just a quick sketch idea

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quick & crappy sketch just to get the idea out real quick!

sadie and lars grow distant and fool themselves into thinking they’re moving on; sadie joins a cool band and sings at a lil beach city talent show that lars said he was gonna skip about a month ago; he doesn’t skip, and lurks outside bc he’s liked their stuff so far, but feels like sadie’s untouchable so he choses self pity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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song is “our deal” by best coast, btw!

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10 facts about Nakia plz

1. Nakia has scars along his back from years of servitude. One scar punctured his rightmost rear flame vent, so it doesn’t work anymore and is painful to the touch. He tends to always face enemies to his left.  

2. Servant collar and earmark colourings mean something. Nakia’s are yellow, which mean moderate threat. Green is tame, yellow is moderately dangerous, orange is very dangerous, and red is deadly. Nakia has never actively sought to kill, but he has injured many pokemon before, so he’s been marked with yellow warning signs. There are other ways of designating these, but earmarks and collars are the only ones that matter for Nakia. 

3. Aside from regular common-speak, Nakia is fluent in his native tongue. I have no real details set for it, but for visual purposes, it appears as very, very messy Arabic. 

4. Nakia had a twin brother, who died of disease before his homeland was invaded. He also has two sisters, one older and one younger. His mother was a high-ranking diplomat, and his father was in a sort of military position. 

5. His native culture is matriarchal, for the most part. Because of his mother’s position in his old society, Nakia is actually well versed in diplomatic relations and can behave accordingly. 

6. Nakia is a unisex name, but it’s more common among females. Thus, Nakia has been referred to as a female several times before. He doesn’t look or sound particularly feminine, and will usually punch anyone who refers to him by the wrong pronouns. 

7. Nakia can’t read. His homeland was invaded when he was about seven, and the language is different where he now lives. He can only read a little of his native language, and almost nothing (except for his own name) in water-type written language. 

8. Nakia finds burning things relaxing and/or pleasurable. He sometimes starts controlled burns to let off steam. 

9. He is technically bisexual, but he pretends not to know it. He has so far only dated once, canonically, with a female charmeleon while he worked on a wheat farm. 

10. The symbol on his forehead is actually a flame vent. It can produce heat and flames much like the spots on his back and the top of his head. It’s a mutation that’s actually relatively common amongst the cyndaquil line in this world, but his just happened to take the form of a symbol instead of a weird blob shape. 

Still working on my digital painting skills, so I drew a Rey.

Here’s a lil gif I put together of how I did it. The initial sketch is just a quick ink rough to get the idea of composition, then I scan it in and figure everything else out from there.

Valjean: Honestly Javert, put on a scarf! You’re covered in snow. Just looking at you makes me feel cold.
Javert: Is that so? Just looking at you makes me feel warm.

Breaking out of my hiatus to share this with you all! :D

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Draenei headcanon time


like, imagine ski boots and horseshoes. They work similarly to ski boots in the sense draenei shove their hooves in the front of the shoe and step down to latch it in place, and it can either hook to the rest of the greave (armor) or “hug” the heel bulbs and the hoof itself meaning it will not constrict the flexor tendon and the draenei won’t feel anything on the wall of the hoof (which is like a fingernail)

This is just a quick sketch to get the idea down but I figured this could work for several classes such as special “shoes” for Rangari for climbing and rough terrain, or for paladins and warriors that have more weight and strength to them with cleats to secure their hooves to the ground as their swing their heavy weapons. Or as simple as just for comfort, health, or fashion.