just a random girl

She missed him with every bone in her body.
She missed him with every breath she took,
every step she walked,
every tear she cried,
every smile she smiled.
With every little drop of her blood; 
she missed him.
She didn’t miss the feeling,
she didn’t miss the relationship.
She missed his smile,
the way he laughed,
the way he was around his closest friends,
his reckless and immature behavior,
on the contrast,
she missed his deep and emotional conversations.
she missed the friendship.
Maybe, she missed the feelings mixed in-between,
as she sat in front of the ocean one thing was loud and clear:
She missed him.


just somethings that are flowing inside my head.

tbh i was not expecting that sex scene w/ Clarke and Niylah 2 last so long like i was expecting like a 2 second kiss scene and then they toss their clothes and then some music plays w a big indicator of they did the do but no


they didn’t hold back im so proud

I’d like to thank not only God, but Jesus for blessing me w/ a dream that had Adam Driver in it

The secret

So here’s a little something before the next drabble from the  BTS drabble series!

A story about the popular bad boy Jeon Jungkook, an average girl - you, your best friend Jimin and a secret relationship.

Hope you like it! :)

“Hey Jungkook, what do you think about her?” Taehyung nudges Jungkook by his arm as they lean their backs against the window, observing the girls in class.

“Y/N? She’s so not your type. Find someone else.” Jungkook shrugs. “What about her? She seems cute” Jungkook points at a random girl that just walked past, trying to change the topic.

“What? Are you serious? Wait, Yerin’s coming! Act cool” Taehyung whispered frantically, adjusting his hair in attempt to impress the campus belle.

“I am cool.” Jungkook rolled his eyes at Taehyung “Let me show you how this is done.” He smirks as he approaches Yerin. He sat down on her table and gave one of his signature eyebrow raising expressions. “Doing anything tonight babe?” he asks, obviously flirting.

“Of course not” Yerin giggles. “Call me anytime.”

Jungkook replies with a mischievous wink before returning back to his seat. Soon enough, groups of girls from the ‘Jeon Jungkook fan club’ or what they like to be called, the ‘Rebels’ begin to crowd around, showering him with compliments and gifts.

But what they didn’t know was that the all famous Jeon Jungkook has a girlfriend – an average school girl that nobody would even notice – you.

For the past year, the both of you have been hanging out after a fateful meeting in a café near your house. You decided to keep your relationship a secret so as to protect his reputation. He was against it, but you insisted.

You knew you weren’t the ‘perfect girl’ everyone thought he’ll be with and you didn’t want to ruin his name. You even requested that Jungkook continues to be how he was – the popular bad boy, flirting with every girl he sees – so as to not raise any suspicions. Unwillingly, Jungkook agreed, he too understood the fact that his fans might go a little crazy if the relationship was to be exposed.

The only other person that knew about the secret was your best friend, Jimin. You’ve known Jimin practically your whole life and he has always been there for you ever since you broke your mom’s favorite vase back when you were in kindergarten and couldn’t stop crying. He came forward and took the blame for you. Slowly but surely, Jimin had become a friend you couldn’t live without over the years. He knew all of your secrets, even the deepest darkest ones and you knew his. He was like the brother you never had, protecting you from boys he deemed as ‘bad for you’ and the fact that you are together with Jungkook has always been something he isn’t too happy about.

“Shouldn’t you do something about that?” Jimin whispered, shifting his chair so he would be beside you.

“About what?”

“That.” Jimin grabs you pen away from you and point at the group of girls across the classroom.

“You know our relationship better than anyone.” you laughed as you snatched back your pen and resume your work. “So what do you propose I do?”

“Well, if I were you, I will break up with him.” You rolled your eyes at his comment. “Oh come on! At least confront those girls, tell them to get lost! He is your boyfriend you know? Don’t you ever get jealous?”

“I trust him.” You said simply, putting down your pen and looking towards Jungkook’s direction. You smiled shyly as your eyes met with his and your heart ached when you notice the sorrow in his eyes. Soon after, you felt your phone vibrating in your pocket and you pulled it out to read the message received.

‘Let’s go home together, see you at the usual place.’ – Jungkook

You smiled and slot your phone back into your pocket, just in time before your homeroom teacher entered.


The usual place for you and Jungkook would be the small, quiet café where you first got to know him - really know him. Not just as a classmate but the real Jeon Jungkook, the sweet, caring gentlemen that he really was, and not just the bad boy that hits on girls every chance he gets although the latter is also undeniably true.

You quickly packed up your stuff as soon as the lessons ended and was stopped by Jimin just before you left the classroom. “What’s the rush?” he asks.

