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Kinda really concerned about Vanitas’s head tho. He literally was thrown into a brick wall and blacked out, and compared to a lot of injures of others we’ve seen in this series he’s holding his head a whole bunch, and also he already basically had a panic attack and still fucking DOVE INTO HELL and please…let him sleep but wake him up periodically in case of concussion.

Too Much Stress is Bad

Request by anon -  Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a story where Jason and the reader are dating and the reader finds out he is cheating on her and they break up then some disaster happens then they get back together maybe some fluff and angst I’m sorry if it’s too much

Paring: Jason x reader  

Word Count: 2894

Warnings: Angst, I think like one or two curse words, mentions of sex, and my bad writing

a/nFeedback would be nice

For the past two month you have not been feeling like yourself. You have been feeling nauseous and bloated. When you drive to work, at the hospital, you get motion sickness. You had been getting random hot and cold flashes. You even been having mood swings and snapping at your boyfriend, Jason. You just thought that is was the flu that was going around. You have been taking on more shift because the hospital is under staff because of the flu. And since you been taking on more shifts, you have not been able to see Jason as much as you like.

But lately you guys had arguing over the little things, like how he needs to pick up his socks off the floor or how he needs to put the toilet seat down when he is done in the bathroom, or you guys argue other big things, like you taking on more shifts or not having sex. You guys have not had sex in two months because you have not been in the mood, and he just gets fed up by it. Sometimes after arguing he just storms out of your guys shared apartment for hours at a time, and does not come back until early in the morning. You just think that he is off being Red Hood to blow off some steam, boy you were wrong.  

Now you are at work on you lunch break talking to your best friend about everything that is going on. “I think maybe you guys should go away for the week. You know just to get away from everything and everyone.” Your best friend said. “I don’t know. Jason and I got into another argument last night over how he has not been able to see me as much because of work, and after the argument he stormed out and I have not seen him since.” you said trying to keep your head up. You have been feeling light headed all day, but you had to ignore it because you have a lot of patients to attend to. “Don’t worry it is going- Are you OK Y/N?” Your best friend said. The last thing you remember is them running up to you, and then everything went dark after that.

You woke up in a hospital bed with a headache and an IV in your arm. You push the call button to the nurse station and a fellow nurse came in right after. “Hello nurse Y/L/N, how are you feel?” the nurse that you never seen before said. You thought it was weird because you knew all the nurses on the third floor. “I doing fine, just a little headache. Where am I?” you said. “Well you are at Gotham General-” “No, I know that, but where in the hospital am I?” you said cutting her off. “Oh! You are in the maternity wing.” the nurse said with a smile. “What! Why am I in the maternity wing!” You said.

“Well you passed out because you putting too much stress on the baby. You need to start cutting back your hours here. Too much stress on the baby is bad.” the nurse said. “I am pregnant!? How far along am I!?.” You said. “You are ten week along now.” the nurse said. After she said that you started to cry, not sad crying but happy crying. “I am having a baby!” you said with a smile on your face. “I am going to be a mother oh my god! I going to be a mother and Jason is going to be- Jason. I need to go and tell him! Can I leave now!?” you ask the nurse with a smile on your face. “Yes you can, but you have to promise me that you are going to take it easy for now on. No more taking extra shifts. Too much stress is bad for the baby. Oh and here is the ultrasound.” the nurse said while handing you the ultrasound. “OK I will and thank you!” you said rushing out to get home to tell Jason.

You went to tell your boss that you weren’t feeling so good, and that you needed to going home. He understood and was nice enough to give you the rest of the week off. On your way out, you ran into your best friend. “Y/N where are you going in such a rush. You still can be sick. I don’t want you to pass out in the middle of the road and get hit by a car.” you best friend said. “No I am not sick, I am just pregnant.” you said with a smile on your face. “OMG really!” “Yes I am. Oh here is the ultrasound.” you said hand them the photo. “OMG! I am so happy for you. Are you going to tell Jason now!” your best friend said jumping up and down with excitement. “Yes I am going now.” “OK, OK. Go on now. Go tell you man that you guys are having a baby!” your best friend screamed while jumping up and down.  

