just a quick sketch idea

quick & crappy sketch just to get the idea out real quick!

sadie and lars grow distant and fool themselves into thinking they’re moving on; sadie joins a cool band and sings at a lil beach city talent show that lars said he was gonna skip about a month ago; he doesn’t skip, and lurks outside bc he’s liked their stuff so far, but feels like sadie’s untouchable so he choses self pity ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

please no negativity in the tags for the love of god i am tired 

song is “our deal” by best coast, btw!

Valjean: Honestly Javert, put on a scarf! You’re covered in snow. Just looking at you makes me feel cold.
Javert: Is that so? Just looking at you makes me feel warm.

Breaking out of my hiatus to share this with you all! :D

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jkamron-13  asked:

Anything you'd like to hint at for the future?

When I’m just trying to work through potential ideas or get some quick initial sketches down I’ll often just throw together a bunch of stuff on one page.

Nothing is promised, though…just thinking stuff aloud as it were!