Sunday was a day off only if you could convince your boss that God would smite you if you punched in that day.

As a result, the average work week at the time was around 50 hours. So, how did the workers of the world convince bosses to double their weekly vacation? Well, first, bosses started noticing that people would frequently just call in sick (or telegram in sick, as the case may have been) whenever they needed a personal day or had a hangover to attend to. But the other issue was that there were tensions between workers about the Sabbath day itself. See, Christians recognized the Sabbath on Sunday, but in Jewish tradition, it’s Saturday. So if you had a mix of religions represented in your company’s workforce, you were asking someone to violate their faith no matter which day you closed.

A solution as simple as it was brilliant was devised by automobile magnate Henry Ford – in 1926 he decided to give everyone in his factories both Saturday and Sunday off, no matter their religion. As a staunch anti-Semite, we’re betting he didn’t do this out of compassion for his Jewish workers, but purely as a good business decision. His workers would stop squabbling over which day was technically the Sabbath and, he believed, they would spend most of their newfound leisure time taking their Ford automobiles out on long drives and picnics. Which would ultimately force them to spend more money repairing their shitty Ford automobiles.

5 Basic Truths Everyone Agrees On (Are Shockingly New Ideas)


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