You hopped inside of you car, and drove to your apartment. All you could think about was the baby and how you were going to tell Jason. ‘How could I have not known that I was pregnant. I am a nurse for crying out loud’ you thought on the ride to your home. You parked your car in your normal parking spot and ran up the stairs with the ultrasound in hand.

Once you got to your door you pulled out your keys, and open the door. Once you open the door you saw Jason’s duffel bag on the floor, so you knew that he was home. You looked around and you didn’t see him in the kitchen or the living room, so thought he was in the bedroom. You started to walk to the bedroom, but you stopped once you heard a noise, it was moaning. “Yes Jason yes” was all that you could hear. You stood there for awhile until you started to feel something wet on your arm, you were crying. You wiped your face because you didn’t want them to see you cry, and you open the door.

When you open the door you saw Jason naked on top of a naked blonde. You clear your throat and they both jump ten feet in the air trying to cover themselves. “What are you doing here so early” was all Jason said to you. “Really that is what you are going to ask when you are in MY bed with another woman!” you scream at Jason. “Baby who is that?” the blonde said. “Oh so she had a nickname for you Jason. What kind of one night- What!? How long has this been going on Jason!” you said trying to hold back your tears. “Y/N let me explain-” “ No, tell me now. How long Jason” you said cutting him off. “Two months” he mumble. By this time you crying. You put the ultrasound in your back pocket so he doesn’t see it.

Jason got out of bed and put on his underwear on. He started to walk up to you and you started to back up and left the room. “Wait Y/N, let me explain on what happen.” “What do you need to explain!? Do you need to explain on how you cheated on me for the past two months!? Do you need to explain on how you lied to my face for the past two months!? Do you need to explain how we had been together for three years and now you want to cheat on me!? Is this even the first time you cheated on me!?” you said getting angrier and angrier. You had to stop yourself because you were feeling a little headed, and you started to hold your stomach protectively. “No! Look this is the only time I have every I cheated on you since we been together. Look I only did it because you have not been in the mood lately and I have-” “Let me stop you right there! You cheated on me because you have not been having sex!?” you said cutting him off again. “Yes” he said mumbling while he was looking at the floor.  

You couldn’t take it anymore, and you decided to leave. You took your purse and ran down the stairs has fast as you could because Jason followed you out of the apartment. You went to your car and look through your purse for your keys, but it was hard because your eyes were filled with tears. Once you finally found your keys, Jason already caught up to you. “Y/N-” “No you have no right to talk to me right now! Look I just need some time to myself OK!” you said with more tear coming down your face. He let you go even though that was the hardest thing he had to do in his life. You got in your car and drove away.

You just started to drive. You don’t even know where, you just started to drive. Then you heard your phone vibrating, you looked and it was your best friend. You went to grab the phone, but it fell in on the ground. You went to go pick it up until you heard a car horn got off. You looked up and it was for the guy next you because they cut another person off, that is what is looked like to you. ‘That was a close one’ you thought to yourself. You stop at a stoplight and pull out the ultrasound picture. You just sat there looking at the picture and thinking that you could do these, and that you need to relax. Just like the nurse said too much stress is bad-

After you left Jason in the parking garage, he felt like he just lost the only person that can love him for him. He walked back up to the apartment crying and went back into his bedroom. He forgot that the blonde was there. He really didn’t know her name, he just use the nickname baby because he didn’t want use the same nicknames he called you. To him she was just a booty call, nothing more. The only reason why did it because he was getting blue balls and you were never in the mood, and he didn’t want to force you to have sex with him. You guys had sex but most of the time you guys were making love, and if he force you to have sex it will not be the same.

“Get out please” Jason said sadly. “How about you get back in bed and we finish what we started before that bitch show up.” the blonde said. “First of all, she is not a bitch she is the person that I love! Second, this will never happen again! Third, get out of my apartment!” Jason said getting mad at the blonde. The blonde left leaving Jason there to cry himself to sleep.

