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“No…no, you can’t! Stop! Please don’t go away. Please?
No one’s ever stuck with me so long before.
And if you leave…I just, I remember things better with you. I do.
Look, P. Sherman, 42…40…2…agh! I remember it, I do.
It’s there, I know it is because when I look at you, I can feel it.
And I, I look at you and…and I’m home. Please.
I don’t want them to go away.
I don’t want to forget.” -
Finding Nemo, 2012. 

Quick edit while we wait for the Philinda reunion, because @philinda‘s ask hurt me in my soul. 

Edit that Out-Phan Fluffy blurb

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“Hey,Come join me for some Easter eggs and a live existential crisis"Dan tweeted, logging into YouNow.He thought it would be cute to dress up in soft colors.

"Easter Spirit"Dan had said earlier,showing his baby blue overalls and mint green shirt to Phil."I’m doing a live show,and then I’ll start working on a video for my main channel.”

“You look cute!Phil said,making Dan’s face turn a Rosy pink.

"Thanks, Love"Dan chuckled, running a hand through his curly hair.Phil stood up, stretching a little.

"No problem"Phil said, kissing Dan’s face."Now go do your show. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything"Phil left Dan’s room leaving to do what he does best.

People were swarming in,Dan spending a few minutes greeting a few and blushing at some of the compliments he was receiving.

"No we’re not going to be making and Easter egg video,we are actually going to be visiting our families today."He said,toying with his hair slightly.

Time went on as Dan answered questions,told jokes,talked about music,etc.

Phil,who was downstairs listening to music,realized he had forgotten his phone charger. Remembering that it was Dan’s room,he rushed upstairs to go get it.He quickly walked in and unplugged it from the socket,not realizing Dan was still doing his live show.He was just out of the camera’s line of view.

Before he left Phil rushed over and gave Dan A quick kiss on the cheek.Dans eye widened immediately as the chat log went completely still.Phil pulled out his earplug out still not looking at the screen.

"Edit that out."He said,before leaving out the room again, leaving a shocked Dan with and even more shocked audience.

"Oh my God."Dan said, watching the chat log go crazy.

“I FUckInGG KneW ITTt!!!”

Dan shifted in his seat,unsure of how to react.

“I’m,hehe well I’ve got to go,it’s been fun guys,hehe."He just shut his laptop,leaning back in his chaor

His face was a bright crimson.
He definitely did not want to check his Twitter


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A Fox and His Joker - Part 1

My first time writing for my favourite ship from Persona 5 and it’s using a trope I’ve never written before… This is gonna be fun. 
Just a fun thing that I’m gonna enjoy working on. Don’t know how long it’ll be but I hope it’ll be fun while it lasts.
As always edited by @corrupted-spirit. Hope you Enjoy!

Yusuke had been working steadily on his latest piece, a landscape piece for his art studies class, when Madarame-Sensei entered the room and asked for him to come to the central room to they could speak.

He was quick to put down his art materials to do as his Sensei had asked, wiping his hands of any lingering paint before leaving the room. Sensei would not forgive him if he left paint-marks on the furniture.

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Waking Up With BTS


Jungkook would make sure to wake up earlier than you because 1)he’s too competitive for his own good and 2)he wants to see your sleeping face first thing in the morning. He would turn over slowly and trace the curves of your face with his index finger and ghost his lips over yours, making sure not to wake you up. When you finally open your eyes, he’d probably pretend to fall asleep again because he doesn’t want you to know he’s been watching you, but c’mon… you know. Then he’d stretch and be like “oh good morning, you’re up early”, wrap his arms around your waist and you’d probably end up wrestling because Jungkook.

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Your bed is going to be the epitome of cuddles, I swear. Taehyung is going to wake up and the first thing he’ll do is latch onto you and pepper your face with kisses(but his breath doesn’t smell that bad cause he’s magical????). If you’re grumpy that morning and didn’t accept his love, he’d probably pout for the rest of the day or tickle you until you cry. Good times.

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Alright so Jimin has two different ways of waking you up. The first is him snuggling you and putting his head in your neck and being like “Jagi, wake up~”, but the second could be like “ayo I’m hard, help me with this problem?”. Jimin could either be super soft and adorable or horny af and I couldn’t decide which one would happen more regularly so yeah.

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OKay everyone thinks Namjoon would be the horny ass little fucker, but I really think he would wake up with a huge smile on his face and lowkey squeal at your soft snoring. He’d be such a dork when he saw your sleeping figure every morning and you’d wake up to a cute dimpled ball of shyness I LOVE THIS CONCEPT DON’T TOUCH ME.

