just a quick doodle before bed

just a quick little thing before I go to bed because I wanted to draw sleepy TP Link in cat-patterned boxers and a big cardigan. sue me. i was kind of just messing around with textures, tbh.

also Link with freckles is the most pure thing in this world. it cured my depression and i have never felt more at peace.

Quick doodle sketches of these three before I go to bed, I had already drawn Seung-gil lee before in the last bust post but I wanted to draw him again because I just love him so much.

Also Otabek and Chris are cool (and they’re all pretty man), all three of these guys need more screentime.

k @yethhoundart prompted me with “what if hannibal bought a cat just to piss off will and his dogs??” and i was like “FUCK YES” 

Hanni just freaking loves this can man, okay? Like its his child and it had the ugliest, loudest, scratches meow in the whole world and Hannibal loves it

sorry its just a quick doodle before I go to bed but ill probably draw more tomorrow night after i move back into res

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