Jason woke up when he hear his phone ringing. He went to answer it, but just missed it. He looked at his screen and saw 23 miss called and 35 texts from your best friend. Jason got worried because the only reason why your best friend calls Jason is because of you. He call your best friend back. “Hello” “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN JASON I HAVE BEEN CALLING AND TEXTING YOU LIKE CRAZY!” “I am sorry I fell asleep. What is wrong? Is Y/N OK!?” “Jason just come to the hospital and fast”. Jason hung up the phone and got on his bike and went to the hospital.

Jason got to the hospital, breaking eight laws. He rush into the hospital and called out for you. “Y/N! I need to see Y/N! Have you guys seen my Y/N!?” Jason scream in the hospital. Your best friend came to Jason and said “Jason you are finally here. You need to come with me now. I will show you to Y/N.” Jason follow your best friend up to your room and open the door to let Jason in and stop at the door. Once Jason got in your room, he went to the bed and fell on his knees and started to cry. “Look Jason I am so sorry, but Y/N was in a car accident. A stupid drunk driver hit her when she was at a stoplight. She has been coming in and out of conscious since the surgery.  I am sorry but Y/N was under a lot of stress at the time and lost the baby.” you best friend said while crying. “Baby!? She wasn’t pregnant!?” Jason said confused. “Oh I guess she didn’t make it to tell you, but she was pregnant. She was ten weeks along. She left work to go and tell you the good news, but I can see that she didn’t make, but here the ultrasound.” your best friend handed Jason the ultrasound and left your room. Jason just cried even harder.

Jason took your hand and said “I am so so sorry Y/N. You have no idea how sorry I am. I only had sex with the blonde because I didn’t want to force you into anything. When you said no, I was upset at first because I wanted to have sex with the person that I love, but I also understood and gave you space. I didn’t even like having sex with her, I just pictured you there with me. I am so sorry. I love you. I know I don’t say it enough, but I love you I love you I love you. You are the light at the end of my tunnel. You accepted and loved me when no one else did. You were there for me when I hit rock bottom, but you helped me get back up and made me the man I am today. A better man.The man that you fell in love with. The man that is in love with you. I know what I did was unforgivable, but I hope when you wake up you can give me another chance to show you that I am the man that you fell in love with. I am sorry I was not there for you and our child.” he pause. “We were going to have a baby. We were going to have a mini you and me running around. I bet they were going to have your beautiful eyes, hair, and smile. We could have moved out of the small apartment and move into a house wit a big backyard, so they could have played in with the family dog. We could have been a happy family, but I ruin it all.” Jason said.

“You didn’t ruin anything, it was that stupid guy who thought it was a good idea to drink and drive.” you said with a weak voice. “Oh my god, Y/N you are awake. How are you feeling? Do you need water? Are you comfortable? Do you need a doctor? Did you hear all of what I said?” “I am feeling fine. Yes, but later. Yes. Yes, but later. Yes I heard everything.” “Will you take me back? I understand if you don’t because I did mess up and cause you to leave and get hit by that car.” Jason said while looking straight in the eyes. “I do forgive you Jason. I forgive because I love you Jason Peter Todd. If you love someone you shouldn’t just give up on them without a fight, and you put up a fight and I will do the same.” you said kissing Jason on the forehead because he was still on his knees. “Thank you Y/N! I love you so much.” Jason said while giving you a hug. “I love you too, but things are going to be different. You are going to have to earn your trust back with me.” you said hugging him back. “I understand. Let’s have a baby.” Jason said in your hair. “What!?” “I know. Bad timing because of what happen today, but today made me realize that I love you and I want to start a family with you. If you want to we can get married before the kid due. I know it is nowhere near how romantic on how I wanted to propose to you, but Y/N Y/L/N will you marry me and have my children.” Jason said while getting on one knee. “Yes Jason yes, I will marry you and have your kids.” you said while giving Jason a hug. “You have no idea. You just made me the happiest man alive right now.” Jason said while laughing. “I know, but I need some rest now.” you said laying back you your pillow. “OK, I will go and get a doctor.” Jason said while leading in to give you a kiss then leaving to go find a doctor.