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SREAmINg. A lot of screaming and squealing over how cute you are. Before that he would take a couple pictures of you sleeping though, not in a weird way, he’d just be really really really happy that he could wake up next you and stuff which is so sweet. He’d most likely need a really patient girlfriend/boyfriend because I see him as an early bird and if you can’t wake up early then rip.

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What’s waking up… Just kidding haha(not really). You’d wake up at like 2pm and say good morning by grunting at each other and he’d be so grateful if you did something as simple as making coffee for him as he got ready or smtn. He’s probably a cuddly child when he wakes up and needs to hug you for like a minute or two before he’s out the door. Quiet “mornings” and snuggling honestly sounds perfect, I need me a man like Yoongi.

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Scratch that, I need me a man like Jin. Jin would treat you like an actual princess literally every morning. He’d stroke your hair and sing as you tried to wake up and he’d give you a quick peck on the lips before whispering “I made you breakfast” and smile LIKE A PRINCE SO HANDSOME I’D DIE. He’d just leave you to get ready in peace while making the breakfast look “as perfect as you” as he would say and like brb gotta cry.

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Fangirling at it’s finest(If you find typos, too bad, I’ll edit this later)

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It’ll be the first time for anyone, like you 
Smelling and tasting the star light
Feeling the weight of the scent
Seeing the color and shape of sounds

SHINee - View

A quick edit before I leave for the mountains! I’m not being totally biased here (even though Jonghyun beat several professional lyricists for this title track, hihi), but View has just the most alluring lyrics, very thought-provoking and sensual. 

Cromer Pier.
Taken just after sunset on a very quick (less than 30 minutes) trip to Cromer last Thursday. I don’t normally travel this far but as one of my images was in the WPOTY Exhibition in Norwich I was in the area. Before leaving home, I researched seaside locations that were in easy reach of Norwich and decided that Cromer seemed like it had plenty to offer. My aim was to get to the groynes too but time was ticking on, it was quickly getting dark and I was in an unfamiliar place so decided to leave. This image is probably one of the most edited that I’ve ever done purely because there were some big industrial bins on the right hand side of the pier. To remove these bins, I created a second layer in Photoshop, flipped it horizontally and with the aid of a mask, brushed over the bins. Then I removed a couple of minor details to improve the composition and converted the image to black and white. The only thing that I’m not happy with is that the lights are not central to the Pavillion but this is because they were not straight and only a high level of editing could correct this which I felt might ruin the charm of the pier. This image was my third to be shortlisted in the WPOTY competition!


This post was brought to my attention and I felt I couldn’t leave it alone for later. So, here’s my really quick (if by quick you can call 4 hours quick) translation and image editing of these images talking about Ephinea’s structure, particularly the Aquasphere (which is called Aqua Barrier in Japanese).

Couple things to note here, this was apparently made some time before some other things were finalized in the original game (like names and such)? Which is probably why Foselos is just called “Ring” here. I stuck to the terms the original writing used, but it should be obvious that the Ring they’re referring to is Foselos.

Nanoparticles, though, I don’t have anything for that. It’s very likely that if that was the original term, it eventually got changed to Eleth Particles (which would make more sense with Graces world), but since I wasn’t sure I just went with what was written. What was actually written was “ナノパーツ” which doesn’t translate to anything aside from maybe “nano parts” but that term is never said anywhere in the game, localized or original. And nanoparticles are a thing that actually exist, so I just went with them. But it’s very likely that this was early concept art before the concept of eleth was finalized and incorporated into it.

Also I tried to match the way the text was written on the 2nd image with regards to size, so I wasn’t able to fit everything I’d written (mainly the handy dandy conversions I did for my fellow Americans). So here’s what’s written on the 2nd image as I had in my notes:


A circle of liquid nanoparticles (Aquasphere) is covering Ephinea.

The Ring serves to carry out maintenance of the nanoparticles by taking in the particles from Point A and releasing them from the inner Ring.

The nanoparticles on the inside stretch to form a barrier that protects against impacts.

<Data List>

Distance from the surface to the Aquasphere = 15,000 meters (AKA ~49,212 feet or 9 miles)

Thickness of the Aquasphere = 30 meters (AKA ~98 feet)

Distance from the surface to the Ring = 1,500 kilometers (AKA 932 miles)

<The View From the Surface>

The Aquasphere can’t be seen very well as it’s not that visible and only the interior of the Ring can slightly be seen. Fodra can’t be seen at all.

Diet Soda Society (Niall Version)

Sequel to Bad Habit (Niall Version)

I worked on this for 2 and a half months in an attempt to prove to myself that not all sequels suck, so here you go. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

Words - 8.5k

“So do you not plan on sleeping tonight?” I lean on the conveyor belt as he sets it down. He shrugs.
“You’ll be in your room with Ivy and Wren so there’s really no point, is there?”
“I guess not.”

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