“We’re going home together today” you smiled, a smile that Jimin only gets to see when you talk about Jungkook – a genuinely sweet smile with just the right touch of shyness. A smile he had always hoped was because of him.

“I should come along” Jimin said.

“Why?” you ask puzzled, knowing the fact that he have always disliked it when you hang out with Jungkook.

“So If someone were to see you two together we can just say it’s me who wanted to find him” he replied matter-of-factly.

“True, then hurry up! I don’t want to be late” You said after thinking about what he said.

You entered the café together with Jimin and saw Jungkook already seated at the corner.

“Would you like anything sir?” you ask pretending to be a waitress from the café. “No, it’s okay I’m waiting for a frie- Y/N!” his eyes lit up when he saw you. He quickly stood up and to help pull out a chair for you before returning back to his seat  Jimin grabs a chair from a table nearby and sat in the middle of the both of you. You sat in the café for 2 hours, chatting and catching up with Jungkook.

“It’s late, let’s go” Jimin said annoyed by the fact that he has just spent 2 hours sitting down and doing nothing. He picked up your bag from the ground and begin to head for the door.

“I think I can take over from here” Jungkook looks over to Jimin with his hands stretched out, hoping he would get the hint.

“Fine, you better bring her home quick. I’m watching.” Jimin squints his eye before returning you your bag and leaving you and Jungkook alone.

You couldn’t remember when was the last time you went home while holding on to Jungkook’s hand. You’ve always missed the electrifying feeling you get whenever your hands touched. You gradually came to a stop at you stood in front of your house. Not wanting to say goodbye.

“I really miss you.” Jungkook whispered with his forehead leaned against yours. “Must we really do this?” he asks. It was as if you could feel his emotions through his word – hurt.

“It’s for the best” you replied.

“I know.” Jungkook reaches to cup your cheeks between his hands and gave a soft, gentle peck on your forehead. You smiled, feeling calm under his touch.

“See you tomorrow.”


You sat at the same seat you do every day in class, staring at the whiteboard and not paying attention to what the teacher was saying. You turn around when you felt something hit your head and picked up as piece of crushed paper that had just hit you. You open up the paper and read the messy writings that were on it.

‘Meet me at the back alley after school ‘– Jungkook.

You look around the classroom, confused. Throwing a paper note at you during lesson? Jungkook has never done anything like this before, it was too risky. However, you complied with what was requested and headed to the back of the classrooms straight after class was over.

You carefully step into the alley to see that nobody was there. Just when you were about to leave you heard some noises and saw Yerin along with a group of girls from the ‘Rebels’ standing at the entrance of the alley. You quickly attempt to leave but the group of girls wouldn’t let you. “What do you want?” you ask, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Show it to her.” Yerin said, annoyed. The girls behind her looked around in panic right before one of them unlocked her phone and turned the screen to you. You quickly examined the photo that was flashed in front of you. The photograph was taken right in front of your house, both you and Jungkook was in the photo; It was taken yesterday and Jungkook was kissing your forehead.

“Where did you get that?” you asked trying to grab the phone away from them. “Give it to me!” you exclaimed, your mind taken over by the fear of what would happen if the photo was leaked.

“Bitch who do you think you are?” Yerin had her arms folded as the other girls pushed and pinned you against the wall. “What did you do to our oppa?! There’s no way he’ll like someone like you.” A girl called out from behind.

“Our oppa?” Yerin questions, glaring at the girl who just said that. You notice her whimper a little as she bowed and apologizes to Yerin.

“So…” Yerin turned back and walked towards you. “How would you like, if I leave a scar right… here” you froze as Yerin lifted up a pair of scissors and placed it right in front of you. You seem to have lost control of body, trembling uncontrollably as the pair scissors came closer and closer to your face. You wanted to scream but you knew you couldn’t, you wouldn’t want to bring more attention to yourself and to Jungkook.

A devious smile started to spread across Yerin’s face as she took notice of your fear. She grabs on to your hair, pulling it back and snickered. You struggled, trying to shake them off but to no avail.


Multiple strands of hair begins to fall right in front of you. Your eyes begin to burn in their sockets and you feel a lump rising in your throat.


More continued to fall.

Yerin grabs you by your chin and pulled you closer to her. “Come near MY oppa again and I’ll make sure it won’t just be your hair next time” She smirks. Yerin patted her skirt to clear off the dust and kicked an empty box towards your direction before turning and walking back to the classrooms.

You broke down and curled up against the wall of the now empty alley, unable to stop your tears.

You dragged your body forward to reach for your phone that has fallen to the ground and quickly dialed Jungkook’s number. Your fingers stop just before you hit the call button and a thought flashed through your head.

You don’t want Jungkook to see you like this.