You watch Jason leave with a big smile on his face. While laying back on the bed your eyes felt really heavy all on a sudden, and everything went black.

part 2 or should I just leave it at that?


Aren’t we going to talk about how suspicious was Dias in this scene?

I don’t know, this gave me distrust. Remember when in Genesis Martinet had a double personality? In his case it was more obvious from the beginning, but since many seem to suspect about the onyx task force Captain, it occurred to me that this could be a similar case. Both could be working together, since it seems that Captain Onyx will have a more relevant role in future episodes. As for Dias, there is not much of him, although that could be on purpose for the spoilers. 

Obvious that all this are only my ideas and before this episode Dias seemed a sweet cookie to me.

kittypleasance  asked:

Hey this is a random thought/crack theory I had about Magne after you mentioned him in your post from the other day. So his quirk allows him to polarize men north and women south. However he can't magnetize himself. This could just be a case of quirks not affecting their user (like Bakugou) but what if the reason he can't magnetize himself is because he's intersex? That could also explain why Spinner and Himiko have addressed him as "auntie" and such.

I have nothing to add to that because that’s an awesome theory. If I contribute something, I may ruin this beautiful theory you’ve presented.

That’d be a REALLY clever idea. I love it. We probably won’t get confirmation in the manga, but it’d be neat if Magne’s Quirk is affected by his sexual or gender orientation.

bitter-bull  asked:

The one thing that always bothered me by yellow pearls design was that her head is shaped like a tear drop but blue pearls head isnt? Like i understand the eye cover but since bd doesnt do it and cries alot isn't it pointless now and i kinda thought yellow pearl would have short blocky/pointy hair kinda like topaz or yd and not tear drop and roundish. Sorry for the random thing but i just had to say it.

Yeah it would make more sense to her to have pointed hair to recemble her Diamonds as it seems that Pearls are made specifically for their owners but eh.

  • Since I had to suffer, everyone else should too: Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn, Aquarius, Taurus, Aries
  • I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did: Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo

Dí̫͍ḓ̋ͪ ͦͣ̋̂y͚̜͎͚̻̳̩̑͒o̘̜͇̗̺ͭ̑u̦̰̞̪̤͙̮̽ͨ̀ ̭̙̝̲̹̲̰̀̄ͫm̖͙̯̤̦͚̊̿ͮ͂͆͌̊ͅi͔ͫ͋s͕͍̋̂ͫs̖̅ ̥͚̔ͤm͖͓̰͈ͅé̖̤̿͊̊̎ͬ?̒̄̌͊
Ĭ͎̬̖̹̅̚'ͤͦ̈́̂͑ͫm̬̦͍̩̻̋̾ ̖͔͔̙͇̗͈ͪ̆̅͂ͨͮͣh̥͙͔̱̥͕̗͊ͧͦͪe̎̉̇ͦ͂ͩrͮe͇̙͔̓ͤ̈ ̳͎̣͓͖̋̆ṇ̝ͯͩͮo̳̪ͫ͋̂ͦ̀ͅw͈͎̦͂̅͐̈́̔

Hot Off The Press

Another AU where Jacky-Boy is a hockey player and Bitty has a job that involves hockey bc that’s my aesthetic. Anyway, I really know nothing about how the world of sports journalism works so there is probably some inaccuracies in here, but it’s an AU so who cares. Artistic license and all that. Very slightly NSFW (i just wanted to get all the warnings out there). 


“Are you into men?”

Jack has been asked this question before, but in such a subtle way (and typically involving Parson) that it’s easy to avoid. No reporter has ever straight out asked him. Besides, he’s not gay. He’s bisexual. So when Jack usually tells them, “No.” it’s not a lie. However, this time it feels different. Maybe it wasn’t just this particular time, but all the times added onto each other that’s finally causing him to really think about what hole he’s digging himself into.

The blunt question has him feeling panicky and the other presser notice his reaction too. Jack can’t say no, because that’s not true. He is into men. Jack’s panic quickly shifts, and now he just feels like shoving the microphones away and storming out, because this is hockey goddammit. Not E! news.

“Excuse me?” Jack clears his throat, trying to buy himself some time to think of a properly crafted response. Over the years, he’s developed a talent for that.

But everything is on overdrive and he feels his breath start to quicken again–

“Are you into men?” Another reporter asks, and it takes Jack a moment to realize that the reporter isn’t asking him. He’s asking the man who popped the question in the first place.

 All attention, including Jack’s, turns to the small blonde that got lost in the bundle of people. He holds up his mic towards the reporter who popped the question in the first place. 

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humans are weird -- adhd.

So after reblogging literally every single “humans are weird” post that came on my dash I decided it’s time to make my own!

Consider the following;

Humans are already weird space orcs that like either worship the term “fuck it” or make sacrifices to the ship’s rulebook, basically. They have a strict series of social interactions that even distinguish themselves between cultures. Deviation is rare, and sometimes ostracized, no matter how seemingly arbitrary.

So when the ship of the Vyrg’s first human shows up, they were expecting a smiling (humans smile for a lot of the time) human who will shake their first right hand.
Instead, they got a messy, spaced out creature whose hair was falling in their face and whose things were overflowing from their arms, all seemingly hobbies and random trinkets. A backpack hung on their back.

Their first words were accompanied with a (sheepish…the captain thought) smile;
“Sorry, I overslept and I forgot deployment was today! And I forgot my saline for my contacts back in my room but we’ve got to take off, right?”

Great. The crew got a dumb one.

Or so they thought, until their human explained the entire summary of how their ship’s mechanics worked, and fixed their left engine to work at maximum capacity in record time. The human followed it up with a seemingly random tangent about something called the “Stonewall Riots” and “gay rights”.

“Sorry,” Human-Clara said.
“A bit of light just reflected here and it looked like a rainbow and it made me think of it.”
Human-Clara had a tendency to speak either so fast they ran out of breath, or with so many pauses it sounded like they were gathering their scattered thoughts at that moment.

Life with Human-Clara was – odd. They kept to themselves mostly, quietly chatting with crew mates on certain days or absorbed in their transponder for others. Sometimes they would walk out of their room so wholly absorbed in yet another new hobby that the Captain feared xe’d never pull them out of it. The crew never saw a hobby finished. Sometimes when they were spoken to, Human-Clara responded slowly and distractedly, eyes distant and far away as if still thinking of something else. They regularly forgot to eat, or sleep, or take care of themselves if they were absorbed in something else. Directions had to be written down or sent to their transponder. The Captain learned to be patient, as Human-Clara seemed to excel with patience.

Human-Clara was also oddly sensitive. It was quite a culture shock for them to learn that the Vyrg didn’t really have a notion of “friends” other than immediate family, and was almost – crushed, for a few days, the Vyrg’s usual polite friendliness not enough. They seemed depressed when their crazy, thousand-lightyears-an-hour tangents weren’t paid attention to, so the crew began to adapt, and things became much more harmonious.

Sometimes Human-Clara got angry. They were terrifying when angry. It lasted only a few seconds, really. They would blow up, the explosion big enough to scare even the Captain, and after the explosion, be calm in seconds afterwards.

Stimulant chemicals made them sleepy, which the Vyrg thought was adorable. They watched videos of what they called “stims”, and flapped their hands when they were happy, and slapped them quickly and repeatedly on flat surfaces when they were really excited about knowing something. These were “stims” too. The Vyrg wasn’t sure what these “stims” were, really, but they seemed to regulate Human-Clara, emotionally.

Then they got another Human, Human-Steve. Human-Steve was often condescending in their remarks, saying that if Human-Clara “tried”, they could concentrate. It was then that the Vyrg learned what “attention deficit hyperactive disorder, primarily inattentive” was.

They panicked, a little. Was their first human sick?

“No,” Human-Clara explained. “It’s just where the connections in my brain are different, so some things I do differently. Human-Steve doesn’t have that, so he doesn’t understand”.