You cleared of Jungkook’s number from the keypad and called Jimin instead.

“Help me.” You cried as soon as he picks up. Your voice shaking as you struggled to breathe.

“Are you crying?!” Jimin’s voice roared through the phone. “WHERE ARE YOU?”

“I-I’m at t-the bac-” The call was cut off before you could finish your sentence. Removing the phone from your ear, your heart sank as you stare the notification telling you that your phone has run out of battery. You throw your phone onto the ground and leaned your head against the concrete wall in despair. It took a while before you could compose yourself and when you did, you slowly picked up your phone and stood up attempting to leave the alley. You barely walked a few paces before your legs gave in, forcing you back on the ground again.


Your eyes shot up to see an out of breath Jimin standing right in front of you with perspiration beading on his forehead and rolling down his chin.

“What happened?” he asks. Jimin quickly ran to you and kneeled down so as to get hold of you. You felt the stinging sensation return to your eyes and once again you broke down crying on the ground.

“It’s going to be alright. I’m here.” Jimin softly whispered, wrapping his arms around you to calm you down.


“You know you have to tell me what happen sooner or later right?” Jimin probed. You sat on the on your seat in the empty classroom, emotionless. Thousands of thoughts were running through your mind. “I got found out.” You took a deep breath told Jimin what had happened.

“WHAT THE HELL?” he yelled, his eyes widening in bewilderment. “And you didn’t fight back?!”

“What’s the point Jimin? You know I can’t win” you gave a weak smile, trying to ease the tension. “How can even smile right now?” he frowns and flopped into the chair beside you and the both of you sat there in silence.

“You are telling Jungkook right?” You bite on to your lips which was already enough to answer his question. “Come on Y/N, you can’t keep this a secret forever.” he continued.

“I know that. I just… I just can’t face him right now.” Jimin stood up from his seat and went towards the door. “Wait where are you going?”

“If you’re not gonna say it I will.”

“What? No!” you screamed, running forward to stop him.

“Why?!” he yelled back. “You’re all hurt because of that idiot! Stop protecting him, he’s not a kid you know!”

“And why do you care?!”

“Because I like you!”

Silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters on the ground.

“I like you and I’d never want to see you hurt because of some other guy.” Jimin said breaking the silence.

“What?” A familiar voice echoed through the classroom. And you turn around in shock.


“What’s happening? Why do you say that Y/N is hurt?” Jungkook asks confused. “What happened to your hair?!” you exclaims as his eyes landed on you.

“She was attacked by Yerin and the rebels” Jimin snorted. “Shut up Jimin” you yelled, slapping Jimin in the arms. “It’s nothing, really. I’m fine”

You watched as Jungkook’s lips parted in shock. “You’re not!” he shouted, going forward and putting his hands on your shoulders. “We’ve been so careful, how did they find out?”

You couldn’t speak. You can tell from his eyes that he was hurt but you didn’t know what to do.

“And why didn’t you come to me? How… could you not come to me when someone was hurting you?” he continued. You heart ached as if it has just been torn apart. You felt the tears tingling in your eyes, screaming to get out and before you knew it, Jimin has already grabbed Jungkook by his collar and pushed him against the wall. “If you’re not capable of protecting Y/N then maybe you shouldn’t be with her”

“Let go of him! It’s not his fault!” you panicked trying your best to separate the both of them causing Jimin to push Jungkook to the ground instead.

“No Y/N, he’s right.” Jungkook spoke. He’s voice was weak, and barely audible. “I couldn’t be there for you when you needed me the most…” He sat on the ground, moveless. “Maybe we should break up.”

His words hit you like a ton of bricks. Throughout the course of your relationship you admit that there are ups and downs and there definitely are times when you both fight, but none of you had ever brought up the topic of breaking up. It was a thought that has never gone pass your mind, not even once.

“I-I” you stuttered, unable to find the right words. Jungkook stood up and held on to your hands. The electrifying feeling you’ve always gotten when you touch his hands is now gone and replaced with a cold, freezing touch. “Let’s break up. “

“We all know this is gonna happen sooner or later, this has nothing to do with yo-!”

“I’m tired okay!” he shouted “Have you seen how girls throw themselves at me? I could have any girl I want. And you’re just… one of them”

“Damn!” Jimin threw a fist at Jungkook, causing him to fall back to the ground and a bruise to form at the corners of his lips. 

You stood there, frozen and tears began to stream down you face. You couldn’t believe what he just said. “Y-you’re kidding right? I know you don’t mean it. ” your voice shook as you speak.

“I’m serious.” Jungkook replied. “Let’s not see each other anymore.” He stood up and went for the exit, eyes cold unlike before.

He left.


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