The Vyrg didn’t either, but their previous methods of interaction worked just fine, so they kept using those.

(If anybody wants to add anything, you don’t have too, but feel free!)

I just had the most random thought that I now really want to happen.

let me set the scene. the squad is at school, as usual, and marinette, for some reason, has alya’s phone. (wouldn’t put it past her to take someone’s phone considering her track record ayy lmao) she’s taking selfies on it, some super cute but most just pulling incredibly dumb faces. 

then, on the cusp of one hella gorgeous photo where she looks like an actual angel, sunshine boy™ adrien agreste comes over from behind with a friendly and slightly awed* “hey marinette!”
(*he’s a one woman man, of course, but dang. she looked real cute in that almost selfie. can ya really blame him?)

she sees him in the phone screen and she’s shook. her expression transforms into one of pure unadulterated joy and somewhere in the seconds that pass instantaneously and yet feel like hours, she captures a photo right then. he’s in the background, looking incredible as always, and her eyes have just shifted toward him, and her expression is lovestruck. like, undeniably so. but something happens in the moment that prevents her from even noticing or looking back on the photo, and she gives alya her phone back later without having even seen said glorious selfie.

then alya. oh, alya. being the wonderful friend and impeccable wingman she is, she spams the squad group chat (bc don’t even try to tell me they don’t have one) with several of marinette’s selfies, pretending to be mad about mari taking her phone. but they’re all stunning photos, of course. and (, of course, ) the one is included. adrien sees the photo and.. oh dang. has this always been a thing? has this always been her beautiful reaction to simply seeing him? is there a reason she’s so happy? and how has he literally never noticed such elation on her face before?

he messages nino immediately. ‘dude. this photo. marinette looks really happy to see me?? I mean, it looks like she does anyway- maybe I’m reading into it. does this mean anything? is she normally this excited to see her friends?’

nino’s reply is instantaneous.

‘dude. DUDE.’


'are you actually that blind? pay attention to her expressions and mannerisms the next time u see her. hopefully you’ll understand. we’ll see.’

he follows nino’s instruction and after surprisingly very little time at all, it hits him like a ton of bricks.

she does not, in fact, act this way around all her friends.

that spark of light in her eyes, that elated smile; those are marinette specials reserved for very few things. raspberry macarons, fashion, and apparently:

“plagg, I think.. I think marinette dupain-cheng likes me.”

If Day6 had Tumblr
  • Jae: Would still be Hashtag King obviously. Would reblog so many memes and makes memes of the other members. Sometimes uploads covers.
  • Dowoon: Reblogs a shit ton of dog pics. #whoa #good pupper. Also uploads pics of him and dogs side by side saying "don't we look alike??"
  • Wonpil: His tumblr would mostly consist of selfies. Would also reblog pics of all the members together with a caption like "Aren't we handsome :p" Would also have random pics of his pink sweater just to piss Jae off.
  • Brian: Reblogs gifs where people call him Young K. Has a tag for it specifically called "Call me Young K." Also has random style inspiration stuff. Reblogs vintage stuff and has an aesthetic.
  • Sungjin: Has a few cute, blurry selfies with the members. Uploads audio covers from time to time. Has a lot of pics from him working in the studio.
vernon; the boy next door (m)

genre/warnings: fluff/romance/smut, flangst, adorkableness, use of non-penetrative sex toys, (not so) dry humping

word count:  14737

feat: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan + various 

prompts: roommate!Vernon, silliness, cuddles, mac n’cheese = love 

(a/n) my birthday project for my muse. thank you for everything vern:) and kisses for @vernkn​ who gifed my soft sweater vernon aesthetic. enjoy!

She loved Joshua Hong.

When she was so graciously offered to live in her aunt’s vacation penthouse close to her university of choice, the only catch was that she had to pay some of the bills. Completely fair, because it was a kind enough gesture to give away a freshly furnished space to a niece you barely talked to. Luckily, there was enough room for another guest, enough to split the rent.

So in comes the savior of her life, brother from another mother, Joshua Hong, decked out in sandy beige Sperry’s and ironed white jeans. Fresh from South California, he wore their sunshine on his smile, and their attitude in his Cheshire eyes. He was attending the same university as well, and was conveniently looking for a means to stay. Needless to say, she pounced on him at orientation before he could ask anyone else.

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  • Tabata: NOCTUNA? Oh yes it's gonna be so CANON! So, listen, we're gonna make them meet for a very short time when they're basically infants, making flower crowns and do things kids do. Then, we won't give them either a proper goodbye and we won't allow them to meet again for 12 years. So they won't actually interact for 22 years, when they finally will look each other in the eyes in the afterlife! Of course in the meantime they can text each other, but not via those super technological phones everyone - especially royalty - has: they're gonna have dogs as messangers, so they won't ear each other's voice for years and it's also gonna pass some time before the news arrive. Only the girl will actually do something useful for the boy, just like a common man-device, while the boy will regret his whole life not even trying to call her when he obviously could (but we will let people think that's because the empire forbids it). They both will be stucked with memories about when they were kids and we're gonna make them marry in the afterlife as if in 22 years their emotional/physical/mental needs never changed at all!
  • Also Tabata: LUNYX? Noooo they're NOT CANON at all! They're grown up and mature people! They meet only for 2 days. So we're gonna give them a beautiful first talk with fireworks in the background, flirty conversations, they're gonna save each other's back multiple times in just one night, they're gonna have protection instincts towards each other, smart and quick remarks, intimate conversation in the dark, yearning looks, deep respect for each other's position, gifts, promises, chemistry, they're gonna encourage each other, support each other, you know, like a doomed love? Yeah but not really that canon, because they're not canon of course ahahahahah
  • Fandom: ... Ok, that sounds fake but ok.

Today marks two years since the first time One Direction played No Control live after the biggest project  a fandom could ever drive in order to make them add it to the concert set list. I just want to renew my thank yous to all of you that gave No Control the importance it should have had. I am glad you all joined the No Control project, I am glad you embraced that idea that started from a random post of thoughts in a very difficult period for this fandom and turned it into one of the biggest achievements of this fandom as a whole. I always get emotional when I watch videos about that, there is one in particular that I shared more than once that has the summary of everything that No Control project was from the beginning to when we finally saw them perform it live. The happiness in the boys’ faces and especially in Louis’, how he talked about it in interviews, how proud he was of us, how grateful he always showed to be, the screams and the joy of fans around the world, it will all stay with me forever. I can’t thank you enough for what happened two years ago, the work each and everyone of you did starting led a tumblr post to a a global phenomenon that was called a ‘punk movement’ and it was amazing, truly appreciated and frankly only possible in a fandom like ours. Something I would have never expected, for sure. A special thank you goes to the boys who talked about what fans did for them around the world with their kind words and their enthusiasm, Louis in particular because he was the most outspoken about it and I am so glad we gave him some happiness with what we did with his song. This will always be one of the proudest moment of this fandom, so remember: there is nothing more powerful than when this fandom unites, No Control project was the biggest evidence of this idea. Don’t forget it. 

Ok stay with me on this but...

Because Johnny has been staying with Rosita for awhile and is constantly around her kids, he accidentally calls her mom when asking her a question. At first he’s super embarrassed and that Rosita might react to it, but she doesn’t and they carry on normally to his relief. On the inside though, Rosita is so happy she wants to cry because she pretty much already sees Johnny as her son ever since he got there.

I had a random thought while taking a shower that i wanted to share with you lovely peoples

Okay, but I bet Lance takes super cold showers, like, he barely has any of the hot water on when showering.

So imagine this:

  • Lance is taking a shower and his partner decides to join him in the shower.
  • Said partner literally screams (loud, quietly, in between, your choice) bc the water is so fucking cold.
  • Cue Lance laughing his ass off and earning a punch in the arm from his partner.
  • His partner tries to leave and he just pulls them back in.
  • Cue a high pitched screech because no, get me out of this water.
  • More laughter ensues.

I need this